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    fP )t Centre A democrat
SHUGKRT \ VAN OHM Kit, Editors.
VOL. :>.
Term* II.AO por Annum. In Ailvnc
Thursday Morning, May 31, 1883.
Contro County Domocrntic Coni
mitteo for 1883.
PIITllif• lIAMI. !'• O. API'RW.
BellefuDtr N. W >M. Krirhlln*. Bi'lli-fout*.
*. W. . I lias. Smith
■I w. w. S A MiQ11i.t1011..... "
llxw.ril I mm. tr(\ Lratlicm ll.iw.nl,
Milostmrc " J.lni'- I' Joui - Mllliuru.
Mlllhxlm " El' >!""• i Mlllh.lin
VhlHlwhurf IW. 0. (1. Ilrrllnu.r IMn 111—t ui
' |f, Hot Srhmldt
•" Jff, A V.Carp*uli>r..._ "
(InlotiTllU burn. I'. J. M<-l*ona)d Kt. ii.iiiK.
H.-tin.-r tw|> Wm I.lilrr IL-llsft-iils.
tw|., Fmnk T A,lam* >lll.--1 .,1 r
Iturii.ldn twp Il.nry Mcli.r Plti. Olson
Coll.-.. twp. J.iliu It'u.p Lsnnint
Curtln twji. John AII''I.M.II.T Rom U.
t.-rifuson O.l" J.T Mrl'oniilck sut. • d 1....
X p. I. W W.lk.r It-- k .-prlmn
0r... S. IV John Coldrvm Sprint: Mill.
X. p. Wui I.OM ...Karnn-i Mill- •
Haines Kl' L. II Stover \V.odw.nl
w. P. . OM tu.w.r .jurwborg.
lI.If sioou twp. .< II Oriltln Sv.rm-t. wn
ll.rri. twp I> w M.-i. r .Bt *M ur*
llxw.nl tp John Gtenn. .llow.nl,
llii.lon twp. John Q Mil,-. .Julian
LilwrtT twp. J.mr. P. Linn BUnrh.nl.
. Marlon twp I J. no* Walksr,
Mil** twp. Kill. I Hh.frr... Mailt- - I nr.
I'.ttxn twp. A*new S-llersJr Filmor.
P.DU twp. I'llM.v.r folutrii
p.itter S I' 1> J M'vr Cnitroll.il
•• S l\ . Sulullol Hla k T"<— •> Vlllo
R,i,lt X p Will,.in Cullen PI II
s P J T Kr-rl* -Uixli llni
Snow Sims twp Win It ll.ynr. >t, w Snoo
Hpnnic twp. K C. II .-I. ... Belief ut'-
T.\l >r twp Hepburn Blower* I'l.wlrr.
Cut,in twp. S K Kiii-rp k Heroin*
W.lkor twp loo.ph Kmrrtck llubl-r,! nr.'
Worth twp. M S.Spott. Port M.lil U
vr. Mi LIS ftuti,
FOR once, at least, the Philadelphia
Time* fires its air guns against an im
pregnable fortress it cannot corrupt or
subdue. Faunce's fairness and ability
as Speaker of the House of Represen.
tatives are too well attested and too
highly appreciated to tall by the blows
of the erratic Colonel of the Time*.
CoLl'Mill's, Ohio, will be visited
by an avalanche of conventions in the
month of June. The Republicans are
announced to meet on the • th and
•Sth ; the Woman's Suffragists on the
12th and 13th: the Greenbackers on
the loth: Prohibitionists on the 18th
and 14th, and the Democrat- on the
TUK Phila. -ays that there
are Republicans in Philadelphia who
will give heavy odds that Blaine will
have three-fourths of the delegates of
the State in the next Republican Na
tional conveutiou. Not so, unless he
gets the consent of Cameron, or per
haps Boss who is now his lieu
tenant in command.
Al.l, the bills passed by the Demo
cratic House of interest to the work
ingmen, are butchered in the Repub
lican Senate. The last was the "em
ployers liability bill" which Senator
(,'oxo the other day endeavored to
have placed on the calender. The
vote on the motion was twelve Demo
crats for and twenty-three Republicans
against it.
IT is said that the situation of the
Hon. Win. D. Kelley, who recently
had a tumor removed from his jaw.
similar to that of the late Senator
Hill, of Georgia, excites serious ap
prehension that it will have a similar
result. It is now believed to be can
cerous and as such incurable. Such a
misfortune to Mr. Kelley, and indeed
to the country, would excite a wide
spread sorrow.
THE Alexandria, f Va.) Gazette says
a Virginia gentleman holding one of
the famous "306" medals, having sig
nified his intention to support the
Democratic candidates in 1884, desires
to find nnother custodian for the
bronze bauble, and for which lie has
no further use. Send it to Charley
Wolf of Pennsylvania. He is un
happy in his solitude and needs de
t -
WE notice an announcement that
Roseoe Conkling and Gen. Grant are
seriously pondering the advisability of
joining the Democratic party. Con
version is always in order and never
discreditable if proper motives back it.
We take little stock in the rumor, but
if either of these distinguished men
believe that duty demands a separa
tion from the dark ways of their as
sociates, they ought to possess the
courage to act upon their convictions.
Tin: Congressional apportionment
bill got up by the Republicans of the
Senate and insisted on by those who
expect to be considered honest and
honorable men, may justly challenge
criticism upon audi pretensions. The
Stewart gerrymander can only gain a
little respectability in comparison with
the M'Cracken-Cooper n-trocity,
but neither possesses the fairness and
decency that ought to be expected
from Representative under oath to
obey and maintain the maudutes of
the Constitution in the enactment of
laws for the people, instead of form
ing these laws to meet the emergen
ciea of the worst phase of party poli
■ tics in violation of its provisions. The
Democratic house in their anxie
ty to frame a gem rous bill and obtain
prompt action from the opposition by
conceding more than they ueru entitled
to, did not take in the extreme mean
ness of a set of politicians who have
flourished in a system of ballot thiev
* 0
ing and corrupt practices in elections,
perhaps made n mistake in failing to
insist upon the right to the full extent
of fair and equal representation. They
ought to have remembered that by
yeilding an inch to rogues, they would
demand an ell. But they did it f>r
the beat, and are not to be censured-
At present there is no indication that
the Republican Senate will permit
any apportionment to be made. They
are entirely satisfied with the old
gerrymanders, and will use their pow
er to continue the outrage.
THE: inquiry i- mooted whether
there be a sufficient amount of "grati
tude heaving in the bosoms of R. R.
Hayes and wife to adopt the two or
phans of F.li'Ji Fink-on. ' Doubtful!
But certainly John Sherman ail i Stan
ley Matthews cannot nil >rd to •<— th*-
orphans of the mother Jot Hays' ad
ministration suffer, particularly when
tin v fs-ar the names o! tin- <ii->tio
guidttd state-men.
IT is quite char now that the Repub
lican lea lers of the legislature did not
intend from the lir-t to legislate in the
interest of hom-dy an i the equal rights
of the citizens o( the state, but ib •• r
mined that all tloir efforts "lion! ! he
expended in making political pint-
The courts and honest citizen- for two
or tlnce vears pnt have im| -d -mm
inconvenient restraints against frauds
at the p li J . and the >rrupt leadr r* in
the legislature see a mee-sitv to -• cure |
by legislation, or n • legislation, tin
advantage* tlicy have enjoyed hr the
la-t ten year- by a shamele-. and
unjust gerrymander of the Congres
sional and legislative apportionments.
What they have lost by the effort* of
honest men and the courts in the in
tere-t of common decency, must be
compensated as far as , os-ible by re
• lining the old apportionments, or -e
curing other*, if possible, more out
rageous. To this end the Republican
majority of the legislature have sub
ordinated all their talents during the
present session. There arc n few hon
orable exceptions perhaps, but they
arc so rare, as to miss count. With
honest apportionment, the political
preponderance held by the Republi
can party in Pennsylvania, is a sub
ject of estreine doubt. The leaders
know this, hence their efforts now to
prevent a fair apportionment as re
quired by the Constitution of the state,
and the oaths they have taken to man
tain and support that Constitution.
THE result of the election in Vir- :
ginia which came off last week, is a
crushing defeat of the Mabone man
agement, and proves that the people of
that great state arc not to bo sold for
the patronage and plunder which Presi- j
dent Arthur and his administration
placed at the disposal of the political
bos* chosen to corrupt them. The
MahBnc-Arthur coalition is not a suc
cess, and whilo the result crushes (ho
boss it also disgraces the President
who permitted hi* party to be placed
a* mere outrider* or cat-paw to a
faction a* contemptible and treacher
ous a* it was dishonest and brutal in
HKLLKroNTi;, |A., THURSDAY. MAY.'il, |ss.{.
< 'ol.. IJAKU, (if tile Pittsburgh /'< 11,
givi'H tin-triU! dividing line ■ f the Irish
<ll)eti<>ll tersely us follows : "No one
unless willfully disposed to do iujiis
ticc can mistake the l>roud and v.. !1
defined linen of deinur<'u\ion < xisliug
Iwlwceii tho dynamite agiint->i and
those who follow the leadership ol
Charles Stewart Parnell. The latter
accord- with the civilization and pro
gress ol the age. The other i- hrutul,
bloody and treacherous. On<- rep re*
-••nt* the highest type ol politii.il agi
tation, by its appeal to inter- -t, eon*
j science and reason. The other the
' lowest and nn -t d'hascd. Ihe asa*.*i*
nation ot Abraham l.im dn was no
I more cruel blow to the coinjtit n <| and
I prostrate south than the Pho nix p.uh
: murders to the statesman-hip • I Par*
' nell. Instead of being identical tin -e
I r i-li part it-* are as far apart a- the
poles. The success of the one mean*
the defeat of the other. Parnell woiiM
i found a < hri-tian coinmotiwi ultli. The
dyuamite gang -•, h an orc-aniz -I hell
of murder and violence.
Pitt -mi vi Ain urn, following the
lead of that p litieal tramp and fraud
from < )bio, who was forced into the
Prc-idcntiu! ofliee against the vote-ot
the people, a i -aid, i- making ar
rangements to sponge com,. Week
living oil' the poor soldiers who are
provided with a eoiafortalile home h\
the contributi it of the -oldiers in tin-
I'istrict of Columtiia. 11 i-announced
that lie intends t i tak< up a ri-idciice
at the -oldier's home on hi- return
from New York. With a r..m: rtal i
salary of $>n,(MH) a mansion provided
for him by tin- government without
tax or cost, we -• no propriety of the
President invading the portals of a
place dedicated to lite coinlort of tie
• |ssir and disabled "oldiers of the Re
public, either to save < XJH use or -<T k
AIM"-I -iniultain -u- with tl an
nouncement of a decision of the -u
nrcnie < nrt that the (• >v< rtt< r |>- --•
-<d the right to r< m -ve the R rd- r
>f Philadelphia, the Senate ot Penn
-ylvania t<xk up' r < oiitiiniation the
appointment of Mr. Smith trade t
that office nine than two in .nth- tig .
and which they r ected. Ih wa
prevented ft nt taking the olfi' >• bv
| their action and was not In," re than
,by a re-appointment. This crab
movement, to -ay the lea-t of t, Is k
• 1 consistency if not decent v. The
House, however, passed a bill in com- ,
pliance with a demand from the pro
pl< of Philadelphia, uholishiug tin :
office and transferring it" tinti--. This
bill it now In (ore the Senate, and the i
question i* will the Senate concur or
inist up .n making an appointment
'■n their own look.
lin New \ ork II or/'/ propose# a
p'.iiltorm upon which the Democracy
in every state in the I'nion can stand
in the Presidential contest of I*M.
It comprises ten planks and i" as fol
1. Tax luxury. Tax inheritances.
■!. lax large incomes. 4, Tax mono
polies. Tax privileged corporation*,
ti. A taritF for revenue. 7. Reform
the civil service. M, Punish corrupt
officc-holdt rs. !>. Punish vote-buying,
and 10. Punish employers who coerce
employes in elections. Instead of
merely implying a repudiation of the
unmeaning dogma of "frre Iradr," the
World might put it along side of "tarifl j
for protection" only, and denounce both !
—one as impracticable and foolish and '
: tho other as wrong and unconstitu I
i tiotial.
j GKN. .JOHN WILMAMAKO, and old and
well known member of the Hunting*!
don bar, died on Thursday last, aged I
eighty-eight years. lie wn* a mem
ber of the legislature in IMIIO, and in
1841, during the administration of
Harrison and Tyler, Recorder of
the General Lund Office, lie wa*
known n%a man of great humor and
considerable ability as a political or
Tho Dead Jurint.
i :
IMi ol \ I.IFE THAT ll .tl l.nV, IMi I I 1.1,
(II LO > lIH
| j In dp. Sliitrf.WO l|, whf •" ■!< lib (i
-1 curn I jit lii- ri- idcni-i' in Phils') 'phi >
Monday morning, was I on ju-t a !••.
I weeks i-hort of seventy three year sgo
1 111 the limn city. Mis family was one
of most excellent repute in that section
ol the state. a hoy he •• ,rly xhih
ited evidences of that analytic turn of
mind which i - . ■ —entiafto tho h<-ting
surce-s of a lawyer. Willi the id' i ol
litliiix- hirii-elf for the le^'d prole-- on
In- took a lull i out " ol study at the
I'niver-ity of I'xnn-yf. n i. in-l at the
oix-lu- on of the four y•• i- - teiia he
i iiradu iled with very di-:ing ;,tie l ], ti
or-. While in this institution he . -ai l
to have had a par! til -rly pronoovi-e-l
; i ite for the ci and a. the
- ilion of that ta-te laid t! foundation
,of an acquaintance with the <h- I lan
! linages, lirei-S. and l.al:a ill part.--ul.ir,
that his eonvei - ition, -A hiie never ] • fan
tie, always exhibited. At the i,rn<- ol
h * k*r -lu.it n he v. a- not i k-hii 'ii
y-ar-ol age, hut at once Event to read
ing law under tin- j i.vate tu tion of the
Hon. Joseph I;, log' rsoll, in whose
Hire heappii'd him-- II to unravelinp'
the knots of the law for a little over
three year-when.on -epieniher j, i- I,
he w ndiintt' l to p:aci,i-e at the
Philadelphia har. Here for about five
veirs he found los josctice on even
ii-rms with that of other y-ui ui'-n
mihirly -l irtie,- out in the pr• f< •
At the age of twenty -ix he w elec
le I a member of the legislature, n a
liemocrat, from I'll I idelphia, and
reelected in 1811 and I*l2. In 11 A,
| before he was thirty five years of age,
he wis appointed bv <i-v. --hunk a
siihordmale u igcofthc -.rl-o! I'hi.a
delphia, and o acceptaVJe #< h - x-r
vice in that position that in )*i- lie w.as
appointed over tiie head of % sen. r as
sociate j re-elent u !••■ of the c< art
iu l.s.'Mi be was chosen t'rofe-sor ol l.aw
in the I Diversity, and two isr< later
w - elected to fill the oh .a r of lnstitut'--
; of I.aw, which position he filled very
1 acceptably for rout.y y-ar- In !-'i the
a I c.iry I' : hei ,|. <'. •v. , j i. •
the changed • m -itution, hew i- c'-rti I
without ( [ p >sition ju-lje io h I lii-- pus
tion ten year* lons-er. In 1• i lis * .
■ipuin unanimously elected *rcl r->ti
linued to perform the dnt>rs tu t;l I- -,
having t<• ii eh-ctr din I k 7an a-- it.-
j judge of the supreme r urt on the re
tirenicnt of I h:< f .'lltire Woodward,
and fir wh'ch be had I< en una r, . u-'
nominate I by the I'emocratir j vtty. In
this rap ty he -erved with 1
prominence and in liereniher. lfff s.
isucceede<i Judge A g- <-w l i the ch < f
justiceship. The whole of Judge >hnrs
n i s i ,rr< r from the rornmeneeinent
ito the cb -e has he n Tie of distinguish
• d usefulness and excellence.
Ihiglish Rind Haver*.
• ireat attention and no little discus
sion is of lite being given to the irn
mense purchases of IHI I which are
tieing maele in the I'niteii .states bv for
eigner*, especially l.nglishmen. Numer
i oils syndtcsl'-s have hem f uaied in
I'.ngland which repreieiit millions o'
pounds sterling. A recent | urchase
WAS made for one of them of three luin
dred and a eleven thousand arres in the
I'anhundle district of Texas. Another
1 syndicate has purchased thirteen hun
dred thousand acres of bottom land in
Mississippi between Memphis nnd Ynz'-o.
These purchases are m t made princi
pally to Rid emigration a* may at fir*t
tie supposed. The Knglish have gone
crazy on graaing. Portions of Scotland
snd Ireland have been completely do
populated of their former agrirultuia'
inhabitant* in order that the land may
be used in raising sheep and cattle. The
F.nglish land owners find this a more
profitable business than farming, so the
tenants are compelled to suffer.
Hut land in Kngland is now nt a dis
count lor grazing purposes, nnd hngli-h
capitalists bare turned their attention
| to American land. Their land purchaes
will not prevent emigration, but nil'
serve incidentally to aid it, and it is also
< safe to predict that the class of new
comers that these schemes will bting to
thia country will he much higher than
the average order.— Patriot.
THE Grar of Russia was crowned
on Sunday last, amid great pomp and
parade, without disturbance or dyna
mite accompaniment*.
A Horrible Humor /
i W i iitv'.ros. M . I'pto :p. rn
( to day not .-iwoi'i hud been h< vrd at the
War 10-partment from 'iericrnl ' rook.
( I In- report coming from <ago 10-d.iy,
to the I-Ifect tint hi- '"lllmand had
I mutinied, ire i'ed -(>ine um-ii- im- at
, the Hepurtmefit, nnd ii;-; itche- were
i it once sent \ti the (rontir r lor the latest
, inforrnati'in It m his command.
' "iff ion, May 2i'- Ad. |"itch r<-( ejved
here from Tonihstone, trinnn, early
tin- tuort. rig. sav- a reliable citizen ; -
there from "-.in Jo-n Mine. 1 -,,,: , r;t> with
j the r:<-ws that i terrible d. -1-r lim
i liq pened 'ieneril ''rook nnd j irtv.
His inlormat n, which omi s from a
i goo'l source, say- the Indian scouts
iiiiif riied when iri tPc h- rt of 1 rra
Mo Jr i. .'lid in i - mre I ne irly the entire
! command, the 'icneral himself being
l one of the victims. Army officers on
this si i- of ti,e line discredit the re
To*l. iM. A- . v\, May 2' The,
news received here yesterday afternoon j
>nd telegraphed I i-t that ' rook had
met the Indi tiis neiir ' > mcrincj x and
driven them tv .. contradict' Iby a
courier front the Mexican Custom
House, thirty m:l<-* di-tant, who arrived j
it the Mexii >n ( insulate at m ln ght
l! it he - us a light occurred in the j
>;er: .4 M i iru M -untuui .
The date of Crook - fight wh about
Msy -th. t'r ok'- advance WR am
til-lie I and defeated.
I be entire force then followed and;
over too . the In Cans. A b-1 i-rate in
gsgetnent followed, lasting several
hours. I'hirty renegade* were killed.
Crook iln ;v very heavy
Further detsils aw liter].
'.r.M aII I Rl-o, AI I. RI'.IIT.
W i-ti i\ -., 11. c M ,-. Xo ,n
formatii'B i 1 rook movement* b**-<
been ten ;v. tat the war department to
day. 'u-neral I'riun i ui-pose ito ere 1
it the rej 't that 'icneral Cf x-jk en
i the Apache- and defeated them.
He ■ r.k- the torie- to the etiect that
ins . in scouts turned upon and
nil--,, -i t'r •; -it. I h.s < rntnand
wlc. i -I I. ot. i.al anil improbable. "In
the fir t | see, said 11, neral Drum, "no
one uudcr-tands the Indian character
better til-11l • r > m, an I lie w :,. i he the
bet man to put hiro-elf n . j >-iti"ti
"here such a thing could pos-ible.
In the si nnd | ! ice, tii<- In i sn scouts
left tiieir yes and children .nlhecus
tody-' I the I oiteil *:ates authorities,
and w u! I not riare to mutiny even if
in or.' I. knowing tne : famines were
ho-t*g> And again, ha i such a thing
hti pcned, I shciii I certainly even at
this time have received reliable reports.' '
Tin I • *i. u>. ii" -i A T. —The Su i
I rente < uirt in tins Mate recently ren i
den 1 n dec.sion of great importance |
to I trding house keeper*, lawyers,
1 ustiocs an I the general public. The t
cs-e in which .t *.n delivi n d originated 1
in Allegheny county and w* entitled '
Smith v. McHintv. The action was for f
a debt, the defendant having failed to i
pay a lull fur hoarding duo the plaintiff, '
and suit was instituted under what is f
generally known :t- Ihe "boarding house
act, passed by the legislature in 1*7(1.
The justice before wtiom the case was
otiginally heard rendered judgment for
the full amount of the bill. Jho mat
ter was a; pealeil to the district court, '
where the justice's decision was reveis
ed. It was then taken by the plaintiff ,
to the supreme court, and tribunal sua- ,
timed the decision of the district court, |
the judges holding that the act ot 1 s7'7 ,
is unconstitutional and in conflict with ,
! other laws on the statute book, and ,
that a debtor has the tight to the ben ,
elit of the "three hundred dollar law," ,
in an actnn to recover a Isiard bill that t
he lias in suit for any other kind of ,
claim. The decision, of course, "knocks t
the bottom out of the law,*' and keey • i
j ers of public bouses will have to resort 1
to some other means to protect them 1
THE Republican* of Ohio do not i
seem to be happy over the political '
outlook in that state, ami as the time ,
for the meeting of the State Convcn-! t
tion near*, are discussing the propriety
or necessity of postponing for a time. (
The temperance question is the din- .
turhing clement and they desire to oh- |
tain some decision of the court* to re- (
lieve them of it* complication*. i
'! hIt.MN: jut Annum, in Advance.
Fov. I*attj*o.v i- not favorable to
adding additional facilities t,, thfic:
itln-ady cxi-ting for "'-curing divorcer
Irotn ilii- bond of matrimony. 11 <-
Imi vetoed a bill pa.-acd enabling rnar
ri'd jier-oij- living separate and apart
to dirpo-i- of th'-ir separate real estate
without < insulting with each other,
lie Id lii-vc- tlie law- in vogue relating
1 t > divorcs ar<- ufliciently bad, with
it adding -uch up that pre
nt'-d in t 1J- bill.
liu. Cameron machine ha" again
-wept the political precinct* of I'hila
d' lphia. Tin- delegate- to the State
convention are the came old oootni —
the machine men to the front and the
Indcpi ndent totlierear. Cameron m
in I'.urop' , but the machine i placed
under tin- management of hip most
- x peri'-nr • 1 atjii uetive engineer.
What Mr. M. don't know
ili ut running a political machine
need not be known. That he will lx;
unlet up to iiiake a good report to
the ahpent < hief h -- i- to becxjxscted.
I'oiitieal and Legal V Ictory.
\p Attorney i >ene ol (a-sidy get.
i<-r in h ■ tlioe the wisdom of making
iitn att . ney general i ronnraied. 'I he
w'-r c<> irt* ari l the su ireme court*
-u-tam hip law. J fj• rig.it of removal
|ii herenl in the exneutive ha* been
ei.'y eptabfi.hed in ttie reco-der cue.
i Recorder Lane v< \ out. Tbeie i* a
I '(.itiral triumph f- r <■ irernoy I'attimn
. o tb:s rentili and a legal tr umph for
Mr.' i> iv wli ieh rnut be doubly astis
; '> irig. — /*/.i . J;,- 0
i a m the corn i jaions of the >pring
' '■ the ruling of Attorney
■ eneral ! rewter release* the national
'-*iik nnd banker* from acme million*
, of taxep acrrij ng between I 'eoemlser 1,
"•J, *ii d March and January 1, l v,^3'
- to- act of the la- • tnmeil date repeal'd
i-i of these ta*e- except mch * are
now due and payable. The effect of
t . ru- o.' i, therefore, to repeal *om
lof these ta i from I'ecember ]. and
>tlier from January 1 although the
• • wo, not pvped nil March ,'J. The
1 ' i " ' r. mi -11 jr take effect on the
of u!y, but the section repealing
•io in- e on char ge* took effect March
Ibe section r iucing letter pontage
'• m three to tw i cents take* effect
' io' er 1 hu iiflerent provision* of
tlie i i act t . dlect upon tire or
p;x d fferent date*, the earliest three
in oitlip I . re hp enactment and the
iat- -t n ven month* after.
1 1 ' It nil '.ll * hitwiv-. — With the
ur \<r*al intf iucti and ue of sewing
>l ' PI 'l' pfatk J{rr*>rtl thinks,
* i aiiiral ! i'-,re in the prac
* hand-lew ,• g. T.'.e w-otnen who
r-g sim •• iearn'-J l * ply the needle in
"S.ft at- ta • ; • i . ,ti, hfw are (*>t
r g the g'eat ti i rity, leaving no Suc
re-- -p t.i thi r sk,- S-wing ha* already
r- h-cj to bo * ,iet,,,;,l rt, and takes
rank among the mclisnira! trades." To
understand ;i g now means to have a
I ra. tical i. juaintance with the Taried
*j.*i ill'® , sri -,ii sewing machines. Hv
tncans of complicated mechanical devices
tf-e cl ihirg which thirty year* ag,, would
have i -i s m*!l fortune i now made so
cl OS] I *s to bo to-n ' asy reach of the
]■ " ten among thrifty people. The elabo
rate ingenuity nc displayed in patching
e el darning and turning and retitching i
n w. nsidered a wa*te of time. Clothing
is ins x| • m.s. and the time is required fr
MT duties, rea'- ns the housewife. So
tie rent garment is cast aside to be replaced
by a new one. This is not the universal
practice, but it is sufficiently general to
establish a household rule. And this rul.s
is the a'i-n of a multitude of complaints
from mothers who find no opportunity in
th'-ir ■ am hemes to t-acb th'ir daughter*
how t sew. If one of those ladies has an
<>r<jWiHry to miko it cut from a
purchased pattern and stitched on a sewing
machine. If the fabric be expensive it i*
sent to a modiste, who furnishes the finish
ed and complete arliclo without further
thought by the wearer. Thus the rising
generation of girls find* little or no prac
tice in needfewcrk under the parental roof,
and the lemand that instruction in sewing
be given at the schools appear* a* reasona
ble a* it is pracl^-al.
In the ha*te of educators to burden their
pupils with a load of superficial knowledge
and ill-acquired accomplishments *ucb
plebean matters as plain sewing are not
regarded. Keform in thi, as in greater
matters, come* only through agitation.
When mothers generally discern the value
of school Instruction in sewing the day of
it* introduction into every course of study
for girl* will not be far away. It i* purely
logical to require that instruction which
can no longer be given at borne shall be
allotted at a matter of duty to the school*.
NO. 22.