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    al)r t£rntrr iSlk jpemorral.
VOL. 5.
Jhr Centre Jl raw trot.
Term* 81.50 per Annum, tn Advance
8. T. BHUGERT & J. R VAN ORMER. Editor..
Thursday Morning, May 3, 1883.
Centre County Democratic Com
mittee for 1883.
Bl.taicr. "**• r "■ **"*"■
nU(oBt N W •' M. Kkhllnf MM.IA
8. W Ctuu. Sinitli -
W. W §. A. MaQaMtoa
H,.wr,l bono. Ir*• '. Usthrr. ll iwsr I
MllesMir* - J*"'" I' J""" lim, ,'"'
Mtllhrim " V P Musssr V 1
I'litlipshurg I W C.i. Ilfrllnifr I'tiUlpslarit
• • o \v Hl Hrliiniill
.* 3 w V. CnrpfUtur... . 44
Oaiwfttto bom. ' J m- tonsil
I"' '•J?'";
lE.iur. twi> Krsnk T AJams Wllr-lnrx.
RuriioliU lp II ">■ Plus Ulrtin.
Collr** iwp. Job* a 1-P Lmi-.nt.
Carlln 1w,.. •'">"> MrtJl-ki-J K-m-ls.
O. P J T Mc< ..rt.N. K But Tl MRS.
.. p I. W. W.ilkrr !t. k >prliis
OrrRR SP. . John C.,1.1r.n Sprtn* Wills
* N.IV I.~ . Krm. r Mill
lU.n-. i. i I- .Woodward.
w Aaiooibari.
Half Moon tmj. .1 II Griffin 1 •
Harris IP t' W. Mrjrei lhl.hur*
llo**i.| top John I'll, nil Howard.
Huston top. . J .hn Mil.-. 0.-JulUn.
I.lto-rtjr wp Jamrs P. Llim Blar^hard
Marion t| I J llojr ..... . slkrr.
Mil- 1 * twp Kill'K. Shafer Ma.tiani.Mira
l'at lon twp. Arm'* SwllwraJr. Kllmor.
P.nn twp P ll.Slorsr JnMirn
Potter S P. II J Cnntr. 11*11.
•• S P B*ran*l Clark Tii*"ey*lll..
K,MI, N P William Cllllan Phlllpst-urg
g p .IT Kr.rly ..JM4| Kl.lv-
Snow 9ho twp Writ. R lUjrw St..;w Bn>- |
Spring twp. K C, Wo*l Ila 11. f.nt\
Tbtlor twp Hepburn Blowrr*
Union twp. S K Kn#*ri<h H*rnig
Walker twp J *ejk Rmnrkk HtiMeraldir*
Worth twp M S. HJIOUA Port IUU Ida'
W*. i % lIKISI.K
W Milm W ILK Eft,
A LARGE DEPOT ! The railroad
dejHit in course of construction at
Birmingham, England, will cover
over eleven acre* of land, and cost a
million dollars.
land, who has been seriously ill of
Brighta disease, is reported as resting
easier, but there is little hope enter
tained of his recovery.
THE maple sugar crop in Vermont
is said to be a failure. This is doubt
less to be charged to Judge Kelly. He
did not levy a tariff on it, so a* to pro
tect the laborers engaged in its manu
nois, declines to talk on the prospects
of the Republican party in I**4. He
is prudent at least. Ltgau can't lie,
and having nothing good to say, is
THE question now to be determined
i* whether Keim and Cameron's ma- !
ehine has captured the civil service
commission, or whether the commis
sion has .-apturcd Kiem and Cameron's
machine. In either ease it furnishes
quite a refreshing novelty.
IK then- is any whitewash in Ma*-
saclui-ctts tO remove . even a moitey j
of the blackness and brutality dis
closed by the Tewksbury revelations,
it ought to be plastered on. There is,
however, not enough in the world to
entirely purify the foul record.
LAWYER Bum only wants a week
in which to address the jnry in the |
star-route cases. That will tie enough
of Bliss for the jury, and if followed j
i by the other attorneys and the great
official in frills, by a week each, their
bliss will be complete —and somewhat
I THREE Missouri county Judges have
' beeu committed to prison by the Uni
ted States Circuit Court for contempt
in disobeying the mandate of Uncle
Samuel's officials. They refused to
levy a special tax of $2,000 to pay
part of a judgment obtained on conn-
I ty bounds.
i THE Bedford county court has de
cided that three of the ex-Commission-
Piunty, shall refund to the
ernl hundred dollars oash
extra compensation for
i travelling expenses in
;als, to which they were
jy law.
NER Kal'M of the Internal
roan, has resigned,and it is
cw to become the Attorney
on of the whiskey barons.
Ige he has attained as an
e Government, will cer*
uah'c to those who desire
i its revenues.
The Cold Shoulder.
Secretary Folger couldn't sec it.
I A delegation of colored Republicans
the other day called upon Secretary
Folger to solicit the appointment of
one of their race to an important posi
tion in his department, but were
promptly, if not discoutoously. inform
ed that their request would not be
complied with —that their claims were
unreasonable, alleging that the colored
men had more than their proportion
of employes in the departments. 'I lie
Secretary no doubt couuted in the
boot black positions of the colored
race in his estimate. But this was not
what the delegation was after. It was
respectable representation these color
ed gentlemen were in pursuit of and to
which they have just claims upon the
Republican party, and not the scullion
positions awarded them. They com
pose an important element in the po
litical strength of the republican party,
ami as they have as intelligent and
competent men among them as the
average Republican hummers who nn
employed, there is no excuse lor their
proscription. Let the colored tnande- ;
mand his rights as a citizen of his par
ty representatives, or try another par-
ty lor the justice he is entitled to.
THE astonishing generosity of the
Republicans apportionment bill in ;
accordiug one Democratic Congress
man to Philadelphia, it seems, i- bal
anced by a large morsel of selfishness,
after all. The /W** commends the
bill not because Democrats should
he represented, hut on the ground ,
"that Democrats have at times a ma
jority in the lower house of Congress,
and there are local reasons why it
is better that the city should have one j
Democratic representative" —that if ,
"Philadelphia 11111*1 have a Democrat
in ('ongress, it could hardly have a
lietterone than Randall."
That is. if the Republican memb r do
not possess the influence to set up
their jobs 011 a Democratic house, p-r
-haps Mr. Randall would h- n'>i< to ■' >
so Anv compliment to Mr. Ran
dall'* w-irtli and ability a* a faithful
and honest repr*— illative of the p -
pie. will alwavs find rer-dy response
with Democrats, but we d -übl very
much whether Mr. Randall hime|f
will a compliment in the light the
I'rrm put* it The Democrat* d.
man I r. presentation, because they are '
entitled 1 it, on a fair apportionment '
of tie- distriet- oi Philadelphia, and
j tha' i the oulv priuciple that should
! govern in the- formation ofcotigre**-
j iotial district*
Tin m ;'n-s, Kliza Pinkerton, who
gained considerable notoriety as one
of the priuciple witnesses of Sherman
and other conspirators in the Hayes
fraud of 1 in Louisiana, is dead.
She died in prison where she was ser
: ving a term for larceny, neglected by
the visiting statesmen, whom she serv- j
ed. The twins she gsvc birth to sub
sequent to her poiitiral service, under
the tuition of these Republican states
men, bearing the name* respectively
of "John Sherman," and "Stanley
Matthews" of course will be cared for
by the distinguished statesmen.
IN the great Convention of Irish
citizens of this country, in session in
Philadelphia last week, there were
from one thousand to twelve hundred
present, representing the lest intellect
and highest patriotism of the Celtic
race, of all the state*. It was truly a
great body in which wise councils pre
vailed, and the proceeding cannot fail
to have a commanding influence for
good on the future of Ireland. There
was no sympathy with the dynamite
policy, or encouragement for assassi
nation given in the proceeding. Its
object seemed to Ire to consolidate the
intelligent workers of America with
the intelligent workers in Ireland un
der the lead of I'aruell into one homo
genious organizational) fair,open and
manly effort to free Ireland from op
pression and wrong, and to that end
the Convention it is believed was a
grand auccess.
Jußtieo to Oiikos AmcH
llio Ilurrisburg Patriot makes a
strong apjeal to t!i- legislature of
Massachusetts to relieve the memory
of Oakes Ami's from the odium that
rests upon it from the bribery transac
tion in the credit moliiliernlfair in < 'on
gress some years ago. He as the briber
mid Colfax as one of the bribe receiv
ers went down a* dead ducks, while j
the balance of the receivers, includ
ing Judge Kelley and Jll*. ' J. Blaine,
were subsequently endorsed and the
crime condoned. How Ma*-aehuetLs
is to blot out the *tuiu, is the mi- j
terv, but a* an old friend and ae
quaintace of Mr. Colfax we insist that
he also he included. The Patriot says:
"It is understood that at uu early !
day the legislature of Massachusetts
j will he asked to do something looking
! to the removal from tin- memory ot
: the late < >ukes Ames of the -tigma |
j which has rested upon it f r ten years. ]
! When the committee investigating tht
Credit Mohilier scandal ten years ago
reported that lie stood convic ted us n
briber of congressmen, and the Forty
| second congrt * adopted u rrsohiti >n of
; censure, the poor old man who had
j grown wealthy a* a shovel maker and
! won resjM'ct for simple business rnelh- 1
! od* in iii> Massachusetts home, grew
: heart sick and after two months of
j misery died, leaving hi- memory
smirched with the odium which bad
! been heaped upon it.
Why should the memory of Oakes
! Ames he thus subjected to continued
public execration .' He was unques
tionably guilty of bribery and the in s:
effective penalty against the crime
lie* in the odium which attaches tn the
offense. But the giver of a bribe i* no
, more guilty than the receiver. If
< Jukes Ames gave bribes, \S"tu. D
Kelley, James <i. Blaine, Juno - A.
'Garfield, Schuyler I'olfax, Beiu 1'
Butler and others received them. If,
therefore, the memory of < 'skes Ames
is to bear a stigma those who shared
: the crime with hiui are equally culpa
ble and a* fully deserving of reproba
James (. Blaine ha* inre la-en
twice named fur the presidential nom
ination, and hi* connection with the
Oakes Ames crime wa* rcspon-ible for
his defeat in neither ca*e. Garfield
accepted the bribe* at the hands of
'takes Ann*, and the offense wa- con
done*! in his ejection to the presiden
cy William I>. Kelley, who added
perjury to the crime of
br.fa-s, -till holds hi* <ut in loogr* --,
and was recently complimented hv the
Philadelphia monopolists with a pub
lic diniii r. < nlfax. who like Garfield
and Kelley, magnified the crime of
bribery by subsequent penury, 1* 1 ec
; ognized a- a public teacher by the lv
c'ums and lecture bureaus of the
country, and Butler i* now governor
of Massachusetts. Thus all tfioe who
share*! with ' takes Ames the crime of
which he stood i-onvicte*l, ar- a|ipa
r* ntly vindicate*! Why, therefore,
should his mem >ry nml posterity suf
fer alone ? It i* neither equal *irex
aet justice, atnl it thi- legislature of
MaMsaeliusi'tte can reach the subject, it
is t/i he hoped that *p'*dy action will
IH> taken. The l'atrit *ioe* not ask
vindication for (take* Ames. But it
iloes think, that unless h' h*' purgeil of
| the crime f.v some public expression,
hi* a* oeiat'-s should l>e inelude*! in
| the execration that rests upon him.
peace with the spirit of reform. He
has order* '! the disbandment of Com- i
j [mny "K." Sixth Regiment, National
j Guards, and the Washington Tr*<ojM.
This summary action is in consequence
of proof tfirst the property of the state
in p<e>so**ion of these organizations,
consisting of arms and equipments, are
grossly neglected. He directs that
the property must be restored to the
atate within thirty days.
the New York fittn, "is decidedly the
most conspicuous of all the candidates
the Republicans have hopes or fears
of, says that he will not tie a candidate.
Htill he has the "liee in his bonnet,"
It hums as yet and does not sting.
Mr. Edmunds would like to lie Presi
dent, but he ia not anxious to run next
year. He ia a hard-headed person
with no fondtiew for forlorn hopes.
He sees it ia a very had time for beea,
and he ia pachydermatous enough not
to he atung, although he muat listen to
the bumming, Mr. Edmunds keepa
his head plum."
A Veteran JournnliHt Dead.
i Col. Levi L. Tate, proprietor of the
' l Lycoming Chronicle , one of the ohb-t !
I publisher* of the State, died in Wil- |
I liariiHport on Monday last, ng' d 7-'!.
! lie was n native of Clearfield, and in
j fifty-three years of his life as a printer
! had published and edited nine differ
ent newspapers. He was a man of
j very creditable ability ami a member
of the legislature from Columbia
; county in 1
SI.NATOK Hit.i., of ('(dorado, has
written an open letter to Secretary
feller of the Interior Department
making grave charges against this
! gentleman on his management of tin
[ Department. This will doubtless lead
to an aeriiuonious controversy he
t ween these Colorado lb-publican
statesmen, which may not have a very
i -oothing effect in harmonizing the I
Republican discord* already existing
in that State. The Secretary's great
i est offence seems to be that he failed
' to give the Senator's recommendation
! for office that consideration that Sena
torial greatness demanded.
THI: early start in life of some of
tlie pr< -cut members of the S-nate of
111 ited States, may be encouraging,
and stimulate the ambition of some
of our youth, po-esed of equal natu
ral ability, to prepare themselves to
becrime our future statesmen. It only |
requires pluck, and industry, good
habits and study. It is *>tid. the dis
tinguished Senator Reek of Mi-- <uri.
commence 1 his career n- a farm hand
Conger, a* n lumber hand ; Davis, nf
West V irginia, a- a brakeman l air,
a- a bartender; Karley, a- a stage j
driver : Cormnti, a- a p%gc : Vest, a'
a reporter; Sawyer. n a he*>r<r
done*, of Florida, a- a earj>ent r, and
Morrill, a- a country storek- eper
SEXATOR CAMI KOS i- ahead yet,
So far a- the returns arc in. I. If
Keim, editor of Don Cameron's Mar
risburg organ, on the recommendation
of the civil service commission, ha
le-n appointed F.xaniiner of that
body. The Senator will not bo with
(nil nn able ami competent lieutenant
in the civil service reform department.
A very general protest against the ap
pointment i- made by the friends o'
civil service reform, a < tie not tit to
le made. Machine politico score* an
important victory
Tin. indications from Virginia are
that Mahone will require a much
larger supply of public plunder than
lie ha \ct ha! to hold together the
discordant elements of hi- heterogene
ous combination. Insubordination to
' the IHVS i- being manifested in all the
element*. A I rniidable jlit took
place in Norfolk, i- extending inland
and reaches the negro, whom the bos*
i is now trying to reduce t • sulwervirney
by addressing circulars to the negro
THE grain gambler* nt Chicago
are fighting desperately against the
favorable crop report* made by relia-
I ble correspondent*. n thev have a
' tendency to knock the bottom out of
the movement* to hull th<- markets.
The millions, however, will profit by
any disaster* the speculators may earn
j by the publication of the true state of
the grain prospects, which are said to
be excellent.
To TIT* Uellefonte DSSOCHAT Senator
Wallace's innocence of the cotlee pot
charges ha* long been evident.— l'hila,
That'* true, Mr. I'rr*. The DEM
OCRAT'* familiarity with the alleged
"coffee-pot" fraud i* not of recent
date. It truthfully located the origin
and object of the base lie so far a*
Mr. Wallace and hia political fricndi
were concerned, in the article alluded
to in the /YrV witticism.
• * - • ■ -
THERE are #96 ton* of silver coin i
in the vaulla of the auh-trcaaury at
New York, representing over $82,000,-
000, about ona-third of whieh are in
legal tender silver dollar*.
He; burn Speaks.
Senator Keyturn, the Stalwart I'resi
' dent pro tern, of the Senate, w ho stands
second lo L'oopiT a- the apologist for
corruption snd a mean low gride of
politic*, it appears lIHH no love for Gov.
I'atlison, or the high principle which
has governed him in official life both in
Philadelphia and in llarri-burg. The
other day this representative of ma
chine politics and th< o!< element of
Philadelphia, made a > haracteristic
speech 'in the Senate, in which h<- un
dertook to belittle and criticize the
Governor, Senator Gordon, of Phila
delphin. replied to hilii ar.d sa:d " The
senator has -'en fit to d:-p*rage the
public serviis-- < f th" late controller of
I'niladelpbi , the present governor of
| the -t *!•, no said "Sir, ido not tOMD
j lo debate tliat question with the leria
lor. Ihe public service- of Governor
I'atlison h.ive been pi--- i u| ti by the
I people ami upon then decision I rely.
fwico over, a* controller arid a* a cm'
I delate for governor, have the people
: pronouncd th. r conbdence 1 h ■ in'
' legrity, caps* ty ami fitnes- for official
-tation. I |win their v.ode t I re-t. and
against the statement of the senator
that Governor Pattuon d:d no service lo
I'hiladelphia, I jeont to his rn • jrity of
fourteen thousand 111 that city— at in
election when '-irtield had twenty
three thousand. The senator and lis
constituents are therefore at i-'ue upon
the value of the governor's public **r"
vices. Ilia whole r.flici.sl walk is lum
inous with j üblic benefit*. Mis whole
public career > an unbroken chain of
good dec is and fa'tbfu! service | üblicly
commended and endorsed. As it has
l>een so too will it be.
1, sir, this disparagement of Gover
nor Pattison is no new thing. In noth
ing ha* he been s ■ fortunate i> in the
character of his op|>onerits. Mediocrity
has hi--'-d 11* spite at him and .ncompe
lence, profligacy and corruptiun have
honored luru with their hate. He has
been sneered at for lack of capacity,
reproached for want of sincerity and de
-r. 1 hv all the enemies of good govern
ni< !, 'i an unbrok' n chorus of ;eers.
Pc •tl | pie too has often j iped in
feel.i st- 1 11 its song of opposition. Hut
ainid't 1 I, tinheedful of the st rni of
abuse and obloquy that feat harmless
upon htm, this ! tiiful j üblic >• 'iant.
has continued in li.s quiet way of w*-ll
doing, w.liing to trust the future to the
people, and relying for v .tidication sole
ly on his official act*. What he was i,
controller he lias been and will f>e a
governor. Portunate then in hi* op
p ments he is still more fortunate now.
No public plunderer prai*es him, and
inconipe *m e ami , irrupti m alike rm
see no merit in bint. Hut as in the p .st
lie trusted for isiiftralion to the people,
-o too in tin- future he seeks only their
favotable verdict.
The Lint of Apjxtintments in the
Department of Internal Affaire
Mav 1, the incoming officials of tfie
department of internal affairs took
charge. Ihe secret ty. Hon. .1. -imp
son Africa, has ma ir his appointment*
for th" term beginning May 1, IS-1.
and the list is as annex* d.
Meputy .-secretary I. Wilson Green
land, Clarion, deputy secretary.
Chief of Bureau of Industrial Statis
tics Joel H. McCanjanl, I'ottsville.
Mratightstnan—ll. Franklin Africa,
fieri**—v W. Buck, Bradford; John
1,. Butler, Warren, lawyer, represents
the labor refuini inteiest; John M.
Cooper, Blair. 1 <ll lor : li Jiert H. Por
ter, Belletonte; Frank B. Kluck, llesi
ford, surveyor; J amps B. Markett.
Perry, aurvevnr: Ktnl. I, ManiLnght.
Lancaster ; l.llis L. Mumnik, Itsuph'.n
Thomas lb Nash, AleKean, pr.nter ; A.
Ntemmer Pomerov, Montgomery, clerk :
Charles A. Glenn, Schuylkill, ot the
present force ; John A. Mi-Cult n. Blair,
of the present force.
Meaaenger— Michael Bradley. Phila
delplii*. *
Measengcr to Bureau of Industrial
Statistic#—Kdwnrd T. La Mont, Cum
Night Watchman—John It. Moore, |
RCRREIX, an cx-Uiiitvl Staten Mar- ,
sbai in Texa, autl one of the co-work
er* of Dortey in fixing Indiana in
1870, has just, rcacl.e*! the Illinois
penitentiary, ami re*?eivi-*l his stripe*!
out-fit which entitle* him to hoard am!
lodging at public expense. Hi* col
league, Mr. Dorsey, is en the road ami
will prohahly overtake him shortly.
riiirit), the I'hiladelphia almshouse
superintendent is to.receive biatrial
this week.
TOMS: Jrtl.oO per Annum,ln Advance.
Swoopo h Confession vh. Swoopo.
Mr. inland I). f-w<x>je who appear#
in u letter t iln- Philadelphia /Vn
ol Friday laat, contradicting Senator
j \\ allace'-t statement in relation to the
alleged fraud in the- campaign of 18<>7
and undertake- to reaffirm the slander
on his own responsibility. This jrouug
man does not know when.-of he siicak#
el-e he would cultivate lorgetfulnessi
in-tead of iuv< rligation <d' the base
a't- to which Mr. Wallace's denial
refers. We know nothing of this Mr.
Swoope, at his responsibility or
res per lability. Rut if Senator Wal
lace who dots know him, believes biru
worthy of reply, be has a fine chance
to teach the young man a lesson to be
remembered. In the mean time we
append the following letter which a[c
p< nr- in the /V- ■ <.n Saturday last
Bucher Swoopo's ConfesHion.
TIIK < IUK'.I Ml | ,n | Hl' UOTMIi I |l|S
-r->AT'iK IUUI TO i.KATII'I A rAh -
*ll*4l lIITIttI.
I'iTTsai R-.ii, April 27.
J o I'n 4 h ll linos , s*:rii, f.- v.
Sit: I notice the letter of itoland
I>. Swoojkj ri your | aper tlui morning
I knew his father. If. I'ucber Swoofw,
former district attorney of this district,
very we], He repeatedly boasted to
me and others that he ha 1 fastened on
senator Wallace the charge of forging
naturalization paper-, and that it was to
gratify a personal hatred of him. With
n a month of the death of Mr. Swoope
he told me regretfully that "he had aet
that thing up on Wallace that be was
sorry for it that he would send for him,
and, as 1 understood, retracted the
charge. Whether he d.d so or not I
am unable to saj.
Very truly,
f. M. Mack.
I HE House ha To finally acted upon
the hill-, appropriating ?**4,400 to the
Pennsylvania r*: r:n - hrxil; B.>Ml
and an annuity of .? 1 ini to Edmund
Hyde <,f Potter county, for disabilities
in the war of the rctiellion, and 10 25,-
for the i ntinuanoe of the eduea
tioii of ti,. de-titute children of de
ceased and disabled -oldier* of the
A Wa-uini;t>n paper, prrhablv TO
hurras- and excite the temper of Judge
I olger by a rush of female applicant*
for office, has published that tie! Treas
ury Department i- a pixel place for
young ladie to find lovers and hus
band-. That during the past three
or four months over one hundred 'nave
been married from that institution.
In Ma—nehu-ep* at this time, the
power i- not behind the throne—it sits
right square on lop of' it, bare-headed
and belligerent againt evil doeis,
brute, and robbers, as the manager*
of the Tewkshurg Almshouse are ex
periencing to their confusion. Uepub
lican whitewash ha- lost its virtue and
don't brighten worth a cent
Im. Huston JW propose* one oi
two Democratic ticket* for IHK4. The
first is Samuel J.Tilden of New York,
for president, and Jos. K. M l humid
of Indiana, for Vice President; the
second is. Jo. I;. M'Donald for Prrwi
dnt, arid Frederick O. IVince of
Max-achusetU t *r Vice Presiib n;,
Tiik New York rimes believes that
"(ien. Chalmers of Mississippi think*
he has annexed the Republican party.
Chalmers mistake is in supposing
that J. A. Huhhcll i the Republican
party, an error which Huhbell himself
at one time shawl, but from which he
j has been rudely awakened." The
I JimcA would not dare to say the same
of Mahotie. who bosses the |>arty aud
makes its majority in the Senate. It'e
sneers in that quarter might provoke
rebuke from the boss, to whom annex s
j at ion i not disputed.
A Wasiiimitox paper Mrs that the
coo version of pultiu, property to
private u*es is aa abuse that flourishes
in more than one of the departments,
! ar<l will continue Until a political
| cyclone *ina-hc# this specie# of robbery