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    fP )t Centrr Ormocrat.
SHI GKHT \ VAN OHM Kit, Kill tors.
She tfttttrc jSlwwtvat.
S. T. SHUQERT 4 J. R. VAN ORMER, Ed.tor..
Thursday Mornintr, June 7, 1883.
Centre County Democratic Com
mittoo for 1883.
MUTAICT. I***'- P. O. ADtiaiS.*.
tlellrfout* N. W J. \\. K'illln* H. SI-foiitt*.
•• S. W. ... Clin*. Hniith "
•• W. W. 8. A MiQnutkm 14
ll.wanl borv. Ira C. L.*thr l|.wnrl.
>1 " Jim"* I' June* >I!l"lmrg.
Mill!i*ira •• K. I'.Muwr... Mtllhrhu.
Phllipabnrg tW. C.Q Hrlltigi i Pb | u |
V W. SI HohroMt ....
•• ;i W. A. V t'irpnl-r .
t!n(onvltl bnru. I\ J. M l rial I IVming,
Hnn#r twp. . Wm. !#hlr Bdlrfontc.
li.-tit* twp. Frank T. AIIHIUH Mil***J'irtf.
lturnl<le twp llonrjr Me*kr Pln Oltuti.
Uollrg* twp. .1 hn lb*| l.fiu -itt.
Curtln Iwu. John Mr( l*k>-v K -ni-'U.
Ferguson O. P J. T MrConnick . • '••llpkp.
N p L W Walker K*n k Spring
Ore*# S. 11.I 1 . John COdrun hpritiK Mill*.
S i\. w m I xm fanner Mill*
ll iinn K. r I. B. StoTf-r Woodward.
\V . |. <;. Iltiwor \ irt.rißl lirn.
Rftlf Moon v|.. J II OrlfllQ 81 rmaf • n
llarri* twp I) W Meyer .BoaUliur^.
11->v%%r<l Iwp. John Glenn II<wa*l.
llimton twp, John Q Mil.* Julian.
Liberty twp. . Jrn* I' Linn BUr. hard.
Morion Iwp, JJ H \ Wolliar,
Mile* twp. Kill* K. Chafer Madi*•! urg.
Patton twp. . A(cn w MhrnJr Film r.
Penn twp. |. 11. f*toer tVlun
Putter N P. D. J. M. ver iVntre Hull
•* ?. p. ..8 untie) Black T. - • eyi 111
K )"h S.P William Cnllen PhiUpahurff.
<4 P. .i T Kfi rlj Bandjr R
Srtow Shoe twp. Win It Ilayne* >n * Bno-
Bprllftg tVA J. | IJ. II • ! h.B
T*>l>r twp. . Hepl iirn Bl"W. r F w|. r*
Union twp. 8. K Kmertrk Fleming
WalkT twp loeepk taartek Httblereburg
Worth twp. M.S. SpotU .Port MallMV
MU. MKKRICK is still speaking in
the star route ca-en. lie is making
an exhaustive anil telling argument
against the defendants. It is believed
the ease will be given to the jury this
A CI.EARFIKI.I) county exchange
nominates Senator Wallace for the
I'residency. Well, trot him out. We
vote, Aye! He is the equal of the
best, and u head and shoulders above
many seriously urged.
THE colored voters of Crawford,
Mercer, McKean, and Ve
nango counties, are to meet in conven
tion at Oil City, on the 21th in-t., for
the purpose of considering various
questions atlecting the interests of tin ir
THE strike of the iron worker- in
Pittsburgh, which for some week
seemed inevitable, ha- fortunately for
all parties as well as fur the business
of the country, been averted, and
peace and harmony i- assured between
the employers and employed by volun
tary agreement.
QUEEN VICTORIA, has knighted a
Mr. Cameron of New York. Now
that her majesty's attention has been
directed to the merits of the Cameron
family, it i- to he hoped -lie will >t
overlook our Don, of the Pennsylvania
elan, now temporarily sojourning in
her dominion.
MORMON Converts are pouring in
from England and other foreign coun
tries by the hundreds. Their mission
aries are very active and are rushing
in the ignorant and helpless victims
unconscious of the doom that awaits
them eventually in the nefarious prac
tice of pologomy, now declared unlaw
ful in the I'nited States.
THE bill giving full license to de
stroy the sparrows, has passed both
houses and will become n law if
the Governor approves it, which we
hope he will not do. The miserable
war urged upon these interesting little
birds, is a small business, to say the
least of it, and should not have re
ceived the approbation of grave leg
THE friends of the free pipe hill,
after several years of effort, were suc
cessful on Friday last. The hill was
finally passed in the House and sent
to the Governor for approval. The
anti-discrimination hill also passed on
Friday, and the oil men are now
happy. They have made a long and
earnest struggle for both of these
THE Ilarrisburg T>U<iraph thinks
that no office holder, Federal, Htatc or
municipal should be a delegate to the
Republican Htatc convention. The
Ttlrr/raph must le a reform orgau
now, else it would not desire to lmnish
the old guard who have made the Re
publican nominations heretofore under
the direction of the bosses. The office
holders will be there all the same,
YKNTEKIAY the Legislature of
Pennsylvania, after an extended ses
sion reaching to one hundred and fifty
days, the extreme limit to which il
could be extended with pay to the
members, adjourned, tin- (If, leaving
some of the most important business
of the session 111 an unfinished state.
To the members of the House, the
people of the state are indebted for
considerable reformatory legislation,
which would no doubt have lieen great"
ly cxteuded only fur the settled dc
temi nation of the majority of the
Senate by factious expedients, to delay
the transaction of all business. The
object of this course, munifc.-t from the
first, was to throw over to the Inst
moment, consideration of the several
apportionment hills to district the state
—in accordance with the mandates of
the Constitution into equal, fair dis
tricts, and then eventually to burden
the hills with such objectionable party
| features, that 110 new apportionment
could be agreed upon by the House m
approved by the Governor. The base
: majority controlling the Senate want
ed no other apportionment than the
j shameless and unjust gerrymander
I forced by the same machine party
; management upon the jxople ten year
■ ago. It furnishes them an untair eon
trolling advantage, which they seek to
! retain even at the expense <>t honor,
aud the oathes they have taken as
i representatives. The I'atrial referring
' to the purpose of the stalwart- to tie
! fiat the pas-age of fair apportion
ment bills remark-: "If no legisla
tive apportionment lie made at the
i pre-ent session of the legislature, not
I only will the coustitutiuii he violated
1 hut the p- q>le will he -win 11- 1 " it of
j their ju-t representation in the legi-ia
' ture. F r . xample. Is Hanoi i unty, '
! under the present app >rti nment, i- '
given a senatur. 1 n<h r the <. n-m of
i 1 s *o it is not entitled to -eparate rep
resentation in tli" s< nate. Take a
another instance, the county of < lear- j
field. That county, under the pn -■ nt
apportionment, is given one repre-en* j
tative. I lid- r the • n-u of I*sii it i
entitled to just double that iuim '! i. i
The inequality - of the pre-entnntp t or
tionment are thus made clearly matii
' fe-t. Yet, because the republican
senate i- r -olved to maintain an un- i
i due party a Ivantage, the |H .pie of the
state are to lie denied a re-apportion
j ment which would giv thiu equal j
: representation. If the republican par- !
ty can al!ird to take th- re-p n-ihility i
for Mich an outrage on the right- ot j
the people, let them answer to it, i
Tin Washington /'<>.' remarks,
"One of the weakest member- of a
'.Senate almost phcnominally weaki 1
say- that 'the disastrous free trade
principles of the Democratic party
have been sufficiently illustrated by
the recent reduction of the tariff, and
the workman i- looking for the cause."
The new tarill liill is not a Democratic '
structure. It i- the great work of a
Republican < 'ongn -s, and the Repub
lican parlv i- fairly entitled to all the
honor or reproach thnt may come of
if. Hut the present troubles of tin
workingmcn have not grown out of
the new tariff, as they very well know.
The decline of the iron business would
have come just as soon and would
have been felt just as severely had
' there been no taritF legislation during 1
| the la-t session of Congress. There
has been enormous over-production in
the trade, caused by the immense de
mand for iron in IXBO and IXBI, and
| the only remedy for it is suspension of
production. The crash of 1X73 and
the ruin that followed came on the
country under the benign influences of
the war tariff. The glut front which
! trade is now suffering came under the
same tariff. And so long as, by taxa
tion of rnw material, wc make our
products so costly that we cannot sell
them in competition with the products
of other countries, we shall lie con
fined to the home market, and our
mills must lie regulated by the home
demand. "y
.IriK.i, K C 1.1.1 v, tin' veteran Con
gressman, uho-e health is in a very
precarious state, Bailed lor Kurope on
Saturday last from New York. He
fore leaving he said to a Tthgrnm
reporter: "I was accompanied la-re
this morning by my son and hi- wife,
and I have just reached the ship. I
have probably said 'good-by' to them
for the last time. Should 1 live I -hall
return next October. It i- not my in
tention to go beyond the Briti-li Isles.
My physicians recommended tin- trip,
l-'or many years I have suffered tin
torments of the damned, during the
past fourteen months 1 have known
nothing whatever of the | ditical
world. , 1 was kept in scr|u-ion and
not even permitted to sec tuy two i
ters, wh i cume long distances t-.
me. 1 hi- sear tell- part tie- -tory
pointing to a mark on tin- ri.rht < heek,
which extended from tin- m nth to the
<ar . The Hurgtons pcrformetl an
operation to remove a tumor. I •-•
capt-tl with my lit- , and that i- all. 1
dreaded to have home, but (lied -'-tors
insisted, and tin y s> ml with ne- this
ladv, who i.- an e\|M-rieiic I -urgi-al
nurse. I have i t been j rmitt >1 t i
see a new-paper, and know as littb
about tin- ptiliiieal is.u< - of tie day a-
Ido about atliiirs in I'alcutta. 1 am
so \M ak thnt 1 bt gtobo • xcu tl I: tin
talking any tn rt
II u:v Mtli < "t.i i '.I ha- tn.i b: it
a rule -d' that institution to c.-iift r the
degree of I'ic: r of Law- upon all
the ( governor's of Massachusetts. Bat
II 1". 1 fuller, pr .hahlv t • I -t in
formetl and greatest lawyer of them
all, stepped into the t l air of State in
defiance of tin ari-toi ratic pr• ><-1 ivi
ties of Harvard and the Republican
party, made the mle somewhat ineon
venient at thi" time. Tln-y hatl ; >
confer the degre.- i;j u <n- tiny dis
liked,and one wh did not i n- al hs
coDtempt of them, or hteak the sue
j ee.-.ion of governnu ntal doctor.-. Th< v
| hr"ke it, however, t - the great d> light
: 1 tuth r who liad already nchi- veda
' standing a- a lawv< r which hut few
itiieuirjual. IF-claims that their f ily
i and stupidity i etjual to 'J I >,O'M• vot -
fir his party.
<oi n'< It. 151 TI i lowa, wa • visit'd
"ti Saturday i v- ning la-t by a heavy
rain storm, < r water-spout, which last
-1• d from '• o'clock to during
which time it d--tr.v-d the new opera
house which had reached about fifty
f' -t in course of construct! n : nil the
I bridges, including two -t ne hril.:>-
wbicli alone eo-t >2O,"'HI. Ilumlreds
j of familit - living adjacent to the creek
were driven from tin ir homes and
• many houses were more or 1< -< dam
aged. In many ca-cs the furniture in
the houses is a total I"'". A immlier
■it liou-es wo re dashed to piece* as
they fl ated off. One heavy iron
bridge, with a fifty foot span, was car
i rii I a distance of more than two
blocks, and its heavy iron girders
and stringers wi re Ixnit and warp* da*
if they wo rewire ropes. The damage
is estimated at eight hundred thous
and dollars.
Tut completion of the big bridge
uniting N. w York and Brooklyn, has
raised the question as to how* these
cities should he designated in the fu
ture. The New Yorkers claim that
Brooklyn shall he called "Last New
York," while the Brooklyn people de
run ml that New York shall he known
ns "West Brooklyn." The name for
the united cities suggested hy the
Philadelphia /Vest "Sodom and Go
morrah," might not he an inappropri
ate settlement of the controversy.
IT is expected thnt the Prisident
will have a red-hot fight with officials
and other interested parties before he
carries out his contemplated reduction
of the Revenue districts. It is bound
to come, and no one knows better than
the President that if his parly is to
reap any lienefit from the reduction
demanded hy the poople, action upon
his part roust lie prompt and vigorous.
i- I'm rotts iiti i i.i:! Talinagc say
y that the lute war was four years of
n hell let loose. Judge Kelh-y chiitns it
was four years of glory ami "vindi
cated the tariff."
'' Put. \ AM>I itvooi:T,commander
in-chief of the Grand Army of the
I Republic, in his report shows that in
II the first six months of his adrninistra
'' tioti, to Dec. .'II, IHB2, there was an
•* | increase of l.'ffiO posts and
members. Since Feb. I, 1 xx:l, 'jnj
'• post- have h' en chartered in Kansas,
e j Nebraska, Michigan, Illiuoi-, New
c j \ ork, I )hio and Pennsylvania.
'! ■ 11 i- -aid of Pre i"hut Arthur that
, !he is not a eamliihu- fur r < h-ctiori,
and looks forward with intense long
ing to the time lie can lie released
from the n spon-ibilitic* of hi • pre • nt
accidental jiositiou. I hi- may he true
"d Arthur—a- a man lie may he so
{exceptional a- to 1 ■ • eccentric, hut few
11 men have filled the exalted office he
now occupie- who sighed : r retire
ment at the end of his first term. Ar
thur i- a -ly and adroit politician, and
. the apparent imliih nno probably
hide- a cono ah-d wire to he pulled at
' ' the proper m -U.< tit.
IMI yearly meeting of the Friends
, in New York lias devil j" 1 tie fact,
, after slrb t inquiry into the moral
standing of every Friend within the
large territory under i: juri-lietion,
t that only two | --r- n- in the < nne< -
1 t; n had IK - U derelict in paying their
1 business J, |,t*. 'f|,,. official ie|ort
f j says that tltesc delinquents l av- In • u
• admonished and punished. Professions
t ;of faith a! tn- will let -a'i-fy tl
i honest (Quaker, remark- the N- w Y : k
s Ile y hei;i ve- tie r- in deed- than
I in word-, and require that a man
should be nl>ove all upright in fi
, dealings with hi- fellow men.
< "mi i mm i- made that the < i v
ern r wrong-sl a worthy da-- f j
ph' wn. n 111 vet • 1 a hill t give t
landlords, r< -taurant and b ardii g.
IMUSC k" eper-, in nddit: II t tie lien
' upon the haggag of :h> ir gu< nl
n.-uly preivid-sl f--r, a summary lien
upon all their pr ;-r ty. We-., no
I I reason why this daao should be pre*
I. rr-i ovt r other creditors. Th< v< an
I and do require from strangii- who
ap|>cnr without baggage, advatu pnv
rneiit and tie- -• wh . hav- tuini-h
security when they deposit it The
veto of the Governor was both judi
-1 eious and proper.
Till mw I'o-:ni.iter <ien- ral, Mr.
Graham appears to be acquainting
, himself with the general w rking of
his department, and n* a result finds
I that many of the officials are holding
. the oflces only fir the emolument" it
( affords, leaving the duties ti be per
, formed by clerk-, cheaply hired, while
they employ their time in other voca
t t; ti" He ha therefore i-sued an or
. der requiring j o-tmaste: sof the first
( and second class to giv personal at
tention to the business of their offices,
and not to absent themselves the refrom
without permission of the department.
This order, if carried out, will he in
convenient to many stalwart editors
and nllow them !rs time for personal
, labor in the political field, setting up
the stakes of corrupt politics.
SIJIK of the newspajK-rs arc Insist
ing our fellow townsman, Hon. P.
t j Gray Mock, for State Treasurer. Gray
has made a good record a- a financial
' reformer of the House of Repr* -entn
1 tive.s in which his economical manage
ment has saved many thousands to the
' State, lie seems to be the "right man
' ; in the right place," where leaks and
peculation need control, and if we
controlled parly machinery we would
be disposed to locate him, and bring
■ j to the front that vigorous and talented
' | young Democratic reformer, W. I*,
j llcnscl, of Lancaster, as n candidate
for State Treasurer. With the ability
to interpret the laws and indepen
-1 dcnco and honesty to see they arc not
infringed and the State robbed, we
would make a combination at two ex
posed points that legislative thieves
would be loth to assault.
Additional Locals.
' ! SM KI 111 NO fill JiM'CM.II.'A N OvXK
' ' K KII <ll i'ooll I'l I i nil. lll l'll'l
j Tfio following card n< < <i n< < iplsiiatiori:
Tli < Mcpt-inlitiir') for keeping the poor
j 'pie ot Iti-llefoiito fo- the iii"i.;l l May,
Ml" il.t ' •Ill*'. nr h I, til un'l t' it 1 ■ \tnr •.
This nun ho lu>i< nut ol < iothing, pro
! \ ii-ioiis ami fuel.
I .J. M KILL II 1.1 K, <h ■ / srr.
1 A I>i". '.l i; I'AKTV. —On Monday even
-1 ing Nellie, the yoirige-t <ld of -Mr.
' ' i urey, i f the ci')ehral< 1 the
I third anni . • r-ary • f ).< r I irth lav hv p;iv
ing a few of th' friend- < f the fuin.iy a
■ ,iehr <7is h< i . f,t. The entertainment wis
I in; '• h i otnplete, r-ir; tir. •"1 i<".
ream, (lit. o fruit, delici'.u <uk- and
t many . ther g- I thin:-- iaintoy erved
by the weet little girl her-i! \V trust
tl.e pi a ar.t time -f • lay -vrr, : may
I ' I e 1 .t ari augury of tin- many ha; j v m-&-
, -..il in u.ore fur the parent* ol little Neil.
L an I ). pe the bright '■ id < f | r mi-e may
• mature an < rnami: I ar . h Mr.
' and Mr l ur.-y in after y<-ar
-u. fu it il iin M nday, L'i-tuflim >,
llarry ■ , i i<vt a■ I Marian fay 1 r,'if
" tl.i- ' a -'.'a - ., at \ae -,-
i kriivc -ar : • th< 'at i. , I Ipo *-
, ire ! I.r- ;; J !. .t <lay the w rk ■ t
died after mfToririginU-nie pain.
I" r Marry A", jr.*.- "• t : - I y, i
al ut IT y<ar, f g J heart nr I lr -ngly
| devoted t . those wh > ue 1 him kindly, he
■ lil we are in the rnid-t <f d< ath. If - re
i la- k-i i Ail the arrangement- {- r the
grai i M.• al .I .to 1" hi •• at •i.nr
gr i . .1 ir.e Ik'tn, I :th, 1 Ith a- I 1 Mh. are
now n.j .' t- I A • ; ..f nr hut, ir< i
v. < - l.a• I•en t r-.-anil.w.thfa.r j r -
p" I "! wi ing the nurnl" rto < ght hun
dr. 1, ui .< r tr. • eiiiinerit .eaderrhip of 1)*.
\V <" Perkin <>f New >rl. The f> I
-1 w ,r. • • • Artist* aV f. efl engaged
I'r f. \S a ter Kir.er*";,, the J'ru. e of ('or
tietit, w;!| l.n jr. ent on Tu- -day and
W'-ir. - iay day ar I . v-r.in • I'r f Iljf
-1 n I'biladf lph.s, .' rtn< rlv of L r.d n.
day a ! wuil al-r. -h the a;.,or <• with
l.i* Cr- I with M ven Ait |'a ng th" ,
t ur part* at one sr.d tl ■ rsu-< tim- Helen
I M Car: r. Mr K< a- 1 Mr
• ti*t. | rotent a.i Mr. Sh' jar! of
II -to:.. • 1 I'r '. W T M.-yer, w.U pre
ri le rer tw" K nabe ( re ert (-rand I'isn< •
May. ar. 1 aireadv TJ lis- 1 have r 1 id
the ( mmitteo - ! their intent "ii t<i be
; j refftit
Kxcur* n T ket< 1 n all the IUU-,
j i a 1 lending t ■ S'-lmfgr >vo.
Excellent ae, . .tr.rn iti• ■ ru at ], w- rat< *
at the II • r ] rivate fa- . •
<' :>< "ft* *■ .ii f •i to nt - and s
fervid feat f ogle admi-- n -0 cents.
U'-'ervrd S nit k'-'i cent* extra.
A* KM -i"-! HK-IM •- r —Mr..I. Cal
vin Harper. | r -thori- tary, with hi* inter
-1 r-ting family will tr, v- into hi* uipcrb
new rf-.d-nre, on e**t Linn street on
July I, and will then 1-e fixe-1 an-l •holter.
<■l urefer hi* - wti vine ar. 1 fig tree in a
•ly,. * ilt n.t.e-f ar-v of tl. "-wh -
splendid plac * adorn that tre.-t from one
end to the other. In the selection of the
rite Mr llarj-or ha* displayed g" ' l '.arte,
: and in the external and interior arrange- j
ment* ha* been in<(l fortunate. The
building i" a ma*ive throe *lorv *tlucture
| of pre*be<l hriik. iurrunlel by a pa< iou*
yard and supplied with what will without
doubt prove a valuable and pro luclive
garden. Water and gas have been taken
to every r mi, grates will bo ufed instead
of stoves, while the halls and vertebulo*
will le warmed by heaters, bath rooms,
water closet*, pantry* an.f many n "**ary
adjunct* have been thought of and sup
plied. The rooms are large, airy and ar
ranged with a special view to insure the
greatet possible amount of comfort. Mr
1 llarpier is undecided as to the location of
his choice and select library but is in
clined to select the room in the upper
southwest corner from which he will have
an unobstructed view of Niltany valley j
for many miles, nnd at the same time K"
cure the retirement so often needed.
We congratulate Cal upwn the tureen*
that ha* attended hi* effort* during the
few years he has been among u, and hi* j
ca*e furnihe an example worthy the em
ulation of young men, who mean business ,
and have the tUmlna to e it through.
—The borough authorities should pre
vent recklessly fast driving within the
borough limit*.
TKJt.WN: per Annum,in Alliance.
JI uii.fcit m ik, Anthony Carver i
hnvir •11 -] .r:t < f v.pri voment, and Jut
ting hi- viow int'. fun-n, i< busy beautify
ing h: n'w ho.oe, For a few weeks a
■'■rp of engineer wcr. buftily engaged m
vi> •• .rv yir.g a railr ad route.
Iwo i w-ro run, one on oik:h tide of
us. Two week* ago John iJecfcer, wife
ami child left for 1 Connor, e, Vff|lQlA, to
pay their 'n, J.jmund, a xi-.t The
Kof-rrn' 1 i • n lately gave their
etiureh a thnrou Ti <■!■ lining A large
iw '-rnhly wo- [ r. out, - inday a week, to
witne- the inj ii - . f th< .-Tiju- rtown new
Kvangehcal Lutheran church. JS'-v. Zim
ri.'Tinaf ■! 11' ■ '•< i ••, j.rea'bei t.',
iu oil lie day wi>
.. v • 'f . 1 t:. cej inoii.c- being con
ic l' 1 in the f. renoi :. —The measles
1 t.av" inai" card ve - .me • f the rraaller-
I dim Mr- Karjr Vtiidi,rdictofGet.
1 \ • i.aila, di* 1 on Saturday la>t and her re.
mains re ir,t rrcJ r, Tui-tlay in the old
frying i:i .',l IJerma. Jen name wa
II nle an J wa- i, rn .n Jtufialo valley
.■ - 1e- i. In th<-;r • irly la;,- the muj
rn .'1 to W .ward ar. i.n i ll to Uu
hier-hurg In I*7 -Mr \ omnia died.
I'I.KA - Avi ',a litM —.Mem' rial day
paired oil with the uual ceremonies. 1
am haj; y to say tliat our friend Judge
Larim-r g- it.- :* better, li t •• he may
, v r-< •• r 'J e:• ej I. ■ .-eating
will he in (Inert t mrnunicat. -n with ail
; the leading p .at in the r .jntry. Our
ir r.d Jimi: . r-t .rn- 1 fr :n Tniiip-burg
rig man ( go In. ml worth Jot.
ii ir ; -. ' ntcTopbile- tak
(tig li bert Th' inj n, 1 ,to Jetfer* n
unty. where nildren will take ( arc
! him. we hope the old loan will be
i,.; y :■ • and tared f-r a- he. ally
de.erte- to I ar. i •,* latter day* made
happy.- 'Mr farrier- !-1 .hilar,t oxer
r-t 'ear.; a:v are : -w *. Kama- visiting
chant* ar- t.ll >okir g a little aour at
each <".hr, each < nt . 1 a- for the
t <■ . t • <r -t\ ■ rit'whar.i - are ail
i . i with . f w r at our vario .-
t*h K- i .r:: g th- w rking day* of the
w. ■ w. ore r, t 1 th- rcj with Ii afer* a
h.lwh iw.il iti ha*" ■ rnething t . d", but
-u a -ma per -ntage of harro -n bum
iu* rn ( . ihe (pared t• g 1 advantage .
g s w r ! - mi-hief grow- .ut
f i.'T. -• t ay nothing f other vice*
that t' mpt y- u t rnui . JS,i: ■ Ht-vs.
Mil - Ii K • JOTT l *.—iJec ration day
wa- an a.iv i . v ot " I r the citir'-n
-here. (rly ir. th n. rring fire large
■ ■ were ■ i t t! 'r— - ar. 1 I
nr. : y- .: g with • ri" a rj mod in to
i- ah- ev( rylhing pa-i <:T a* it ihould.
a 1 t
•. n . iarg' r than ov r be{. r< the band
w•• a- -t' l ( Ml. Kagi" hand and did
1 ■ i-t ".ri t ■ .• 0. The (.rat, B
• • fr;• r d Mr. 3lor
pa-t r ! K* angelical congregation,
|w a- *f| r ' I r| ate and w. rdod t, run the
-The f 'tiial for the lenefit 1
K* a- .1 .r< wa a grar. i •* •
t.r.a- ia yit irpa i all xpe ta
t. The ice cream and cako were
with ut fault or blomi'h and the Ja iic* de.
• • rve gp at credit for their production*.
1 T! ■ ( r, iurt d ir.' g the whole time wa*
r• ■hi y ( nmeii'i il <•. alt conducted them
a- t * true :v ard gentleman only
know* how t >. ing men nnd women
* . did honor k> * .rrelve* ar 1 parent*,
■ aw the ' dure an i y. . will gain
ev rlartirg fe*p t Our chief police-
I man a* an < '"cer i* .-t the right man in
th" rig 1 ', pa ■> both tr t and plearant,
r.ever *hir ■ -. .tr, -• r*> • friend and f->c
a! ... he a'- • an ial capacity for
. Ice cream and cake The new Krangel
)' al ch'-fh i- i. * ready fr *hingllng,
i 1 e j :<r ire fan: Mr.
.1. ! n liar- . i a g a).>ad men and art
person wanting a fir*tcla** carpenter will
thing in (-r.)er i the Hand fetival t-
I - gin next Friday > *ening. cxpia-t a grand
tune a* the b * are g • ;to give a fir-t
a** •■ ! rta nmenl They w 11 be a*l*trsl
) v the Ml K.agle hrn*- hand and by the
l'leai.t (taf 'ilver cornet band. Come
. ail ye lover* oi good m i*ic and clean rt*
Ire-lino tit*, you will bo kindly re-eired.
Mr Mori A' ox* ia KkR( -1 * * ■\ TOWN
*air.—The day wa* obwrved with unuvu
al ceremony an 1 intereft. The member*
jof Captain John O.Campbell l\wt, No.
UT'J, (J. A. 11 , h'-i by < mmander IF N.
Weaver and accompanied by the I'ine
(■rove Cornel Band, a choir undeb the
|e lcrhip f I't. f. .1 A. Weaver and *
numb r of citizen*, patted flrat U> the U,ri
al ground at the Lutheran church offiato*-
burg. The exercio at this place coni*-
tcj of dirge* by the band, appropriate *e.
lection* by the choir and the ceremony of
(trowing 1 wer* in the manner pre*cribe<|
hy the (. A. K. After partaking of re
fre*hnient* the concour*o of people viniu-d
Meek * church, whore the *ame solemn
ceremony wa* repeated. The procoaion
which by thi*liine wa* greatly increased,
proceeded to Tine tirovc, where another
a*omblage of pewple awaited them. Here
•xeri i*e* of a kindred nature occurred in
which all the people took a peculiar inter
est. The pastor of the Lutheran cburc k
delivered the address. Captain John O,
Campbell, Post, 1172, which had chragc of
the exercises, 1* in a flourishing condition.
—Of the various orders of base men he,
who is ungrateful, i* certainly the basest.
The hand that is ever toady to plunge a
dagger into the breast of tho best friends
Its owner ever bad, deserves to fall palsied
and powerless.
NO. X\.