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Prom the New York Otiinrr.
AritlL 13. Paul at E.dicstt*. —Acta
GOLDEN TKXT —And many that be
lieved oante, and cm fiwd, utid how< d
their du-ds.—Aits 19: If*.
It lius bivn noticed that the car t
tni-si tnnrics gave their l>ct energies to
great cities, and for this there wete ex
oellenl teusons. "The cities were the
pulsing heart* of theirs* veral provinces;
au t principles deposited there soon
spr ml'by natural arum* to all parts of
the latnd."
Kj'ticsus, the chief city of all Asia
Minor —celebtats-d lor its race-course or
arena of foot-racing, wrestling und glad*
iHtorial eoinhata. and its thestre cu;-sl>le
of seating tiMy thousand people, and its
grea l temple of lhmtiia, one of the sev
en wo-cters of the world—was also a
great commercial cen rs, the res -rt o
lurge nuinb-rs of people from sll the
*ilir<>unding region, ('-unties* oppor,
tuniile- eotlM new- he allorded to ad
• t -1-.s Str.i g-r lisa ell as cruras.
hi ervwli re P.iul set huus-lf re-olute-
K t-ill m ivotk. mi here h--tarried. Three
111 -lit IS h -pake 111 the Synagogue, lid
lint yeiir* he reasoned t the S. Imm of
I' i tonus. Nor wa tliis nil. In revt-w
ing li s work, lie n mini* the ehl is o
t! ciitirch that "lor the -pace of tln-e
• r ' lie had svr-Ui-ht utiiong them
" iglt and 'lay " 29 : -ll J.
i II -erve he e.
I. //cut itn ti/xjttft .</f/C-- lkt n-Ti/of (kt
(u) lie Hid it "boldly "
lln iemimls u< that preaching in ttei.,
d.i> - was not wit " itpcr-i. •, }•■ >• iti..n
ail I pel* ctl I n IV is IV il l igii e\e \ •
writ re the exp riein-eot tb--c early mi--
stou trio-. W hat need they had •I c ur
tig ! And what need have we --f ihe
sstue ! Are • in ver "ash-mof .J
.1 It-" ; a-h One I til HI I up to 1 i- eiie -
ing-; ashamed to *io.k i'.-r Him ' anil
tli t. though bore's and intpri* ntiients
n -w here await U- ?
(6) He spake to the iutcllo-ts and
hearts i f his hem-r; "r--i- n ng ..ml
p- r-uading " N-thmg i- -or-- ->in.tl.li
as lie go-pel. AlsiVi ail sin old the rej
lig OUS teacher hi- utile to give H rea-on
for the t • ith that is in him. I'h n cutne*
pei-u -ioii. leaching n 1 exhort n - g.-
together. T ere will be n -tahli \
where the undcrst ndtr g i not n-inii
ably nati'ficd, nor true r--iig on at -il
wlu-re the lieait i- not won.
-•) He bor -udi*'-nct testimony. I'his
concerned that "Kiug-1 in of Uod'
(v. >), which is riglileou-ne-- a - i-l |>e-oo
still Jo- 111 In- ilo v Guost ; that "w i, '
|V. 9/ ia wh eh .!■ its h ds Lis oi-i iples
Walk ; and that 'woi-1 of the land
Jesus v. 10 whii'h ts -o full of in?*-
tation si-1 pp-mt-e for hu dened nn-1
l-eii-iung -liiue *. So ~.- —i-1• t -a- t hrls
lisii tin -atf-- has 11. -i -- a ml- - ,iinl ~
vviy tl itiuct. T •* c MiTtrrl c -uu-s on
th-r a new rule und set- him-If ton)- v
the law - us w- U as ti> enjoy tin- prOt-c
110-- of Ihe King linntat.iiel , he has set
out in a new p..to. wblh, however
n.ti iow utet rougli. is safe, uii.l end- in
gi-jiy ; he hus l.e.r-i .oi l heco-d u.-
cull of nil • who is at Ola's h.-i-l
aed Gvi nr.
(rfl H-sp-ke wherever men co<il(| he
louud to li-h-n ; tir-i in the >y*nagngu . 1
.sod men in the S< hoot ol i t lain,u<. il
one cannot gel a < • -s to in n .in all ,
<-•, then hulls, an I srho I !i ue, an-1
private parlors an-l ki•-•hen, m-l t ,ri
are not to he despi-el. Som- of -he
best Wo k ever done for t "lit Ist it . - L. e
in such plact s.
2. //out God Utri', / lis >rlh f '\,
mrttarjf. —"lf w t O'tffht sp. ( j >| mini j
clew by the hands o| Paul.' "llatid
is Her- used in tli-- ---n— * ol mi's... ' sp.
ciaP denotes uno--lilin-<n.
ll 1* Hot Sal I til >1 Paul t hint.--.-lf to '
effect the curt . <> Iwo do h-m. In
kin-I, the cur s sv-re I k-- t! at o' tli-- j
woman who song -t. l-tii t > toip-l, it.-
tieiu of Jeaus' g-nneii*. Nor hi tii-tn
wiie luere any to iii -t whi- li 1---luii-l-le
ll .a lor 0 -1 to -I- -r:;i ne when und I
wh- rout.d how. n •-• Ia- hy wlisi mean*, -
H-w-ll work, h !l . -1,-| |
wnh ni-ans sliog- t er. 11.- h - both U.e i
i igui sua the | o --1 so t - o
The leu-on f- i l.en :rn- I s '• n--t '
hard to Ui.dsrsi t-i. <l. al.p: • Kph
•us was given to w -ti- cr .ft incuit'.aiioiis,
vapsbond or rt-o|. ng Jrs . as well a-
Ibeekr, Welif ulroi.t plot—r.llg -o I tl-< I
• Uiu oy Charm* -I aix-l s. Hie |•> •
plr had g- at f-.l 1. :n th> i bir.g-. 11 ;
w noe-lful that tl---v should - made
fo s - that Ihe |s s--r of J-'-u- i- re-1,
nd suiw>rior to an -riter*; I'tut ,ihe--
ineu, wuo prim-ud -i l-y - uii. us arts to
••*ervi e ev -1 spit 1-, Wi re imp sler. Tins
dwconili'ure of th s-- ol s! ~.t w w
like that eipr-r-ei.i-• I | y I'h.ir-al.'s
nisri' lans in Kgvpt
Ahf do n-il li--1 tioW attest the
t- ulu of u-a mr in the sum- v.mj '
Bwuuei su-'h at -Ist ti-iii- ire not no*
nec-usary. Bee n - mber*, far more ef
fective, fsr no** rui'.-sl to convinc-.
i-ree t utibel-ef ab-iun-l.
Changed heart* aii-i liv--a, to'Ls (,'hr-at -
taiiii-d, soc.et- upliflc-l. fmits of the
g->-pl at ami aitroud, ar-allttcstuti--ns
-.f more wonderful nature And when
ucien-e, art, cut ure, schools, aos iilies,
and whstrver • ulu in v etnp'.-n ,
try with lueir tucJiuntnif-nls to - !!•. I
the aame thing', tk nn f rehtjion,
they fail. The ev|t apirits do not goout
fr--m uien'a hus. The mil paasionu '
and aetl-wtti remu - . To all theae pow
er* the •p.rtia ■a) . "Jeaus we know, but
wuo are y ?'' Ti-cra ia but one power
unto salvation in the world. It* tri
umph* are wonderful proof* that it i*
from uod.
3. .V>* rculU 'J iht tetrJ to tpokrn and
mtUtletuJ. -'Dis-H* weie hardenesl, and
believed not, and spake ev 1 of that
way" (v. 9.) Such i* not infrequently
one result where -he goapel is preached
witu in/inL-e#*. To aoinw it ia a "savor
of death un.o death." Men who do not
we'coine saving ruth are hardened by
Mf then "apeak evil" of it.
"Manr, that hi.d '• o ieved, o-me con - '
teea. g and d- -ring their deed* " I
iiatl -e-ai tod te lev-is, men who hd j
--n r-ii.g to l Cht ia ia.-* and ksflp (
Wait wis* *}*> s < re alarmed and uieli
t -l, .ii,d ii-a-i-* c-ili'oHsion. flow often
I-* is seen hi'ii ti il nianiliMt his
power the v->i-e of confession is -*r I in
th- chiir-'li itsel
"And n--t a few of them that practix
-0 • curi-uiH i-rin In--ught their hook to
getlng* an-1 borne I t otn i-i the sight --I
ill." I lie-o wr.tten schoifls not took*
, a-- --it s I-i eiia-ms and iiuiiiiituiion
and itiles f'-r nt- r retiog dreams, had
great nion-y value hesiilc* b- iiig a
...can- • I liv thood. And yet ttiey
*ere all Inline I. Wheii'the truth cornea
home w-tii pow.-r men put ii'vty not
-li--r sin* oidv, bin uli uistuni-nts of
miii—and that, too, let the cost lie what
it will.
, ite-nles all tt-is, "mightilv grew th<- 1
wind of Hod and i rev.-il-d." l-'urthi-r
ha k it is -aid. "all t-H-y which 'tw-
As ii* he-r the word of th--1.--I-1 Jesu* '
(v. 1(1 ) There is re-moo to bplu-ve that
it whs at tli in -line that Hie other six ol
ilie 1 sv- n - Iturche* of (; riH'snsvlar|
' A-ia" were plunie I. li wus a deep ami
wtde-spreid revival.
1. Conviction is n it conversion ; the
hnad may be right an-1 the heart wrong;
there must he perau -aion also.
2. None ran h---r the g<p--t without
being ii (lu--nre>l by n ; tuo>t<-<I or hard
ened. "Take lined how ye hear."
3. There sr.- atrollit g exonisi* now .
. men who g - about to comfort hearts ami
cure the world's ills by other name* than
that of Jesus. If they -re a- t-ve, -•
must i t more so ; the worl-l will see the
4. "Feus" is at th-- b-st on'v a first
step toward nswp.- -it life. It is wb--n
-•lie sees and tru-l- ' tbe name - f the
I, r-l Jesus" that sn-ret sins are both
confessed and | ut awav.
T. Ttien-1-no poison more to be<|-.ml
e-l than ti.at ol th--inli-i-T stnl ittiiii--r
jal l-ooks. Parents must see that th r
; eliil Ir.-n at-- well sllpplte-i n.th tho-e
which are go -1.
| li. True r- ; --lit -nee :• - fieti e.-is-l\
1 hut tl •• whole hearted tv II n -t r.-So •• t-l
{ - I nit k•- the •(• dice. Mouori r, the - t
|lv wav ts I he e.- • st. 11 i- b t' • r to hunt
every —-- let a- -I < p-n hlll'ir to the
saving work ->f ''- rot.
I ' latvl isof hi uke st,-ri-'s wII lit-I it
■ ! t''r< tiiig r----1 tig in tin- f--!l---.\ ing it- iu
' : front a recent l- tt.-r front N -rth '"at--
! i 11.1 "In this * - .it e th- ll- is a I- I till
kn-wn -i> the join' n.-.k< . When st
t teki-il it fl - - in p --C--S. ••h p - re tnk.
| j ing - .ir-- of its- If. A -larky attacked one
' i of tin m the other day. m i t-> his utt- r
j Hill A'-men' it 1-1 ike nil Up •• . h - i' I.
1 , jumpitig --tl in a dill--rel-t direr t. > • In
tlie roure of nn In-ur h-- retuiii—l that
way an-1 utterlv ams/.e-I *gain lose- ,t
j -11 t'lgeth- r OSCpt the t-sit pitc \t • r
I waiting a few minute* he -aw tl.e tad
'cowing up to join th* body taking
! sharp <|uick little jerk-. It came nearer
and nearer, un'.d within a few ltuhe* of
the thiee quarter aake, when it gave -
( sudden jump and hit- lp -1 on tli proper
place a iih a fus re-etttbl-ng the pop ;
p tig of a rap. Th-- -ialk-y knock-- lit
t > p-er o* several time*, and • ach time it
iante together again, lie -tarried bis
>m isr tientt--> far, h->wrv--r, in th row ing
tio-'t id jairt of t he snake across t he - r--.- k
| |Ust l•s*e. he sael, 'how long it Wou! t
take t c-r'-'h up,'but it nevi-t cuught
j up. The nake wi h its tl.ree joint*,
j *as eitri--l to th- h-Kte, where a r ew '
ti!t* I-g nn.ng to grow to replace the I
lost ouc. A g- nth-ruan whoknow* much
aU-ut this si-igulur poc.e* s-t - * L- i I
will giow . i) the d-'t-rhe-l tiutik, nn-l
' theio will hr- two snk--s 111 a(e<l of '
I one. tJ.
Tlio Culcnel'a Horao
, III* AKIBIIN l-l T le>N t l\ ll 111.
The !--ve w!.,i 'a th-- r\ - Kt ii tu U i
iai) le-lls bis hor-e Wo.lll if t-strle-l
I -n a iiUtnan U-.n,. f -ini i le-.i-jtiful |-.<
ture of brotherly nth- lion. In ilira
w -il i. th -ugll. It s ti -! the fate of man
| n tie t lie happy I - - ) in t of li I I>urd r •
j -1- ep a-i-1 m-'i-tog iif I voti n.
I 1". • other day t' -10..e; l'ow- ,1, of K- ti
jtucky. til".e l into our n- i* id •>. h--< -I :
!h".ve u mute- after -i.'r -lucteut I ku- -
hint to In the s- ron-1 (OU'itl of old |
lieneral (iatmore, who owned! l.tybri.k.
an n-h-rful hor . that \ -ting N!
S. v.<r of I ref t*m for on* Sun-lay j
when Jo* B; 1-ngs role with li nt o --r
•o the pike on a-]-- t-<l in re. once th
properly of Luk- Ih.tt c's, wle- brought |
th-* r nn hor—- from S-ni f'il l.v- 1 , who j
r, m."l the Npii-er j Ure alter tu?ing
h* bsy ft ly whi h old man Spanc- r i
gave five hull Iced dollar* for ataa-l
--hel-1 on Johiiaon's ttock farm. 1 though
he would present a bill for this in lor
ntati ti, hut he didn't, < titiiiuing loen
lighten mo on point* u! tvbich, without
lii* aid, I would ever have r< niained tg
"You know To v #e -dpiller*. of < -jurse'.'" 1
"No," I lephtd.
"Whit!'be sai'i HI a lone->f reget-|
"don't know Tol*? Why li* bought tbe
In-.ui in five yc-r-old last May. A'ou
know Tom L)on*. I reeknti?''
"Never saw Tote."
"What! Woy h* gava Ni;k Tryir
two fifty for hi* sorrel," an 1 ihe colonel '
■lib- ugh p o> tgi.l, yet t-ot desiring a '
further intellectual squander, (left me
to fight my way alone in the logs of non
He moved into a house
mine, and tbe Cr*t thing hedhl was to con
vert the wood shed into nUble..Shortly J
( sfterear-l* It* insisted on my coming '
f over an-1 loik'ng at his hori*. Finally '
I yi'M ng to pe-- n*i- e **rne*t n-*, I '
, Wat-t oiei. (Jon-iui ling in- to u- -;..bb
| list opiiuh i.iH uwi i,1.,i a.0.1 i
"No*,.her*'* h ho-* that i* a hi**
Whou, ihouiedo.
I reco/ju tril lit oiiretlnit the mi in 1
wa evident y < h fie. II" ha I the •• n-
I vent otull four L-g , two ear*, and at ,
hut u side I'M m thc*Q |i let* I I
nothing to convince mo that be was u
"ll •" that wra* n ' la) * "
'"Ytw," 1 replied, "be' a horse.''
j "You bet he i. I, k at ni< ey *,
will you? Whoa >*h. Did you ever -io
• lib a tail? Who.i, *ah. .lu*t look *t
i h * li-ad, will you ?"
i 1 aw at a glmtce that be had a haed,
ami uoknow nlgcd a.* inui h.
You bet he Im- got a head, Well,.
MJ| JK*O we GO nlo the hou-e."
We went ill ut:d he talked ul.otit
' horn. s. ,
i "How old i* vour little hey ?' I iisk-d.
"five year* old next spring. 1 housht
into at Usui- held on the Bragg | l ice."
"What, bought the boy?"
"tth 1)0, the ho**. I iiOtiithl you w..s
talkiu' uh..ii hiiu. Don't know how
old the boy is, .iialingaiNiii'l, ** glance
at the child. "Well *up|Ke we go
out and look at '• i • ho** again."
He reminded me of a man inviting
[ttime on* to drink, nod a* I hat no
; horso to 'Vet up," I suggested to the
: eoh nel that 1 did not care for any more
and that 1 did not like to *ee .ill of th„
| expense fall -n h in, hut 1.- neroualy
| Waned 111) olji. lliln i if Hid . •. Ii
Cole I ill" id me to I he *'at. h'.
i"ll.ivi you liotici I i.i* fell H'k- '
lie hud in" tin re, for I w.i-mtc. r
tain a* to what ■ oil ;itutcd hit fetlocks,
lut m t eing my eiiil.i r i-sim iit, the
• il-iin I, in In* unbounded generosity,
p. 111• I tin ill iiil aid -..id 'lu-t a'
eati ii .t>..ut Ir.iiiiiiing ••in a* ahartr
I i ill u . itlin tin- hair of a sena'i r.
Wh a, Diomeiie. I. .ok a! tl lit stf'l .
will you? We are noigbL t* n. w, y..u
know, and wet-never you want to look
i at llitu. wlujuit come over."
1 a.-ki.owledgt d hi* kindness, and wc
Meet I.ok to llie iiouse, Minn, after
- cur.ng in I f. that ,::i| r-• .d me
how ignorant had l".o my former Ire,
ii nio.e and r-iu.irkt d :
"Well, I ' lion-1, I r.rtie I ... I,••* OS,
hut d. slid rnu.t leave you '
"•hi, don't t< -in a hurry.' he replied
j "we'll JO out .HI I loon at the hoisc
agon, pretty ** n. Din t forget to
corns over at any tirrv." ( i. Ie P. li-jd.
Lincoln's Homo Trade
Wheu VV.rahani Lincoln wn* a 1 ( wyar
in lllinoi* i,e and the .1. -'g- r n< o got
t i bantering one another lout trading
1 h ir-e, and it ws* rg-re t (hat the next
I rno ll* t.io <| >eh they should make
I tra le, ihe h' r-i * to t>* un*een up to
j t iat hour, and no 1 -eking out. under
, forfeiture of $25. Ai tin- hour appoint
let the .ludge catne up, leading the
•or, w; lookit g spec.men of a horse, • n
jin those | art*. In * few minu'es Mr.
Lincoln was seen approach ng with a
! wooden w Uore upon hi* nbo'dsr*.
(l sl were the h< ut' i,d the laughter
ijf the crowd, nr.,l 1* th were greatly
ii.created when Mr. I inroln. on survey
trig the Judge * all mil, set 'lown hia
•a* i oise an I ex. laimed, "WeP,
•fudge, tiii. * the firt time I ever got
:h • * to( it in a hor*e tnid- /'
Hal, a. !-t year | n.dui > I H T.V"
II MID i* of roi ton vshi'-.i .t $ i.
t'.'n-kin* pi'iurrerr -,n ''a'h un t
Ky l 50 t taU a; nvr,
A ' 'ill lil tvn is one of the hr.-e •• .a
est ite holder* in •'.uncil Hint!
The Colorado his orieal *r>c ety W II a j
I a ii en inn L >n to stuff.
N 1* e It a*• , of t '.inVon M • , I Well e
years old, w. ig i* I - i founds
, Hin.d ■• 1* of in n out of work and
in me), .as le-gi.,!.: fi in i s-r toil. or iri
Port I in I, ii, ..g -n.
A news, , , r pull . I nt ll,e little-
I an .t M dors, in Mont im, ■ i led
tiic Had L .ml ' .. II 'V,
ri.e necl"d t Xfien iitur-s on r * Is in
(h • Y'ellon-tone I'trk this ye,r ate e
| llinoled i fJIU.IfW.
I A peml w ighing nearly two hundred j
I grains ha* LATELY I "EN tnund on the lire
' of the Panama canal.
The liondOn Saor./oy /I'osre ayi out ,
! tenth census was the het eter made in
1 an* country.
Hiram Radcliff, a recluse who died !
recently at Kings'.or, N. Y left p rmn ;
' al pr-|ierty worth flutM*)*', including;
: a half barrel of pennies.
A citi.'on of Gains*il'e, tia., now
j worth sfiO,<)oo. nsver Wore a pair of sh •• a i
, until after be waa tweutyone ve*r ol j
| fiam.vt lln lgson Duttie't i s'iD un I
der thirty. She is full of III", t.ke. an- '
I oiety, and ia a *t\a< i.-u* and interesting
( talker. Sue i* of im- run height, haa
I dark auburn hair, a l,*ii f.ireke id, ami
j pleasant blue eyea.
; Tbe Ducbe*x of Kdiuhurg is ,-.>n-idcr- '
| ad the talker in the Knglish royal family. ,
. She la aaid to tie very atrotig willed, the
only person who dares to oppotc
Vie! oris, o* even say "I won't" to her,
and to care nothing for popularity.
' A Vermont pbv*l ian who found a
i e glih r -n the ro* I 'ii Vo"'* o walk •
an I iuiit d I,sill t "CI *l' to hie aleigh i
a atonished bv the <po rv : "Say !
Doc'or, in family physician is I) . j
i do you 11.ink your curty ng tii"
homo wil make nn< ddfeno .• 7 '
Tho London JJii/i/ A'it-* ay* of the
lute Wen tell Phillip* that he ' w H HI
orator of impassion,-d Uiovemeiii, wh <-h
a tii red the puhlic mind to i proi HI <l,
.•yi t", t i-. ami Americana hut.- ieoon
to he glad that aucii lion ilsVe t> en <
Mtmmg them."
A puin er in id" H i-onlrnet to 'r.*eo
tiie inieii , H church in Mich gun.
Iho design was loft to his own tu.ie,
wiii'h proved tiri-iiund. for he eovi red
the walla wiili mi tho'ogioul nml idol
ntroua piotm,.. The true to,* not only
refusi'd to pay him. hut demuuded that
ho remove In* work.
Manner* iuijn otaa* they indi. ate real
power. Nature forever put* a pre
miiiin on reality. Wlist ia done for
effect i* i, u to |>e done for elfe. t ; w hat
' Is CO. If for love is hitto he doiu- foi
' love. A man imp IIH ntle. tioii and
I i onor beeiuse he is not lying in wn
> for tlie.e.
D'Ui cms n pieie was the price
m proiiii ■ I a , • wing girl in Drooklyu for ,
, I making e:ht do/en shirt-, and then
■ It" had to bring -uit to gi t the money,
I her . Hip ..ei alleging that the sewing '
* t was didco ive. Judgment for the full
. mil not ami * i ,'ot was leixJeted in i
i J her f'uvi.r.
A nihil ill • one ,id, N. || ~|ve| I i-.-d
t tor a is,) to l■ un 'lie slide husili l s-, and i
ri i v J inoiy y ,<n ..n- wi-r. th" *ge
, . ol the applii .una ranging from 1 . yest-.
' t>> t,J He *fi\. |e I , heVe* in odvertb
in:*, fait In wish-" some of the New
' II <t: 11 i ■ Cl* I < were not 'pile go
r old.
. j A s. VI | |. ncieo man •stimates tin
, j rop'rty of th" three I. rcn/i men <d
II that city aa follows Flood, f!00,000,- j
, j t**i . Mu key, |' ! ',i*lO,U) | r , frlO,
, issi (*si. Probably, it there sh'-tild In*
• sudden rn. essry 'or b,r< -t 1 .juid*
r i tion. these amount* would hunk ntoa
> ii. nor two ia. h.
U Mg*e ire •leaddv im reusing in
Mexico. In the • >j ;t i , . r.irnon iab. r
receive* ft J', ~,, Me, ~nn - get
from if i,,i to I?.? A k'tig the ri.ilt. a'l
I liti-s the I roes are w'h.ut |! 1 da) for
unskilled lalcir. f are! |1 ,'MJ to Jj f,,r
1 nierh ,nic. I lie Inb' ter* from the
rural district* are coining into the rail
r<id district* in large numlh-rs
A ciiivn t who n, p.,| from th"
lui*iana *tat<> prison, walked hard a 1
I night, and by daylight was forty mib*
.wny. Fearing detection I• jr mean* of;
hia striped gsibh- went l,!dl) into a
negro farmhouse, toid the ownir that
, he was a i p.-rf rtuer diaahle<l bv '
, rheumatism, and < fr*re<l to swap the
cosiume for any old suit of ordinary '
clothes. The bargain w ,* made, and the
, runaway continued. Lis tight in,
sufal y.
A married couple jwnshed in the
F'ity of ColurnV us disaatr r, leovirg DO
children, hut con*i leruble pro| erty. A
it is ni|ots,blc ; , -*y surely which one
died fir.t the title to the estate will
have to he d> |ei mined by inference
j The coui ts have hi Id in i.ms of hij>
wrts k that the worn nlsingtht maker i
the law warrants th* cone u*ion that she
die* fitM. md, therefore, tbe hml and * '
heir* aie milled to the property.
N- ws ~| a hp ril*> connecting the ,
Mediterranean aid Red Sea* come* i
fr.oii i'lem Ii i d< s'gn<-<l to start at
L, A , i-h and -r <l ..I \ kali*, aii'l w II Id
pass througti a perfectly ftit country. |
An \ni' ri<-nn rura is (*innccte<l w th I
the < ntr rpiie nnd one of the Keg! v), '
corie-i.order ts < n miy fejoirt* thai, in
the event of th) -ucce>* of the present
negotM'ions, the gen lemin h.v.ng
them ncl.a ghki-ly to f, r. ward j
ei by the Amtriiao gov ernimnt with
a high di, loin.ilir post at • ->n<*lwnti
Duple "
A few days ago a gentleman wlm was
l"'ut l"ov ng Constant. ii jle for lam
don with a manuscript copy of the
K. -an oOOjears old, which had Iwen in
Ihe potte-siiin of In* fain ly for a hun
drerl year*, was dr*poih-dof hia treasure
by a custom official, the latter with
many devout exclamations, *eiring it
a* atatc proj erty. Nor ha* the gentle
| man been able to recover the manu
acrij.t nor to obtain the amal'est
l recompenae, and tbe treasure, for which
it is aaid that $30,000 wn* recently
j offered, and which would probably
have enriched before long some Eu
, ropean museum, now rejKwc* nt Gildid
I Kinok.
Among Ihe cabinet ladie* at \Ya*b
! tnzfon Mr*. Lincoln i the pr tti< st, Mrs,
i Brewster the handaomeat, and Mr*.
("handler the most popular. The first
|i* a tiny little thing, with clearcut
features and a complexion like an opal.
Therecond i*massive, with *U|>rhdark
eve*, white hair, and great repoac of
manner. The third named ia of medium
h> ight, atout, and has bright, dark eyea,
a vivacious manner, and an abundan (
flow of conversation, which ia light,
witty, gay or grave, p* occasion re
Man's works, even in their moat per
feot form, always have more or Iravof
! excitement in them. Ood's words are
, calm and peaceful, both In Nature and
n II * IVortl. -//.IM,
'f *
Ai'irrto Hr.r.n Tfi" undersigned, tha
(a-'i-xt and li. t al. suniii in •'i-nifal r.-nn
s) Ivi nla, having inor.- than t\rmty yrart
"* fie 1 1> tic" in tfiling Fauns, Faun Mo< *,
Murchai disc, etc, uff.-rs hi*
citixens "l C.-nlrc and ad oil.ing c< until-*
a a Firu-ilass Hales man f 'hsrga* r-B*<ifi
ahle. Address Justl'il L. Sim,
d-Urn. (Vritre county, Pa
mav c.vcii liiii'Aiiisiior.
\VV would rcspecffully invite the
public to give it- a call when in want
ol any work in our line. We arc pre
wired fo do ALL kind* of
Wo uIBO make a specialty of
All work will reriev prompt atten.
lion. ()ur Ti.itMH pre rea-oiuihle, and
all work guaranteed, liaprctfvlly,
mint eu. ,t Mrsr/. i .
4"lm. ISillr/utilr. I'n
2nd floor Bush Arcade,
K Ut J'f ft -ff f s'k 'e I• I f*l fi ' )
/ am now rto'l'i In tin all l:indjt of
AiCM'E.S, A/O'.V a* / 'HiXAMES
TM. FA .Vl' HE''OilA
risn ./■ I in: \jxiMi
a Sl'F.< 7 11.1 TV.
guaiaoli e-l in all <--i-.
I would he phased to have yi u rail,
iiml > xaniine •peeinn n of Work. In
struetioUH given in Painting.
Vl It) IU>rWTKI"t.I.Y,
r. V. nihil r.
Conn* autl liuy.
In wh"l <• or b.t.
on Alleghany Sti eel.
' >n High stres-t
• hi Thomas street
On Willow Hank street, $1*""
On Willow Hank >tmt, $l"0(i
On Hisli p*tr'i
All in the Borough of lh llefonte.
Orv" Term I tfrulf F^/y.
♦ "i .'ltu. leal Ivtate Agnt.
AUrgKtny A'S-ssf, lltlUJonlt. Pa.
Are prepared to do all kind* of Fancy
and Heavy Harness Making at
Itt'.'iMonnblc Prlroa nnd
Mtt Skillful Mitnnipr.
Htpilrlt; inn w'.ti rcx'.sets ml iitpaub.
We challenge competition ID pro-es
*nd wnrkrnsnsliip.
' Give us a trial and be convinced.
All work guarantied fa-fore leaving
tb* shop. 1 3m.
<{nlrh KPIIWPJ Time.
Rarkfard, til., fan. 1 N>
7%u \J In rrrtify thit u' A<ns appointed
F-tik /'. /f.'ji', It ajcnl for thr nU of nvr
'S" r k TVam Rmlrnad H 'atrhrs in fAc low*
*! lUUtJotU.
Having most thoroughly tested the
Kockford (Juick Train Watches for the
lost three year*. I offer them with the
fulleet confidence as the best made and
roost reliable time k*eper for the money
that can be obtained,
/ ful/vipiaranl.-f rrrry Watch far two vewri.
Art. 2 Hraelerhnf Rare.
A I,'other American Walrhct at reduced
PiaaroN, Jan. 27, 18h2.
The Kockford witch purchased Feb.
1M79, ha* performed better than any
Watoh 1 ever had. Have carried it
every day and at no time haa it been
irregular, or in the lewat cnreliable. 1
cheerfully recommend the Kockford
at Dighton Furnace Co.
TACITO*. Sept, 18, IRBI.
Tbe Kockford Watch runs very ac
curately ; better than any watch I ever
owned, and I have bad one that cost
1150. Can reootnmond tbe Rockford
Watch to everybody who wisho* a floe
S. P. HUBBARD, 11. D.
This ia to certify that the Rockford
Watoh bought Feb. 22, 1*79, has run
very tbe poat year. Having set t
only twice during thai time, it* only
variation being three minutee. It haa
run very much Letter than I ever an
ticipated. It wa* no'adjusted and only
oo*t S2O. R P.BRYANT,
Largest W „ f
_ , .. Newest <
Stock. „ V
Every thing DRY GOOD
Vouw.nt. Notion*
IV>oU Alt']
ni " 65
f'll KAI'BST Ym\
, ..
I GUh A ''Joc<Ti<'.
,n I'rovjion,
>lt HIl'J
rvu i * i *. km.,
i I ' V,:
i.rv * i'.rv is*
, r<K J.ARGE
■ M'i JJ' t -Ifl'l rAn
ih" . ,, y
'" ' . wa ,
1 < r tlx- ni * t
'All. " DAYS'.
fl ':*HM * FORAIISfjJS
kjiy.c w j-i/ /
*• .op., wi arer.ol.tor. *tlbei...-. i- ....... .1
| Blpbl ..IUU t r'T. 'lb J fct.fl.l
U' IKIUB Ik.(HUH||>!<• Ail (
f'e*ei. MMlotr*l t,l p*v< ore.. bw.r* r'
w.iiii. - in u; in*;, in iu> 0
a. A * df r*i*i • r fed Ui (U in : ~t Htvp 1
ta|l if !>* Bearer 4 M* I t. In. FW
1.. , < .I - % i ;-7.7 1
r** fc 1 * '' * . ;• r ... i ■ i r •.
*• • * . • . r~ -%#-.•*•*
•- • i ' Mil
I - r, ■ ,• t - -wrf-•• #w I. •. .. mm 4
• i * r . "" V Li'.*
' • *
WI CVA* *!•?.-T ?.rx BOJC3
T • • • V * < *<4 ( t q (i# a c
•>ll4 • 1 '• T | 4.
' ' * * * * W. In IN
• \ ;. f
• i --< % -
. H .an*. ~% , m
y + u i .***<, , r
r-w.a *m. f. |• • r - r n |*• * - f| %
S<*) HAfr • • v* ffi.
! ■
Thaoldewt and b*t ppr.ini!
lor oliUiniiMt a Buiunmt Education.
Far circular* aid™*
P. DUFF A 80X8,
Tn Inrmrt i Prm-llr.l RannnM MwUo> bn*. (
.; J 1.11 Ud • itk ft*l *ll km* b lt># ftl* (
!>*• I Cnltng*. Me 4* HOh Tb. (nitbfei
Umbel tin. her* Wllhim lot wck • Iretniag m mil
Joeiilj Wi* toe en lß>*m*u *itu opon pmrtnni
•Ito* la • J .pb.it of III* P„t rirralnn oddrMt r
let 4 Ron.. rtlUhtugV l* fn.R . An.ipl.p.
paM*4.4 I t flnrpor 4 Rro . pr.n.d la rwtora. t
|**~ Th* larg*.i erotkoa Ik* Kltao* pnMi*k*4. 4
work 4* benktfe.milme4. biuitew mm end pretti
eel mtowimm Price. (4 On
Obt your .lob Work dona at tha Cem
A I)Asitoct Cot'MTan# kit.—Toera
ar* dnnnrrotit counterfaiU in circulation e
purporiiDE to ba '• Walnut Laai Hair Ha
atotar." Tha atrongMt aTidanc# ot ita
grant valua it tb* fact that partita know,
tog lit great efficacy try to waifate H.
Ka b bolUa of tha oeermac hat a /ac rimiU
of a wa)r at lanf—blown In tha glaM ; and
a tim n Lwai on tha owuida wrappar. Tha
"lt**U>rer" ia a* harmlat* at waiar, whila
it |o*>e.re all tha pr.> ( cflice nacaaaary la
retore Ufa, rigor, growth and color to tha
hair. Purebate only from rnpcmiM* ear*
fiat. A*k your druggist fo'lt Each hot- k
tin U warranted. Johnston, UoIIOWBT A
Co., Philadelphia, and Hah A Rurhn)
Maw York, wbolraala Ar*ai*. 4-lyJ M