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Thursday Morning, July 20, 1882.
"CORHMPONDKNC*. containing important news. .elicit
ed from u<v part of the county. No communk *ticn
tnaortoil iinlese accompanied ty the real name of the
Centre County Democratic Com
mittee — 1882.
Bellefonte, N. W...W. F Kolmr Bellefonte.
•' 8. W .Charlee Smith
" W W.. James Schofleld.— "
Howard Boro'. Howard Brlckley..lloward.
Milesbura 0. K. Kssington—MilesburK.
M lUhelm.' A-Waltera!. Millhoim.
Vl nslmrK H. W. Holt Philipsburg.
1 JnlonrtUe ....... J- C ■ Smith Flem ng.
JL 'ner " Uriah Stover Bellefonte.
Benner c A McUulgh iiu.Mileb,irg.
Hurusido" William Hippie—Pine Glen.
College Frank Taylor Lenient.
Je'Vin Freiik. Robb Howard.
Ferguson, 0. P. A. J. Orcudorf— Vine Grove Mills.
g .. ' n p._. J. 11. Heberling—Uock Springs.
Gregg 8. P.". M. L - Ril,hol S P ri "' 5 M ' U "
" N P Benj. Limbert
, laineß ' J. W. Russill....Aaronsburg.
Halftnoon ". " .""A. T. Gray Half Moon.
Hai1m00n....... JamM K fi nport .. B oalsburg.
Howard. David Tanyer Howard.
Huston Johu Q. Miles Julian.
"Liberty W. H. Gardner— Blauchard.
Marion.:::::.".;;;., J. •> noy walker.
Allies George Haines——tVolf s Store.
X ton Z " -D. L Meek Buffalo Hun.
pfnn . H. E. Duck Millheim.
l'otter 8' 1* G. W. Spaugler Tusseyville.
o ' iq 1 p J. Witmer Wolf.—Centre Hall.
p M9 h William Cnllen—Philipsburg.
Snow Shoo William Haincs—Bnow Shoe.
Soring T. M. Baruliart..—Bellefonte.
Taylor Vinton lleekwith..Fowler.
Union: Christian Hoover-Fleming.
Walker Andrew Kreamer-Hublerehnrg.
Worth w. G. Morrison Port Matilda.
R. 11. FOItSTEB, Chairman.
11. A. McKit, Secretary.
Local Department.
Tell us, angelic host,
Ye messengers of love,
Shall swindled printers here below
Have no redress above?
The shining angel's band replied:
"To us is knowledge given.
Delinquents on subscription books
Can never enter Heaven I"
—The nearest infallible remedy is PE
—At the faintest pain PKKUNA should
be thought of.
—"Wrecks on the Snow Shoo railroad
are becoming entirely too trequent.
Tho proprietor of the Bush House,
Mr. "W. R. Teller, returned from Niagara
Falls on Friday.
—Try Geo, 11. "Wolfe's "charcoal tin"
cans for fruit. This make will last longer
than any other.
—Geo. \V. Atherton, lately connected
with Rutgers' College, N. J., has been
elected president of the State College.
—Miss Beckie McGinley is enjoying the
air and natural surroundings of rural life
this week, visiting tho family of Mr. John
—Mrs. R. 11. Forster, is visiting Aarons
burg friends. She is accompanied by her
daughter, Miss Mardie. AN e wish them a
pleasant time.
Elsewhere wo advertise a valuable
property, on Allegheny street, at private
sale. Mr. Bond Valentine, agent, will bo
pleased to state terms.
—Miss Mary Hauck, of Lewisburg, is
visiting Miss Annie Swartz. She is deep
ly in love with Bellefonte and thinks a
permanent residence here would bo delight
ful, were it not for our many hills.
—Rev. Pennepacker, of the M. E.
church, on Sunday evening delivered a
most powerful temperance sermon. The
Reverend gentleman has little patience
with manufacturers, sellers and drinkers
of the beverage that intoxicates.
—A New York actress who plays
"Olivette" kicks one of her dainty slippers
into the audience every night, and a Chi
cago actress hearing of it was so tickled
with the idea thut she tried it. Three
men were mashed. Try Harry Green's
—Mrs. Geo. D. Pifer, of 715 Brown
St., Philadelphia, with her daughter, Miss
Mamie, is visiting her niece, Mrs. R. G.
Larimer, of Bishop street. Mrs. Pifer is
a native of Bellefonte, and was warmly
welcomed by her many friends here, who
will endeavor to render her sojourn among
us pleasant.
—Loeb's are hooping 'er up, and the
many customers constantly at their coun
ters confirms the belief that they are being
tendered the support of purchasers who
look to their own interests in buying.
This firm deals in everything and in se
curing tma.il profits on each item sold, the
aggregate is sufficient to satisfy them.
—Mrs. Mann is erecting a beautiful edi
fice to bo devoted to church uses, and in
tended for all Protestant denominations, in
memory of her deceased husband, Harvey
Mann. The building is neat and substan
tial in appearance, and wo trust it may be
the means of awakening renewed interest
in the great work among those, for whose
benefit it was built.
—On the Ist inst., a now postal regula
tion went into effect. All lotters placed
in the post office on which the full postage
has not been paid will be retained, and the
parties to whom they aro directed are no
tified by postal card that upen payment of
the balance of the postage they will be
forwardod. Heretofore such letters were
sent to the dead letter office.
—Wilson, McFarlane & Co., call atten
tion to the only reliable Keady Mixed
Paint in the market. The Pioneer Pre
pared Paint is not only superior to any
Ready Mixed Paint sold but rivals pure
white lead in its smoothness in working
and durability. This paint i guaranteed
by the manufactures not to crack or peel
within three years. The guarantee is not
only good for replacing the paint but it
will be put on if it should crack or peel
within the time specified. It will be to
your interest to call and see Wilson, Mc-
Farlane & Co., lefore purchasing either
whiti lead or any other Ready Mixed
EELS.—Messrs. Heinle, Harper, Wolf
Keller and M'Clain went for eels last Fri
day night, well prepared to secure a good
largo catch. After puddling around in tho
water for time, they succeed
ed in catching two brainless follows, sepa
rated by unkind fate from the mother col,
but fortunately for them, they were con
signed to a bag which had not been exam
ined very carefully, and tho hole in one
corner afforded them an excellent place of
egress. Thus endoth the first chapter on
REMARKABLE CURE. —Tho euse of Miss
Sue Campbell, of Pine Grove Mills, this
county, who for twenty years has been
an invalid, is attracting no little attention
in our midst. In all that time the had not
eaten a single moal at the table, had not
been out of tho house, had not walked a
step unaided. Her prostration was caused
by an affection of the spine, upon which
the skill of many physicians hud been ex
erted in vain.
Miss Campbell always has been a devout
Christian, and among her friends number
ed many of the most prominent evangeli
cal workers in the State. She some time
ago came to the conclusion that the prayer
of the righteous will be answered
and appointed a day upon which
she was to arise from her bed—cured.
Conimunicuting with her friends she de
sired them to join with hor in prayer for
her recovery. Tho day arrived and as tho
specified hour approached she had the
brace, that supported her. through twenty
years affliction, removed, and at llie exact
time previously set she arose from her bed
walking naturally and without any incon
venience whatever. Her relatives fearful
that she might overdo herself attempted
to induco her to return to her couch, and
to show them how thorough was her cure
she started and ran rapidly up stairs.
These are the facts, and whether or not
Miss Campbell is indebted to Providence
for her restoration we shall not discuss.
This much however cannot he questioned
I that whereas she once was afflicted, she is
now well.
puhlie meetings in the interest of Consti
tutional Prohibition (as previously an
nounced) nro now being held, and will bo
continued as follows : Stornistown, Thurs
day evening, July 20; Pine Grove
Mills, Friday evening, July 21 ; Hoals
burg, Saturday evening, July 22; Centre
Hall, Sunday evening, July 2d : Millheim,
Monday evening, July 2d; Aaronsburg,
Tuesday evening, July 2">; Milesburg,
Wednesday evening, July 20; liellefonte,
on Thursday and Friday evenings, July
27 and 28. The county convention will be
held at liellefonte, in the court house, on
Friday, July 28, commencing at 10.00 A.
M., and continuing during the day.
At each meeting an address wiil be de
'livered by a representative of the State
Constitutional Amendment Association.
This movement is entirely non-partisan,
and tlje public, without distinction of sex,
race, party or denomination, is cordially
invited to favor these meetings, with their
presence and influence.
The pastors and at least two laymen from
each church in the county are requested to
attend the convention as delegates.
Will the ministers of all denominations,
and others in the county who nre interested,
pleasn make thorough announcement of
all the Bbove meetings, and see that dele
gates attend, and lend your aid and in
fluence to make both meetings and con
vention a success ? ll}' order of
IMPROVEMENTS. — The various offices in
the court house have been beautifully re
paired and partly refurnished. In the
office of Mr. Keller, county treasurer, a
new safe takes the pluco of the one which
has been used for the last ten years or
more; it is of the Barnes' manufacture
and was traded for the old one, the county
paying S2OO difference. The counter has
been moved and the walls newly painted.
Tho only alteration in tho office across the
way, that of W. C. Heinle, Esq., district
attorney, is fresh, white paint on the wood
work, the little room adjoining has been
left as it was, the four divans (?) will be as
comfortable however as ever. Their next
door neighbor, Mr. W. A. Tobios, appears
to have been missed, sinco nothing has
been changed in his office. The commis
sioners, Messrs. Oreist, Campbell and
Wolf, did not forgot their own quarters ;
everything looks neat and sweet—their
clerk Mr. Walker not excepted, and if
any advantage is to be derived from clean
liness there is no reason why they should
not enjoy the very best of good health.
One door farther, on the sumo Bide the
hall, we find Recorder Bible and Register
McClain, here the magic wand of judicious
improvement has apparently been allowed
to B wing its full length, and both gentle
men are a triflo more affable than ever be
fore. Finally wo step in to see J C.
Harper, prothonotary, and find him busy
at work behind a lattice work screen,
punctured by three ominous looking open
ings, through which it is designed to have
the plebians transact business, and if the
gate is kept closed, as it should bo, wili
put a quietus on the exuberant hilarity of
visitors who were wont to crack unnum
bered jokes, while killing time that did
not appear very valuable.
The offices of Cenire county officials are
now inferior to none and as the cost of im
provements must havo been considerable,
4he public will naturally expect them to
be well taken care of in the future.
—Arrivals at Spring Mills UoMBo, Spring
Mills, I'a., for week ending July 10 : C.
Williams, Watkins, N. Y., J. I*. Gephart
and daughter, J. L. Spungler, Miss M.
Thomas, Mr. Thomas, Miss Emma Os
borne, Jas. B. Lane und wife, Miss C.
Lauth, J. M. Brockerhoir, Miss Bobblett,
J. B. Linn, Miss Gephart, George Brew,
W. Gordon, L. L. Bobblett, 8. Goldsmith
and lady, 8. M. Buck and family, Mr.
Reuben and family, Bellefonte, Thos. E.
McGrath, East Liverpool, Ohio, H. C.
Fleming, St. Louis, Mo., S. Cherry, Sun
bury, 8. R. Kamp, Milton, Chas E. Kep
ler, Cleveland, Ohio, J. B. Mullen, Mif
flinburg, Frank Wolf, Sunbury, W. B.
Miller, Bedford, L. L. Audlerny, Balti.
more, J. MeCormick, R. R. A. Roger, A.
J. Rovclen, Philadelphia, M. Ryden, New
—At a meeting of the Democratic Coun
ty Committee, on Friday last, after the
transaction of regular business, the follow
ing resolution was ottered by W. F. Reber,
Esq., and adopted :
Resolved , Thut we most heartily endorse
the ticket placed in nomination by the
Democratic State Convention and pledge
to it our united and untiring support. We
recognize in our candidates ability, integ
rity and eminent qualifications for the dis
charge of all public difties that will devolve
upon them, and wo confidently believe
that their success at the polls will result in
the redress of the many and grievous
wrongs under which the citizens of our
Commonwealth have long suffered through
the mal-administratiun of the radical party.
—llulf an hour spent in the grocery
store of Sechler & Co., will givo one nn
idea of tho immenso proportions of the
provision trnde in" Bcllefonto. The stock
is so arranged as not only to be at all times
accessible to clerks, and thus facilitate
purchasing, but in such a tasty manner as
to cause beholders to compliment the skill
displayed. Tho consumers of groceries
will find this the most reliable house in
town. Remember they sell anything edi
ble at rock bottom prices.
—At a meeting of the school board, last
evening, tho following teachers were se
lected for Bcllefonto schools for tho ensu
ing term : 1. I). M. Leib, 2. J. C. Meyer,
3. Miss Beckie M'Ginley, 4. Miss F. Kate
Hewes, •>. Miss Lizzie Swartz, >. Miss
LizzieShortlidge, 7. Miss Bella Rankin, H.
Miss Anna M 'Cailrey, tt. Miss Clara Strick
lund, 10. Miss Carrie Humes. Colored
school . Mr. llotfman was chos
en janitor.
—The following letter explains itself.
It is bona tide, and mutters not bow we
secured it:
IJKAII DR.—Not feeling nt all well I
take this opportunity of consulting you.
I have been suffering for a few months
with some terriblo disease which seems to
affect tho tender and susceptible organ,
called the heart. If you can afford any
relief please do so, but don't make the
prescription too difficult to understand or
the dose too strong or hard to take.
Ever most sincerely.
—A new coal oil stove has been added
to the furniture of the Y. M. C. A. room.
It was tested last Thursday evening, in the
preparation of coffee, intended to form a
part of a social luncheon. Tho members
who surrounded the festive board were
unanimous in pronouncing the stove a
creditable acquisition. Tho coffee was ex
cellent and no one censured Mr. Chas F.
Cook for emptying threo cups.
—The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
has issued an order to baggage agents as
follows : All baggage, consisting of trunks,
chests, valises, packages, etc., unclaimed
for more than forty-eight hours will be
charged at tho rate of ten cents per day
until the charge reaches one dollar. The
latter sum will bo charged for nil baggago
unclaimed for from ten to thirty days.
—The Lewisburgh Daily News has been
enlarged and is now a twenty-eight column
paper. The News was lnunched upon tho
journalistic sea, as an experiment, six
monthß ago, and such was tho favor it met
with that it became necessary to enlarge
in order to be able to meet tho demands of
its patrons. Wo heartily wish it continued
—The wedding day appointed was,
Tho wedding clotnes provided,
But ere the duy did come, alas !
He sickened, and he die did.
All because he failed to purchase clothing
from Lowin. Calamities of this kind
nevor bothor any whose clothing bears the
imprint "from the Philadelphia Branch,
—Mr. W. A. Kinsloe, the genial, de.
bonair editor of the Lock Haven Ex
press, was married to Miss Marsh, of
the some place, on last Thursday eve
ning. Mrs. Kinsloe was one of the
most successful teachers in the public
schools of {that city. Vivat.
—Our quiet friend Mr. Wm. Bright,
who resides at Aaronsburg, scared us
almost to death, on Tuesday, by drop
ping one whole, unbroken twenty dol
lar bill on our table. Mr. Bright fully
understands the need of a printer, and
better still is desirous of "keeping
square." Call often.
—Miss Mollio Snyder returned home
from Pbilipeburg, last week, bringing
with her a lady friend, MissSallie Bolling
er, who expects to remain a few weeks.
—Mr; Lewis Fabian, the expert opera
tor upon the scroll saw, is in Philadelphia,
visiting old friends.
—lf "Tuba" sends us his othsr name we
will insert his communication.
IN MKMORIAM.— Death has again cross
ed tho threshold of Odd Fellowship, and
tho golden chain which binds her sons to
gether as a fraternal band has again been
In the strength of manhood, cheered by
the confidence and friendship of those who
knew and vulued his worth, and blessed
with all tho ondearing ties of home and
kindred, our friond and brother has been
cut down in the midst of his usefulness.
No more will the gavel summon him
here on earth, no more will his presence
cheer and gladden tho home or the frater-
I nal circle of Odd Fellowship.
His work is done, and he has beencnlled
to pass that bourne, whence no traveler
returns. Let us who survive him lay to
heart this solemn admonition, and in the
inidst of life prepare for death.
WHEREAS, In the providence of God,
Pust Grund Ilcnry Thiol, a member of
Lick Run Lodge, No. fill I. G, O. F., de
parted this life July 12, 1882.
Resolved , That while we mourn his loss,
we will cherish his memory, and strive to
imitate the patient industry, tho inflexible
integrity, and quiet and unobtrusive de
i portment, which so marked his character
and life.
Resolved , That we tender to the stricken
family our unfeigned sympathy in their
bereavement, and commend them to the
care and protection of Him who has prom
ised to be the judge of the widow and tho
father of the fatherless.
Resolved, That a page of our records be
suitably inscribed to his memory, and that
for thirty days the usual badge of mourn
ing be observed.
Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing
bo forwarded to the family, and that addi
tional copies be furnished the county pa
pers for publication.
GEO. H. WISTAR, P. G., |
J NO. M'CLO.SK EY, P. G., V Coin.
lassies and laddies of Milcsburg and vi
cinity were out in their veryjbe-t bib and
tucker last Saturday evening, .July 14, to
attend the Odd Fellow's festival in their
hall at this place. The evening was fair,
a trifle warm in the hall but a j there wa
any amount of ice cream and other good
things, no one seemed to mind the heal
very much except Prof, (iirud, who enter
tained tho company with excellent music.
The ice cream churners had a pretty hard
time of it, for there was such a demand
for it that they were kept extremely busy
in its manufacture and transportation
across the street from Mr. Carr's. Peanuts,
too, were good sale judging from the
pleased countenances of Messrs. Jones and
smith, who had charge of this department.
Altogether it was a grand affair and an
immense success. Many thanks are due
the ladies who did the soliciting and the
members of the order sincerely thank them
for their assistance. The receip'.s foot up
very nicely, reaching very closely, if not
altogether, one hundred dollars. JINKS.
—The Deering Twine Binder, for
wheat and other grain, manufactured at
Chicago, 111., is becoming deservedly
popular among Centre County farmers.
Mr. W. L. Deering, one of the most
competent salesmen in the employ of
the company, called at our office on
—The Butts House is having a large j
measure of well earned success. Mr. Leh
man is popular. Special inducements ex
tended the traveling public. tf
—Special inducements for Fall and
Winter clothing during the Summer
27-tf MONTGOMERY & Co., Tailors.
—lf you want a good cool glass of
Philip Best's Milwaukee beer, and a free
lunch every morning, and Saturday even
ing, from 9 to 11, call at the Butts' House.
F. X. LEHMAN, I'rop'r.
—Goldsmith Brothers have bought for
cash -'cm the nail" the entire stock of
carpets formerly owned by I. Guggcn
heimcr & Co.
—Now is your time to save 30 or 40 per
cent, on carpets, oil cloths and mattings,
the Guggenheirner stock, at a great sacri
fice at the Bee Ilivo.
—Mr. Israel Sternberg is at home.
Democratic Delegate Election and
County Convention.
The Democratic voters of Centre county
will meet at the regular place of holding
the general election for their districts, on
SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1882, to elect dele
gates to the Democratic County Conven
tion. The election will open at two
o'clock, P. M., and close at six o'clock, P. M.
The delegates chosen at the above time
will meet in the Court House, at Belle
fonte, on Tuesday, the B th day of August, at
two o'clock ,r. M ~to nominate one candidate
for Congress, subject to the decision of the
Congressional Conference, one candidate
for State Senator, subject to the decision of
the Senatorial Conference, two candidates
for the Legislature, one candidate for Jury
Commissioner, one candidato for Coroner,
and to transact such other business, as the
interests of the party may require.
The Dumber of dolegates to which each
district is entitled is as follows :
Bellefonle, W. W 1 Halm* r.
N- W 2 Harris a
" S. W 3 Howard Si
MilaabnrgA. 1 Huaton 1
MHlhelm Z.. .. 2 Liberty 2
UnJopvillA 1 Marion 2
Howard bona 1 Miles. 0
PhJllpsburg 6 Patton 1
Houuer i P*n 3
Hoggs 4 Potter, north 3
Burnable 1 " south 4
Curtln 2 Rush 4
College 2 Snow Bhoe. 8
Ferguson, old 8 Spring 4
■ new 1 Taylor 1
Gregg, south. 6 Union >
north 2 Walker 8
Half Muou.... \ Worth - 1
Total ~ vwrnv •••••• w
The delegate elections must be conducted
strictly in accordance with the following
rules: i
1. Tho Democratic County Convention .
of Centre county shall be composed of one
delegate for every fifty Democratic votes
polled at tho Presidential or Gubernatorial j
election next preceding tho convention'
The al'o.ment of delegates to tho several ;
election districts in tho county shall bo ,
made by the Standing Committee of the
county at its first meeting in every alter- '
nate year succeeding the Presidential and '
Gubernatorial- elections and shall he in ! 1
proportion to the Democratic votes cast in 1 1
ouch district at such elections.
2. The election for delegates to repre- I
sent the different districts in the annual
Democratic County Convention shall be j'
held at the usual place of holding the gen- I
oral elections for each district, on the Hat- '
I urday preceding the second Tuesday of j
1 August, in each and every year, beginning j
ut two o'clock, i*. M., on said day and con- I
tinning until six o'clock, p. M. The dele- |
gates so elected shall meet in County Con- '
vention in the Court House, at Bellefonte,
on the Tuesday following at two o'clock, I
P. M.
.'5. The said delegate elections shall be
held by an election board, to consist of the I
members of county committee for each dis- ,
trict and two other Democratic voters i
thereof, who shall be appointed or desig
nated by the County Committee, in case ,
any of the persons so constituting the \
board shall be absent from tho place of !
holding the election for a quarter of an ]
hour alter the time appointed by Rule :
First for the opening of the same, his or j
their place or places shall ho filled by an
election, to bo conducted viva voce, by the
Democratic voters present at the time.
■l. Every qualified voter of tho district,
who at the late general election voted the
Democratic ticket, shall bo entitled to a
vote at the delegate election ; and any
qualified elector of the district who will
pledge his word of honor to support the
Democratic ticket at the next general
election shall be permitted to vote at the j
delegate elections.
lj. The voting at all delegate elections
shall be by ballot; upon which ballot
shall be written or printed the name or
names of the delegate or delegates voted
for, together with any instructions which
the voter may desire to give the delegate
or delegates. Each ballot shall he re
ceived from the person voting the same by j
a member of the election board, and by j
Lini deposited in a box or other receptacle
provided for that purpose, to which box or
other receptacle no person but members of
the hoard shall have access.
•i. No instructions shall be received or
recognized unless tho same bo voted upon
the ballot us provided in Rule Fifth, nor
shall such instructions if voted upon the
ballot, be binding upon the delegates, un
less one-half or more of the ballots shall
contain instructions concerning the same
office. Whenever half or more of tho bal
lots shall contain instructions concerning
any office, the delegates elected Ht such
elections shall be held to be instructed to
support the candidate having the highest
numb'-r of votes for such office.
7. Euch election board shall keep an ac
curate list of the names of all persons vot
ing at such elections, when the list of vo
ters together with a full arid complete re
turn of such election, containing an accu
rate statement of tho persons elected dele
gates and all instructions voted, shall be
certified by said board to the county con
vention, upon printed blanks to be furnish
ed by the county convention.
8 Wb enever from any district qualified
I Democratic voters, in numbers equal to
i five times the delegates which such district
i has in the county convention, shall com
i plain in writing of nn undue election or
i false return of delegates or of instruc
-1 lions, in which complaints the alleged facts
! shall be specifically set forth and verified
' by the affidavit of one or more persons,
such complainants shall have the right
to contest the seat of such delegates or the
validity of such instructions. Such com
plaint shall be heard by a committee of
five delegates to be appointed by the presi
dent of the convention ; which said com
mittee shall proceed to hear the parties,
their proofs and allegations, and as soon as
may be reported to tho convention what
delegates are entitled to seats therein, and
what instructions are binding upon such
delegates. Whereapon the convention
shall proceed immediately upon tho call of
the yeas and nays to adopt or reject the
report of the contesting parties; in which
call of the yeas and nays tho names of the
delegates whoso seats are contested or
whoso instructions are disputed shall be
9. All delegates must reside in the dis
trict they represent. In case of absence
or inability to attend, substitutions may be
made from citizens of the district.
10. Delegates must obey the instructions
given them by their respective districts,
and, if violated, it shall be the duty of tho
president of the convention to cast tho vote
of such delegate or delegates in accordance
with the instructions, and the delegate or
delegates so offending shall ho forthwith
expelled from the convention, and shall
not be eligible to any office or place of
trust in the party for a period of two years.
11. In the convention, a majority of all
voters shall be necessary to a nomination
and no person's name shall bo excluded
from the list of candidates until alter the.
third ballot or vote, when the person re
ceiving the least number of votes shall be
omitted and struck from tho roll, and so on
at each successive vote until a nomination
be made.
12. If any person who is a candidate
for any nomination before a county, con
vention shall he proven to have'offered
any money, or other valuablo thing, or
made any promise of a consideration or re
ward to any delegate for his vote, or to any
person with a view of inducing or secur
ing the votes of delegates, or if the same
shall be done by any other person with tho
knowledgo and consent of such candidate,
the name of such candidate shall be imme
diately stricken from tho list of candidates ;
or if such fact be ascertained after his nom
ination, shall bo struck from tho ticket
and the vacancy supplied by a new nomi
nation, and, in either case, such person
shall be ineligible to any nomination by
the convention, or to an election as a dele
gate thereafter. And in case it shall be
alleged after the adjournment of the con
vention that any candidate put in nomina
tion has been guilty of such acts or of any
other fraudulent practices to obtain such
nomination, the charges shall be investi
gated by the county committee, and such
steps taken a* the good of the party may
18. If any dolegato shall receive any
money or other valuable thing, or accept
the promise of any consideration or reward
to be paid, delivered or secured to bim or
to any person for >ucb candidate, as an in
ducement for his vote, unon proof of the
fact to the satisfaction of the convention,
such delegate shall be forthwith expelled,
and shall not be recieved as a delegate to
any further convention, and shall be in
eligible to any party nomination.
14. Cases arising uuder the Bth, 12th
and 18th rules shall have precedence over
all other business in convention until de
1". That the term of the chairman of
the county committee shall begin on the
llrst day of January of each and every
10. That tlio delegates from the several
boroughs and township* be autcori/.d, in
conjection with the chairman of the
countycommittee, to appoint the members
of the comrnitto for the various boroughs
and townships.
At a meeting of the Democratic Coun
ty Comrnitte held at Bellefonte on Friday,
•July 14, 1882, the following committees
were appointed to hold the delegate elec-
I lions on she sth of August:
I Bellefonte—N, W.—W. F. Reber, S
T. Khugert, D. Z. Kline,
i Bellefonte—H. W.—Charles Smith, .Jno.
I Hoffer, Kdward Brown, Jr.
Bellefonte—W. W.—James Hehofleld,
| Olie Meek, William Glenn,
j Howard Borough—Howard Brickley,
I H. A. Moore, A. J. Weber.
Milesburg— ('. K. Essington, George
j Campbell, O. I', Kreamcr.
! -WJheim —A. Walters, JamesC. Smith,
W. K. Alexander.
Philipsburg—D. W. Holt.
Uriionville—J. C. Smith, 15. V. Brisbin,
Joitn Bing.
Bonner 1 riah Stover, James Ilender
.-on, Markle.
Bo^gs—Charles A. M'Lauglilin, Col. J.
F. Weaver, liable Lyman,
Burriside—William llipple, Bernard
Veidoffer, .John Mulholland.
College—Frank Taylor, James Gilliland,
William 11 'Girk.
Curtin—Frederick Robb, Michell Leath
ers, William M'Oloskey.
Ferguson—Old.— A. J. Orendorf, J. F.
Krebs, Gorge IV. Human.
Ferguson—New—J. H. Ileherling, D.
H. Kusetnborden, Levi Walker.
Gregg—South—M. L. Rishcl, E. C.
Krutnrine, 11. 15. Herring.
Gregg—North—Benj. Limbcrt, John
Rossrnan, Franklin Yearick.
Haines—J Wilsonßussel, John J.J)rn
dorf, George Bower.
Half Moon—A. T. Gray, John "Ward
Ellis Lytic.
Harris—James Kitnport.
Howard—David Tauyor, John Glenn,
I Franklin Confer.
Huston—John t v . Miles, Daniel Irvin,
Jerry Merrit.
Liberty—lS. 11. Gardner, Daniel llit
ner, John 11. stover.
Marlon—J. J. Hoy, Samuel R. Geltig,
Lewis S. .Jackson.
Miles—Geo. lluines, James I'. Franck,
Andrew Ocker.
Button —D. L. Meek, I'. A. Sellers,
Ephraim Glenn.
Penn—ll. E. Duck, Andrew Stover,
Daniel Geary.
Potter—South—George W. Spangler,
William A Kerr, Joseph Gilliland.
Potter—North—J. Witiner Wolf, Ellis
Ilosterman, John Grove.
Rush William Cuilen, John O'Neil,
John Colo.
Snow Shoe—William Haines, Michael
Hal y, \. C. llinton.
Spring—T. M. I'.urnhart, John Gar
brick, John Noll.
Tn\lor—Vinton Bickwith, Hiram Blow
ers, Samuel Hoover.
Union —Christian Hoover, Jcbc. H
Stover, S. K. Emerick.
Walker—Andrew Krcamer, Juteph J.
Dunkle, A. A. Pletcher.
Worth—W. G. Morrison, John Reese
W. 11. Williams.
By order of the County Committee.
Secretary. Chairman.
COX— DEAIIMANT. —On the ird iu*tunt t ihct Ui
formed parsonage, ly Rev. J. K. DeLoug. Mr Wm. J,
Cox and MitMary K. OeAriiiaiit, both of Ueilefont**.
We are autlu.ri/,.-d to aunouuee that JolfV A.
NVWDWAKD. of Howard towmdiip, will a candi
date for the Legislature, subject tt. lb* decision of
the Democratic County Convention.
Wo HTH authorized to aniu.unce that HENRY
MKYKK, of Miles township, will be a candidate ftur
the legislature, subject to the decision of the lH*ni<
cratic County Convention.
Hollofonte Grain Market.
BLLLEFONTK, July L.I. 1882.
Corrected weekly by T R. Rev nobis A Co.
Wheat—white, per buflheL *1 .'*>
44 red, 44 " 1 :tu
Corn—ears, per bushel Mi
44 shelled, per bushel- K
Oats, per bushel 6ti
Barley, per bushel 7j
Clover &*d, per pound
flour, wholesale, per bid., Roller. 7 00
44 per sack, 44 2 CM>
Blaster, ground, per ton- .. ii 00
Provision Market.
Corrected weekly by Harper brothers.
Apple*,dried, per pound 8
Cherries, dried, per i>ouiiil, seeded Id
Reims per quart pj
Fresh butter per pound....* u
Chickens per pound r. ♦,
Cheese per (Niuiid 1
Country hams per pound i;
Hams, sugar cured 17
Bacon l j
Lard per p0und...... 14
Eggs per do* *J<I
Potatoes per bushel 120
Dried beef. ...... IS
Sew Advertisement*.
E Fall term open. August 25, 1882.
This institution is located in one of the most heati
tlfiil. healthful spots 01-tbe eutire Allegheny nation.
It is open to students of lutli iivxrs, ami otfers Ilia fol
lowidg Courses of Study:
1. A Full Classical Course of Four Yt srs. •
2. A Full Scientific Course of Four Yours.
3. The following SPECIAL COURSES, of two roars
ench, following the first two years of the Scientif
4. A short SPHCIAL COOILSE |n Agriculture.
5. A short SPECIAL COURSE in Chemistry.
fl. A Classics! and Scientific Preparatory Course.
Hllitary drill is required, Expense, for board an#
Incidentals rery low. Tuition tree. Young ladiea uu
der charge of s competent lady Principal.
For Catalogues, or other information, address
GEO. W. ATHKRTON, Pxxstntxr,
TYTOTICE. —Good property for sale,
1 ' Situate on West aid. of Alleghany (treat, Bcllc
fontc, known as the Wolf property.
For furlher particulars apply to
23 om. 110 ND VALENTINE, Ageut.
pOOK WANTED—A good cook,
Y_y and one who can do general house work, can
gat good wagee by applying at the ltutts House.