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Thursday Morning, July 15, 1880.
CDRRKHPONDKNCI, containing Important nnwi,solicit
<<! from itnv part of tho county. No rommiiiiictttiotm
huttM ted uult'Mi it<Toiit|Mtiled by the real name of the
\x liter.
Hancofik Club.
All Democratic citizens of Howard town
ship and borough, and all others, without
regard to former political action or party
affiliation, who intend to support General
Hancock for President, are invited to meet
at LUCAS' HALL, at half-past seven in the
evening of FRIDAY, JULY 10, for the pur
pose of forming a Hancock C'luh. Senator
C. T. Alexander, and others, will be pres
ent and address the meeting.
DAVID TANYKR, Howard twp.,
A. J. GAKDKKK, Howard boro,
Local Department.
Monday last was pay day for the Bald
Eagle Valley Kailroad.
—Head tho advertisement of Goldsmith,
Stein & llextor on the fifth page.
—Never come "down town" without
stopping to buy u cigar of Harry Green.
—The population of Bellefonte is 3030
how many of them buy Harry Green's
cigars ?
—lmprovements of an elaborate descrip
tion continue to be made in and about the
Bush House.
—The Bellefonte Fencibles meet at their
armory to-morrow evening to transact
important business.
—Tho Presbyterian church edifice still
stands a menace and terror to all the peo
ple in that vicinity.
—Tho Presbyterian congregation wor
shipped in Humes' Hall both morning and
evening of last Sunday.
—The twelfth annual meeting of the
State Teachers' Association will bo held at
York, July 27, 28 and 2'.).
—The Woman's Foreign Missionary
Society met at Mrs. John Ardell'son Linn
street last Friday evening.
—Peaches, watermelons *and green corn
are in the market. The former arc about
the size of an ordinary plum.
—We are just entering another season
of beautiful moonlight evenings. The
moon is exactly quarter full to-day.
—One feature of the Day Kidney Pad is
commendable, that nothing is claimed for
it, except what it will absolutely effect.
—Tho Chief and Assistant Burgesses
have each been submitting their business
places to a cleansing process—that of the
former receiving an application of paint.
—The Daily New* informs it* readers
that Mr. R. B. Kinne, of Milesburg, has
la-en appointed by Mr. Hayes as register
of the land office at Yakima, Washington
—There wa* a very small attendance at
churches and Sunday-schools on Sunday
last. Those who absented themselves found
a convenient, perhaps welcome, excuse in
tbe prevailing beat.
—The annual election of directors for
the Ironworkers' building at Valentines'
Forge took place last week. Three selec
tions were made from the employes and
two from the proprietors.
—Saturday evening last wa* a lively oc
casion for Snow Shoe. In addition to the
Cbinclala-moose House hop, the Korean
Catholic church gave a festival, which was
a pleasant affair and realized a largo
amount for the church.
Darkness reigned supreme upon the
streets of this place last Monday night.
The young moon retired behind the hills
at an early hour, and as the sky was cloud
ed and the gas not lighted, pedestrians had
no aid save that of natural instinct to guide
their feet over the rough pavement.
—A delightful hop was held at tho
Chinclala-moose House, Snow Shoe, on
Saturday evening last. The affair was
conducted by Bellefonte parties, but was
participated in by guests at the hotel and
residents of Snow Shoe. The music wa*
furnished by the string band of Snow
Shoe, and was considered excellent.
—Mr. Frank Gallagher, of Howard, *•%
unfortunate enough to lose bis fine young
cow, on Tuesday morning of last woek, by
"bloat," which was caused by eating too
freely of young clover. Mr. Gallagher is
a laboring man, and the loss falls heavily
upon him. He has the sympathy of his
—On Tuesday of last week two men
named Aikey and Hciland were severely
burned by the preinaluro explosion of a
blast at the ore banks of the Bellefonte
Iron Company. The explosion occurred
just after their return from dinner. The
injuries of Ueiland were the most serious,
and he will be confined for several weeks.
Aikey's injuries were slight.
—Mr. Shaffer's hotel at Howard was the
scene of a pleasant wedding on Wednesday
of last week, tbe contracting parties being
Miss Hannah Daughenbaugh and Mr.
Philip Iddings. Elder N. J. Mitchell
performed the ceremony. Tbey are a hand
some couple and ap|ared tbe personifica
tions of happiness as they departed from
the hotel.
—Among the many curious citizens of
New York City is a Dr. Tanner, who is
fasting for a period of forty days—about
eighteen days of that time now being com
pleted. Such a ridiculous idea as this
would never occur to a man who has lived
long in Centre county. While there are
grocery stores selling such delicious gro
ceries as can he bought at Sechler A Go's
it would kill any average man to fast for
twelve hours. Try Sechler's groceries and
prove the truth of what we say.
—This is the best time to buy clothing
clump of Goldsmith, Stein & lluxter.
—The death of Mr. Samuel Moyer, of
Millhcim, occurred on Friday of last woek.
It was caused by consumption, of which
ho was a victim. Mr. Moyor was an ex
perienced miller, and for a long time had
operated tho large brick mill owned by
Mr. Daniel Musser. He was an excellent
man and his death will be much regretted.
—Prominent among the numerous festi
vals'now being held throughout the county
was one given by tho Methodists at Cur
tin's works on Saturday night. Fifty-two
dollars woro received as tho protlts of the
evening, which is an unusually good ex
hibit. "It is an ill wind thut blows no
one good," and the warm weather seems to
be principally beneficial for church festi
—Tho quite young children of Pleasant
Gap clubbed together last Saturday, wont
to the woods and enjoyed a picnic by
themselves, without the presence of any
older folks. "We'll bet thut so far as en
joyment was concerned, it was tho most
successful of tho season, for Young Amer
ica, with all the wild woods to roam over,
unrestrained, is not inclined to allow time
to hang idly on its hands.
—During tho present warm weather,
when articldfof diet do not keep fresh and
sweet long, people have to purchase fre
quently and in small quantities. The
hf-nt also renders it doubly important to
know where to find the freshest and best
food. So far as groceries are concerned,
that place is the storo of Sochlcr & Co.
I'oople can always place reliunce on the
fact that their stock is the best the market
will afford.
—We are indebted to Prof. Henry Mey
er, our excellent County Superintendent,
for a copy of the programme of exercises
adopted for the meeting of the State Teach
ers' Association which will be held at
York, l'a., on tho 27th, 28th and 20th of
the present month. This meeting will
undoubtedly be one of much pleasure and
profit to the members of the association as
well as to all others who feel an interest in
the subject of education.
—The annual picnic of the Coleville
Sunday-school was held last Thursday in
the grove near Mr. Win. Humes' residence.
It was well attended, many visitors from
Bellefonte being present. Col. I). 11.
Hastings contributed to the plcai-ure of the
occasion with one of his entertaining ad
dresses. Of course, refreshments had been
provided in abundance, and tho day was a
inerry one to all who participated.
—The ice cream festival in the basement
of the M. E. church on Friday nnd Satur
day evening* of last week was another
successful affair. On Friday evening the
ice cream apd cake on hand was all sold,
while on Saturday evening, although
enough had been provided to meet all de
mands, the receipt* were quite liberal. The
cream not converted into ice cream wa*
utilized by being churned into butter.
—Eighty thousand dollars was the
amount subscribed to tho sufferers by the
Milton fire, and now the vexed question
is how to divide the money. Under the
circumstances, we are not prepared to offer
a solution to the problem, but if they lived
a little nearer Bellefonte, we would advise
that a hundred weight of groceries be
bought at S. A. llrew A Son's store for
every man, woman and child in the place-
It would be the best thing for their health
and happiness, as the people of Centre
county owe much of their present pro*j>er
ity to the existence of Brew's store.
—The equipment* of the Bellefonte Fcn
cibles (Co. B. filh Keg.) have been receiv
ed and are stored in their Armory in the
Bush Arcade. The men composing the
company aru well pleased with their out
fit, every thing being entirely new and in
excellent order. The guns, knapsack*,
cartridge boxes, belts,haversacks, Ac., have
never been used and are hand*omo and
convenient. The men are rapidly becom
ing proficient in the difficult manual of
arms and regulation tactics and will no
doubt—for the short time of enlistment—
make a suitable showing at the annual en
campment at Braddock* Field* in Septem
ber. The uniform* are contracted for and
we will soon have a fully equipped mili
tary organization in our midst of which
we can bo justly proud.
—The Executive Committee of the
Pennsylvania State Dental Society have
favored u* with a programme of their com
ing annual meating, which will be held in
this place on July 27, one week from next
Tuesday, and continue three days. There
are many exercises on the programme of
interest to the profession. We do not
know the proportions of the Society, but
opine from the programme that it is large,
embracing many distinguished members.
Then, these dentists, when they assemble
for consultation, have a pleasant custom of
bringing their wives and daughters along
for a summer recreation. While the pa
ternal members of the family are engaged
in discussing "Hydrobromic Ether as an
Amesthetic," or some other equally out
landish subject, the female portion may be
seen upon the street, their fair faces and
fine toilets adding to the beauty of the
scene. We hope tbey will all come and
bring an unusually large number of wive*
and daughters along, and that the meeting
may ba one of the most pleasant in the
history of the Society. Dentists have
heretofore boen principally useful in ex
tracting teeth—and that In the most ex
cruciatingly ptknful matter possible—but
If the coming meeting shall contribute in
rendering that dreaded operation one whit
easier a grateful public will open its arms
to them in enthusiastic welcome. The
meetings of the society will be held in the
Court House.
terrible si>iisitii>ii of last week wan received
on Thursday morning, and wan the intelli
gence* that Mr. David Dale, living near
Lomont, had fallen into a vat of vitriol the
previous afternoon and almost perished in
the burning liquid. Further reports con
firmed the sad news. On "Wednesday after
noon he was at work in the wollen mills at
Lemont, of which he and his brother are
tbo proprietors, and while passing over a
board, it broke under his weight, precip
itating him into the vat of coloring matter
beneath. As the contents of the vat were
strongly impregnated with vitriol, the
fluid burned into his flesh, and for some
time his life was despaired of. liis broth
er, who is a physician, is attending him,
and ho is now Blowly recovering. His
suttering, of course, was intense.
—William Fellenbaum, son of Mr. John
Fellenbaum, was the victim of a terrible
accident last Friday afternoon, while at
work in Wm. P. Duncan & Co's machine
shops. lie was standing on a ladder ad
justing the belting on a pulley, when three
ilngors of his left hand were caught in the
revolving belt and his body drawn several
times around the shaft before the machinery
could bo stopped. His Angers wore literally
torn from the hand and the tendons lacer
ated to the wrist, which was broken. It
was un unfortunate accident, as William
was a bright, active, skillful workman for
one so young—only eighteen years of age
—and his hand will be rendered useless for
a longtime, and amputation may be neces
sary. Ho has our earnest sympathy.
—The second event of Friday which
can take its place in our "Chapter" was
the run-a-way of Mr. Lawrence Brown's
horses, which occurred about 4 o'clock p.
M. AVe don't know exactly where they
started from, but as they run with the
wagon clattering behind, a noise was made
equal to the descent of an avalanche.
Everybody in the neighborhood was
aroused, and when the team passed the
depot und ran out the road towards the
car works, the full force of employes at the
former place left their work and followed
wildly after the retreating steeds, which
soon resembled a speck of dust in the
distance. Near the car works, another
horse and wagon belonging to Duncan,
Hale & Co. was collided with, and the
horse ran over the hills, followed by an
excited multitude. All the animals were
soon caught, but Mr. Brown's wagon was
found in a sadly demoralized condition,
and was brought home in small pieces.
This event involved altogether too much
exertion for a hot day, and reused perrpi
ration to flow freely from both men and
—An accident occurred at Snow Shoe on
Saturday which resulted in the death of
Mr. Philip Crollman, an employe in the
mines. He was engaged in excavating
under a ledge of coal and tuck, which
loosened the props, and the entire mass,
probably without an instant's warning,
was dislodged and precipitated upon him.
He was removed from his terrible situation
and taken to his home, where be soon died
from internal injuries, although no bones
were broken. On Monday morning his
body was taken for interment to his former
place of residence in New York State. He
leaves a wife and several children. This is
thn first accident, resulting fatally, that
has occurred at the Snow Shoe mines in
twenty-five years.
Mr. John McDonough, of Snow Shoe,
was walking on the railroad near the Sum
mit on Saturday last, and sUqqted ofl" on a
siding to avoid an approaching train, not
|ierceiving that the switch was turned to
direct the train upon the track where he
was standing. Before he discovered his
danger the wheels of the engine had passed
over and crushed one of bis feet. Mr. Mc-
Donough is, we believe, the same man that
had one of his legs crushed some time ago
by railroad ties falling upon it.
—Saturday's Daily Mew* says that "a
three year old daughter of Mr. Henry
Sampsei, of Benner township, was kicked
in the head one day last week by a horse
which she had approached in the pasture.
She died from her injuries on Sunday, her
skull being very badly fractured."
—The sturdy Democracy of the lower end
assembled at Millheim, on last Saturday
evening, to ratify the nomination of Han
cock and English. The meeting was well
attended and was an oarnest of the spirit
that pervades the Democratic masses every
where in the land. John Keifsnyder, Esq.,
called the meeting to order and Daniel
A. Musser, Esq., was selected to preside-
Able and stirring speeches were made by
David F. Fortney and Wm. C. Heinle,
Esq's, which were well received and heart
ily applauded. The best of feeling pre
vailed and all the Democrats present gave
assurances that I'enn's Valley will this
fall give a larger vote to Hancock and
English than any Democratic candidates
ever received in that part of the county.
The meeting adjourned with hearty cheers
for the soldier-statesman.
The Sunday-school people of Boggs, Cur
tin and Howard townships and Milasburg
and Howard boroughs will hold a district
institute at Curtin'a works on Tuesday and
Wednesday next, July 20 and 21. One
session will be held on Tuesday evening
and three on Wednesday, morning, after
noon and evening. It is said that soma of
the prominent Sunday-school workers of
Clinton county will be present to take part
in the exercises. Everybody Is invited to
be present. Clement Dele, Esq., the Sec
retary, is prepared to furnish all necemary
SUMMER PERSONAL#.— It is said that
the faces of the Hublorsburg young ladios
are wreathed in smiles for a week after re
ceiving a visit from the Daily A'ewt "local."
—Misses Annie and Hattie, daughters of
Mr. Fearon Maun, started on Monday
morning for Newton Hamilton, Hunting
don county, whore they will make a pro
longed visit.
—Miss Jennie Dare started on Friday
last for her visit at Cape Muy.
—Mr. Richard Garuian, who ha* for u
long time past been sojourning at Coutcs
ville, Pa.,'returned home on Saturday for
a visit.
Mr. L. T. Eddy, of Linn & McCoy's
iron works, has been taking an Eastern
trip, from which he returned on Saturday
—John C. Miller was in Huntingdon
again last Sunday. His trips in that di
rection are growing suspiciously frequent.
—Mr. Howard Lingle lias been visiting
in Bloomsburg, being drawn thither by
that .subtle and tender attraction which
has influenced every man since the world
was created.
—Miss Richardson, of Pittsburg, is the
guest of Miss Clara Lyon, of this place.
—Judge John 11. Orvis and family are
greatly delighted with their new Linn
street residence. The interior arrange
ments of the house are now about com
pleted, and the next duty will be to beau
tify the surrounding grounds.
—Miss Mary Tripple, of this place, is
paying a visit to her uncle, Mr. Charles
Wilsou, of Altoona.
—Bev. James Caldcr and family are
now ]>ernianeiilly located at Harrisburg.
—Mr. George Thomas and lady are en
tertaining friends from Ohio.
—A substantial new boardwalk is being
laid along Water street from High street
to Reynolds' mill. It is a welcome im
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Newell, of Clear
field, visited in this place last week. Mr.
Newell was formerly a Bellefonte boy, but
since going to Clearfield he ha.- been mar
ried, (we believe, to a Williamsport young
lady), and is now quietly settled as a citi
zen of that place.
•—Mr. Robert Giimoro has been enter
taining his sister, one of the bright young
ladies of Milton.
—Mr. Fred. Reynolds successfully pass
ed the Princeton College examination, and
will enter that institution next fall.
Mr. Beck, the tentorial artist, still
continues bis early morning concerts.
—Mr. William Reynolds, Judge John
11. Orvis and the family of Mr. George W.
Jackson are among the visitor* from this
place at Bedford Springs.
Miss Nannie Harris, of this place, is
visiting her many friends in Huntingdon.
Miss Allen, of Harrisburg, who lias
been the guest of Miss Fowler, of this
place, departs for home to-day. If a look
of despondency is visible on the counte
nances of auy of the Bellefonte beaux, its
source can be traced to the above event.
Mr. Jacob H. Bauland, of Chicago,
is visiting his brother, Mr. J. 11. Bauland,
of the "Bee Hive" stores, this place.
Miss Martha Lyon, of Philadelphia,
is visiting at the residence of Mr. Isaac
Guggenheimer, of this place.
—J. W. Pennington, Esq., and daugh
ter Maggie, of Philadelphia, arrived in
Bellefonte on Monday evening. They aro
stopping at the Brockerhott' House. Wel
come, and bo|ie they will have a pleasant
—K. N. Carpenter, Esq., the popular
representative of the large tea and coffee
houseof Berkley, Hassan it Co., Baltimore,
is in town for a few days.
enumerators of Centre county for 18X0
have completed their work, and we pre
sent to the readers of the DEMOCRAT a
table of the population of each borough
and township in tho county as returned by
tbem, together with the population return
ed for the decades of 1870, 1860 and iB6O.
It will be observed that the aggregate of
the figures for 1880 makes the present pop
ulation of the county 87,020, which is an
increaso over 1870 of 3,011, or a little more
than 10 per cent. In the main, wo be
lieve the work of taking this census was
well performed, the books returned bv the
enumerators, with few exceptions, being
very creditable specimen# of their skill and
Bomnghs an# Townnhlpa. llxo. l;o. lean. | 1870.
Brllafnati—North Want. 174* 1127
Booth Ward.. (ss
West Want... .Vie
cai| 2AMI 134*1 low.
alio ward Bom 4 I'M
MHeatmrg... (On WW, 47S
bMlllhstm - 776
oPhlllpebiirg 17*' l(iti
.ll'niotmlla. 799 till
Mannar 12*2 1.102 1190
Motors W6j 2177 1A42 1914
Hor Mills 4A>*> .180 AM
nt'olleg# 14i>
Ctirtin........... ®M 4.79 217
fargnaon IX2I 2111 17X4 190(1
Oram - 1707 HMO I.7** 14*7
Halms 14*7 1774 IMS' 3472
Half Moon . ............. MM rm 091 (ISO
Hani ... 94# lWsi V9 19*1
Howard IM7 977 11U7 1292
II uat.m........ NOl SCI 2N :174
Liberty. 1287 1002 744 .187
Marion <777 821 801 79*
Ml Ira.. 1712 1727 1147 1:1117
ration 7l 721 647 447
Pus.- 817 1178 1(174
Potior 2770 *l7B 221* 2197
Ist* 1794 11*3 *0 #7l
flnow Show 142" 1182 Mi* 412
Storing 2217 lew* 140.1 221(1
It* lor - 617 612 771 :M9
Union 11IM 847 *4B
Walker. 1404 1150 lft7 1221
W0rth...—...... Xlri 670 246 102
_ Total,. p.. 17,929 #4,41* 27,000 37.77*
a Howard boroogh from Howard township.
b Mtllhstm from Peon township In 1879.
c Phillpabor* Rom Rush township
4 Union villa Horn Union township.
o doling* from Harris and Banner townehlpa.
—We ad vis* all persons to order fall
and winter clothing *arly. Our haavy
weights will be on sale Hay Ist.
Ift-lf. MONTGOMERY A CO., Tailors.
twenty minutes part 3 o'clock on Thursday
morning of last week, a lire broke out in
the livery stable attached to the City Hotel
property at Tyrone, ami raged lor several
hours, destroying in its course the best bus
iness portion of the town. The total lo*s
was $120,000, and the inan ranee $105,000.
The following represent* the course taken
by the Ore and the individual losses :
Livery Htahlo entirely destroyed, with
ten home* and other property. Los* $2,-
000; insurance, SI,OOO.
City Huld danutged to the extent of
S4,(XX); insurance, S2,(XX). *
Frame building Indongirig to Mr. J. D.
.Stewart, totally destroyed. Los* $(),(XSI;
insurance, $4,000. Occupied by the Blair
County Banking Company, which lost all
its effects outside the vault. Also by
Metninger ic Stewart,clothiers; loss slight,
covered by insurance. Also Dr. J. M.
GeinniiH's office ; loss SBOO, no insurance.
Frame biulding belonging to Mr. James
T. Owens ; loss $ 1,400; insurance, SI,OOO.
Occupied by Mr. AV. B. Ktewait, as a shoe
store and dwelling; loss slight, covered by
insurance. Also by Airs. K. G. Black ;
loss slight, no insurance.
Another frame building owned by A.
Crawford & Brother ; loss S,,(XX>, insur
ance, $3,700. Occupied by Air. John AV.
Thomas as dwelling; lost his household
goods, no insurance. Also by Smith A
Gray, grocers; lost entire stock, partially
A large brick -tore room, irgjne ware- |
house and frame dwelling, all b-'longing to
the heirs of Wesley Nowlin,. t--ully d<-.
stroyed ; loss large, covered by Insistan- e. I
The store room occupied by Tetnpleb.-ri,
Crawford & Co. a.* a dry goods store ; l*t
nearly all their stock. C,
Frame dwelling house owned t,y AV.
Fisk Conrad ; loss SIOO, covered by in
surance. ( . |
Dwelling house owned by Mrs. Rebecca
Walker ; totally destroyed, no irisurance.
New brick building opposite City Hotel,
occupied by llrrald ollice, arid owned by
Captain C. S. W. Jones ; loss of llrrald
office $7,500, insurance s■'>,( SXl. First
floor occupied by If. B. AVilson as station
ery store ; loss slight, fully insured.
Brick edifice owned by l'at Flynn, and
insured for $7,500. First floor occupied
by Tyrone Bank. Second floor occupied
by D. T. Caldwell and Jack Afnthia* u*
offices, 110 insurance.
Two story frame hall also owned by l'at
Flynn and insured for $5.000. O- Copied
by post-office, loss s2<xi. Also occupied by
I'. Sneering,;r A Sons, tobacco and eitrar* ;
loss S2,(XXI, insnrnnce SI,OOO. Also by
George C. Garner, drills ; !<>** S4.IXK>. in- ,
surance S2,(XX). Second flo--r oc uj ied bv
Itrmorrat office, Major George Str,-p pr-i
prietor ; loss S2,OtX), insurance $750.
Next was a frame building, warehouse,
stable and out-building*, owned |,y I*.
Snc-ringer; loss sl2. (ks), insurance S4, (XX).
Also occupiinl by A'an A'alxah A AViis>>n, i
dry goinls and gr-Kicrn-s ; l-.ss SB,OOO, in
surance $5,500.
Three-story brick slructdre, owned and
upied by Jack Scullion, merchant tail
w ; loss $12,000, insurance $.-,(X*.
Two-story frame dwelling and Jewelry
•tore of I. I*. Walton ; loss S),S<XI, fully
The A'igilant (Ire company and the Em
pire hook arid ladder company, of Altoona,
and the Hunting-lon steam lire company
were summoned to the aid of the Tyrone
firemen, and promptly responded, doing
noble service in extinguishing the flames.
Captain Jones will immediately begin the,
erection of a new building, and the Herald
will be issued without interruption. AA'e
sympathize with Afsjor Stroop, of the
Demorrat, in hi* loss, and hope that the
time is not far distant when his valuable
new.-paper will appear a* usual. The firs,
was a severe blow to Tyrone.
LEGE.—Among the gathering" in tbe fu
ture for Bellefonte, none present more at
tractive general features than the annual
re-union of the Alumni and students of
Pennsylvania College, which will meet in
this place on AVednesday, July 28. The
following programme shows what exer
cises may he expected on that occasion :
10J A. M. Business Session.
2P. M. Social and Business Session.
3p. xi. Discussion of the subject: "Do
the Literary and Oratorical Trainings of
College bear a superior Relation p. the
Curriculum 7" to be opened by Rev. J. M.
Keimen-yder, class of '7O; J. A. llecber,
Esq., class of '6(l, alternate.
8 p. xi. Oration, "The Church and
College," by Prof. Edmund J. Wolf, D.
D., class of 'O3; Rev. M. C. liorine, class
of 'Ol, alternate.
10 I*. xi. Banquet-
ARTS.—According to previous not.ee the
Democrats of the borough and the town
ship of Howard met on AVednesday even
ing, July 7, for the purpose of organizing
a Hancock and English club. Aft<* an
organization had been effected, on metion
of Air. Commerford, it was resolved that a
meeting be called at Lucas' Hall, Friday
evening, July 10, for the purpose of mak
ing a permanent organization and begin- i
ning the work of the campaign in their i
section of the county. The chair then ap
pointed John A. AVoodward, G. AV. Com- !
inerford and H. A. Moore, a committee to
secure a permanent place of meeting. On i
motion of Air. B. AA'aber, the same com
mittee was instructed to prepare rules for
the government of the club and report at
the next meeting. Mr. AVoodward made a
few remarks, setting forth the objects of
the club. Mr. Commerford made the first
address as a member of the prospective
club, which was brief but to the point. On
motion of Mr. Woodward, it was resolved
that a copy of the proceedings of the
meeting be aeiit to the Democratic Watch.
man and the CENTRE DEMOCRAT for pub
lication. The Democrat* of Howard are
alive to the importance of the work
before them and will do their full duly.
—A festival will be held in the Shiloh
church, in College township, on Friday
and Saturday evenings, July 23 and 24. It
will begin on Friday evening and con
tinue on Saturday afternoon and evening.
The Lemont and Pleasant Gap bras* band*
have been invited to participate. The
proceeds are for the benefit of the church.
The refreshments will be first-clam, and
everybody is invited.
CiROCa DAY.—Yesterday, a* all well
know, wa circuit day -tlitj iim.-l iiui>ur
tant holiday known to the American
pie, although not yet legalized. Coup -
Coiled Monster Show arrived about
o'clock A.M. AVe did not count then,
hut are informed that twenty-six ear- were
required to convey the *h<>w and it*
on-nts to thi- place. We always go
press early and therefore can give no ae.
count of tint exhibitions, but from thoo,
who caught premature glancen a t ,j,
horse*, elephants, dee., ttr „ informed ' that
it i* superior to any exhibition e V sr bfor..
brought to thi* place. Mr. John Sour
heck displayed hi* usual enterpn z* arc]
patriotism in a tempting display of ging.-r.
bread and lemonade A tent on J|jg|,
street ju-t this side the railroad was orna.
mented on top witli the national color
while from within refreshment* were dis
pensed to the crowd. A large numW < f
jieople from the surrounding eountrv
peared curly upon thy streets and a itnc 1
the street pro<<*iofi which took i,l a <i.
about half-past 1(1 o'che k. and Iwir.- out
the high expectations already formed of r.
Doubtless the two exhibition* of lite d,,, ~
were well patronized.
About fifty person* met in thu rooms of
the Young Men's Christian A**ncia< n
last Friday night to lake some action m
the work of tcmpcranee, which lia- 1...
indulging in a prolonged sleep, the oi, ,
icmperance orguni/. at pre-ent en-t
--jng in 'hi- vicinity being tin- Ladies Ten .
p>Ti>n> Prayer Meeting. Mr. .lame* 5,.,,.
rriervfliJSv i- made chairman of the me. t
ing, and J. W. (iepbart. D. S. Keller, A
<>. Furst, and AV. Jl. Blair, Esq's, Jfo.
James F. iiughc* and Charles F. Co
participated in an nnirnafed discus.i, •
The result was tb- u| point men t of a com.
ltdttec of seven U. dr tit a course of futu:
operations and tha next merge .
to-morrow evening, Th*- commits-.- , -
Mat* < f D S. K-4-r. A. O Furst are! AV
11 Blair, E,'s, Mr. ( 'harles F ('.„ .
Mrs. John I*. Jlarri* Mr* Nifn i
son and Mrs. Evan Blum hard. five*,.
!><dy i* invited to attend the meet in
morrow night.
Tnt Kx< AMI'MKNT. —Th (' ioilotfc I ft£ "f .
d'-r, relative to the fall encampment at
ir;*|e-etlon of the National Guard. ha* •
issued from division headquarters
I. An encampment i hereby ordered *
the troop* of the division a* follow-
First. Second and Third Brigades, from
Aug ot 6th to August Itth, at Fa irniMir.-:
Park, Philadelphia, I'M. Fourth and Fifth
Brigade., from September 7th to Sept.-n
br 14th, at Thompson'. Station, i.-
11. The (juarli-rniasU-r and Con:uii.-**r.
Department* of the*,- headquarter* w
furnish the n- ce*,ary transportation, can
equipage ati-1 subsistence.
111. During the encampment fall it
spccliou bv the Adjutant General will mio
I\. Brigade C-'mmpmlera are thaig-'-l
with the eacvutmn of -p--- ill - data.l
By c'-rnjs ifid 4*. afa.or (.--nsra, John J'
Hartranft. f} ||. NORTH,
A.-*t. Adjutant General.
Bmincu Notice*.
—So more *ick ciiiskeli-. Save your
toultry nd cure them of Ji-exse. by ti.i
itola-rts' Poultry l'-'W'i<*r. It. has never
fail#d t-> cure Cholera, and *ll disease* i
which fowls are subject. Price 25 <<-r.l*
per package. For sale by all druggi-u.
—At the pre*, nt time when tbefe are
many worthies* Unarms* U in the mark-:.
it would be well to Inquire which i tl
Ixrst. This will be found in M. 11. Hubert •
Embrocation'—it i* a panacea for ailment*
that r.-quir.- rubbing either on n.an • r
beast. I'rieA 35 cents pt fo tt!-;
—Why do you cough when v<-u ... ,
find spe,-<ly relief in Sins* Svrup of 'i*r,
AA'ild Cherry and llofehound ' It i* ti
nust plea*ant and - til- at .• >u* r i<i• 1 v ki. <* i.
for Cuughs, Colds, Croup, Asthma* *r 4 a
disease.- tending to p jlnn-ru.rv < mump
lion. Ila* be,■ n sold fur over thirtv years
and i especially adapted to children,"a* it
does not nauseate, and consequent!v it < :,I;
be useti in sufficient quantity a* to efleet
cure. Try one bottle and you w ill never
be without it. Price2*>c. and 50.-, jx-r hot
tie. Sold everywhere. Ask your drugget
for it.
—The popularity of M H E bert-
Hurse Powders is proving itself in the in
crease,! demand throughout this Stab,
from the fact that the public are at la-t
finding out that it is possible to obtain *
package „f ll,>r#e and Cattle Powder which
ts strictly pure and freo froui such adnit- r
nlio-s as bran, cake meal, and other in
gredient* calculated to pull' the animal
in.-tead of curing it of the disease it is suf
fering from. M. B. Roberts' H->rse Pow
der* contain no adulteration, and are much
cheaper than any ether, a but a Wtbie
apoonful is required tor a d>e. A*k any
old horseman as to their merits. For sale
everywhere. Price reduced to 2-'*. j r
package. -
LONG— KRAI'K.—On Wsdasnfav. the ISIh lii'tsct l
the rwlAatv-- af || n. p,r, , j y .
lm, Mr PsvlA lon*. „t Jarktwatlll*. so-1 Mi
Mien Krspe. .if CMniwelsle, nim... ainlv. Cs.
-M A AMjf llCriA J
virtue of nn order of the Or-
A 9 phsns- Arnrl of the 0.-nnlv of Centre Ihsrr will
b* offered at public sals, at Mas Xros* Mills.
On Saturday, the 7th nf Auyxwi, lf<Bo,
•I Jd.r| r M-, all Ilia bdloaine real esUla, ns
r arm No. I, situate in Ferguson town
ahlp. Centre county, fa. ttertnatna at Monea; ttas-r
alon* pul-llr rtwt R. 6sJ , p.*,
then, e al.Hta other land at derraasd aSt <b* I-M
per. • post la Una: thane* alent said lane a. K das-
W. \ par. to -c.oe* : Uwnea x rtsl day. W. t*| per
to place of beatnalnc- loaetw io, 4 j irr* end IW
per. laud boucht from Milan, Bstate. lamaded l
Henry Maafe ae tha Lyue. Rhort, a Co. oe saath.
Irrln Rom on tha east, and adj-anlnt th* abore d
>Btalnlm la all Me ACKRR and !'
f Havlnx Iheraoa srwtad a
Ur*e BRIt'K MA Nit ION U IK e ltoat Hare,
i . J!E2" K> all rooranten, and nmws<7 et'
Tft' t*tsad||i. and MVtnff IMr- '
sud hstwv arMU<aa of rtades
Ir 1 T *Tj ' ,J ""* In hlch state ef calHts
Hon, well let., e-l, the faalanee he*, r titabet
Farm No S, situate in totfndkip nd
enttett sforaasM • fea(Dnln at mwt la pal-Ik e*4
l "* • Vl *" Moer earn* Jihe plot- at Hpa
w Ak *• H 'hwcribedi tkreca flwtn saM I-"*
V *n DM. *. IB par. to WHH* . Ike are alons laad
Wearer f.|h. K. l*ltr to |*wt .than. * sle
BalUjr and Mil.ball's lands. 41 dsg. V. lg p* <"
at*,am: thence R. f.T dew. W, 71 par to east; U ,f
*Un Una of farm No. if. - P*-
llarlai thereoe erected a nlaah frame bowse, •*
baah barn with other oothalldiaaa. wfth Ur(e orch*'-'
ofsppte and other ftnito; berloa pi® acrea deet"';
***** of calUrahun. baUc.e hearj Umbat as-I
aim a llmeatone qaarrr of (reel raloe.
*f One third cash on ooaffnaalUa id
a *" # d e : Ul lrd la owe joar and onedbird in two jiasrs
iMwnrad hy hoa-l and mortgage on the premise*
V L. Kltifr, Kxecabw,