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    ®lte Crutrr democrat.
Thursday Morning) September 20, 1883.
Co*R**t>o!nKNrß,rotiUliilnK imj>rt*nf now*,
•d from any part of tha county. No rommuilc*tk>*
lointixl union* accompanied ly the real uanio of toe
Local Department.
—Judge Larimer is improving in health.
Sixty now studonl* at the College up
to date.
—Will /.oilers has a three story bird
cage with a flying machine attachment.
—Judges Iloy and Furst both registered
at the Ward House, Tyrone, on Tuesday.
Kvcryboily that is going away to
school has started, or will start this week.
Reformed church festival cleared SIHO
on their three nights. Good work for the
John I'. Harris has sold two lots on
I'enn street to Burgess Fleming und Dr.
Lyman Heck returned from the west
last Saturday. He caino east to "grow
up " with the girls.
j. Dftlo wishes to announco through
these columns that " l'lumbs will not
fetch him, yon know.
—Who can take Miss Sallio lturnside's
place in art ? She leaves a vacancy not
readily tilled in our town.
—M r*. O. W. Bo nnell, formerly of
Ciintondale, is visiting h, r si-tor, Mrs. F.
K. Bible, on Howard street.
Town was lively Saturday, tho streets
wero crowded ; no grass grow that day.
Why can t that bo every day ?
—Happy to hear that lrv. Hagcrman
will still spend some of his time with us in
town. Congratulate you, I rv.
—Kober is sweating nnd twittering still
over those diabolical Presbytery notes.
Bettor read the Holy Writ next time,
—Col. Bush is fast making the one end
of town look metropolitan. If tho other
property owners don't look out he will
have everything down there.
—Artie Brown slipped down to Balti
more to take in tho Oriole. Though he
bad to sleep on a hard sofa and rough it
generally, ho had an immense time
—Mrs. Heubin Valentine and her daugh
ters, Miss Anna and Miss Carrie, left town
for Baltimore en Monday. The two
former will be visiting there for two week -
—Thero is no place like home, wo heard
a young lady remark the other evening
when she was on her way home from John
Beezer's, were you do got tho best meat in
—A distinguished stranger last week told
us that Bellefonte couldn t invest in any
thing more paying than three or four
handsome funerals. Bather cool, wasn't
Newt, didn't know that Augustine is
the fellow that fries oyntrrt. (thought he
wa a big hug in history. i Very appropri
ate, Newt., but -till V"U look stewed rather
than fried.
Master George I>avis, who arrived a
few weeks ago from Dublin, Ireland, and
employed by K. Brown Jr., & Co., treated
us to a fine lot of peaches one day last
week. Thanks George, come again.
—ls all of Bellefonle's waggoning thi
winter to he done on that frail and tempor
ary structurejust being erected over Spring
Creek ' If it is, insure yourself, mar.,and
for heaven's sake brace it, at least'
Mr. Davis, Special Examiner I". S
Pension Department, who ha- been in our
county since June, reported at Pittsburgh
under orders from the Department. We
hope Mr. D. may lie sent back to this field.
—Andrew Curtin, Jr., has started the
reform in building. His will be the first
and only heuse of the new architecture
We need a change, and his pretty little
queen Anno will add to Curtin street very
—Wtn. Jenkins has shown what a pret
ty home can he built on th south fid" of
Lynn street. His new yard makes his
house exceedingly attractive and cozy.
Thero are no nicer lots than these in town.
They had better bo taken in time. The
boom is soon coming.
—Tho Daily AVies has our thanks for its
cheap advertisement this past week. Per
haps, if you borrow a little more of Joe's
fun, you will seem a little livlier. Wo will
send yoO our " devil " to write up all vour
pioetry, too. If he can't get off less dis*
bolical rhymes, just cowhide him.
—The family of Thomas Burnside start
ed for St. Louis yesterday. They will be
much missed socially. Wo regret that the
family's connection with the town for gen
erations is to he thus severed. We hope it
is only temporary, and wish them happi
ness and good fortune in their Missouri
—" Larrey)" Curtin returned on Friday
lost from a two years sojourn in the far
west, whero be has been engaged in stock
raising. We examined the young man
through a field glass, hut as we could dis
cover no concealed deadly weapons about
his person, concluded that he was not the
regulation " cow-boy " after all. Welcome
home again, "Larrey."
—Wm. Colyer, of Tusseyville, paid
Bellefonto a brief business visit on Mon
day. Mr. Colyer is the founder of a new
town and calls it Lumber City. He thinks
ail Tusseyville needs Is better railroad
facilities to give it a great impulse. He
and J. L. Spangler, Esq., own f>oo acres of
tho finest oak timber lands In the county.
To properly develop this will make things
lively. Three or four parties aro negoti
ating for the oak.
/.lON JorTlNiia.—Everybody is doing
> one thing and that Is soeding.
Everybody is talking of only two things,
tho frost that killed tho corn and damaged
the crop, und the railroad.
[ Martin Bruingard won't talk religion,
' won't tafk politics, farm or anythings else;
doesn't euro u cent how Ohio goes, what
he wants is tho railroad.
Dave Kolt would rather give you five
minutes of good talk on tho Vanuerbilt
( system than sell a yard of calico or a quart
of oil. Just try hitn. lie gives as good talk
as ho does groceries.
J. C. Zimmerman is getting just a little
too energetic when ho wants to turn tho
Lutheran church into a flour mill, ('line,
there is such a tiling, as too much enter
1 John Dubbs wants a little more business
ami less politics. Higftt, John.
S. F. Dorman wants more room to
branch out. Well, old fellow, you aro
going to have it; tho railroad is going to '
give you room. Of course a stage coach !
town is too slow for a pushing lullow like
I)an'l. Leech's farm is badly cut by (he
road, so is Dan'l. Lut/'s. This ought to bo i
remedied if possible. Hope the engineers ;
will look to this, its too had to spoil mch j
farms as these.
Zion will have a boom yet, and so it
ought. Nice placo to live in. Plenty to
eat, ore—why, it i- just incalculable. Fine
farms, jolly, hospitable wive Wo would
like to see one go aa ay from Sam I)•■■ kor •
hungry, or resist Hancy's cider, or Joseph
Garborick's apples.
Bight in this little country villinge :- !
the best hand in tho county, and the best 1
instruments, too. Belief nto can't have a !
blow-out of any k.nd without it. Tho boy- !
had a good time at Philip-burg. Well, a
they helpt ! to make it, We aro glad they
I>r Fisher i always moving helping
the sick and working up hi-large praeti. ••■
Sorry we can t have him at home rn< re.
The D- om-rat would like to have more
locals from Zbrn It i- a nice name t- a[
pear in It- columns, anyway. A pap*-r
can't be too goes] those time*
ity, notwithstanding the dullnoi- of the
time-, keeps m ving right a! ng. Bui. line 4
are going up in every directions, Mr. B-:
Smith of Farmer 4 Mills ha 4 -••cured tie'
contract for tho masonry < f tho Grange
Hall. Me-sr 4 Gr, vo A W .If, ! .n.l-r
dealer have the contract 1 r the - ip-r
Spring Mills Uui m Sunday School, on
last Sabbath, by a unanim . v.-.-d id-l
to keep open during the winter. This
s* lead win h colebrat'-J it- semi-centennial
several years ago, alwar* cl -ed during
the winter sea- 'n, and It- or, nt aeii u
may bis considered as j arlly, at lea-*, th
fruit of a dis- i 4 -i -n "n •• Evergreen S.r lay
Schools" during the lat ('• mty • inven
The summer visitors'have all left f r
their city b ene.
The family , f Bev. dame- Will u, D
D , are still at the D < ! r * father s
Mrs. Margret Woods i> la: 1 up with r
sore arm.
Prof. Boh 4 s-!ect -< h 1 ri- .■•- th;-
week. The Pr f tak< 4 charge of the
Mifllinhurg h 1- at a salary of *7O j. r
month. While w- are sorry t see i.jm
leave we nevertheless r ■ n e at bis having
secured s go I | sition.
Since my last letter, one .f Farmer s
Mills citi/ ns, Mr. J hn Ilagin Sr., has
g<>ne the way of all things earthly. Mr.
Ilagin wa f r mary year* an almo*tion
-i-tant attendant, at Bellefonte market.
His presence tlier.. will be mi-o-d by many
of your ' itizen* whom lie supplied with
meat and produce.
More anon. * *
SIEM r.R OOPEN —With pain we pub
li-h the death notice ~fa young friend
and christian, a former < itizen of Belle
fonte. Spencer ' gden died iat Friday at
St. Paul, Minn., after two lays icknc*, a
vi< tins to pleuro-pheumonia. He left this
place to engage in business in Liberia,
Africa. We need not think it strange that
this young man should seek that far off
place. Hi* mother was teaching the go*pel
of Jejus Christ in Africa, and the devoted
son chose to accompany her rather than
•übmit to the separation. Some months
ago his many friends gladly greeted him
once more upon our street*, little dreaming
that it was for tho last time <>n earth. This
death has an clement of tragedy not usual.
His mother expects soon to sail for Ameri
ca to join .Spencer, not yet knowing of his
death. What an awful reception awaits
her I The childless widow will have many
tears and prayers from those who know
her here.
<>R EOR Hriiooi..—James llamiil starts
next week for Ann Arbor, Michigan, to
enter tho Law School.
Harris Orbison left on Monday for
Pennsylvania University. Ilia purpose
there is to study medicine, thus preparing
himself more thoroughly for missionary
work in India.
Miss Emily Harris will be in Cincinnati!
attending school for one year. She docs
not expect to return until June of
Miss Anna Orvis went to Clifton
Springs on Tuesday morning. Her third
year at the Foster school.
Miss Carrie Valentine, and Misses Jen
nie and Mary Valentine, will attend their
old school near Baltimore another year.
Bond Sommorville is at Lafayette.
James Hughes is at Princeton.
James Alexander Is at the State College.,
—Jut look lit AI • tartiiiiii '* now hat.
—This in tho *ua*on of cold snaps, elec
tioneering arid John Kolchline's tux dun* -
Wan tod—A decipherer of Hiurogly
jdiic* to translato tho Daily AV am ' joko on
—W. F. Boeder "llittod" to tho top of
tho hill, and in about oncood in his now
and olcgunl homo.
Low said it win worth whilo getting
married to onjoy tho strain* of a norenado
by tho Adolphio orchestra.
—Jam©* l'roudfoot tho cabinet rnakor, of
Milesburg, culled to *OO on, Jim i* ono of
tho bout men in Contro county.
—J. ij. A. Kennedy, tho jowolor, <f
(Yntro Hull, wa- in town on Monday.
John is ahno*t us long a* hi* name.
Mr. Hanlcy, of Medina co., Ohio, uori
of (ieo Ditnloy <d Forguum twp., vi-it©d
hi* old homo and Inspected our town this
'Squire Koif*nydor think* that when
tho Continental road g• © - through Mill
lieim, lb lief,.iite will ho nowhere. lio
wan up here on Monday to tell u *o.
John Keit hline i- bu im ■ iii office as
iu private life. The citizen,, know ju-t
exactly how tho a. • oiints 'and in the p or
department monthly, and they stand we.l
Two different varo-th • of weather on
Monday, compelled u* to change our attire
twice, we are prepar. 1 to ehongo a- often
a*' dd probabilities, now corno on.
. Dr. Ilibler and wife aro now in New
V rk. After spending a few day* in Phil- I
adelphia they ri—lveJ t . ."the netroj
li-. Hep. rt make- their wedding .urn©y |
a very plea-nr t one itched.
—S-.tnebealv told u* tu dubh tho AV/ ' . j
. . the ".lay Kyu Sv of Centre c mty
paper*. W1I, a* the horo ha* juit made
it in - 1", that name ap| r ; riate. We
I refer C> call Newly ■ toich rl:t. ■ I. vyvr,
old M hi.
—Robert Larimer, our effii lent ooopoei.
tr, left i. aw day rhi w home
in C ! earfil<l. M © ! p 11 b, y <
make thing- li v- ly . .t li • re, *h w the!
C.. affleld-r. that y • .re .■ ifr : re
than one vote.
—"Sine ' 11, tier ha* | ught a I t on
Curtin lreet, now that - what every
y it.g tnan ought t" d . buy a!'. •'(
n ; rep ari It • ay wl,. n * !.■ U. !■ y
will be >a rife ed bat be'* a victim. •
—Those wl, , wish view of their h mo.
of different part* of the ' >wn at. 1 the
neighbor!., I, who wi-h j fur < f them
*„h- ■ nr.! the-.r families at the 11© .;
rati , and gotten up in c l style, go r ght
ar- ur. 1 t the ol ! ( imrnlr • II >u*e at. !
ask ! r J >hn 11, yer
y Newt., we hear 1 of the ghot on
H ward Street, but we d;dr t think much
~!., ,t I! We g■■ ,1 ngl t away that it
wa, y..i sp king around f, r g .*i| H.r
"de% 11 * ~ ~-nt aci epl, irtl. ry.lcw-vT.
He ivs th„ , j .re white feet Jth ■
ter" deatroy* any urh belief. He could
stand it a 1 lut that
11. F Keller this j late, ai d a
graduate . f the State College, ha* ) a-s-1
the b©t examination ! f, r* the evil ©r
to, ,rnrnts*i r. am ng ad , :np©tst r* '
the I*. S and ha* K . hi* reward a
clerkship in the Treasury Department,
the first . f that grade lb n.-a < n lit t
the t wn and we congratulate him.
—W. 11 Cardner cam ' in fr.un Pit!*-
burgh recently to see hi* friends in How
ard, he c uldn't leave without making ui
a call and renew ing his sub* r } 1:• n IV <
are s,,rry to have such a go I yi ung Dem
ocrat leave us, hut it wa* l st f r htm He 1
has now a mot \ al .able j n and mak
ing his way t-> lortune an I p,--ill- n no st
—Complaints ar made by h '. holder*
that the grave* in Cm n cemetery are
frequently robbed nf the t" wer* plant',!
on them, and of the mutilation of l> rnh
stone*. Tlie man or woman who would
rob a grave of it* II ral tributes, or deface
or destroy the monument that marks the
las', re.ting place .f the dea l, i* l , mean '
to lso called man or woman. But the
Hiithoriti' - of th" cemetery are derelict in
their duty; they are r©*|>"n#ibla for this
vandalism, as their attention has |,i*en
called to tbi* frequently by the /i/.,i ,t
—We have not forgotten y i, I."*, you
need not think that a good looking, hard
working, upright young man like yourself,
a Democrat that I* one on principle as well
as birth, and a working Democrat besides,
can lakn such an important *tp a* mar
riage and we not chronicle it. Tuesday,
the lltb inut , tho brilliant appearance of
the residence of D. Mrtilnley, Ksq., the
agitated but beautified appearance of S. D
Kay, K*q., and the noise of serenader*, all
told u of tho happy event. Just at 7 P.M.
under a horse*hoe of lovely flower*, stood
D. A. Shaffer and Kebeeea Met) in ley and
the guest* listened to the beautiful service
that made them man and wife. Wo con
gratulate them both and claim not the
mantle of prophesy when wo foretell a
happy life and one of honor. Mr. and
Mi*. Shaffer are at their borne on Spring
street. Law is right when ho says "life i*
real, life it earnt," and so ho t* down to
work once more. Mr. HhafTer has taken
tho right course to win the respect ol hi*
fellow men, and it will tell should be ever
need their mpport.
Lontberry while out gunning near Union
villo last Tuesday, hot himself in the foot.
He wa* carrying both hia dog and thagun.
Tho animal attempting to get loote caused
the boy to looee hi* hold on the gun whfoh
went off In the *lrugg!e, emptying IU oon
tenia fn hi* foot. The wound i painful
but not fatal. Dr. Dobbin* i* attending
the patient.
Lottor from PhilipHburig. H
1 11 H.
Piiii.ii'MiiUHii, PA., Bopt. 17th, IHtcs.
come and gone, and I'hllipshurg, alter ,j,
week* of preparation, and ono week of .
solid fu( notwithstanding throe day* of
dreary rain and mist, ha* settled down to
busino**. Jlasl the weather boon a pleas
ant on Tuesday, Wodnesday and Thursday
as it wa* on Friday, tho crowd would have '
been simply awful ; as it was it was tiro- c
soino to work one'* way through the com
pact mass of people that packed tho street*. "
Wo never -aw a* many " tired " men in "
our life at one time is* there wu* on the
street* on Thursday. ' A wise man on a
crowded street winolh bi< way by kind
ness." But we left the wi*e man with hi*
"kindness HI 10 o'clock, A. M ,on Thurs
day, near the depot, and Marled to " wig- ©
gle " our way to a hotel. In tho afternoon
we nw the wi-e man with In- two bottle*
of "kindness' safely anchored on the pave
merit near Halo stono bio, k. We smiled
on tho wise man and p i-d on. Philips
burg wa- ! ■ neb-d many year* ago by an ]
eccentri,-, ! ! I.i. ;li*hman, HurJinan Phil
i;-. wbo-u old man . partially bid- j
den in a beautiful v'f w ' "f inagrilfo i-ntold j
oak- ar I p:.ic n a bill to the right <•', <
Pre-,uci-lo *tre,-t The man-: ni-• no ]
the relii of Mr Pbili| ' time, which ik it. n
good repair, being occupied by tho widow |
(Jen. 11. • 11 ale It i- certainly ■ne f h
I the mot delightful country scat- in < ..r , <
1 cunty, with Its broad v< randa, wl !•• ball, ,
| ar.,, large, airy r ,rn. It i* an : l<-ul 1
Knglish home,t, ad. ',,
iiir. OI,D rim.i FA I in iu 11.
Mr. Philip- h.:!t a church, wh .h i ■
-till standing, but in a very delapi- : '
lat< i t nditioir. What menc ri- • r.c '
ar, .r, 1 the .a-.r.t. l ld j lUUrtd build- ! ■
■ircliej window* ai i vestibule ' To us it '
hr ,ghl h. k the mnny day* < f child!.' d
with it* lr. f I- y* and girls, passing •
ir- \ erently in at the u r f * hat eight'" n
y-ar* ag wa- t nnd'-red an •Id cl. ireb '
N-w, alas, the "wa'!- that • h•• •! '.'tin t
tr ad "f th la y ar i girls, n w grown 1
man). lar 1 womanl. I, are as -1!< :,t '
a* the grav, - that ur round them or, a! 1
jet We believe the voter* annually
■. " t Church Tru-t'-' . w .'. sc d .tv ;
to take i are f th" old building. In tin o
grav- sard alia' h< : '. ■ the < r ,ri !. : a rn' '
Hl. ' lit c: t.d t the mem TV • f liar Jniai.
' Ph. IJ -. the {■ ■ b-r of Ph. j.'! urg. Mr
Philip- built a •• w factory at the I wer i
■ r. '.ft wri, ! it it has been in ruins f r
I many year*
Philip-burg is a new t"wn, with all it* 1
* :•■ Fire <arri-d lav tl.r .gh it ' mi "
var a.* .ar I w ,t , 1 buildir .• the pre
i fl'-r 1 ' ft, th- energy and f uhh sf .rll • f
,t* <it n ra 1 '. ■ the gr un l. an lin
th< ir st'* 1, a- by the magi : Aiiadin s
elegant brick b . rn-ss h te! ar i
; navt" r, • ler. - have ar.-'-n It :■ ' ti.
pbatically a go-ahead town. With iu J'
el< tri light, steam healing aparatui, it ;
water w re*, i'., Ir.v • g j ark. its l„ aulifu '
churche.. in elegant j-era h, .e, r i f
'. ir< s and private re+i ienc< . and th© wij*
awake j .pie, there is no t wn in the Stab- I
wl.- r<> ne can 'rj >y himself letter. I
On ir arr.v a! m'. wn rusbe-l for a
, hotel. Disaj; nntcd at the first and see
,-n 1 we : -,a y *< ir<- II) an ! bard, but
! many were le>- f -t mat' All ,ni l secure '
board at the hot. ■ "r re*Duranls, but a 1
b**d, c:,s- fur t.bair was a luxury ,n , '
which wn laid a tariff, high enough for
j rot', ti ri, lit r'wly a tariff fir > >-. .r
■ ; v. as w discovered afterwards.
llir. HA' K".
NV'di.'sday s rn e* were v ry interest
ing Th© track wa* in excsdlent e ndition
and the timo made wa* g l. The tr- ttmg .
race was llnishi 1 on Thursday afternoon
Tno time aitua.lv ma le in i ne heat was
k' but was given. out as k • 'J by the
judges. The (race wa-, in our humid"
j opinion, won hv "Felix, a* h© cam© in (
ahead, but you know th© race is not alwsy
to the fleetest. The running race, one-half (
mile and repeat, was w,,n by "Annie A
Thu*sd*y '* ra< es wer© won by "1 m Merk
ley" and "Patterson."
nir. V KIRRAH- rt< ->t< (
Th© Veterans picnic was a grand success }
in point "f numbers and in the abundant-l
and quriitv of th© grub. Th© address of i '
welcome was made by James Bryson, Ksq., j
and wa l very fin©, although we did not ! j
havo th© pleasur© of hearing it. (sen 1
Beaver, Col. Hastings and D. F. Fortney
mad© speeches. The early train from Clear- '
field brought five or *ix hundred p©ron*' 1
and every train, waggon, buggy or carl 1
that cam© into town was loaded down like 1
a city omnibus. Manv of the buildings 1
were gaily decorated with flags, bunting
and evergreen, and arche* of evergreen
were thrown across the street* at various
point*. At about II o'clock tho parade ,
wa* formed, and alter marching through a
the principal Mrcel*. arrived at the ground*,
hungry, tired and muddy ; but of course
old soldier* don't mind that. H©an soup j
wa# th© novelty, although the tables wer© S
breaking down under the weight of good *
things. Tho soup wa* the " regulation " ,
bean soup of array life—three beans to a !l
gallon of water. It would bo Ureaome to
give the affair in detail, suffice it to say
that Pbillpsburg wa* equal to the occasion,
as *he always I*.
rI MO lIA Ml '.
We noticed on the street* people from
all pan* of the county. Candidate Brett, #
W. H. Fry and Commissioner Campbell v
upheld the good nana of Ferguson. J. H.
Ifolt, John U/zoll ttiid mnny others from
■vnow Bhoe successfully navigated tho *
■trnel*. But Bellofonte wa* l< tu-r repre- |
tented than any other j>art of the county. ,
That old "Vet.," II K. Hicks, t,,.,k in the H
sight*, but would not march iri the parade ■
because the ktr<-et* were not in good condl- t
lion. J'rotbonotary Harper, liistri't At- !
torney Heinle, Hhoriff Dunklearid Iter ord
er Bible answered the roll call for the j
court bouse. Col. Hasting* and D. F. j
Fortney were the guest* of the A, it., (
and did the blowing after the band* jiluyed '
out. Philipsburg band* have more wind i t
than the ordinary bras* hand. We met 1
tho "unsquenchahle" Van Orjper on the '
stref't and betook u* "apart* and toll us ,
conlidentially that he could talk again-t | j
any bra-- band lie evi-r -aw. Before we i
got out of his ' lutein *we were < ■ r,vines I t
of that fa t. \'an was selling huggb-s, and j
wn venture to *ay that ho sold more than
any man in town. People buy thern in
self defense,
We wandered ar. und to the '•!-war,
Hon-e, kept by "'ir old Iru .'. ! Bar
ney Coy la, Her© wo found avarytblog '
in apple j,o order, although the 1. . >• w a
packed fr-rn cellar to garet with g .est.
Mr. Coyle is one < f the mi t gentlemanly
landlords we ever met : full of good humor,
and ev.-r attentive t > the want- • f hi*
true '• II table i- a lie ile hotel tat
and W" si.-;■• iI it showed the g 1 ta-le :
Mr- Barney, wo will r. t ! rg> t y i
when Hi t wr. We next dr j;•I in • n
.Jame Pa- ra re, and smiled n I. :n with 1
art if a palc-fa' <-d-mO' ri *rri>!♦, a- In
■ ■■nt y ask 1 u to take a l! r M •
hardly ever i i, never r' ( .■■ The
ra- r-- 11 is • f tie !•• st i. j, ;n
town, ar.d it la:, ilor I is the j rihee of
landlord- a' fin'- llK: '..-h g'-ntieman,
the a t '". Jim ,s w rti, afi ut three
million*, and you < an imagine lew the
bouie is run ar. i then Jim, like Barney
Covle, is a - .id Ikni's rat
We ca din 1 Al. .1 m a- 11 .r. i
him "wr.i-r of the !.t.- I hardware s'. re in
town. Al. w..l J y , anything fr in a
t'-Sth j kto a steam saw rn..l. He is
; l g a fine 1 . an ! well • may !■ r
he i- on© < f th© io -t i. mm i.-.ting fel
lows we have met.
The • L y j H ... .]. r its j r< nt 1
owr.' r, > 1: Kw, ar, i L'. * g'ntl'-mai y
cb-rk, Zi:h<l .:• .. o.t: was f. . j ov r •
:!ow;ng T1.5.l wh-- '• ( lla t.r,,- ar. J
sev. ral o'.h'-r dist rguish'- j It- lefontsrs j
put up, di In t you, "Dan
• if. .- ■■ w•• ha i '. call on r g-r .al
fr • !, J ■©. L'-hnia- al : : • ■ re
J( © - R,O <F th" DKV HAT - fru-ni-,
ar. ! as a mat'.'-r of c .r-<-, is d ing an irn
rner.se I isit.es*
We la '.' I th- f . .<•* 1 i ar i I pr.
fu ' ..f Philipsburg railed KI Mur •n.
Kd. i- Dra- ! II :"I *-a > 'MI., ar, . G M-R>
itility i f Pi.ilipshurg, ar, 1 is a way* n
fisn 1 11•• is e- sag,-1 ; n the insurance
h .-:r.i... ar ! in raising bird-
W© U' f" I rt' !a' 1 ! w-. by Wm.
CulJen. f Hush U'W-n-r .p. and candidate •
! r Pro'.! inotary. Of < irse Hilly was
to ■ m ■ jest t" say j-olitie* t us. a- we were
rt on b .-n* ar.d } ■ *>-;r- . b devoted
t.is i rn© '. our • t'-rta r.ment W. I,
Billy, y jru ree*le.| in making u happy.
W" will SOP y. . AG* ■
II O HofT r and Kd Tyson, formerly
of Bell"font", hav •• settled d wn s 1© by
std' on Fr. Nt str< < t Y< a, vcriiy lb"
bo.-fsteak ar I the - ia w*t<r iayeth d .wn
together. "Vri
Railroad No tea.
Last week a new rs r-il charter *'
a{.plied for fr m B' llef. nl© U> L- u nt. and
from the former p'a t ■ II jblersburg.
Tin* is iri the interest if th© 1' 11. K sys
tem. It will c. nr.'- t the Bald K*g!e with
th" Penr.svalley r ad and develop lb©
NitUr.v or© field A party of engineer*
under W hit© ■< n 1. gan branch for the
l*'t bur d*y- M'* )., ..l.tain right
oI way a r.g th© rout© will be taken at
Th© first rail was laid on the Beech
Creek, C arfi© I and S'Uth Wests-rn Sept.
IS, it# first birthday—th© charter having
been granted Sept 18, 1 HS*2. This demon
strate# that this r..'l will I>© in opseralion
through Centre county by th© first of next
The Buffalo Bun's grading is completed
now on th© main line and it# two branches
The laying of lb© tie# and rail* will b©
pushed a* rapidly a* possible from this
Th©r© will b© a railroad meeting at
Hamburg, Clinton county, Saturday "kk,
with the object t" complete th© right of
way through that county. The Nitlanv
valley road ha# obtained the right through
most of Centra county. Ho ahead citizen#
like Solomon I'eck, J. II Beck and Martin
Bumgard hav© materially assisted.
The meetings at Hublershurg and Clin
tondal© w-er© highly satisfactory Kvery
where citizen* favor the Yanderbilt system
as against the Pennsylvania.
BKOW Sri©*, PERM A., Sept. 17, 1888.
Please find *hlpm©nt of coal sent over B.
A 8. 8. Branch of Tyrone Division for
week ending Sept. 15, 1888 s
WSSK Prrvtowslj- TMSJ
to*L*AI T"" Mljutt I*I.;M
In ll©M .'•! K.J.IM l#7,7na
IasTMSM- " >.• Ikn
Ilsortss Ml
Vours truly,
Luntlser fi car*.
Other freight 1 car.
-Wa hav© just received our new Fall
*nd Winter Woolona. Call and leavo
your order.
MoRTtsoKERT A Co., Tailor*. 1
MA-. I)r<ir Sir lem thankful to (>od
that 1 ran acknowledge your treatment
(Peruna) of my daughter'* eye baa been
toiecemtful anl •sti-fartory. i would bo
glad TO have the |> ibhe have confident •• in
}ou -V. B.— I'.'H ■ MAKE A our )'■<. IN
reach of poor iieopl,.. itemember the
lender tnercie. , f the WU ked ARE < fuel.
HI •. K. 11. IFAI.NWIY,
Watliburgh, J'a.
liri'lor, a,k your drugir'ot for one of Dr.
Hartman 1 * invaluable book* on the "Ill*of
Life, and how to curt* them. Vou get on a
DILI HUE 111 K ' "No; the LINGERED
aiel * offer EL a).!,/, (lining away all the
tirie* for yearr, the ilortor* doing her ho
GOOD atid at IN t W cured by * DI Hop
Hitter* tba pa par* iajr ► > mu< b about IT -
de d ' indeed ' how thankful we rbould b
for that medicine. !7-lit.
Wilton, M- L-'arlatic Co., cull alien-
Hon to the only reliable Reedy Mixed
Paint in I
pared I'a i. r. i i .j. r, rto any
I.■ ndv Mixed I'ail.t m. I hut rival* (.tire
w - ; ite ..-id t n i' "iii" '■!<■* In working
and d I'abiiity. Ib point in guarant'-d
by the rnanufai tun r- not to m, korpw I
w thtn three y. i.rt Tl. •i- iarantee j, not
• My good f.-r r jtiar .eg the paint hut it
w . l be put <n il it houid rrai k or peel
within the time ; e, ill. i II will be to
your internet to rail and ME Wilaoa, Mr.
l urlune A I ■ . t.< F'.RE J.urrhaeii.g either
white lead or any oil., r Jlcady Mixed
A DA "O, R. - T raaran — There
are danger. U - < ,T,t< r(<-ITI M circulation
; -r; rt og T be "Wa n Leal lla.r Be.
Karh bottle of THE nun', ha- a fas ttmiU
| '■ H **'ut Oaf : n in t! giar* and
"I'* '" R< r a hartnle*. a. water, while
:t R O the [ N | • rile, 1.E., . NARY to
LIFO, VJJR r. * V.* 4 , -TT.'J R r T
A*K your DRUFRI!'T (•-' I'.' KUCH'bot
:.<> i H WHRMRIT' L J -i: : r.. J! WRY A:
CO, # Pbiltdelrihim, NR I URII & Kuckel,
S*'W ) RK \\ > /-BIT!#. 4 LV.
linllr foxitu (j IA iII Mftrkr T.
Ruur MI fcpumut . IM ..
' < LHJ r* ki t I t I J; fe, ,R, foe A < *
,• j
4.$- R T ...
I,* R I .J* J T UT,' ~ ft. T'.F
j rikUr.Rruttt><L F ptt U>n •, ■,
Profibioa Market.
C RRY t*-4 *J.* \ \ IJ*r{' R UROTLFTT.
R.!gV;..:.: " ". *VZ3'. I "
Hit > IF
• !'• >• J
hrled he,'f 17... ... . 5®
■Nrir Iff rrrti"im-iit*.
I>l I'.LK \ I.L I IN, i. r I'r • • i.IIG-
I i NO L.I.L ;
•1.1 rt t I n, !•.. .., O. M T N
1.- I.I T,, T . . R IT I ~,, I
| .rd. JMWH. FUOILIB. I ! *
•T, Tteima. W lei, J„ I.raU
; let . a, I .. . !0. |.
TO. • rt LI - ■ H, .
i ■ !•' i ■ ( IN I I'r. A I, 1" the
| I -TRU- J,r. • ALT
j MI itwteeruin trail • land rttwt. • It. I,n.
I .hit ' !•• I(i E E,.|M.I. ,lr,,„|.
■ '■ a4- | TE. I I-L • .. t. .11 |I .
R ' Ma* at. T •> <** R •/ M rel :>.• t .'W,.I
,>„• ,LT.L ' . I 'EMU MUM . Ilk • EA.L . .
;<T •E. 1 A [.art. U R, . I ..,11, "'. , ,1 . E I.M
. ! II J# til f ltih > V
j j'U f IwfitftiiHit motßlinng " ' h r*-> m.d IT
"• }' •' 1 I J . VJ TB : i HI. J F
A Uilt 'flai)K rrt# nr. ', trrt ' UI : ni\tk\v
B t Ji LL * likhij), fbhiji MKI MHT* f R MMRif) ?• rrtlfß.
•E V '1 !■•* ■NT.. 1. T.E*F J.NITIII nt . FT '*K,
: U,< fi.#- lilt, : "M I: - I4>rB**T ) > IHN*
I I I PUR > ■ T * T-& J ' JRFFFT*
)t B|. •*I IB<'N * I R,A- .LRV ' M.. A T l- rill
> ■ Wf. t 11
j Rnttitii URRT WTTH 14 •*t • |UTR|<FI U- !!•
J rrf C RU r R*AT 4 ftrrt* MML I.:
j ITLT TI •J'JicrlM.AD •>
! FTR.H? T. T F .B!R FCT. J tM U;NT. IN'OD#
| TRRF THPFNGFUF, TH ititr*>et UJ I<r I**<TlT#W| I Y
; J**-!* U < • WRWN ui JO (I • K ,r< KFU rt) >-TI <>l MID
UI .
WITI IF 7 ,ON T, > T110. 6 J It VKI.f
•FI RRLL!I R —l'r *?IN#, T F •&AV.OR|WI'>) OVI <if
Üb# 1 f i ftm* f ORRMI Rt| I H#
111 <-f T'TTTi 1 WTJI, * B|* IN •!'• 'I" Vllflitifie IB
RL r R T-T * *{.*! AT J.T > hi, , H T! |
C *irt ll' DB in M ■■■• II \gk •( LU-LLFL. SU, WA Mitur-
IB? ( 1M 17. !**• ILl*> MLVNINT: PRW|**lF T<> ait.
•U I * ' F' WI'IM T W | . T 1f ir.tr. IV,
fctl<l 4 TI" 11" - WA T. vit LL< U ITLHIF •) A
J- int it THE Cl*' 1 li' *l, LL'' ' LY U4 .F
,'UD J ifßrrjr. ,F 11. ,r*t 754 FT-JO }--TF LF*, TRT
. lhT< ly Uimlß <•! HBTTlBftl liMCtb. B (t
-THOTB B-'IITH 'T FR BBW. TO <44 ♦ ;
tb-©R* Mith -2 R-B*T J R-F <).#<• t.) n FMIRL in LB*
Ril.iht ("rw-k li-ti.f " n fiR M , r-%Bt l*i |<r.
i *. ' tb .ff* k ; l it-f Bf<l ■ 7EI4 *• r<Hl
(.©! T T B( 1 *'l Bf L* TLW AN* MAN *R
i. dth Ibt
AH tlw- in*© r* RR4 iT. nn u*4 MJ- r U
Uitt <*ttßa tiwt or ]<IR<F fund BIWTBT* iti
t* j.. fVrt<T, rvTtnlT. P* . m-') -mine Ur.d* of .I'iißilißtt
II TOF F>N thf north 4ML AMtifbt !*RI.C4FT, A (V <M
• n or* RM4 Ritißttl*.
All thr IRON R*R'BND inioH-RL* it, OR RIK) NJ-ON tic
! IRRd Ritnßt* in MRTD' *P., BF. JCBRI4 BORMDRD ON TH#*
■ R*l TR UOD* of ICRthi<l B* K. OR tb* TMTLIT
1 I'*TH DAY *f Jnim L*l RTD R <rd*F in Cmtf* CVMNTY,
i IN DWD HFA.K *'||" |RGR 424 M( . |!MH'D RRD <VTRTy*D
I T" WRI A TRMRRR RI<1 otfbtr* ITB right f FR*
, R*R, *R**T RIC! to dig. MIO* *DI < grry RTRGY
[ BROI or* UD mifirr)R.
Tnrm M* J KT>O TT on <"<*y of !*.
RET* to W.WIM*®R* I O'EBVF K. r M of RR> 1 4A R.
FNBIR R B OMFFT, 1 TLL .< 4>. lit NK Kb.
j 1 A le tter* T *DMLNT*trO I, NT. tb* e.lte „( sR„h
W'NITAM*, IMLOTRMI late of He11er,,,,!.. 4WE*MI. hat
ing BEEN (raalMl t- the IlerTGl,nl, all [ EREM. IN
•LET'ted to ANIA EEUTE *re t„ NK. [L uieuk,
AND thnee liertng RTAFM* agalnu the etiat. are RE
FLOATED t® pwnl thmi, dal; wtVntVatel. |er WD
lleinent. AIMVMKU'T.
ST-T. A.lifilti.tutw.
r:II|4RBTRt). gA.
llfw<t h..li an* | Afinj u a .toae r•*•■ Buß*
elml MaM.ltag ettarhed
Hurtif!/ Coylc's
Millinun-NU. r*.
A hat tlaa* Bmw Mealy fuUiket, *i*hltag
pd and ptw-a* aiwleratr 3T ||.