Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, April 24, 1884, Image 5

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    Hall Road*.
Jl J Time Table in effeot Nov lit, 'B4.
| Leave I>CR Haven 4 45 4 'HI
Floniington. 4 48 4 04
Mill LLI.LL 4 62 4 (, 7
a Beech tn*lK 601 4 '.'l
7 Ksglevllle f> 04 4 20
Howard 6 H '
Mount KITTLE 5 18 4 44
C'urtin 6 22 4
Mtlusburg 640 4 66
Uellefonte 6 40 6 05
Milesburg 60 6 16
Snow .Shoo 10t... ......... 664 6 111
Uniunvilir I> 02 6 28
. Julian 0 12 648
Martha 6 22 6 48
Port Matilda 6 211 660
Hannah 0 47 0 I t
Fowler 6 3V 0 10
llald Eagle 0 40 6 10
Vail 0 '>4 6 24 j
Arrive at Tyrone 7 04 6 46 |
LEAVE Tyrone " 40 8 40 1
Eaitl Tyrone 7 47 8 47 j
Vail 7 10 8 111
Raid Efcglc 8 16 H 45
Fowler 7 64 8 />•>
Hannah 7 67 8 68
Port Matilda 8 06 0 00
Martha 8 14 T* 17
Julian 824 0 20
Uniooville.... 834 0 4*
Snow Shoo lut 8 12 0 47
Milesburg 8 |.> 'j ..o
Bellefonle 8 55 111 (KL
Mile* burg 11 05 10 10
Ourlin 0 15 1 |
Mount El.gle 'J 1 ■' 20 28
Howard V 20 10 42
Engieville 'J 80 10 42
9 Bowl Creek !• 40 10 4O
Mill Hall 0 52 10 68 I
V FH-ini igton. ~6-- 11 "I ,
A Arrive at Lock Haven 10 00 LI 06
11.— Time Table in EFL'oct Nov. ill
Leaves Snow Shoo 113 a m . arrive.-in
Bellefonle 0:20 a. in.
Leave* Bolleionte 9;30 a. M , arriv * at
Snow Shoe at 11.01 a. m.
Leave. Snow Shoo 3:.*K) p tn , nrrives at
Bellefonle 5 48 p. RA.
Leaves Bellefonle 8:10 p. rn.. arrives at
Snow Shoo 10.40 p. RO.
S. S BLAIR. Oen. Sup t
j Time Table in effect Nov. 19, 83.
Mixed. '
Leave Scotia 12 1" 500
Kairbrook 1 * 20
I'enn'a Furnace 1 16 6 40
Hnatler - 1 28 66"
Marengo 1 36 5 6■
Lovevillo f 1 58 6 OC'
4 Furnace R"td 1 46 0 IN
Warrior* Mark 2 .00 0 25
Pennington 2 12 • > IF'
_ W-Mton Mill f 2 25 0 50
L. A T. Junation 2 31 0 56
Tvrone - 2 45 6 58
Mixed. ]
rM. AM
Lave Tyrone 4 00 0 2"
| I. AT. Junction 4 04 9 25
Weston Mill 4 14 '' 33
Pennington 482 48
Warrior* Mark 4 42 9 ->8
Furnace Road 4 57 10 12
Loveville - 6 02 10 16 ■
Marengo 6 07 10 22
Huatle? * 17 > * F '
Penn'a Furnace - 6 27 10 41
Kairbrook 6 47 11 03
Scotia 62Q 11 40
(Pbila. & Erie Division.)—On and
after Nov. 18, 1883:
Leaves Philadelphia. 11 20 p tn
llarrisburg 4 2> a M
■ Williamsport...- 8 40 am !
Jersey Shore...-. 9 0t a M
Lock Haven ' 40 * m
Kenovo 10 55 a M
Arrivte at Erie 7 45 p m
Leaves Philadelphia 7 40 a to
Harrioburg II 15 a n.
Arr. atWillismsport ... 2 55 pn.
Lock Haven 5 65 p M
Renovo 5 10 p M
Kane 9 04 p M
PASSENGERS by this train arrive
in Beliefonnn a*.
Leaves Philadriphia. . IT 10 Ain
Harri'hurg '25 p IN
Williamsport. .. 7 15 p M
Arr at Lock Haven.... 803 pin
Leaves Lock Hav N... .. 0 60 arn
Williamsport 7 55 A M
arr at llarrisburg 11 0 AM
Philadelphia 3 15 pin
L"ave Kane '*> 00 a M
RI-novo *0 05 a in
L-" k llaven II 15 A M
JGMX William-port 12 25 atn
■P arr at llarrisburg 3 44 p tn
Philadelphia .. . 7 25 pNI
LEAVE* Erin 1 66 p fin
It-novo 10 27 PM
Lock Hawn 11 20 ptn
Willisrn-port 12 85 a rn
air at Hafriebufg 4 0* a M
Philadelphia 7 50 a rn
Krie Mail Kl t and West connect at
Erie with trains on L S ,V M. S. ItR ; at
Corry with B. P. A W ItR.; at Emporium
with 8., N. V. A I. Kit , and at Drift
wood with A. V. ItR T. OUCKEIt,
flon'l Sup't
"■ ' P
diseases have so thoroughly bullied
.he skill of the medical PROFESSION AS
janccrous affections and as they have al
ways been CONSIDERED ine?ral>le, IT HAS
been thought disreputable TO ADOPT tneir
treatment as a specialty ; and hence physi
cians have neglected their proper study.
£ BuFof late years new and important dl*.
* ooveriea bare brought forth a course that
now proves successful In any of its forms,
with certainty, without tno use of the
knife or caustic plasters. Wo havo a
treatment that I* comparatively mild. It
U not poisonous, does not interfere with
tif healthy flesh, can be applied to any
airtofthe body, even the tongue. We
SEE nothing (or our services until the
MO cor is cured. Address
Eeglerltte, Centre Co, L'a.
Dondly Fire Damp
TWO Mi.vaua i.net TIIKIK i.ivts IX.. WEB-
TtlliN MIKE.
An exp'osi >n of firo damp, which in
stiuitlv killed James F.in'er and .lames
.Stevenson, occurred Wednesday mom
ing at the mine of John A. Wool A Son,
at Elizabeth, eighteen miles from Pitts
burg. The men, after entering the
mine, had just reached the point whore
they were to work when the explosion
occurred, the lire (lamp igniting fr.m
their lumps.
Will am Kent HUM 600 yards from the
exploaion and was severely injured bv
being violently thrown down. Work
man Simmons, who was half a mile
away, waa struck on the head by a fly
j ing pick an 1 sustained a severe injury.
Several hours elapsed I,More the bodies
lof Stevenson and Painter could be
i reeovereJ. The explosion occurred one
mile from tho extrance. Three trap
door*, to conduct the air currents, were
blown t atoms and had to he replaced.
I h' atmosphere w ■. stifling from the
liter.damp, and a uu ulier of the work
men w ere overcome and hud to he car
rip I out to tin- open air
Robert Stevenson, a hrotlier oldie
ot the killed, ran in a'lcrthe explosion
j to with'n a lew j irds of its set ne and ■
••-11 "1 liis hro* lier. Here the black damp
ni' t him, rolling along in a cloud nno
resembling a smoky ateituer. His light
; was extinguished in a minute uud he j
! tell 'li the dram. He crnwle I out by a
side entrance, a distance of 500 yards, :
keeping h s mouth <•! ise to the water.
He insisted on going hack with the
scorching party atrl w.is <o drowsy that
hi'liad to be shaken freipipnt'y to pr.
%ent his falling into the dctilpy sleep.
William Me Ma* tern. | <it boss w* among
the first to enti- tli- ex, lo ltd part ; he
fell into a faint and w is only rescued in
time to save his lite. Miners a mile from
the explosion li id tin ir lights blown out,
ami in *ome in 'ances shovels, bucki t*.
Ac., wen- ciirie ) out of the r
Boy* pls\ ing in the uiiiie re suppos
ed to have l. 't the trap door open,
whioli allow. I tbccollet lion of tin-fatal
! GAS.
Arrra all Vt attersmi says a gr-.tt di al
that is worth siying. if lie is a little off
on the tarifTand do. .. not like us P.-nn
sylranians a- well as he should. In
, ipeaking of Presufenlial a*| i-siits a few
J ts ago in his j >urnul, he ay that the
N ermoot statesman is President of the
Senate. Tne Scret trv of War i the
son of his fath. r. Mr. Edmunds i, to
-peak seriously, i mail of gr • it ability,
of perfect courige sad integrity, and a
nio.t faithful and pertinacious partisan.
I Ho would {soli just the Republican vote,
not a vote to spare, if the party has a
i -ore majority, it could do no la tter
than nomiti.to him. If it has not.it
had betii r look elsewhere. Robert fen*
coin, who seems pretty c riain of the
anond p see in any event, has vt to
make his uivk. Rut it is onlv just to
-TV of him that li'- i- a young l" itleman
■ >f*. nse .od spirit who, notwithstand
ing his lack of experience and training
has done uncommon well in the Wsr
Deparlnieut. Hi nanre would and will
strengthen the lick.-t to which it may
be rit fsi u f. Tliiocdiide.s, however, will
hardly t■ able to coup'e it with that of
the mlb-fil le old Puritan fighterfr.ini
:• Hreen mountain*. E tnrund* is too
, clean a man. too hard ol hearing and
si, 1. f r the trailing polit.eiin- : and
when Mr. ' ii-orge Williams Curtis re
inov-s the hd from the band box -no
•li-j lits him to the convention, ji w I
silently admire and respeclfully salute
K - - i tviirt fngidtty, and pas* on tot lie
ne -1.
■ •
Counacl M .rriok Retires
iii ni r-t \i: kit' rn -rf >tj i\ JJ,
IIR i \\TKft I'CHt run.
WtuiiwtM, Ai.ni 30.~Tk* rtir
IIU'.T'. of R." I Mi rrii-k from the Star
Route cases 1 , t cs Mr. Ker the only
d counsel now .in,.lo\ I l.v the
Dovi rument It im thrc ugh Merrick
that an indictment w s found in the
Kellogg, 1 ... It !,.,( I. -11 the policy
of the deft'i, 1 ml. t a ~n| >f r . Merri k
ss be ng moved by political tnalir, in
these prosecutions, and Kellogg has
us"d thes- accusal ons with political
effect in endeavoring to esrrpe there
sponsib lity of his acts. The matter is
now commented on favorably to Mer
rick, sine, had ho lent himself to
( 1 sorgo Bli* . tbc results of (he Springer
j investigation would have been a great
scandal to tho Republican party. M-r
j rick policy was to get to the bottom of
the whole l.inin. w and, let the lightn
ing strike where it would, to punish the
—Wo havo tho best m-n's calf shoe—
wither in button, lace, kid or cloth top—
-1 for ?3 00, ever brought to Beltefcnto.
16-2t A. C. M IXUI.K.
- Winter stock mut go. Special
, bargains at Lewin's.
—Three and flva-ply carpel chain, at
Hariuan's. -
Ready rnado window shades, 60 cents,
—Celluloid cufbi and collars, all sue#,
at howin'n.
—Ruben Hpangler has a big loom in bit
furniture. Clever fallow, and everybody
like* to deal with him.
—Everybody la invited to Searfoas A
M to buy bread, plot, cake* and con
' f % s
r. ' a.
In Moraory of a Soldier.
At a regular meeting lit the hall in
I nionville, of Peters Brothers Post No.
264, D-p'l of Pctin'a.O. A R, it was
ordered that a public cxprc* ion he
i given of the Iceling* of the Foal on
the death of our comrade, (j Mr'er
Master Chsrles (Lrie-t, for which duty a
• coin no lee was appointed wuo to pect
fully submit the billowing.
WIII'.KRAH, < >ur beloved comrade
Charles (iriest baa been removed from
among.t ua l.v the r- lent leas hand of
death which hxa caused a vacancy that
we all notice and feel and which re
mind- us of the uncertainty an I bre
vity of human life on whose tumultuous
sea he had barely remind its prime:
Wit too: is By his sterling in'egrity
and strict attention to iluty, his sagac
ity and forethought, i|uicknens io dr.
vise or suggest anything f, jr the good
of our Urder or to advance the u,t"ieMs
of his c intrudes or of his f. llowmen—
hi- geiiial, kind and sympathetic imture,
ever ready to icspond to the ia | of
in I'd in time of sorrow and trial and
always evincing a true spirit of Frater
nity uud Charity, he had i, ui.d us to
him ly an ind as hHde lie; therefore
MMThat by h.a death our Post
sulfcrs an irrepar -liln loss ; that w will
sadly miss htm as w.. m -et irotn time t i
time, and mouill his absetiee ict aun*
we know that we shall he forever de
prived not only of bis value I commie
ship, but of the hinefits of his win
cnuii el in our delibera'iotis, and while
!we how in humble aubmi-sion to tics 1
siern decree which is pus-til upon j
j all men. we ti ii.) consolation in the |
; hope tint our ln* is li:■ eternal
g sin.
HtMlicJ. That while extciiililig to the
! bereaved fricn Is snd relative- our ear
! nest sympathy in this their hour of trial
i and asduea*. we very *• nsibly foci our '
\ inability, by anything we can say or I
offer, to assuage their grief over the loss !
' of an affectionate brother who bus t.-eii |
thus sir.ken down in the flown of man
hood—no more to co his familiar form, i
or to be t'lcrec-pient* of his kind atten
lions and manly ii Ivice and counsel;
but we beg to assure them that we will
always cherish a kind rememheraticc ol
I him. for his name shall i- eioliriued HI
: our hearts and wo will not forget on j
each Memorial Day, as the ever recur
ring Spring time comes with ln r bar :
I voat of flowers, to gather at his silent j
i tomb wi h the choicest floral tribute we ,
, can bring, and there w.th roldierly
lenderili-.s and love, we will garland the
! passionle-- mound.
/iVWey./, Tnat these proceeding* In i
printed in the county papers and that a
! i• >py of the same he sent to the family
' of the tleceaii'if,
W. S. • 'XT> A 1.1 4I.ES.
-he -"My desr will )ou send home
that pel to day ?"
■ He—'• I'laat pet What p"t do you
She—' Why that car pel you silly fel
low. '
I " :
Ready For
During the put liav. re!
ceivcJ the largest and Mn-t stk of
shoe* we ever had—in fact there i
nonc in the county to comje'te with it.
I have the exclusive sale of the very
be*t lines in the market; aurh n-
Retnoi.iws Hh'c- and D. \i:*rii<.N.iß
Ladies I*T LIE sit >CS ; Ltll'.D, *-.t'l !;I K
iV MITCHF.I.I.'S Line Sic - f. r > I ! I
ren. and a great many otic i t e
makes. I know of no o:h< r lift. 1
would • xchange for, or add t . my
I stock.
I -sli tin. best Men's 4 ail >h" ■, for
i $11.4 M) ever offercl in < 'eotro'county.
This i- no bait, but an honest business
These goods c im" in It itton 'or I.t- c
Ki l or Cloth top.
My Manufacturing Department uu
der the management of Mr. Kortti is
I'ast gaining popularity. Our work is
second to none, ami superior to seven*
eighth of the work made in this coun
ty. I guarantee satisfaction.
Warrant everything
I Recommend.
| Ht/rr#nr f' I*H L MlnfU,
April 23, 'l. ItKLI.EFt tNTE, FA.
i 17. ly.
Faacy shirt* and nackwvar. at Gar
-—Tim lee cream 'inn t* an<l you
can flrol the bt at Hearfoss A Mayer's
bakery nnd confectionary.
Wilton, Mi Knrlann A Co., call alien
lion to ihti only reliable Heady Mix<
l'nint in the market Tbn Pioneer Pr.
[•and l'alni it not inly superior to an*
Heady Mixed l'ainl told but rival* our
white load in iu smoothness in working
and du'ability. Tlila paint I* guaranteed
by tbo manufacturers not to crack or peei
within throe year*. Tbo guarantee I* riot
only good for replacing the paint but it
will bo [iul on if it should crnok or pee
within the nine specified. It will be tc
your internet to call and *oo Wilaon, Mc<
Karlann A Co., before purchasing oithei
white lead or any uther Heady MixeJ
i BOOT or
j W'U known Hoot and Shoe
Stand, cor. Logan and
Spring utreets,
Cost ot' the White Paper!
Look at thin. Will you let tin* rnrc op
port unity by ?
A book on the Treatise of the Home.
All for Cash in advance.
Old aubacrilxT* as well new, who pay
one year a iulnscription, and 11/ i rente
extra, will be entitled to the above
liberal nlfer.
We have perfected arrangement*
with the publishers of the
of Fort Wayne, Intl., that enables ua
to offer our subscribers a first claa*
Agricultural Magazine at the bare
cost tif the white pa|>er on which it is
printed. The American Farmer is a
1J page monthly magazine which is
rapidly inking rank as one of the
leading agricultural publication* of
the country. Kach number will con
tain useful information for the farmer,
j bis wife, bis sona and bis daughters.
And it costs you almost nothing, sup
{ [tone yuo try it one year.
This offer will hold gotel for s short
i t!OJ" '>01). so t*H tour friend" and
overt body \ou meet. Hem. ml.er we
don t g-> l.m a on our old friend, but we
■ir.-d money, and make thi* off. r a* an
IO'III >-ni. to all. v '<-od in your name*
Hid in inev early. \ letter will r." ieve
list a* prompt attention a* if you called
m. '• Aliogheny <1 Iliabop 8t.
| Er, \L NOTICE.—
■ J N •' t ftlllpwy* n* I tsrswiel.
s t! ' i.f li.t'ftt flate f lh |v.J* and )t
' • •>MI lM lb* l-r.t .# I, • ft! i
* ! d K !• I*'!, fiats i jftr ui i
► . " >I n4 61*4 In t)# I'fßc# tl.s. , Jeth
n'i fCwutrw
• '■ ' . I :br I • Of! of hefora III* first flat of fiwft
teftn Mfe*c ttii: lap I„f4
I ' f • '+• >,*] early f M f Afm
f Half M fc vMhly. dwvsi. m t*hr-n l-j
j '} 9 '■ IM | " owl f"Tr j * ry r.f (t%a 7lf lf j
V l* f w. , j, J#. %. by his
* ti, (dihtntjs 7*ig\*r
I n• • . '•••'} 1 t.. |**rml |ropn 'i llcnry J
Ut4 ..f IlilbM I mh p, ila ssml a< taker,
. ss. i •, i | • A M- • #r
* I i **' f r • ll'-al Ralate *f Henry KflUf,
st -f |lsr • l"bhl®, de aadel, M sal %| *rl I s hs
* . • Ma gf*t K-;iar
Ibtnl*f > Ihaj .f nil jw of M llr
"11. I|' r.f |t-j ffta, }• t • nl, J,. I as |sk O
Ih>• W . w I- i|I % lleftllftr .
I I • p--' ji' j- rts Ile-jtm *
*T4 ' '♦* fFsrjr tan wn*hl|s le . Ited, 44 Lhk'tt
' j his sti | • . * iM'.nih Crin
J \Mr \ M C\ 4!\
It - ~♦?r s tirrirt. I CO. C |
lUJ.f ni*. !'• A|-iII *M |
New Goods, New Goods
("alicoes, etc,
Purchased at unusaily low pric
es and will be sold cor
respondingly low.
No. 7 - - Allegheny street.
' < > ' •
i —Very lutffft htyle hatn aii'l cup A H
cmrdA and *ll kind* of print
ing at th CRNTKK HAT offlco.
Nobby httU, in tbe IAUaI AtyliMi, AT
la hereby given that tb* fullowtiig bha.ad
41 peratirip hva flle.l ll,fir *pi>lhU>r.a for LU a
n the saflS sf th I.'lnk of llie Court of (gart*r l*sa
*lotia of Ue I'AWI* eln N<) for Ml|*l ocrvbty, NOD that
*lll l4 innde lo the ntt llraal .fia of sail
(ksurt to (Jrmtit the a oa :
V X I'Whtnan, Tavern flellefrsnte Ik;fj
W h Taller, "
Jainea Mrt'aPly, #l
ii H' Mil las, M
Krnai(t|e| Ifroaaa " l
Uwilsl (israsaa •* M
C'brlaf (jelrlng oaloon *
John A solar a" n ♦♦ h
A lis*tjin Vf hohaal" I'.ellelonle IW ro
John Anderaon and 1.-ouafl <ier^s ( IkJllata, il
font# Horu.
Jsffrr; llr". Te-u Huah T|.
J-h'.lU.u.a.l. n Ben.
a II fww ** *
Jihi M
Jthn A MrOciira 44 ••
Hllllaras I'ar aar M *•
Jamaa W M Maborie •
JwSfita l/*t, Tuttla, k'L4urar,t *'
C A San Ifa nr, WliulMalr fl.l I i|,.l,i,r, Boro
JaroUUjub*, TaT.rn line aril Buro
William H Muaai-r •' Bun,
* T Stain
Joint 0 liaalc " Soo ftliua Too
|t*alor) Vilhtlaifrr ** "
Martin llaley, " ••
Jafiie* Pope " ♦
llugl* WNKI M '
Samuel Hyer Baloon **
4 H itbarllo *• "
fill Khule Tavern Potter Tap
Join. II Olecaktrk
I l J Meyer *♦
• *utli b llaag " Ppring
Henry H M. M n u* r
i Joarp h Kle<kier " Pann
I Andrew liumel " llaine*
; II O Skalfer u Hregg
I John II Itihhy **
j C C llunaaal •• Harris
1 I T M'siar - Mtlea
I J r>4a l*t' i!er •• M >rth
1 J A Lis lb gat" li ** PasrgUMJti
Alola K"hib*. k-r " Lksgga
J .hfi it Heary •• I'nlonsllle Ikstu
llenry J M nlkar, " hu fth n-. Tsai,
K A N.laa, ••
jJ A Mhiletnab. K -atat.ra;.t Milaabarg Hr o
J. C IIAHI KH, Cn*rk.
O" ItPFIANS' t'Ol-RT B.M.K.—Heal
Kstato of Ir. William I. Wilaon,
I det-'iJ, in l'ott-i Township, Centre • >,
i I'a.
By virtu* of an order of th o Orphan*'
I Court of Centre county, I will ex|to#e u,
public *l*. at the Court House In Bi-lle
fiint", on M' N DA V. Al'HI L 2 K th, Ihv i,
at I o'clock I'. M , the following d"cribed
• real etete of aaid decedent
j I. The Mansion House tract, containing
■ five cr and one hundred and seventeen
perches, (5 a. 117 p.) situated on the turn
i pike at Hotter* Mills village, adjoining
lands of Joseph Carson, on which are
| "rented a large two-slorv taaniion, two
i story office, stable and other outbuilding*
A very desirable location and properly.
I'Z Ail that farm containing seventy
cigbi acres and one hundred and twenty
seven |iercbe, 7H a. I'JT p ) situated < n
the read to BoaUburg, and one mile w<l
j "f the 'Old Hurt" Tavern, lying between
the farm* of Mj. Wm. Y Hoynolds and
Mr* Mary I* Wilson heirs, arid original
j ly part of tbe Manor of Nottlnghaui
There are no building* on thla farm.
•I Five acre* and seventy-three perch"*
i adjoining N<>. '1 above described, in the
eo-ilh-eatl, consisting of fifteen lots, f>o ft
j wide by IflO feet in length, originally laid
I out by John Livingston and called Wsr
rensburgb, and four lots known a* the
I'lnch w.tod lots, 'adjoining on the north
lots number one and two of Warrens
burgh i on which are erected a good frame
house, large barn, and other out-buildings,
i I A tract of wood land at the foot of
; Nitany mountain, containing 90 acres and
l.'iO perches, adjoining lands late of Jame*
Alexander el al., arvt part of a survev
made on a warrant to James Mixr", dated
Itecember it, 17''S, [.atentnd Daoatnber
10, IHOt
TKKMS —Kir* per cent, of the pur
chase money to he paid when the several
properties are knot ltd down; one-third of
the balance upon the renfirmali. n of the
ale: on third in one year thereafter, and
the remaining third In two year* thereaf
ter, with interest, the latter [ syment* to
I"- secured by bond and mortgage on the
[.remises. Jon* B. Lien,
Administrator of I*r WI. Wilson, dee d
j Bellefonte, Pa , A|>ri 1 lt,
I |lpr/r Sewtwi • i* forpratsce siml r*
.\ lltlr.l. # etssttm, a at* tea s<
wh. b w 111 Is* i j %li ' f tv m if* right
"•' tkn 4ttvlbl *i| lte it, ih * m< I 4 I fln-.c*
IflH Um VVriMI •!* !''• | ■ A : • •- Ml
T v I A < , Auga. kUsno
a V St.# Is liarwl.y i>m lvlf< rv pf *l-:. f*
r%lt n • Ih- twUl* cf U '<! l%|* < f l|ir
tm<lr*ixi All krH Wltif tlcin
>)•* tail 1 tl, *tla *r* ra. jafri in trslt*
lsru*v>t r <] iaATir.fr ' ltm will praww nt thni |
Civauin ATCT>.
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Don't Forget
Philadelphia branch
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Is again to the fore with au riki*
assortment of
and respectfully invites the public t>
call and examine our elegnot Siuu
and Over (oats, for
Men, Youth, Boys, and
| Children's w<-ar manufactured for our
trade of tho be-.t material, and in
all stvles to please.
Our stock of Meu'a suit* in Cuta
ways. Sacks, Prince Alberts, Duible
Breasted Coats, Ilevcr'ible, Cben
cbilla and Beaver Overcoats are Bu
(►erior, and Invite Attention.
And now just look here, Mvu and
Hoys, arc you going to frecae this
Winter, or not ? Why, of course you're
not. You must have Winter Cloth
ing, and what you want is the But
m the Market for the Lowest
Price. You hare got your money
honestly, ami of course you want the
most for it. WE WANT Jt.'ST
>1 ( II 111 SINKS', and then fore in
vite your visit to the PHILADEL
PHIA BKANt 11. Our business re
lations with the People of Centre
I .
County ill the pat have been pleasant
and satisfactory, and in offering our
I'lianks f.'i the Liberal custom hereto
fore given ns, we renew the phdge
upon which we started out—Fata
AND -Tl <T Dl Ml Nil TO AI.U
Jk CO., Proprietor.
Pillifcolo. I*o.