Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, May 24, 1883, Image 4

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    (The tfrnttf jOrm octal.
li<hrl #vnry Thur*U) morning,*! BrlMnt#,
rountjr, i'n.
TIE KM B—Vhu tdvuiir* Si oO
II m>l |>*M Ui A'ltum <>. H OO
\ LIVK PAI'KK-ilrVotntlo th# lut#r*#t il %
t'yiu#nM nuMl*wltlilti tlir*** month* will l* con
m<irr>l In ilvuM.
N |*|wr will ' .11* ouiintMMl until *n mhk *r*
I* I <*tc#pl * option f publisher*
*'i*ragatiig(Hil >f 1 In* county ut !• fnt In
\ny pttfaon procurtn* * !*• s%-• ril'i'i • will
l ntni noopy trw of clmrgw.
iiitroklworivo in ulatloii aink** tin* |n| 1 #tt un-
U, . A ||v inlialilr .%11 -1 profitablenmllnui i. -iitvorlUiit*
Vl'# have the nnNl ampl* factllite* lr .It'll VloilK
#qd if# bfMffd to prittlAll kiirtU o Bo • * fm
l*ri)gri>itn mn r iil priming, 4 in CI
ttiit ml# mi.l it thf Inweat pomiM# mlm
All aWorttemoii i"i * !• t tm Ihnnthi## month*
•JOi*nt |or line fr the f.r-t tin*" inM tion#, mil
Ant4 a ll# loi a#. Ii additional In-rrtiun hp#*l
n •!••• one-haM in.-tv
K litorUl n.'tn • • I • crnU p#r lino.
1 . . \ 1 < locit iluMiiii. !<• rent* per 11
\ HtmnUilMßßi l< m!• i"' in idvirtlilttili)
la# qnart#r. hall y®tM r y#ar, • foil w *
u , -
•rCB occvnil
; * •
(Iqi |neb (01 1 - lines iiii *. l r ) * _ ''; '
T.,. 11l "11l
tiinw • •• 51
g 111 .ni lit!tun ' '
?: '
c i ,t\#rii* in,- 1 1 • . - v •r i for# It
§0 1 t - ! • • ntt • ' II >•■ Mi
p ci.i*in Klmnr > i # r#qulred
,t 1 v OTI< . 'i t 1 • • 1, in-^rthiii
S ..1 (mm 1 lion •• • iito*
1 n*k STI * • IM. 1 . I"li|t ' -•'!*
-r in#rtlon.
No Hope fur Ohl,. lt'|,iitliruiiM.
Ct.ivri.A\n. Mav ll—General M. I'.
Leggett, of thi* city, whoso name has
been mentioned in connection with the
Republican Gubernatorial nomination,
takes a vptv gloomy view of the politi
cal situation .11 this state. In fael. all
the prominent Cleveland politicians
who have been interviewed lately seern
to be verv down hearted, not to say
positively despairing' General Leggett
was in Chicago the other day and a
Tim?* reporter interviewed liuu. lie
said Senator Sherman would have been
the Republican candidate for Governor,
but he wouldn't have it "If," said
General Leggett, "we wpro not going to
have the proposition before us for a re
peal of the constitutional amendment
prohibiting the sale of liquor, which has
been thrust upon us by the Legislature,
Ohio would be ail right for the Republi
cans, and we could run Senator v her
man for Governor and get him in train
ing for something higher up. It's a
great pity this temperance question
could not be kept out of Ohio politics
this fall, for our state is the pivotal one.
generally, which shows which way the
Presidency is going: but it won t do
at this time because ol our local trou"
The General was further of the opin
ion that Foster has been relegated to
private life by the temperance question,
. and that "the same thing ha* played
the deuce with the Republican party
generally." If 11 were not for local
questions the General seems to think
Ohio would go Republican, but things
being as thev are lie ii verv much afraid
it will go the other way.
Titr. next House will contain an un
usual number ol young men, but the
youngest of them wdl be a good tnany
vears older than was .John Randolph,
of Roanoke, the youngest man who has
ever been elected to ' ongtess "ince the
adoption of the Federal constitution'
The New York of February,
1810, says of Randolph: "His fellow
citizens considering bini a progidy,
elected him their tepresentative to
f'ongres. at the juvenile ag" of twentv
two years. We shall never forget the
•lay when the beardless legislator |re
sented himself before Mr. Sedgwick, the
Speaker, to take the customary oath-
Struck with his boyish appearance he
demanded, with that sternness which
was peculiar to him, whether Mr. Ran
dolph was of age. 'Ask my conslitu*
ents, sir, who sent me here,' retorted
he, which silenced the Speaker and as
tonished the other members of the
A Special Seas in II
soar v*Rr noon nr.sovs w itv it su nr.
< *1,1.11 n,
The near approach of dune 8 gives
an unwonted business air to the pro
ree lings of the legislature. I'hree times
within two davs has the previous ques.
tion been demanded on important bills
in the house in order to cut oil debate
and expedite consideration and the
house has increased the hour* of the
teas ion in order to push siong the work
y of lessening the pile of four hundred
bills efore it. F.verv member has an
unconcealed anxiety as to pet measures
on the calendur and the refussla to lis
tn to any request |x>*poning local leg
islation are becoming slarmingly .ittm
emu*. Philadelphia, it is conceded,
has had the bulk of firorsin tbi* leg
i*Uture The country members will
hear the name of the ipiaker City ring
ing in their ear- long after returning
It ia now believed that lite present
legislature must arijourti without clear
ittg the calendar ot some of the lead
ing bill upon it. ,\n extra session, it i
ihought, will be calli-ii by Governor
Puttison. The governor is said to have
♦ thought upon the matter and it is be
lieved tnuy cull the assembly together
in January next if not immediately
- alter the approaching adjourn men I, in
- the event of n failure to pass a legisln
" live apportionment bill. The only hope
, of a settlement of the apportionment
' differences lies in a conference commit
" tec, hot the statement was made that
the republicans ol tbe sennit) are ma
, noeuvering for delay by a system well
l known to themselves, and will proba
! b!y rush upon their fate by their policy
of keeping back action on apportion
ment as long as possible, II it special
session should be called it may be made
>to include a revision of the revenue
■ laws.
I'll 1: stir ereated in Massachusetts by
Governor Puller's vigorous raid on tbe
lewktbury Almshouse is new exp'-ri
enoe for the sleepy Pay State. It is
probable that some good will result
•mm the investigation, whatever may
he the motive at the bottom of Puller's
remarkable zeal. Tbe Governor'- r<-
form campaign, it appeals, 1- not toend
with thi* investigation, which may con
tinne far into the summer. He will
then arraign the management of the
lndustrial School for Girl", at
Lancaster, and alo the Stale Insane ,
Asylum at I>anver. The people of
Massachusetts wore promised 1 lively
time when they elected Penjamin and
they are certainly getting it. He has
kept his word faithfully ; but it is a
serious question whether hi- real aim i
to do the public a service or to promote
bi- own personal interests. The latter
view seems to be taken by a majority c'
' the Legislature, who are making ev rv
possible effort to head off His K.xcellen
cj. They believe his intention is "to
I keep the 'ire- steadily aglow straight
1 through to tlicactive campaign season, i
I with hope of thus manufacturing a .
I boom which will not only overwhelm
I all opposition in the Pay Slate, fut t
! Puller on the crest of a Presidential
! tidal wave. All of which i" interesting
-not because Puller is a Presidential
probability, or even possibility, but b<-
cause the country at laige rather en
joy* the chagrin and humiliation of
Massachusetts.— (' ~ '/ t..v
tinerfejt Ahead,
rr 1 (1.1 A R <ll )* M Tl. RI-TII - Ol s U tail AN- I
Till: t I lis AN ! HOW RIM >KKt..
In this age of bustle and hurry, an :
age devoted to great projectsand enter
prises, the American people are taking
the lead in the furtherance of noble '
works, ami in the advancement of the j
science and arts. |n t thev deserve
to take a high rank, and through the
united work of millions, the American
continent is fast being transformed from
its untamed state and being placed on
an equality with the older continents
beyond the ocean. The American peo
pie are fast under thee influences, de
veloping into a nervous, energetic race,
remarkable for its vim and business
qualifications ; yet there is danger tiist
in the course of years these very ele
ments may combine to the ruination of
the physical character of the people, I
and leave them feeble and altogether
different from their forefather". Gen
i eral debility is now much more com- j
' mon than formerlv. and seems to he on
the increase among tlie masses. Manr
| remedies have been extensively adver
| tised for this wide ap.read complaint.
i but none of these have been so success
- j
fill or niet with such general favor ss
the remedy manufactured by !>r. S P. j
: Hartman, and named by him Ptri v.
Mr. S. S. tioudy, of Massjjon, Stark
countv. 1 >hio, writes that he had been
i troubled with general debility and dyt
i pepsia for several years ; that he was 1
| induced to try Piri m for his com :
plaint*, and thst after using three hot. |
ties of the medicine he was greatly
relieved. It braced him right up and
gave him energy, and restored him to
his youthful vigor. He ascribes hi* cure
to I'rai na, and say* if is a wonderful
The "M. H. < l Brand
The Republican managers are very '
confident that no one will come forward .
to disturb the preparations which they (
1 are making for a grand Stalwart-lode
i pendent reunion in the July conven
tion. The Wolfe#, the Stewarts, the
Merrick*, the Mitchells and all the rest
of the disgruntled people who last year
were fairly splitting the air with their
' yells about being "slave*"' and "serf#,*' )
seem now to have cnine to the conclu
sion that they are emancipated,
they are freemen once more, and that
j they must no longer he angry with their
i old masters.
What essential difference there is he
j tween the condition of these men thi*
ver and that of last year it is very
hard to understand. They themselves
would no doubt be at a bus to tell what
it is that they have gained which should
induce them In come hack so meekly
and submissively to the party fold,
hvery one nt them has less influence as
a |>olitician than he ever had liefore.
while Wolfe lIKH retired into cave of
gloom utterly soured mxl disgusted.
It is trim that ( '.moron will not again
I set up the nominations in advance, he
J cause he is too much engaged in fixing
i up his debilitated body, and too eager
! to have some fun abroad instead of j
wearing hint sail out with machine poli !
i tics when nothing of any great value is j
lat stake. Hut Colonel will he here. I
| Me CHU do all that Cameron can do for
i Cameron and more still. The July eon
1 vctilinn will have a plentiful assortment
iof Independents sitting around with!
hog hooks invisibly fastened in their i
! noses. They will say a great deal, will |
| say it very prettily, but when the con
i volition adjourns and the nominations
are made, the brand of "M. S. < t .'' will
|be found over it all. /Vu'/.i. ' V,r..
i //rr,i/,/.
Signing l ight House Ifills,
J UIIVKHXnR I'ATTISIIN'S \| I'liin M Ol s|,v
I it\l. I MI'ORTANT Mi: -! S.
The governor has approved of bills as
follows : Ihe act authorizing cilies of
the first cla*s to issue subphn niis and
to take (he testimony of witnesses con
cerning the management of any of the
accounts of said city. 'I his 101 l ongi
nated in the house.
, The act regulating the hunting and
killing of weh footed wild fowl I bis is
a house bill.
The act repealing the first section of
an act entitled "An act to prevent nii
chiefs arising from the increase of v.tg
abend* and oilier idle and dicorderlv
persons within this province," passed
February 21, 18h7. A house hi I.
I lie act to prohibit i it.es, I orougb*
and municipalities from levying any
license or mercantile tax upon person*
taking orders for goods or meri handi-e
by sample for individuals, or companies
who pay a license or mercantile tax at
j their ■ hief place of business, and also
to prohibit the collection >•! such Ii"
censes or mercantile tax-"- \ house
The act fixing the standard weight of
a bushel of potatoes. A house bill.
Ihe act to amend the first section of
an act.approved dune 11, I*7'.', entitled
" \ supplement to an act for the regu
lation of boroughs, approved A j rll 1,
lS.'il," so as to include all incorporated
boroughs. A home bill.
'I he act to prevent the exemption of
J property on judgement obtained for |.V)
or less fur wages f..r manual labor. A
bouse kill.
I lie art to repeal an set authorising
clerks of market* to weigh butter, lard
I and sausage, etc. A house bill.
The governor has also approved the
concurrent resolution to print I •**)
copies of the amende 1 game ami fisii ,
laws, ami the resolution to print in the ,
pamphlet of the Miimont inveotigu
tion the majority ami minority reports.
A**anlt Wlthont Warrant.
These as-aults upon lovernor I'atli
son are without warrant. 11 is adruini-
tr.it ion thus far has been conspicuously
conservative ami uneventful. It has 1
been free from all scandals, abuse*, or j j
suspicion of wrong. No crisis has or
currcd to test it. tiovernor Fattisoii
has broken no promises, can ed no just ,
j disappointment which we can perceive .
, and we believe he enjoys now, as much
a* when he was elected, the respect and
i confidence of the people. f course,
i the politicians who could nol control 1
him are displeased. That is neither the
loss of the public nor of the governor.—
/".'.r, / cm I-.; 7"- V/rji 1 Hep.
A I'oniprnmlse Measure,
iM-rrivnrsT ssvxTuas a..k t pox ax AI
I The independents of the senate held
a caucus Wednesday evening, Mr. Ag
! new alone being absent, and decided
upon an apjiortionmenl bill which will
' he presented as an amendment to the
Mct'racken bill in thesenatenext Wed
nesday. This compromise action of the
independents was first suggested in the
Patriot two weeks ago. The hill is as
I follows
Philadelphia—Six districts.
Seventh— Hurks, Montgomery.
bighth -Chester, Iteiaware.
i Ninth—Lancaster.
Tenth—llerks, Lebanon.
Kleventh— Lehigh. Norlhamp to n,
('ar bon.
Twelfth—Lackawanna, Monroe, Pike.
Thirteenth—Luzerne, Wyoming.
Fourteenth-—Columbia, Schuylkill.
Fifteenth— Adams, Dumb e r I an d,
Sixteenth—Dauphin, Perry, Franklin j
Seventeenth—l.ycoming, Salli v n.
Montour, Northumberland.
Kighteenlh—Susquehanna. Hrndfonl,
Tioga, Potter.
Nineteenth—Fulton, Hnnting d on,
■luniala, Miffitn, Centre,Snyder, Union.
Twentieth-—Clarion, Jefferson, Clear
field, Clinton, Cameron.
Twenty-first— Hlair, Cambria, 11 ed
ford, Somerset.
Twenty seoond—Westmnrelsnd Kay
ette, Oreene,
Twerjly-third—Sutler, Arrnstron g
I ndiariM.
Twenty-fourth Venango, Fores t,
Warren, McKean, Flk.
Twenty-liftii—Crawford, Krie.
I wenty sixth Washington, Heaver,
i Lawrence, Mercer.
I wenty seventh end Twenty eighth
j Allegheny county.
I bin hill give* u delegation of seven'
teen republican* to a eleven democrat*.
' trie district, the Seventh, is doubtful
for the denioctiil* but it i* claimed that
the Nineteenth is doubtful for the re
publican*. ') he heaviest republican
majorities in 11:• - new district* would la
in the Ninth, Lancaster, *,"00; the
Lightci-otli, the northern tier, N'J7-V
Allegheey and Phil'idol phis. I lie heav
iest democratic i the Tenth, Ib-rk* and
l.ibanon, 1,000 ; the -Lleventh, the tenth
legion, •!'; the I .ftcenlh, Adams
f'iiniheilumJ and York, and the
• 'lealfield distiict. -L7'."i. The I irgest
district in p-j ul iti -ii i the Twenty
-ixth. IM 4* 1: th- snialh-" the Kiev
■ nth, i -i.L* .
Uniting for Their Master.
i Hr.wiKKsi.it i;i EN\ AHVAXI r.l> lOA IM
I Alt l*tX l>l A IIIMII),
I'l VWIITII, N. < , May 17. I ne of the
most remarkable tea-on► Pro 1 ,!.|y -v< •
Ulged for t lie p., r. Inn of it i r • t ~ )c.
been | resettle i to the (. -vet in i of thin
State 111 application h I the rele iin! I Itti
I' ll kfier. a colore j desj . rado cotifinc 1
in iall her-. About e.gbteeti inontbs
.g >1; ickiii r-in .ted a riot ari l place.]
Illmsrif.it the b'-td of at.nut l'l lawie--
negro lutnfe-rmi'ii who thri an ne-l t
•b Or v this town. The tiovernor had
to rail out the 111 .itary Lefi r ■ the re t
■is < Ml :. Ibe Mlp| 11--. •. i . blllklll-r ■<■•
c■ iivict —d in. I sent tOjAi! for tw< year*
lor t • log ii ■ ii gleutft r of the outlaws.
At the time of ic- am -t tin- i eg to
owned two COOII dogs. Tliese daih
visit, -i ifi- , urt .luring- the trial of
their master and -at 1 i his side After
Huckner was s, t,t t> ..1 they i x.k up
their vigils at thejaii v ,ro d>. o. Dot
mg the twelve months tli- out ba
leen incarcerated tli<- dog luve n< 1
b.-en absent from their post a single
nigh! They relieve each other during
the day to g.-t fool, but at i ght both
remain. The j • ople of the town I.
came attract.- i by this singular msrk of
devotion of the iutii! creatures to tl • .r
master arid lliei built them a kennel
ticir the til .1 -or within ght of Jtuck
tier s cell w indo v.
tiovernor .l*rvi- *ils viited this
place a few >biy ago and was moved to
tears by the wonderful attachment of
Huckner • dogs. She has joined others
in recommending the tiovernor to jar
don Huckner, who still has a year to
serve. The principal reasons urged for
executive clemency are the fact, above
related. *
'"Test a man's profession bv b.s
practice Physician, heal thyself ' '
Physicians not only heal themselves
with Kidney Wort, but presenile it fir
others for the worst cases of billious
ties* and constipation, a* well as for
kidney r mpla.nt*. It you feel out >f
*ort* snd don't know why. try a pack
age of Kidney-Wort and you will feel
like a new creature.
< o| oai r-s ixii t'ni t>. - A vouiig girl
deeply regretted that she was so color
less arid cold. Her face wa* too whitr,
and her hand and feel telt as though the
Mood d d not circulate. After one hot
tie of Hop Litters ha i l-eti taken she
W IS the rosiest and healthiest girl in tl e
town. With a vivacity and cbeerfulneas
of mind grat.fymg to her friends.
21 21.
* * " - ' £
? \ i ] * = r?2
• | 1 £• , S- ?
14 I 5 j j - H i[, fit
noßOt'CUl* - - . r* £ I ?L C± 1 WATTMI*
a - =r _ i ="! -5.
A*h - •; e -j £ = - * •; -
• w *- * _ ~ ; =
towsihiiih ( ; ' t ? ? ( ;r ;ji
2 2 I . ' •? > * > !
' * " r. M J J *J S CUaa Claw liar*
■ S & j 5 g 8 2 st" J • —"
J ~ * J? i < ft * v >
lalMbfU XSMH |M (<*■* 1 |ja> 4,12* Al.?l*| 583S 2.21" ..♦<*• 1" 21
'-4 M - * IT*. 2.1 .• -■ <•
Millh.im .. . 1.4?" '■ # *J® !••<;" * ?
•• ii i-4 ft * 4 - } 'L 14 -*;? 1
)nt..n.ill - TfcM> *44 '2" •"' M* : _!"!*' . ' 1
l'liilt|ftlmre " 3-tI.M l".1?" 1 "I" 14.WC 442.44* 10. !•
Twp 44147. t.\,4l **'• MA'- 4.4.!< in.,
IL.gg* .... 2( : 17.1'.' 4 v. ■ M 2"4*> .Vf.'to
ltri..|.|r 41.M2 4.ft. -I '• **' * J, 2f l I „ . ' 1 !
fVllxfr *.'/*; 11.74W 4.41."i ,I*A. •*>. .• 4 1
Oam •• Af4.iii *.:• . ."i •" 4 " 4 '' .f a * 4 '' '
Cerinma " ... 1V.4.9 < I.'••*'. I* w
ft ...' HtC.K 1 I.l<Mt i"IM I AM.*
hI~ •• to.*". ' ■>.'*' o V*'
Half Mm.n - -If.2*. .te& -I- Ml- '• ™ ■'
I4tr4. I I*l.**> Ii.MR *. I 4 - 44 " f^ v f. **
Howard " .... 1 ;,M ■ 1 ■ • 4<. * '•• 1 *£
tlnfnfi " .1.4I. .4.1 U i....W -.■ •' ->; i *"
|. Ift.rl r " l*l.lW 11 .ft' :..1V- -'4TI w.ltv*. 2"..14-'
Mf.l.n " *-4* l 2.114' I*' ' Al' 1 " 142.44* • 4- • 44 , I
Milww MA 412 21-iT* T :t*l •"
I* tiiw •• ll.**.* 2.1i l.'f" ".if* i*.l^>
f,.m 11* I" 14.M2 i.*IA I.W J.T""# ji* 1 -*]* 4 4
PM4, -rffl 12.14*' 'V7' 4,lf* 17>2" *T t.**; | • v... i 7 *>
Itnrll 17704." 7.4*4". I,*"-'. l'* I.J"U If.'**' A
*|ftln " *11.121 ai.*l .•**.; 4,,> R* l - v( o4* **•••*. ,eM '
fix™ Ahfft " . __ ...i
T.llof " 44'..12A 1.1*4' Ml 14*4 1.44U" ~ ' '
I 11.1* - 11A.814 ll.n '*4 4'"- W" 144!..| ,
w.lkrr - 7x42.412* 1i.11'.: \T' 1.'.'1.. 7 24. 1 ■•*•
north •• AU 4.1V1 i.;7- 1 4*. .'.%■• Ui
T. 1.1 tMBJfto" HI A*- HMD 1A'444) *l2*l *.-..141 1<i.78*.1l I>4. nn > 4R ~ m TO
Th Comßiintiotier* herrbjr giro nolic !>• thrv will moot *. • ft.*Ar.l of |{4.vi.t,.n *• rmjuirm) by tbo Art
of A**4>mbly, at their office in Bellofonte, 4.n the 21*1 day of May in*tant, to arcoruin and determine wbethn
any of the valuation* hate been made above or below a Jn*t rate, and to retire, correct and eqtialiie the am.-
art finding lei the requlremenU of the law* relating lo Uiatloa.
W. Mit.ice WALK**, .OHN WOLF. )
Owl. • H. (I, CAMPBELL, [ (Wi fhmmitmiMrr*.
Itellefonle, Te , May *. HWi. r * . A J. ORKIBT, )
2 *
Tii K fact that (ieneral McClellan ia
reported to hive visited Hichmond,
lend* :• republican exchange to remark :
"It i* noticed that '.ericrnl McClellan
finally reached lfichrnond n few daya
I ago 1 He would have reiiched that
city long before (ieneral Orant did if
- lie bud been left alooe, or bad been
supported as (ir.int p,.j< it was
not the policy of the republican leaders
at lliHt time to allow (ii-iie, u | MeClel-
Inn to enter Kicl.rnond. Such an
achievement would have mode him
president, |Ust a- it afterward* did
(irnrit. but (ii-ni rnl M<('iellj, being an
avowed deni'ii r t, il b.-. -iiiie necessary
in the esiuiiatioil of I in- republic on
polilii j.,1 „ to crush lull). They didn't
wont a .l--iii>." r itie | ieident. It would
not have suited them.
((nick Ituilvvuy Time.
/.' '' /, UL, •/ 1 i ■ MI.
//: i r!i' .t' Ifl/r />i uj•j" > "tf /
t ' e - . ,--. s r --- i
1.l I , be'
it.* K I'M I. W All II Com-AX V.
Hiving m"-t thoroughly tested the
Kockford (Club I . . Il Wall nes fur til.
bo' three years. ! ofl.-r lli.ru with the
i .'onfideuce as the best mode and
moat reliable little keeper for til* llioto l
that < -ti be obtained.
/ 'u -. intir ftry ll'.-' ), rtj ,-.ir
//i-LY/V I Ji/.A/K.
A 2/' 'rl /,'
AH hrr ..- if,.---
I'loin .'ari. 27.
I he I; tckford 11 ch piirrho-e.i F.-f
I*7'. b.s performed better than any
Watch I ever had. Have carried it
every dav an'l hi no tirne hs> it t.een
irregular, or in the least unreliable |
cheerfully recommend the Kockford
Watch. H(HA( ii H H-HiD N.
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N ',IRY S. I IT;, PRO''. IL, *r,. NTI/IR MTN
R. B. Spangler & Co.,
Hiqh St. opp. Bush House,