Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, March 29, 1883, Image 4

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    Or ifrntrr Slrmocrnt.
riiur*U> morning, at Il*lIrnfo, • nir*
i uut), IV
TKKMJ*—%*h In %d?nor, SI l>o
II not ill wlTftBM OO
A LI VK I'Al'Kli—to th* iBIKMIi •! tl
III' n to within thrt# month* will bo con
• Idoroil tu tv*mf.
V,. jt,|■>i iih i . illCMnttiiu<*d until i%rrrHrnfiior*
,mi i%t option of publloltoro.
i KM 4 going ut •>( th" comity mut h paid for In
• lit Oll *•
tuy i>i>ruu procuriuit u trt. *U •nbtcrlbfr* will
li* •••lit A ou|y lrM of clt*rg.
IPIR,MT circulation TUIKVI'R tll |>i|or an no*
nn.llf iflinblc and prohUhloni'Mliuin fortiivrrtUiiik
Wi* ito*** in** ii"Rl ampli' Uolllth . f..r JO II WiUIK
•ml *t" |r. j.if I tii |>t itit a1! kind* o book, Tro. t,
PROGRUINIITON, I'OITIR*, T'oinmop i l pi luting, <K> , ll> THE
It iiR-t tt% t* •nl * Ilowoot poaalldc r*t> *
Ml a l\ iti4. in.nt4 lor • lw tfflit than thrN* month*
10 >at |cr hut* for th" lirwt ttir* iu- iIMIM, i\u l
cant* * I!•• for ru< h additional |linrtiOli. "po lil
K lir.o .Ml notu "4 I • runt* per Hue.
1,... I. **. MI U*M column®, lorerit|ier line
A liliciril discount it mmlo to |mt*oih adtrrtUin* I >
t lit •juartnf. half Jffitr, or )"", • follow*
9PrB OCCI flBt) 9 Bi |
j i i \
One nub (or 11 lifict thlt ty|r|. > ** MJ
T*o iut*lon • Th | I
I'lir.M* in. he- j 1 1
tfuartrr jhiuiu •or IIKIK* • -
11 •
* .rel; ♦ U*rii* , li' oil ' j --d 'or !•• t- re in
• r 111• t, tcejil i *ll\ ••utrw : hen half-war!}
u% .1..■ >-1 . <\ *1 i • i 'jnlfril
rt \ "Ti • •( | to. - th Ihti-rtioii
• i U4r*' ' let* than 50 ernt*.
•i' <i*R4 4 S*rTl " i> the **!ltofinl ■ hitiifiß, 1 • ceiitt
#r line, • a*lt meertlnn.
A II>|*rnl sign r Otherwise.
The report* of tb* bureau <>t *iaiitic*
iuil issued preitent an encouraging ■- gn
to the protectionist*, though it i not
clear to the general spectator of event*
how benefit i- to be deprived front it.
According to thi* report the voluute ol
export* of flutter and cheese declined
materially during the month* of .lanu
ary and February. 1 hat i* to say that
during the tir*t two month* of I**2 the j
cheese exported amounted to ll,ot*U*Mi ,
pound*, while during the saute in .nth*
of the present year the amount w.n le*
than 5,000,001! pound*. The contpari !
son ill butter i* made for the te* month* j
ending with the close of February and
the falling oil' aggregates about 1 •".,tMat,
000 pound*.
Now to the protection ntonopoii*t
these figure.* must present an exceed
ingly cheerful a-pect of trade. The
difference between the export* of lat
year and those of thi* are of course
within the borders of our own glorious
country spreading wealth and comfort
broadcast everywhere, and the protec
tioniat Mark Tapleys must fie oorres
pondiogly jolly in contemplation of the
tact. It may require a specious sort of
reasoning to arrive at the conclusion,
but the logic which the protectionist*
employ in advocacy of their here-y i*
easily applicable to thi*. For example,
they say that by prohibiting the impor"
tation of foreign goood* Americans
have opportunity to get rich in trading
among themselves. If tin* is true, why
is not the parallel proposition equally
clear. If exportation is avo.ded, the
commodity remains as a uhject of
barter among the home producer* and
con*umers, and by a parity of reasoning
both are put on the high road to wealth.
The producers of hutter and cheese
in thia country will probably Mil to aj
preciate the force of thi* logic. The
closing of foreign port* to their surplus
cheese and butter circumscribe* their
market, break* down price* ;,nd limits
their opportunities to trade. Hut the
same result follows the closing of Atner
icatt market* to the foreign fabric*,
except that tlie American consumer i>
made to suffer instead of lite producer
If in the course of future commercial
relations between the new world and
the old the exportation of grain and
beef and other articles should decline
and finally stop the .fudge Kelley*, the
Ifarry Olivers and the other monopr,
lists and their agpnt* would doubtless
go into a perfeet paroxysm of pleasure
over the advantages it afforded them to
multiply their wealth at the expense of
their fellow workers in the vinevard of
industrious effort. Patri,'.
One flood Turn Ifeserte* Another.
Among the many god things that
the last I'ongress failed to do was its
omission to make any arrangement for
the i'nited States to lie represented Bt
the grand international exhibition to be
held at Amsterdam, opening in May of
this year. Mr. S. A. Wheelwright, No.
2 Wall street, New York, is the otficicnt
representative of the Holland exposj.
lion in the I'nited States, and he has
very properly, issued an appeal to the
business men of this country, and e*
pecially to such a* are interested in the
Netherlands trade, to repair the injury
done by the failure of Congress. I lot
land spent about f 100,000 on our Cen
tennial exposition in l>*<Tft. Mr. Wheel*
right calls attention to the tact that
Holland sends us some of our IK-SI
immigrants, while Amsterdam arid
Rotterdam have provided hundred of
million* of dollars to build our railways
and develop our varied leaources. In
View of these facts It doe* not seem to
him possible tint Americans should
allow this nppnilimitv to ps>s unim
Divorce Doings Digested.
There is a spasm of alarm over the
discovery, *ay* the Altoona Time.*, that
it i* easier to get a divorce in I'ennayl
vitnia than almost any state of the union-
It isn'.t any wonder either. <hir staid
old Presbyterian population ha* been
thanking heaven that in thi* reapeol 1
our state i* not a* other states, such a*
Indiana mid Illinois are, and contrasting
the superior social morality that hn* .
resulted from our closer conformity to j
the scriptural standard (or no long a
time, that the dictum of a Philadelphia i
judge, that instead of being stricter, we
i are really looser ill thi* respect, than !
most other communities, i* calculated '[
to startle thetnout of their *elf.*ali*ficd \
dream* of propriety, and security. And j
yet we advise thetn not to get too ex
cited about the matter. Though divorce -
, is rapidly increasing in Pennsylvania,
though every county court is grinding
; out such cases by the dozen every term,
there isn't much danger that llie mar
liage lie is about to become a rope of
1 -and to our people and a general ruh
to plurality, or iineida promiscuity
about to take place. The truth i* that
it isn't the law that keeps up the mar
riago institution in a community like j
! ibi*. Marriage, monngamic marriage,
i is an institution of the white race older
than any of it* law*, and founded
deeper thill) any law iii the habit* and
tradition* of the race, '-inctitied and
! glorified a* it afterwards was by being
adopted a< a |airt of tin* ehristian re
ligion, it ha* acquired a depth and
strength of root u, hr* no other hu
man institution ha*. There i* more
1 danger of the common law of l.nglmid
being abolished than of the one wife
marriage system being destroyed. There
; i* infinitely more d mger of the political
commonwealth of Pennsylvania being
j obliterated from the map than of the
1 family s* we know it, being even *<-ri
| ou*ly threatened, in our society. N■. it
; I* not law that uphold* the fabric of our
law*. Abolish all the marriage and
divorce law* to morrow, and men and
women would still go on for ages, to
marry and give in marriage, and raise !
| families a* their father* did before them,
j In fact, except for the confusion that
would result in m itter* of property, and
fhe abolition of nil marriage law * would
make very little difference with the ;
marriage relation in Pennsylvania. Pub
lie opinion, the real ruler of the world
in social matter*, would Htill compel ;
marriage, and frown down divorce* that
ought not to be granted. And a* long '
s* the present public opinion exit
which will be for age* probably the ;
good people of this state need fear r." j
inundation of divorce upon them, fhe
increase of divorce in the lat few year*
is rapid, but not at all alarming. It i*.
for the most part, an increase only in
thoe classes which, if denied divorce
here, would either get it elsewhere, or
hy desertion and adultery, get what
they consider its equivalent. When all
this cla* take* advantage of the new
laxity of the law*, the increase will stop,
and the aiarm with it.
American Newspaper* in P*"*.'!.
Front the new edition of Messrs. <eo.
P. Howell .\ !'<> Americvn Newspaper
i Directory, which is now in press, it ap
pears that the newspaper* and pcriodi
cai* of all kind* issued in the I nited
Mates and Territories now reach the
ini|>o*ing total of 11,190. This i an
increase of in twelve* months. Tak
ing the Mate* one by one, the newspa
per growtli in some i* very considerable.
I lie present total in New York Stale,
for instance, j* l.ifW—• gain of MI in
the pat year. The increase in Penn
•ylvania is H, the existing number
being 91!. Nebraska's total grew from
17". to 201, and Illinois' front *9O to
A year ago Massachusetts had 420 pa
pets; now the number is 4 In Texas
the new paper* outnumbered the Ml*
pensions bv x, and Ohio now ha* 7 '.*
pa piers instead of 092. The niot re
inarkahle change has occurred in the
Territories, in which the daily papers
have grown from P. to 0 '., and the week
lie* from 109 to 243—Dakota being the
chief area of activity. The number of
monthlies throughout the country grew
from 970 to 1,0.14, while the dailies
leaped from 990 to 1,002. 'The tigurr*
given above are exclusive of I'anada.
which possesses a total of 000. It i*
interesting to note that the newly j
•ettled region* of the Canadian North
West are productive of newspapers as
well a* of wheat, for the number of
journals issued in Manitoba was nearlv
doublet! during the year.
W AMI i KOTOW, March IX.—The Terri
torial Legislature of Dakota ha* author i
I red during the rnrr.-nt year the issrj
anee of almost 1750,000 in bond* to
meet railroad indebtedness. Thil fur
nishes an argument against her divi- ;
: sion into the United States and ad
i niision into the Union. Therefore it
meets with the disapproval of the ad
ministration, whose idea i* to cut Da
kota up into half a doxen Republican
I state* a* soon a* possible. The Hover
nor of the Territory, who is held a* a
sort of responsibility, may postihiy be
removed. The post i* filled by N. O.
•rdway. formerly Sergeant at- Arm* of
the United States Senate,
New Postal Nolo.
j The Postofllco department ha* con
j eluded to isaun "postal currency and
j the noteH will readily gain fuvnr with
i the people, an they will nerve to acoom
j mod ate them in their business tranaac
' lioriH with parliea at a distance. The
■ fact that small liuiincan thus he carried. j
j tnakea the method peculiarly advantage- ;
| ou, an 45'.) out of every I,(KM) order* are
| for #1 or less. The limit of single
] money order* in rained front #SO to #IOO,
(lie following scale being adopted : Not
, exceeding #lO, " cent*; #lO to #ls, 10
centa . #ld to # ,0, 15 centn ; #3O to #lO.
! I_'o centa ; #lO to #">o, 25 renin ; #SO to
#6O, .10 cents ; #fio to #7O, .15 cent* : #TO
j to #"0, 10 cents, #"0 to #1(10, 45 renin. I
The reduction on nninn under #lo Irotn '
prenent money order rate* ia one fifth, j
! Sum* not exceeding #5 will he but • ;
: centa,or a reduction of about two third* j
, the* prevent rule*. The poalal notes j
will be issued payable to bearer limply. |
there being no expreaaive letter of ad
vice attending it, and they will be good
lor three months, after which time the
bearer, if ha negleeta to get hi* money
mut send to Washington. The object
of this is to prevent It being used for 1
general circulation. lor odd amounts '
the postal notes will be very convenient, i
amino doubt much used. I lie inten i
tion is to have Ihe notPK engi.Hfd upon J
batik note paper and provided with
checks agaiiml counterfeiting
Wiggins' I.nat Storm
lIC SH ll I KoV IN AN' Oils' I HK f .11 \ I i til 1111
sornw r r tkuki mm.
* 'it \w March 22. lohn Webster, a
former contiactor of Ottow.i, no.v <>| 1
Moose >.iw, forty five miles from Koge
ni, Northwest Territfiry, writing to a '
friend here under <late of ii,c twelfth j
instant, speaks as follows fit Wiggins' '
storm : "I he torm conrmciicefl on the j
eighth instant at noon and continued
- with terrible force until \. v. on tin
ninth, when it reached it- greatest
height. The wind blew at the rate of
seventy-fire mihs an hour, and the air
was one mass of snow. If you were ten
feet from your d- r you could not find
:t again, and vou could neither -t .r. I
nor breathe in it w.thnut shelter. 'I hi*
t is the greast storm in a century. In the
middle of the storm i gun began to fire,
announcing that a person lost in
i lie centre of the town. None, how
ever, would venture to the rescue. n*
they were afraid of getting lost them
selves. After two hours hard fighting
, with the storm party was got safely in.
j A large store .50x|is) feet, and two -to
ries high, was blown clean ov<-r by th"
tremendous gale. Many small shantiee
and houes collapse.l w>th the f >rr.- of
the storm."
11l it license apjiears to wort, well in
I Nebraska. Senator Manderson declares
that "it is a great blessing to every eitv
and town, in contrast with the flood of
little, petty groggerie*. whieh give but
j little revenue and do harm. 1 Uir lieen*
fee for each bar room or saloon is one
thousand dollars in a place like ' 'tnalia.
In Cities it is one thousand dollars for
"srh license, and in villages five hun
dred dollar". In ' (malia the saloon*
have been reduced one half sine- the 1
high license went into effect. We get '
•ne hundred thousand dollar* from the |
, .
shiooiis m <>ma!ia, a great .leal more j
revenue than a <• obtained when we had
(Wire the present number.
In* New York A'<a compiles fronts ta
tistii* an entirely new statement of the ;
insane, idiotir, blind and deaf in the
I'nited States, which shows a large in
crease over reports of former year*,
"out of a total of'.U.OT7 insane returned
in l"f'>. f4.l<>" were males and 47.5" >
females '.15,651 were nat ive* and 2 - 11'.
were foreign. 85,810 were white and
6,157 colored. We ie, therefore, that
insanity attack* women oftner than
men. <)f idiots, however, the total of
T0."05 whs made up of 15,107 males and
11, .%#"•* females. The negro population, i
too. i much more liable to idiocy than
insanity, the number of colored idiots
ia-ing 0.500 to 0.157 lunatic*. Ihe
foreign population, however, contnbii
ted only 4.007 to the idiot", while its
> insane numbered 16,346. The tendency
to insanity among the foreigner* is very
striking, they furnishing considerably
! more than one <|Marter of the whole
number of insane, w bile t here were only ,
about one seventh *s many of them in
the union as natives. If i* suggestive
to observe also that there is the same
increased tendency to insanity, but in
ale's marked degree, in natives who
remove front one pari of the union to
another, especially from the Atlantic to
the Pacific coast. The immigrant ia
subject to an unwonted strain, and the
law of the survival of the'fittest works
with especial rapidity in bis case. Life
jln the old groove* be might sustain
without mental damage, but in new
paths be loses his wits. It is the strong
bird* which stand the migratory flight ;
the weak ones drop by the way.
Of the blind there were more male*
than female*, the total number having
I been 48.927, made up of 2A,7M mle*
arid'J.l.lHO females. The sumo was the
case with respect to the deaf and dutnb.
Out of a total of .13,87k, there were IK,- ,
507 male* mid 15,311 females.
The total number <>f paupers en unu
nited in almshouses was 09,007, besides
whom there was a groatlrody of outdoor
paupers, of whom the statistics are man
ifestly so incomplete that they are ol no
account whatever. The total, accord '
ing to the census, was 111 ,5'.18,
The number of prisoners in confine,
meril in the I'nited States was 59.255,
against 10,912 lunatics confined in sv
The total number of (vlons at hard
labor in prisons and penitentiaries was
.10,625, and t 88.1 convicts were at work
outside ol prison walls under lease* or
under officials. About 13,000 of the
prisoners did some work, and 16,0(8) i
ere maintained in idleness ; 54.186 were
males and 5,06',) females, 16,318 native
and 12.917 foreign. white and
16,961 colored Among the colored :
were included 5.11 Chinamen, one .'spa
nese. and 161 Indian*.
April Jurorn
Following will he found a complete 11-1 '
• f the Grand ami Travel • jurors draw r>
fur the fourth Monday <>f April
■ IKAM. JCRiifr.
Frttik K<ti I* • • „k Win • *ui r . ,%• fi
•m r II ll •* ii ■•* Mi's I* i I ii
.1 I. • illef llt t> M- )•"■ h-f *|||c
Ilfij.a'-r It.' fctlll A r*' Ir> • -in lin
- M IV <1 • If. r ' V 4 * I* ill
J II -I t* f I t I V\ 11 1 r 7 llell || .f J
U'M M I.Hi. I Wxlk. f I I.v I f MI- Ut-gj
. W M' tisk r I.ll'th J +. W Mar.i.ull ll -,n*r
i - • v •, Itnl. j, Dll#
Is U, l. stluii M , J I• • • K<
' m * f ■ . 4 Ifmrti*
J 11, ItvtUfiJ lef Ih-tUi J feu Isfifhtii
7l;a \ K k.i \ it'iit" —1 * t \i t: h k
. I IUII ll war ltwp V. 11. Wilr Ilulf M e t
.1 T Mr.diiib k n,.. Hwlili It* i- M,..
i. • M ilt.it. . i\.l i'ykcrnti. K^ll.f
I' t|. "|.|| W it latir | J • - Ml. ►
Klum lUi*' k |V . • .1% -) Hail..*
Willi.- . ... Um I net...ml I', t
I I "il.ltti Is' lit "mill ' M .•>•*■ f li.t'i'*
i x i K i bail It. mm r M •f H
♦.. V lUf't I M M l/" Mm ..
fit MillM |V- Hrf • V. r.f . .1 v.' 1. f •\-
J l Wnxt.ef ll*n.r Wi K W nh
lint r i Ml* • • Man , l*r • M. t./- 'l.l
- a .< 11-tr *
W H Mntt - II .*t r, l*. l Ma lets WnU r
Idwl W nlk't .) r, T' * It
\Sin ItsMauut II • *' I it. I*. t.rf-ry W nl,
\|f , Ikmailli Tail r Mailt M < • -*k' r i
It*, t llnfii" I I I, " l'hlh|mf ,r fc '
w Ha. r i'all ti M .1 W .It . r •
I.' 1 ) : ll 1 t.r 'ui- .1 -. K 111.Man u
I htt I' -tlrl J Uh Kf; t-^
II W I ft art IV- - f tit* I , \\ net |v .
• 11 "ar.l rl I Ufjf Wi. . W-lk*f
Jat'lkrea,<r Mil J I WiuM' W
ilt\X Elu* Jt R"k-I. —*J| w r.M
\ -an 1 re II •r 7 I'M - L 11. | t.,
-ami M.l.et I'lllll, T . fl i f ItrlJef ' .
ta' '- " •I. I • . e th < t f I .ft %
* I lltrw lis I*' f r J* I *'.M.|J rt li)i nf,
r > It." a* t .*{' If Jar s•. t l*e !'„,.
Irank ' fi'tr II anil| Jh kfja 1-
W I: '. r | * , i - t. 1-
.la* Kt'lbtM I" I ' IM.Je-4 -nt<
I'sat v <a Iner I fly I' ||tjtt|M He||<f r t- j
llerir* /etg .f *{ f 'a. i |'
- li BMf •; r: , | '•. ! t g |u||
Jwt.fl • l|v|t. |1 l#fi t,t - J II trif)( Ofecf
■■• *1 -let lit+-£g JAt M Meatef Ifaitua
I. I r I J i t. • I
J It !'. • *t ('I I| 7 \ 1 •. W ') •■ t M.lew tg
ltil IkikUt urtiß ' w J a '
i t .. II < r.r*,v J.a I. Nr" a ~.
Wn. W •.. >1 >g,i M "I or Hsln—
At an examination fur promotion re (
cently held in the Treasury depart •
luont.oneof the questions prnjrounded j
■Tas, "How far is the sun from the j
earth ?" Vfcwt of (he intelligent, read
ng people of these times could answer •
that question, <>r give the latest result
of astronomical calculations in relation j
thereto, but it really i- of no crne '
quencp. SI far at the usual duties of j
a Government e'erk are concerned,
svhetber he knows within .Vt.OCd.OOM 1
mile" how far the sun is from our plan
et. We mention this question not to ,
find fault, but to suggest tnat true
civil service reform will be promote I bv
making all the examinations (rictly
practical. -H üb. '■ /'
t Miracle.
Whenever there is sn extraordinary I
H-currence- a t--ain run* over a child
i without hurting it . a rncchan c talis
: from b third-atory window, and in a
reel, after he is at work again, we are
wont to exclaim, "what a miracle' ' "o,
when Ms I. >. I srsi iM , then of Alle
gheny ' Ity, I'a . had been sick with
ixvnsumption for a verv long time, bnd
been told bv -evrtil of the bet phvsi
• ■iaris of ttiat city that ber t;m was hut
'or a few hours, that 'he must die. and
when the Use of but one bottle of I'rm 1
in a week's time placed her on her fet
again and made her the heartiest eater
of the family. *ll the people around. *■
wi'h one rejoicing voice, exclaimed,
"What a wonderful miracle'" "ee p-ge
10 of the "Ills of l.ife." Your druggist
will give yoil one prati' 1.1 2t
4V lint It IMil for uii Old l-ailr.
COIIIV no ST VTIOV. X. Y„ I'ec. 28.
1878.—<rvts Anumt.erof peo|.lehad
l.ssn using vour Milters here, an t with
marked ctt-ct. In one case, a lady of
river aeveutv veais, had been sick tor
years, and for the t-s"t ten venr# had
not been able to be around half tbs
time About "i* month* ago she got so
feeble she wna /ir/p/cu. Her old retire
: dies, or physicians, being of no avail, I
sent to I lepiosit, for'y tive miles awav.
and got a bottle of Mop Milter* It mi
proved her so she wss rrble to dress
herself and wslk ahout the bouse.
When she had taken the second bottle
she was rit.|p to lake care of her own
room and walk out to ber nelehbor'a,
and ha* improved all the time aince. j
Mv wife and children aUo have derived
creat benefit from their use.— W. M.
Hathaww, Agt. t\ S. Ex. Co, 13 2t
"."'lhirnhility is better than show."
durability of health is worth more than
the wealth of a Vanderbill, Kidney- j
Wort i* man's co laborer in maintaining
health. With healthy liver, bowels and
kidney*, men and women will always
be in good (iralth. If the bowel* ara
torpid, if pile* toiment, if the back i
full of pain, get a package or Kidney-
Wort and be cured without more suf
Sew AdvertieementM.
Mi* ii .
ttgmmgmgmmgmmggmKmsmmmmM I
\ i uii, , .bbmhhbhmbhb
m l'.tii
lUNMiMirH, Mticn not frcili . fIBHHH
A A IMCFWs A < O "fitMHi- fduin
f Mil 84 W 1 tf.
•HI k I'.iW.ler mj\il low*A am
111 XMl.Ull'k, when not fri db..
As to Purity sum! AV'liob koiui-im-hk of'tlio Itoynl ltnkinj; I'oxvdcr.
I 1. .t- tcstcil a package nf Hi. si linking I'nw-lcf. abicli ] purt .1 In
t- ' ni tins] ll i nm|si- .l nf pur. -iii-l wlioP- im -r -lierits I' •, < • , •
'■f iI. .->i of merit, and '!'>• n<>t < mialu • • r alum or g ■ 1 • i ,
Slll-llllc ) ~,M iJ, 1>
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The Royal Batting P<a-l r rvedvad the htgbi wrr all competitors at r \..
Worbt * Kxposltinii, l"TR; hIIIk ' . nnnnl.. I" •
at Mat- iair* throughout lie > uiiir;
Noothcr article of human f'- I). ever r- ••;v •■. ' .- Mil- st, u . •.- \
meat from eminent tbcatou, phjatciaaa, adenti*! . I ItoaMiaf Healih •lom r the a
Viiir The als.ve I)iobm illupirib ihc i•m; •• . w. -th •f v~r !' • i
as akoarn by • b.mieal Analyst* and expartmeot* iui>.< Caf. IrknOii I . -
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a Noftl#
5200.00 REWARD T
WIS ♦ pai li,t ' • t. it at - b • ' , *
pwtmon aril.) g *r dng|iß| if, n.) I ,tin. i out fef ir r
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pr-.*." uic-i || Kniiii
n'A-lt H'fHlf. V, V
3waync a Pilln Comforting to the
Thousands die (r..in neglev t t<- properly
treat liiq ire ItiiMsi. t'"iilip*ti.o . Dys*
(•epsia. .Ms aria, Apoplvxy, I.tv. r. I\ !>.<v,
11.-srt i tj-. a*.--. llroppy an I Rh.-uu si -in
Hut (o tti" .iehilit*te-t, tMiril'-nwl *s uii such
serious sickneps. we conseiontioiisly re
commend ' "W.tt NK > I'ILI.S v\),uh
contain nir-duinal j'.ifs-rtlcs p.v*-essd ),r
no other remedy. Sent by mail for "5
centp, (mix ot •>" pills, .* box.--. SI. in
stamjo A'idresp, I'M S\\ ,\ 3N 1, ,V
SON. I'hiladelphia, I's S. i| )>v Drug.
tr*t-. 0 8.1,
Itching Pile*-Symplons and Cure.
The symptoms s'e moi-liito. like pep
apiratron. iniervse ii.-iuni'. inct.s-c't l*v
scrMlcliing. verv dilrppaiiig, particular
Iv hi night, seem* h t' pin worms were
crawling in ar.d alxvut the rectum the
private pstl* are sometime* a flee led.
It allowed to continue v. ry M-tinns re
Mlufollow. "SW \A N I NIM IN 1
is a pleasant, sole cuti- AUo (or letter.
Itch. Salt Itlieuni, se..ld Ifend. Krsi|<-
las, Barber* Itch, Mlothebe*. nil "<-alv.
crusty Skin Disease*. S.-nl t.y msil tor
51) cents: 1 boxes f 1.25 in iHmp*l
Address, Dr. s\\ V N Nf. A >1 •N, Phi la
delphia. Pa. Sold )v Diuggists. 58 Iv
St,trr )
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p*|PS' htsibw to the Stsia n te-Wenr* of >* h nun.
rallmi. S. IheOmrf. Certlbe* loan tbo reoaWt
tills 'ith Hal ol Maidi. A B. |p-r
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TIIKf 1:1: AM IIM l. I'lli<Ks
or AD I".' VI I Rt.
tl! I • ■ • I ;
• -t.lv*. Hun. ' * < . t< r.t • .
J"" u I uf!a' I I <. V. . XT.U ' r v
'l' t- • ''• * • GORGE
v. • .1 MANHUiIi .. . Pi. -
t* *7 # P* +JV A* w 9
4M4* * tt W A l * W£f•• * W w ** •
1* • i f • t#*,. ' t . u It ti* . ts itmi
. . *
IT lltiU f ! K% tli". TIIIND ih- .•! *• )!o
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I.ITHE Cfr.. v
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Iwwi rn *r o f.t t Scuct ns. Rr.twag
t Srusl r.Matt. ui tfid.tt Ce. tr
n.l ..nrtertiCT. M pit of Mnmach
*l*. bottom of nh.; wntrincm. IrritabilU).
tnnrn. onMnt, ikin J.llow hot ut<) rW wt>
Mtt<m y.d<tll <irjr couch.ndottnKt
forling, imwtiUj- i.iu* Ud
in hcd, tu-n wnrw of lht
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4ark nn'W <>>irM MmM f
HF ART •"•o r k • ♦*
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