Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, April 24, 1884, Image 4

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Bimin Sonet* in the editorial columns l&ceiiU
per line.each Insertion.
1 "
A movement Against Randall.
It is announced tliat Representative
George Morgan, of Philadelphia, and
others are about to organize a democratic
opposition to the nomination of Mr
Randall for President. The opposition
is to be based on the ground tb>t Mr
Randall do< * not rcpr. •Nt tho d- mo
cratic party on the tariff question.
A movement of bis kind i*. to say the
least, premature, since Mr Rand.lt has
not yet distinctly announced bi* at
titude cn the euVjcct of tariff reduction.
He i* on record as against any tariff
not laid for the specific purpose of rais
ing revenue. In fact lie has declared
that a tariff laid merely for ''protection''
ia not warrented by the constilut on.
In a letter written by him to a gentle
man in Galveston some years ago he an
nouneed himself in favor of a mo-ltia
tion and liberalization of the tariff so
that the commerce of the United State*
might b'- encouraged and built up.
Jtoubtbss Mr. Randall is opposed to
the principle of the Morrison bill, but
BO are many excellent revenue reformers
and any ruumber of free traders. Those
who support it do so because they be
lieve it bettor to take *uch a reduction
of the tariff a it seems possible may at
presto the obtained than lo contend
for a measure conforming to their own
peculiar views. Pobably, to, Mr. Ran
dell means to csrry hit opposition lo
the Morrison bill to the extremity of
casting his vote against it without en
deavoring to amend it 01 substitute for
it a more acceptable measure of tariff
reduction. In that case he will cert duly
alienate from him many revenue re
formers who still hope that he will be
able to act with the 1 irgo majority of
his party in congress on that subject.
What Messrs. Rtndall, Carlisle and
Morrison should do to reconcile the dif
ferences among the democrats in con
gress on the tariffi* pi in enough. They
should agree to a bill mhieli will re
d ice federal taxation not leas than fifty
Dit'lion-J >f dollirs pier anutnn. They
should enlarge (he free list by plaring
thereon raw materials and other articles
of prime and general necessity. The
should correct the inequal.ties, incon
gruities and absurdities of the pr-ent
tarill law, reconcile its inconsistencies
and make clear its doubtful clause*.
The democratic party expects them to
do something like this end they nu
not fail th rein through any pride of
opinion or devotion to local or sectional
interests. (
Meanwhile let not the fu'itre cour e
of Mr. K-tndill and other democratic
statesman in congre** be prejudged, 1 h.
tree ia to be judged by its fruit rather
than by its blossom.— H-trruburjf l\,tr ■
m • mm
Tho Education Bill
Ti e 15 air bII appropri iting #77.(* Xt
®OO to aid in the e.inblishmenl and
support of commnn school* in theatst.-*
passed the Sonsteon Monday night by
a rote of .;.t to 11, thirty two enator
l>eing absent Thi* litter fiet it i
claim*d accounts for th light vote;
•gsinst the bill. It is difficult to con
ceive a piece of legislation of more dan
gerous chat icrer than this. The bill
has bean sugar coated by the dtclara
lions of it* suj.p irters. that thi cau of
cducttion will be a<lv >n<-?<l by its enact
ment. and consilient morality and
greater riapeet for law will follow ; but
tho dose will be none the le * dtsagre*>a
ble in its after effects.
The constitution of the United Hute*
wac ordained "ta establish justice, in
sure domestic tranquility, provide for
the common defense, promote the gen
eral welfare and secure the blessings of
liberty to ourselves and our posterity,"
and for theee gooersl objects, tho tax.
ing power was placed in the bands of
Congress. Tho supporters of this bill
attempt to prove that the constitution
I "promote tho general welfare." A snv
creigti power ol this kind must te strictly
• >n.'rued if the states are going to
; HI k>- -my pretens-* of retain nz their
.-ntton uiiy, a* the b oad- n of its
, ■ pe to tlie ol'jects provided lor in the
It ii bill must legi'ima'elv lead to a
total rnninitation ol st to rights and tbe
! eatiihliS'iniefil of a centralised form of
' governtn nt.
The t-nth article of amendment of
the constitnt'on excre*alv deel ires that
tbe powera not delcgilcd to the United
States, nor prohibited by it to tbe states,
were expre*-ly r-'served to the state*
respectively. The power of looking
after the educational want* of its citi
zens belong* to the state in its individual
capacity, and when the great taxing
power, tho most important that the
citizen can entrust to hi* government,
is called into play to usurp that power,
the reign of a piiti rn d government must
It is to be hoped that the Democratic
House will hurry thi* bill to oblivion,
where it properly belong*.— Ijaneailrr
A Pructlcnl Tariff For Ruvcnuo
From the Now York lluraM.
Here are the taxes from which thi*
revenue and a sn'e nu'plu* ran la* raised
whenever the p- ople chooses to com
mand Congress to routine taxation to
these items and a'-o i-li uli other* as
unnecessary, a* they plainly are. Ihe
figurei we give ure what these taxi--,
actually yielded for tbe year 1S, and
they will neeessarilly he greater for the
year 1 Hs.'i, for which Congress i* n w lay
ing tax<-s :
MplriU. Intern i] *T •. t * ""
Hpti lt*ri I ir • lutir x "4l M*. '•!
T<u--o. IIIIVMI *- 1 * N '
Tttvoeo,dltlw 7,'el,'stT -t
lutwfDftl I't fit
Herr, tlatlrv ' I>.' T4
dmi#i • <1 ITi
dutf* .. V'" A'A -H
Fmaey.fn od*. ln!**-• -V>
, Far*, dull • 1 I *.-•*: I •
! Kmt>'oiderd'ltie* I,T i'- ktft
' lliwsrs rcri|iti ' |*ei tUADwut; . 1* • UU
T Ui . . .li -U
|!e j rw*iu tu-u to t* l-*ro r*-
dlfti It 1 • MM
ti/ ,?i t -vr. A o
Add to thi* a duty of five cents on
-■otfee, which will produce J'J'i ttOri.OOO
! without raising the price to consumers,
| la-cause the reply of the duty did not
! lower the price but was a clear gift to
Dm/ 1, and a duty of iw*r.ty cents on
tea, which will produce ftfie. n ni llions
: and the few item* wc have given, almost
all of them luxuries, will yield a afe
revenue of over two hundred an I sixty
| "even m lli ins. again>t necessary expen
; diture*, including the n*w navy, r.f two
h indred and thirty-seven million*.
All other taxes, internal and custom*,
! sre thus proved to be superfluouv—un
1 necevstry burden* ttn|> >< -l on the pro
pie. fh'-ve are th* plain fact* of the
pie.-erit situation. D will nc-.*rilv
grow more favnr,ble every jeer wi li
, thi inrrea.se of |opu'atinn The sihe l
j uh-we have presented is ih< m ■ .-r
! objective point of all ax ref 'rniTs
Chandl-r Nit Doesrvtog Bnppo-t
The N i w \ ork Ttmtt, an .v.>xnnwhlgei|
rej r- sentative j, iper j n the intetest* of
the Kej üblican paly, i* outspoken in it*
disapproval of iln- vv v Ghan Her abuses
| his trust i the hi-ad of the nav>- ll
*ay: I>o--,th- president or an\ other
sensible 11, n believe tbti t'ongn-es
woul I hesitate about j; in fc ' lai •• -unis
ot money out of the national surplus
for tie- constuct-i n of i new n v y, if the
Saw Dej artrnint hat at its foa l a
| man of tl,e right sort n i s - n -t at th -
; mercy of otfier mui who liavi hung to
it like bloodstickers f >r so many y--a
j tnking the Ife bo 1 wbi- fi the penpl '
representative* had jsiuri-*! into it' 1
Wp have no navy. The rollsrtiuti of
paoli'd and rolling loilk* wlii b i<
1 < alle-l tbe I'uited State* Navy is tin
I laughirig-! i kof the world. We ought
|lo hav a nary. Without one S.m Kr.in
j ciaco ami the W'-alihy ti'i of our
j Kastern gealKiard are at the tiien-y o!
any fifth ra'.e power that own* a first
rate iron elsd. We may n<>t No fortu
nate enough to avoid through another
decade a collision with some foreign
power. The inhabitant* of our Ka*t
crn sed'oar-l, who*e property i* unpro
tc-ted and who plainly see what the
firt result of -ueli a collision would be,
are not d pocd to f >ree the fighting;
hut the people of th* I'pper M;* s*
ipfii Valley are more hclligerant- All
admit tint we should have a navy, and
no fair minded man in Congrr** would
oppooe the uppropriation of five times
the sum f<r whioti the President a*k if
he could know that the money would
be honestly expended.
Tbe President must ktinv Ihllt when
he made William K. Gbandler,secretary
of the Navy h<- delayed, by hi* own act
tbe building of those vessel* which the
nation need*. If the department were
in the hr.od* of some man conpicuor*
for Integrity and ability, and undtfiUd
by contact witb ihoae who hare profited
by corrupt administration of the depart
moot in the paat, the United Ntates
Congro**, whether controlled by !>emo'
cratv or Republicans, would promptly
and gladly co operate with the execu
tive branch of tha government in the
work of creating a n - vy.
Mr Tildon'B Lottor to the Iroquoin
A *igiiin<'iint letter from Mr. Tihlen
w . r.ad 1 st n : g'it ut the anuuiii ban
quit of the Iroquois Club of Chicago.
Taking for hi* text the *enfiment. ''The
Feiler-til Constitution," MrTildcn truer s
br ie fly. but in irenr'hanl style, the grid
mil change which a faUe con*truoiion
of the eoostitulion ha* wrought in the
political y*tem of the government, and
pointa out that "no reform of aduiio
it radon in poanibto so long ** the gov
ernnient idirected by u psrtv which i
under the dominion of false doctrine*
and animated by enormous pecuniary
interest* in ttie perpetuation of existing
abuse." "Tho tir*t effective step," he
*-ty, "in the reform of ourgovernmeut
must he a fnndsnienlul change in tin,
policy of its administration." He add"
ihut while the woi k of reform will b"
difficult to accomplish, fie does not tb•*•
por of the ulitmaie rlelivr-rance of the
country, and concluiea by saying:
"Though I can do longer ->pire to b
one of the leaders in this great work, I
bill those of you on whom this august
mission may fall, tod peed."
Oompliraenta for Randall.
I Samuel J. Randall i* as much admired
as any leader of the Democracy, al
j though he is under a cloud with the
prevailing faction which h.vr mastered
Ins party at Wa-bington. I wii| talking
to Mr. Hill, of Ohio, recently, an old
fusliiiinr d Democrat an 1 rather a free
tPacl.r' who said of Randal! "lie
is a in in of so much force and dcu-r
| minai on that I never eo him r.-e to
•pen'* but I atu attracted t.>wird him,
BID he has one of the most engaging
i fce* I ever saw. ' The attempt to for- e
the taritf hill into a party c.tu u is *.
much directr-rl si Kendall s at the sub
j ject at hand. 11. antagonized gome of
the supporters of ex Speakers Kerr
i several years ago, when Kerr beat him
and afterward died, leaving the field
j open to Randall. "G'ufA is 7Viiuiie.
Tho Tickot Scalporn Call to Arms
(tow THE liaohhlts ARK STBIoGI INC. T i hEI P
TiiKia Bt'iiN.sf IN OMIO.
I he following peculiar circular nffordu
i strong confirmation from the "ticket
I scalpers" themselves of the disreputable
character of their "business, ond it*
simple publication is enough to secure
, the hearty approval of every rightlhink
I ing person of the effort* now being
| made in various states to abolish a traf
fic which according Io recent exp*nic:ij *
in the courts, thrive* upon the corrup
tion of trusted railway employes and
a general system of deception and
,< ur mtrcilea* • nemy. the I't unaylvania
Railway, i* once more trying to crush u*.
having had a villainous bill introduced
in the Senate., which, if it Is-rom. a
I I IW. will degrade us and our honorable
business, and in the end rum our means
of livelihood. Our mutual interests de
mam] that we leav no tone unturne't
to debs- this outrage. We mu*t take
off our coat* and work, or we si e ruined
"I ring 8,l the influence you ran to
j !>• *r ii|>on your senntors ami r pren
• Hive*. Send | roi*t* from prominent
itij.ns to the chairman of the Senate
• o umiltee >rr Kailroa Is. We are doing
ill w.' can to kill thi* bill in the s-'.-nate
and, by c ncert of action, we may be
aid.- to -I , so, Dj not put tin* mait.r
off, but go to work at once. We are in
I great danger, ami there is no time to
j lore.
Ward i- on the ground here
•anil will promptly co ojx-raie w,ih you.
We are but a few, and e\ cry roan must
realne that he is personally responsible
for th ' defeat of-Senate bill No. 1%
We enclose you a ropv of the bill, also
copies of trscls which we have put into
the hands of every member of the leg >
' lature.
"We do not think it advisable lo use
the pre*, in any way at this stage of the
, game, hut lo work it quietly.
Verj truly,
"I. FRANK A Rao."
The tone of this licKtuinnnt places the
i operators and the ir hu*ine before the
public in their true |i ght.
A Wide Difference
The -liscoasion of the t/rriffquestion
i conducted a* if there were no middle
ground between high protection and
absolute free trade.
Those who favor the retention of the
present high tariff taxes condemn every
proposer] revision of t he tariff as a move
ment looking toward free trade.
The theoretical revenue reformer*
are inclined to stick in the bank and
insist too much on a policy intended to
bring about immediate free trade.
The enemies of the democratic party,
in spite ol the repeated declaration ot
Speaker Carlisle and other democratic
leaders in ronsrews that "reform, notre-
Vblution," is desired, declare that the
aim of tha democrats ia frea trade,
Th* republican journal* argue against
any reduction whatever of the present
unneceesarily high tariff taxes and af
feet to regard any change in the tariff
a* a movement for free trade.
Now the fact i that there ban been
no movement in nongresn which if *uc
ceoful could possibly rr*ult in the es
tdblislimenl ot free trade.
The reduction of the tur'ff proposed
by the Morrison bill i* limited t>y the
I protective Morrill bill of IS6I. and
therefore cannot produce free Irsde,
Mr ID wilt's proposition to put raw
material* on the free list is c -lculated
to protect domestic manufacture* and
doe* not at iiU involve a general policy
nf free trade.
But all revenue reformers of every
shade of opinion lock to a redurtion of
taxes, a cutting down of exorbitant
duties and thus to freer production as
well n* freer lrude.
The pron- -tivrfnynlem cannot be mod
ifiednoa* to lessen the unnecessary lax
alien which produces the immense
treasury *ui>lu*.
The alarmist who are dinning "free
trade" and "protection" in the ear* of
the people are simply resolved to retain
useless nr d burden-ome taxes.
The is.ii- i* riot "protection" against
"fr<' trade," but the reduction of re
dundni'. re\.-nuc* in order that produe
lion nd trad,- may laiih la- treed from
unnecessary burden* — Harruburg l'a
Qcn W W H Dnvin
SKIT' II or 111 E HE Nil! BATH' NoNINi'.E jolt
'ieneral W. W. H. Davis, of Diyles
town. Buck* county, sin tr.w nominat
ed b\ the Demoz r itic State Convention
on WednsiUy, forCongie--man at l*rg,
i is a mri of the lat<- General John Davis.
I who wa a noted Democrat in his life
, time. He mrm surveyor of the port of
I'hila ielphia during the administration
•>f l'rsi'b-dt Polk. His son w* a stu
i -lent in the law department of Mow ,rd
! I'liifersaty at < 'amhridge, M,-<„ when
:the Mexican w ,r broke out. ]|<- cat
a-id<- hi* law book*, er listed n a private
, in Colonel t'tleh Cuffhing's Mtetil.u
-etu r- giment, of which lie w*s ap
pointed adjutant, and *-rv, I to th"
j cloe of the war. In D",.T be wa* appoint
ezt secretary of N.-w Mexic,, t,\ I're-i
dent Polk, and for a con-id- rsbl, time
w acting gov. rnor of that territory.
I |ron hi* return tz> I'erinivlwnia he
purchased the Doyleatown llrmi-mat. in
1*57, and • <-r inc, ha* t-- - n the editor
and proprietor of that able and jnfluen
ti*l paper. When the rebellion broke
j out in 1 I'd he raised the HMtb regi
men', of which L-- L-canrer loni'. and
w- 'il e.|,jently promoted to a Trig,
dier generalship for gallant and
meritorious service. In one of the marv
engagement* in which he j %rti< ipate-l,
he |o*t four linger* of tlie right hand.
In 1 w5 he w. the Deni'rcratic candt
' 'late for auditor general, but wa* de
feat-d by Gorernor Harir.itift. In I*2
he wa* the Ib-mocratic candidate f..r
i congr- -• in the Bucks Montgomery
: difftri' tff, which ia gerryniaodereil m
' *uch away a* to be rather strong'.
Republican, and wa- defeated by only
a few vot a. Gen. Davis i. an able law
ye r . writer and *pcakcr and In-side* h.*
j editorial lalor* has Contribute*! -,-veral
valuable papers to the H.torial > , iet.
of Pennsylvania. Hi* personal apj-ar
ance i verrv striking; letid-r and
• traight * an rrow. h - bearing i that
of a soldier. He i* a captivating man n
the social circle, and h<- i* held in th
lugheat est.-.-m by all who know him
Hi* *g- is *ixtv year*. H•i- a broth- r
m law of I'hicf ,!u*tii - Mercnr, Of the
; supreme ,-ourt. The latter having
l married the p neral * *i*tcr. Should
| he l- elected !■■ congrea* he w,|| re
pre*, r,t the peopl. if p. nnayl. ,mi I,
distinguish- <1 credit and ability.
lliiDtihtf Tho Dead
After working faithfully all We ln< >
day night the g*ng of seventy five work
men engaged n making the hut pre
parationt for entering the I'ocohontka.
Va, mine completed their t**k ab--ui
•ia m. Thut lar. Ilea led by Chsrlea
\rbngtoi;, '■ reman of the <lay hift.
, the miner* and C.e laborer*. Friday
morning at ten o'clock broke down
the last barrier around the entranro
ard a ru-li ot f ul n r ensued from Ibe
I mine gallery. When the gallery had
been partially ventilated the men
moved slow I v in the mine and. f' r the
tir*t time in e the terrible explosion,
commenced a systematic exploration
of the interior.
A* soon a* the first heading into the
mine had been traversed Ariington,
who like all th.-other*, wa* parrying an
: immenae a'etv lamp, called n ball.
While he rcconnoitcred the surround
ing* three h<wlie* were discovered, half
buried in debrfa and mud. After a
fflight hesitation the shattered remain*
of humanity were gathered up and
placed on a tramway car, preparatory
to their being conveyed to the surface.
When the bodie* had been proper!,
eared for he exploring pnrty continued
the search. The foul air became *o
stifling that several of the explorer*
were overcome and returned to the
•urface very ill, Oo a lower level, about
two hundred yard* from the end of
the main drift, there waa a general halt
because of an over|>owering stench and
•II were compelled to return to the
surface. The superintendent gave
orders for repairing the immense fan,
which will ha used to ventilate the
mine. All day the available laborers
of the village have been busily engaged
digging a series of graves for the dead.
A long trench ha* been dug about a
half mile oaat of the towp, where all
the unreclaimed dead will be buried.
Friday it ia thought the greater part of
tb hodiei will be brought to the surface.
Jut New j ork T,mes, discussing tIJ *•
character nf cm(• • Ji• Int<'<> for tho l'rei
dency, say# the Republican cannot '
ford to ln fori dlo ny ; i'\Vf < oiifcao
, that our candidate ha* not a spotless f
putntlon. He ha* hern a longtime in
| public life; La i* an 'ifgrmito' man:
I lie ha* nia.l' agreat many eni-mie*, and
thorn arc e m-lab o)nnrt'l with hi*
name which lialiti not <iinwij. <te<J a* w
•houhJ like to see him dissipate th'-rn.
He ban held important trunta; he h*
amani-d a good deal of wealth ; there
are act* of hia which it requires rour h
obliiM-nciw, to believe lo bave hern hon
est act* and tt good rh-al of charity to
overlook. Hi* own explanations of
• lorn are insufficient and disingenuous.
He i* unquestionably ambitious, and
hia idea* of thedont ny Of the American
I'nionon thi* continent are full of peril.
Very probably he would, a* President.
I.e oil her mischievous or ridiculous, nnrl
might he fmih. No one know* what he
helieve* in finance (except In* profound
belief in It.o money Value of a Speaker'*
diciMon*), and a* lo the revenue, we
admit tlint he i* the author of the mad
deal M-henrc that a sh'dtou demagogue
| eyi-r invented, a acf.om.- which had only
to tie at n .unced to inaiantly
moit ardent admirer*. Hn he i** a
' ound Republican ;he ran'tie relied on
i to prevent the payment of rebel ao
I claim*; he ha* 'force' and 'peionsl
mgneii*m. and if he ia aurroundi-d b
one of the moat de|wrate gang* of ad
yenturera tin* country ha* teen -ince
the ily* of A iron Ilurr, tiiat may not
be hi* fault."
Dealer in
„„,i Queens ware,
I'-cllefonte, l'a.
I* e!ling A 1.1. KINDS of < rockc.-y
and Table Glsr*ware at iJiWKIt price
than ever known in B-llcfonte, a* the
j following lirt w 1) abow
ltet yialitt, ]?'■•. -nn ("!,;•* warrant
,l not to era/.-
Tea S*l fjft piere- - * ; ftp
Dinner | lUw iargnat i*e j ,-r iji t 1
Dumef plau-a meOiuro do 1 Hi
Tea Plate* do fig
Tureen*—roun I or oval each Ml
>aurm dwhe*—round or oval '■, h 20
bailee Ture< r,> t pi* ' ■
Sauce bt, 05
Cup* arid *aucer—har.dlej —l2 phie* Mi
tfn <J<> unhandled .Jo 50
Fruit mucera—}*-r doz 50
Chamber eti —lO pern* : I*l
j Pitcher and [latin 1 mi
Covered 1 hamber 75
| Tumbler*, 1. ach, . (*fc
, Got'let*, " _ ,
■ Fruit !'- rvrla , , 25c
<'ahe stand* . , ,{. f ,c
IGla*r> Set*, d pioce* . .;,V
--f ull M. h of Dec,.rated Tea, Dinner
and t'hanit. r Set*
Heat 1 :ig i*h ware. Tea K.-t*. IV<or*ted
ii BlttJ Rlacfc, I'.rown cr 1 hirer, 56
).]N ? . i*i regular price $7 ■a I.
! nil a**'>rrrnent it. M|o|i< 1 and Fare y
< rtHVt*. AC. ,
M M'.l I'iteher*, _'< i ltohunitm V*ea
height I" iticbe*, ll.taf, and even
tiling e.n .|, | | .[ ~rtiot).
ifj* . -de to -aj t' crerv reader of
thi* ad .•rt . -meni / >*ai,i v*vr cunft-m,
11 d inV: Ling cut lor it I am fully pre
par. It g you the lir it.-t vain.- for
.our m ,r,c. or .. yet obtained. <' H |l
, ami < tan, tie the go.l* ami the price,
if I don .r fulfill !rid!* all I claim *-
to price* being I.OWKU th* ever be
f.-re heard, I do not s-k your patronage.
Ihe greater amount of good* I (an aril
j the lower pneo* can an* 1 hiii IU; NAPE,
w. 11. WILKINSON, \gent.
•- ■
N'etir* J c |Uf|r, ~( ,1,. Ror.mgk o( It. ll*.
f i. < Ml.. <. I" ~• ,- piii 11,. .ivnun ,4
1 Interr.al AfT.ir. f |h. turn ,i*,..|-|j , f t'mn.ii,*
■ 1.e.. • ...r 1nn.1,,-1 *.m ..f l**l. .itn.tr, \ o, ih.
1 n.1..|. ..*r ai. • *nrt t'onnir of o*l lr. n.l
|p.|ta*l*b •. < w till.tn V|. rt...., n .nlt-h.tr Im
'**'.* o th" '■*•l, Po: I , , n .| W 1111.,,. 1,,!, I^.
-Wt <W Ih. >*l. lel r. m.t 1*1,4 eh 11,. *.0,11,
—K.nry k. or th. Ilormigh ol It 11.
,IVktr. ti,p. .hu .|* 1,~l in ih. r.Mti <>(
Inuntal affair* of ih. t- m,.t t,.,iih ol I'.nnailr.-
nl* f.r t.mt 1-nn.trml *ttm oll.nl. .It.i.ld In' Ih.
I. nnht| of Hn- m *ho. .l>.l CVrnnl. .1 t
pining 1*1.4. of lUnjanen *l, W Ultwn ntngham
and J.m— ll.llt ... on ih- M*t. Kin M < lanahan.
Thorn*. Citihlan *n4 Tliom*. It.auroin nmh. .~t
•nd .*. *r,l lui.l nn Ih. tn.nlh.
Hfdtr.. ... W 0 n.lrtl., of l|i. It rongh of tWIIo.
' . <>lf* On . I,** .rrle-1 |,. lb. ■.(
Jt'l.rnal Aff.lrof Ih. C. mm. r,* M lih of P.r,r,.,ir*
nl* fo, a>nr hnndt.4 wn* of land, .itnat.4 In'it,.
I t *n.hlr Of *9on *>>■>. and Oo.inl, of Cntre *<•
i<4ntM Innd. of William UtHm.r on ih. ...t ...
rapt land on th. aontb, Th.-ma. t.. .nd Charlm
Rt*h on lb. mm. and **■ m land on th. north.
K.dlr.-It.nr) 8..k, nf Ih. Borough of IWIIn.
forrl., tVptr.(Votnly. p, . ha, apt ltd tn th. hrnatr
~| Int.mil Affair, id tie-Cairn nnrollb ol p.nn.i i.
raff** 'or f..nr hnn Irod *rr. ■■! land, alinai.i in Th.
h nn.blpnf hnoff ffhiw and Cnnl, of t onir., ad
fntning land, of Clli ItnmM and Wellam l.tinirr
on th. rml. vacant land on th# aonll; Th rn.. I,
ffhlpimn and TV mat C- nn th. aul. and vacani
land oath, north.
Nolle —J. C. ftarpn, nf Ih. Bornogh nf 8.11.
fmM.t nair.C . P ha. arplia.l lo ih. Bmr-iara of
Internal Affair* nf Ih. Own moan. >I Ih of P.nnailvn
nln, for hnndrod ama of land, aim,rod m , h .
lont-ahin of Snau ffbo. and Coaatr nf Catro ad
loialag land n4 willtaat Bingham, iuata Itaul'hnrn
and Pail* Barn at on lb. aaat. vaaant land on th.
wmth Tb-unaa rrnhhrw. TVau Kauthora and
umlTni:. 1 fprm "* U " "" "" M 1 -
. *'""i? '* * Of th. Bomtuh <■! Mit
fcnt*. p. , hu oppltod * tlo Prrretatj
* lk * <>—■>—nitfc of IVnn
*T r . *• of l..<t. rlfnnM In
£,* .V?l? j J?°* **"* owit •• Ow *4
)talnc Wn* of ShMf Dolmot uf klnrf St • on
Um *m% ftofcon M.rrto uwt Unio iUotwi
J* **■'• "y 1 * lh Nslk, u4 tinill
lu<t m Ik* north.
ti rorrvir*. I'rorimitm i. / .
E. BROWN, JR., ,
t CO., '
: No. 3 and 5
Bishop St.,
' i
FISH, ALT, fie,
I 44
7o in this nt< -
ticu of the Stuit .
4 _
At a ft w < f
Lake 11. rriny, 1 1 bid If 2.00
1 Saek Hot Boiler Fl< tir . ]45
I i.! Can* String Bean. 2.1
I.ima '• . 25 *
25 +
Tumato*-. 25
(iraoulated Sugar 9
1 ('an KiniM California I Vat-be* 35
' " Apricot* 3(1
Peart 30
I " Good Table Ptarlin 20
• ! Bottle* Catrup , 25
I " Pickle* . 25
1 lb. Baking I'owdcr . 30
1 lb. Pure Pepper 25
1 gal. Beat Table-Syrup* all augur) TO
1 " (ltic<*e Srrup • 45
Sugar Syrup, . . 40
Choice Bice . (i
•> pound* Sultana Prune* . 25
Lump Starch " . (,
C>ru Starch, per pound . . 08
1 pound beat Coffee . 19
, Sardine*, 3 boat* for • . 25
j Sealed Herring, per box . 35
! Lxtra honed Codfiah, per box 45
r/x#o Valentia Rnitin* ■ 09
French Prune* . 13
OlicuiSoap 08 *|
Bloater Hening, jkt dcx . 20
2 lb* Canned Corned Beef , 27
Tapioca Flake or Pearl 07
Sold at* Clitsip in Pro
H r e nlso have in connection
with our store a first-class
Meal Market,
And sell CHEAP EE than
any other Meat Market in
E. BROWN, JR., & CO.