Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, April 10, 1884, Image 3

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    llouso Cleaning
Tuking tluWlt U.# ftllUtM,
LnmUiig tp th MM 11 —
• Noi Mt bom* Hit* muimug
MtuuM iIM-rr !><• M CMI:."
TUM( MMII rgg* brMikfii -
Tbiug^lUfii*tl upMiUt* tl m u
\\ i lr MINI g.ri M JMM in it —
llllsldhllil nkt|>* llf It.M M.
Taking uj> th# rjirpffi
lm ko Mini tiuat for lunch
llu)*, fuv Making |UatloiM,
lfta ffOttl 111* M putsch.
W*hit £ ..II Ihf Mht'l. Wk
M'* with I -Ml! MUtl duot |>m 11
I'aiHl to lt tkljf 1• I ul*.
So Ora in tbf furnace -
IMI gorv* tin M ring—
"('h ailing iiiniif tt>..., bi'n,
Kit at 1M) of the •pring.'*
Night! a doctor tiling -
\\ le iloua uy In M,
ItHaliMUtl acoofa lor <lrug alote .
I'lerk Rftka W lio la
reporter** Itrni
"Cnronrr hnl a ring
ra'atin* l uul lluatlng
Mr* I one of theaptlug."
Vet it let of the Jury
K..rt u n, aly ..Id immae
"Suicide lioiti torment,
t'ltr.o# ! bjr * l-anlng hot;*# "
Clncm,., UrrnU
Miss I'oily Wantacracker.
"She i* the iccmvent ir 1 I r -#*■ in
nty lift*," mid Ah.-# liny*.
"A rng-rar little nii-r." shied If irv
"Wn.i i."' asked Jesdo Fergus, the
flew fcb.il'ir.
•Why, tiinl tir! "v-r there in the crn-'r
by th • r-gMcr nibbling *ursy nt H >-IM
crueller She i • vcr brings anything I
n cracker i'f two for h*• * I mi h, os'l-e -h- -
afraid, I . i, ; >*•>, that if *hc IT tul t iu
goodi • ••una nt'the trirl* might want her
to go hnlva '•
"We Z* I her M •> I'. lly Wnntai rsi k-
"Whit is her real nsnia" s.k<"i Jo
'Oh! tier rei' name's S | l< irt'n.
Hut Mirs I' I y Wnnlvrerlt'T a rnurh
mora suitable one according to our wsy
of thinking "
"Ferhnps she it j.o >r and cant afford
any goodie* for her lum b," suggested
Je*<i>', who wan a sweet tempered, kind
heart-d g rl.
' •II it .lie's poor, I d nt e# how she
can afford to coma to such an expensivo I
•cbool a thi and Jriv-s a. nicely a- she
"That dr*> !>••> got on id.Knn't it (It 1
horribly though') i inalo of yloth th*'.
cotta two dollar* a yard. I •*<* . 'no likn
it In my fathyr a tor-> la>t w•> k \nd
rhe gpl# pocket-money .-very m nth from |
oni.-b"dy. The lett-r come ti Mr Bi
■iin'i cure, an I I <• *a"n Miaa Po !y wan',
acracker th-ra and tak* money out."
"I pooped ov-ir h-r h mldtr once "*id
klary Reynold#, "and rpied a five dollar
bill. 'Aren't you going to trat? ay I.
■ Not thi tim, ay #bo with a perfect),
•ickening amile, and alter lh*t the never
ep.tnd bar letter# in the < hool r--m.
fjook at her now. Sho'tgian ingthiw-v
Don't she look ashamed? She kn->w, -•
talking about her."
" P-vir gir'.!"eid J-•a-i"; "to rni .he! >•• < 1
more grtovod than a.bamed And in''-h - j
pretty? I wmh I h* I I. -r I .v-ny, h- ie
and curly hair. It curls naturally, that !
i- plain to be "
"Oh! there now," Interrupted A'i.e
Hays spitefully, "tho girls won't think
much of you il you are going to stand up 1
£ T Miss P.. ly Wantacracker, I can t I
you that."
"1 shall stand up for her." declare.)
Jessie, with sturdy .Scotch self assertion,
"until I am c >nlnce>i that she J -sirve. .
tho harsh things you say about her, no 1
matter what the girls think. [ like to |
judgs people for myself, and I haven't |
been here long enough to form any do. I
tided opinion about anyb<)dy. Maybe in
a month or so I'll tind out whether Stella
Burton i 'a regular little miser' or not.
And until Ido I m most certainly not j
going to take sides against her."
But when '!a month or so" had p.seed
Jessie reluctantly admitted that she had !
come to the conclusion that Alice and her .
friends were right. She had watched '
the dafly nibbling of thecrackers at lunch, i
time and had seen tho reception of the
monthly allowance. She had noticed the
costly materials of which Stella's dress,
doak, bat, and even aprons were made,
and had deen much mortified by the girl's
persistent refusals to share her—Jessie's
candies, cakna, or fruit.
"It's because she's afraid you might ex.
j>ect something in return," said Mary Rey.
nolds, with a scornful tose of ber bead.
"When she first came here, six months
ago, we told her that ail the girls took it
in turn to bring sweets for tha class, and
she turned as red as a bwet and aaid,
please leave tne out. I can't afford It.'"
"I wonder what aha is saving her money
fort" Bella Bmytbe joined in. "Perhaps
to buy a gold watcb. But I'd do without
a gold watch forever tmfore I'd be such a
stingy thing."
Tha Christmas holidays drew near, and
the pupils of Blossom Academy started a
subscription list for tha purpose of raising
tha means with which to purchase for
tbiar principal and Uachers soma hand
some gift. "I can contribute nothing,"
said Stella, when they laid it on bar desk.
''That's too bad," sneered Alice Hays.
"We'll have to take up a contribution for
you." And they did, hod tha next day 4l
recss Stella WH" pr' out -I m a' '• r< mon
lounly with II i>l" r hsg >f idu-iip crael:. r.
Not n word 'l'd sue ►• v wlc-t. it ■> p• . d
in her lp, but w-'o-n cho"l w.-nvr MM .
Boynolds, whose way lay in the .|i
ruclion a* lier I>T H hlo. k or i", saw
her hand the hap. to tim j old w-.o an
who kept a siliitll p- if.ul i.u.d iyip ti. .
ner. "Did you ever see so.-h coolne,-!
■ aiii the girla in chrous when they hoard
oi il. And unswitrud iheinlves," Ne\
In another chorus.
Well, the holiday > p*ed S -h"ol va
to begin again upon tho 3rd id January,
and cn the evening of the 'JJ Mrs. Blos
som, the principal, gave a wcliorii" hack
New V'r party to 10-r scholars nod 110-ir
near relations. Stella ennui with the rest,
in n delieato lavender silk p donni-e,
looped over a dark purple velvet ,kirt.
and enibroidurd Willi loin, lies of lov.jl.
purple palish-., a hunch of real oih-. .-r. mg
j hor lor a hr.-asl.pin, and another milking,
'hv coutrssl, her golden hair look still
I more golden
"llow sweet P he looks, \. !d-| ir l ,li re
Fergus to B -da Suit the
' Who'" hiiswcr.d -t .ouiig lully
••lib! \|i-- I'.ill. \\ aii'.'l- s.i = I.• ■ r ! luu-l
! confess Idi nt see -iii v ...i-i-tnah -in !i.-i•
I'm going t" sit inshle lor nt til - stip| .-r
b|o MI d •• •• il .he i'ti 1 v eal- i tin k>-r. I
(then. Aii I -h" did. She salon one '
of Stella ami Msry Kenn| |< on
other, and while eat in • i hi ■)
of dainties on their . .to the.-
: kept a sharp look out on the In- p on ■
hers. Slie.t'e Vi rV slowly, lot', one hv
one, riko. tuo'toc-. hunch of gr ■••, al
, nionds, raiins tpiickiv d:a|ipi-ard,
"She never nte them," wli s tie red
Bella to iter cousin ' irolilie. e/t,. ait
next to her. "Sin • i, n n ■, og hut
' aotiie ntAcaroOns alii tur ici ctoatu
lin . leg us. ■ Hl, i hi r j ;et. W. .•
i got her no.. 1 eute to the dn.silig
room .vhen -di .tart* for h-une and
' you'll sec some fun. i'a- the word t"
th other girls." So when Stella
arii- i tm ill., dicing room, a -lout
time a tor -upper, she was bdlo.ved '
'nearly all lier arluwl mates. Anil j
•vhi-n -.lie "to -ped '■> draw on in i uvcr
•ii * he foU'd herself d on tli • !
r.' it • > B-lla Srnvth" >n I on the le r t
Jhv Alice l!av, whde Mary Kojunld
soughl-for slid found (lie pocket in her
skirl, and in the pocket wet. cake, the |
ntottoe , tr,. grape* and the almond,
land . .I, *! II - tiiat had heen served to her
at Hie supper tnlile. •' t for siiame
( Miss roily W antaerarker'" hurst from
the lookers <m. "They sir mine," said
i Stella, defiantly. "I did not steal them.
j I'hey were given to mo and I have
n right to do with Inrm a- 1 please '
"For shame!" and the girla again.
And ' no ia iyhke girl would do such a |
■ hing," added Bella Siuytbe. "I)re#cd
in a silk and velvet too," sai l her
ejus n Gvroline. "With a gold chain
land locket, ami getting |i a month
I xpeodttig niorey," aaid Alice Hays.
St.-!!* looked from one scornful face
| to another, the tea s ca-ite to her eyes,
but *h forced them lan-k an 1 with
trembling li|w she turned to Alice end
i said: Your cirriage will he here for
you in * few momenta, wi.l it not Mi #
| tlay*?"
"Il will, Mis# Tolly Wantacra- ker.
I And wliat then?" s.n the reply.
' W ill you ins to my home n i ?
| And—"
"\\ ell, if that isn't sub'imectv.lne*#," '
i interrupted Aln e.
"An I will you take," B ella went on
not noticing the interruption. "Mia
Sniylhe, Miss Reynolds and Je*#ic Fir
gu# with us if they will go?"
"Indeed, I'll go, ' exclaimed Jo#sie,
j springing to the girl's side. "And I'm
j shure Mary and I'. lla will 100. 'i.rls
j you mu*t, I fe 1 hut we have mis
i judged Stella, and that now she |. offer
iog us i chance to do ber justice. An j
in what better way eouhi we— could any !
| one beg n the New Year than by set ;
ting right, as far a* possible, tho urong '
of the old?"
There wa. no resisting this appeal. ;
And when a few moments after some
1 one called out "Miss Hays' carriage!"
away went five girls to stop in a little
less than half an hour before the door
of a neat, brick house in a pleasant old
fashioned street.
There they got out of the carriage
and Stella led them in at the front door
and up the stairs until they reached
the attic, where shn softly pushld Open
the door of a low ceilinged room and an
old woman sitting in a rocking chair by
a tiny stove, started out of a doxe to
welcome her. "Dearse's been as good
a# gold ever aincw-aho began, and then
stopped suddenly and stared in surprise
at the unexpected visitors. "Thtnk
you, Aunlia Brown, f'oraa girls," said
Btella. And following her to tho bed
in the eorner they MW the sweetost,
prettiest, little girl sleeping there that
ever went to dreamland. ' What a
darling I" exclaimed they. "Who is
site?" "My sister," answered fttella
proudly. "Ami she has no ona to take
oare of her but me, except Auntie
Brown, who lives on the floor below,
and enough to look after her a
little when lam obliged to bo away.
And now I will tell yon how we live. A
"Very distant relation of mine (I hare no
.near relation# hot Dearie) owns our
• ■ 4 '
*cl|lltll Jul I ling. ll)l<| il i lllllllgll SOUIC
nrri'Mg I .'.seen Mr*, it'o-*<>>it mid
Ititii ili it I imi iking ■ ilii iI.mI i|i.-il*
Ai 11 I ■ mil Vf li.ll'l, il* \i>'< nil
kni, I'i I ili In* Ii"l 11" i- I ili' .lii hi
II Ii I' nil I i" 111' I"' ti l In I i li.ii i:i' of
•ii i " 'li' ".' 111 ilii' nrlij Ami •••i'lf
III* U till I I' • II ill - Mill, ll' Ii ill i' -lll
in i lii!" ii -i month. Thut jui pays
III! Ii" I, iiini 'ln' il'il'iu illl'i i Ii ill that
li'iinii Mri'k liv l.ii<tt>ug \imi|i-ii l> ilis •
ikiniimiii to ktliw * store i*• * r by, ta
ill lii-'itlii-i in ii -\ I Ii >. \• • Af \ .'ln lm
mi' uia.tc i I lii.ik" lli.-ni nn "I*. 'n.'l
111 i' III" ll'.lnl'l tlll'V fit "Ollttdlv, Mis*
Ibiv-) I .1111 I In" whhliulim hi ' luy dv.ir ,
limlin'i' i\ (in iii'i'itini" \ I y |i in- 11 -11 11>
tin" l••<I. i 1 I'nnlil Ii in mo tinili nit I
I' *l* I III' g>lM I'llllill Mini I- i ki'l "III" I
gIIVC 'Il lI'HI IM. I ll'liril' won I Mil y I'M I'll I
nl'l win ii riiHiiini'i lell ii* : hli<" i* iVnir |
Hum ; mill lining the Im > jcara *ln >m*
,•*'••11 nli iiii.ii> I mine trii'il tiiinuk< in i .
11 I'm Ii j• j !'.> H'ght I Inlil In r lint! I
Mil* glli|l|| til S .l nIH I I.lll* I c.1111.l
l{ive In i nothing lull h cheap iloll for
lit < Ini-iin.i" ui'l ilmi I would bring
Ih'l I i in Ii• in some g iodic—"
"I ii ni' i -.uv ii tint limi \*i i i'i|, 111 .| i' t any \
iiixitlii'i ill. rrii'il Mn* II ii*. >'\\ Ii ii t
> i n. " wr. ti lm* ti" |i ivm n."
| ••Why didit imn I.l| ii* i.i ' ' '
it'k.-il Hell* ""inyiiii
• 111" .111-1' I thought ll would ".Ulll I'M.
muili lik" begging. ton me ii well oil.
I r"iii|iiirfl 1" nn". |te*.>l<"*. 1 |nt* •• in ~-1
j|..i ly wail ml lm Itll ything ; I, lit *'m
I>|- rit", klltt'* i 1 IIi" 111 tl.l' III' i i ii**t I 111!
"iri'ii ill ili" world, iii'l iliiiik* In i * r
.Mi*- I'nlly \V oil .. iin-k.-i
I 'nil I ' I lull'! ; ' b",'g. 11 1.. ; I * It'll"
| "P!" i!• let a I tint' I." | 11 ni it ii. Ai. l
j'l i. •eg "I y u. 1' t ii* lour „'iri
unit*, • nn-in* *inniliiinlln'i. in Mil,-
iln lit". t I>" trii I rout ili ■ • J.\ '.i tii
I'" *h" ' in-litt t ik .ki "iii.l
! .(
And lhc> little one l i the curl*
•tl ■IIn i #•)•••* r*i*t i Ii"l In-.t I fmn
til"] ill' v .it u|> m li"il I'ik" I prt\"
iv Ir' iii "in- in itimtli" r itf l.'g. 11
Mllll'l' I lllg *\. -. Ii | tl|"ll ||*|."l| 111 I,
"Mr- •I, • liirpv, Imliy voice. "Hum do.
I I'- III.' Wish yni| .1 happy V.Mr
I Vrr.
A War Mnmory.
In 1 f*ti*bi!t (.enersl 11 indium ma* I
conttuundn g the ("o federate *• 1
| Lit 1" Rock, H jiifCk 111 *tlH|e/l, V h Cll ,
tlioulil tint lie irlt ii It r**i*' id-- I, 1-
| | radioed by it "'iaotl.-iii.il, (ji., v . -
Iliridaian only bail a few ilinu-.tmi II 1
armed troop*, and when lie he.id that
tbe Federal (ieneral, ' 'uri i, slat i-mrd * t
Helena, ant preparing to move on
L it i" Knok, hi* aeiit for •'olonel K I'-ert '
Newton, chief of staff, an I rani
' I. ink h"e, It.ib. I undi-'uland that
Curt'*, w.th tbir'y ti* • or forty iliou-nod
i* preparing to nurct, on u*. You V'r> !
readily understand that ae ctooolt-a ,
terUin o much com) any."
' Can t vend out and borrow from
the neighbor*?" Newton luyyHiwi.
"Not ery well, and be*ide, I think
tht the visitor* would prove to be
! troub e*ont". My id*a la to acn-t tlieirt J
J word not to come Now let o put our
| nead* log.ther in regard to the lent
i me a' • of ui-king know n our w.n<v,"atid
if er earnest d.dibera lon they decile Ito
I -*rrange a mail, oatenill> for Uifferetit
i pr% n, but really lor'i.n Cuni.
One letter was s I if.-s.- l to the ton. '
| federate Secretary tfWr. "I do not 1
i like to make ci mpiaiiil*," the conuuun
| ioation ran, "but rircuniituncen compel
| tne to call your atteniiru, to certain
ahnt *ominga of lietiera! Heaurea*id.
Scteral Week* ago. he proiuMr I to aend ,
me forty ihouunl *'*nda .•( arms and ]
thirty piece* of artillery, I ul in*ted. In
ha* only aent me l*n live tli'iuavod :
I atanda of arm* and tweuty pie<-ea of nr
j til cry. flu* even c noting the *tor.
we have received fn m Ti * m ■
| enough for the proper • piipinenl of my
trop*. I conteinpUie tiioving int. 1
Then followed a num' er rl let'er- .
, from aoidtera. Unneoi.lor, in a leiter V
ii a wife, *aid ; ' We have about fort, :
| thousand I roup* here, and nith >ugl.
they are not .all quite arnn >l. yet 1 think |
th.it within a few J lay* we wi 1 alb
ready for bu*>rie*a.'' Another noldier
writing to hia father, *at<l ihat Uindmar I
had at lea*t fiity thouamd addiera, and
wttll another ma lea different statement
d oe, of course, to pre the common*
ioation* the finishing touch of gent i .e
"Now," said II indmr,o. "the idea i* to
delirer these to Curtis in a manner that
wdl make bint glad of tbeir recep
"I think," replied an oflloer,' that I've
got a man in my command who ia the
very indit idual for auch anjuodettakiog.
I'll aend him up.'*
Trotty soon a tall, alim young fellow
reported forduty.
"What is your name?"
"Walter Hoott."
"Well, my literary friend," aaid New
ton, "we want you to start out from
here with e lot of mail, with a view to
taking it across the Mi*#is*ippi rive r .
Federal acouta ere nttm*rnua between
here and there end we want to knw if
the mail you start out with ia tfot likely
to fall into the potiendon of the '
enemy ?"
•Scott winked slyly and replied ; "Sure
to be captured."
"This ia a dang crou* undarlaking,"
•s, I know, bill fin y | e p 111. (
mull. .! i t v. rn Mll it i w tit I M.I I
H*"iire v.. I I but !-• ly'll .Ig M.I "ink
Wei - ."
' Wli il I- y . iv ~,1 ) -
" I tie t. I ||. |- -e |,i 1,, ..... ill .!■ I ,
in. i .|. 11 ..t *.I lie-bat.'*
"A'li.gi t. It -p-irt w iuin an ixiur.
Wlii-fi Si-ntt re|ioni <1 at lb- appiiiti.
, ted 11 111 e, Ik - will lione and a p>ir ni .
,as I'll.- ling, Wei-, in I. .m,k<.
Nnlhiiig w*a ii ki ieti : *evi*l
'lny*. Ai ie. ,ii, 11,.- n.lli.M jng 'i -p th
da e l ui lit• >w..*viHe, I'iair .1.1
Ai k , WHh I ivffl
■ .1/ ./.I- f>(,eni/ //,„ /,„„„ .._| regiet
*uy til ,i III", ajil'lle tag* ~n i.-.n en *
| have ln!|< n into tin- ii iiuia .-| it,.- em in\
| iiini that 1 barely ecape-t w.ili my Hi,-.
\ I mi i isport in pet oii* a* an .ii -k* (..*
I sible."
A lew (lm* nlterwania In* ernved at
he >d <|.IUT leru, liu Mulkr I 11. wii|, ik
di'j* ctc'i a I', US tll.lil" i In* would finely
b-* i out i iinirii k ! e<i mi -if*, im! of failure
to ili- hnrge Ilia duly. N- -v...,i ci.n l
him into an u'ljuining inm, and .in
I lug ll.e d.e.r, n*k.'.i ;
tt ■ I , ilO*V <1 d I he *(ll*"tl|.- Murk ?"
"Like a chvflii. 1 MS* 11.Img slung tin
toad, and in turning i thickly m.m.L u
||M lilt I Fild leliiy earn." upon a b-#dy ol
l.'.i. tal civ-iry. 1 wli*.*i.-(j. aiui ti <
ev. i ll well nioiinled men ulMitya in (he
t t -.ii n a Cut airy r<ißin,.ii.| t pui*ued fn.-
! ♦>l is . il *e*||i"'l, ul jump I
I',-un d fnrw .111 11, mv M.glit. .kill tin
~ nil" ' g* wo k* I l| iii ll -I. r n,i" nu
■I ■ i* l I'.'-y mm'. "I if. I ma.l" i
Jni.C" i If .n to gi., . II , „II . lonk. |
llinngh | i..<-Kt I Hu-ir in
ll' |' 1 iw'lk •-I,.fi- 1 tin- p '-in' "
flu- r*l iniun.i .in th<t ir.e ru*e had
I'.M U tuccossful w. ii - it.l. wu.g p,r
-' . ' -i. I. M. n.pi - /;
l" i-1 1,.- ,I.i -in II ndnt'k .
, *itli . In.g" i ud\ <k| i ,. we*
|in i. .nig l.i.kfci l JI \V" i,
' ' '■ inf.,im< I it. ir, . r... ("ur i
mi • I ■ uj .I. b rn."
t < .ie-r w.i* n n. ui durst i n
H" m i' ir i ninr: iii"d, • a . barge <,f
.... - • *l. k'li.g, M'l l** II Ii lu-rii III'
I' 'g' Mi L- .ii I *l. .!
A r *., -,j iir Jr 1,. rj,
A Well Ks-pt Secret
i IX |VI"I.I Mill Ml KI'IIK TIHT M v* * -T
n.i*v t .* r .Rn •. i
il t M ' k-ii f- ■ !y mid fifty i ir• ng i an
old big . hur. Ii at ."I 1.1, nut I C 111
in >n* it. Allegheny t.'iij. Ii w a theo
.II the o| M -n .- .uiitry, V ijoini' g and
"• lung fig t'i lit" church MM* a grave
. yard, ftnrrmg on the publi" r .-i
| Ab-iut daybreak "in- ruornir gin I*4o
a farmer who on bi* way to I'lt'it urgh
with a lov-1 of ilrea e-i rnwt, heard
| sound* issuing from the graveyard, as
if aotnc one Wis kn amg a to* it, ;
i pie.-.-* with an ai. He climbed the
; fence and *t !<• along in the direction of I
jthe sounds. He had got • but a short I
j distance when lie f ,un.| a man engngid '
lin robbing a g'ave He had teen ro
atorlMsi in hi* w rk that lie had not
I he rd the approach oi hi* ditcovrrcr.
, and be w. in the act of lilting the leely
I from the . iffin wh nhe heard the foot
I step* ol tl.e farmer. The grave MA*
that of a prominent young woman who
had Iwi-ti buried lh day before,
j The farmer was so filled * lt h borro
j and indignation at the crtine. that I*-
f .r." the man could *|r ngout, he. ,7k*|
• s club thai isy m ar. and dealt the rob
r a powerful blow on the head. The
• man fell info the grave nd nei-her ut
'. tcred a mnd nor nmv- I a'ter falling
Tin f imer lie smealarm- L l>rnp| mg
jin'o th" grave hirn*e|f, he r-i*e.i i),.
I man * ie-wly. 'I he grave rol.lx r vva*
none other than the sexton of th
I ehur. ha rnn stvnd ng high in the
j oimmviii t) IL' was dead
Th" tanner hurri.xi back h >me. and
. t ll nv hi* ro!ati. n> what h* I oc-urre-1
' It" a', on -e left the . ti ly five
1 par*on* ever knew the secret of the
I graveyard trag. dy b.id-- the living
pi tiripal. Whs found the b dy of the
sex'on dead in the grave w.. rnt po*i
j lively known by them, but a* it sa.
given out l.y In* family that he lied
suddenly, end t,n inv.--tigi.tion nn
ever made, they supposed that the body
mut have been discovered by aorue one
of tne family before it* po*.tion was
known to any one cl*e. Tin- aogton's
family soon afterward moved away.
Hi* slayer went to an t ihio town, where 1
ho married and grew into prominence
and wealth. He died la*t week. His
accert vm never divulge 1, and even his (
wife ancl children live<i in ignorsnca>
of it. The secret at the time of hi*
death, waa in the keeping of two person*
alone, the other three having diei.
One of tbe*e person* a leading clergy ,
man of Allegheny. The other ia the
writer'a infornn nl, a resident of the
oil regions. He aaya that the death !
of the principal in the graveyard
tragedy ha* released him from all
pledge of secrecy. He refuse* to reveal •
the names, but affirm* that the atory !
u true in every particular.—
Special le New York .S'aa.
A character ia fatally defective that '
an grand that it cannot stoop to the
ordinary courtesiea and duties of daily
life without any seoe of degradation or
effort.— BapM Weekly,
Svascatßß for the Ctarat Dtvonuv.
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