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Thursday Morniug, January (3, 1881. .
OuKStsroXPSNi'S. ronUinliic linl-"*" 1 ""
Ml from stiy port of ho county. No romiuunlrnUono
inserted utile* notn|nll by tlic tool tutiiin t the
Local Department.
Barry Green rolls the best cigars in (
the market. I
—-Tbo school teachers all visitetl the
Philadelphia Branch. t
—Tho public schools of this place will ,
begin again next Monday. t
—For those distressing diseases peculiar ]
to women Day's Kidney Pad is invaluable.
—Many of the warm caps now worn by ,
tho male sex .come front the Philadelphia ,
Branch. <
—The regular monthly meeting of the ,
Bellefonte Temperance Union will bo held
this evening. t
—Tho cold is intense ; but that warm ,
clothing sold at the Philadelphia Branch
is simply immense. I
—What the Philadelphia Branch don't (
keep in tho lino of gentlemen's clothing
isn't worth buying.
—Don't forget the best place to buy j
cigar*. It is of llarry Green, in lite j
Bush Ututs block.
—"As the days lengthen tho cold , (
strengthens" says tho seer ; so purchase | ,
warm clothing at the Philadelphia Branch.
—Tho Board of County Auditors is in
session this week at the Court House, and
wo will therefore soon have an official ,
statement of receipts and expenditures of |
the county for tho year 18W).
—There is always "room at tho top ■
for those who aspire high and like to (
I climb, but thero is room for all at Sechler
& Go's grocery store, and it's not necessary
to climb as the store is on the first floor of
the Bush House block.
—Tho sale of confectionery at Brew's |
grocery during tho holidays *< tremend
ous., It shows what confidence the people
have in the upright dealing <d this tlrm.
Anything the people require in the grocery
line may be procured at this popular store.
—The well known Allegheny street
merchant who promised a nameic-s young
lady a gold watch as a Christmas present
and failed to keep his word had better be
warned in time. There is trouble in the
air, and "Hell hath no fury like n woman
—Tho young year entered upon the his
tory of the world la-t Saturday morning,
bright, clear, and cold. Sechler V Co.,
the model grocers, will continue their bus
iness in the same energetic manner a
usual, and it will be one of the blessings
of the present year that the people of our
eonnty have such an excellent place to ,
—Yo editors return sincere thanks |,>
Mr. John Anderson f-r the supply <•:" line ,
oysters presented to thern <n Christmas.
John Anderson i< noted for having every
thing first-clan about hi-, well conducted j
restaurant, and deserves to !>•• liberally
patronised. When you want nice lunch
the Im-st and freshest oyst'uy found in
the market, or nice i*h> of lager give
* CJ
him a call, and you |W|!ylp" convinced of
tho truth of what tap, ,
—The following a|lpMg|foffi'-cr* of the
M. K. Sunday-schooliJJei\d to serve for
tbo year 18NI : S. D
llrny ; First Assistant, J? (. IMJVC ; Sic
ond Asistant, K. W. Crider : Secretary,
James I. McC'lure; Treasurer, D. M I.ieb;
Librarian, Kdgar Green ; As.sit*nt, M
11. Haines ; Organists, Misses Josie Chees
man and Nellie Kline.
—The hose carts were called out on
Monday afternoon by an mcidont which
occurred at Wm. P. Duncan's foundry. A
mould containing three thousand |>ounds
of hot iron bursted, and as there was dan
ger that its fiery contents would be precip
itated over the floor and thus endanger the
building, the Arc department was summon
ed and the flames easily controlled.
—A frame dwelling house, located on
the road to Boopsburg near tbu head
waters of the planing mill dam, and owned
and occupied by Mr. Theodore Steele,
caught tire on Monday evening about 7
o'clock and was entirely consumed. The
fire is believed to have originated from tho
cook stove. Mr. Steele succeeded in saving
most of the fukpiture.
—Wm. B. Poulton, formerly of Harris
burg, but at present manager of W. A.
Hweney's billiard parlor, ia certainly one
of the most expert billiard players in the
country. The may'he handles tbo ivory
beauties is Hit curve draw
and Matar shots are all ited with the
greatest degree of skill, while
his fancy shots are ingenuity
and dexterity. He gives and nightly
inhibitions of bis of the
ivories and is eagerly watcheWy all lovers
of this noble game.
—The annual meeting of the Centre
Goupty Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Patrons of Husbandry, was held in their
office at the Bush House, of this place, on
Tuesday last. At an election for officers
of the company for the ensuing year, the
following board was elected: President,
Isaac H. Frain, of Marion township ; Vice
President, Lafayette XefT, of Potter town
rhfp; Secretory, George Taylor, of Boggs
township; Treasurer, John U. Barnhsrt,
of Spring township. This company has
only been in existence about four years,
and at this time carries risks to the amount
of $1,1100,000, on tho mutual idan. The
cost of a $6,000 potior of actual Insurance
In the company is nine dollars, which ts
certainly a reasonable rate for safe Insur
BRIE? PBMOHALS. —Mr. Thomas New
oil, formerly of this piece end "• <"
Clearfield, has boon visiting In town during
the pact few days. HU frtend horo wore
much pleated to too him.
—Mra. Lydia H. Baldridge, a lady of
wealth and high tocial potition, reeiding
at Latrobe, Westmoreland county, forty
miles east of Pittsburg, has boon spending
the holiday teaton tit the residence of her
tittor-in-law, Mr*, dames Mitchell, of this
—Messrs. Ilal. Orblton, John Blenchurd
and Charley Valentino are among tho
number of our young tchool friends who
spent their vacation at their homes in this
Mr. Chariot Boozer, tho clerk in the
meat market department of Sechlcr & Co *
store, was rendered happy on New gear's
day by being presented with a handsome
girl baby.
Miss Celia Armor, of this place, i
visiting her friends in Mount I'nion,
Huntingdon county.
Mr. Al. llaupt, of this place, departed
for Houtzdale, Cloarlleld county, on Mon
day, to conduct a tobacco and cigar store.
Al. lias always been a favorite in Belle
(onto and bo witl lose no time in cultivat
ing the friendship of those with whom ho
is now surrounded.
Mr. Samuel Lcwin, the affable mana
ger of the Philadelphia Branch store, of
this place, met with a -light accident while
sleighing last Sunday afternoon. lli
liorse became frightened when in the vicin- I
ity of the toll gate on the LcwUtown
turnpike, upsetting the cutter and it- occii- J
pant. Mr. Lcwin't iiead came in contact
with u stone, cutting it severely.
—At the annual meeting of the State i
(irnngo at Ureensburg, Mr. Leonard
Rhone, of this county, was elected Master, \
and Dr. James Calder, of llarrii-burg, was
chosen a- Lecturer. The choice of these I
gentlemen i- very satisfactory to the mem* I
hers of the Order in this county.
Mr. Frank Montgomery is off on a
tour of tlm metropolitan cities, mingling j
bu-iness with pleasure.
—We uotic** that Mr Michael Shields
and Miss Mary Hazel were united in mar
riage in the Roman Catholic church of
this place, at H .'clock * n Tuesday morning
**f last week. They are b<>lb well known
an ! popular members of the youthful
population of our borough, and have
many sincere wishes I' r their future pros
perity an 1 happiness.
—The I,ewistow n I>er IVrs* sj ak n
foiluws of tin- !*•< lure delivered by ex-
Governor Curtin in tic Court House of
I that • place on Tu* -<lnv evening <*f last
i week
Hon. A. ii. Curlin's lecture on "Kusis,
* in the Court llou*"- **n Toe-day rv**ning,
■' intcre-ting ami instructive, and one
*1 the finest productions we have ever had
tin* pleasure of lUlenlng to.
I'I.KASANT (ill' CiATUKBI.Vi.s.— OB la't
Friday morning a trawler, with satchel in
| hand, was wending his way with face to
ward Centre Hall. He called at the hots!
and .inipiired of the landlord how far it •
was to liellefonte. Mr. llaag looked at
him somewhat surprised and told him that •
if he continued in the direction he wa>
g- ing he would have to travel about twen
ty-five thousand miles, but if he would turn j
due north he would reach his destination
: after traversing four miles.
—fiemr few days past one of our worthy j
• hoemakers was called upon to make a pair
■*f boots. The man of wax and awl had
some doubts as to his customer a finaneial '
ability, and when the latter railed for hi '
| le-.ts he was met with the answer, "Your
J Riots are not quite finished, hut your bill
' is ready."
; The festival given by tho Pleasant
: (sap Band was a grand suercss. The com
* moslious new ball was insufficient to hold
' the struggling masses of humanity who
! -ought admittance. The /.ion Band was
! present and discoursed delightful music,
j Both'ladies and gentlemen exerted their
i m*st vigorous efforts towards the success
! fui result, Mr. William if. Noll especially
distinguishing himself by disposing of an
I immense amoul of oysters. The order was
excellent. Our worthy landlord, Mr
! "K. closed his bar in honor of the ooca
' sion, and although numerous requests were
! made for his spiritual aid, he and his good
wife firmly answered in the negative. For
which, of course, his friends and neighbors
are extremely grateful.
—Mr. John Barnes and wife have al
most recovered from their recent attack of
sickness, Mr. Barnes being so greatly im
proved that he is now able to walk to and
from his shop.
• —Protracted meetings will begin in the
M. K. church this evening, under the
charge of tho pastor, Rev. Mr. Warner.
Wc hopo they will be successful.
—Thoee handaome Hambletonian horo
driven by Abe Miller carried him from
Rellefonta to the Oap recently In the ehort
apace of twenty minute*. Mr. Miller *aya
tbet notwithstanding the way he flew over
the ground, r.ero kept pace with him.
—Colder weather and better eleighing
than the preaent have not viailed the Gap
at the rame time for the laat thirty yeart.
A Qoot> ArrotrrMKHT.—At ae**lo.i of
the Grand Lodge of Maaone, held In Phil
adelphia on Monday of laat week, Dr. Kliaa
W. Hale, of thl* place, wa appointed
District Deputy Grand Mauler for the
countiea of Centra and Clearfield. Dr.
Hale it an ardent, intelligent Maaon, poa
weeing all the energy and tnap to make an
efficient /epreeentatlve of the "ancient
ERH' INSTITUTE.—AII our readers are
aware itmt the annual meeting of tli Cen
tre County Teachers' In*titulo began on
Tuesday morning of last week and termi
nated on Friday. Theproceeding* through
out woro very interesting, but are entirely
too voluminous for a detailed roporl in a
weekly paper.
The teacher* include in their number
Homo of the l**t wit and ability in our
county, rendering their annual gathering*
of great interest. The day e**ioii*
rival in interest those of the evening, and
the instruction* given during thu day are
a* valuable and entertaining a* are the
evening lecture*.
The Court room wa* exceedingly frigidi
which, doubtless, deterred many of our
citizen* from attending tlio Institute.
Mirny brilliant hit* of wit and wisdom
were marred or utterly ruined a* they is
sued from between chattering toelb. The
ladic* clung to their muffs and the gentle
men to their overcoat* a* if they considered
those article* their best friends. It i*
a/iroji"H til state here that the beating lacil
itio* at the Court House should bo more
extensive so that the audience room may
bo rendered comfortable in extremely cold
The Instructor* from distance in at
tendance on the Institute were tirl-el*
in every respect, l'rof. Angel! ha* a mind |
cultivated to a high degree—almost equal- J
ing that of the cclc-lial order of being*
whoso name li'- b"ar. Mis* Florence
ChidcstiT ha* the accomplished manner*,
the thorough telf-jxo-<-ion and the artistic j
grace of one who ha* made a life-study of
the-,, acquirements. Mho i thoroughly
practical, too, and proved herself abund
antly able to maintain every position
which sli" assumed.
The Bellefonte teachers were present at
every session of the Institute, aiwav* occu
pied scat* near the rcyi's/rr and li*lened at
tentively to all the proceeding*. In this
they set a g'MHI example to the other teach
The detailed proceed,!,;;* of llio Insti
tute were erv<-d up to the teacher* and the
public generally in a neat little four-pag"
publication tailed the 7VorArr' Journal
which appeared every evening. It* edi
tor- and proprietor* were Measr*. J. N.
Van Ormer an i John Lynn. Mr. David
I.iob, the able principal of the Bellefonte
public schools, acted a* reporter. Consid
ering the ry t,alc in which the.,-
[ rocoeding* were prepared, they were tine
en-amples of rcjxrrtorial skill
Tic present < Ci- r- of the Institute are
President, Henry Meyer, County Superin
tendent ; Yico President*, J. A. New,
comer, t'lara B. 1-uken* ; Secretary, T. M.
lUrnlinrt; 801 l t'lork, ('. (' Zeigler;
Treasurer, I) (i /.cfby.
C xinty SuperioD-ndcnl Henry Meyer i* a
very capable presiding officer. lie di*plays
excellent judgn %->i in ,ii* of
the programme of proceeding, and exer
ci'e great dicretion in allotting time to
the vsriou* exercie in proportion to their
merit and utility.
Sir. C. W. Scott, <>f Williamsport, was
j>re*ent on Tuesday an-l WedneKlay. The
publishing firm which he represent* have
in him a live and energetic agent. He
allow* no'opportunity to pa*s unimproved
in advertising the merits of hi* book*.
Prof. (' I. firatnley, ss*ial,-d by Pro
f-*or Harpter at the organ, r- gale-1 the
ear* of the audience at 'nlerval*. with
vocal music of a very pleasing nature.
"Life I-et ii* Cherish'" wa* hi* favorite
selection—trilling the "r" in "cherish"
most beautifully. He l*o ga* some at
tention to the "Mountain Maid * Invite
-1 lion.' 1
It i* universally acknowledged that the
remarks of Prof. I). M Wolf, in hi* first
speech on tha subject of " Professional
Heading, delivered on Thursday after
noon, were among the best hoard during
the Institute.
Superintendent Baker, of Huntingdon
county, who is a former teacher of the
Bellefonte schools, walked into the Insti
tute on Wednesday morning, and was
received with a hearty welcome from Prof.
Meyer, who KK,n invited him to address
the Institute, which he did very agreeably.
In converaatioi). he after war da said that
he allows an intermission of a few moments
during each session of the Huntingdon
county Institute, the teacher* employing
the time In social Intercourse.
l'rof. Thomas Meyer, a kinm*n of the
Superintendent, wa* present In the Insli
tulo on Thursday morning. The Professor
D * line-looking, heavily moustacbed gen
tlemen and had the temerity to differ with
Mm Chidestcr in regard to the pronuncia
tion of several word*. Although the little
lady successfully maintained her position,
•he recngnixed in the Professor her moat
formidable adversary.
While alluding to Mitt Chideiter, we
may mention the fact with which the ac
quainted the Institute in her Introductory
remark*, that h *> married to a gentle
man of thia State about two week* ago,
and U now only filling engagement* pre
viously contracted. From which the girl*
can learn that it ia not advisable to have
too many engagement* on hand at a time.
The subject of *peaklng Pennsylvania
Dutch In the KuglUh school* of our county
was well ventilated. The teacher* from
abroad and tome in the county oppoaed it
as inexpedient, while other* gave strong
reasons in it* favor.
An essay read by Mr. (i, W. Kumbar
ger, a former teacher, on the subject of
"Charity In Iba School," elicited much
discussion. Its Interest was enhanced by
a well delivered and pointed speech by
Mi* Hhortlldge, a representative of Ches
ter county's educational institutions. Hhe
advocated the banishment of the rod from
public schools. The subject was resumed
on Friday morning, when Mr. N. G.
Morrison endorsed this theory with several
reasons supported by individual experience.
Mis* Humes and Mis* Hwartz, of this
place, both excel in penmanship, if the
specimens of crayon writing placed bv
them on the blackboard on Friday morning
are true evidences of tboir ability.
AH the evening lecture* were enjoyable,
the reading* and impersonation* ori Friday
evening being particularly so—that is, if
you could pay twenty-live cents admission
with a good grace.
Mr. (leorgo Bible, a young gentleman
of this county who tin* *|ienl one year at
l'rof. Shoemaker'* College of Elocution
in Philadelphia, was frequently called u|Kn
to display bis elocutionary power*. Hi*
effort* were alway* received with applause.
He show* much natural übiety and, with
sufficient care, will liecomo a good elocu
tfilter addresses on miscellaneous sub
ject- were delivered during the progress of
the Institute, notably thai on "Compoai
tion, by Prof. Kri*e; "Arithmetic,' by
Prof. Itilner ; "Advantages of an Educa
tional Column in our County Paper*," by
Piof. N. G. Morrison ; "Exhibitions vs.
Examinations," by l'rof. Wm. A. Ilarp
ster; "Moral Training," by Prof. Henry
Keller; "trustification* of Scholars on
le'Hving the Public School*—what they
are and what they should !■," by Prof,
it. K. Cambridge; "lteview*,' by Itev. D
Ci. Kline; "lie in Earnest, by Miss Kate
Thompson, and "Music,' by Prof. C. L.
Gram ley.
A* the teachers filed from the Court
House on Friday noon thoir ballot* for
Institute officers were deposited in the
I.and* of persons stationed at the entrance
to receive thorn. An "honest count re
sulted a* follows Vice Presidents, C. C.
/.'•ig'.er and Maggie lliair : Secretary, K.
K. Cambridge ; Treasurer, C. S. I>anley.
Ji, . II 1. r. fr-ai-Wiii. I M Ik*".
!* ! Un;,fTf4sr). lUiul*
J I' liters*, HclAftrlai
l. M Halls
I'IUII Bt*. I M* H*f.
Vet 1 |Ue|M. |*k. lUelst (Sail. l*lAUi| }ffi|k. j
W m )kMhn>9, 4<s i M ArwMtgo*!, l'iUaorw.
'• If Klbil**, lU4is4. |J J* 'i ad. tlilsat.nri i
W m tfitthlat, l- ' ITj* ('n |
MfilltiM K*is*. &*• | D • I*""fiiBh > 4*fi.
HI HNfll'K
Wm (Mirt, M •Uttrg.ft. I Wli.fieM Ut, tiM Mm. J
IWM.Irt \ l W \% til ; 1..
M /intt;sf m*ts hw iiiett j J II Bial*, a...
I W im, Lrn> fit IW m fsftn. 1/ itmiit.
J I* sift. j J f* Mu*;. I|(-uiriillr. i
W m W'fslft. slo |w 9*om*U+t. d*
' 'nM * njsf. ||rf. Jw m f.arffi*. Ruhr<l
l II !> , 4* j I'Hat An.
iL-larrt Ktftfe, 4 | W.C MilN, du.
I> II MM DIMS. IJ. t M.i.h. 11, I'ln* Qrov* i
K . li,M( 'I.. W N M. ,k R,-kN|.Ht,*. I
Dail<) .Vu. I U. M. St-cmaV an
Ik'ti R (lib 14* Inar-nl nrg. 1.1 n Il*rkwh/| I'-nnlUs) '
' ttus lse. Hfsflffiir Will*. .* J. Ilstfir.g 4n.
.IM4ffi| ftHl)*, 4a I 1H. W'e, At
Aarn lltirrwjl, AtDf*l'tin, j R ll Mem*B. Air nsl g ,
I. I Kuiti, An. ; Ota R *Utar 4>
Tls's* >**■ V, iU. 111 W Ibusf,* sjatfj,
!*M' Rssk. LntetUla. J J W finj. fflMtnffi'ffi#, ■
W I AuS, sin jA. J TROMI|*II, SKI
H AHRlffi
J II 4efff, |bi)(K?| I JAB <k**n. Ilmitbgri;
J. #li . A" : J** Knw| rl. tk.
W A Mwnj, 4" jl WVi!t4, Lm4*n (IffiW. j
Jm* Tnrwr, >1 <il IUgU { Wimwli Howard- !
fr* 4n I D. H An
J II I*sAihr. ) A.C Ulnb, Nfinnl
Ilanf* r H'-ller. Il a.l l I 11 A 11.'.f-J
k.J liti-la-r, A, !
VI n XI (lliMß*. Monha I Jnkn Martbo.
J I Mil**. " JnKa ( rale. J*ltn
11.0. Übraia*e, | Mile* Alaiawbi, Jalts
r-i Martin, masrbari | Jnbn Rbnaak. RlanrbsH.
x II Ranan. H. A Sax***.
J. ft. Tataapsaß. " I Sana, (il.aiar.,,, •
:S If (Wnniwß. Walk", I Kit) Prtdar. Walker,
i S lla), * I ti. I* Orr.
jj.J llo). " IJ.aapatd. -
; J..hC Smll. EJianli'|. | Jnkn llrker, MMlmb'p
iS K >an-l, * | Xant BrnlnraM,WnlU, R
Anatln Urkl.T. " I llenrj Ik,.r.i -
; 1'.J.1 1. M.lrk. Mlleabnrt | lli|>ilri|, Mllanbnrg.
Jaa R"4ia. " R R El-a.
Mm Ala a, a - | J C. P. Joaea,
Sa. DUilNw. Mlllbetn* I Tbe* Ffack. MillKWai
WE. Widw, " 1 Annattm line, -
S. t>. Mnawr, " | Al. W alter, "
Oeorv* l>. flnal, minor* I tlen Bab* Nnffalo Ran
Jnhn Mwmer. * I John (IKelm-t - "
Hew, Ctark, RafTala Ran |W. I. Karat,. "
r INN.
J II Ktnnk. MiltbeSai. lIV K. (lentreli, (Mora.
Jnreli Dntnetler, " Ella* lli-.rer ••
O.W llarl-r. " I J N M't'i. I'-nn tlnll.
J. M. milllnad, IX'ttam' M | W. A. Kerr, Centra Hall.
Wm HrOnraitrk, " |W R. Mlncte. "
E. 11. Araef.Ueatr* 11*11. | A. R Alesnader. "
Dr.T. B r-Het. Rblttjai'l- I ■>" NlbM, KK,llpab
K A DnrS*, " j Alfr-1 .t.aie..
Hem) Stmier. " | K I . Oettder, "
Jagtev listen, PhiMpMi g. IJ. MUD lisle. MiUlpal. j
TV*. M-o. " H. Hrtkine. fkoadr RISa
J.A.Mali. " • Baft).-) Coyl*, Julian
U P. Horn mail. Bnatr a. I Jean* Una. Sana Bbne.
Pnl. Retley, Bate* Sboe. 11. T, Imrna,
W.t. Iklt, ' I Jn* Wntnen. "
aPt 1 Nil.
J. IL Roane. Relief.,r t* IW H. Nidi, Plesaant Has
Ja.per N Broalus " I Jsa. R. Miller,
llent) IWS, • I Dartd SRenret, "
R. E. PrlSfla. PL MsuMn. I lima Eenrbmd, Pooler,
dec. Mrr)ma, gaoler. I Vlaton N< -k a uh, *
Wot. MIIM, - |
Hnrv*v Hoover, PViMng | Jmss* PfadarLk, Plemlng.
Ilenty fnulH, " IIr.J.R. MUt, "
lino. P tfsll. - I Jsawm HavMnsa, *
T.J Ts)l..r, Fleming. I Jno Mns. fl amine.
In <°ml>ilde, do. J.C.amiih do
A. T. leathern, do 1 Dr. Hamuli. <hv
I). Dnnkle. HnMerebnrg. I Isnlnh SiraKln, Eton.
Peter Hrekmna, da. I R. SKff-r, KHISKT.
Jeaee Nasna, (a I J. Reck. do.
Ai- Net.ld. j JaaWMac.
Jaa. ' |J oXrTllsrtba.
tustui narn
nmsroats-Carrt* Mum.-. Miry Mirou), Abuts
MeOaffrer, n,||, Ksi.kln, M try f. Mrsil.lt. Utile *
37RU. N , *
fslsusj,. Aunts Hl.ults, its':fist *
{'"!}* Tlll >'f~. -full. C. Ihruhan. hats H '
o If 7 . If I llMclereon, H T I
T ah . 'i'V M K.lla. lUaojrk, .
T. H ftu|,sit, Join, A Msg,, I
J K"l.*r" C | K |?"V/ C - ■*" , E*s.J. L. DubUv, '
ill*, '• 1 ' "*n>s'sr, OW. tj|-„i., J..1.U I
K "iloutir* J " C. 7.1-ler, llol.sf I J
ii *• ■'"f'MUmtsoxk, T. i
Ao'Jr'iJ!, j K w —• y w ""•. i
MSl'll**'* - hsbsss, Ann* 11*1 n-s, W. T. Ilnlt,
If* 1 "* o *.—Arrlisr, Untn V. A Mile
< Hiwsr. J K.WmU, Usury W.1,1,.i; D. M-irs. Wu,
"Mr. Kdw.r,l *■•., U < TI,II Rycr, W II '
.H. P. Ilmi, *r,. Mils* M slkat, TII Ar< list 1 i
C. H Umttlft. i
ustuu- hKgis llann*. Ctsrn iul*s, D. H. Wolf K ! '
P Jamlnva, 11. K. BHurr, K. K. Smiih, J. AUreuoWa. 1
llll asm Cain, J IV ll ktiian, J II CnM, < ..rnslius i
Meter, W. A tills, J*uc-a Or,nobis.
II *l*an-Kale J. Ttouieaeii. lb-lie I'reniulllet, Mar) i
B- llliigsr, D. II Est... /. b Tti .wa., W. P. Koii.C if.
Klu,. l. 11. i, W it, 1t.,1.-, Msnjuiiiu kJmuicl*.
lUir M s.s--1|..,. , km,, \ , Tbuuipaua. C, IV I
Leltirlt, J. W Mlllsr, Darin* W *ll,.
Il*aau- Halll, Ibm. J, nnl, Uuatsr, W |„ Ketw,
J II Jamba, J W Keller
ll.Beasi .H W ll tl.oii.sr, J..ha II Hrolll. |
•Wewsaa Thu PMriwr, J. H HomtddaH Jam* I
Oar lnsr. J D. 11*11, J I. |>|,trbsr, 11..., rebate k,
E .il.,ii I'Dtsllrr.
111 •Tea- u*g(|, Itr'.wn, Kslll- Re hard*. V. K
William*. Nil. W llliem. A I HlD* i). Kilt," Han.—
Liatavr—Jennie Salmon, Mmy I. i lark Ism* V.
Kureetnea, r.anl* fianlt.,r II if. Ilrtal, beir-i, A 11. |
Du< *, llrr.ry 7 le.iepaon, bI( U t'lark
H 4*ll*—iir N'S*. Wilbur Blckl*. D. O. Klins.
J vi £lutm*rm*n. A*r..ii llmk
Vina* r. M Urauil,). C. M Orauilrv, U.l. t
l.rluuii, Co, Mallury, A I. Wult. Wn. i.rlin. A. b
L'Sinau J (V M'.rria, J II n,|,,i.g
Vlictaai *'. *lb< kl" M.1.11,|5), Ula Tavb.r, Jl A
still HUM D t Enrbr. Is,l Rniikls, M. I Jan.!* .. j
Barf,* llalll, K Wilmn, Jubn Oi*. C. M Bu.b,
dark, Klu.i'l* Cl*rk
Fsaa- W I Nr.,111., J A Si-sr., C T. Ntlilub I
|.v I, A J L*>k. A f. It nab.
I'au IS*I * . Jai.m, sb .i.ir. Kill" llows, Clara H .
I.uksua, Mar) Mullliu-r, V. 11. Naietlurd, E A. U,*i ,
l*.,rraa~ Kal- II ID *.,. Mr. Carris Wolf, J | j
Millsr. Mbiiasl Sblm. J II Uw.A. I lU| k. I A !
r,Oian. W • Kl.sbsr, Tk. Nu,r <l. II Hiab,l. A !
N RaafciaJW■ kNw.tkiglkmat, si.u...
Win N.ff, ll.i, i) K.llcs.Tl.', K Dull- XwiOmts
Kt an - I'l.an, Twllb* In. Hnte* (e* M*r y A W■
In*. Tb>, I an,,i'-1., KK. i aiui.riS*,, I. J fluff,),C. j
C. situ Mr.
Nana Nan* Ealli, A M~k, J,obi* M rrlw.n, Uml, |
< *II, V|,. Kit. M Kasn tv.l saikr.ltlsr
Nraiv. Mrs. J J J,l n, om VI |ML .'I Esll, I
J I N II J A EatL J K V„ i.r, I ( Wss4 I
K. Williams, J V Hsntaui, ltu(,rt, T M
liarubsri J,ha l.ymi, 11,n,) Ib.lbrurk
Toua-Asbl. Mtll,r. Jubn lean, Oso. I tu,'*(.
' I ' nurkst.D. (i A llal*kbar|sr,
t io Magma em* x.m i ErfkieU A t :
il',-.,r. J. V klrla, V lor,bl M,%-o*, ( urn. Karwis
I Mtmuu Ka/li. H ill,), (j*,. W K<>rr,)
Vv.ua* Mar y M Klu,,. M*ggi- M h-i.*, ff-i f'
J. \ wu*.|*, II H Tsiio,>,r. M N. K,,miik J I.
rh*,r.A A l-trt.b-r.W II Markls. I A Dr.lrl l,
I W'wra- Mr. K H-„i,,1l rum, M i|a. Alii. Murk.
Ken.* C. ConrsA, W<i M"rtbMS, A.C Willuun. |
mat* tt*<a*a>
Ella *s. I.„<i*t, K >*h l:ir.r.u.| Noll. Ml. C. W
Nrolt. Ed bal,. Irr Mil-s Kirk W A. ToOta*. iimie
I Ekk J i Mricear, Chas Era an. Dr Jai MrlkUri
Tka. Kl.b.r, ( IV l|,*s. 1,.h |I„U M J Wall, !
i J II Baakia, r-ulm-i, BaySar, Mr* fbiiiu Ki... r ■
; 11.r.:.*i, Vlin.i., M .. M*,'s'i# K.*r.l-rt. Jt.l.t,
IV ii.su. U 1..,,.v.r t .71,.. I' M,sr, l.i|*
' Klark, Kslsia Twttaulrs, Dr Tb- KukJ lUIII'.MI.
j Karl, Mis. A**l. Muiray, Mis. (. , Murray. Ml—
j KIU Hails'- k. Mi. I.yd.a Aaron. Mis. KrdtaMrEl
| . v Mi. J Ii Klut'.rre, M Tw,iaa H*ll Mis.
Nai. M'muKl W A MomIOM, 1A.,. Ml*. M* Hall,
j Kr*l,k M < J. Ml- Vj„.) M,, |, ) , I
Mam. J V|il-a D I K .IIU". Tl,.* War, K. T. Mr- 1
|l.,r Mr. M KJiMb.ll, II r M.~ Ull) nwi, la- i
!a* Ward, Uu, u.n ,
l ',n*n ****
C W a il.rr.f K A Ar.g.ll. Mia* Kl'Cbrs 7ud :
|aaSav,E A kut D K Smmii, aae* Hak*\ttaal* i
Imil l, .inly. Mi- M si, rtli-lc. lb r J V. Dsts(.
I IS- a Naumsl ram, R.a Julia 11. in.
I !**.-!'■*•
J. II Ronak, II, or) lull V T Dawthan. J. bt. I
Sfnyd.J * I'i n !b*,<. 11-r.ry lb. *. ( D lff. I—, , |
] Job* ll.'ffar, Jai'-i ll.'|.T, I ii*h Nlut,r,< i..i.i.. i
j CjaaubrlAga, a. K Karat
| HniTi AET. Mrr Mary Curlin Brew, I
aged almost ninety-five year, and probably J
| the oldest resident of this place, died after ;
! a long illness at midnight on Sunday last, j
at the residence of her daughter, Mrs.
: Hamilton, on Howard street. Mrs. Brew
I was a native of Ireland, but removed to '
j thin country with her numerous family
j many years ago. .She was an aunt of ex
i Governor Curlin, of this place, tine aon
and four daughters survive her. Mr. Aus
tin Brew, her Km, and two of her datigh- !
ters, Mrs. McClain and Mr*. HamilDm,
are among the mo*t reaper table re*idenls
iof this piacp. Another daughter, Mrs.
j Kel ley, resides in lowa, and still another,
1 Mrs. Thomas Nolan, in Washington, I).
C. The late Mrs. Joseph Srhnell, of this
i place, was also a daughter. So far as her
Kwial surrounding* are concerned it is
| rarely that one pa*sw to the grave so
loved, honored and esteemed, agd folio
! by the care and attention of so many
lives. To her was fulfilled the promise
that her davs should "be long upon the
; land.''
1 CENTRE HAUL ITEMS —tin New Year's
night District Deputy Grand Master Dr.
Elias Hale, assisted by Past Master Kev.
Hewitt, of Bloomsburg Lodge, and Past
Master F. P.Green, and other brethren of
Bellefonte 1 lodge, installed the following
j officers of Old Fort Lodge, No. 537 F. and
I A. M. at Centre Hall: W, A. Krite, W.
1 M ; Dr. J. P. Alexander, S. W ; J. T.
Lee, J. W.j J.J. Arney, Treasurer ; C. F.
lierlacher, Secretary ; John Kishel, S. D.;
II F Bitner, J. I).
—The Evangelical Association of Centra
Hall had a New Year's dinner and supper
in the basement of their church. Ibe pro
; reed* to be devoted to furnishing the base
meat. This denomination began building
a church ait or seven years ago, but being
few in numbers only succeeded in finishing
the main audience room. It is to be hop
ed that they will now be able to finish the
building. Among those who partook of
tapper we recognised the faces of quite a
numbeawif Bellefonte citizens.
—Oa New Year's day, Require Shannon,
administrator of the estate of the late 8.
B. Farner, disposed of the residence of the
deceased's family on Church street at pub
lic sale. Mr William Lohr purchased the
property for $660.
—The Commissioners of Centre county
have made the following appointment* for
the year 1881: Mercantile Appraiser, Dan
iel F. Lose, of Centre Mall; Clerk to the
Commissioners, Henry Beck; Attorney,
C. M. Bower, Esq.; Physician to tha
County Prison, Dr. Jamea H. Dobbins ;
Janitor for the Court House, Bartrim Gal
braith. Mr. Luse is an active, energetic
and intelligent cttiaen of Putter township,
and will perform the duties of his position
with great cam and efficiency. The other
gentlemen at pAeent fill the places for
which they have been named for 1881-
They havn proven themselves competent
' aad faithftil In the past and therefore welt
deserve re-appotaUnenU
No More Hard Times.— lf you wlli
•top spending o mucb on flue clothes, rich
food Mid atyle, buy good, healthy food,
cheaper and bettor clothing j get more real
■nd tuUutiiial thing* of lift* every way,
and eapocially rinptbe foolith habit of em
ploying eapennlve, rjuack doctor* or using
M much of the vile humbug medicine that
doer you only harm, but put your trut in
that simple, pure remedy, ilop Bitten;
that cure# alwaya at a trifling coat, and
you will *e* gK,d time* and have good
health.— Chrnniclf.
—When you come to Bellefonte call at
Lyon X C'o.' and we the largest and flneat
►lock of overcoat* that can be found out
ride of Philadelphia We have them at
s'3 To and $3 7f>. We have brown beaver
overcoat* at 20 and sii 50. You can't
beat them anywhere elw at $7 50 and s>"
\\ e have the finest blue and black beaver
overcoat*. We have a roverrlble overcoat,
ride* to wear out, or two coat* in one.
a have the best chinchilla overcoat* at
y<* ever raw ; they are worth to
$lO, We can show you over $l,OOO worth
of overcoat*. I.Yox X Co.
0 have the *tock of uiU in
black diagonal, blue check ,nd other dark
good, heavy winter au.U. We can rbow
you the largest and beat U.ck In the
couptv and guaranty them 20 per cent,
cheaper than any other bouse.
—lfi dry goodr, dre* goods, rboe* snd
lsdie* millinery, we can rhow you the
Isrgerl and beat *tock in the county.
i.ro* X Co.
—Spring woolen* now ready. Ksrlv
orders solido-d. Money *av.*d
If tf Mostoomekt X Co., Tailor*.
Philadelphia Market*.
Pnu.ri.ri rat*, January J**t.
Titer* * ■ sharp apaard mm-merit la vie*l to
day, Put olherml** braarUtafT* ,j u j|.
tun k flaw i* 'juli Int a*M|. NinnenoU .
'l'-lm* to lie. - li.-ar. ai-J *1
f t"T •inltl.l I'lvarliuite rxin family el
S , -erte,,. ,J„ <V. .* t _ ,„) p.|„,„
,?. .*>** Hj ** fi'itlf I* •'..!> *| f, Je, |. M ,tr|
I Gail* Wheat I* bra, at *,, .!<•„., n,je* < f
j J'U taufcll*. I rlilling Ijelt. *1 a< ,ej
| *r..| ataler. on *l I. 1.. . , s„' x H
•doratur. *| 11.1r,', , j:. Mj# „ „ , rJ/ fc|f
)'• i.*>lr*rita.
Sire* <Ver I* .j .•el *o : .l!, . 71 ,
|f .f w-ltuui |.. .1. ... T niehanset
Bellefonte Market*.
llL.*r. %ri Juiuut I**l.
White * brat, per tu*Lel I.AA) , , ft
K*~l * I • ..* |S*S|mmm 1 M
Sj, pet taalel
< 'L, .belied ....■■ . !
I <kt* ...ZZZ in *
j Flour, retail, per harret...... S u
j Flour, vle.lem.te ..... £ .-i
ProvUion Market.
CofTer led u eekty by Harper Brother*.
i Apple*. dried. p, , ,
! ' ifrript, J#i j*vt.4, ■< i3 ~, ]
i Kratii mm m
' Uiln v-,
Cfek p*t j .. *
OlPt*# Jad-f p"t,hd....„ , -J, ,
Cifomtr) IMUES* {srr *... i *
Ifkttts.aus-$r r |r;
i Kw 'H r...,..,. ...r.ra**.' *
Urd m
KdCfit* |r*f -nr. ... 2 11
] I - J .
j iKIM lof( |*
|"M t'l A 1 1 1 ni I. . .I, lle**t, ,tn. at thr |n*>
] •!•-, <>f the brete* Mltei. 1 r &-< j \ |r, lt ,. Mr
b. S*iP-f •( M.n.<A.n. pa.. **4
1 I of Ile*r4.
LIV.Lh t'K ATII I.K> —On th* Sl o( IVeetoi •.
, *1 '!>* "weleo • f Mr- Miuh-n. In
! llonara !*- o*h. lijf l.ld-r Kalhan J MiPheit, Mi.
Iran* l.ttele, ot BmS f're.k, fllgi'* cwmi, fa,
r,.f Vie Ifeten tealh-r* .lau*l.t r 4 Ir* ( LmII.
I -f*. I—| ,ef the h*ra*er f4aie,
llAli*\-Nt>JLKUiitifc-im 11,. .'.w ef tfcecirnte r,
I* *t Ihe teeM-nee of Mr* kwtu J Mlirhell, in
Hn**t4 tee iuph I'V Kl4et N*|l..|, J, MlVhel).
William ll*(*n. Ke , , f nitli* I.mritr, p, . aol
Ml** M*rv SeM'.or.el*. 4aii t t,ie Of Mi Jehu S*
I Ilern4e. K He.* ("e-tl, the <M|k|r
1 U)VR—M I.IM TIC —At the MI. ,kra.„* t , V.lror.
1 N, Rmwlet It. I*e, hp Jt.i J w Kelt. Mr.
IlnAeoh S. 1. .• and Mi** Mjr* M 1 linti'. *ll .f
Cenlce lIUI. 11, i* oripli.
OK tMl.r.t -re K SIC—On the Idh ef December, lean.
bf K-i Kmh 1 ••*■**. Mamoel Orami.i. Ie, . ef
the A<lite, tbr* • >unii end 1 athnnne A*n Ik her. „(
W e*i tv*er In* mliih Nphr in*ti, pa
CRmrTIIW aITK- *Kll.r.-A the utp 11. Tel W Hl
tunepet, le- . ]hki, try Re* M P Coierhmie.
Mr rie T Cr**th**tte. ~j tort llarae. and Mi**
Kit* W\ Vefle, ccf Mmlr*. > Y.
BATHI KrT-MAUi>K- In*. 21. lwb. at Mile*
•*ra. h> B" J J lebr, Mr '/Mmtum )v*t|iur| , f
R.,l*i,d. and Miee Ameli* Mehoie, of Milrahnre
WIU.IAMH W Ai**4l> _ Al the reMd.me , f the
! letde* nether. I*r. it',, M*i. Hp lie I I. 1. Ilnrk.
■ Mf Juhn II WllU*n>*. ef Lemont, and Mi** Ann*
I W ***>•. .*1 near *itf Cetl, **
I I;RTI.f.Y -Hul,Mr* m l* l, |M*i. .1 the few
j dene* nd the hitde * father, bf Rer * * Whir.
Mr W P and Ml** MIIM> U Holme*. .4 •
Slitany 11*41
RKAKIi K-RKAPR-Ihe I* IWi. tt the reerdete*
j nt 11. S Rap. R*|. Saint!*, by Bet W II INre*.
Mr. Frank J lte*rhk and Ml** FionaK Krape. Klh
1 "I ftpnor MIII* Centra rxranlr.
' iOBXSON- KTOt-RE— O* Taeedar. the Jrth nt |V
retaher. lam. Hp Ker. jneeph Yieehlrt. 1* the paaUn •
etady nf the Ptral tlertan thaoh ta Let lUien,
Mr Oiarle* Jnhe*tnn. at nt.* i,rd. tb.>• ramatr.
' and Mi** Mary M'dtr, nf Keerh (Ynk, CUohi*
KISO-vr ARI> —At the raaddence .4 the hrMe'i par
ent*. on December 42, lwei. hy Ret I. O. He* Ret.
J i> Iph King, at the Onlrai PennMlrnnin Umlrr
enie. and Ml— At*iu Ward, -f l*U*e Ororr, thr*
roaal f.
SRIRERT-SIIOPIt-At the Lather.* peranmw*. la
HelMoate. Pa, by Rer. S. K Pnrat on the events*
at lee ember lb, ism, Mr dobn C. (Mint nnd Mm
let ettn Bhope. both of Retlefmite. Centre manty. I*n,
MARK —On Friday, three*ther, lS0. at hi* r, tdi nee
a*er Pea* Hall. Mr. oim*e Marb, aged Ttr team
and 4 mnnthe.
MAHKI.K -Bntemher tS, Iksn. Mil Hun P. Mrtkl*.
•gel t nmnthe nnd A day*, arty Child of Job* T **4
Jennie Marble, at near Itellrfoat*. Can tee Ua . Pa
f AE.~trerambev SI, i*t\ Minute Relle. ard
month*, only child nt bawyvnee W. and Mary K.
Mian ef |*e|teti*ete, pa
lIARSHIIARoRR -Al port Matilda. Monday. Dorem
he* K, IMB, at InßamaaaUoa ef tb* hea -*, It* *
Margaret, daagbter r* Oenrge and Ml* Itarrtrhv
*e aged f year*. • smith* and IT dam
HOOVER— Is l>M totenahift, as Sanday. Jaanary
2. IML laraef lll*,rer Sr , aged thai TS tear*
PI RKI.R—In Walker tnawahip as Monday , Jaanary
\ISSI John Dttakla.
STRATPOK-D** si IMb Ret— roa, wHe Sf Lot
Stfrttoa. nraif Mibtl* aged W janra. It ar nlh*
and A darn.
H V RSICM-Der TV, USA. Rom lie danghtee nf John
and Mlaaheth Barnleh, ad tae* Mm Inn imrteia. *
aged I raw, 4 month* and In day*.
Mc?MKiiT.--e* St. US', laan Retle. t.Caat ,
danghter of Jamb and EHtabeth McOhnii. <4
da in* tawnrhJp. aged areas stoats* and alan day*
Estate of Jno. D. Leib, Doc'd.
IN tbr mßtler of the petition of
ISRAEL FRESHE Mr ipWb pat fat mam, at
ranfraet gm
The rommlsstonrr sfirrointad to take kl
tiaway In t>* abwen ram nil) attend ta Mm datta* .*■
Mb Sf.tral St hi* eKkw.is Bel I idee re. an FRBH
DEE the 21*1 day <4 Janaar ; A. P. WSI. at b' ilwil
A.p , aben and share tE partJee Rsmrmted ran Ml
lead If ll,er ana f icpw %
HB _ D. DfiMTKET. rraauhm.ue.,l
Auditor's Notice.
IN tbr nmttrr of the rscr|ition^M
tba Aronost rt J AS. C. RDAL and
.■irniimfr.kggg tUjfca. I. S.*f the
PETER WMT, d-.onmd.-d '
The üßiterMcnad Auditor, RppointfH :
' tbeOrphAi*' Catm *d (Vate* rosnty, I* pare
empMcair and smk* dMrttmtMw of the faalaH
the hand* at tb# amranuiSta, will attand tn kwH '
at h 4lh*. In SAt! ~<DAY..li^|
a, I*4l atlw a-rhak A.E,M*A -
alii partiac Istarottad may an-vd. %
' * ■. A MnKKX, Aadfl ;