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The leecli has eight or ten eyes set
in its back near the head.
The great gray slug, Limax maximus
has a supply of 2S,<HX) tooth.
There aro ocean crabs which swim in
tho open bed for days without resting.
At a very remote period artesian wells
were dug in China and Egypt.
The water power of Niagara Talis is
calculated to bo equal to four and a
half millions of horse-power.
bones have been found
near Yakami City, Washington Terri"
torv, and they are believed to be the
relics of an extinct species of elephant.
A white crow is a rare bird, but n yel
low one, such as was recently shot in
Colorado, is rarer still and probably
even unknown before. Tho captor of
this remarkable specimen skinned it
and forwarded tho prepared skin to the
Smithsonian Institution at Woshingtod
by mail.
The panther in India, when once he
has established a character for cannibal
ism, is far more fell and dangerous than
a man-eating tiger. He is more fero
cious and more courageous whon at
tacked. He never eats the bodies of
victims, but merely laps the blood from
tho throat. So says Captain Forsyth, of
tho Bengal staff corps.
Bees have an intuitive guidance in
the selection of food, which has the
power of producing organic changes in
the liodies of tho youug, even to the
determination and development of sex,
so that, by the administration of it
under what may be called artificial con
ditions, certain selected individuals can
bo made tho mothers and queens of
future hives.
W bile fifteen cents was paid in
(Queensland, Australia, for a kangaroo
scalp, they came in at a great rate,
35,800 scalps being paid for in a year
and a hnlf. A reduction of the rate
to twelve cents has made all the differ
ence in favor of the kangari is. Jt is
estimated that a kangaroo eats as much
grass as a sheep, and destroys as mnch
as it eats by the skill with which it
picks out the most succulent herbage.
All cxperieneo goes to show that
people are far more liable to
contract disease or contagious fovers
on an empty than with a full stomach.
Qninino is declared to be an antidote
for whooping cough, but except with
infants or children in fevblo hea'th, it
is better to " catch " it whenever it is
willing to be caught.
To remove freckles: Lemon jnice, one
ounce; quarter of a drachm of powdered
borax and one drachm of sugar. Mix
them, and let them stand till ready for
use, then rub it on the face occasion
The strongest and har<l>est women do
not wear stays. They have never formed
the habit. Those who have, find it a
necessity—not because they really need
them, but simply because they think
they do.
For nenralgin in the faeo or acute
suffering elsewhere, cut a thick slice of
bread all across the loaf—fresh bread is
best. Soak ono aide for a minute in
boiling water, and rapidly sprinkle cay
enne pepper over the hot side. Apply
while still smoking hot.
Professor Bouchnt mentions some ex
periments he has made g -ing to show
that the milky juice of the tig-tree
possesses a digestive power. He also
observed that when some of his prepara
tion was mixed with animal tissue, it
preserved it from decay for a long time.
The Medical Pre** refers to this fact, in
connection with I'rofesssor Itillroth's
case of cancer of the breast, which was
so excessively foul smelling that all his
deoderizcrs failed, bnt on applying a
poultice made of dried figs conked in
milk, the previously nnlxtarable odor
was entirely done away with. Certainly
the remedy is worth trying.
A Lively Donkey.
There ts a hostler in a livery stable at
Easton, Pa., that will remember Tony
Denier's donkey for some time to come.
Tbe stalls were all full when the com
pany arrivi d, ami tbe day hostler placed
the little animal in the harness-room
and forgot to tell John, the night
hostler, about it when he rame on duty.
Abont 3 o'clock in tbe morning John
went into the harness-room on an
errand, without taking a lantern along,
and stepped on the bind foot of the
donkey, which was lying down. The
Tnrk awoke, ami there was a sonnd of
revelry by night, though just what took
place will never be qnite eloar, as the
donkey can't tell and the hostler won't,
* Bnt for an bonr or more John was busy
putting horse liniment on his shins, and
no donbt it was one of those instances
where the donkey seemed to stntter
with his hind feet.— Miltrnukee Sun.
A Nevada girl's love-letter: " Dear
Jimmy, it's all np. We ain't going to
got married. Ma says you're too rough,
and I gness she's right I'm sorry—bnt
can't you go to Europe and get filed
down V
An Indiana girl lent year cultivated,
harvested, thru-died and sold three hun
dred and liftv bushels of wheat. She
has just bought a .sulky plow, and will
extend her work. If this young ladv
keeps on she will bo al.lo to support a
husband in a year or two.
Ihe special correspondent of the
London 1 'im's thinks that the number
of persons killed by tho Bcio earth
quake does not greatly, if at all, ex -
ceed 4,000, and that this is possibly
too large. In the southern half of the
island scarcely a house remains in a
habitable condition, so that a popula
tion of nearly 50,(KM) persons is camping
out in the open air. Throughout tho
northern portion of tho island the re
peated shocks wrenched tho houses and
frightened the inmates without doing
them any sorious bodily harm, except
in a very few instances.
The province of Adana, in Asia Minor,
has been thrown into a state of frantic
excitement owing to an unpleasant dis
covery that all the cultivated land be
tween the ports ofMersinu and I.itifghc
was found to bo covered with locust
eggs. The eggs lie in compact layers
and arc supposed to have been deposited
by an army of locusts that passed
through the district toward the middle
of Inst year. On the state of affairs
having been male known by telegram
to the governor. Ahcddin Pasha, orders
were at once transmitted to tho authori
ties of Tarsus telling them to summon
all the able-bodied men and women who
could be mustered and to set them to
work to destroy tho eggs.
A British parlimentary return has
been issued of cases of evictions which
have come to the knowl. dgo of tho con
stabulary in each of the years from Ist'.'
to 1880. Iu IKJ'I '.10.440 persons were
evicted, of whom 18,375 were r 'ad
mitted. In IH.V) tlio evictions rose to
104, lb.'t, and ther idtuis ions toil t,2'.<2.
Since that period th • numbers rapidly
fell till in 1880 tlioy only amounted to
2,085. They, however, agai i increased*
and in l*bl '.(,201 persons were evicted.
There was agaiu a falling off, and in
18l>'. the lowest number was reached.
Since then there has been a gradual in
crease. and in IH7O the figures stood at
5,23 i. and in 1880 at 10.457, tho read
missions being (Ust and 1,021 respect
ively. The totals from 1840 to IHKO are:
Evicted, !H),1)7 families, 4f>0,570 per
sons; readmitted, 21.3(0 families. 115-
.'l5O persons.
Y'>nng women who are contemplating
elopement— and undoubtedly there are
a gr-nt number of theiu should reflect
a little U|>on the troubles which came t<>
a New York girl who adopted this
romantic way of getting married. She
got desperately in love with a beantifnl
mustache and a handsome diamond
pin with a yonng man attachment, nnd
mad" arrangements to marry him. As
her father, however, did not fall in love
with the beautiful things that had fas
cinated her, she was compelled to elope.
That was five or six months ago. The
mustache and the diamond pin are jnst
as handsome as they ever were, but the
yonng man attaoliment has sines- aban
doned the yonng woman and caned her
father in a most outrageous way. She
is satisfied that another time she will
try a less romantic way of getting mar
The nse of the electric light on ocean
steamers is one of the most valuable to
which the new method of illumination
can be put; and the public will lu- glad
to know that the experiment, as tried
on the City of Bichmon-l on her last
voyage from <Juecnstown to New York,
was a perfect success. It was not alone
in replacing the dim oil lamps in the
main saloon that the electric light
proved valuable and nsefnl, bnt in fur
nishing illumination for dark and com
parativcly inaccessible places, where it
is dangerons to carry an open lamp, and
where very little can be seen with any
of the ordinary styles of open lamp.
The Detroit Free Pre** believes the
lake steamers will have to follow in the
wake of tje ocean steamers, and when
all these and the railway tnnnela per
haps the eara as well—are fully illu
minated the traveling pnblie will begin
to realize how great a blessing the
electric light is.
A " parlor cattle ear has liccn shown
in the stock yards in New York which
attracted great attention. It is the size
of an ordinary car, bnt it is so arranged
that each animal has a stall to itself.
The space is so economized that the
car accommodates twenty head of cat-
tle; or four more than an ordinary car.
By a mechanical contrivance, which is
operated from the end of the car, the
cattle can ho fed and watered in their
stalls, all at the same time and as often
as necessary, the feed being stored in
the top of tho car. In atrip from Cin
cinnati with twenty hoad of cattle, they
showed a loss of only two and three
qnarier per cent, and had not been out
of the ear. With the ordinary ear the
cattle have to be unloaded ami fed three
times on the trip from Cincinnati, and
they show a loss of from eight to
twelve per cent., besides being bruised
and other wiHn injured by being hud
dled together. The use of kucli cam
would improve the quality of the meat
and would bo u saving t j dealers and
railroad companion, besides nerving the
ends of humanity, and it in barely pos
sible, although not probable, that tho
consumer might bo benefited in tho
matter of price.
What truth there may bo in an item
running its course in the French prints
no one can say, but it is said that in the
leading bunking houses in Europe what
is called a detective camera is to bo
used. A man of suspicious appearance
makes his way up to tho cashier's coun
ter and presents a letter of credit or a
draft. The clerk, when the man's face
is full front toward him, touches a littlo
button. Presto, a concealed camera is
brought into play, the sensitive plate is
exposed, and in an instant the man's
photograph is taken. Further than this,
this wonderful dctoctivo camera is to
play another role. The head of the
house leaves his business ami con
fides it to his clerks. Homo of the
clerks go to sleep, or smoke cigars, or
skylark, or do other things not exactly
in keeping with their calling, and oil"
starts a scries of plates, worked by
clock-work, anil cvorv action of the
clerks during a series of hours in re
corded. There might be even a pleas
ing, though rather compromising, use
of this mechanical camera. With such
an instrument all the handsomest
women at a soiree might be photographed
without their knowledge, and galleries
of beauties ho at any one's command.
Let it be hoped, however, that this
camera, if it is to be used, will only bo
employed for thieves and rascals. That
it is perfectly possible to take such in
stantaneous pictures, without a person
knowing it, admits of no reasonable
Here is something from the London
Sniiii'tri/ Ri .rd which ought to be re
mcmbercd by people who are engaged
in the work of renovating their dwell
ings. It is not improbable that many
cases of mysterious illness, and even of
death, may be attributable to the cause
indicated or something similar. Dangej
often lurks under very simple disguises:
Many peoplo [have noticed the ilis
agreeable odor proceeding from the size
and paste of paper-hanging pervading
an apartment for some time after the
paper has len newly lmng. M Vallin,
in tlio / !<rrus >C //yyice, reports an in
intesting oaae which has induced him
to make some inquiries in this matter.
A lo.lv who from time to time came to
town to RUjservise the decoration of her
house was three times successively
seized with violent sickness and head
ache after sleeping in a newly pupcrc 1
room. M. Vallin was struck
with the putrefactive odor which
pervaded the atmosphere, and
after examining into the matter,
came to the ecnclnsion that it pro
ceeded f-nra the wall. It was found
that a horrible putrefactive odor pro
ceeded from the size-pot, with which
the paper hanger in the next room was
continuing to hang the wall paper, and
that this size was in a state of putrefac
tive change. On making further in
quiries, various other case - have come
nnder h's notice in which illness has
|Mtlpxbly Ixen produced toy the use, by
pnj>or-bangcrH, of size and paste under
going or speedily entering on septic
change; and it is extr-mcly desirable
that this shmld be borne in mind, and,
if necessary, a little oil of cloves, sali
cylic acid, or some other antiseptic
agent should lw> added to the material
which they tise for this purpose, or, at
any rate, rare should be taken to avoid
these disagreeable consequences of
carelessness which aro only too com
The ninth report of the postmaster
of Ja|>an, ending June, 18*0, allows u
In-althy development in the transmis
sion of mailed matt r in the country
The equivalent of the yen being the
American dollar, the total revenno was
81,173,601.98, with an expenditure of
81,001,000 35. The revenues were de
rived from sales of postage stamps,
amounting to 6950,730, and from postal
cards, 8177,21i2.10,{the rest of the sum
arising from box-rents, transportation
of closed mails, money orders, saving
banks, and miscellaneous service.
Among the items of expenses appear
8201,513 far salaries of postmasters and
officials, and one singular charge,
81,4*1.03 for tuition, that is, the in
struction of Japanese elerka in the
bureau of the international post The
aggregate number of letters, newspa
pers, books, aud samples transmitted
was 68*044,782, ordinary lettera num
bering 32,018,390, and |kmiUl cards 17,-
342,211. In this large mass of letters
only twenty-fonr were stolen and 193
lost. The length of the mail routes in
operation at the cloae of the year was
aliont 42,295 miles, the increase in mile
age over the year before being 6,242
miles. During the year 450 postoffices,
forty-four receiving agencies, 490 stamp
offices and 464 street letter boxes were
established, the total number of post
offices being 4,377 and the total recep
tacles for mailable matter not lean than
8,887. AH is tnmul in Jupancse matters
the number of foreign employes has
boon reduced, fur tho good reason that
if natives con do tho work it is better to
give thein positions. There in tin reoHou
why intelligent Japan Mhould bo any
longer in a Ntato of tutelage. In tho
dead letter office, arising from insufli
cient and illegible addresses, tho num
bor wa 100,740, or one-tenth of one
per cent, of the whole number transmit
ted. AH to pOHtofllee order* during tho
pant year they numbered 300,558, repre
senting an aggregate value of 84,004,.
026.60. In the Japan OHO poMtollico tho
total number of person* employed
soems largo, 8,646, of which 5,102 aro
poHtmoßtern nd 2,493 letter-carriers.
Who bravely dares must sometimes
risk a fall.
Tho divinity of charity consists in
relieving a man's needs before they are
forced upon us.
To keep on repenting for past sins is
easy enough. It is the beginning to
do better thai is difficult.
A man is great just in proportion to
his superiority to tho condition of life
in which he is placed.
A wise man never trilles with nature's
laws or gets in their way, but the tin
wise do, and their life pays the penalty
of their folly.
Lot wickedness escape as it may at
the bar, it nover fails of doing justice
upon itself; for every guilty person is
hi* hangman.
Reason is the glory of human nature,
iitul one of the chief eminences w hereby
we are raised above tho beasts in this
lower world.
It will be found that no man is more
to bo feared than the man who i will
ing to tell you all that he knows, bc
cause tho chances arc that lie will tell
you a great di al more than he knows.
Indolence i*a delightful but distress
ing state; we must be doing something
to lie happy. Action is no less neces
sary than thought, to the instinctive ten
dencies of the hnmau frame.
A soil which produces nothing can
rarely be found; if it is not embellished
by flowers, fruit or grain, its surfaco is
covered by rock* and thorns. Thus it
is with man; if he is not virtuous, he
becomes full of vice.
Suicidal Mania.
W. C. H., aged fifty, a laborer, who
had four time* attempted, at last com
mitted suicide by drowning himaelf. A
brother hail drowned himself at the
aamo *jx>t; a sister poisoned herself, and
another sister attempted suicide. Among
the throe hundred case* I find but two
in which heredity mav be su*]>ectod,
though I have not usually made in
quiries a* to thin point, One man hail
an nncle who hnal poisoned himself, and
a grandfather who cut his throat, l>oth
under the influence of drink, and a
woman said her father had blown hi*
brain* out alMut a year before her
attempt to |>oi*on herself. The t m
pcrament and disposition*. however,
which prompt or incline to suicide
arc no doubt matter* of trans
mission from parent* who have
I not tanght or transmitted the
jxiwer of self-government or the rev
erence for life which they themnclve*
did not possess. Secondly, I cannot
douht but that the sentimental glamour
, thrown over suicide by some poet* and
: novelist* ha* had an evil result, which
they would l>e eager to deprecate. I
distinctly assert, for example, my lie
, lief that the poem of T. Hood, "Tho
Bridge of Highs," wrritton with the nolo
| object of evoking charity for tho do
spised, ha* yet with a certain Via**
tinged suicide with a halo of romance,
, ami afforded a justification of cowardice
, and crime to the unreasoning and hys
terical thirdly, many of the attempt*
that have come under my notice are
l distinctly attributable to the or
. dinary violent exaggerated lan-
I guage of parents, perhaps espe
i eially mothers, of tho jwsircr classes.
"I'll break every bone in yonr body," is
tlm ordinary way of expresning dis
pleasure at some trivial offenae of a
child; and no one who lias been forcer!
to overhear " a few family words" will
wonder how that deed of violence,
which is threatened with no intention
whatever of accomplishment, becomes
in a less guarded moment the soggo*-
tion of a crimo which is familiar in
language, though never really contora
plat <1 hitherto in act. Brought up in
an atmosphere of threats against life,
what wonder if children proceed from
the sin of word to that of deed 7—Fori
nightly Il+rimr,
Belgium promises to become the great
industrial teacher of Europe. Ifauv
foreigner* are now attending her schools.
Hho has fifty-nine technical schools,
thirty-two industrial schools and a
higher commercial school—all receiving
funds annually from the State,
An old baoholor, who died recently,
left a will dividing bis property equally
among tha surviving women who bad
refused him. "Because,"aaid he, "to
them I owe all my earthly happiness. '
" ROUT " OK " ROOT,"
A Dldrri ut r In i'roiiunrlailon Ibnt ( in „
( num r
A few wooka ago, in Pittsburg, l'a.,
and before Judge Kirkpatriek, a ease
wan tried in which a farmer living in
one of tho outlying townships was the
plaintiff and tho county the defendant-
Homo time ago, a a little daughter of
tho plaintiff was crooning the creek, a
foot log, which was the only bridge,
broke, and tho littlo one fell into the
water and was drowned. A suit for
damage* was instituted, but it did not
come up for trial until a few weeks ago,
when tho jury awarded tho plaintiff
damages in the sum of SBOO. A little
story in connection with this verdict
has just leaked out.
D I'. Watson, Esq., was counsel for
the defendant, and in his address to tho
jnry stated that "if the plaintiff knew
the route (pronouncing the word rout)
over which the child crossed the creek
was dangerous, and had not sent her
over another route, the county could
not be held responsible for any dama
ges which ensued." This evidently
struck Judge Kirk ]>atrick as being prettv
sound logic, for in his charge to the
jury he repeated the statement. Unfor
tunately for the county, however, the
judge in this instance adopbd the pro.
nunciation for the word route preferred
by a great many men of culture
(which is quite correct), and informed
the jury that "if tho plaintiff knew the
route (root) was dangerous," etc., the
county could not be held responsible.
The jury retired, and, much to the sur
prise of all the attorneys who had
watched the case, scon brought in a
verd.ct of SBOO for tho plaintiff.
A few days afterward W. D. Moore
happened to meet one of the jurymen
in the court-house rotunda, end almost
the first question asked was: "Jl<w in
the world did yon jurymen reconcile
your verdict with the judge'- charge V'
"Why," responded the late juror,
" wo had no trouble on that score. The
judge informed us that if the plaintiff
knew the root was ilang<-roni", the county
was not liable. Now, all of us knew it
was not a root which broke and caused
the child's death, but a rotten log,
ami we could not return a Jitb r nt ver
It in not known whether Mr. Moore
informed the uneultur< >1 juror of the
fa<t tliat the proper pronunciation of
the word "route" wa* either " rout "
or "root;" but, nt all event*, those who
have been made acquainted with the
circumstance enjoy it hugely, and al
lege (whether seriously or not i* not
stated) tbtt Judge Kirkpatrick' pro
nunciation cost the county s£oo.
Cunning of the llnmming-liinl.
A friend baa informed me of an
instance in her |ipcriencc where the
I humming bird ha* shown more cunning
than it* little b.g's.l would seem capable
of manufacturing. The incident occurred
in \ inclarid, New Jersey In an unused
apartment of the house where the lady
wa* flaying, one of the huge *pid< r*
common in that region had built it*
atrong web unmolested. I'aising into
the room ono summer day, she spied a
rule-throat, which had flown in through
the ojen vinecla 1 window, struggling
frantically in the net of Dame Arachnid.
The more the bird fluttered, the worse
were it* filmy wing* entangled and fet
tered in the spider's meshes ; and unless
help hail lieen giTon there i* little doubt
how the catastrophe wonl 1 have ended.
| The lady hurried to the relief of the
i piteous prisoner, and handling it with
the utmost earo. freed it from the coils
fastened to its feather* and binding its
feeble member*. As the bird lay in her
palm at the end of theojeration, itjgave
two or three gasping breaths and was
still. Every muscle rdatc l as in dis
solution. The kind-hearted liberator
suffered a pang of distress from the con
viction that she had killed the delicate
creature by too rude a touch. After
some moments of fruitless mourning,
she laid the limp ltodydown and turned
sadly away. Quicker than thought the
little trickster unfurled its wings and
shot out of the window. Had it swooned
from fright in the lady's hand, and re
covered with the change of position? or
j had it actually feigned death, in order
, to facilitate escape, a* some larger bird*
J are known to do ? //.irper n M<ig<uine.
How to Clean Chrrt mm.
When row clown thorn use a soft
feather brush, or wipe thorn with H soft
chamois skin (A drop of oil may restore
clearness), or with a flno linen rug very
slightly dampened. Always tenderly
Nest, whenever the original varnish
coating is dulled, bruised or rubbed,
rovarnish it with thin, mastic varnish.
t'hromos, like oil paintings, should
not lie hung in a dark room, but iu one
with diffused light; and never oxj. >ed
to the direct raja of the ann. The
chromes after water colors keep and
display bettor when placed nndor glass,
as they lack the protecting cover of the
varnish. The large chromos after oil
paintings display, as a general thing,
lieat when framed like original paint
ings. It ia not necessary to pat any of
these under a glass, it ia • matter of
tnte —preserving them, at the same time,
from dost and rough handling.
Mother'* Clock.
A youth Mt on ft oof a wiile.
Within it |*rior dim ;
Tin: riiftid *|,o lhi(('irrir| by hi* rncl'
W* nil tho world to him.
Whftt brought th*t Klvl light to hm eye
I tiftt .•ftd.t.f* Ui hu Um y
, ' u " u, Ump of lore ao high,
t' mgb midnight'* hour l,th Down
The- lock W. ; ;tbe (dowioif grW
lift- stopped t hftif pMt u .„ .
And, long ft. that y,e„, K mw , '
It will not xtnk< agfttn.
The artful maiden known fnjj „,D
What makes the c|< k art w.
And why no arthl.v power can
The time for hiru to go.
H/nringfifOl lirpu>,lu<i
Iloctors live by pillage.
Thermometers reform late in life;
they never become "temperate" until
nearly sixty.
Always put yonr best foot forward, no
matter if it is somewhat btingling and
possesses a favorite corn.
A great many persons are like the
circus poster. It's only Irocause they
are stuck up that they attract attention.
In Portugal a widow cannot marry if
she be over fifty years of age. Who
ever heard of a widow as old as that ?
It is now believed tlwt the oloomar
gurine factories put hair in their goods,
thus rendering it more difficult of dc
teetiori than ever.
Coffee county, Tenn., is being settled
np by emigrants from Massachusetts.
Of course they must find good grounds
ujs.n which to settle.
There is no circus tent, hen e'er much watched
and t<nd<v| t
Jtut re -dx noma greater cr< ;
Then-1 no hob however wI! defended
but has a small l>y there.
An elephant's extremities are finished
offi so nearly alike at lotb ends that it
is a marvel how the Ixrait knows
whether he is going forward or back
When a man begins to go down-hill
lie finds everything greased for the
occasion, say* a philosopher, who might
have added that when he trie* to climb
up he find everything greased for the
occasion, too.
" How to train tomatoes," is the sub
ject of an agricultural disquisition. It
is ear enough. All you have to do if
a tomato misbehave* if.se]f jn companr,
i to mah the stuffin* out of it. It may
look a little seedv for a while after, but
tbis cour* of training will bring it to
its pulp ia a hurry.
How true the following oWrvation.
clipped from an x.'liange. may be. we
will not venture to say: When yon see
a young man sailing down street shortly
after midnight with his collar mashed
down his neck, you can make up your
mind that there's a young girl crawling
upstairs not far distant, with her shoes
under her arm and an extinguished
laruti in her hands.
I " William," *■!<• exclaimed, puidiing
liiui away from her, "you're been eat
, ing radishes." " ("l&ra," he responded,
reproachfully, "yon forget that I live
, in a boarding-house, and that radithas
i at tli season of the year cost ten rent*
i a bunch." " Forgive me, Willie," h
; said, penitently, and immediately ris
ing turned the light down several de
gree# lower.
"I Hi votl lore mr. cwwl*" , tbi-nij fn
As be preesel her rlosr to hi* In-art'* wild
Doe* lovi '* flcrre ti lo irrigate your mnil
IS li ywir l.r-art with mine simultaneous bob
j Her -mlfnl eye* flew up to hi* face,
Ami pierced hi* own with a lovily glitter;
Then soft *1 murmured, with winning grace
. "Do | love yon, <ioorgvT Well, I nhoald
" Don't yon admire the new tile*,
Henry 7" aked Angelina. "I dont
know, dear; do yon f replied Henry.
'• Oh, ye*, darling; I dote on them.
Then- is something no sweetly sweet
about them, so indefinably indefinite,
that 1 am quite carried away by them."
This was enough for Henry. He went
straight to the hatter's and bought the
latest style. When he next saw Ange
lina he, of eourae, expected her to go
into raptures over his new headpiece.
She did nothing of the kind. He
found, he says, that what she meant by
tiles was only one of those plaguey
] <"hina pavements.
The season in here at laat when the
adventurous small boy think* be can
make experiments with the slnggish
wasp that he finds creeping on a window
sash in the garret He is not wholly ig
norant of the foibles of the insect, bat
he has heard the saying that " wasp*
won't sting till the Jane birds sing." It
1 is a great comfort for him to know this.
It give* him a poor idea of a wasp and
encourages him to insult it. Accord
ingly be removes it from the window
sash, places it in his extended palm and
! tickles it defiantly under the ribs. Later
i on two strong women aie holding that
I boy's hand while the anxinn* mother is
exploring bin palm with a needle, and
hia little heels are churning boles in the
nursery floor. Thus is childish fkith in
the truth of cherished sayings shattered;
thus is the first idol ci onr lives broken
and the find lesson of skepticism taught.
Brooklyn KgU.