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    <Ehr Cento grraoctKt.
Thnrtiday Morning. May 1, 1884-
t3oftaK*i">*DKHOi.loituiiitntf inpurUnl n*w,oiuii
*4 Vrrnu n) |*rt of lh county. No c>uimuulciiWi*
trt*t •iml<wui ccotnpuiiMt by lb* rwl nam* of b
Publinhers Notice
All letters of budlncMor communications
•oncoming this piper ihould he iddremd
lo the Publishers of Tiiic Crntrk Demo
s rat and not to any individual member of
Iho llrni. 11 add relied the latter way they
will not le iniured a- receiving prornp at
Local Department.
May Ist.
—D"n't ihed your flannel yet.
—Frog concerts are now in order.
Advertise your business. It will pay.
—tire that your cellars are kept dry and
Waynoeboro's bonded dobt is only
—The largest thing on a now bonnet—
the price.
Don't sign a paper presented by a
—Unas J. Amies, at the Court House
—Attend tho lecture in the Court
House to-night.
A few lerious canes of spring fever
have been reported.
iluy from home merchants and tbus
avoid being swindled.
Allegheny street was literally block
ad witb wagons on Saturday.
—Ob ! all right. Then you'll call neit
week and settle for sure, will you ?
—Up to the time of goii g to press nulb
>ug to w has occurred in raiiroad circlet.
While at court don't forget lo set
tle that little account with the Democrat
—Those who propks -led rain on Tues
day night for the next day were slightly
—Ojt Senior spent the Sabbath in
Philip-burg. returning cn Monday eve
—Alice Dates at the Opera House Thurs
day • venir; May fl'.h. P n't forget to se
or- s.-ats early.
Meer*. J C. Millet A Co. are selling
their entire stock at suction. Parties d< - '
tiring bargains should attend.
—Toe laying of the rails of the
l<ewitown A Tyrone raiiroad toward
t'entre Hall is still in progress.
—Alio Dales will app-'ar at the Opera
Houi> i n Thursday evening May, Bth. Thi
entertainment is flrst-ciass and will plearo
every one.
—Th" Beech Creek, Cleat field and .South- |
western railroad will commence moving
coal eastward from Mill Hall between the j
first and flfteentb of .May.
—Mr. Abe Haum, our popular livery |
man, sold a very fine hor-e to Mr J. A \
McOmber, of Phili|>rburg, last Tuesday, i
receiving theref ira very snog and round
—The sweet scented smell of burning
hoopskirts, brush, tomato cans, old boots,
imprudent cats, etc , that found its way
upon the old dirt pile in the back yard, now
fills the air.
—S"arrhing for the trailing arbutus is ■
now the escuse which the lads and lassies
off-r for rambling iff together on the
mountain sides to enj- y the influence of
pleasant company am I delightful scenery
Hear in mind, thst S A Stover has a
larger stock and belter facilities for pu'-
ting up a tomb ston- or monument than
any other dealer in (' ntre county. Don't
fail to call and i limine prices b-fore j <r
rha-ing elsewhere.
—The grand spriro opening of Belle
fonte • curb market t k place on Ut :-n -
urdav, and there was an rxtranrdinnry
larg • am- ur tof roon to be taken up. I.
fart, had it not lieen for the one i r tw •
wagon- ii a'ten lan •■. all the room ar- und
tha Court Housi wo,.M have b-,-n taken
up—in your mind.
Mr. I>. Gsrm. ii ttarle I for Mori
lrel ana other j iris of ' iria la, on
Monday last, f. r I lie purpose of
purcbaainp a mr load of horses. We
promised to not s,j anything about
it and woul In t "have j ou tell if. no not
for anything, for if— but there, some
one hurled a brick at our head and we
dsre not finish that sentence.
A Hun Jay gam of base ball was in
dulged in by a number of our boys . <ome
of them nearly young mem on Reservoir
Hill last Sundry They played until the
hall was - busts d" and then spent ti e bal
ance of the afternoon In playing etuher
Would it not bt a good idea for some one
to send missionaries, to this place nejt Hun
day and induce these young men to spend
their time sna Bun. honorable and pr. (It
able manner ?
Wear* informed by Mr. Samuel
T. Frain of Mdlbt in that tha citircns
of that placa contemplate holding
ar>mmein( rative service* on May 30 th
and also a grand lib of duly Celebration,
the largest that t*a ever been held in
that vicinity. All the bands and
militia cast of the mountain, has been
invited, and will attend. In the evening
thi ro will also be a grand d splay of
flie works coats , f them be ng very
at lis. Nodoul thst place will Howl
at l.alt ine.
! The very plain spring suits worn by
1 our ladles this spring, are neat and pretty
I —The Hope Horn company of Lock
Haven will apply for a charter at the noil
term of court.
Postmasters arn required by tho I)".
partiut'Ql to make post mink on letter,
legible hereafter.
—H. K. Hicks will have from time to
time vehicles of almost any description for
sale, of John H. Fisher's make, at Rcbers
burg, Pa.
lt was tho golden egg that bought thu
Easter bonnet this year. —Kr. And tbo
gold like ball the son-e't that gave him the
pain, we fear.
—The Frre Prtaa gives the aston
ishing facts that a bouse—yes, sir ; real
dwelling house, has been built in that town
within the past year.
—The Bee Hive Stores have just been
no-ttly pa'nted and papered and look
very neat and pretty. The work was
don by Lonberger Sc Irvin, who are
regular professionals in this line.
—The Daily AVuu ask, '"Who'll give
the first strawberry festival?'' Well,
since strawberries sro only selling st
fifty dollars a box we suppose it will
Ml upon the Itelllefonte editors! staff.
—Tho funeral of Mr. Peter Wian, who
died yesterday, will take place to-mor
row (Friday) from hi* late residence on
Beaver's farm, at 10 o'clock a. u. Inter- 1
tnent at I'leaasnt Gap. Deceased wa*
fifty years old, and leaves a wife and ten
ln our last week's article on tho B. C
A B. It. railroad, the compositor m*d us
•ay "the bond ha boon fully idenli/Ud,''
ect., iii-t'-ad of "the bond lias lies-n fully
indemnified," snd escaped utir notice in
reacting tbo proof.
Mickey .Smith, one of tha condemned
murderers in our county jail, bad a severe
altrn k of cramps on Saturday evening,
and lor a time it wu thought bo would not
survivo.— .4 Frttnui' l. Tbo Hell
attack will probably bo a litllo higher up'
and one tlisl ha will not survive.
Ttn-ofll -r* of the Beech Cri k, Clear
field and South western railroad will m*k<>
the flr-t run over their r>>d on Tuesday
They will trt at Jersey Shore The r.isd j
is compe ted f r a dit'ance ~f forty mile- j
—i-Alendiiig t within right mile- • f Snow
Mt) e Jr S' rf 111- aid.
A supti-e p rty of 36 couple visited
I the r-i I-to eof Mr-. Miry Power* on
• Hist Al!eghnny street, on Hies lay
j evi ning, Ukmg the n completely by
an I r *e. Dancing, and guio -, were
indulged in nfier which refreshments
waresirved. It was indeed n very en
joyable affair and all present, were very
much pleased.
—The 1/ gan boys gave another of their
select Hops at the Hose House on Friday
evening of last week. About fifty -ouple
were present and participated. The music
was furnished by Prof. Snyder's orchestra,
and * good. Ol course the good looking
! Superintendent of the Water Works did
| the directing, a-si-ted by Mr. . Oh,
I well, you all know him. It s the fellow
i with the pretty blonde mustache, Mr Job;!-
j lihish, we believe.
—ln a fuw days Mr H K. Hicks will
offer for sale sis fine lb xter-(gueen, Tirnp
kin A Champ) >n top biggies, all built in
the best workmanlike rniriner and guaran
teed ti h" fin*- ls goods not the kind of
buggies thit are usually peddled sro ind
' this county They will h offered for one
| day only. and are made by John S Fisher,
of Itebershifrg, Pa. Now is the time to
take advantage i f an opportunity which is
seldom < ffend in this county
A case of ret,) ahsoni-oilndadncst.. >.
i irri d t' Mr. Charle- Vab-itine on T. ••
j day • vning. Aft'r finishing bis dut. -it
' the Store he started right for home, AS a I
luliful - ns are wsnt t i d He w* k- •! in
ihe direttioo of C'uriin street until he
I reached th" i boo] house, when a!.*; j y
•tho ghi su 1 bnly strui k him, and the way
h I "lit out"' for the forge was a r, |-,i i
Ilid' < I H-! doli t live where be d-- In -
j 11-' Bi ived
Mr. W ilit r Agir of Lock Havan,
• pent part i f this *e k in llellefftfite
j and hail is regular pit ni< with tie toys
; on chs-i kers, getting awny wilh .ill of
j 'enj. excepting the ' local" of thi pa
Her. who didn't feel like playing at si
We believe 'Squire Smith did the best
playing against Mr. Agar, actually get
ting ear draw. In con sideration of the
feelings of the others wa foihear giving
the re-ult of tKtir game*.
Mr. I-aa Frain, of Walker, and
President of the P. of 11. Insurance Co.,
called upon us last Saturday and informed
us the rumor that the insurance policy on
the building of Dr. Chas. Smith of Porter
township, had expired just a few days pre
vious to the fire, wa* incorrect. The fed
icy was burned with tho building, but a
duplicate was sent for and lound to be in
force antil July 2Ad. The claim was ad.
justed, and an order for $1,775 granted
him on the Treasurer for the above
We are sorry te announce the burning
of the larg" steam saw mill of Hoover,
Hughes A Co , located about tbree miles
] west of Hnow Shoe, which occurred on
Monday afternoon The mill, tegethar
' with I,fit*),<*W feet of lumber, about eight
dwelling houses, the boarding house and
i store building warn entirely consumed by
the devoring clement. The fire originated
' through some burning slabs, It It thought.
1 About sisty employes are thrown nut of
j employment The Insurance Is SI7JIUO, in
j romps files represented by M s,rs J \
Kenkla A H n. end Hood Veter.i >• ,f
I this place, but ikss n it cover |a ii.ae
Mr. D. 11. Fye, of I'lno drove Mi Us t
w in town Hulurdtiy.
Mr. Cook Cotrdo end J. K. Burd, o'
Kebnrsburg, were among tbo visitors 1o
pint DEMOCIIAT tliis week.
Mr. Goo. Walker, ono of Kubcrrbug's
beat residents, came to Bcdlofonto on busi
m>M on Fridav, returning next day,
Mr. J C. I>err. ia "crying," the mile
| at J. C Miller A Co'*, mid gone about it
, like an ol i veteran at tbe business.
Mr. Abram Kike, wbo now reside* at
I'leaaanl Valley, Blair county, Pa., spwot
•everal daya at bia old bo/ne at Roland last
Mr. C. Long, tbe well known Miller
at Howard, met with the miafortuno of
breaking one of hia limb* on Sunday
Mini Sarah Rradlev one of thnladie*
at the Telephone Exchange, returned
1 from an extended visit to Philadelphia.
I and other place* on Tuesday.
Mr. George HofT-r, of Boaliburg called
unon the DEMOCRAT last Wednesday and
' Informed ui It tu bis intention to enter
into the race for the nomination for Sheriff
—Mr A L Ballinger, of Philadelphia'
Pa., bai succeeded Mr. Kline at clerk at
Z'dlcr's drug store. Mr. Bellinger is a
graduate, and has had four years experience
in the drug business
Mr. J K Barnhart, who succeeded ei-
Sheriff Woodring a* clerk for Protbono
tary Cal Harper, is very much pleased
with bis new employment, and Alls that
position very scceptably,
Mr. Robert Cook, of Howard, favored
the sanctum of the DEMOCRAT with a
pleasant short call on Monday. "Bob" is
a staunch Republican, and one of that lit
tle burg's most successful and enterprising
Mr. J. A. MtOmbcr, mine bost of the
Potter llou'c at Philip "burg, delighted
hia many friend" with h's prepense in
Hedlefonte Tuesday. M.,c. report*bui
riea firt c'aa" at the Potter, and we do '
notice how it could otherwise with
*o good nalured and gonial landloid as
J ia <'h.arlie.
Mr. Harry C Williams, the beautiful
! and rosv.ch*k*-d rcd-r<>> I [7" ('• >,iy •-
; \t pis *•<• don't set It r- l-li .. I ] (light
i blooming, seno-C' miral. j mi .r and f wny
•••lit : , f that sprightly sheet kr t. *•
the ' •. i I.'' ■r, was '.**>• p'sr !• 1
f r a few days this week to the | autlful
Ils whsre dwells (he lovely ' I *< l m
pli.hei! It' ll* fente Blue It' 11. The climate
where dwells the Blue Ball was ret healthy
1 f r our frier.sl, and unfolding his beautiful
wings he f|.-w t*i the home of the beautiful .
Centre street Hollyhock, and is r. w perch
ing in the Front street millinery sb*ip
Before doing so, b< wever, he bloomed 1
awhile in the sanctum of th DEMO* RAT
YSI •doral" was out. and regrets very much
I his absence P. ,S._\Ve want to be out
I tbo next time, too.
Tbe house of Jacob Brickley took fir" ,
on last Wdnnday noon through a delec- j
r live flue and burned t*i the ground, to- |
gether with nearly all the furniture and i
household goods. Home very valuable pa
fwrs were alto hurnd. fiver S7YO" in
gold and silver went through the fire The
gold was again recovered and in good con- '
dition, the silver, however, was aim I
mlte*l into a solid niass Mr Brickley # j
s n David was fiadly hurnes) in attempting j
to secure the pa|>er and money Through |
the almost super-hunin iff rl of the |
n sight- rs the barn was saved, even in th" I
fs " of a heavy gale that blew in the d.
reel n of the barn Mr Br • kley b.s.-s
ali in this flre, having had no insurance
whatever upon th property.
lff" Jane C "imbs play I t a fair sn.l
a| , reciative audienc at the Op r* If u-e
..n \f t. lay evenirg Th" . in f M s
(' rnl < and Mr Mit<he|| was v< r v fine
ir. 1 c,f That of her supy M, h w*\r w*>
v. ry ■ ' linary, ret th" !• s.lmg t arts r- I
carried through ■ well by M•• C • ml*
a-. I Mr M .t* h. I that th" i? I• < r A •ii G
of the oth'r" wa overlook*-!, and th* i
audience departed very much pleased One
<>f tbe deplorable features In an entertain. .
n.ent of this kin I is the Cta) S.enre
an orrhestra Had their been g ••! mni
in attendance it would have relieved th"
monotony and a i led greatly to the play
'Squire Ibofsnvder, Millbeim's heavy
wight Justice of the Peace, stepped into
our sanctum for a few moment" on M"n
--j day. During bis brief slay we asked If j
the rumor to th* effect that ha would he a '
candidate for a certain office this fall was
1 cornet. He replied promptly that it wa
not, and that he had no desire whatever to
he one , and would not est tiange his busl
neas for any office the county could offer
lie slid down out of our presence byway ,
of our flre esrajiw before we had time to ;
make any further interrogatories.
—We are in receipt of a< on mimical ion j
from the Manager of the lla r ri%horg Fie
and Kar H'Wpttal and Infirmary, of Har
rlsburg, Pa,, requesting this papier t> cal|
the sttention of the piuhlic t*. <|ie f< t that
a Fru />i"petitory has been atUched to ]
that institution for the >*• Trml■ |
laenf of th* poor, who are unable |o hear
the heavy expense necessarily Incurrel In
undergoing trratment for the vatiout a'.
(ih lions of the eye and ear, and those af- i
flirted In this manner will do well to bear j
libi announcement In mind.
' .. Wc endeavor It* get the very lest i
brand* of go*la in th* market.
H iifi A Wiuif, j
No II lloin*'* Bock ,
■ 4, i
| Mr Charles McC'lellnn, of Allegheny
str*of, an ) Mis- Mina ll'iiip t, daughter of
Mr. I*aac Haupt, all of this p.la. , were'
married last Thursday evening at 7 o'clock
at Iluhl-rsburg, by Rev S. chrlst, of tho I
Lutheran church. The bapp.y young folk*
went to that place to havo the ceremony
performed In fulfillment of a promise made
by the groom to a near lody friend of bis
father's family—Mrs. Delia UerkstreMcr,
daughter of the late Charles Callahan
that when he married it would be In the 1
town in which she resides.
An Incident attended the wedding which
1 was a surprise to the hride and groom
! Before starting they neglected to acquaint
. their Bellefonte relatives with ali the par
ticulars attending the propiosed event, hut
an older brother of the groom was on tbe
alert. 8o as toon as they bad started he,
in compisny with a lady member of the
family, followed after them at a safe dis
tance to escaps* recognition. Well, they
reached the residence in which the wed
ding was to occur before that event we,
solemnized, and of course the contracting
piartiee were greatly surprised at the pres
ence of unexpected guest*. Tbe ceremony
was |>erforrnd in a very hap.py manner,
i after wbitb all p.artjes |>*rt*<>k of a surup.l
uoua wedding sup/per at tho residence of
Mrs. Berkslrcsser.
The bride arid groom anticipate*] an e- ■
rap>e from tbe usualcalithutnpiiari serenade,
. hut tn this were disappointed, as tbe young
| folks in Huhlersburg understand how to
I tender these M-runadet with a* much noise |
and discord at pmssible, and did not
the wedding party nn this occasion.
They returned to Bsllefonp* on Friday
afternoon The groorn is a worthy young I
; gentleman and an excellent tailor, working |
j regularly at bis trade Tbe hride it very j
pretty, accomplished and agreeable.— j
j l)a ify -Vcics
I The DEMO* SAI joins in extending con. |
I gratuiali u to thu hap p y couple, and
h"j' their 1 1v*s may l** orie of p*sa*s, pr
' pierily and bap-pin**"
Fancy rd'-red handkercbiefs—Gar. i
' man's.
BHEA- II L*IAI|SUHIIOT ficjts -English
and American, of all kind*, at less than
manufacturers prices. Hpe. tal u.du ■ •
, merits for next 00 days, r.d 1 r ir fre„
iat a gu", (i r-at \V'-stern Gun W. r a*, lb •
Sraubflc'd str< t, I'ltlshurgb, |'
Handsome st" I r curtains at eriU
per yard, at Gartnan *
A suspicion it abroad that the y, ung
man —he must t*e young wl, .* . ahiv p.r* •
sn) * ov*r the |*aal column* • f the Belle
fonte .V* .i. has fu*en smitten. W" h" It
not the first man who ha* f< und L* k j
Haven female loveliness lrr*sistahle.— !
7.'seamy F.ipr* ts.
We are informed by good auth rily that
the "young man' above referred to yosi- i
tlvely received a pr* pevaal from "atiroed, '
anl infer it was from one of that city's
' fair daughters
Yard wide black cashmere, strictly all
' wool, at 50 cents—Garman t.
List of nntiaimed letters remaining in
, the p-st-offi " at Bellefonte, ("■ r.tr* coun
ty, Fa , April 2*. I*-!
Nannie Armstrong. J C Anman, 7. W
Bathufst, Jenni*' ar.field. Agu-tus Churla.
, burg, W W Christie, Mi*s f.avina }.
Campbell, Charles F.aing, T N Farns-
rlh At. Mr I! char i G ••. all' n, R v
It H W Hilliman, .lacv.h Haup t, Wm
llsllabaugh J.u.ah llsm i*h, M;*s Annie
Jcnkt, J It aland Keller, Chas K f,utr.
.1 -In 1., as, Th< mat 1.-ng A Mi r,
Mi** I j " M u i"n, M - * L la Ma n*.
Mis* Carrie A Miller, Mi-* Annie Ii Mil
ler. II irv-y Meat". L W r Mr
It 'ert*, Th- *na* It; \\ '• !m Hhulta.
.1 ias S itl'-s, Mrs Mary Shuey, Miss
Knna Shample, Mi - An i M Sbuey Mra
Julia Ts! -, Charles J Tail r, M Emma
Chi, G rg" Wat* n, \\ rn \S ams. II
II \\ i.. n. J Frank \\ .. n
I* . r r , c !
■ ■
list will p 1. a*e say ttu r are a iv* rtis. 1
Jn T. .l"it>>Tov, l*. M
It w II bo to the a li cn' >.*> of nl| j
to < nil an*l ex.tniino our new -to. k of
gr in I pro* ti*.ii
Null II it mo* Ron k.
Orange Judd, edit r of the .fti/rircrn
.Iprricttf/wri*/ for s -mn thirty years, hut un
connecte.l with its husinesa management
j for a year or two past, has lately retires] ,
, from its editorial department and IcK-ate*!
in the \Vs*t. He desires to gather a c*>m-
I plete "PotiaJ.Citrd Album" of his old read"
ert and friends, and requests lli*-m all to
send him now a psoslal giving their present
location and address, naming alro, when I
c mvenlent, tbo years in which they wrr -
, hit sulwcribert Mr JudJ's addr. ss is
Chicago, Illinois.
I.i: U"a T Vies.- Mr. Jwcoha of shin
gletowil, ! teaching the select school
at th - place anil has over '0 scolnre. i
\ new Suo'l *y School has I-O**ll |
iarted in the Kvangelical f'hureb.
Mr. Peter Shu't* h relumed from |
his weslern trip, and ia not pleo*od a
I well with the weal if with Pennsylvania
Mr Schreck it the lather of a t-oiu-rf
mg b<iy l4by Hooro an other demo
1 cr#tic vote 21 year* h'-nce,
"Tiuat < a."
| —lubn licesvr still lead* tn furnish |
ing ehoUe fresh tnost*. Kv* r y thing
nhe and neat, and the ooaiost shop in
Will Helh fnnte ■ ol* bralo tbe 4th T
Let UH HHVO u Base Ball Club
I5< hull (lulu fc->j !•!f!tf t>TU*tl\/.ri\ In I
kii of our neighboring IMDIIMI l CMUI ,
p> Ijh left out ill th (old ? Ho far, no po.i.
. tiv.t not ion im l>#..fi taken towrard# tin.
I '••id, A Ithough meeting for thi# purpnae
waa culled a few week* *ince without *i
| conif.ll.blng anything, on iccuudl of the
j *rnall el tend .nee end tbo little lnterei
< mitiifnled. Whet we need i for the citl
; i-nt aa well *• the player# to inleretl IbefU
•elvea in thia movement. La.t jeer we
bed i lub, but it organized to lets end
hud to little prendre, tbet it would beve
I made a very poor tbowing *g*intany club
ebovo en ordinery one. The Eureka*
uit% bt, miiak end glovea erei till in good
order, end it would co*t very little to
equip k nine et the beginning. At to the
meter itl Bellefonle it ebundently tupplied,
with the exception, perbept, of e pitcher,
e the following nemet will thow, end
who we believe b*ve tignifled their will
ingnett to pley : For the battery, lake for
initance, Htrry Johrnton, I, L> Wilt, Gar
ret, J*. O'connor, Linn Itongwell, end
Ellit 1., Orvit, who ere alto good general
player*. For bewi, DeWitt or Brouthe
lt, Lingle or Hkein lind and John. Pin Urd'
At to catcher, Garrett probably can tland
more pounding than any other man we
have. O'Connor filled the petition of
tbort ttop or centre field very acceptably
la*t .-*i<n. Jamea Ilarnmil will be here
about the middle of May, and Hughe* In
June, who will probably play. There are
j other player* in Heliefonle who era not
j known, and could pcrhapt lie induced to
p'y if a club wet organised.
Wo were informed, although not pn#i
lively, ihat the meadow belonging to the
Th'.met eitale, near the Hlecl Workt could
be obtained, provided a high fence wat
built around it If tbeae groundt could be
procured, nothing testier could be deaired-
Of court*, to do ell thit money will be re
qlru'-d, and no d<>ubl can be obtained in
due courte of time But no great amount
! can b raited until a club it organised and
an explanation givn at Pi what u*e it !
j ■I fiected to l>e put Pi A good idea fier.
I hafit would be pj c*li a meeting on Friday
i night of the player*, or lhoe who are
willing to pley. and call another or general
i meeting i f Iwb player* *n i utis nt f r
•"alurdai i>r Monday evening
Hi rice wr 111 :• theai-ive, we barn Squire
itankin ha* kind . i-fl 'ed the uta of hi.
• ft •• f r the | irp"te of holding a meeting,
which will lie either Friday or Salurdav
ever ing, du -r. >ti <• ..f which will beciven
Court Proceedings.
Court called on Monday n.ornir.g la.t
*1 10 "'cluck, • i h Hit 11 r. r Judge 11 y
pre*idlng. and A"i iat- Smith end Mun
•ton on the tieni h Th" forenoon tertion
' wet taken up with the j.r• ter.tatii nof j.<-
I tition*. making of moti n* and ittutng de
' ere*# and ord- rt. etc. In the afternoon
t tin j roc!email nwe made that all {xr
— n* r.imtnoried a- firan 1 Juror* huM
enwr p> th<;r name* when called ar.d
come forward and take their eeet* in the
hoi Mr John Bing of I'nionville bor
| ough, ex-County Cummirtioner, wa then
made Foreman, after which the G'end
Juror* were worn ai d < t.P red uj.cn their
j dutie*.
The Constable* i f the variou* borough*
and towntbif.* of the county madereturir,
end a* a general thing r. p.-rted the law*
■•f the Slate well ob*erved, ar.d the p< ar c
end dignity of the Ct mmonwialth well
F. My-three Tracer## Jur r? answered to
their name* when called, out of forty,
right >utnmned.
The Grand Jur. r* relurr.<~i the follow
| ing till* of indictment
Common wealth v* Wm. Pennington
ci lured larceny True bill. PrcMfUtor,
\ . J. B* or. Defendant fiiaJ gui ly.
S nton id to jay a fine of §1 00 and c-*t
f j ri > cutioii arid 4". day unj ii..nm<nt
. in county jail.
Same v. G • rge Stewart, a >u t and
i hat en . True bill. Pr-.ecutur, D. t.ry
Same >*. Thome. A. Mi •■*, arrault and
battery. True bill. Pro"' titer, J ('. P
.1 net. D fefident plrad guilty, and w*•
-entenn-d p. pay a fine of $1 00 and cn!
of piro*e ution.
Same v*. J.-hn Gilbert, larceny and re
i reiving *Pden good* True bill. Pre**-
cupir, Solomon Harlelt Defendant plead
guilty. Sentenced to pay (1 CO fine, co*t
of pro*ecution, and lmprionment in
county jail for *ix month*.
Tlie foil twing lioeni have boon d.
j.otod of.
Belief.,nt#. F. I.ebman, Tavern ;
g antcl; \V. H. Toller, granted i ('. (I
Mi Millcn, Tavern, grant. I ; Daniel
Gorman, Tavern, d ; Chriat Ovir
ing. Saloon, granted; .Lhn \n<lrr*on f
Salron, granted.
Philip#burg. -lobn Uimdale. Tavern,
g'ante I; B. Coyle, Tavern, rrmon
trance agaiuat, but after contideration
granted ; 8. B. Riw, Tavern, granted :
.lam#* Paeainore, Tavern, granted ;
John McOnbre, Tavern, granted; Wm.
1 Parker, Tavern granted; .lame* L. Tut
' lie, Saloon, refhaed ; C, A. Faulkner,
1 wholeaalc, rotnon* trance, bat after con
•(deration granted ; .lie, W. MrMabnn
iave.n, r<-fuod ; Philip Atbcroft, tarvt o
Milllieilu—Wn. S. Mua**r, Tarern,
granted; 8. F. Train, tavern, granted.
Snow Shoe John 0, I'rrle, tavern,
granted; 11 A. N„Un, Urerrt, granted ,
Vdditiotial local on 4th page.
Brown A WitherSte, ra'oon, ve'uaed,
I Pi Iter luviubip- I). II If utile, foe ■
em, gnu,io I- Jm 11. O lonkiik, •:v
ern, grati'cl; D. J. Meyor, I*vi-iug
! gran'i-d. *
Spring town hip Gotl*ih llaag, tavi
ern, granted, ♦
I'enn towrabip—Joaeph Klrckner.
tavern, grnnted.
limn* towiiabip—Andrew Imr.T-l ,tav
; ern. giuniod.
j Gregg Ummdnp-IJ. H. Sbafl'er, tav.
ern, granted; Jno. 11. Bibley, tavern,
granted. #
i Mdca townabip—T. F. Moyer, tavern'
gra l ted.
Borth township—Joria* .Stetler, tav
ern, granpol.
Many other ap; licat ion* are not yet
I dipoed of.
* •"'"i* XPuft-Irl* mIH
Wm *,-) I.) i.„ tu, ,
Deanil; (uairni^
*ic! U*ir il| luoknj ***, Hi ),*, tt, _
lPutAinyfr n Hatrhrt
kul l*r |a intofu|4*4 th, llu,
Alid **l 1 - "Wtw la ilea ,g r.'lar
And • I illicit tu'.r, ,-t,,
lh* )'jntig Plloar a*aa.
Aaa) hit -j-, touted naolj lik* t(o •
HrnnnilU Argu*
Th r"'in* fellow mJ • aataataa, •< tha rat,
Ali) fell Ilka * wairt' f mrot| a( Lla f*i#,
Th. a tl.r old laaa i-l-t'.<7 '
And th*n t„ . ..nacnicd
And Lu fata looked ►* .1/ i.ka ttw
-0 O
f "m ton x
I Bat MM* al> an-! ragaUb r> aa \
• Had an-jihw old t—au tatllw tbta
Wtw aaid If ale uaant II
Ob# d fUt'lj fejei f }t
And twfw- took, I ~,<l, iik, tlai*
W * ell rr. i • ' urti r > *r<d pole* than
I all the town ator a < rnd Ciirfrjan'*
Muitsal ami JJ n > Journal , publitb.-d at
Jobfittown, Pa., by the ii .hmen Bnr*.,
cornea ua 11 1. m.Mh with a'.ran new
, dreaa and enlarged and in pr .vaul f,.rm. It
.:a brimful to w inu.i, and ch'-ice litera
j tur, and in ail • -.<• of the i P ,t hf .d
mo*i d-virahle maga 7. r.-e | u.liah.-d. The
price I* J1 (*i p. r ar.i.uw V ~m , 1, „ ;,y
will l< m-m p. any addro* for a U cent
• —lb atjrlc* porarol* iadadhigttem!*.
i;. -a, arrive to • *i| .- nan * p
—VI atyloa ,f Br ia-la rpct t -r e
( t in at Germ*-,'•
Buy where u.u can gt ; r m r ( ev *
w Mb Try A C Mitir <• for aboca. lf.o
The largeat ,.f m , „ , j ow ahoe*.
K ynold* i. rt -i and lace, ladi** fine
,h ""' T 2' A r Mimji*
The *eaon after ihe if -hdara it gen
era. ly dull with 'h- Tat< r*. W- are of.
'• ring ett>a indu- nuMaia kneyriai. We
| bav<- given large rd-ra, ar.d the ncua
I y.uf* are n< w r-.tnine in. I,*ve your
order Dow Mosti < ur.hr A Co.,
Laird. Sh.wfwr, A Mitchell * children
ah'*-, in al] ajjj .. qualitr.
K -*' t A C M isc.l.K. J
Candidate's Cards W
J." '' f f ke k' -a ea-li e.?. .Uta latiat t'ldr, ;r , J
•vlf |o *vppart ItH m* r- H
an I'OB'aa fiMf.j ink bff flldvVd to J
wn *rtrtM in l iitfgr
| H Put ant) nggwl t< uma
C llAftLr.* -MITII
lie !!. t a f, r ( unit Trsactir* i
#' i r• 4 t)i I u r, . rati* Count? C t
™ • • ntl# 1 %♦.* .tin v
j. \i rr.
? ... • ' t.a ' I • a % J-i t. I f ftb<W>fr t
t*> tb .ft r f tf V- |Vm *f'Bft 0 URt? c t.rtwfit* T|
W# 1* * author r i • n
f r .fwr,. ~ I an.' |l Ml • • tv. fr* froth -
*; t "I I" Ihr ah<n4< •! tb# ib-antrrtiir Cimn-
II "ra I, f • tme, f f rem- ant. and yd"W e
la- --■ I. --wd-d a(lka l ',- and *lv,ta w* are
I itinc il ea, m l.endi-a and ffcrroOiln*
11.. a, 1. fi.ri r.ata.(t ( a-pH **, Mala Vidtaa,
en I a a , - N 1 t* a l a'-d* na* Iwiadle (d t
---|.|...1 ailka ..11. a,..1 I.ceded art."a laUdifl.'-
er.l Jn.l ,1... thing ( I lh. t ,„,|e,r ..f
f.Wea w.ek Mi I i--lf.il fx . will te f.tal fud
' tfaa i— I - ka*. la t - i-.*iata.ii. ( three
f.m.-. aa ,norh •fa k.c \ I H-„l -tfaid *. r
*1 >i Tl ... . it.* T-rv fleet <|<ia>.ta apU|[
Mti"'d I- —,,1,1..1 al ,r,j ,dt.*T ailk a.aka la U.a
—I no. at 1 1.tiwaa -nr |, The* wl.l
a„, lad. "Iwl w Ma, ual irf Vaer.t Warll.' with *o*
I la.lrati.,,. an I full li,.iro.Onna f,j> ariiefir
• Ik ka,"|. *.e(y beaaw-l. |. w,faid d t-o| orifHl
a-.w AWc Tea II . ,",*** a, , Co R,. lietiW
k. Verk
PARDON NOTI( £ -Nodflt is
1 iNNbt t "-■ Uti,| | l alt. a will he aawV t
Ihe 1, •> I . ( IV-* -a al la me 'n* ..n the ihH
Tae-U. ■ ! Mai. A P I'M fx U. far* nof Allen
Ik.aara new nad*u * ia.|., -e..al In the *i
.ra Pwlt.-alUi* M VHT IniW I RA
I It kf
virtue of a writ of Ijevaii Fa
j Ma, laeoe' i „f the Peart of i ~ann, .a rt-ea of Oew
1 tie >W*t* and to wi dim tod will he .tpoaed to
lal.lh al al Ik. ( owl 11. aar. ia tha It iow*k of
s-llofoata. -*l
-ah r-i-AV. Arkit. a. A o,l*-*,
th. folk-win* fmfwM*. fo wit
i All ihw two . rial.. I t.-f (-wad a iu,|M >a tlx
U.ceurk "f H.Il-fwia, ia the oewiily of I'ewfv. aid
Ml* of r,a. |)liaala. -.a lh# I>,lk afie af Pat
afreet, laoonde I a—l da. • lhad a# fl OW* Oa Ik. woafW
.f l ien afro.i, oa lh- #aal hy Allegheny del.,, w>.
north aa al|e and <m Ihe w.wf t i M Mia# Mori
-a Mitllkla. t-n.* lot# naaalwrad ia lh# *-#,al idea
•f #ald hwrwagh a* lot# ££l aw* 31. with AW# hnUdfrf
Ikd—a ere. *#d
IMieaf lake., la at-wllM. aa* • W aaM
|#.f#llf of J..... Ar-l-ll #
T 1 nrXSLK.Wa*I. I
Aara.tr • Oft inrAfMl |i l*M
1 oy I *\THk U ATI -llewtlemea liiaa
...! e. f Ihe MpiMS wrlH* af Mia Al l .* Way
th 101. M ai. kM.|.; teai d I" wart tat Ooa.au
ltd* *1 ihefUwrA tlouae la kilW aa rat Ml. tret
Taaotey la Maa. * |l lM leiw* k. fkWi af fft#
rn wlh. al I a'rhat la lh# aViae a, aw* arlealL dm
#ooe. hy a iwaforv** of lh# what# a*iw af Iknftm,
yiaaral, awa o| Marw.y ah* i#*itw atmmfff"
await aw* - ( .kill ##f #m ' ■ *r#la lh. art ,1 Mai.
.* ulVaawly Aay-. ' i-i leal Nv. ih# .hrae ae-a^m
aa* yawra aw* eaaacy Iha raaelt ta lh# Vtat# #n, #*HL
; tea*, ul al lie.rfahe.*. a# hy Ihe MMXieSPG,
aa* Write.* #—'l *i af ml* ai p M w it*
i Afrtl If, M.-IAB tVlagtaCwkaNi: j