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    iht (Crate jPmotr.it,
rh irsiUy Morning, April 10,1884.
0 nnKaroJiDtiici, containing Important naw,*lUll
.*4 from any imrtof the county. No oontmniitrntltHi
null'** accompanied by Ilia real name of bt
w ri tar.
Publishers Notice
All letters of business or communications
concerning this papier should bo addressed
to tho Publishers of Till Cxstrr Dxiio
crat and not to any individual member of
the firm. If addressed the latter way they
will not he insured as receiving prorop at
Local Depart incut.
—Next Hundav is Easter.
—The "flitting neo i* pant.
—New nail work* are to be built at
l.ew iaburg, Pa.
—Easter Egg* and Enter lillic* are
U-gining to bloom.
Every body should be present at
Armory Hall on next Monday evening
i.i attend tho Military Ilall.
W'lkinaou bus a beruliful line ol
Kiiter novelties on exhibition.
Woik on the different new railroads
ha* begun in earnest now.
—Toe tesideuce of Mr. Turner on
en*t Logan street is nearing completion.
—The Cb.ntrk Democrat and the
.4 meriean Farmer all for fl.X.j cash in ad
—Duprex A Benedicts fmou* mins
trel show will exhibit in the Opera
!!oue on the 'Jfith, inst.
Mr. C. G McMillen and General
Secretary Wilmer Crow liavo united
with Co. B. fnh Regt.. N. O. P.
Sir. L. R Stover of Woodward has
moved to Mndisonburg where, wo are in
formed, be intends engaging in the murcst.-
tilo business.
-.irni >n in German in the Reformed (.buret) [
on Sunday afternoon, taking for his text, :
Si. John, 10: 30.
Win. B. Miles A Sons, the wide, j
■ wake merchants of Mileaburg, have
■ust put on the road a beautiful covered
delivery wagon.
Mr. Ne'soa A. Lucav ha* embarked in
the in a: business and expiects to run a de
livery v ngon, furnishing you wtih choice
meat right at your door.
Mr* Wliit mvn depaiU 1 for I'bila
delphta and New York on Saturday
■■veiling for the p'itpo*eof laying in a
new <trwk of millinery goods.
Mrs Dr. Run', who was a pur-i at
the Brorkerhoff mension on "vi'urdny
vd Sunday, departed for her home it
<♦. Marys on 'be 10 \. v. train Monday.
Mr. Cl.su. Brown. f west Bid. }■
-lree, ha* n Plymouth Rock h< n that IstJ
*n egg last si-'k measuring 7j by fij tnch.-s
in circumference and weighing 3j c.i.nci-*
—ln tho squ*bble over tha app. intiii.-ril
of a post-mast-r st Philip-burg, the b'.al.
warts secured a Viet Mr J.,hn Ootp
land having h-n th-* succe.oful applicant.
Mr. Daniel Ro'.-b. a well known < iti
zen of Nittany, sold out hi* entire house
hold goods and with his family started for
Carrolton, 111., on Tuesday last, where he
intend* engaging in firming.
—lt is rumored that two of Nittany *
young men made a solemn vow to hang
themselves in July n-xt, and they really
mean to do it too. Of course it will be to
two of Niltany's fair daughters.
Msj. W. F. Reynold* has purchase d
the property belonging to John Ardell, I
Jr., corner Allegheny and Linn streets. .
The buildiog thereon we understand ia
to be removed and a very handsome J
lesidence erected instead.
Bellefonte it ever on the increase. n*r |
latest acquisition being a street boot black
in the person of a Greek lad whose name
is something like this : Sinjdnarf Nijkin
jawakinjawbraker. N 8.-Wi wouldn't
vouch that none of ii got away.
Mr. William Nt-ele bought of Mr.
John Hrockbill the small building formerly
occupied by John B. *r a* a meat mar
ket, and moved ittuhis lot near the Friends
> hurcb on last KalurJay. It is to ho occu
pied by Crolxer Bros, of Lock Haven as a
branch market of the Chicago Meat Co.
—Mr. J. A. Finkbinder. the photo
grapher who rented Lyon A Oo'a. gal
lery, has received a very fine slock of
goods in his line. The gallery is l>eing
repainted and papered, and when fin
i*hed will have as nobby a gallery as ran
be found in th<* part of the Htate.
—The indomitable and irrepreesable
P*ter Mlngee, better known as the umbrel
la "timer," of L*witown, enlivened our
•treets on Monday and Tuesday by bis so
norous cry of "any umbrellas to mend ?"
Pete being s man of humorous propensities,
is well known all over the country, and re
ceives the patronage of all those in want of
his raspeetlve services.
—On Monday forenoon, while Mr C. P.
Uilder was painting a sign on the west end
of lbs store room of J. K. Alexander, be
complained of feeling unwell. lie de
scended the scaffold snd invited a friend to
accompany him to his studio. Upon reorh
-1 ,g it, and while In the act of unlocking
tk.; door, fell to the floor unconscious
we I %ei>Hr.*ntlf llf-less. Fortunately Dr.
Kirk hpp*ncd to he near and succeed.d
n restoring htm hi consciousness in a few
* oaomarts again.
Mr. George Bible, tho elocution Ist, sp>ent
Friday In Lock Haven.
Rev. William K. Foster preached bit
introductory sermon in the M. K.
church on Inst Sunday morning.
Mr. Jan. McCarlnry and family depart
ed for Lynchburg, Virginia, lost Thursday
at which place I hoy expect to make thulr
future home.
Mr. Reuben Shaffer and Kdwtn l'eck of
Nittany "look iu" the County Seat on
Friday last. They were both looking well
and at usual very pdeassnt.
Mr. (Jeo. 11. llarman ha* revered his
connection with the Singer Manufacturing
Co. and haa accepted a potiiion with the
Hteain Heating Co. of thi place.
Mr. John A- Woodward, of Howard,
virited the eanctum of the Dkmockat on
Saturday evening. We regret our absence,
and hojie to have the plearure of another
visit soon.
Mr. Geo. Meyers, of Ferguson township,
is tho ownor of an old Indian Buckskin
purse over one hundred years old, which
he intends to will to Ike local of this pa|er
when bo "abutliea off this mortal coll."
We were favored with an agreeable call
from Mr. Joseph R.-aa on Tuesday laat.
Mr. Rosa ia one of Spring township's of
ficials, and hie Jolly good humor wins him
many staunch friends.
R. M Mi Easily, Hop, formerly of
Clearffeld, has located permanently in
Ueilefonte, and will open an office here in
a short time, lie is < ngaged in the insur
ance business, arsd represents the National
Life Insurance Co of Montpelier, Ver
mont, and the N'ew England Mutual Lite
Insurance Co. of Boston.
Geo. T. Riael, Esq., of Philadelphia,
manufacturer of law book* nnd law *t <
tionery. interviewed ourlegsl fraternity
on Friday l-t. Mr Bi# 1 is a > '>ung man
of rare aLilitiea, courteous and gentle,
manly, and has built up a lucrative trade
in this line, Rellefonte being one of hi*
most successful stopping place*.
—An unsucceskfal attempt was made t,,
r"b the pi.t-. the e at tin* pla Uq Fri
day night. The would-be h irg'ars w. re
eveidenlly amateurs, as it wa only a weak
and bungling job. There is a small room
in the r- ar of the p. q.. fli. •• in w hirh rul
hi*h it kept, and the d(">r leatling from this
room to the hai k v *rl ws found partialis
pried open the next morning, sr.l kept in
that {Misitlon by a small piece of wood
at- ul thr < -fourth* of an inch in thu kr.e
The t> -it of tho k>ck • broken but w.-dg
e.l *ucb a manner as to hold tie 1 • r
firmly to ,t# pla. ein the centra It i- -up.
posed that at this jum tnre a r,. tie of i- me
ki 1 frightened them ff As the ..swag*
leading t'> the plare from the yard Is only
ali ul six feet wid; and p.. rhapl twelve in
Drgth, and a high wall on either side, it
wt uld n't *ff..r ! a very g>* d place ..f <■.
cape in *•* of a surprise. Had *n en.
trance been ■ if- ctoj into tie flrq r m it
would have I -n mueh har ler to have gi t
ten into the p. st- tfl. e proper, as the door
is lined with boiler iron and last- red by *
heavy bar The windows are alo barred
aid closed with a heavy iron screen. The
robbers, however, had lh-y succeeded in
gaining an entrant*, would have had tb*ir
"pains for their gains," as pos'-master
Johnston leave- no articles of value in the
efflro over night, all stamp and mon- v n<-
pg deposited in bank.
—Mr Robt Valentine has i r.e of the
finest rrops of tobacco tiial has ever l.**n
raised in Centre county. It is of the '(*'■
grow th and comprissia atsout , "a■ s pounds,
6,000 (sounds being "Firsts " In the
latter weight there is probably less than
100 leaves thai measure less than twenty,
two inches In length. Mr. Valentino has
secured the services of a gentleman of
Lancaster county who thoroughly under,
stands the culture of tobacco and how to
cure and prepare it for market. It was
raised from the Connecticut Broad Leaf
seed, and experience has demonstrated the
fact that it is the best and moat profitable
kind to raise in this section of the Stale
Its yield being greater and the tobacco of
finer quality than any other.
A very distressing and painful acri
dent befel Harry Gordon, the cash boy at
the Re* Hive stores, on Monday morning
Having been sent on an errand towards
It-Nipshurg he found an opportunity to ride
part way, and in jumping off the wagon
he slipped and fell, the wagon passingover
his limb breaking it just above the ankle.
He was carried into the residence of Jacob
Rapp and Dr. Hoy was Immediately surr%
moncd to attenJ the sufferer. After his
limb we dressed he was conveyed b> his
borne on I-amb street io a carriage.
—The work of the vnnditl mob which
destroyed the t'ourt House and public
records in Cincinnati last week i* a ter
rible calamity to the people, which even
the bad administration of justice in that
city and county afTorda no justili.iaticn
or eicuac.
—lndeed, New't, we should like to
gratify your curiosity is to "who told
talesoutof school," but we wore threat
ened with a worse "clubbing" than the
ono you predicted if we did, nnd for
that reason we respectfully decline.
The trial of Thompson v. fhrist,
for trespass now in progress in court
will prohat If take up this and part of
next week before it is ended. .In Ice
( Rockefeller, s f Nnrthunihc land conn
ty, ia presiding*
A little more anow yesterday.
—Special court began on Monday.
—Attend the Military Ball on Monday
—The laying of the 0 inch main on
Water street ia finished.
Woik will noon begin on the new
Catholic church of ill's place,
—The first meeting of tint new (Jouucil
was field on Monday last.
Hellefontn will soon be a perfect net
work of tvlopbono and electric light wires.
—A spoonful of keresine put into cold
starch will prevent the starch from stick
ing to the iron.
—The Milton Keowmitl is publishing
n interesting serial history of "Milton
50 years ago".
Probably the largest hog in the world
was killed last week in Burlington, N J
Its weight being 1,115 pounds.
A very pretty and neat awning was
put up in front of John Brackbill's Boris
furniture store on .Spring street, last Mon
K-lward Brown is filling the offset in
his pavement on Allegheny street even
with the street. This will he a decided
—Mr. .Inn. BurtrufF* residence on
Willow bunk street is fast Hearing com
pletion, and we suppose by the time we
go to press lie will have occupied it.
Advertisements are out inviting sealed
proposals for the grading, masoning and
ballasting of the Bellcfonte, Nillany A
le-nionl railroad from Hellefonte to I,e
—The blustering weather on Friday and
Saturday rather left a person in doubt as to
whether the almanac makers did not make
a mistake in leaving March pass in h< r
checks so s*>n.
—The Mite Society of the I'rel>j
i-nan chura b will meet to-morrow l"r.
d-v - veiling, at tlo- I- -.; !- r;- -- of Mi-
IMiu-Ui-I Bla- -h.tr-i oil High lr< <-t. A
lull nttendunre i* eariie-t v -b - r-<l
The I! -liilaysburg Slamlnni say
this "The man who is .> small as to stop
hi- newspaper because he g-u rued at the
editor, and then borrows his neighbor ,
pa(e-r t<- rad, w aid j astura a billy g--at
on the gr< r, grave of hit grai dmotlier "
--We - ill vouratts-nti n to Wilk n
soli's new a Iverti-ement - II Itli 1 tge
N--W jut llir-iw iw.iv v ur <-' d - r.ickesl
and ■ i/ed lihcs ait -1 step aroun-l theri-
■ ii ran g--t a new set for a mere song
Th -is n • "I- -,t" to merely -Irvwr you
around, but even thing rle -.ells mat
a low in proportion.
S. A. M -v< r's tn.irl le works are over
run with orib r. g<iod work andat-'o
lory prices tell every time. Any one
des • tig a Tonjlis'one or Monument
w> 1 fin 1 i: to their r,ter t to r 11 at
S;over-M irl-le Y ird. High street b lie
f-it 'e, Fa.
It i- now an a- ured fact, savs the
//■- !■/. that Jersey S ior- i- to have the
r-j • r *llOj-of the lb-eeh f'rer k railroad
The -lioj * mil i- ero.-'.cd in the earlt
-(-ting, and when in full operation will
g;is i mploynient to from .'MI to Itsi in,.
• luni-ts. lw-;de- ( ther latxiri rs.
Lt Sunday bs-ing Faltn Sundnv
aj-| i | title atnl interesting services
wr. held in the fCiliolie rfmrch The
iilf - ng of the paiiu Kiel distribution of
ssms on this day in the ( aibolicchurch
throughout tin- world is in cimmeniira
Hon of our Saviour's last entry into
An individual nl-out six sheets in
tin- wind was roaming alioiit our streets
on Saturday night just spoiling for a
fight. He wrv*accommodated, however,
and after being pretty well ]<oiind-d
.jumped to his feet and etrlaimed, "Well,
here, lick me again ; jioiind tnelo death
if It will do you any good. You are a
pretty good tnan. any way."
Our excollant and enterprising eilir.cfi,
Mr. Batr.tiel I/ewin, of the Philadephia
Branch clothing store of Ibis plsee, was
married In Baltimore on Bundsy last to
Miss Dhcndorf, an aecomplishod and high
ly intelligent lady of that city. We lake
great pleasure in tendering our congratula
tions to Mr. Lewin for having choren
wisely, and to Mrs. Lcwin for having ac
quired the control of the most desirabla
and worthy ban helor of -nr town.
The Maltie Vlckers Combination was
greeted on Monday evening by a large and
intelligent audience. The performance be
ing of the highest and mt pleasing na
ture, being free from all vulgarity and
objectionable features The audience was
convulsed with laughter from the time
Mist Tickers made her appearance upon
the stage until the curtain dropped at the
conclusion. There isn't the slightest doubt
but that Misa Tickets is the "Sugar Plum"
in the eyes of the Theatre going people of
—The uually quiet town of BisU
burg wna thrown info* state ol excite
ment on Monday morning over the
announcement that tbe store of Jerry
Hingis had been hurgloriv-l during the
night. The hurgh-ra entered the store
through A buck window, blew ojen the
*fn nnd extracted then-front between
IIM) and 1000, lenviug the small
change untouched. Nothing else was
taken from the more. No clue waa
found na to who the rabbet* were. A
valuable horse and huggy belonging W>
Mr. IF'nr"* Fredericks was alao stolen,
• I u'f less by hr s e par ti a. •
lib--or.il. tor lie vk
/A '>■
WOOUWAHD ITKMH.—WUt tiivx become j
of our Hiring baud ? Our town Is furl in -
proving in HW dul pavements.—The
spook man moved on last Turtdajr in Mr. 1
T Tonadn's house. ((Jet up, George.)—
Black I* improving slowly with bin xirn
leg,—Frcdy, tbu counter b'pp'-r at Fu-d
--lur'i store, in on a strike. Ho will leave us
in a abort tirno nnd ell groceries for a
firm in Philadelphia. We are sorry to see
you leave us, but with you abundant suc
cess.—John Hnyder is tkn bappic-t man in
town, being blessed with anolbor boy
baby. —O. W. V. moved to hissummer r<-
sort on Hear creek. Van, we think it is a
oarly for such resorts .lanios and Frank
Geislwile have rented the blacksmith shop.
They are enterprising young men. Hope
they will do well with the undertaking.—
Wo expect to have a miliner this spring in
the Bt. Klmo hotel of our town.— People
in general are getting ready for summer.—
Farmers ar plowing and talking of sowing
oats soon. News Boy.
Tribute of Reapoct
At a meeting of Walker Grange, No.
315, P. of II , held April .'id, IMG, the
undersigned committee was appointed to
prepare a tribute of rrspect to the memory
of Brother H-nry Hick, deceased, respect
fully submit the following
Wlltsiss, It has pleased our Heavenly
Father in His all-wise providence to rej
move from among us our worthy (brother
he it
Httolrtii, That in his death his family
has lost a kind husband and father, and the
cburcb a worthy member.
Hrmilrrti, That Walker Grange has lost j
one of its most highly r.-speeled member
whose counsel and advice was always of
the | urest .haracter and appreciated by all.
Httolrrd, That Walker township has! >st
one of its most highly respected and noted
clli/.ons, whose daily walks is worthy of
/f' l<r l. Tint we how in submission to
the will of our Creator, and lender />ur
• vmphathv to the family and frier.ds of the
Jifßse.) in their beresvmeht
/f's./ierf, Tf.at these resolutions b* er.
tered on our minutes, and a ropy be sent
to the bereaved family, and bo published
in the /'rmo.i J-'nrinl a: 1 in ' or county
I aj-er,. Respectfully submitted
Iaviis A Dirrnir it, i
B F W t VKT*M a sr.
When the v. r j.. t .rs ll.>■ Guilesu trial
was announced, the prisoner leaped fr--rn ,
bis hair and -b-.u-J,'G i will punish
you for Ibis, and lb n j ron ..need a
I rophecy of vengeance u| n bit proseeu
t r-, their witnesses and tlo jury. (5-rk
hill, the District Attorney has! -this ■'
fie, arid is h king ar ,rolf r s tnetbir.g
to do r Ir.e i f his assoc.ale cbuns-el took to
drinking and ) to w a i ■ niun n drunkard.
Tar" of the jurymen are lewd, two no-re
have faiied in budnere, and another is i
hof-elt-ssly insane. And r w ,t is an"
noun, d that Tildes, the chemist who di>-
■ ver 1 the | -n in tb< ' , i"! Mrs,
ffchuville sent to h"r br- th- r. has g-r.e
Mr. .Jack No *s in i.rv i > "tier; t 1>• <i ■
i bar I. rider iti chief at t lie Butt* ll' i * .
.lack is considered a first class fellow
and la professional in this line
bring the anniver- >rj of ll." birth of
Mrs. Pcalo. w .f. of lion. s H P'viV =3r J
was v ery kindly rnnetiibcr. i 1 ) friend . |
in this city and elsewhere. The presents
received were oostlv an 1 v i y handsome,
nnd tlo wishes f r 1 r future lcppitn as,
orallv evpres-ed and recoivt i by mail,
were ritimeroii ind -in. ere l ock lis
von /w -11.
M iss Kmn.a Kobison of this p lace, and
Miss 1,1/rte Hare (if lerk Haven, have
opened a dress making establishment in |
Parson s M--re cein on Bishop street.
Mils Hare comes here well t a 081 mended,
and thoroughly utiderstands drees making j
in all it branches. A trial will convince
Handsome Collars, and Hushing
and l.sdies, fine Neck wear--Garnians
—sct Gingham, and Set Handkerchief
—Genuine Lupin Gashmerws, in H'arV
oolora—fiusrsnlsed strictly all wool
Heady made window Shades Gar
Everybody is talking about the new I
stylo "chevalve" chamtror suit at R B
Spanglor A Cu's.
—Call at R R Spangles's by all means
for your supply of lurntluro.
—We call special attention U> the adver
tisement of K B Richardson A Co., Sen
era I.ake Nurseries, Geneva, N. Y., who
are in want of more salesmen 13-B'..
— The ice cream season is hsre, and you
can find the best at Searfos* X Mayer's
bakery and confectionery.
—Have yen AWN th** cherry tables st K.
B. Spangler A Go's I
Prlee d furniture aro constantly romirg
and going about the new place of R B
Bpangler A Co.
Curtains nnd rolw-itsrinitis,
— The season after the Holidays is gsn
srally dull with LBS Tailors. We are of
fering eslra inducements In lov nrices. We
have given large orders, and the NEW
JF.V</A are now enming in. I<are your
order now JL,I*TMIIIK*I %V Co.,
A UKATT RTCIT.— That it YOU ran get a
heavy suit of clothes at Fleming's it you
with them, but Spring Will soon be here '
and you may want a nice ligbtsultlftrt'bd.
MR. Flaming has JUAT RECEIVE*A ntoa dn
voice of thia class of gooda. *
-Lac* curtains, Iti piece or patterns, at
Hi 'flan's.
J. il. Cohl.k h lumberman lately
op*raliD| near l'bi!ipburg and who
I ••ft that wjK-i ui t y rather au'ldeoly wa
arrested at Jer ••y Shore lu*t week and
i '"ought on Saturday. He
now languirhe, in Fort Dunklo.
A few rul <1 gern'n standing in front
of the pout-office on Sunday afternoon
loomed to he conaideruhly agitated, and
judging from tfie following conversation
a cul'd dnnutfl rnunt Lave been the
online : "Now, look a heah, Bos*. you
| doan want go fixilin' 'round dat gal any
. luouli, 1 tolo yolf dat ; else 1 don gwina
1 "alt you quick'n lightnin', d'you 'stand
dt ? ' "What's dat you nay, nigga ?'•
said "how." " 'Bout de time you got
trough raltin' dia chile you nebher want
ter try salt 'nudder, you heah dat?
You'a no oomp'ny for dia chile in dat
line, you het." Both ride* having hud
a hearing, w. muit decline taking any
further p.rt in thin controversy. [Ed]
The undersigned, having purchased
at Landlord'* sale the following j craonal
property belor ging to I ho*. Shearer,
viz: i)ne cook stove, one table, one
doughtray, twelve chain, one clock,
tbree bed* and bedding, one cupboard
and sundry other art <j. whichaare"letf t
in the|>oaee*ion aaaloun to the said Thou
Shearer for the present. All perxins are
therefore cautioned agsinst, purchasing
or interfering with said property.
Jokrhii Kom,
"t p. t iy.Tsc.-i of I'oor of Spring twp.
Hukok Fka/iik —On the 13th f U>r h.
st the lUlurnsd p*ri>ri*gr>, t,v Rev. J Y
lief.oi* Mr Daniel K Bum lo Ml**
Mary K Prz:.-r, both of H< llefonie, I'a
Cost of the \\ hite Paper!
I.'e.k at tin-. Will you let this lure op
(•ortunity pass fy ?
\\y —
A bo k on the Treatise of the Horse.
All for SLM. f'ali ii) ndvan <
Ol i subscribers as well new, who pay
nt • yeor'i in bet ripti and IM centi
extra, an! be entitled to tin* alajve
hln-ral offer.
We have per fecit 1 arratigetneuf
aitli the publishers of the
of Fort Way lie, I n<l., (bat enables us
to offer our subef,ln rs a lirst t la—
Agricultural Magazine at the bare
coat of the white paper on which it i
printed. Til'- American Farmer i- a
Di page monthly magazine which is
rapidly taking rank a one of the
leading ngrii ullural publicalious o'
the country. Fac h number will en
taiu useful information for the farmer,
his wife, his -on* ami his ilaughters.
An<l it cosla you almost nothing, sup
yu > try it one t < ar.
This offer wiil hold good fcr a short
time omy, so tell your friends ami
>-v rylmdy <nu mw-t Iternemher *><■
don't go back on our old friend, but we
yced money, and make this < tier as sn
inducement (n all. Send in your names
>nd money early. A letter will rcscjeve
lust a* prompt att' iitioii as if you < ailed
in j erson,
Cor. of Abeghrny A Bishop Sis.
Hsllefonte, l'a.
4 PRl'/r Ml|'flf Ikdrta
al 1 14 1 /sis, "IW frae. • > m\j !•* of ff'-Mi
h\ h * ill l*ljs a'l if nilisf ii 'n m<<t* m T,e nf hi
•* *kati anttMrxf *!• in tH vrtfld Fc.Mbtisv
a* a.t tt . 'Frt i's li,bit at.: At UK a1 ' • <•*.*
Trl 4Co, MMM
i 1 fltM) fhtl
trait >B it, lli rvtaf" of 44 —\*y A } *ra. lata of Half
m—-f\ |r"t*#tj\, 'l*- ■#*<<! Ha** Un frnts-d to th*
All jwns.n* tb*vi ia-
Ae'fe.l ill H**'tat* ar* rsjiniJdi In rnak* lnn*<ltt*
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To all fliM ikD It a book of fmat ioltfott It la
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latsniory of lbs i-rtoosl prof*.lT -f Itsary I
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JtSB,* W4IS.
• ssisisn'staTi *. 1 " V
l-.Mlsfi.sti Cs Ifitt' '• / •
•v v 1
—Wilson, MeKsrlsne Jt (., call atten
tion to the only reliable Pe-ruly Ml x*i
l'sint tn tin- market The Pioneer J'ra- *
psrsrl Piitfi i, no t ,nly xupnriar in tny
Heady Mixed l'sint sold hut rivals puro i
white los-1 in iu smooth nets in working
and du'ahfllty. This paint is guarantexj f
by the manufacturers not In cra< k or p*l •
within lhr year*. The guarantee is not
on'y K'"" 1 replacing the paint but It
will Iw put on if it should crack or nee!
within the time specified. It will be U >
your internal to call and see Wilson, Me-
Karlane A Co., before purchasing either
white lead or any other Heady Mixed
Paint. * •
Buy your Hprlng goods of Carman's
—Winter stock must go. .Special 1
hargaitis at l ewin'.
-Very latest style bat* and cat* at
Lewin .
—WfTddlng cards and all kinds of print
ing at the Cz.na* I>io< aar offlce.
—Nobby baU, in the latest style*, at
! Hoi'at y.,K Ur*T.-Corner High and
1 Penn streets. Nine room*. HuiUble for
U.arding house or for two families. I. near
the Court House Kent reasonable, lo-
Tllo*. Mcrou,
Penn street.
—Three and five-ply carjet chain, at
Heady made window shades, -Vj cente,
at (tarman t.
Celluloid cufls and collars, all sizes,
at I.ewin's. .
ltule-n Sjuingler ha* a big boom in his
i fjrmture Clever fellow, and ev-rylxalja
likes to deal with him A
—Everybody is invited 1" Searfo A
j Mayer s to buy bread, pi<*s. cakes and cofl
, feclions.
Mhke home attractive. Lace- Cur
taiu* will do it. Carraatxa the place t<>
| get thctn.
butnoroua t<a|.er pu'l sbed at the Cpi
t i It makes a Future of showing u]<
! Public M< nas th> really ere. It con
tnins u Uge cartoon each so k on I'uh
lie Affurs and is filled with i lustrst'-d
i rim;c article* l.esnfes. It is the 'nrgeM.
hsndaoiuT-st, le.t and chi-ip-*t funny
I -p< r ii the coumry. Tern -. tJ.'/i u
)m E'l week-. fl<i To fise T-r more
iisinc, sent by one pxrty. fgikl e*cb a
w*r. Sample copi.-s sent Iroe to sn\
i id'e—. Agent- * <ntd in < very town.
Big (>urrn'es >ns.
THE ha rciiirrPUß.CO.. ♦
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!•>•..*• Mr^vrty,
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J : Ad *. .-*! M
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J.sba II t>lDkirk
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4rl.w fOktVl *' flvlD4w
II it Maf*r " flrryi
1 J'-hn II Hit* y
| C C Jlo*.el - Harris
1 T Mi-jpf " Mtlv
J.iftv CWlit •* 44orth
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Aloft K'rbll*wk*r H
Jubi (iUvr) " rtik4itil)* kw
l|-orT J Walk**, ** Fvov Fktrv Tvj
F. A * \*m.
.1 A 44lift#mar. Kvtat rai.l NlM<r| An f
J t H txria, Clerk. H
/ \Rl'll ANS' COURT SAI.E —Hal I
\ f Estate of Ir. William 1. Wileon,
j <lc< J. in Potter Township, Centre Co.,
By virtue of an order of the Orphan*'
I Court( Centre county, 1 will ezpoee to H
public sale, at the Court Hu*e in Belle
if..nte, on MONDAY, APRIL 2Htb, !•♦,
at ) o'clock P. M , the following described
real esUte of aid drcedent:
1. The Mansion House tract, containing
five acres and one hundred and seventern
|e>rches, (6a 11? pi situated on the
pike at Potter* Milt* village, ■
land* of Joseph Carson, on which ara
erected a large two-story mansion, twogß H
story office, siable and other I
A very doirahle location and property.
2 Alt that farm containing sevrnty
eight acres and one hundred end twenty- I
sever, perches, (TP a. 12? p.} situated cn I
the road to Boahhurg, and one mile west I
of the 'Old Fort" Tavern, lying betwete
the larms of Msj Wm. F. Iteynolds and I
Mrs. Mary P. Wilson heirs, and original- I
ly part of the Manor of Nottingham.
There are no buildings on ibis farm.
3. Five acres and seventj-lhrwe perches I
adjoining No. 2 above described, in the I
eouth-et, consisting of fifteen lots, 60 ft.
wide by 100 feet in length, originally laid I
out by John Livingston and called War- I
rei.shurgh, and four loU known a* Iba I
I?lrich w.xrd lots, (adjoining oft the north I
lots number ona and two of Warrena
burgh ion which are erected • good frme I
bouse, large harn, and othrr out-building*
4 A tract of wood land at tha fodf of I
NiUny mounUin, containing 40 acrca and I
160 perch. *, adjoining lands laxe of James H
Ah xander et al . and part of a survey
made on a warrant to James Moorw, dated *■
December 14, 1795, ywtenUd December I
10. IPO3
TKKM.S.— Five per cent of the pur- I
ch**e money to be paid when tbe several ■
properties are knockod down; one-third of I
the balance upon tha confirmation of tbe
sales; one third in one year thereafter. t|4 I
ihe remaining third In two yecr* th. reAF ■
ter. with interest, tha latter jwyment* to I
be swured by bond and mortgage on ihf I
pren.tnea Joll B Li**,
Administrator of Dr W I. WHr<n, dec •
liellef.sftte, P*., April Ist, IPP4 -St.