Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, May 05, 1881, Image 4

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    Ik (Centre ftrraorrat.
Tlie Lar|;eat,CkoApoit and BeitPaper
rvrry ThurmUy mrtloHi *1 B*llft>nl,( vutr*
couutjr, P*.
TERM*—Oasbla Si UO
If not |H*id In #l*oe#. V? OO
A 1.1 V K IMPlSH—d#?otd to the lutrreett of the
mhole |)o<i|ile.
I'tytuout# made within Uiree month# will be c#*
aidorf.l in ndveure.
No impor will t* dlacoitinn- d until nrreanifee nre
. fald, except at option of publithere.
Paper# going oat of the comity inuet be paid for In
Any peraon procuring q# toneaeh ItUcrlMTi will
beaantaoopy free of charge.
Our *tfnair circulation niakra thla paper an on
naually reliable and profitable medium lufanvprtiiliiif
We hate the moat ample farllillee for JOB J <,KK
and are prepared to pout all kind# of Book#, Tract#,
Programme#, i'>#tcr, Common lal printing, mc.. In the
Aueat at vie and at the loweat piaalbleratea.
All advortlH.-mri.ta for a 1~. term than three month#
Meeata pet line for the ftrat three Ina. rtlona, and .
cent# a Hue for ca*h additional luaerOou. Bpecl tl
auttcea one-half more.
Kditorlal notice# 1". cent# per line.
A liberal diacoant la made to pern# adrertlalng by
the quarter, half year, or year, aa follows :
tc o: -
irtct occt ri.B.
On* Inrh (or I* llm-s thU typ*) —— O
Two inch.*
Tliuhi lmli J" ••'I ■*'
au.tr let column (or .* turbo#,'.-- 1- *S
alf column (or IfMnchea) JilU AJ Aft
One column - r Jit I i heal 1" '
Foreign adverticeinenU muat be paol for before in
aertioa. escept on yearly contract#,whan haU yearly
pay tn out a in advance will be lequlred
PoUTtcAL Noticsa, Ift cento |ar line each Uiaertion.
Nothing inaorted for leaa than ft" rents.
lit .mo Norwaa, In the editorial columns, lft cents
per line, each Insertion.
Local Notlcij, lu local column#, 10 rents per line.
From our Regular CorreepemleDt.
Wasuinuton, I>. 0.. May 2, ISSI.
The Democracy has had so many legis
lative defeats during the last two years,
while having a majority in both Houses
of Congress, that there is more than
usual pleasure in recording a victory in
the Senate. That victory is already
achieved, though it will not he finally
announced for some days. The Repub
lican Senatorial caucus committee of
seven has decided to recommend the
consideration in executive session of the
Chinese treaties. This breaks the dead- :
lock and substantially acknowledges
that the Democratic Senators were right
in insisting on the transaction of none
but executive business at the special
session. From the consideration of
treaties to the consideration of Presi
dential nominations will be but a step.
The deadlock is broken. There will
not bo, of course, an open and final
abandonment of the effort to elect offi
cers of the Senate, but the result will
be the same, tiorbam and Uiddleber
ger will be retired until I>ecen>l<er, and
will most likely be dropped entirely
With a view to an adjustment of the
difficulties that now surround the situa
tion the caucus committee of the Re
publicans have called upon the Presi
dent to consult his wishes in regard to
the nominations now pending before
the Senate. The President decided one
point about which there will be no mis
take—that is, that he is not to be bull
dozed by Senator Conkling. The com
mittee informed the President that
Senator Conkling had given them to
understand that he (Mr. Conkling) j
cared nothing for a continuance of the
deadlock on his own account, but bad
promoted it so far as the New York
Collectorship in question was concern
ed merely in diferenre to the wishes ol
his New York constituents, who believed
that the delay would result in a with
drawal of Judge Robertsod's nomination,
which they earnestly desired tn the inter
esls of party harmony. The committee
thereu|>on asked the President whether
it would be embarrassing to him to ;
withdraw this nomination and have all
the rest of the nominal io is promptly
confirmed. President Harlield, in re
ply, said with emphasis that no such
proposition could bo entertained and
thus the conference ended. A great
•leul of good advice ought to be given
to Democratic Senators at this time, by
the people of the States represented by
them 'The best of the advice can he
put in few words. It is to vote for the
confirmation of all proper persons nom
inated by the President for office. I
do not have the least doubt whatever
that the President deserves etrnestly
to appoint the beat men to office. He
wishes of course to select Republicans,
and there can he no objection to that,
unlets he .hall select some men .special ;
|jr obnoxious to Democrata—such a man
for instanco as William E. Chandler—l
can see no party or public benefit in
voting against his nominees. Bargains
ol various kinds wiil be proposed— have
been proposed—by .Senator Conklirtg's
friends, by which, fur votes against
Robertson, help could he secured in de
feating unworthy nominations in the
South. But there will be few if any,
unworthy nomination*. The President
is seeking advice in all hia southern
nominations from persons
to give advice. To join Conkling in bis
fight against the President, at this time,
would be, it seems to me, not only bad
in policy, but indecent. President Oar
fn-ld has shown, and is showing a better
fading toward the Southern people i
than any recent President has shown.
The New York papers say that Sec-
SLiifet;, ik&ikizmM
retary Windom has succeeded beyond
expectation in hia refunding operations.
That fact is not of record at the I reas
ury. So fin- the aeception* of a .11 per
cent, bond in place of the called six per
cent, bonds do not represent forty mil
lions. The whole amount called was
one hundred and ninety two millions.
But the Secretary is confident, and it is
said at the Department, is -already pre
paring proposals for a similar extension
of the five per cents, redeemable this
summer. There is now no doubt what
ever that Congress will pass early in its
next session a throe per cent, funding
bill. The action of the Secretary in is
suing a bond bearing a larger interest
may be "condoned" but the bond will
not be allowed to become a lusting por
tion of the government's indebtedness.
I hi.*.
"Light-Horse Harry" I-ee captured
Fort Dieadnnught, S. C., on May 21,
1781. t>n the coming centennial of the
event the Continental victory will be
celebrated by local parades and speech
The tireat Council of Pennsylvania,
Improved Order of Red men, will hold
its annual session in Music Hall, Nor
ristown, this year, commencing on
Tuesday. May 10, and continuing three
or four days.
Congressman Frmentrout, of Read
ing. has made arrsngements for an ex
cursion trip to Furope this summer and
expects to leave on May 12. The party
which will accompany him consists of
persons resident in Kt-uduig, Lancaster
ami vicinity.
The roof of the Jackson House. Hun
tingdon. Pa., whs damaged by tire on
<i<>od Friday 1*70; it was again damag
ed by fire on tiood Friday, 18*0. and
on Hood Friday, 1881, it was entirely
consumed. A very remarkable coirici
An Indiana woman has just killed
twenty snakes which she found on one
spot enjoying the warm sunshine. If
Adam bad only had that kind of it
wife! But somehow the Harden of i
Eden bad to be placed on the wrong
side of the Indiana line, and thing
got mixed.
Mrs. Ebergood, of Reading, ha* so
much trouble with lier eleven -year-old I
daughter that she lodged information
against her, charging her with vagrancy
and being incorrigible. An effort will
t>e made to send her to the House ol
Reluge. The girl absents hersell from
home for several weeks at a time and is
met at all hours of the night on the
The Ex-Empress Eugenie, the former
queen of fa-diion and central attraction
of Europe, has been obliged to leave
her home in Camden Place, near ten
don, because the unsympmtbii'ng owne.
of an adjacent field decline I to sell h
a small plot of ground, which she de
sired to become her grave, so that she
might ret beside the dust of hrr son
and husband.
Matthew Rhoda, a deaf citizen ot 1
Allentown, had just stepped on the rail
of the L'-high Valley track to cross n
on Thursdny when an engine came -
along. As the cow-catcher touched hi*
leg* he threw himself over it and was
tossed on the other side of the track.
His presence of mind alone saved him.
He was badly bruised, but not seriously
The total loss of property by the
flood on the Missouri River and it- i
tributar.es l-etween Sioux Citv and Bi
msrek is estimated at $2 500.000. lie- -
low Sioux City, including the damage
done at i tmaha. Council Bluff-, K n-•-
City, and the great overflows on both
sides of the Miouri between these
cities and St. Lotii*. the nmount of he
is computed at $1,500,000.
In the U.S. District Court at lUlti
mire, a verdict has been given for
759.17 in favcrof Lawrence Johnson, of
Philadelphia,against Millmine, Rodman
A >)., of Baltimore, for failure to deliver 1
corn which hsd been purchased from
defendants by plaintiff ami which ne I
ceisitatcd the purchase of other corn '
on a rising murKei, for which the plain
t.ff had to pay the above amount in ex
ce-s of the contract price agreed u|>on
with defendants.
The nominations sent to the Senate
by the President and which have not
yet been acted upon aggregate 217.
I'hey nre classified as follows ; Judi
cial, 4 ; diplomatic, fi ; consuls, )I;
army officers, 14; navy officers, f, ; col
lectors of customs, 17; surveyor* of
customs, 3; collector* of internal reve
nue, H ; United .State* marshal*, 7 ; di*
trict attorney*. G; receivers of land
office*. 15; registers, 5; Indian agent*.
4; |>o.tmasters, 95 ; miscellaneous, Ifi.
Alter having subjected it to numer
on* amendment* the State Sen ile last
week passed finally a hill designed to
prevent the further organization of
swindling insurance companies. Every
precaution ha* been taken to remove
from the bill everything that might be
ciinstruded to include within it* opera
tion* bern fiend association*. Under the
bill no company can procuie a charter
unless it has effected Si'IO.OOO of insur
ance, two per cent, ol which is requir
ed to he paid in.
At the State Department nt Harris
burg, on last Friday, a charter w-.s
granted to the Banker* and Meichania'
Telegraph Company, for the purpose of
constructing a line front Phildelpliia to
Elision, vritis power to make extensions
and connections and to construct
branches. The charter will give the
company the privilege to transect busi
ness in any ol the counties of the State.
The director* of the Academy of the
Fine Arts in Philadelphia have already
issued a circular announcing an exhib
ition to be held in the months ol No
vember and December of this year
which is designed to be ol especial itn-
Krtanee to American artists. It will
limited to painung* in oil and no
artist is expected to enter more than
two works. Arrangements have been
made that will secure a good represen
tation of American painters abroad and
it is hoped that those n Ivuio will be
represented equally well.
Whst l r<ardeH s n incipient vol
cano has In-oken out on t lie farm ol N'.
A. Jitruagin, in tin, southern portion of
<'hio county, Kv. 'lay l"t week
Mr. Jll in 11 |iin w;,s sttrscleii to the |Uo
by noticing gas cnciping from th- earth
and he found upon examination that
the ground was seemingly on fire.
There was a pile of corn sliU' hs over
the place, and the heat caused it to
ignite. Many persons have visited the
spot, and It is a source of great wonder
to all.
Philadelphia Markets.
I'IIII..SKLI'HIA, MV :t, I**l.
The mnvsmrntr iii hrciilitiiff* arr llxlit. !• wlnwt
l ratlirr In-ltrr.
Kiot't lis ats'wdr Ml ftrn®r rntfn. Rvtlw® of ls%r
r*>l®. itb'ltidibK MibitfMiU r*tie at 9ft4nft 7ft for low to
Iwnrv dtr, ami hi If f|(l it fur itmlubt; Prribnrlvnwiw
faamiljr nl 91.7 do.ft.lt•; W.wtPrn do do. t f-'. rfjuft il
iMrtrnt® at 9*> kttft>7.76. liys (lour U trsly nt sft/s0
l*r twrrsl.
Hit a I*.—Thr-r*- m a 'lrnisr frfJlut In wlis-wt, with
Hit ndvAliis* of ly . in nil montlia, but riot mixfe di
lilAUd whrff.l f..r*ft|®4. Tits- r|olli{( 'jtlotnti. us vrrrw
fl 121'.. bid. fl el M -kfd f'.r No 2 r#*. M-y; fl
Idd Mini fl l'.i 4 wnk.d for i 1.., June; $| p. bid and
staked for 1!" July, !• •••• bushrh. Jims', mdd
•t 91 ,'di.fssi l.nahfb, Il®y, t f I 21. Ilys U sAdj
■ t II Ik lor PwnnwylvabU.
Kirrn - t'lorrr ramp-i from W+r. lo 7 1 ■/ .. and rnlw®
•inlet. Tlmtdby nlt*rrd
Btllefont* Marktii.
RtLLtrokTl, May ft, IMI.
Whit* wheat, ji*r bunl.rl fold) 1 0G
lUtl whi*t (nr®) I
His, per buabsl.. —• 90
Cora,cob 4"
1 •h*lle<! A"
(laU.. 3ft
Plour, r*til, |*r hwrrrl 6 'o
Klour, wrhiil*suil*. A 2k
ProTlclon Market.
Corr*rtd wrs-*kly by lUrpsr Brs-thrrt.
Ap|dHi,drtod, f*r twiuod A
Chsrrls*. dri*d. |*r poOud, fwlwl l'
Hmih p*r qutrl *
Pr**h bolter i*r pound 2k
i*hlrk*n |*r P"U*d . k
|>*r |siiinL IK'
fturilM hwma |er jv.uttd 12
Hams,MfM ■ ttfM I
It®. MB I
p'f p0U54... M ... MMN.HH I't
Rrr* |**r h* 12
I'oUJ.ies |wr h(|a)|s>l 7ft
Ml 1 b.rf ... Ik
.Vcl/* Advertisementa.
M - 1
Malleable Iron ami Wood Eean Chilled
®f f t.T jhr 7 arm< r® of th* • nr.{rjr fir j;,,
coming i*n<4i * 'tis m®uy %%Juahl* im; -mi n# !i:
THE WIAKD 1. ih. .iroag,.: Bn.| r.,,st djra
Mr plow In u,r miirkrt.
TIIE WIARD 1. tbr Or.t for r.r.f* ■ ;.
work. 11l bolU i*l sort .inhblc
THE WIARD , v thr ,r fj to.;
plrlr ,ijtt.unii! for u.105 two or !l,n l,o r w.
THE WIARD I® the 1 I'.owr iiiat fur !.in]
day ana gr-.und.
THE WIARD rirl. nil otVr , J Ir,.*.
for clrso c in I'W toil sdUi.iv. .oil.,
fTITE WIARD 'snoot br rt,i; c for • ..-hUM ..
Out Velleebls Iron Beam i I'.rmlv p--
vrai Milu.UM* n.tii Ik tm
era n.| bn.rtir or hr, .k rp; I. |>, .i
Ktor .1 l,or.orrr In t>~ t
■ itiou..nd ril,-ci.
Our Joints re. Whscis and Handles nr.
t ,asttbi-.
Our ric.l ail othrr. for n.. .
Mill tiniforiiiity.
Blows r. aarrai tn] !oi,_r r-wti> 1 •
If ro-i sr. poia; ,0 buy s now fio (*■ ,-ir, /
r v lb. W't.kti r, Ui*l.
r<>R SALE nv
(i() R DON A LA X D IS.
Engineer* ntid Morhinifb,
wn DEAI.CRS im am. i:i\r>. or
Agricultural Implements,
1. If ilililUlSTl PA.
The Planet Jr. Seed Drills
VV liwl Hot", ami the l in-flt Plows.
IUK wiiiit every onp who i* intere*!*
f ® sd, m< h rtt llttlw, in ®'<fli|ng |h* to #nd
no* for osir mrsfnlly ®rritt-n (%tslngne of liar f*ti ind
fim tMfAIMi It li tl •!!! ' ®*n for to all ®hn
Ufly for It. and It rnntafb mj l*f *!#wrrtfdWna of
th* •%. rkjr.ge ar> i d*a|gn of Ilia liigru,-'u tswda
itt tha w.mM, AAln®* a i"*fvl card 11
S. !,. ALI.KN ft CO.,
ls-41 2M.'k.l Slr-. CkiU.l.lpM#
Executor's Notice.
IETfKRH tcftaincntnry on the cs-
J f it* if * hr? ? d' rt * • i Kri|g'it) t'<ridl)i,
• -at*h bfltint lvn gr*it"d to tl* ttn*lrrigrwl. h*
ttqnollgtl ysiwft' ltMlrUs.l to #ais| <ts)s Pi Make
I a.nHllair |aym*il; howc- brir g datnia will | ( |ea*s
HrwMtit ilhwi. dnlf aulbsiitifwlnl, I® lbs tlh'UttigTini,
rtsaltfwwt of Half >b • n tomtibi|>.
941 JOHN 4 in M .. 1 v
UK. HGY, M. I>..
• t).Ti " lii Omrad Onttn, sbos PortnnT ®
Piwwial attantiun giran lo Bjiathtlif fiirgtrr and
Ckt'inir I.V-ly
WILLIAM M. kkkvku,
OoodHampU Koi>m on EirUt Floor,
WfYtrt Diim la an 4 from all Talis, Ipsbl nle
|o ®rilnn*rrw srd lun.rw. 14— tjr
fimiMw artl •icgla i&iirnsii, mm trdl m lbs g*n-
trsiT-llng irrihlt* and rminnrrwil m*n am tnll*d
tsi this Fir®t-( lam IIoU-5. nb< t* lh*y MIII And hn"
o at rsMs.n%bl# rtlM, •
Ltl*ral rsdt)ditii and othrr® attandlM
CYrtirt. #, 11. TKLLhII,
Npert a I Announcement.
The Almighty Dollar!
"The, many luive too far, and the few
100 many."
Wlmt in the use of wasting it dollar
when you can nave it?
Big prices will not do in these time*
when even the wealthy cannot afford
to waste their money, and the poor
require double duty of every dollar
and every penny.
Not by favor, but by merit alone
will we maintain and increase our
unrivaled reputation.
We dcul in good Goods and not
trash, and believe the masses w ill pa
trouize that house that sells the best
Goods for the least money.
Buy for cash and at one price.
Who can tell the waste of money
when you get your goods of bouses
that buy and sell on long time?
This is the music and these the
prices that crowd our store, whilst
other merchants sleep on their coun
ters, little dreaming of the day of dis
aster and ruin awaiting all who buy
on long time and sell on longer; who
pay big prices, and sell at figures that
no people can ulford to pay.
Black Alpaca, double width, for lfi
cents, worth 25 cents.
Black Cashmeres, yard wide, all
j wool, only 10 ets., cheap at 50 cents.
Wool Bunting, colored and block,
, at 19 cents, worth 25.
Knickerbocker Suiting at fi cents.
Word Motnic Cloth and ligurr-d
I >ress Goods for 17 cents, worth 25
j cents.
Choice Ijiwiis for 7 and * cents.
I tress Cambrics for Id cents.
lit nee we throw out among the
nias-ow these specialties, those match
less goods and matchless pries t<
eln-ek this insane and criminal | r:u-.
tie< of wasting money for the paltry
consideration of a little credit.
Bombay Ginghams for H) cents.
Cambria Cheviot* for #} cent*.
All Linen Crash for 5 cents.
White Corded I*. K. for 7 cents.
Heavy Cottonadc for 12} cents.
Kentucky .Jeans for 11 cents.
'•■4 1-adies Coating, all word, for 95
1 cents.
Thus we are fighting against the old
rotten credit system for money, lor
reputation, and lor the people.
India Mull Ties for 10 cents.
Spanish lace Tn-s lor 45 cents.
2->-B 'lie Corset lor 25 cents.
50 Ilotic Corset for 40 cents.
Carpet go-id quality, l> r in ,--nts.
Carpet, half w.ml, for 47 cents.
Carpet, all wml, for fid cents.
One Price Stores.
Gents' Summer Under Shirts, lfi .
cents, worth 35 cents.
Gmt*' Press Shirts, 25 cents, worth |
50 cents.
Gents' Pants to order, $3.75, worth
Gent.'nll wool Suit, to order,sls.oo,
worth s2d.od.
Straw Hat., 4 cents, worth 10 cent..
The la-st (I vera 11 in America, oar
own make and warranted not to rip,
at SI.OO.
At the very foundation of our un
dertaking in Bcllefontc is the One
Price system.
Respectable merchants generally
have hut One Price for most goods,
hut the temptation to make excep
tions now and then proves too strong
for all, hut very few.
Here the rule is absolute. We are
so committed to the ONE PRICK sys
tem that an exception in any depart
ment, no matter how great the tempta
tion, would disgrace us.
One Price, if stuck to, has to he a
moderate price, a fair price. Let that
lie your assurance in your dealings
with the Bee Hive Stores.
Respectfully yours,
Bauland & Newman,
.'.-'lii ■.. • ' ,V
Mercantile Appraisement
r PHE venders of foreign and domes
. tlr Hisii haiutlse, i||stl||eri ami hrsweta. broker*.
.V I ' rv: w,t| ' " Oml Ifa'jrfttr
. 'T* l " OmUMlwialifj.r.l of
IX* to •!?! <" II" r< .1 le-l. w
A'lluiikle 'T"' f" li
I'lilllfsw k Jkrt m$L.. 7'
rollick,Tlmhihw Ornrsr ZZZ. 14 7 it,
Mtltmr.ll Y. Honk
M nothing j. j#,
Or(f. J H Ilillliriis... m
Idfuft A On, M<n imiiU 0 Mir,
Harris. Joint Hniggitt 14 77 u
hnud*, J. II Coti|r<;lkiMf) 14 7 -r,
(iuhUl.dth, Klein A I ~1 41 l ,0
ll.tur, \ ( lot,,lr r* IS 10 76
M■ er Jnlifi (irnrrr J4 77^
IlilfMiell A Alk*>b Music M.ire. ... |4 77f,
htrii klaud, 4 ) rua Opsfr 14 7
HUlr, ¥ P Jevs|<r u 7
Vft I. y I'miinliuiivr 1 . 14 7 7;,
|R>II A Mliix!•* Iksils ainl ibufi. . 14 77k
Harris, J*a 4Co lOrdrr„ HM 10 'At 7S
Zeller# 4 Hon longgists |.j |n 75
%lontg"M+ry A #i Clutliirti 14 7 ;%
Jr |.li If • A Iju.. Nstduiiiii y i\ 7^
L>*-h, MA A 0 X, 'if
lUulniirl A N-winKii Msrikiiili ir i> 7',
Wignrr, I) M M r bant ....... |<j 7ft
('•*)*r, (.'obfrdiuiirty 14 771,
11 offer. J '1 11 . Mfr'hntjt I'i lf 7 k
lUr|>*>v llr<* M<rhabt 1i -41 7k
Mcbu.J V. Motiliftnt.. 12 13 7k
llroi libill.Jaliii Kuruitur* 14 7 7k
Graham 4 Hon Hoot* atsd ahow*... . 14 7 7'.
Moger M M*j bin** C\s.. >*-w|bg UMNrtiln*. . 14 77 .
ttilkititon Urn II *Wun|>i* in*p haul 1; | • 7ft
vt ilsnri. M srlaii< 41 o lUr*iirs in '4O 7ft
VdrtillttM 4Po McfcliftttUi 4 00 71*
BWV, H A 4R B . .f. J ' K'7'.
Mill' f. J • A I Kookl ST. I slat 14
Wwaftf, 11. I' T<'h(olil*t..., 14 7 1U
Rc)irtl ( K 4* Jeweler 14 7 7f>
LiutUry. II J ... ......Totfwrs.fitst 14 7 7/,
Kirk. MA I>r ogt'ts* 14 7 71,
I'otoi 4 H"fi ...Ikwii and bos> 10 7&
(Ug|{< libiinrf, | M -f r liMlit )0 '/o 71,
licblrf 4Co • r 1] || 75
< run#-, A J Tniwmihirt 14 7 7'#
Alexander A - ... Gralr, Agr Itu .A' II If, t',
iir+*-t 1, V p H „ litogrlM Id 10 7k
tiordou A l.rcli M*> lilnwrt 14 7 7k
1 Hi wti, Uwieiii* litslti sikl cvmJ .... 11 J', •,%
! C!rMfrr, I* P A Nhm I.utiilxf . I*. l*• 7',
j III' ks. II K Hardware V 'JJt 7k
l'-U<kf-Md iie Tal/"rdsl 14 7 7'
Mnrd-**ijt t >. M ... M<rtKaid 14 7 7 r
H •• I • fir. v' ' ... J | %74
j Hmfrr, fsnliiiand ... .HiatjlJe-r 1 i 7k
llrvrwn. Kdw.rd IkrttHr -f
! Bp.U*r, 11. 1 IW'ttHr >f liesf ... 14 77k
K tm"s. J I Mvrrhwnl. .... I.T I<i 7■'
littf,Wa.|lCo meMlfCkUltl 1 • I" 7
1 I • II Nv >!• f I r.t M 10 71
I*o A Uilil'lUl.
, i ' • B Me? • bltil II 77'
H' lit. Til— 1 M. I l.abt 14 7 7k
RiWf, j, H MntSmwl 14 77
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Baugh's Fertilizers have stood Field Tests for 25 Years.
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PrlM. SB.VOO Par Ton tf 2000 Posada.
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PrW 530.00 Por Tea of SOOO Pooadt.
Itrnrrtptire Ctrrutnrn Sent F'rf* MJ>ON apittcatlon.
BAUGH & SONS. 20 South Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia.
For sale by J. H. LONG, Flemington, Pa.. Agent for Clinton and Centre Oonntin.
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Administrator's Notice.
N'OTIC'K i hcrctijr jiivpn, lbl Irot
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l.V4r JOHN N TRAKIt'K. Admit intra! r
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Plain or Fancy Printinir.
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gajT'Onlcr* by mail will receive prompt
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