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2TI)r iTcntrc democrat.
VOL. 3.
k f lit (Srotre § eraocrat*
Terns tl.ftO per An nam. In Advance.
tTr. SMUQERT sell H FORSTER. Editor..
Thursday ruing, December 22,1881.
FOR the F.'kc ill' adding Riiolher
debauched vote to the Senate mnjority,
the Republicans have stooped low
down in the dirt to bring Itiddlebcrg
in as the colleague of Mahone.
LICENSE in Nebraska to sell liquor
is placed at 81.000. It will require
pretty large sales and the stuff well
dilutee), to realize the license fee and
the usual profits of the trade.
IT is said that President Arthur has
conceded to Gen. Grant the choice of
one member of his Cabinet. Of course
the President can rely that the selec
tion will be intirely stalwart.
THE Baltimore Gazette thinks that
"Frelingboysen may occupy Blaines
place, but he can't fill it—that thf>
robes of James G. Blaine will hang on
the new Secretary as a shirt on a
Is the present Congress already
preparing funds for the next election?
The aggregate of estimates for the
next fiscal year is 8340.562.507, nearly
850,000,000 more than for the present
year. Extravagant appropriations,
entail reckless expenditures.
SENATOR COOPER, after a visit to
Washington, comes down gracefully
from his elevated perch, as a candidate
for Governor, and pledges his cordial
support of Gen. Beaver. It was the
very best thing he could do. Boas Don
settled that business, and Senator
Cooper is not the man to disobey a
mandate authoratively issued. Will
Grow be as complaisant I
THERE is nothing specially new in
the trial of Guiteau. The assassin
continues to conduct himself in about
the same outrageous manner that ha*
distinguished him from iheUrst. The
insanity plea appears to bo abou:
played out, and the egotistical fool
cannot help seeing by this time thai
bis acting has been overdone, and i*
Dot likely to win to save bis neck from
the halter.
THE victims of the terrible Theatre
fire at Vienna, are reported as sum
bering seven hundred and ninety-four,
of which the bodies of 144 have been
identified. This disaster has again ex
cited attention everywhere to the ne
cessity of providing greater security
against the rectirence of such calami
ties, which will last while the present
excitement is up, and be renewed
wheu the next slaughter occurs.
JOHN CKSBNA has abandoned the
idea of contesting the election of Judge
Baer, his successful rival in the Bed
ford and Somerset district. John con
siders "discretion the better part of
valor" in this case, and well be may.
With the large Republican majority
in the district, the rebuke to ibis un
principled demagogue was as emphatic
as it was complimentary to Mr. Baer
and tbe intelligence of tbe people.
THE ravenous greed of Oen. Grant,
it appears it still unsatisfied. After
serving in the sinecure office of Lieuten
ant General at a high salary up to the
time he was inaugurated President of
the United States, io which he served
two terms at double the salary of
former Presidents; after traveling
around tbe world at the expense of
-bit friends to recieve adulation and
presents from foreign governments as
an American representative who had
received the highest honors of his Gov
ernment ! begging and receiv
ing-untold contributions to bis
private coders, until he is known to
be one of the most wealthy men of the
country, this pltHhoric beggar now
comes to Congress and asks to be plac
ed upon tbe retired list of the army to
enable him to draw of a
GouTd meanness be greater, or contempt
Reconstruction in Pennsylvania,
and How It Works.
An act of Congress of 1875, author
ized the U. 8. Circuit Court to require
the Pruthoiiolaries of State Courts un
der certain circumstances to certify
records into su-li Circuit Court. This
piece of legislation emanating from a
Repuhlicau Congress to meet the
noulhern situation, has at lust found its
way iuto the great stronghold of Re
publicanism in the north, Pennsylva
nia. The Glouster Ferry Company,
the bouts of which ply between the
Pennsylvania and New Jersey shores
of the Delaware, last week appeared
by its counsel in the Common Pleas of
Dauphin county in search of tbe record
in tbe matter of the appeal of that
company from the true settlement of
the Auditor Geueral in order that the
U. 8. Circuit Court, sitting for that
foreign laud, Jersey, might take cog
uizauce of the abstruse questions that
must arise iu the premises. The Glous
ter Ferry Company is not so great a
Ferry Corajmnv, as some others, viz:
The Cuuard, While Star, Ac., yet the,
five cent fare of "this roost awthetic"
establishment, may prove as afflicting
a scourge to ibis Commonwealth ns
though they were marked down " $125
gold, wiue included." As "big oaks
from little acorns grow," so do at times
grave cases at law find their rulling
precedent io the list of tbe small
est The fact that this humble Glous
ter Ferry Company, may under the
cloak of a foreign charter, come
from the U. 8.1 ircuil Court in Jersey,
to drag away the records of our Htale
Court, is from a pecuniary stand-point
a mere bagntelle: yet, when we look
about us aud see a host of foreign cor
porations whose annual indebtedness
to tbe Commonwealth runs into the
hundreds of thousands of dollars, wait
ing for just such a precedent to justify
the like course upon their part, we
hall and wonder whether this imperti
nent interference of Congress in Btate
matters, is not a little, well yes ! just
a very little rough.
THE iuvestigation provided for by
Shermao's resolution at tbe extra
•ewion of the Senate, into the alleged
frauds and speculation* of the Treasu
ry Department during the Hayes ad
ministration, is getting under way. It
will be remembered that Mr. Sherman
io his resolution called for the report
made by a committee of officials un
der Secretary Windom, which wa
said to implicate Mr. Sherman and a
number of his subordinates in scanda
lous transactions, but refused to per
mit the teAimnny upon which tht re
port was founded to see the light The
subject now comes up before the com
mittee of the Senate, and Mr. Sherman
and his friends insist that the session
of the committee shall be secret and
held with closed doom. This is op
posed by the Democratic members of
the Committee with whom, it is said,
Senators Logan and Allison eoocur,
and claim that the whole facts in tbe
case should be fully developed and the
guilty parties, if such there be, exposed
or acquitted if innocent. The scandals
brought out by the Pitney investiga
tion and suppressed by the secretary,
were wide-spread and too shameful in
character to be covered up in the
committee or in the Senate. Let light
be thrown upon the dark transactions
charged. If they are false, the inno
cent should seek vindication, not in
secret but in the face of day.
AH appropriation of $lOO,OOO is
asked from Congress to pay the hills
for medical attendance and nursing in
the case of the late President. This it
is believed will be short $25,000 of the
amount required. Two-thirds of the
whole amount will be divided between
Drs. Bliss, Hamilton and Agnew,
This with tbe other expenses Incident
to tbe trial of tbe stalwart assassin,
makes tbs accession of a stalwart Pres
ident an expensive luxury, besides the
lost to the country of one who was
proving himself a high-toned eonser
va live statesman.
Independents Moving.
A call for a State conference of the
Independents has been issued by Mr.
I. D. MrKee, chuirman of the State
committee of the Citizens Republican
Association, to be held at Philadelphia
on Thursday, ihe 12th of January
next. The address invites each county
in the State to send representatives to
the conference, to take into considera
tion the wisdom of placing iu nomina
tion proper persons for the offices of
Governor. Lieutenant Governor, Secr
etary of Internal Affairs and Judge of
the Supreme Court, and such other
matters as may cotue before the con
ference, looking to the overthrow of
"b>i*a rule" und the elimination of the
pernicious spoils system and its kindred
evils from the administration of pub
lic affairs. It also enforces the im
portance of the 50,000 unshackled
voters who supported the independent
candidacy of Charles 8. Wolf, and all
other liberty-loving citizens, who are
ready to revolt against boesism, being
properly represented in the conference.
THE utter insuffiency of the pres
ent statute framed to determine tbe
Presidential succession in case of the
death, removal or disability of both
the President ami Vice.Prcsideot, says
the Washington /W, was well illus
trated by the remarks of Senator*,
Beck, Maxev and Anthony upon lb*
question. The different theories pro
pounded leave the whole matter in ut
ter confusion. Under existing stat
utes the President pro tempore of tbe
Senate ami Speaker of tbe House,
both of whom may not be eligible di
rectly to tho Presidency on account of
foreign birth or insufficient age, stand
in succewioo, and they are not officers
of the Uoited States. So much for
the fact; tbe queries arising out of it
are more coo I using. Doe* the Presi
dent pro tempore, while discharging
the duties of President, vacate his seat
as Senator, or the Speaker of the
House, while so acting, cease to be a
Representative in such way as the
State or district has the right to choose
a uew Senator or Member? I After
cither of these gentlemen ceases to be
acting President, does be resume his
seat io the branch of Congress from
which he came? While acting as
President does or does be not continue
to las President pro tempore or Speak
er, as the case may be? Can either
continue to act as President after hit
term a* Senator or Representative has
ceased ? As the Senate has the power
to change its President pro tempore
every day, can it elect one while anoth
er is acting President, and so change
the incumbent of that office? Does
the successor of au incumbrnt labor
ing under inability hold for a full
term or only until the inability be re
moved ? And whenever any one suc
ceeds a President, is it to the duties
only or to the office itself? These and
other practical questions suggest them
selves to every miod, and they ought
to be done away with by a carefully
prepared statute, perfectly clear So
terms, and fixing the succession in
such a manner as to cover all possible
UTAH is likely to be without a rep
resentative in Congress. Cannon,
the delegate who has represented that
Territory for several terms, bss been
by judicial decision declared an alien.
He was re-elected last year by a large
majority over Campbell, but as he is
ineligible will doubtless not be per
mitted to resume bis Mat. Campbell,
although holding a certificate of the
Governor, was not elected, can pro
perly ouly be sent back to try bis luck
THE New York Shir says "Mayor
Grace is in training as* candidate for
Governor." It will be lucky for tbe
Bute of New York if the training
proves a success. New York, like
IVunsylvania, U iu much need of a
courageous business executive who
cannot be controlled in tbe perform
iiocu of duty by bosses or Hags,
Next Governor.
Wo concur in tbe following remarks
of Brother Deiffcnbach of the Clinton
Democrat in word and letter. Give
us Wallace as a candidate, or if not,
one of Wallace's experience, honesty,
ability and vim, and let us have a fair
field tussel with the Stslwur: machine,
with its corruptions and infamous dis
regard of tbe interests and rights of
the people. The time is past when
temporizing with inexperienced or
reqieclable mediocrity is justifiable. j
Let the people choose the candidate |
sud do it wisely, not to gratify the
ambition of any individual but for
themselves, to rescue the Common
wealth from the tyrauny and debauch
ery which has been its heritage for
many years under macbiue manage
A recent article in the Clinton Democrat
which urged thst ex Menstnr Wallace tie
again placed in the lend of tbe party,
because of bis great ability in that direc
tion, and that to tbis end it would be
well to nominate hiiu for Governor, or
put him at the head of the State Com
mitlee. ban called out various comment*.
From these we clip tbe following from
ihe Clearfield RfpuUnun, the Democra
tic paper printed at Mr. Wallace's
Mr. Wallace does not desire to be a
candidate for Governor. "Theex Sena
tor asks to be permitted to give his
time and attention solely to his practice
and personal business, which *o much
need hia time. He ia not a candidate
for the Gubernatorial nomination, or
for any other political office. We hope
the Senator will revise hi* present in
tenlions on this subject by the time of
holding our State Convention."
It would he greatly lor the public
good if no man oould be nominated for
Governor, or elected, wbo would oflVr
himoelf as a candidate or in any way
solicit tbe position. PeopleSrotild then
be left to select th ablest, a-*t promi
nent and moat reputable of our citizen*.
And tbi* should be done without parti
cular reference to the wtsbr* oi tbe
person selected. Any man of ordinary
patriotism would serve, if freely called
to the position by bis fellow ctt<sen*.
Let us otioe have a patriotte Governor,
wbo doea not seek the office, and wbo
is not a constitutional office hunter.
The Erie Oktcreer, an able and re*pec
ted contemporary, haa this to as*, vis:
Much as we esteem Senator Wallace
for his unquestioned integrity and great
ability, we bo|* be will not allow him
aelf to be coaxed or goaded into being
a candidate for Governor. To be availa
ble, the Democratic nominee for that
office should be a new man, wbo bas
taken tittle or no pari in public affair*
We take little stock in "new atnif!/
l-iuine**. now or at other Unir, for tbi-.
office or any other, and sbve all not ia
those negative character* who feel *o
little oonoern in public affair* that they
have "taken little or no jwrt" In the
stern ia*uea and important questions of
tbe last twenty years. Much a caodt
date oould not command the vigorous
and energetic support thai i* required
to carry a candidate successfully through
such a contest aa that of 1882 will be.
The D-moeracy bad a trial ol that policy
in 1875, when it nominated such a e-n
didate in tbe person of Judge Pershing,
and suffered defeat with him, when any
aggre*aive candidate would have been
elected with certainly.
Give tbe Democracy a bold, aggres
sive, fighting candidate, a speaker of
ability and courage wbo will attack and
expose tbe plundering misgovern men t
of tha Republican*, lay bare their cor
ruptions and their outrageous exactions
from tbe people, their squandering of
tbe taxes and of the public land*, there
contempt for the rights and interests of
the people, and ineir encouragement
and establishment of fearful, exacting,
overbearing and tyrannical monopolies,
their corruptions of the ballot box, and
their frauds upon Ibe elective principle,
and so on to the end of the chapter of
political infamy. Tbe party and people
will rally around such a candidate and
elect him, but Heaven MVO US from tbe
E utile candidate* who have "taken
tie or no part" while these thing*
were being perpetrated in open day and
with defiant effrontery—a candidate
who Is not afraid to do bb duty to hi*
party (io other words, hb country) and
then hb party will Ho iu duty by him.
Mr. Wallace would he our ideal of a
candidate, and we named him in that
•way, not in the lesst supposing thai he
desired to be nominated or even men
tioned. H There are other able and
proper men in the Commonwealth who
will no doubt be brought forward ie
due time. In the mean time our pre
ference b a* stated.
THE cleaning out process about tbe
capital at Washington ha* commerced.
All employes having (be taint of
Democracy upon their skirts must first
succumb, and then tbe half-breed Re
publicans will give place to tbe noble
Sialwarta. On Friday last thirteen
of the Gapltol police force were re
quested to *urrvndcr their places, and
amongst them David Davit's man
from Illinois, who was one of the rep
reaeutativaa who voted for him for
TIIE President has appointed Benj
amin Harris Brewster,of Philadelphia,
Attorney General. The nomination,
which was referred to the Judiciary
committee and reported to the Kenate,
has been unanimously confirmed by
that body. Mr. Brewster is well
known as an able and accomplished
lawyer, n little eccentric perhaps, and
will not be fretted by the nice inde
pendent scruples which forced the
retirement of his distinguished prede
cessor. Mr. Brewster was formerly
the Democratic party
but drifted into the Republican party
WIK-II divitiou and discord in the
Democratic ranks brought its enemies
into power. He is, therefore, like
Grant, and other violent Stalwarts, a
Republican recruit from the Demo
cracy, and as such persons generally
turn into the roost zealous and unre
lenting partisans, he will no doubt be
in full accord with the Stalwart ad
ministration in its most radical meas
ures. Uulike Grant, however, be
possesses legal ability for a brilliant
career in the service of the govern
ment, which, if not subordinated to
the desperate gang witfe whom he ia
associated, may raise the name of
Brewster to a respectable height on
the roll of distinguished men who have
preceded him iu the legal department
But the new Attorney General will
have to look well to bis official acalp,
if Cameron, who never forgives an
offence and who ia now entrenched in
the highest feathers of the administra
tion, dues not find mcana.pt the proper
time 10 revenge these words spoken by
Mr. Brewster in an interview publish
ed in the Philadelphia Timet in 1877;
"Last winter our people were shocked
with the election of J. Donald Cameron,
the irresponsible son of a Senator of
wbom I will not speak, because he and
bis seta have become a part of public
history, and most be meesured with
more deliberation than can be given in
a casual conversation like this—e son
that h*s neither mind, attainments,
dignity of character, knowledge of pub
lie Mfl'itr*. pdNjr services of peraone!
worth to warrant his advancement, and
Id no record but a bad one as an in
tßfruer and manager of bad men. lie
waaJoreed into the War Department,
••/OeV'rice of his offer to betray his
>st* sn-d renominate Gen. Grant, and
after fcrifM there he was so base born in
hiseotiort* of decency end gentlehood
tks to solicit and urge, by sll the mean
r,W, of .political contrivance, that be
•hr*uM site retained as tbe companion of
Cabinet officers and gentlemen who did
not want him Failing in that, by the
coarse brute force at organised power,
lie Inst led his old father out of his place,
and thrut him*elf into a Senate where
he will t>e an object of derision and die
trust. The pt>t>lie are sick of these
odious men, and the public will do away
with them. We have destroyed humus
bondage in the south; we will next
tireak down political bondage in tbe
north and south/'
THF. Stalwart Republicans and their
coalitions, after being defeated by
more than thirty thousand in Mississip
pi, arc talking of setting up a bogus
government in that State, and calling
upon the Stalwart President of tbe
Uuited.Siates to mainUtin them in the
villainy, , After his performance with
Malione in Virginia, no telling what
be might do by way of breaking the
"solid south" and re instate the carpet
JAMES G. HI. A INK, of Maine, ia now
one of the "rank and file-" He re
tired from office on Monday last after
many year* of active service. If be
commits Judge Black, Horatio Bey
mote or some other ol our distinguish
ed Democrats, be may learn bow to live
happy as a private citisen, at least
until 1884.
MA HOME'S Lieutenant, Riddleberger,
goes to Washington, not ea Sergeant*
at-erms, but as United States Senator
from Virginia. Republican aspirants
for ibis hooor were obliged to submit
to the edict of Boss Mabooe. Un
repentant rebels are now in demand.
MRS. GAHKTEI.D has ordered the
erection of a fire-proof building on tbe
site of Oen. Garfield's office at Mentor,
to be used for the storage of bis pun*
and letters.
Ex SKXATOK TiMirTHY 6. Hows,
of Wisconsin has been appointed Post
Master General. Thus the Cabinet of
the Preridmit isjbrnsg gradually made
TERMS: $1.60 per Annum, in Adnnee.
—lt is true other re medic can be
praised, but PIBUHA bu the unequalled
—Our attention war called last evening
to tbe novel appearance of tbe show win
dows at tbe Bee Hive. In one there is an
elegant display of silks, satins and laces,
and tbe other a beautiful Christmas tree
nicely illuminated with was tapers.
—Persons In search of Christmas toys and
other desirable presents to make happy the
young during tbe festivities of lb# holliday
season, should call and examine the iplen
did collection now on exhibition at Mr.
Bands' store <>n, Allegheny street. Tbe as
sortment Is very large and very choice, and
Oannot fail to please ell. Mr. Sands has
surpassed bis usual g<iod taste in his seleMa
lions, and can accommodate hu
in eoy dsaireble article at very moderate
charges. He has the most extensive and
most carefully selected assortment of goods
in bis line ever brought to Bellefonte.
Looan Ooea COMPAXT BALL.— The
members of the Logan Hose company
will give a grand ball in Bush * Hall, on
Friday evening the 30tb instant, which
should be liberally patronised by our peo
ple. Tbe company has certain axpeneea
to pay which have bsst incurred by their
efforts to increase the efficiency of theil
organisation, and the boys ere entitled to
an onoouraging return. The ball will be
properly conducted, and will no doubt
afford pleasant amusement and recreation
to a large number of pjtooos. Tbe cards
of admission will be Ay cents —a sum
that places them within the reach of every
one. Do not fail to invest in a ticket
avan if you do not go to the ball. Give
the company a good benefit.
—Oar Howard friends enjoyed a very
pleasant entertainment on last Friday
evening, given by Miss Laura Keller, tbe
talented young elocutionist of Lock Haves,
assisted by Mr. J. F. Brown, and Misses
Kaub, Richmond and Berger, all of Lock
Haven, who interspersed Miss Keller's
readings with delightful instrumental and
vocat music. Mies Keller Is a daughter of
our old friend Col. Rue ben Keller, form
erly of Snyder county, and we remember
to bare noticed that the young lady grad
uated with first honors both at the Lock
Haven Normal School and at Prof. Shoe
maker's School of Klocutioa in Philadel
phia. Those who beard her in Howard
speak of her elocutionary powers tn
of the highest commendation and pardtcl
for her a brilliant future.
TEACH BE*' I *rr IT era.—Tbe thirty*
fifth annual session of tbe Teaches*' Insti
tute, of Centre county, will be held neat
week in the Court House, Bvllafasrte, com
mencing on Monday afternoon Vat two
o'clock, and continuing through tufrfsjf,
Wednesday and Thurvday. Mr. Wolf,
the able and efficient County Superinten
dent, has prepared an elaborate and inter* M
ailing programme of exercise*, and has
secured the services of a number of promi
nent and experienced instructors to lake
part in lbs exercises. The session promises
to be one of the most successful ever held
in the oouaty and should receive the a ilea
lion and encouragement of every friend of
education, who has the welfare and sun
cam of our common school system at heart.
There should be a general attendance of
teachers, directors and friend of education.
W copy from Mr. Wolfs circular, as
Primary Method* <,j ttemdmp. Spelling,
Prof. H. R. Ban ford, Middleman,
Mental Science, Morels. |*.—Prof. T.
M. Ball let, Supt. Carbon county.
Rhetoric, I'M E F Rtmckhoerd, "fc.—Prof.
H. F. Bitner, Keystone Bute Normal
Method* of /nafrttefwn.—Prof. W. A.
Krise. Spring Mills, IV
RedteHon*.— Prof. J. W. Use ton, Slate
College, Pa
Whf mr* mot ornr School* hrUtr f— M.
L. Romtch.
Pm/esetonef fncetiritf of TWAers,—J.
8. Bouts.
Literary Seetetees—G. W. Johnson
Rrmdinj—T B Rupert.
dtoeafeMtei, it* Chases and Reonlte.-*
C. L Grammy.
Interesting paper* are also expected
from other prominent teachers ot the
Prof. George P. Bible will give some
of hi* entertaining readings during the
Monday sewing. Th American Track*
sr.—ProT 8. L Hillmsn.
Tuesday evening— Oromtk and /V.ay
of Lwysmyes—Pm't McKae, State Cei.
evening. Gar Rmm im
Grea^efAve— Prof. Hi liman.
NO. 51.