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1. J..hn Mliivln. |I&. Uoorgs 8- I'ar.lj, I
A JIJIII P- J. K.tnimlorf 18. P K. Acklejf.
jfc S. J bn W 17. John P
4. HMTKTI J. Iloru. IB F.Rl> Prbf*r,
6. Hirltm<l L Wright, ll>. E. I> Mumm*,
>* Ju|,n 11. BilntuU, AII Pill.
7. Win Bialilor. Jl. Franklin P. Jwi.
L CtaHw '• InBoMWi .'J.J K p D*F, I.
9. 11. J1 North. St Jon" 8u.
111. lUm U Stile*, 11. A M W int.-rnlU, .
11 A. J. Uron tbrail, it. .'■'• J hill Hill.
111. F V. Kookiilellc*. JB. Win A. Fnjn*r, .
1A Norlnitre, • J. A J. .JiwiitiriU.
14. <l*org.'ll. train; j
— = !
Mil. Co*, of New urk, in trod tit* il 1
a lill iu the Ifuuse on Monday, to I
place Gen. Grant ou the retired list ot 1
the army. I
At.i. the Republican delegate* to ".lie |
National Convention, hav • been oho*- t
en, ami still the Republicans are not (
happy. No one is out of the woods, t
MU. HEWITT, ou M.unlay introduc- 1
ed his bill to modify existing lawn re
lating to duties on imports anil inter- (
J nil revenue taxes, and to enlarge the j
free list. I
THE Chicag j ( Rep. j Tribune thinks 1
"the people have had enough of this
betrayal of them by the incn who go i 1
to Congress in the people's liveiy to •
| seive tjc corporations."
A. S. HEWITT, is given a- author,
ily for the declaration that the forty- j 1
one Democrats in Congress who aided 1
to defeat the Morrison taritl hill, will 1J
issue an address to the people giving !
their reason for opposition to it.
FEMALE aspirants for the office ot
Superintendent of the common schools
. iu this state, it appiars were not n -'ic
■a cess at the late school elections. Ev. ry
lady candidate in the state, it i* >.• 1,
g wa defeated.
Tin: arrival of B,i üb.r t ainci ri is |
looked for with great anxiety bv the
opponents of Blaine, who hope to ,
make some arrangement which will
defeat the Maine statesman, and tie
*troy the hopes of those who have
urged him as the wisest, purest and .
best representative of modern Repub
nent Philadelphia surgeon, died last
week. Prof. Gross has been for many
years connected with the Jefferson
Medical College of that city, and ex
tensively known to the medical pro
fession throughout the state. The
dead boJy of the distinguished pro
f feasor was taken to Le Moync cr-iua
tory at Washington, Pa., and there
reduced to ashes.
THE railroads in order to scalp
the scalpers, have bit upon a plan of
special rates to conventions and other
bodies during the coming season which
will, probably, in a great measure
block their busineas in its most profit
able season. The plan is the requir
ing of full fare from delegations going
to the conventions, ami one-quarter
fare on their return, on the prcaenta
tion of attostcd certificate at the Com
panies' offices.
■ - —
LAST week excitement ran high in
financial circles in New York, by the
failure of the Marine National Rank.
This created a distrust that soon
brought its fruits, and the firtn of
A Ward, bankers, were forced
to suspend, and have since assigned.
Gen. Grant is the head of the firm,
and is greatly worried over the affair,
r" for which he is probably not person
ally responsible, his partner being the
jSt business manager. The shortage of
accounts, it is said, will reach
. $<1,000,000.
Jt'iiAH P. BENJAMIN*. The career 1!
ofthi* remarkable man was closed by
death in Txmdon a few days ago. lit jsi
was s Jew ami ro.-e to the eminent • lie n
a. quired from a very humble position "
in life by strong iulellectunl powers v
and rcmtirtuhle tenueity of will. Be* •'
fore the rebellion he was the leading r '
lawyer of New Orleans and was elect
ed to the I . H. Senate from Louisiana,
ami from that botlv became ono ot h
the leading spirits of the confederacy, e
After the war he settled in England
ami there became the most succi*-' J •
ami commanding lawyer of the , d
bar. •'
; i'
CANADA deals tuotc verily with u
rogues who polutc the ballot box than c
the United Suites, with nil "tir hoa-tcd
respect tor tlie sacredneea of the elect
ive frauchite. A man nametl Charles
(hale*, of Montreal, lias h-< u di-.jiial- '
ified for eight year* from voting, from £
bt ing elected to, or holding any office '
timh r the Duniuimt Government, to ''
pay a fine of ?100 or undergo four ''
are imprisonment for bribing at the r
late electiou. The oflcuse lor which t
tlii* penalty was imposed, coiisia'ul in t
giving small sums to voters to pay i
their railway fares to and from the r
polling places.
THE Philadelphia Time* in sum. *
tiling up the delegates elected to the 1
Republican National Convention give* '
the following classification of the dele '
gat** h* indicated in the instruct! ns
ami expressed preferences:
Arthur si.lo- i •-
!* fan 4* i ■
J'hwruimn '* ll*vs|j 14
giwwLahj ft ' okttuVb • ••• ft
Nntsl#r of Dobntm
Immq t • • ri Urn hi 11
The New York Ai"i sums up a* fol- j j
lows: c
Arthur 2* U*lj. 1! a
WM SOU i.r. .
L fan 44 I 1 j
Mmmmi -* f
Tr.fwl j
Tit In tie he**r 1 Ifwffl
- r
T*Ml •••
>-- .*rj t • ... 11l t
The Colorado convcnti-m ch<> s c an '
uninsiructetl delega.ion of -ix. b*liev.
e l to h ■ for Blaine.
Morrison Bill ,
Till, defeat of the Morri-on tariff (
bill in the Hou*c, while only hoo'tl
for hvcon*ervative tarifl" reform Ik rn
ocrats, echo.* iu a full incisure the
sentiments of the great ma*.' of the
American people, ami i* one bright
spot in the desert of a [xr-onal ambi- ,
tiou that would ruin Democratic proi- i
p Tts of victory this fall. Carlisle,
Morrison and NVatterson, the griat
free trade triiiiuviiate, would place
the Dcni'K"ratic party on the defensive
and in a fabe position, on the eve of a
great national conflict That means
defeat. That they love the Democrat-
I ic party we doubt not; "Not that i loved
!Cn *ar less, but Rome more," is their
motto, as it was Brutus' defense after
having plunged the dagger into the
heart of his friend Csesar. Cie*ar, in
the present instance, is the Democratic
I party, Roa> is (.'arlisle, Morrison ami
Watterson. Mr. Randall character- 1
ieed the hill a* a confession on the
part of its authors of their inability
to grapple with an intricate question. :
Buch no doubt is the fact, but the in
competence of the so-called tariff re
formers should not be saddled on the
Democratic party.
Morrison flatly ami squarley refused
to allow amendments to be mado en
his bill, and then on the eve of his de
feat taunted Mr. Itandall and his fol
lowers with the challenge "if you
have the power to defeat this bill, you
have the power to amend it." Morri
son knew when he uttered these words
that it was impossible to amend the ,
bill at that time, as the Republicans ,
would have voted with the Morrison
people. In this he waa unfair, nay, '
with the knowledge of the facts be '
was dishonest, and resorted to ths 1
tricks of a ward politician. That '
there should be a "reform'' of existing '
tariff laws the most ultra protectionist 1
will admit, and on that point all agree, j
On the question of bow to accomplish <
he desire*) it-suit is the dispute.
Mr. Kmi'lall nnd his supporter.', de
iir! the nholilion of the entire inter- '
:tal revenue system. Mr. Morrison i
>ji| 111 t>> it. Mr. Utiudiill is in fa
cor of raiding revenue on i-itporta for
ihe vnnls auil needs f the govern
rn tit economically administered, and
if affording incidental protcetiou to
Atuericau industry. Mr. Morrison is
for revenue, without any protection it •
idental or accidental.
Strike out all internal taxation ! ■
Admit free of duty anything that hoi
ler.n on inc i y and that dins not
['•> me in coin; etiti in with Arn- riean
prodneU. I.iv inipurt dutiia on lux
urn*, and oil articles tlial come in
compeliiion with American projiucta, '
Tho Ropubl'can Situation.
As the time near* for the uncl
ing of the National Convention,
the <|iu<tioii of combinations or puol
ing of issues among the army of can
didates who aspire to Republican
lead' rsliip, is 1.. ing di-cu- ed. U- fi r
ring to tin prts* :t acjiect of the bat
tie, the Harri.-lmrg Patriot concludes
that a combination between lilainc
i- not impossible or improbable, ami
remarks :
Tin ~ pubbcjo arithmetician* are not
*- an. C' ssful in figuring out tiie rrl.it ie
strength of the several candidates hr
the r> p ihlicno pre-idenlal riuwinati. n i
a- tbey hav proved in counting in their
candidate after he we deVal. i. Tory
differ widely t- to tue nunil •r of the
delegate* lh*f nu\ he r* lied iij.n to
suj | ort the twff | rincipit randetalr- re
spectively, M'-ssers, trtt.ur and I'.iaine.
Striking a mean by a sort c>' illig.iln.ii -
alternate it would q pear that Itlaine
lead* with a vote "! nrarh 350 while
Arthur i a go--I *oc >nd wi ha vole
clo-.- to *i. The remaning bo *oi*-
are distributed am- ng Measer-' b.dmuod*
Sherman. <ire*ham. i! iwler and ,
Fa rchlld.
Tho balance of |ow.-r held by lt>e
minor candida'es is not likely to tw
thrown solidly in favor of either Arthur
or I'daine. It is jute certain that toe
former can get but hub if any < f that
s'-ri ngth utiles *. ind I, tie-final Strug
gle should te tietw. .-n him and itlaine. ,
Int. at ev< ot nearly all • . the I Imunds-
Sherman and H.iwley x.i'f would be!
cast far Arthur. The talk "f the under
-tan ding between It nine and to ni
i renewe I and if it be true that an
agreement between the#, tan hi been
entered into, it is .juite likely that
Itlaine will receive the vol' *of I.sgin
wh 'li would In ng him so close to a
nomination that h.s opponent would
find it difficult to .lo'eat him. If the
more svnguini of Blaine's supporters
figure with arv degree of sccuranev
tb< rote rontrollel t.y Ixigsn will be
quite sufficient to give the nornir a'ion
to the ''Plumed Knight."
Both Arthur and Itlaine are shrewd
politicians. They understand moat
thoroughly tho art of manipulating
political convention*. t.rcek will met
tifeek at Chicago in the per-on* of lbee
w II match* d antagonists and there will
t>e a tug of war in the republican nation
al convention that will equal if not
surpass in stubtiornnesa and exciting
interest that of the week's battle be
teen the 3<HS and the field in ISSO. But
may not the shrewdness of th*e princi
I*l contestants suggest to them the
propriety of "pooling their iaaue" in
stead of permitting the field to utilize
the strength of the weaker for the I.one
fit of one of the minor Candida tee f
Arthur and Blame between them con
trol three fourths of the convention.
There has been no such bitterness in
their rivalry as to preclude a combina
tion which would l>e mutually advert
tagoua. True, it ia not likely that Treai
dent Aruhur would accept office under
Blaine, hut as he ia a natural horn
politician and two young to retire alto
gether from public life he might le
willing to become "the power Isehind
the throne greater than the throoe it
self," As for Blaine it ia not to be
doubted for a moment that if he find*
that bis play for the principal stakes is
to loae he would lie willing to repeat
with Arthur or any other promising
candidate the bargain he made with
Oerflold. Stranger things have happen
ed in polities than a combination be
tween Arthur and Rlaine.
Isaac 1.. Mr<'lo*kv has been elected
Superintendent ct School* in Clinton
Tin: North Atntrimn says that by
ill.- time ihnt Mr. K. ifcr,of Ohio, has
heard the la*t comment* on his bitter
and indecent attack* upon Fit?. John
I'ortir, a niftn with n spotlee* personal
record, it i- probable that he may have
burned to appreciate the wisdom of
ri licence. It is quite true tbut the
p ople of thi* country have short
ineiuori.* when it i* charitable to for
' get hut on the other hand they ate apt
... r>'*ent any undue pri-uiiiption on
their good nature. Mr. K- ilir might
lirive remained in the ha k grounds
undisturbed during the remainder of
lii- existence, But lie will come to the
front and challenge public criticism,
he i lik< ly to get em ugh of it.
'I III: Tyrone Ibruhl has tlii* to *v
in regard to the Gr.'.ly exp-ditiou;
Iwo v. .--• !* of the Greciy Relief Kx
[•edition, the 1! arnml Thetis, are now
on ilitir way towards Lady Franklin
bay to re.cue the ice-bound adven
turers. The Alert sailed on Saturday.
The I htti* i* th* llag ship, and will
had the way into the ice. B >th the
Bear ami flag ship have been fitted
out in the rn.et thorough manner. The
Ah rt will bring up the r<-ur and sup
ply deficiencies. The expedition *t!irt
"iit with good pi(*[ic.'t* ofHccofuplikh
ing it* object. I.'-t u* hope it will
!• the last expeditioa of the kind it
*'i!l ever le ni-ct -csrv to m ml out lor
the relief of North-pole explorers.
liti. l.lmwmh organs writ* down
Blaine ath if. The Blaine organ* re
tort by declaring that Kdniundi i* an
other. The I'.dtuuml* and Blaine }m*i
pi. affe. t disgust with Arthur's meth
j "d and the Arthur supporters have
their opini n of R.th Blaine nrd lid.
muud*. The Ind-|M>iid(tits regard
Ixtgan and IJoc.dii with avcraioii he.
cau-e Isith the latter were of the UOti
in l- SM t>. an<l all the mher carididat'*-
look down on Hawl.y a- a light
weight scarcly worthy of their con
tempt. John Sherman, with hir
h u'. finished at the cxjH-nse (.f the
government, hi* connection with the,
Wail street le,n<l selling symli-ate and
the js-rjury <f M.i?a I'iukston t > rcc.
otnnieml him, r.ninin* to rharrn the
Flanigan* who will ch < >-<■ a pre-.detj
tiul eand int• f-1 r the R publican par
ty. "You pay* your mom v ami you
Ink- - your . hoice."
Tin. Ilanishurg Tiiriot -H\- 'TIC
latest jdaii suggested a mea-ure of
relief to an overt! .wing treasury is to
inter, -t the government in a real c',ate
operation in Montgomery e uutv, thi
-tate. It i* proposed that about six.
i t'l-n hundred acres of land, including
the historic q*.t ujtoii which Washing
ton s army *a eticampcii at \ alley
Forge, le pure based and converted
into a national park.
The idea is a very pretty one, but
not nearly a- pretty a* the sum it
would cot the government Iw-fore the
spcculutora would realise the full
amount of profit that would be afford
ed by the picturesque and patriotic
job. Ry the time those who had it in
charge would get out all that was in
it. the ellonstone park swindle, as a
piece of intended rascality, would be
thrown entirely into the shade.
It is well to keep Valley Forge and
the deeds associated with it in remem
brance, hut it wonld not be too im
aginative to believe that if the revolu
tionary worthies who suffered the I
hardship* of that winter rantoanient !
could ace what a rascally lot of job
bers and machine politicians are im
aging the government they would
probably give vent to their feelings iu
profane expressions.
THE Philadelphia lieeord remarks:
"Secretary Folgcr, notwithstanding
the danger of reducing his gold re- j
serve at an inopportune time, has sue- j
cumhed to the pressure of evar-inrreaa- i
ing surplus of cash drawn from the
pockets of the people and issued an
other call for the redemption of itn
million dollar's worth of outstanding
bonds. It is uow certain that the tax
redaction, estimated by the Republi
ciui ( oiigre-* last year ut forty mil
lion dollar*, will out amount to ten
million. A expenditure ha* been di- t(
miiiished for ioteri-i n 1 |>eiisi..iiM to ,
double tint sun, i; **ii.,t probahh
tliHl the decie i-ed receipts fr: ill int. r- I
mil revenue will serve to bring the to. '
titl surplus of tlii* yer below what it *
wa* the year before. So, after all tin
j J
talk, ii thing has !J. E.i done to r.-luvi
th" ii'(-e--iti(-- (.I th* ix-oiile. In every .
department of trn le there is the pris- j
sure of coiii.triction and stagnati >ll ; |,
luit the dollnr* go jiugling into the
frea-'irv in a sli udy str> uui, ami ( Hl
gr.s* i- ih. illy busted in devising new 1
schemes for getting the money out
again. The Democrat* who were '
faithfully <\< rti: themselves to j.a--
a tariff bill to r< d■; e th. rurplu* in ,
the mod it sutn of thirty million
<1 llur, were j< .-red at by joblier* and
'ubsidisli a* wasting valuable time." j'.
'I III; bill to amend the (,'liinese im. "
migration Juw of IySJ,l y SJ, wiiiih wit*
pas*..! by the Jf u-e lu-t Saturday, i
d.signed (o stop some of the hole*
whieh vigilant ('aliforuian* have found
in the ad to r< -tricl (.'iiincte iiiuuigra
ti ij. As qu'stions have arisen cou- ,
ci rnitig the nati >nnlity ot Chinese im
migrants, some <>f whom were horn ,
und.-r the British flag-, the objection,
nhlc voyagers are now c!asd a-'
"t'hine-e persons. *' Another amend
ment provide* for the punishment
of any master of a ve-*el who shall
kno singly import into the United
Slates the prohibited fH-r-or.- <)lb(-r t
amendment* specify ways snd irn an
by which Chinese persons going from '
this country to China with the inten
tion of nturning may lie identified, so
tliat i-'h. r may not come hither in
tin ir pla- i-. and also to prevent un
authorized person* from coming here
on false pn tense. The phrase "mer
chant" in the law of I&*2, having;
Irecn t lilH-rally construe*!, it is cn- |
acted thnt the w rd shall not lie held <
as describing "huckster*, p- idler*, . r i
engage,) in taking, drying, or
otherwi-e preserving shell or other
fi-h for homi c"t> tmj tin ' r exp rta
ti'.n. ' The phra-.- "Chint-sc lab r< r-"
i* authoritatively d. fined, a?> 1 the
whole bill may he accepted as an at
tempt to r> tnedv some of the ini]-r
--feclD iis of the exi-ting law.— I'itts
burgh font
T ii r ilevonon of the li o til li, rv
party to civil •ervjr r<-form and th,
-inreiit) rf ••nh leader* as tolin She
man .n their h-rn itid* f..- j ore ofllcial
life are well illustrated in the rej eated
declsr.xtions of confi.-dnce of Hepuhli
can coventiorn in President \rthur. ,
tin ' inuar v 31. 18T9, ' uester A. Arthur'
wa* eolle, tor of custom* in New York
t'.ty. It wa a high trust he held, snd (
with it requirement* Mr. Arthur was 1
fully acquainted. At that date Mr.
John v bermnn was secretary of the
Treasury in the c.v' im-t of President
i IPij-e-. lie was brought in close official j
contact witli the Collector of the Port
of New York. The Secretary addressed
a letter to ths Collector, dated .fanoary
31, 1*79. in which he said : "Person*
have been regurlarly paid by you who
have rendered little or n>> service. The
| expenses of your office have increased,
J whi e it receipts have been diminished.
: Hril>es, or grwtuiiies in ahape of brilie*,
have been received by your auitordinatc*
in #vernl branches of the custom houses;
I and you have in no ease supported the
i effect to correct these abuses. Cross
j abuse* of administration have continued
j and increr*l during your incuralx'Dcy.'
Actingon inform Hi >n nodouhl received
through efficiMJ sources the unctuous, i
President at the same date supeoded i i
Collector Arthur, using to him his lan i
guage .- "You have made the custom- <
house a centre of partisan political
management. With a deep sense of i
obligations under the Constitution. Ire [
gard it my plain duty to suspend you i
j in order that the office may be honestly I
| administered.' Mr. Arthur is the same I
man now hs WM then, snd wbe.ti bis <
' intensst required it and where be dares f
to do it he uses the Government |at |
ion age as he did then to accomplish „
personal and partisan ends. „
The .Teflerson county jail is without *
any prisoners now, the last having been *
discharged one day last weak. 1
TKHMS: pir Annum, in Ad vaiue.
Items of Interoat.
Kinif r Otayson, of Lowe, Oxford, Che*,
lor county, recently killed a Lla.-k
► risk'- lire feet j n length.
Willi irn Massy, paiing tel|T o? th<*
•'iliiinore Bsnk bommeree, wan arrested
last J hut.'lay charged with embezzling
U..000 by falae entries.
Hi.- J'ti-on Inspectors of Nortbamp
ton county |,a V e recommend*'! that
the death nen'enre of Sabato A lxnd r
be commuted to imprisonment for life.
The I, "ly Of the late Prof Gro* once
head of tit) b' a| fcii-ri' i i n the United
>'ati. KM cremate ! on Thur>d y lz-t,
■ tl.< be M .yi.,. t'rctnaUiry,
ton I'.. e
About 7000 head of rattle are daily
I" an;: north from Texas. The ra.il
rr "la are unai l-to carry a I the rattle
" ' r ''"vr-r ' 'I i/< :i'l are awaiting
•hipirii nt.
J ■' ' Postmaster at Noth
Manchester. Irid., wa. arretted on Tue.
° n ■' "barge of tiffing registered
"i 1 . If'- ■ on'CM <1 li. guilt and
' .i comm tt'i to tl,t- Indianapolis j*i|
f IT tr al.
M'Jrh diruag. wan done u the
' 'unti, r. u- d about Petersburg!., Vs.,
1 y wind arid rain 1 i..-.1,-,y bight. In
It.nwid l| county the t ,rtn was
Mipplement" I by htavy hail and violent
\ San Fincim dispatch %ya tho
M irin<- f'.ink, lately suspended m N*-w
ork. a-k d about three wneka ago, a
loan of half a ro !!i n from the Nevada
' r.k in that c.ty, but the manager*
Ex ' <>an;y ( ounni-'ioiier McKsnnev
>uiith, wiio enter- I a plea of guiftv t >
the chargea, of embezzlement at
W !.:am-j. rt f.n 1 ursday, was aentenced
t i imj rih nm nt for two yntr* in tfa*.*
La*!- rn I\ nit nliarjr.
\lpliot * Leclovitc jumped from the
fourth flo< r of the Clark House inf'liica
' l| . 'tr a fit of in .omnia, one dry last
w-eK, before the break of day. breaking
down th<- telegraph w re* in hi* decent,
lie wa* found d. rd at day light.
1 he l<oy Suiboll;, w ho r<- f-ntly d: tap
geared from Fragb*vil]e, Mont S* '!n#*ry
county, left to avoid a whipping hi*
fatli'r j rcn.i '1 him b< cause be was not
able to a. -count for #"• It i* feared
'hat he ha*- mm it ted sn id.
A terrible norm i r ported Pom
1 luml u*. N". b. rhe t< wn i* cut off on
all i le. No tri-in* fi m the Weft have
come m .ri the Union Pao flo *incc
Mon'ley, (ir- at quantities of litre nock
have hi n' ■ • -1. ?nd two children drown
<I. Hie ivibri> over #IOO,O ).
i. gbt- "i of the twenty four cigar
mak.-r whom both. Ir<fu-A lircnner.
of f.n. ;nn*tti ,mj iied from York. Pa.,
to take the place of their locked-OUt
■ nij. y 1. E an II, .'INE.-D their deter
minaiiin to ace pt the offer of the
' igirtr.aker'* I'n.on to remain out of
the factories with the members of the
urn n. Tim union offered either to
•uj'port tk-m here or pay their way
back home. 1 liis leave, *i* at work.
' >nc thousand men are on a strike.
There wa successfully C a*t on Tu*s
day at the s.iuth Boston Iron Works,
in fulfillment of a contract with the
I'nited State Government, the larg-st
gun ever constructed in this country.
* hen fully completed it will l* about
thirty feet in length, of twelve-inch
rifle bore and will weigh J12.000 pounds.
Die cost of the gun will be or
about one half the *um a steel gun
would have coat. It is calculated to be
able to throw a projectile a distance of
ix mif-a.
Cbarle* Keade wrote hi* own epitaph
It is to be engraved upon a plain *tone,
and reads Ha follows : "Here lie by the
side of his Beloved Friend, the Mortal
Kemains of Übarlns R.-ade. Hrainatist,
Novelist and Journalist. Ilia last werda
to mankind are on hia stone. I hope
lor a resurrection, not from any power
in nature, but front the will of the l ord
Hod fhnnipotent. who made nature and
tn<\ He created man out of nothing;
which nature cannet. And I hope for
holiness and happiness in a future life,
not for aoytbing I have said or dooe in
hia body, but front the merits and ctcdi
at ion of Jreus tTirist. He has promised
hia intercession to all who seek it, and
ha will not break his word : that inter
na aaaow, once granted, cannot be reject
ed ; for He is (tod, and hi* merits are
Infinite; a man's aina are but human
and finite, llim that cometh to Me, I
will in no wise caai out.' 'lf any man
*in, we have an advent* with tha
Father. Jesus Christ the Righteous ; ai d
Ha is the propitiation for our aina. •
NO. 20.