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    §he Centre
Thursday Morning, JSovember, 30,1882.
COSSMSOSDIKCS. coiiUlnlng ImpurUut nsws,
•4 from ny P*r of ,h * ®only. Wo
IVwrMd sulEs sccompsnled by th. rssi usm* of lb.
Local Department.
—Return thank*.
—Buy Holiday good* at Katon'i.
Altoona want* a city controller.
WiUiamsport ha tho dipthoria.—Re
porter. Do you think iho will die ?
—BaptUt service# in Y. M. C. A. lec
ture room next Sunday morning.
—Noll's opening at Pleasant Gap to
day. General store, good goods, lowot
—'Thanksgiving service* in Y. M. t A
room*, thi. morning at 9 o'clock. All
° Lock Haven i* threatened with an in
luflicient eupply of water, owing t" gri<*t
waitefulneei by consumers.
—The increaied number of marriages
.11 over the country is a sign of good ttmei
now, and good time# to come
—Prof. John Weaver, of Pine Grove,
will conduct a musical convention et K"
bersburg, commeacing Doc '.' S.
Mr. J. C. Morri, of Wolf's Store,
one of the beet teachers of this county,
called to see us Monday evening.
jj r \ Sternberg, of the Philadelphia
Branch, railed on Monday and introduced
Mr Wm. ReiaensUin, of Baltimore.
-A number of the invited guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. M Millen will dine
with them at the Brockerhoff to-day.
-Snow Shoe willfioon have another in
dustry in McClain and Hamilton's box
factory, which will be moved from Miles
burg soon.
—Mr. W. B. Miller, of Philadelphia,
waa in town on Sunday. Hi. new venture
ia paying bandsemely and of ceurse he is
happy. „ , .
Rev. Wm. Laurie, of the Presbyterian
church, will conduct a Thanksgiving .or
vice in the Reformed church, to-day aj
10.30 o'clock to which all arc most cordi
ally iavited.
—One of the largest turkeys ever brought
to Bellefonte was sold to Mr. Daniel Gar
man by our friend Mr. John Kishel, of
Centre Hill. His turkeysbip weighed
thirty pound*.
—Dr. Hoy treated Mr. Lambert Aucra
man, a glass worker, for a combination of
troubles, necessitatingsome delicate surg
ery, about three weeks ago. The patient
ia doing exceedingly well.
The new bridge at Osceola, built by
Clearfield and Centre counties, has been
nspected by the viewers appointed for
that purpose, and has been pronounced
satisfactory, in evary respect.
—There is a trifle too much sameness in
many of the locals of the Lock Haven
Journal and our Daily Seva for them to
have emanated from one and the same
brain. "Thou shall not steal."
—Mr. Barney Coyle, of Thilpsburg, ac
companied by Mr. R. • Brett, of Pine
Grove Mills, paid the DEMOCRAT a visit
on Monday morning. Both are good fel
lows in every sense of tho word, ( all
—The editor of the Rrpuhliean can change
that raw "Spring Creek" of his to good
"twenty-year-old" by adding oak shavings
and burned sugar and glycerins, and then
passing an electric current turougb fho
—Mr. Walter N. Heiss, representing
W. J. Heiss, Bro. A Co., wholesale gro
cers, 19 and 21 Girard Avenue, Phila., is
devoting his attention principally to trade
In this neighborhood and is meeting with
abundant success.
—"Astronomy" will be the subject of s
practical talk by Prof. Osmond, f>f the
State College, in the Y M. C. A Wwture
room, Friday evening, Dec. 1. Admission
free, ticketscan -be procured at the Asso
ciation rooms.
—A postmaster, living between Lock
Haven and Tyrone, was seen helping him
self to his neighbor's grapes, during the
latter'* absence, and to excuse hi* presence,
where be bad no business, said "1 sailed l
bava a little talk." In bis mind.
—Mrs. Nancy Tuten and daughter, Miss
Bsther, of Mount Vernon, N. H., mother
and sister ef Mr. 1 T. Tuten, editor of
the JUpubliran, are enjoying the generous
hospitality of that gentlemen's borne.
They arrived Monday evening.
—Messrs. J. M. Furey end W. C. Mil
ler, of the Lock Haven Bute Normal
Behool, will be present at our Institute to
Introduce Prof. A. N. Reub s new end
complete work on School management,
Raub's Literature, and Test Speller, by
the same author. These works should be
la the poeeeseion of every teacher.
—ln order to better fit himself for the
practice of bis profeesion, Dr. Hoy bas
lately added some costly and important
instrument* to bis already complete outfit.
One of them is e galvanic battery—the
aooet expensive, reliable and effective
owned In Centre county perhaps. Doc
seems benl on keeping up with the times.
—We, for some unaccountable reason,
forgot to tefer last week to the very friend
ly call at B. O. Delninger, Esq , editor-in
chief of the Mitlhelm Journal. It was the
first time be ever saw u* ''at home" end if
ha noticed any particular embarrassment
will understand why. We've ever look, d
to Mr. Delninger as a friend and counselor,
•ad as time roll# rapidly on, trust the
pleasant relations, formed In our boyhood,
toay ever continue-
FlßS.— Between 8 and 4 o'clock Tues
day morning a wooden ' uilding in the rear
of the Mutts llouss, w*s discovered to bo
on fire. The Undine Hose company re
sponded to the call and soon succeeded In
quenching the (lame*. Mr. F. X. Lehman,
proprietor, thinks it had iU origin In some
ashes, the remains ola flro used to heat
water for washing. Whatever may have
caused the trouble tho escape was narrow.
Wo congratulate Mr. Lehman and the
Messrs. Brown, owners, upon lhe*trifling
loss sustained.
GlßLS?— Mostof our exchanges are asking
and trying to answer this question. Prac
tically speaking there is very littlo to do
with them. Girls natu'ally incline toward
gentility, meekness snd a reserve of man
nor characteristic of the sex, anil if assist
ed, but a little, by their elders, while grop.
ing, in the moral darkness that too often
surrounds them, for tho noble and true,
are in no great danger of making it neces
sary (or any ono to chido or reprove them.
In the case of those who have not had tho
benefit of early training, and lack strength
of character to successfully contend with
the evils that daily confront them, the
question becomes one that directly concerns
society in general.
A SUM-RlSK.—Cupid has been perched
upon our chair-hack ever since our last
issue telling us ever so many things about
persons married and given in marriage, all
which were allowed to pass wife a mo
mentary notice, except, perhaps, tho case
of Mr. J. Howard Bpangler, foreman of
this office.
Mr. Spangler has seemed radiantly hap
py for somo iiino, and a great, largo smile
was often seen lighting his face, hut no
intimation came from him that said happy
expression was tho external indication of
the connubial joy so deftly hidden deep
down in hia heart.
The lady heretofore has been known as
Miss Klla Bayard and is ono of Bellefonte *
prettiest fair ones. Howard is an indus
trious, capable, talenti-d young man and
lias done well in thus establishing himself
They expect to move into rooms on Alle
gheny, near High atreet, soon snd we trust
athwart the altar there to he erected tho
glow of hearth (ire may never bring to
light anything not intended to promote
arid insure the fullest possible measure of
domestic felicity.
meeting of the National (.range at In
dianapolis, Tuesday of last week was de
j voted in part to the reading and discussion
J of the Report on Agriculture prepared by
a committee composed of the following
gentlemen: Put Darden, Mississippi; C.
G. Luce, Michigan ; J. M. Blanton, \ ir
ginia ; L. lthone, Pennsylvania ; J. L
Neal, Kentucky ; W. A. Armstrong, New
We cannot insert the report entire and
to attempt an abridgment of it would be
unsatisfactory to all concerned, we, there
fore, suggest that our farmer friends write
for the IndianapcAu Journal, of the 22d
instant, which contain* the report in full.
These resolution* were adopted ss em
bodying tho spirit of the association :
Rr wired, That in the exercise of the
elective franchise we shall recognise alle
giance to principle as tho only *fe rule of
Retolred, That we repudiste all leader
ship in politics, except that which lends to
the advancement of the national interest*
of our people through the #xerci*e of the
virtues that dignify and ennoble cilixen
Rewired, That safe protection for our
industries against organixed extortion im
plies suitable, and in some degree, propor
tional representation in .State and National
MiLKanrßo—Mr J. A. W. Rishel is
about to open a store In the room belong
ing to E. U. Csrr, lately occupied by Lu
cian Fryherger. Some of his good* have
arrived. We hope be may stay longer
than his predecessor. [Glad to hsar that
"Ward" mean* business, and shall be
pleased to know of his success. Klie. J
The many acquaintance* end friends of
Dr. C. L. Addleman will be interested to
know that be intend* to go west. His
office is closed now, and we understand ho
will go in a few weeks. Mrs. Addleman
and children will go to the home of her
parents at Warrior's Mark until the Dr.
establishes a practice.
Our Evangelical friend* have not yet
given up the idea of a new church here.
Rev. Morris end Mr. Jos. Rodger*, one of
the street regulators, were quite busy Bet
urday afterneon measuring and slaking off
the plot so generously donated to the con
gregation by (Jen. Beaver. They need a
ehurch building for holding religious ser
vices as a school house is not pleasant.
Mr. and Mr*. Jacob Bhirk mourn the
death of a dear little boy aged about one
year. Little "Joey" had not been well
for sometime and died about 12 o'clock,
Wednesday night. The funeral sermon
was preached by Rev. Morris, and the re
mains interred in the Mileeburg burying
ground on Beturday afternoon. We deep
ly sympathise with them and hope they
may find consolation in Him, who said
"Buffer liula children to come unto me."
Mr. Carr is so fully convinced that oar
pavements are sadly In need of extensive
repairs that he is putting a substantial
brick one in front of hi# dwelling.
Mr. Mitchell, teacher of the Central
City grammar school hs# resigned. We
do not know that another ha# been secured
to complete the term.
Mr. Tom Qogga had hia hunting sport
very unpleasantly broken in upon laat
week by being recalled to the bedside of
one (if hia children, who had been taken
alck. Wo are glad to aay that tho little
fellow is doing well and hope ho may ho
running around soon. (Wo deaire to call
tho attontion of our readers, in various
part* of tho oounty to thia letter, and then
ask thorn why some ono in each town and
at every post office in tho county cannot
write ua in tho same way. Sond mat
ter# of interest to persona in your localities
and wo will cheerfully publish them ]
I'ORT MATILDA.—They who prophesied,
• fter tho newa of tho election waa hoard,
that all tho btiairieaa interests of the coun
try would auffer were ncithor prophets nor
tho Hon* of propheto.
Bupt. Wolf viaitcd our school* on tho
'.Mat instant, accompanied by the director*
of our town. All enjoyed hia viait.
Rev. U. Conley held two protracted
meeting*, thia fall, with good roaulta, and
Rev. G. B. Ague ia holding an interesting
ono at Martha,
Hog cholera haa mado it* appearance
among tho hog* of this vicinity. Tho
people havo declared war on tho fattening
hoga, rea* ning that a poor bog is hotter
than nono. Sensible.
Harry "look* well" in hia tight* and
new "plug" hat.
Herbert Roth rock, A. W. Recto's clerk,
haa resigned his position and returned to
hia heme in your town, where he expects
to go to school during tho winter. We
are sorry to lose him but expect to see bim
occasionally, aa there is ari attraction for
him here.
Miss Nannie Gill ha* gone to Houtxdale
to aew.
Tho many friend* of Miaa Gill and Mr
Rothrock, gave them an oyster supper at
Harry Woodring a on the evening of tho
21#l inatant, at which many were present.
A number of hunter* have been after
deer, which they report plenty. Attack*
of "buck fever" prevented them from kill
ing more than two. They are not danger*
oualy ill, however. "Mark" aayt if he
did aleep it ia not true that the deer hit
him. "Sam" aay# it ia a lie that tho deer
ran over him, the only trouble being that
he had not eyes enough to tee him.
Tha oyater supper at Whippo'a, on Sat
urday evening, w*a a success.
\N e pity those who tho other evening
were heard singing
"Tell me not in mournful numbera,
Life i* but an empty dream ;
For tho aoul is dead that alumhera,
And thinga are not what they seem."
leu DISK.
BPRIKO MlLL.*.—Winter ia here and tho
ground ia decked with it* fleecy covering,
hut many farmer* are not prepared for it,
aa a great deal of corn remains unhuaked,
and much fodder ia still in the flelda of
AH the school* ars open except the town
hip grammar or high school which will
open aa soon at the teats arrive. Spring
Mill* haa three school* now, hut the high
eat grade, juat mentioned,i* for the benefit
of tho whole township.
Th* changing of the road near Greno
ble's atore from a curve to a right angle
baa enabled Mr. Grenoble to lay out two
building lot* on the property occupied by
Mr. Rarick. Mr. Kunkle, of Centre Hill,
hat purchased one of them and will build
soon. Report aaya a furniture establish*
tn*nt it to be connected with it.
Philip Heima and wife after a rnaidenoe
of a few year# in Indiana, have returned
to thia place, and will build a house on
Church hill.
Amo* Koch i* building a house on
Guinea hill.
Your correapondent haa alao caught tha
improvement fever, bought a lot and will
btnld some time between now and when the
Republican* again get down Salt river.
[Wo hope our friend may not have to for
ever abandon building hia house, change
the time. ]
Robt. Duncan ia sojourning at Milton
The Republican defeat made him alck.
Charley Krapo has quit telegraphy and
is clerking for Geo. A. Runk.
Home pervona have lost as many a* twen
ty head of porksra by hog cholera. Among
the heavie*t loasra are William Scholl and
Abraham Harthbarger. %•
A Hm.iniou* NEWSPAPER —W* deaire
to call the attention of our reader* to one
of the largest, ablest, and moat popular re-
Itgiou* newspaper published—one that se
cure* the boat writer* in tbia country and
Rurope, regard!*#* of etpense; has the
best and fullest book review* of any paper
in the country; ha* able article* upon
financial and commercial *ohjarta ; ha* de
partment* edited by specialists and devoted
to Fine Arte, Music, Science, Religious
Intelligence, Mission*, Hchool and Col
legs, Newa of lha Week. Hymn Note*,
the Honday-achool, Legal and Hanitary
questions, Biblical Research (something
that cannot be found in any other news
paper In tha United Bute*), Farm and
Garden, Insurance, Weekly Market Re
port*, etc.—ln fact, a nawapaper which,
with it* twenty-two distinct department*,
I* salted to the requirement* of ev*ry fam
ily, containing a fund of Information
which cannot he had In any other ihape,
and having a wide circulation all over the
country and in Europe. We refer to THE
IKDBPEHDBKT of New York, now called
"The largeet, the sblet, the beet." Bee <
advertisement, in another column, and
•end a postal card for free specimen copy.
—Mr. Mert E. Beelt*, lata of the Fell
House, Greenville, Pa., fermerly of the
Bt.' Cloud notel, Canton, Ohio, ia now
boek keaper et the Brockerboff. Mr.
Beelt* It a model man, and will render the
popular "McMillan** New Broekerboff"
dill more attractive.
—Capt. It. 11. Hall, of tho U. H. Army,
who u detailed to inspect tho N. G. IV,
encampment at Lowlatown, laat August,
ha* submitted hia rnjiort to tho propnr
officers, finding fault and flattering hi
nearly equal measure. Tho camp inatruc
tlon and diaciplirio bo think* very good,
and in altnoat tho tamo breath hurla an in
voctive at tho ahooa and underclothing
worn, thoir manner of saluting atiporiora,
failure to properly perform guard dutiea.
ruaty gun*, and unsteadiness in ranks.
Tho frionda of tho National Guard may
exultingly aing it* praiaea hut they will
never auccoed in convincing men that
playing aoldier ia what they crack it up to
bo. Tho great majority of enliated men
ontored tho organization to have a good
time, and when thoy worn aaked to carry
mud, water and raila, aland unprotected in
a drenching rain, on guard, during a
whole night, etc., no wonder they kick.
Theae evil* are insignificant, however,
when oompared to tho aupercilioui, au
thoritative hearing of a great many of the
officer*. Hoy*, i' you want to wear tho
blue, go wcat, and join tho regular army.
—Speaking roughly,about three-fourth*,
by weight, of the body of man ia conati*
luted by tho fluid he conaumce, and tho re
maining fourth by the aolid material ho
appropriate*. It ia therefore no figure of
apeacb to aay that food make* the man.
We might even put tho caae in a atronger
light and affirm that man ia hi* food. It
cannot ohvioualy he a matter of indiffer
ence what u man eata and drinka. We
know the effect tho feeding of animal
haa on their temper and very nature*;
how the dog fed on raw meal and chained
up ao that he cannot work off the tup*r
fluoua nitrogeniaed material by axerciac
become# a savage heaat, while the aarne
creature fed on bread and milk wouljl he
tame a* a lamb. It may he fair to aay
that different kinda of food exert a par
allel influence upon man. They who buy
groceriea at Becbler a never, on account of
tho food they eat. are aubject to tho an
noyance* aurn to follow having used im
proper food.
—A haa for aorn# time been anticipated
tho I'enna. and the I'enna and Weatern
railroad* havo locked horn*, and thero i<
any amount of blood in the eye* of both
The latter company haa, in laying it*
track, reached a j-oint where further pro
greaa ia rendered impoaaihle uniea# the
I'enna read agree* to ailew the P. and W
to croa* it* track The location of the
point ia on the farm of laaac Luces, near
Snow Shoe. Ten Java time have been
agreed upon in which to have an injunc
tion issued. Gentleman, atop quibbling,
go on with your work and give ua the new
road aa acaon a* it can he flniabed. Our
friend* of the I'enna. road are deairoua, i f
courae, of retaining the right of way and
when they have that aecured will without
any doubt blandly request their rival* to
go ahead. Wo ahall keep the public
By referring to the liat of marriage*
our reader* will notice the announcement
of the marriage of Rev Calvin F Gep
hart.of Millbeim, to Mia* Sal lie A. lleagr,
of Middieaox, Cumberland county. We
have known Mr. Gcpharl long and well,
and are aure that Centra county never
produced a perac.n who ia more of a gen
tleman, a man in whom the inatincl* of
true gentility are more clearly marked, or
a friend in whom there i* !<**# guile. Hi*
career at a miniater, though abort, haa
been a brilliant •, bard atady, buwaaai
impaired hi# health to uch an extant U a*
for the paat year he ha* been recuperating
We are glad to offer our aincere congratu
lation* and wiah Mr. and Mr*. Gapbart a
long and proaperoua future.
—TheLadioa' Mite Society of the Preahy
terian church, met at the residence of Mr*
W. P. Wilaon, laat Friday evening and
an occaaion of rare pleaaure and enjoy
ment reaulted. The hour waa devoted to
a octal chat, charade*, conundrum*, etc.,
and patted ao quickly that before any-one
expected it the lime to go home had ar
rived. It ha* been determine.) to hold the
naxt meeting at Mr*. Jamea A. Rankin *
residence, corner High and Thoma* atreeta,
on Friday evening, Dec. 22d, to which all
are invited, and requetted to bring with
them tnmething weighing a pound.
Republican official# generally may
profit by the example of a Spring town
ahlp member of that party, who atole an
elegant wolf roba from the buggy of Col
Jo*. L. Meff, in Mtleaburg, Saturday 261b
instant. lie took K borne, but the mean
net* of bi* daatardly deed ao worked upon
hi* oontcience that at 12 o'clock Sunday
night ha routed Mr. A. C. lddinga, out of
bed and requeated him to return the robe
to iU owner. We aball witbold the name
pf the party for the present.
—Our good friend, Adam Hoy, Esq., ia
now "aeven daddiaa," the addition to the
little flock made hi# appearance on Satur
day afternoon, and weight twelve pound*.
The little stranger ia exceedingly fortunate
In having aecured a boma ameng person*
who nre *o well qualified to render hi* life
bappy, and we with hi* father nothing lee*
than that tba young man may, at year*
advance, be an honor to lha family.
—Mr. Robert 1. Hunter, ton of Hon.
B. F. Hunter, member of a*aembly elect,
recently finished an aieellert portrait in
crayon of R. M. M'Oee, E*q., which I* a
real gem of at. It can be aeen at tha
office of Slitter A M Gee.
ftoy Fttnthflra, ribbon*, velvet can el) be
colored to match that new hat by using the
Diamond Dye*. 10 cent* for any color.
—Mr. W. Mile* Walker, ia subject to
somnambulistic attacks, that it, he often
move# around afw r dark, hut unlike other
aleep walkers, be always ride#, and that,
too, in ono direction—Centre Hall. Oh
Mile* I
—The pulpit of the M K church will he
filled next Bunday, by Rev Dr. Flood,
pastor of the Tilusville charge, and editor
of the (.'hataw/uan. The discourse* eii)
he of auch a character aa to merit large
i congregation* and we trust many will at
—The various suit* brought against I
Guggenhcimer have been disposed of, The
creditor# having judgment were paid in ;
full, those of I. Guggenbeimer A Co r•
ceivid 76 cent* on the dollar, and those of
I. Giiggeoheiiner were paid 60 per cent of
the face value of their claim*.
—lt is exjieclcd that the Tfarhern' Jour
nal, the organ of the Centre County T'-ar h- ,
er-' Institute, will he published again thia
year. The Juumal is one of the large#
and beat papers of it* kind publirhed in the
Bute, snd haa already Income an india
penaalde factor in institute work.
Mia* Klla Gerherirk, of Nile*. Il'-rrb n
county, Mich , was married to Mr Amo*
Kibble of C*"poli§, Ca-a county, Mich .
on Tuesday last. Mia* Gerherick i* well
known and highly esteemed in thia com
munity and her friends unite in a tender
of well wishes for the year* yet in store
for her.
—The teacher* of the Bellefonte schools
have organized a claaa that rneela bi-week
ly for the purpoteof discussing educational
topica and to improve themselves, a- tea? h-
T*, generally. The movement is com
mendable and prove# conclusively that the
instructors of our young id<-a are determ
ined to fit themselves for the work they
have undertaken
Head the advertisement of S. A A
Iyoeb. N< doubt lha intelligence it con
vey# will he a matter of much importance
to you. They d>> net *ey much, hut the
little rn*ena a great deal. Their trad* thus
Hr during thia ■••*' n Ira# been g*>d and
they are prepared to meet any demand
made upon their f*< ilitn-a to supply their
—The Philadelphia Branch i* alive and
busy. The thror.|ps of customers that
crowd the room daily understand fully
that to buy food clothing at reasonable
rate* l* true economy. It never pays to
buy anything cb-ap simply because the
outlay ia not so great Mr le>win°a word
nevsr haa l*-*n doubted and hia good*
• |e-k for themselves Try them.
—The case of Webner Butler against
Michael Confer wa# tried before Judge
Wateon lat week and reaulu-d In favor of
Butler for $ 12. The coat* and attorney's
fca-a on the on* aide, and lawyer's fees, —
minus sl2 on the other, render thafcspeci- j
men of bovine development about the most |
expensive piiece of bull meat grown upion
Centre county soil for some time. Hati
ng* A Rcwder aj |-cared for plaintiff and
Beaver A Gephart for defendant
Mr. H B. Marshall, ial* manager and
business agent of the (Ttnfon Democrat
severed hi# connection with that j<mrnaJ j
on the lfuh instant With iseo* of j
Nov. Ti, the raoßsawf Mr K H Thielecke j
waa istksd to the mast head aa editor, al
though he ha* tor the p.aat year filled that
position with credit to himself and satis
faction to the patron* and friends of the
Democrat, which i# Justly esteemed one of
the most reliable and influential papers in
this neighborhood. We tender our kind
est regards to all concerned.
—Wilson, McFarlane A Co., call atten- ;
lion to the only reliable Ready Mixed
I'aint in the market. The Pioneer Pre- j
pared Taint is not only superior to any
Ready Mixed Paint sold hut rivala pure j
white lead in it* smoothnea in working j
and durability. Thia paint is guaranteed
by the manufacture* nut to crack or pseel
within three year*. The guarantee ia not
only good for replacing the paint but it
will be put on if it should crack or peel
within the time sp>ecifled. It will be to
your interest to call and see Wilson, Mc-
Farlane A Co., lofore purchasing either
white lead or any other Ready Mixed
'tis la eel worths of the honoyeowh.
Thai shaft* lha hlv* hswats th* lass hsrratting."
The Watchman. last week, indirectly
attacked the judge* of our court claiming
that whHe they aboali have been holding
court they were attending to private bust
ne#*, referring to the week of apiecial court
over which hi* Honor Judge Wateon pre
aided. Wedo not wiah to place our neigh
bor* in an unplea*ant position,'would not
If we could, poaaibly could not, if we j
would, but deaire to make thia alatement—
neither Judge* Mayar or Orvia were fish
tng, hunting or speculating, a* waa assert
ed, the former waa preaiding at a session !
held in Clearfield and tha latter wa* sick,
nor could either ef the gentlemen hare oc
cupiad tha bench in the trial* of the eject
ment case* originally set for diapsoaitiun
last week, bad they olbarwiae been able to.
Tbeee case* bava been continued from
term to term for year*, Judge Oral* hae
ing been retained a* counsel In both of
tbem prior to hi* elevation to hi* preeant
position and Judge Mayer being directly
interested in the result to b reached in
[Th< following li<<••, appropriate to thin
reason, wore written I.y h Jvly r cwiding in
till* place, arid published >iu- \.-nr ago.l
I ft""*! In lht m>*U t) * Autu i.r . *f|,
Mwrf't k<H In*m fit*. So,tU
Vh'tff f*">l llit*! tin- i"V*a •* fit" mill* . (
OVrtiff*!, tti 4yiUK !*•••• m*trmtstr4 Umh,
Ak tU-y flutter*'J It* o</iom of criifjwti an*!
J On i.,e tnjM li*'f/u* brwir, Mlf lb"; kf.*
| Tliey k#oo tuuftt fall—-their ko II *- % JW-4
Tli-j ha/I wfl the |iur|KiM for whlrh ih*y **•.
I l'".k"l on 1h- ft- 11, I hut In j(laj) array
' In tin* •uitiM*r !•, had I mr) fluti*
* ill* • pfoJltfl haiH their frvln *o r*y,
That *nt*4l the Mirk* it */<-r Ih'-m huu£.
*ll M 'llil ||MTJ Mtl'l t'VoW l/*f<
Tb# UrtNU w* ribrr(<(l-UM Urm at* t. i*~j
Khrlll viii<l lou.i through lb# fraaty Mir,
Ah*l tin- ui.. f rjr aotrg uf the r*ape* i alJ]|**J
Ufa— Kuttab*r of If*
All MHf, ,uU I/) tb" w|i**lt of CM If,
T)**' fl'-'it'K ymin •itb ato rot* ar rife,
Ar.'i itiova of muter will tou*h th# hir.
"n* hy or." tint*- * Mij* btik uiarM tb" !• ,
Tb" 'Jr* an.a of y,, ttl h. ni| Ul(#^l , >
ll*" <*l*l a*ay, there rmuifM only n,M
( *1• li' t of i .11y w^-,.
Tl" earth Jo* k tip i.-kil, iter fc-j I f< ,| f
Tl" lit" ar<<! bnit (of lb*- *<#tnii>g
Th* tiny * M. m h.* f *.
Mlaut. Mit tb* titer for their l)'*w,ualtag.
Ho man a outer I if- rua> I- fr*'r*-t< r<ij Mr*
o>r eratawl thi kly wither** ni a**, aid,
! Ilul Mi heart Ilk- ll* we..Jw. Ihr.u*l. hf. . AiOuam
W ait for I ut • tm.ly f*g ring . unf Id.
r A 8.
Til* N RIIIKKK CoM r.KKM ( —'l'l l)
Northern Conference of the Evangelical
Lutlß-nii Syii'iil of Ventral I'l'tiii'vifinift,
convened in the I.ylberan churcb at N..
lona, CiitiU'ii county, Xui'udav i v- mi,' ,
Novaintx.-r 21 Tb**'|ieri i ;.oerinon, t* .1
I Uti J'hll. 2 I, flrt irl UI d. !j*ersl Lr
| Rev. J A Ji war, •: i'.j Grova M
; Tbe offico .b - t, f..r lie <)>.,,(; m
are I*reiid<*nt, K**v. K h *'-1, f
Reliefer)le J S<*' ri'Dtv, Kev (j : •_
Diven, of UehUburu; Trn.urer, J',. -.
John TomiiriK i), of A.r r.-h.rt;. Ti
ut.h. routine bukiie ik we j r * .i riv dnj.i ,•
ed of
But one ua. tj.re>-i-d at to
the irji*reHhg charatU-r "I the pr .
ing iti fi 'Tai, the t j ,o di- ur ■ J he! h o
embraod in the : u ir.g : 1-t. tin- ;! • J
article of the Confterion, \ i.
"of the S n (i 4 i ho u. i atonal
work, o|en d with ■ f.aja-t hv i: v WiU
liarn K. Fin-bur, of C.-nlre 11a ! 2f, l'ac.
tore) \'inUtion. . (.en.-: by lb-v .1 K'i.
ler Miller, of Centre Hall, Ad, "lCxifir .
cal I>uty of I'ailx.r and I'eojile. Tint
b<'iri|; eo cliwely aili'd to tbe 2d
wit diicuM'd und- r tin- tame head
Wedn<*da\ evening wa> devoted U> ruit
•ioni, Rt tt l I. Furtt and .1 T mlmn n
•ddretred tbe meeting.
On Tl.urtday afterr - n a children *
meeting wat held in the churt r, wbu h waa
addreteed by llevt. Oreehoe, Xirritnerman
ami (a<i S Diven. Tbe cloftng termcn
' wit j.real bed by Her W. Sia br:-l. of
Zion, on Thumiay evening.
Tbe natt hieeting of Conference wiii I .a
held in Zion, A}>ril 17, lh and ]!<, lfrH.l.
Re*. J. Keller .Miller waa j[ednt<ej to
prepare a j ajier for the ri *t meeting on
I the 4th article id tbe Aug-burg O'ltfereion,
! vl* : "Tbe Doctrine of .1 u-liflcation."
It waa reaolved that tbe t-erie* < f paper*
prepared and in eeurts of preparation by
itt inbi-ra of Conference, on ttte wow a!
articles ol the Aumhure t'orde-in n, ahail
■ !•• the pro|>erty of Conference, and
' when C))fnpb ted shall be published in reg.
ilar order in b-wik form.
—Our attnk of AVoolena la now com
plete. Clothing made pi order cheaper
; than ever.
Mojttoommit A Co., Tailora
Walkct Lsaf H*in ItaerokßK. —lt ia
entirely different from *;i itherw. It ia a*
clear a water, and. aw itt i.*me indicate*,
ia a jerbtt Vegetable Hair Ketpirer. It
will immediately fret the head from the
j dandruff, real-nre gray hir to iu natural
color, and produce a new growth where it
; baa fallen off. It doe not in any manner
, affect the health, which fwulpbur, S-.igar of
lead, and Nitrate of Silver prej-wrationn
have done Jt will change light or faded
hair in a few days to a beautiful gloaav
I brown Awk yroatr drugg -t for it Each
, bottle ia warranted. Sniith, Kline A Co.,
I Wholewale Agent*. I'hiladelphia, and
I iiali lackili New York 4-lv
fIKI'IIAKT—IIKmT —On tt U HMlnnl.nl lb*
hof of thr brM*' *i t f R. ft Atinin'i, Rt.
C V <f MlliHHm. t 0., muU Mim
ftnlli# A HHit, of Uldll fri, < latM Co .
IH (ft#* Lmt]
GtIJ.ILAM O—HOLT—AI rti!tfwt>nrtf. < ctoWr M,
IftAS, tjp R* U O, Urigi.t, •< t t<* of tb
• riftli-r. Copt Joftn H <.<lltUt>.i f mh<
Ml-*, MtJ Mmi fto# llolt. *4 r.Ui,M nr*.
ftMKRR—OOftFRR —At Miloltf. Ort. M*. lWta,
lit lUv W 0 WrlgM, Mr |. ftlik*r, of
MllsM-trf n4 Nto U*a M OmfM. of H
CCI.VKB~BrKI.ItV —At MilMl.nr 23. Into
Kor, O. Wtlht Mr Oo ro M fnltor niA Mint
SnUt Ifllt;. Urtl .f KoßMtioa.CmirtW. W
BoHnfontn Grain Marknt.
Itli tnronrt Knrjn. IMA
Comrtrf rtllf hf T It. Rt)iMi A On .
ffttnl—lnM. .....MO lit
thm. Mo *. r..".
(Iwn-nri. |ot baohol „ *>
* oitrlloA. por t.iwtiol „ M
Onto, pot Knntiol 41
Multji. |r lM. .. t4
Ami Mwl. por piaml ......
Fl.'ur, nbolomio. por W, R-.llor .. ~ • M
" por nnrli. " . I? 4
PMotor. ground. por ton. • i
Proflnlou Mnrknt.
r.rrocto,! ftrklj bp Itarpoi Mfllrt*.
Applon.Artnd, por pnonA •
41irr4m. JrloA, por ponnA.MMll— - _ in
Bonnt por <|otl —— .. It
Knob bailor por point • —ao
Cfetrkooo por pona—— t
cw. t-1 potrnA in
Ooantrp Umt por p"nA _ I i
flnmo. ongnr pnrot •
Baron——.—— -
lard por p-Mnt -
||tl WW* ... M*M< ... WTT. MM MNNT
Eu'l'iT I I-mmi