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    ®l)c Centre Ormocrai.
NHUGKRT & VAN OHM Kit, Editor*. ' AI
VOI/. ">.
(The Centre democrat.
Tnrma S l.&O oor Annum In Advance,
Tknrselay Morning, July 19, 1883.
Democratic Stato Convention.
The Douiocrotii ?Ule Cnt "tillon will meet in t'i
hottoe, llarriabarg, *o >V*ln< *Uy, Aug 1, tl
n. in., to it s% cumlt Ut* f r An Iltor . r.|
.1 it'l II . milliUte fir st iff Tn-HailfT. *nl t • ti.nw t
Mich oilier l#ulneM the roiiv.-ntioii limy let unit.
There will *l 1-e pr.- ntM *1" m- titl n *
resolution which liu I ♦•••u ml"| trl l> 'I" s t.*t>
liiittee, < Intuiting the rule* the { ;*rt> - at • fix j
the time of the anil (Ml ni< - f the Mate I intuit-
it 4|> in .on thu WednMltftJ o!t'r the tl.i ! M it j
•ley of J inuary, ineteud of tli tillIt! M nela> a* i w
Under the new rule\ f the party the r*pr - • • t
tion in the State Convention w ill I •> hy topr- - ntatHre j
delegatea from eiinting r*|>rMnUlm -Intro t -tir
for o*. Ii I.INK) Dem<K ratic vote* "-t t the lot • ! j
(tutorial election, or fori fract|.>n of !,•< Mich \ t • ,
nmounting to ur tnore ; l*t vithni that •< h repre
eentative diatrkt ahull hare at I *t one del- **t
There will he a meeting • t tin Ien r,iti State
Committee in llarrWburg on Tueaday July 31,t ►
p. tti.
J. It Ltcatr, Clerk. Chairman State Com.
Tin: Republican platform is a
weighty affair,ami will test the strength
and capabilities of Niles and Livsey
to hear up uuder the load until No
GEN. WEAVER, the leader of the
Greenbaekers in lowa, is iu the Held
as a candidate for Governor. <)f
course, he has no prospect of election,
hut may worry the Republicans, who
are considerably divided and disor
THE real estate taxable iu the Dis
trict of Columbia is estimated at \
000,000. The people of the I >istrict
and the National Government form a
kind of partnership, by which the lat
ter provides half the funds required to
carry on the District Government.
IT does look that way. flic editor
of a Wyoming newspaper says that
all talk about controlling the Mor
mons, is absurd. They are so well (
drilled and so thoroughly prepared for
resistance that it would he amusement j
for them to aninhilate the whole Fed
eral army.
MAYO, the Commander in charge
of the Norfolk Navy Yard, it appear-, j
has had his fingers so deep in Ma
hone's dirt pile during the late elec
tion, that very earnest demands are
made for his removal under charge of.
misappropriation of the public funds
and unwarranted colonization of vo
SENATOR lit rt.r.u of South Caro
lina, has paired with Senator Cameron
a- long as the latter may desire to re
main in Europe. A warm personal
friendship exsists between thc-e sena
tors, the origin of which is exceedingly
creditable to both, and fullv justifies
Senator Hutler in maintaining the
pair, however protracted.
THE New York World believes that
in theory the civil service reform
places the claim of women for office
upon an equably with the men, but in
practice the female applicant i crowd
ed out by the male striker. After one
or two more trials it is thought the
examiners will put this at the head of
the rules, "No women need apply."
that over #150,000 have been already
subscribed to a company organiz
ing in France for the purpose of
dredging the Red Sea to recover the
submerged chariots of I'baroah'* Ar
my. The undertaking looks decidedly
cranky, but there are those who believe
that great profits are to be derived
from the enterprise.
THE Democratic Congress will not
lose much time in arranging for the
redemption of the trade dollar, and
t those who arc able*"lo hold them
nhould not allow themselves to be
swindled by the present speculation of,
the sharks who have brought about
the depreciation for this purpose. This
trade dollar, the offspring of Repub
licati legislation, should never have
been authorized but when issued, ami
F put in circulation under its sanction
the government was bound in decency
to protect the people against the specu
lators, instead of facilitating their ope
rations by repudiating the currency,
as was done in this case.
Republican Convention.
i The Republican State Convention
was held on Wednesday of last week,
and resulted in the nomination of
William Livsey, of Pittsburgh, for
; Stato Treasurer, and Jerome 11. Nib s,
of Tioga, for Auditor < ieueral. 'I hose
were the state ring candidate,-, groom
ed and trained under llos.-es tjuav,
Magee ami Cooper, the acting agents
of the greut boss now in Europe. The
Independents are given a sop by the
nomination of Nile- merely u- a tonic
to strengthen the digestive organs of
i ...
.Stewart to put down his eli.-h of crow
with a straight face, while the Stal
warts hold the fort and retain control
of the party machinery. To say that
the notorious John Cessna was ehuir
mnn of the convention, is all that is
nece-sarv to mark its character and
the kind of proceedings and resolu
-1 tioiis to he expected. The most signi-
I Scant of tlu-e resolutions are as fol
lows :
First—Wo unqualifiedly approve and
demand the continuance of that system
of protection to homo industry which
! hit proved itself to be the basis of na
j tional independence, tho incentive to
j industrial -kill and development and
the guarantee of a Just and adequate
-cale of wages for labor, and we de
nounce all attempts to reduce the rates
of the tariff below the level which will
accomplish thee objects.
Second—That any surplus in the pub
j lie treasury arising from a redundant
i revenue should, after paying the nation
al debt as fast as its condition permits,
t>e distributed from time to time to the
several Stt-s upon the basis ~f popula
tion. to relieve them from the burden*
of local taxation and provide mean* for
the education of their people.
Third -That as the depreciated trade
dollar is locally in the hand- of our
laboring people and i- a disturbing ele
nient in the business of the country,
1 we declare it to tie the duly of I ongre -
to adopt such legislation a- will ensure
its full redemption and convers.mi into
| other coin for circulation.
The other resolutions, composing
, the platform, protest ngnin-t pauper
immigration ; endorse the administra
tion of President Arthur including of
course the coalition with Mabone rc
| pudiation and his forced n--e--nii nts ;
demand- continufd efforts for civil
service reform? pledge- the Repuhli
ican party to secure nee< --ary reforms
in the -tate government by legislation,
j and charges the Democrats with mak
i ing the extra se--ion of tlie legislature
necessary. All of which of course,
honestly given in good faith according
to Stalwart capability and randan
will he received by the | pie, with a
large degree of allowance, so far at
least n- they shadow Stalwart friend
ship for civil service reform and locate
the responsibility for the extra se--ion.
THE Democratic State Coiiventi >ti of
Virginia i- t ■he held at Lynchburg
>n the 2-" th in-t. Most of the dis
tinguished men of Uie state are to b"
members of this Convention, and the
citizens of Lynchburg are making ar
rangments to entertain them in private
houses, in regular "conference style."
This is a new and plea-ant departure
which will no doubt be appreciated by
the as-emblcd politicians, if not the
j hotel-.
GEN. H. F. HI TI.EII in accepting
honorary membership in the Jefferson
Democratic Association at York, Fa.*
in a letter addressed to Lieut. Gov.
Illack, it* President, says of the great
founder of the Democratic party, "To
no man does this country owe so much j
as to Jefferson. Hut for him our form ■
: of government would have descended
into a government of the few, which is
worse than an actual despotism, for in
that the |>eople have only to contend
with the vice, ignorance and extrava*
gatice of one tyrant, in a government of
the few the people have many tyrants
j to contend agninst, until they become
an intolerable burden, only to be re- i
moved through such a tremendous up- I
t iieaval as was the French revolution.
From this Jefferson's example mid
, teachings have thus far preserved us. j
j If the country wander* much farther
away from Jefferson's doctrines and !
the monopolies and special privileges
increase much more a despotism must
ho the result, if the people are not
obliged to appeal to other moans."
Tho Hypocrite Unmasks.
The mask which the Independent
; candidate for Governor wore last year
iu hi- -truggle with Seiiutor Cameron
l f<>r tho bo-ship of the Republican
i party, which lie coveted, has fallen,!
and lie now appear- in true character
—tin) mt'Ulie-t and 111 0.-1 contemptible
of the whole hutch of politieians who
"throw con-cieiice to the devil," in
i order to obtain annua political ad
vantage. Senator < 'amcron i- a hold,
! un-rrupulou- partisan leader, hut no
one will charge him of being a sneak
ing hypocrite. Hut St. wart i- without
! claim to dee, nt re-je-et from those lie
betrayed, leii-t of ail of the holiest
men who credited him with a sincerity
he did not posse--. The Philadelphia
A'< l'ord state- the case mildly, thus:
"Senator John Stewart i- beginning
. I
to cant once more about hi- conscience
and hi- lofty sense of public duty.
We suspect that < ielieral Heaver and
1 the rest of the Stalwart- have no more :
: faith in his prole—ions of superior j
political honesty now than they had a
year ago. In -pile of hi- pretensions,
the fact remain- that the Democrat-i
of the legislature have otii-ri 1 fair
terms of apportionment not only hut !
have made what would he regarded as
1 unwarrantable coiice—ions in other
cireuni-tance-. Hut iu lh ir extreme
I de-ire to comply with the mandate of
the Constitution, and to nib ve tin
people of the -liameful g. rryruamh r
fastened on them ten year- ago, th
I •eniocrat- haveg. tie In yond the limit
of equal ap|H>rtionm nt. They have
yielded to the Republicans, a- the re
cord show-, greater representation in
I Cong re— and in the state legislature I
than their opponent* are entitled to in
any- jut di-trihution iu accordance ;
' with party strength. Hut their projs>-
-ition-ar- rejected Ixeans. tiie Repub
licans are iu the enjoyment and j---
i se-.-iou of a roost di.-hom -t gerryman
der, the advantage- of which they arc
it'-olvcd k> keep. That is the prcci-e
meaning of the apportionment contro
versy at llnrrishurg, and no amount
of protestation on the part of Mr.
Stewart and his lndeqcndent as-ociote
wil 1 obscure it from the people of
Pennsylvania. The pnrti-an motive
aml aims of tlie Stalwarts and Inde
jx iidentA are m arly the same. (>n
the part of the Stalwarts it ha- long
In - n inculcated that any undue ad
vantage- in making an apportionment
i- within the bound* of legitimate
party warfare. Tlicy Construct fraud
ulent gerrymander* of representation
because they believe ami i xj>ect that
tho Democrat* would do the same
thing on the first favorable oppor
tunity. The Inde|>endenU>, on the
other hand, make louder profession*of
political decency, hut iu their greater
narrowne— ami more intense partisan
bigotry they think they are doing the
state si rvice by any art that would
le--on the representation of the Demo* j
crats in Congress ami the state legisla- j
tore, and thus diminish Democratic
[tower for mischief. Willi tliem the !
lend sanctifies the means. Ilcncct
marching from different standpoint*
the Stalwarts and Independents of the
Senate come together in support of the
existing gerrymander and in opposi
tion to any honest plan of apportion
ment that threaten* it. With both
1 wing* of the reunited faction* the
! obligation to ol>cy the Constitution
must yield to the interest* of party."
THE legislature of New Hampshire j
which for some week* ha* been in a
dead-lock against the re-election of
Rollins to the Unite*] Btatcs Senate,
are apparently quite as much divided
a- at the commencement of the strug
gle. Rollins has retired and the effort
is made to rally the disorganized par
ty on Secretary Chandler of the Navy,
hut the name of thi* distinguished radi
cal wire-puller docs not *eem to har
monize worth a cent, and it is proba
i hie he in turn will be driven to the
A Vory l'rotty Arrangement.
The candidates on the Republican
state ticket, remark* tho Hurri-hurg
I'alriot, were chosen through the j>< r-
SIIIIHI exertion* of M. S. Quay ami
I Chris. Magee. Mr. Nilet wai selected
j for Auditor General because he i-a
corporation man ami soil- and
because as the inventor of John I.
Mitchell it was supposed by tin I -
lie would he able to reconcile the in
dependent vote.
Mr. Livsey was forced upon tin
convention because lie i- tie p< r.onal
and confidential r< presentutiv
Chris. Magee. He ha- no qualifica
tion for the office of State Tp a-uter
not po--i -id by a tic nsnml other
competent cll rk-, hut lie la- In en
trained iu the methods which the peo,
| pie condemned at last fall's e]e< tion
i and the bo.--i - are resolved that those
; method.- -hall he continued iu tin- inam
agrnit nt of the state finauci -.
While the Humes funding act will
cut off the opportunity for hanker
like Magee to use the surplus in the
-inking fund for private gain, the gem
1 eral treasury fund still remain* for
deposit in such bank- as the state
tnu-iirer may designate. Hence tie
anxiety of Mr. Magi e for the nomina
tion of Livsey. The matter i- simply
one of dollar- and cent- with the Pitt--
I burgh political hanker. IF i- nt
ready to di.-gorge the state nion< v on
dejiosit in lus hank ami means to hold
on t i it if pi --ilile f r tw o y> ars 1 tiger
frorn the tir-t Monday of next Mav.
Hut the other hankers who imw have
-tate depo-its can l<Kk out for them
-ilves when Mr. Magee'* 10-s of tin
sinking fund deposit i- to !• made
giKwl out <d* the general fund.
It come- to about this, then, that
H"-- will run the corfKiraliona
ot the state through hi* auditor gen
eral, Mr. Nile-, and ]{ Magee will
e introl the state deposit* through hi
per-onal rejiresentative, Mr. I.ivw v,
in the state department : alway- |>r -
vided the people give their a- ent to
thi* nice little arrangement hetwun
the Ix-ses, at the poll- next Noveniher.
Thus the jair-e of the state and the
|e,wir of the < rporations would 1'
unite*] in the hand* of the bo-ms in
I'-Ht lor the election of a legi-lature
to return < ameron or hi* [H r-onal
legatee t the United Stati - -i nate.
Df course every anti < ameron Repub
lican in the state wili Ik> so enamored
of this programme that lie will throw
: up hi- lint nml slmut for Nile- and
: Livsey.
Till New rk Her '</-ay- n broad
smile will ripple over the country, a
ev< ryl< dy r< ml* that the P> niuylvaiiia
Republicans have declared for "a dis
tribution of the surplus revenues."
The Republicans having for many
year- enjoyed a monopoly of the pub
lic revenut* ought to be satisfied, but
it seem* they are not, and now want a
j gift of what they failed to steal.
THE New York Sun generally talk
plainly ami to the point. Giving it*
views in a recent issue of the unenvia
ble |>o.*itioii of Senator Stewart it say*
"John Stewart wa a gallant and able
leader of the bolt which liberated
I Pennsylvania from the thraldom of
the ring*. What ha* he seen to cause
him repentance, and induce him to
crawl hack to the loathsome embrace
! from which he broke with so much
apparent horror. He admits that Pat- ,
tison is pure, that hi* administration
is above reproach, and that if it fails
in any important particular it will he
for lack of majority in the two houses
of the I/cgislature. Mr. Stewart'* idea
of reconciliation is a very remarkable \
one. Wc do not believe it extends to
the file of his party. The voter* who
made the triumph of reform |x>s*ihle
lost year will continue in an attitude
which will make it possible agaiu.
And this is as true of New York a* it
is in Pennsylvania. If the Democrats
give us honest government in the
States, they wili have an opportunity
of giving an honest government in the
TKH.WN: $1.50 per Amiuni,in Alliance.
A i oRKi.-foNin Ni <d the Timet
writing from Wilkcsharrc under date
of the loth i list., says: "A writer in
the A'• u ' 1 Unit e of to-day who claims
j to he on intimate term* with ex-Gover
nor Hoyt, deelarcs that the ex-
Governor will not iiarmoni/.e in the
. coming camjiuign, and that the day i
not fur distant wheu lie will cast his
ballot for Democratie candidates. '*
I lie publication of the -tatemenl add*
the correspondent, "ha.- created quite
' a -i nsalioii among the polite iam
; here."
<>l TOM TIM MI; DI.AII. < harle
11. Stratton, b< tt< r known to the pub
lie a- i ii-ueral 1 in Thumb, died at bis
re-idence in Middleboro, Ma--., on
Sunday last of appoplexv. H<- wu
•lightly indi-p -ed !i,r a li w day-, but
nothing -< rb u- wu.- apprehended, and
hi- sudden d< nth was a great surprise
t i his family and friend-. He wa- a
native off ■nueetieut, and almut F>
years of age. At the age of 1 1 the di
minutive (ii :n ral appean d be! re the
public under tlm direct; >n of Mr. liar
mini, and ha* t mtioued to h Id hi.-
levn - and entertainrai nt- ever since.
IF- leave- a rnigit widow, Minnie War
ren, to whom he wa* married in l H ').'b
and an • -tale valued ut COII.IMMJ,
Tin civil service regulation* went
intoeffi-it OQ Monday last. It i- said
that the administrate u, who claims to
favor civil -• rviee reform, ha- bun
preparing ft this < vent f>r some
we. k-, and has made all the ehang' -
and supplied all the vacaucie- in the
DE|iartmeiit. a: Wa-hingtori, and i! •
where, which it i- alleged amount t >
five • r -ix liundrt*d. - • that none of the
hundreds of candidate* Ix'.ingexamiu l i !
under the civil -ervice rule- fir posi- ;
tion- will he- needed now or in the near
futenc. It will 1H- .- rue gratification
how. ve r, to thi- horde of capable*, to j
know that the ir name- ar>- on the civil
service roll, subject to call, if death j
should remove a deqmrtment *' '
and make a vacancy.
lit u- the recently appointed In
ternal Revenue Commissioner ha
pr ve d a failure, if not a f J. About
the 1 tir-t thing he did wa- to re-move a
couple of competent and experience*!
clerk- against whom no ohjex'tion
were made and supplied their placers
by two wh > had he. n removed for in
eonij* tency by hi* pre*le-e. -sor. Next
In demand* the rcsignati .11 of ..ne of
In-appointee-, Revenue Agent H >r
ton, of Boston, accuseel of taking
, bribe, not hee-ause he Indieve-el tin
charges, hut Iwcause. it would he- in
convesnient t>. have to investigate ail
the- charge- of the bribery and eorrnp
tiem re-ported to him, Mr. Heirtoti
ele-cline l to r<-ign, alleging that he
could not "afford to lost' both hi* char- j
actcr and Ins office without a strug
gle. The e-onimi—ione r revoked hi
SI N A TOR WAEI.ACK says the Phila
delphia lieeonl, was much censured
bv some of his friends for a *}>oech
which he made in Industrial Hall, in
thi* city, last October. Mr. Wallace
very plainly asserted that the leader*
of the Independent revolt werono Iw t
ter than their Regular opponents, and
that they had no higher political aims,
to judge from their act* anel public
declaration*, lie said they were fight
ing only for their share of the spoils,
anel if they obtained control of the
i Republican organization in Pennsyl-!
vania they wouhl tice-d cjuite as much
; watching as the Regulars. Recent
events in the Pennsylvania Senate fully
vindicate) Senator Wallace's stipe rior
political sagacity. It wiP> take sharp
optica to discover the difference be
, '.ween stalwart* an<l lode[ieneleata in
the Senate when it comes to viedating
the eNimmand of the Constitution and
chelating the Democrat* in the matter
of ap|M>rtionnieut. Tlie only difference (
i* that tho Independent* put on a show (
of conscience and virtuo to cover their ,
partisan unfairness*, while the Kegu- ,
lars frankly aelmit that they have a <
foul aeivantage, and that they mean t
to keep it.
NO. 28.
i ill. cituution at I Jiirri-burg in un
iliaugiil. i lit-.Stalwart* of th: s-Oiiato
•till stand to tin '.r original fiurp>o*i: to
[ircvi lit tin ja - ag'- o£ anything like
a fair, cjiiitablo apportionment. Hold
ing tin outrag' hj- gorrymand' r which
they have cnjoyi <i for ten yeam jia.-l
the Stalwart council 1< lermiued before
the master bos-sailed for liurojn-, that
no hill -liotihl | a - that would not
yii Id tlio came unjust and unmanly
party advantagi Thin is the motive
which ha- governed the course of the
radial- -ince the meeting of the legis
lature in January ia-t. With the
1 ><-iii urate a fair apportionment is a
'pt'-ti a of principle, as well a- the
right el r. jin -en tat ion, and whatever
the < on-i-ijui on-, they dare not yield
the rights of the people they represent,
to the unprincipled minority who
happen unfortunately to have a con
trolling vote in the senate. After
offering every concession possible to
decency and honor, the appeal of the
I>• lII' , rat- to the pe oplc of the state
will not I" unheard in tilling disap
proval of tin- treachery and disregard
ot the constitutional obligation of the
-talwart radicals of the senate of
All Sort-.
I.ngliih csp.tal to the amount of $3O,
Ok 1,(100 was invested in American cattle
ranch'-- last year.
It is said that 2.450 watches are man
ufaetured in this country every working
day in the year.
If ratio Seymour ha* in his library an
. i deed showing that Washington once
peculated in Mohawk Valley land.
Angels visit* would not l>e half so
welcome to the Kay Stato Republicans
; a* the rising up of "the man to beat
Pen I'.utler."
lix "-enator Mcl'onald is a member of
the Second Presbyterian church, In
lianapmhs. and a liberal contribitor to
all religious objects.
Prince Jerome Napoleon is trying to
• -I.'- friends with the I'ope. He is
•< iv to l>e ail things to all men, but he
i p.refer to bo Kmpieror to the
I u dl.
I-r. J. M. Kendrick and J. M. Trotter,
Indianapolis, have left for Kurojie to
.. after the interest of the Trotter
heirs. The alleg. 1 value of the estate
is al>out f200,0* 1.000.
A delegation from Trie. I'a., headed
by Representative I'rainard called on
the President yesterday to urge him to
make a change in the office of Collector
of Customs for that District. Mr. Pan
is the p.resent incurntsent.
I'r. Mary Walker has received notice
(rom the Commissioner of Pensions that
her servii-eare not required. She is at
•ent on h wo, Imt -he lia- written to the
Commissioner that she will appicar at her
desk, notwithstanding her dismissal.
Senator I.ogan has lieen silent for
some weeks. We do not know how
long a time is required to hatch a boom,
but the country is momentarily expect
ing the Senator to complete the process
of incubation and let the boomlgt be
gin to grow.
There are four generations, each well
represented, in the reigning families of
the Herman and Pritish Umpires. The
little pwince born the other day to a
young son of the Crown Prince is a great
grandson of ( % >ueon Victoria as well as
of Kmperor William.
<'oloncl Wil ism C. (toodloe. who vu
recommended for appointment to the
vacant revenue eollectership in Ken
lucky, declined the office for the rea
son that he was expected to restore har
mony in the Republican party, not only
in his district but throughout the State.
Reports from the cattle regions of
Texas say that careful estimates place
the number of cattle driven up the
trail from thit section at 600,0tt0 bead,
an increase of 250,000 over that of last
year. The bulk ol the cattle will (HI
driven to Kansas, Nebraska, and the
| Western Territories.
Wawixgtox .Inly 13.— Within a few
daya a large reduction will be made
in the force at p-reaent employed in
the census bureau. This reduction ia
made necessary by the insufficiency
of the appropriation for the current fit
cat year and because the preaent force
cannot be profitably employed ia eon
tinning the work which to to