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lUliol *ory i'liur*-U> niornloKi Bfl|ifonU,Uutf
county, I'a.
TlCllM3—Csstilu advance $' "O
It uol|mlilio 4t|viitiCt
A LIVB I'AI'EK-dsvulsd to tho HUtMU l Ui
wliolo yu)il.
t'*>iatil- iu<h' within Ihr.u moiithn will ho con
st *||- - I'll in <*i|tnlti*t>
No ju|n'i will u .llsotitiuii.d until rrot*|(o>r
■ll4. uctft ftl option ol |Htbliabn
l-epor-going out "f th coiuilji nmntho psi-l for In
Auy person procurlna n* tenca-h ititat floors w 111
bo aunt <o|i) Irooof t linrgo.
Onrontonalvo cirt ulwtion nmkoa thin |"i| or on un
• ounlly rollohlo ouil iTulitnhlf inrillum In .-n-rlLlm;
Wo lav* ih,. nKMtnmnU Cut tills* lor JOB wmih
• nit oro nrrnoro.l to print *ll Muds ol 80-.W*. Tr> is,
Procmo'iK I' -alora ' "11111.-I. UliirlUtinit.Av., 11l thr
fl II ■ at at I lo Itnil *t lll'' It I ' aalhl* mil'*
Allailmrttiiomrul* '> * t--ii" thou lltroo ni "Una
•Ot onla |.ot lino for tl." Ural llii. o li.-orllou*. snd
cola * lino lor ra< h Idilloiml tuaorlioti f|>..il
antics* ono-half m "o
l.tlliurhil noticra I • rent* |*-r l ea.
| \ Nil. It *"♦ I i t '"Hit 10 COtJ t M |'t-f
a I*l 11* •••' • • 4: ' •' . • x ' '" '
the quarter, li*h vt -r, r y r.*r, <*• !■ ll*w
If ACS occvritD.
On# Inch (or llnoiihU tjp#) tj ?r!J
Tt... luim • ■ : 1 1
kbr— Ihi II
QmiSti (olnmu 01 • •
Or. • 'luili'i •
P.troi • IvorllaoM' n ' I 1 ' ' '" '•
• rtioa, ' ** tr . • M.ii '■ i
IIIMM'II lnnco ' " i"'" "
I'OLttl' A X.ltlvr I' I ' 'I ' ll' "'
N "lilnc Hiat r ' - ■
iii-aiot. n.'ti ' ' lltorlnleolnwns.lSonnta
p*r tins."-sell in* " >
Kclief for the TAXPAYERS
lion. Steuben Junkins, o( I.uzerm
county, Into presented a liiil in ili"
bouse of representatives which aim* at
the relief of the people of the several
counties of the ccinmonwealth from the
onerous burdens of local taxation. It
is a proposition to transfer the licenn
taxes from the state treasury to th<
treasuries of the respective counties in
which such taxes are levied. Ilieeffect
of the passage of thi* hill would he to
relieve the state treasury of it* present
plethora and to reduce local taxation to |
the extent ola million dollars per an
The Patriot has on more than one oc j
cation advooted legislation calculated
to disencumber the industry and pro|
erty of the stale of the load of local tax
es which hampers and oppresses tin-in
The hill offered hy Kef resentat.ve ten
kins will accomplish the desired end.
Indeed it will do more. While reliev
ing the taxpayers in a largo degree it
will reduce the enormous balance* in
the state treasury which are a constant
temptation to plundering ring* and
which apparently benefit nobody but
the bunks in which they deposited. The
sinking fund ha* at present a surplus ol
upwards of two millions of dollar* an J
the general revenue isequally plethoric.
It is clear, therefore, that the slate iioe
not need the moneys derived from li
cen*e and that even if thecounlie* did
not require relief it would be sound
st*temn*hip to reduce the revenue* of
the commonwealth to the extent pro
posed in this bill.
Apart from the reaons already giver
for the passage of this measure it would
seem to lie an act ofju*tice to the coun
ties to give then, the benefit of the Ii
cenae taxes. So far a* liquor license
are concerned, the disorder* and criu.e.
resultant from the abuse of alcoliolii
drinks sold thereunder, are a Ux upm
the counties rather than upon thetate.
The expense of maintaining the crinv
nsl court* rests chiefly with the COUI *
ties. It would therefore appear to be
but just that the counties -hould have
the revenues derived from such license
besides it i* reasonable to believe that
if the counties wpre authorized to rol
lect the license* forth.-irown u*e and
behoof, the license law* would be mor.
rigidly enforced. livery taxpayer woulo
then be directly interested in their en
forcement. The more remotely th.
law affects the citizen the more indiff-r
ent he becomes to it- provision*. Tin
converse of the proposition i equally
true. The more intimately the right
and interests of the citizen are related
to the law the greater the likelihood
that popular feeling will run in favor ol
the execution of the law. Take it all
in-all, therefore, the bill of Kepresenia
five .lenkin* ought to go on the statute
book and if the present legislature
should place it there it cannot he doubt
ed that it will be its future pride and
glory. — Harrwhnrj I'atrmt.
WASHINGTON, .Fan. 20.— After the ad
jo-jrnment of the f- I-nate, yesterday
afternoon, an informal conference of
Democratic Senator* was held in one of
the committee rooms, Senator I'end
leton presided, and about twenty Sena
tora were preaenl. The discussion was
confined to the general policy to be
pursued in regard to the impending
tariff bill. No attempt was made to
reach no agreement as TO wbst action
should be taken touching any partieo
iar feature of the bill, or as to any
amendments to be offered. The general
sentiment, as expressed, favored a cur
tailment, as far as possible, of speech
making and an avoidance on tho part
of the Democrats, of the appearance O
filibustering or purposely delaying the
passage of the bill.
A Day In Congress.
111 It NAVAI, 1111.1. lASSEII A.M> Till". TAHIIT
WASHINGTON, January 25. —To day was
set it past in the Senate for servicea in
honor of the late Senator It. 11. Hill, of
Georgia, lb-solution* ol respect for the
memory ot the deceased were adopted,
and Senator Brown delivered an address
followed by Senator* Vorhees, Kd
inunds, Jones (Fin.) and Burrows.
Tho Naval Appropriation lull, with
pending uioendnieut*, was considered
ui the Mouse. The amendment for
bidding <'hiefs of Bureau." from receiving
additional compensation n* such was
rejected, and that providing fir the
payment ot if'ilU'OO to Asa Week* Was
adopted. The bill A. is then passed
yeas, J.tj ; nays, 'J'.i.
The House then went into Committee
if the Wlioie on Revenue t ills. The
consideration of all t ill* on the culen
.o. WHS objected to by Mr. Kelley un
til the Tariff bill wa* reached. Mr.
Kellev addressed the House on the
ill. He said that there were many re
luoti' ll* of exi-ling dulies proposed by
ill" pending measure which lus indi
vidual judgment did not approve, lie
eared that they would he found in
■r.iclice to t .• so great a* to impair the
llic cney of ou' productive power, and
would tho* put consumers at the mercy
of those who. by rea-on of tile with
li.tw.ilof our coinpe itiou in any par
ticuhir indu'trv, would have a monnp
oly of our markets, and could control
prices therein. Nevertheless he should
•upport the lull in all it* features. *ul
milting amendment* only in case he
■va* instructed to do so hy the • 'otntnil
iee of W ay* and Means. Ihe hill n a
whole was, in bis judgment, the !,•-1
measure of the kind which hud ever
been submitted to the American Cot
.•re**. Mr. Kellev hoped there would
be no delay in deposing of the tail
The experts reported that the ret <! ■
oreasi of revenue from it* adoption
vould tie #J'l *V. ill* own in.
pres-ion wa* th it the reduction nouhi
be much greater.
Ihe committee then ro-e, ami the
Hou-e received the >en ito re*o|utioiis
>n the deatli of R, H Hill, of Heorg >
Kulogies were pr- ' -unred by Kejrc
•on tit ires II in n ond, Sp-er. Tucker,
Hou*e, K isson, W'-m ,rn l ex. . Hook
•■r Mi*. and Cox N Y ', after whicti
the House adopted unanimously a sero - *
if lesolutions t*xpre*-ive of it regrei
it the "lealh of Sen lb i Hill, and th' I ,
a* an ndditional mark of re-pect to t
memory of the ilece ised, at 4 -i, a I
II ilkeharre Disappearing.
FORTV \" r or MISE >I KI Ni; SINK*
Wit KE-IIARRI;. Fa., January 2'. —At fi
"•'clock yesterday morning the residents
of the >ecnnd * ini in this city w--re
• tsried from tlieir slumbers by a r ar
like that of an earihqu ike. I'eople r iti
out of their hou-e- frightened, tut soon
• -renamed that a cave in Imd taken
i- ice in the abandoned oper.inp* of ilie
Delaw ire ai d Ho lon Company's in ne
n that localuy. Numenui* zi/ /..ig gap
were visible on the -ur'ace, and old
inner- at onro began to explore to
b-arn the exaet situation. It took but
short time to discover that the entire
• Xtenl of the cave in appeared to cover
-ur'ace of nenrly forty acres, tnoit of
which i covered with miner*' dweling*.
-rhool houses and other building*. Dor
mg the day many per-ons rei<ling over
• lie spot heg in moving to sster locale
lie* as many are of the opinion that
'lns is onlv (he beginning of a more
•efous trouble.
The csu-e of the CAVO in i* tho result
• f robbing trie pillars of coal for several
years pa*t and replacing them with
wooden props that have rotted and
zradually given way. There were no
persons injured, but from the appear,
snce of a number of hou-e* that have
settled down, the Delaware and Hud
-on Company will have a heavy bill of
damages to pay.
Sherman Won't He President.
We are permuted to publi-h the fol
lowing extract* from a letter of Gen.
Hhetman ton friend in this city : "That
no earthy consideration will inrluee me
to ern'-itter the remainder of my life l.y
holding out the least prospect that any
possible combination of circumstances
or event* will make me a Presidential
candidate." "There are plenty of good
men aide and willing to undertake the
office j abler than I profess to he, and
has as much patriotism." "The Presi
dent at best is but a figurehead. Con
gress is the real power in this Govern
ment, and any I'resideut who under
aks to atamp bis individuality will
find himself tied han't and foot hy laws."
"I ask you to assert with emphasis thai
you know my, unalterable determina
Don. And that it will he idle toappeal
to roc." "The couniry i* perfectly sale,
a- d no amount ot party clamor can ser
lou-ly disturb its hartnony or prosper-
I ity."
lluMy Object lon*.
It i* very unfortunate that violent
objection* to the chief appointment
made by flovernor l'atti.on have come
from peraon* whocontribuied largely to ,
In* nomination and election. If lhe*e :
pernon* had what M-enied to them good
rennoti* for NUCII a courne, they did |
right enough toadviae Mr. l'aiti*on not
to a|ipoint Mr. I'l* idy; hut are they
not carrying their opposition too far
and tillowii.g it to manib'Kt it-elf t > '
violently '! AltributiiigeviTylhiiig that
ha* gone uniim or thai nmy go etni*s lo
tho alleged evil inlluenre of tin* H|
potiitmetii run* beyond loolihne* and
into grop* unfnirne**.
It can not la* po**ihle tli*t the cau?e
o( reform will Miller Irotn Mr. t".*idy ,
enrumbency o( the Attorney fieneral
-hip, utile** the objectors to him shall
deliberalely ruin that c*ue to revenge
the • iovernor'a di.regard ol their wi*h" ■
o*. (Inventor I'atti.oil nnd the lfenio
cratic party are pledged to reform.
We thank heaven they are 100 openly
and too '(|tt re|y pledged to it to ad
titit of evunion. VVs know that the
party i* sincere and intend* to redeem
it* pledge. We believe the 'i ivernor to
lie sincere, and wecinnot ta lieve and
will not 11 lieve witliout cvideneo that
the Attorney tienet il i< to t sincere.
What objection could Mr. t'u--idv
have 111 thwarling the can c of Reform 1
I'o do so would be ru ti ua to the partv.
ruinou* to the (Sovernor and ruinou* to
liimself. I* :l a supposed case Ilu.t he 1
intend- lo kill the parly and th' tiov
••rnor and commit suicide ium eli ' Ho 1
know* as well a* anybody that any
wrong done by linn administration
would be f.' il to every man prouiitu n:
ly identified with it. If, thercfoie, he 1
iiu l no higher motive t .an *• f j r.--cr
ration, tin* urely woul i prr vi tit htm
from intentionally going astray mud
mm .steriiig til- i :V. •• an I adv.sing out '
chief in igistrate.
II Mr. i'a--idy was correct!, rcj irted
in an "interview' pulii-fied several '
week* a : '. tls.nl. be ninde a III i-take 1
m avowing hituseil a cruididale |i r the
I'ni'.cd s t..ti -si iiiile and ett.i gup ti, |
\ttornev fietu rnl-bip a* a stepping '
stone t' ,t. II *at.itv as a lawyer I i I
tie, n freely conn ic l f y those who
liV e • ' ectr ito III"). il true |Jjr v .
in our i-f 'ini n. would I e to cast paldi
eil ii'pir itiotis aside f r the present and ,
rr.'.vo ti hold the V'lorney liener.l j'
• bip to the end ot the term nd o dl
tinrgc I, • dull, . h to win the Hppl.nse
•it those who now ol |,cl to it.n>. Tn <
night lo I e lu* -tut.in. ri, at.il wlist
more honoi ible fame could lie *(ipi;ie
than jus' tbi* ?
A' an. rate there i no good re*,,n
sby the R-fortn element ( I the Rej it>. \
,!Cin p*riy should singe bar k into the ,
bar'or of tbe I- ,s Rig. Ken if the
new -'.ate u 1 nuni-Iratu n l,ou d pooe
unfaithful to the pledge* of the | ,ru
tnd the expecla ion* of the |ut lic tie
Democratic tn*s.r* w,.f rot pn ve un-
t11 li *ti i nor ce*e to do I> is 111 e for the
cause of Reform. If they have bei ri
ted into a mistake in tbe choice of riiern
which we cannot believe in the absence
of convincing evidence.i they wi'ltir
reel tbai mistake at (lie br*t opportu
ntlv. for tl.ey ate firmly resolved that
ihe affair* of thi* commonwealth must
and ahull I e honestly and econoinnally
idnnnisiered.— C.trlult f" !uit/rr.
( laimunt* for the ( upitol.
I'll r. It * si* At i r. ris t• M**inr t* Tttr
Sirrs or NATM* VI HI'II.HIM.*
I'ITT in (. .lanu*ri Lli -Robert Mor
ri*on. of this city, the leading counsel
for the Rlackmore heirs, clamant* of
ihe vast estate of Samuel Rlackmore,
eonststingof con*ider*'de properly in
Pennsylvania, Maryland and the Ib.
irn-t of Columbia including the ground
on which stand* the National Capitol,
White House and other 'iovernmenr
building* lodav produced tlieorjginal
document* in tiie case, from which it
appear* that the claim cannot be ig
nored by the (Government or the pri- ;
vate partie* concerned.
Among the paper*, which have be
come yellow from age, i* one from the
Orphan*' Court naming Arabellr and
.lane Rlackmore a* heirs nnd executor* j
of the estate of said Rlackmore, who;
died about 17*0. After coming into '
possession nl the property, Mr. Morri
son *ay* Arabella nnd .fane leased it for
s term of ninety nino year#. Thi*
lease ha* about five year* yet to run.
Thus it will be seen that the statute of
limitation cannot be pleaded success
fully by the present holder* in resisting
the claim. Long after the death of Ara
t ell* and .fane Rlackmore the holder*
of tbo land, realising thai their title
waa imperfect, had a power of attorney
drawn up, and presented to the heirs,
who, however, never signed it. This
document, which provided for the
tranferofthe Interest of the heir* in
the property, is also in tbe possession of
Mr. Morrison.
Resides these papers, which are con
sidered essential to establish the claim
of tbe Rlackmore decendaots to the
property, there are deed* an 1 oilier
documents which will be produced.
Mr. Morrison wm* in Ktirope recently
looking after the iiitercal* of the heir*
in Kngland. There i* treasure, consist
ing of about I'fiOO (MX), in the Rank of
Ktigland and cnnsbtornbln properly in
bondori mcl elsewhere to which the
claimant* "crt ownership.
Mr, Morrison will goto Washington.
1 fortified with an abundance of evidence
to establish the claim, about tin- Ut
prog into.
The heir* to Ihi* vast eiate ni di*
trihtiied tlirmitfhnut I'ennav I vania.
M try land, t (bin, M i.souri and i'llifcrriia.
anil number about eighty.
I'llr I.incaaler /,-'<// /nicer after Ink
' ing exceptions lo the "postage stami a"
and lite shortness of the *e ion* i.f the
boit.e | r c eed * lo ay : Rill in com pari
nn with Ihe conduct of previnu* repuh
lican house* that of the democratic
majority *hirio mn cre.litat.lv. In the
matter of ex pod it ing t.uinen> tbe com
inittee* were announced nd ready tbi*
year on the seventeenth f .fanu*rv
notwiihstnr ding the mterrutition of *ll
nut.lie business by tbe inauguration ;in
ilie lt lion-,, thev were not announced
un'il the twentietj forty bill* have
tieim considered and reported from
eomtllittees ; tWPntv five have h. < ri di
nosed of on fii-t resiling ami ten have
nassed second reading, while it i* oniy
the twenty fourth of the month. In the
last home the first t II reported from
rrimmittre* was on the twenty ninth.
Speaker I' .unee's • ommittee* give gen
eral satisfaction for the fairness with
which tin ruber* of both parties w,-re
allottnl ; it WII* (juite the contrary with
-speaker Hewitt's. While the cession*
h-ve not, in our opinion, n* vet | rovid
(*(I for as much work a thev might, the
a . lit ion of one hour to the lr idiv ce
■>n and the prohibition of resolution*
on that day change itspr credinj. from
• iiinconit eto btisinr e, and if the mem
bcr* attind thei can practic al\ make
the I ril it v Wei'iti one more working
day of the wick. Th- very fact t),at the
democratic house ct t ] 1 d to r-omider
tin- portage allow e .>■ *ho, - .t to |, *<.
i ■ r.or s. t si of the ptopiietic* to re
11 . 1 item h >us. wh;< i bwe never evi n
bal'e I to consiiier whether r id ll.e
pru' Wis unlawful. No republican house
ti i~* drown the virtue to re-.st the
ti mpt&tibt - to liil a<h i -it or more en
petfluou* (dlici S Che observer at f1 >r
ml .rg iv,ll now n-e one d.-mocruti
eu j loye if tbe hou-e do.ng tiie work
upon which three re; uhli ,n ofll. i
holders used to be un loved, and in
stead of men drawing i' | cr day fr -m
the slate and absenting themselves from
tii*. r per t of duty w. t li, a toi dun with
out. a cheap hireling proxy to do the t
work, < very ni -n on the p'iy roll of the
bouse 1* *1 Ills post ntid knows tbat be
tins to cifiv there; in some in-tm.ee.
I bey *re •V. li r- pi r> i to pay In ip < i
of I brtr own pi.cm-'. .
tor all of these tilings we me dull
ibaltkful . and till- bouse li. -crV. s rt
igid t inn f< r I hem. If it s|c<l| sue ii|*n
tbeseiverer tests n bicll It tuil*t meet
in w. igbter mattr-ia of l. g -latum an I II
ihe appropriation* tbe commonweal h
wdl have reason to he sait-fied with it
first experience in nearly ten years of *.
democratic house
The Maripti* uf l-orne altlie Capitul.
WysitisoToV I.m. - Jb -Th" Marquis of
I. >rne ar.'il III" tnfmli r* of hi* | artv
rilled at tfie KxcCUllve Mansion tod..)
ju*t t.efore the meeting of the Cabinet
it. d | aid tlieir respect* lo tin* I'reti
dent. They were accompanied bv the
Rniish Minister and Mr. John I'avi-,
First A*si*iant Secretary of the stale
Ihe visitorawere receiveil in the Rlue
Parlor anil were presented to the Pre*
ident by A-i-lant Secretary I'ivis.
They were then shown through the
mansion and afterwards visited the I'e.
par nicnl of Slate. The Marquis of
Rome will be entertsined by the British
Minister to night, by President Arthur
to morrow night and hy General sher
man Sunday night.
The President returned the visit of
the Marquis of I.nrne at the F.nglish
Regalion thi* afternoon.
St. Mr (tola* For February. •
Celebrate# St. Valentine's day in cap
| ilal style with an amusing alory mr So.
phie Swett,called "A (jueer Valentine,"
and one has but to read it to ee the
appropriateness of tho title. Anna
North contribute* "The Mission ol Ma
bet's Valentine ; and there is a funny
little poem, "My Valentine,"' by J. M.
Joaquin Miller's "In the Land ol
Clouds," describe* an ascent of Mount
Hood by a party of tourists, and the
loss and rescue of a little dog that in
aisled on accompanying the climbers.
Another paper which is sure of a
hearty welcome i* one with the attrac
live title, "A New Winter's Sport,
winch is written by lljalniar H. Roaeecti
who introduces our American boys to
the tkft or Norwegian snow shoe.
Uf the serial stories,'"Th TifcUham
Brothers' Tide Mill," by .J. T. Trow
bridge, leaves Ha young heroe* in a -till
more exciting position than Nat month.
Mr*. Clement has an "Art and Arlista"
paper on the Flemish painters, with two
beautiful reproducti ri* of portrait* of
Reuben. aii<i hi* children, paint" I l>y
tin* iireut urti t himself. "The alory of
the Field iif tlf ' loth of 'i <M," by K
•S. Brook*, contain* mi interesting ac
count of a tournament, an'i i* i!lu*trat
•••I by the frontispiece *-nlltl*<<l ' Mar
g<.ry'* rnpioii. ' Reiidc* thi*, *rn| a
(.'•kjil drill more, are poem* and lories
by i li.Tb*xler, I rank 11. Converse,
I Palmer Miry I. iM. I'l.-kmson, A
I'hiy try M ir. • -vicr, I'l irkf, m l |HC
I lire* by K'-inrt I. riiurl, Kilt (belli
: I'liornp.on, I: I'. Hircl), |{ ill#., ||, p.
Share, llnjik nMuller, anrl
, rrl her*.
A ll!r**lug.
Ihe| i in alibi- joint* became in
tense fever, wlb iir delcr orating fi
ll-it-, w,, • T.mv add" d, and be I cento*
ri| i' y i*Jui i d i > ihi* *rnib!anr of i,
-Urb • .1 wh.! v : !. t•, I > ,rd I IT.
| 1 ' 'ii r ndii, i;, ami i.i rings
were of n < 1 111 11 ,-r i*l (h r i el
itirtt tic • an. • i, . i ]i v. l lino inior
tinn* thought it i% u I b- Inter if he
were r.nled awa.-, i this ||,,n ph)s
iriat.s, weil known in Hi ly Pitts
butg iIV f Till I I [1 IT •?. that he WHS
n imminent <! ir,g. rof t< •11 partlysis.
and direct!* m'tirwHrd they announced
10 hi* *orrow'nl mother ibr.t they could
I'IVC no hop# Tof n - rei .very. At ih •
juncture tin* u*r fjl 1' r . ; wa* com
menced. and in six week* W *. RIMUIN
Ci x7 wn- well x! I*l w rk !'• H'l pug(
153 of fr. Hartman'* "In- of I..fc get
it from your druggist. ,'i j t.
Hard l'ii/./lc ;
A (.'real many h ie cone < rurv over
the I ' |.'.i/, • In" f artic. who lon t go
to the II 'on < I'hiri : llm, Belle
fontr I'a., f> r their do L.I.J boots and
-lines *ro (r 'V elc li(' i. t . |!iv (loutih
tbc |rn • ! r tln in in i,i lo r pUc<-. and
is t:,c liet Je.t | , .■ or ever beard of
W- t II v ir. t. i, th i'. r *ri
c! - •<• i • (el r(■ 1.1 c•'i,< kof fail ft tin
W i.ter g at ail w Cist. Ve
tin'.' e .. . -ii.tr wf,lie the
iron i hot. a* i r,u l never have (hi*
ebamoof! ?• i e/ain. n.'i v t.
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Repairer of Sewing machines,
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t> I. Malta 4-47 •11
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\nd the Hi *t lulantl Daily at P.c
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FARM mriis.
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Tuesday, January 30, 1883,
ii<! ";,dinc Iriintt Artiax • a ■ Kriaiato. A>
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A f*to r em In th" <ait I* atof-plnd at •
halK* of ST. • ft.r *Mrh r mm. Ooa • haf lim ludiiig
aal, fu* I. an! ua* of *■ 1. Inrntlnr* a* >• t*
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nd cha'r*. <Hh*r irtklH, a. h*• Hgt*. ♦•**!* lothtng.
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1 R> ParathCtof Aturarow. T Ultua Ida'
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2. Bp Panr. UrKrt. 0* L*ctr* IWk.I h**f ng
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