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Thursday Morning, June 24, 1880.
ConßSfPoaniNca. COIIUIIIIIIR Important nnwa, solicit
ed from any port of th county. No romiuuniratiima
innartod unless acroinpnnliul by the mil iiama of tho
—Quinces will be plonty.
—The spas are filling up rapidly.
—The Academy closes to-morrow.
—Gauze underwear, at Lyon & Co's.
—Abundant in our town—book agents.
—Tuesday's market aboundod in cher
—Now shados of dress silks, at Lyon &
—A good deal of grain will be cut noxt
—Lock Haven Normal commencement
next week.
—A splendid child's suit for $1.06, at
Lyon A Co's.
—Fine straw hats for men and children,
at Lyon & Co's.
—Mr. Samuel Foster spends this week
in the mountains.
—Mr. Jos. Merryman, of Bald Eagle,
was in town on Tuesday.
—The Morning News says that Belle
fonte has 120 old maids.
—Curtin's Place is to have a Sunday
School Convention soon.
—Quite a gay host of bright young
ladies are visiting Bellefonte.
—Next Tuesday the public school teach
ers for 1880-'Bl will be elected.
—Miss Emily Natt is out of town onjoy
ing herself among other friends.
—Next Sabbath is the regular commun
ion season of the Presbyterians.
—Bellefonte should be proud of her
church and her school architecture.
—The Reformed brethren are pushing
slowly the building of their church.
—The Directors intend giving tho public
school building a general overhauling.
—Friend Speer, of Pleasant Gap, drives
a new pba'ton. We should say his wife.
—Mr. John Curtin is prettily fixing up
the grounds about his home on Linn street.
—Miller reported the Cincinnati Con
vention telegrams. How accommodating
he is.
—Fourth of July is a coming. Don't you j
hear the shooting crackers, pop! pop! ! j
pop! I !
—Mr. C. M. Bower is away this week, j
visiting friends in the lower end of the
—County Superintendent Meyer has
evidently recovered. He was in town on
—Now lightning-rods have been put on j
the public school building and some old \
ones repaired.
—Mr. Isaac Guggenbeimer has moved
from his home on Linn street, to the home
on Allegheny street formerly occupied by
Mr. Sussman.
—Company "B," Bellefonte Fencibles,
met at the Armory, Bush's Arcade, last
Tuesday night.
—The great Sunday-school Convention !
of the Cumberland Valley promises to bo
very fino this year.
—Dr. Kirk after a rather long absence,
is home again, and we are told intends
remaining hero during the summer.
—Friend Rine keeps all about the spring
in very neat order and safe. True to his
trust let Mr. Rine be kept in his estate.
—That genial clerk among clerks, Mr.
Chas. McClure, has left his position at
Philipsburg and again reside* in Bellefonte.
—Mr. Hturdevant and wife of Philips
burg, spent last Sabbath with Mr. Ardcll.
Mr. 8. is married to a niece of Mrs. Ar
—Mr. Moses Kline, of Philadelphia, is
at present visiting in town. Mr. Kline
and his family were formerly residents of
this place.
—Tho A. M. E. Church of this district
will hold a Sunday School Convention
soon. No doubt they will have an inter
esting time.
—Although it requires but a few cent*
to purchase cigars of Harry Green, yet
thoae who do so are among the moat sensi
ble of men.
—lt is estimated that over one thousand
housea and barns were destroyed in tho
northern part of the State during the
month of May.
—Mr. and Mm. Shugert will return on
Saturday. We hope Mr. 8., whose system
waa much axhauated, will come home
fresh and strong.
—Williamsport has a darkey one hun
dred and nine years old. Three timet mar
ried he choae hi* last partner when he was
77. He la a blvkstnith.
—Mrs. Tyson, who with her son and
daughter has been visiting friends in York
county, has, we see, returned. We hope
hep* was a pleasant visit.
—Mr. John M. Duncan will give an
entertainment in Reynolds' ball on Friday
evening, July 2. One of tbo good old ex
hibition* once so common in town.
—Mr. Fred Reynolds, nephew of Major
Reynold*, has finished hit Academic course
and will this fall enter upon bia college
course at Princeton. Wo bid you success.
—Officer Montgomery arrested a drunk
en Irishman on Monday. The son of
Erin became pugilistic beyond endurance
and was given quarter* in the lock-up for
—Mr. William Walter, of Froeburgh,
Baden, exhibited a pleasing and instruc
tive panorama of European views in Mr.
Duncan's school last Tuesday morning.
The boyi and girls highly enjoyed It.
| —There were one hundred and twenty
eight guests registered ut tho Brockorhoff
House since our last issue, of whom seven
ty-live were coniinerciul travelers.
—There is HH great demand for cigars in
summer ns in winter, and in both seasons
Ilarry (Ireen's is tho place to buy them.
—Benjamin Fraser, colored, a resident
of .Spring township, insists tiiat ho is 110
years old. So says Mr. Ed. Woods, enum
erator for tho township.
—They have removed tho scaffolding
around tho new house of M r. George Val
entino, and for a few days have been blast
ing rocks in tho front yard.
—Wo learn that Mr. Frank. Blair was
tho victim of a Ureerackor. which exploded
yesterday while in his possession, inflicting
injuries to his eyes tiie extent of which we
did not learn.
—Tho time has been when diseuses of
tho Kidneys were considered serious affec
tions, but fortunately all feur of any fatal
results from those troubles are now dispell
ed by tho certainty with which Days
Kidnoy l'ad always acts.
—Tho Disciples are holding a large bush
meeting in Curtin township. Rev. Messrs
Mitchell, Long and Baird are conducting
tho services. Wo should not wonder if not
far oil' there should bo held a Disciples'
Garfield ratification meeting.
—At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Lowisburg, Centre and
Spruce Creek Railroad Company, tho fol
lowing officers were elected for tho ensu
ing year : President, Strickland Kneass;
Director .1, G. B. Roberts, Edward Smith,
Wister Morris, .1. N. DuDarry, Eli Slifer,
James I*. Coburn and G. F. Miller.
—We learn that John Martin, u citizen
of Howard township, was killed, on Tues
day, at a barn raising on the property of
James Turner, in tho same township. The
death of Mr. Martin was caused by the
falling of a pole which had been left resting
against the bam after all had been raised.
Mr. Martin was about 4" years of age and
leaves a large family.
—Our friend, Mr. S. K. Faust, of Miles
township, sends us a stalk of what ho calls
Russian wheat, that measures 6 feet and ft
inches in length. It is a boardy variety
of wheat, and if the sample before us is a
fair specimen of what Samuel can do in
the way of grain raising we pronounce
him as good a hand at it as he is at car
raige building.
—Dickinson Seminary, Williamsport,
held its commencement exercises last week.
On Thursday morning last twenty-seven
studconta graduated. This the largest
Senior class which the institution ever had.
Our townsman, J. 1,. Spangler, Esq., was
present, and by his energetic speeches and
aff°able behavior added to the esteem in
which he is held by his former school
—At the raising last week of tho now
Evangelical church, at Howard, an acci
dent occurred that might have been very
serioua. A number of men were walking
on one of the upjier cross-ties, some sixteen
feet high, when the post supporting the
tie gave way, and with rafters tumbling
after them, all the men were precipitated
to the unfloored sleepers below. Beside
some scratches, bruises, and the like, no
damage was done.
—What occasions so much traffic over
our railroads ? Car after car rolls into our
station with their precious contents. On
many of the most firmly packed boxes may
be observed tho inscription "Sechlor &
Co., Bellefonte, Pa." This is tho secret.
Sechler A Co. keep the best groceries in
the market. In doing so tboy increase
trade, create a greater demand, and thus
benefit the consumer, and all to whom
they entrust the details of their business.
Experiences in the United States jd Con
federate States Armies," by the late Gen.
J. B. Hood, is just now published by Gen.
Beauregard at New Orleans, La., the
entire proceeds of which will be devoted
to " The Hood Orphan Memorial Fund."
Tho price of the book, Bvo., handsomely
bound in gray English cloth, is Three Dol
lars, sent free of postage, registered, bv
mail. See the advertisement in another
—Well do tho residents around tho fa
mous Niagara Falls remember the sad oc
currence of a beautiful young French lady,
who, reaching over the precipitous cliff,
stooped to pluck a lovely flower, and in so
doing, fell into the plunging torrent to rise
no more. Nothing more sad can be imag
ined, unless we except the fact that very
few communities have in their midst grocery
stores equal to that of Sechler & Co. Such
towns are In a condition too woeful to be
—lf a farmer or planter sells directly to
consumers, or if he sells, assigns, consigns
or disposes of his tobacco to persona other
than those who have paid special tax, eith
er as leaf dealers or as manufacturers of
tobacco, snuff or cigars, of persons purchas
ing tobacco for exports, he becomes liable,
as a retail dealer in leaf tobacco to a special
tax of Ave hundred dollars, and to the ad
ditional tax of fifty cents on evsry dollar
in excess of one thousand dollars on his
sale. Just remember this.
—A prominent Bellefonte Republican
who was importuned on the night of the
Garfield ratification meeting to help fill
up the yawning apacaa in the Court room,
replied to the Ward striker who was
industriously drumming up recruits, that
be had bts mouth fixed for spring chicken
and that the Chicago Convention had
chosen to give him pigs' feet. And he
immediately consigned the Rankin-Beaver-
Valentine love feast to n warmer climate
than the thermometer is likely to indicate
In any portion of the world during the
—The wheat crop is maturing a great
deal earlier this summer than is its wont
and tho good news is that the crop will be
an abundant one.
—Buffalo Run is to have a new Metho
dist church at what lias been known as
"The Waddell appointment." Tt will bo
called "Stevenson's church."
—Wo hear that the family of Mr. Jacob
Valentine visited the Penns Valley cave a
day or two ago and that they lost their
way, to the inconvenience and delay of all.
—Miss Bertie Alexander and Miss Mary
McKco are attending tho closing exercises
of Wilson College at Chambersburg.
They are also visiting friends in Hagers
—Mrs. Ogdon and Mrs. Robinson, the
lady teacher* at tho Academy, will both
leave town as soon as the school shall have
closed. Wo do not know whether they
—Tho Mountuin City Band serenaded
Mr. W. K. Burchflcld their old leader at
his residence on Bunker Hill. The lucky
trnup finding him at homo played several
quite pretty airs.
—President ohortlidge is expected to be
present at the college commencement.
Many of our citizens will then have tho
pleasure of meeting him. Let his wel
come be cordial.
—Prof. Bauer, tho writing master, re
turns to liia home at Ht. Marys when Mr.
Duncan's school shall close. The Prof, is
a good writer and has, we hope, bright
prospects before him.
—Ah !Me ! Another circus is a coming.
Ilurruli ! Heigh-ho, another circus i* a
coming. Wo don't know when or whose,
but it is a circus at any rale. Now, boys,
that love the monkey cage, rejoice.
—Rev. Dr. Stuart Mitchell.—pastor of
the Presbyterian church at Bloomsburg—
with his wife spent a day lust week with
Mis. Putrikin on hi* way home from the
meeting of the General Assembly.
—Mr. Clement Dale left on Monday
morning to attend the commencement ex
ercises at Gettysburg. Clem is one of the
Pennsylvania College's alumni, and wo
have no doubt he will find great pleasure
by the scene* of college days.
—lt was an umusing sight to see Kd.
Brown lead an ob*lre[>erou* calf down
Allegheny street on Monday afternoon.
Ed. persistently went one way and tbe
calf pursistently went the other. Between
lliein they made an amusing parade.
—There are many candidates already for
tbe superintendency of the common schools
of Centre county. The election take*
place next June. Mr. Meyer will then
have served his second term. Throughout
he ba been u faithful and most efficient
—Two young men—we withhold their
names advisedly—gave Mr. Peters no
little trouble last Sunday. Insult and oaths ,
were hurled against him, to all of which j
we hear he opposed a firm gentlemanly
bearing and finally subdued the irascible i
Miss Margaret Schaffer so pleasantly
known to many of our citizens, graduated
a week or two since at the Lutherville
Female Seminary. Miss S. is a former
pupil of Rev. Dr. Hughes, under whose
care she was no doubt irnjeilled to her lat- '
er successful course.
—< >ur bright and vivacious young friend, i
Miss Dare, expect* soon to depart for Cape '
May, to spend a few weeks at that delight
ful summer resort. If Miss Jennie makes
her anticipated visit she will be an agree
able addition to the gay society at the
Cape, and will attract much attention.
Miss Snowden, one of our accomplish
ed musical instructors, has left town for a
short vacation. She goes to Frecport and
tbenee to Cincinnati when she will hasten
home to take up her happy work again.
Wo trust that Mis* Snowden's pleasure
may be measured by the desire of her pa
tron* for her return.
—The population of Lock Haven is as
certained to be 6,825. One ward lias been
set off since 1870, when the inhabitant*
numbered 0,980. The Journal estimates
that had this ward remained a part of tbe
city the decrease in population would have
been 401, and charges it to a want of en
terprise in not encouraging manufactures.
—For the political campaign this fall
the Harrisburg Patriot offers cheap club
rates for that excellent Democratic journal
—both daily and weekly. We call the at
tention of Democrats to these rates, be
lieving that they cannot do a better work
for tho parly than by giving the Patriot as
large a circulation as possible. See adver
tisement in another column.
—There was a delightful hop at the
Brockerhoff House on last Friday evening,
in which a large number of our sprightly
young folks participated. Tbs music was
furnished by Fred Smith's excellent orches
tra and the refreshments were all that
could be desired. The "light fantastic
toe" was in motion until a late hour when
flirtations were at end, and the soft noth
ing* whispered into listening ears were
suddenly cut short, and bad to be postpon
ed until a more convenient season.
—Messrs. Orownover A Son, of Pleasant
Gap, are selling out their entire stock, of
merchandise at cost. Here is a chance for
bargains that should not be permitted to
pass by unheeded by person* who want
cheap store goods. These gentlemen have
recently purchased a mill property In
another part of the country and expect
shortly to engage in the milling business,
hence their desire to dispose of their store
at Pleasant Gap. Give them a call, exam
ine their stock and buy what you want at
cheap rates.
—Mr. Foutz, who lately left Bellefonte
for Curwenrvllle, in driving u fine business
in hiit new home. He ha* lately contracted
for the making of thirteen thousand tele
graph arm*. Congratulation!, Henry.
—Hon. Mr. McLellun of Chambersburg,
known well to many of our citizen* und
who died recently, had anin*urauco on in*
life of thirteen thousand dollars. The
Penn Mutual a few day* ago paid thi* to
Mrs. McLellan.
—Clintondale lot an old citizen in the
death last Sunday of Mr. Vonada who i* a
relative of the family of that excellent cit
izen of Centre county, Mr. Adam Vonada
living near Hublersburg.
—Mr. Willis, the gentleman who for
so *hort u time and with such marked suc
cess led the band, has been compelled to
cancel his engagement with the boys.
Wonder if their old leader can be prevail
ed upon to again lead them.
—The Presbyterian Sunday-school of
this place will hold it* annual summer fes
tival in the wigwum this (Thursday) night
and to-morrow evening. Ice cream, cakes
and general confectionery will be bounti
fully dealt out. Co one and all.
—Mr. Newton Gordon who a week ago
was suddenly called to Philadelphia re
turned on Saturday and indeed look* quite
refreshed. "Newt" the boy, is now Mr.
Gordon the business man to whom in his
new enterprise we bid all |>ossible success.
—Mr. C. A. Lindsey, the former popu
lar tobacconist of thi* place, expects to re
side in Snow Shoe the remainder of the
summer, lie is an excellent watchmaker
and wilt try to make his visit at Snow
Shoe tinuriciully profitable by repairing all
tbe watches whose intricate internal
mechanism may be disordered.
—A cheap excursion to Watkin's Glen
will be given by the V. M. G. A. of Wil
liaiiih|*irt, commencing Tuesday, June 2'.*,
and lasting three duys. Tickets will be
sold for $2.50 with the privilege of ex
tending the excursion to Niagara Falls at
correspondingly low rates, if desired. That
a large number of persons will accompany
the excursion is assured.
Next week will conclude tbe com
mencement exercise- at the majority of our
schools arid colleges. In essay and oration
the graduating students will be told how to
end their school days and bow to commence
life in the world. Among the many les
sons which should not be overlooked is
that every student will do well to com
mence his marketing operations by pur
chasing the necessary groceries at the great
store of S. A. Brew A Son, in thi* place.
—The accident which occurred to tbe
tower of the Presbyterian church on Sun
day evening is a serious one indeed. Sev
eral ton* of stone were precipitated to the
ground, crushing the fine cut stone steps
leading to the right hand vestibule of the
Church and doing considerable damage
to the pavement. To an iinpracticed eye
it looks as though the whole steeple is in
danger. The stone used in the construc
tion of the base must have been very bad,
and tbe judgment of the builder have been
greatly at fault in using such material in
so important a part of the building. It
wa Providential that the catastrophe did
not occur earlier in the evening or it might
have resulted in loss of life.
—At about half past one o'clock, on
Tuesday morning of last week, Mr. Samuel
Decker, residing a short distance below
Zion, in Walker township, was amused
from his peaceful slumbers by the discov
ery of fire in hi* wood house—a frame
building a short distance from tbe dwell
ing. The flames were under such headway
that they could not be subdued and the
building was totally destroyed. Besides a
lot of wood, the building also contained a
variety of farming implements, and car
penter tools, all of which were burned
up. About the time the fire was under
full headway a shower of rain came on.
But for this fortunate circumstance, and
the prompt aid given Mr. Decker by his
good neighlmrs of Zion, bis valuable resi
i dence and barn would no doubt also have
been destroyed. It I* supposed the wood
house was set on fire by prowling tramps
or thieves.
—Commencement week at the Stale
College begins next Sunday. A gwid time
is anticipated. We append the programme:
Sunday, June 27.—Jt i\ M. Baccalaureate
Sermon, by Rev. J. F. De Long.
8 P. M. Anniversary Address of Young
Men's Christian Association, by John M.
Monday, June 28.—8 P. w. Senior Class
Day exercise*.
Turtdoy, June 2.—2 P. M. Reunion of
Cresson Literary Society.
8..10 p. M. Reunion of Washington Lit
erary Society.
8 P. m. Alumni address by Prof. G. C.
Caldwell, Ph. D.
Wednesday, Juno 80.—ft a. m. Artillery
10 A. M. Annual meeting of Board of
12 m. Alumni dinner.
2 p. m. Meeting of Delegates and Alum
ni to elect trustees.
8 p. m. Junior contest for tho Oratorical
Thursday, July I.—lo a.v., Graduation
Exercises. s*
—We are the authorised agents for the
tela of the Geiser thresher and separator,
with horse power or Peerless steam engine,
at low prices and on favorable terms. We
are alvo egents for the salo of the Ueebner
patent level-tread taorso power, for one or
two horses with patent speed regulator,
with little giant thresher and cleaner. All
warranted to do good work.
28-61 Alex a Nina A Co.
' —We advise all persons to order fall
and winter clothing early. Our heavy
weights will be on sale May Ist.
HMf. Moktoomikt A Co., Tailors.
Tub C'knbub or Ckntke Countt.— We
It fa v o compiled from pn*t nqoirt* the fol
lowing table allowing the population of the
vnritmH borough* and biwri*hi|ia of Centre
county for the decade* of 1870, 1860 and
18.V), in order that the reader* of the Dem
ocrat will be able to make comparinon*
with the return* of the enumerator# for
1880. The work of the present enumer
ators is now nlrno*t finished, and we hope
that next week our table of fiopulation
will he complete with the figure* of 1880.
Ihirotiglia and Tomiablp#. IHWi. | ISTIi IMi l#'#i.
Il#ll*funta— North Wnrtt. 1 ll#' 1127
" IViuth tt anl. IX7-1 'Jin
s W##l Waid... : 'iji'j j
i ZIP* VAT, | J341 loan
Hllownrd Ihiro ! 4'", #',l
Mileaburg Iji#i W,i 4T"
I.Mllllirlrii ! '#,7
• Plilllp.l-nill 17*- lufii
'I! jut,null# tpii
Ih'tinei 1 L lII#-
Hogg#..... > 21:*.' 1M: lull
Huroaid | :JP, 4-4
elV.lleg# 11211
f'urtln 4V-, 2::
Ki-rgueni ! 2111 17M IWO
Rragg , inn,! l-'.v. IHA
llalm a 137,4' lAOnl 24',2
Half Mu„ii_ I VU,
iiarh# tin law 1- * lag]
llunard I kT'.i lirr-l 12#2
lluatun - ad; < (v/n| 374
l.lle-rly I<#.2: 74* '.7
Marion 1 (,-7.1 01 c
Mil## I 14.*,21 132",, 1147, 1306
Pattun i 7<.l 721 04: 147
l'#uu— #oj 11.* lo'W
Puller.— 23 Ji, 2*2 l* 21V7
ltu*h 19B3; <yi 371
Snow Blue- ll'i'jl .'# A 432
Spring 22>, IlKiKl IK-'- 221",
Taylor !,u i-| ;p.
t'nlun SIT *l#
ttalk#r,.„„ laan, lt#7 1221
W'urth t.*s,| 24i .##2
Tutal i oxl, 31.41- 27.00,1 21 I'd
a Howard l-urunvl, fr„m lluwartl to" nabip.
I, Mlllli'-lni fr-uti P-nn t,iwii,bi|, In 1-7',
, Pbill|Mlturg Iron, Ku#h townahlp.
d I'nlonvlll# from Luton wwttaiiij
# Collegr fr-uti llariiaand R#Dti#r P-wn*)iii
A Pleasant JAL'nt, —lt was our pleas
ure laat week to run down into Clinton
county, and between friends arid Christian
fellows enjoyed a good time. Saturday
afternoon after a delightful drive, we met
the Alcyone Literary circle at the home of
Mr. Allison White, in Clintondale. Thi#
is not "one of them literury societies,
but a genuine organir.ation whoße aim is
not pleasure hut culture. Unable to dwell
on it, suffice it Pi lay that lower Nittany
i* a better social valley, hat a higher social
culture, because of the Alcyuuo. The third
anniver-ary of thi# noble hand w iil be held
on the third of August. Sunday morning
we were in another "Methodist Children'*
Meeting" and found a church well-trim
med with many flowers, a repon*ivo rend
ing prepared, and a fine service of song
under the control of Mr. Lyman Kddy, a
share in the appreciation of whose worth
Clinton divide# with Centre. In the borne
of his childhood, hy the side of a glad
mother, hi- seemed never so happy, and in
him we all rejoiced. The service was de
lightful, full of song, with well-timed word#
from Mis* l'uella Dornblazer, Rev. Mr.
Cronce and other#. All this over we had
a good dinner at the home of Mr. Wat#on,
where was a good old-fashioned family
gathering, Mrs. Kddy greeting in proud
joy her two son* and daughter. Between
Mr. I.yman EJdv and hi* brother Can
fleld, with Kev. Mr. Cronce, there was a
house full of music till late in the after
noon, when we took our departure for
Howard and Bellefonte. A good time
among good people.
The Weihunu Yemtekhay Morning
—The early hours of yesterday morning
witnessed a happy scene which took place
at the plea-ant boarding house of Mrs. J.
B Butt*, on Allegheny strict. It was the
wedding of her daughter, Mis# (iertrude,
to our young friend, W. F, Keber, Esq.
Miss Gertrude has long been a well-known
society favorite, and Mr. Keber i* court
reporter for thi# judicial district and it a
comjtetent, industrious young man. The
ceremony wa solemnised at six o'clock
bv Kev. m. Laurie, of the Presbyterian
church, in the presenco of the immediate
relative# of the happy pair. Many hand
some present* were received. They de
parted on the early train, a large delega
tion of their young friends bidding them a
joyful farewell ai vhe depot. They will
include New York City, Coney Island,
Boston and other placet of interest in their
pleasant jaunt, which will be prolonged
through several weeks. Each has a large
circle of influential Acquaintance* in Cen
tro county who join in wishing them a
long life filled with happiness.
Forever thrnttghoat ||f , long ,|, T ,
May falreat (Wera air#* their way,
The National GT Akb.-The following
general order No. 9, has been issued from
tlie Adjutant General'* office at Harris
burg, bearing date June ICth : "Ka. hcnm
mis*ioned officer in service on July 1,
1880, or who may thereafter be elected or
appointed, it hereby directed to promptly
report to thi* office, through intermediate
headquarters, hi* full name, with postoffice
address, where born, the date and rank &f
hi# present commission, his previous mili
tary record in the service of the State,
other States, or of tha United States, as an
officer or enlisted man } giving date of
muster-in with rank, each change of rank,
and date and cause of muster-out in each
OrENTOTHB Public.— The^Bush Houae,
Bellefonte, Pa., will formally open Juir
3d, 1880, for the inapaotion of the public.
An oration will be delivered from the
balcony of the hotel at 2r. M. After the
oration tha hotel will be thrown open to
the public for Inspection. In the evening
will be a grand display of firework* on
Half Moon HUI, which can he viewed
from the halconiee of the Bush House
Dinner at 12 M. and supper at 6 r. M.
Tickets for meals at the office.
D. P. Pan**, Prwp'r.
Business Notice*.
—Ladies' lint* trimmed to order, t 1, v ,„
A Co *.
—Lyon A Co. ell the Ixnt
Bellefonte. '
—Don't buy any shoes until you hat*
■eon Lyon A Co'*.
—For your lawn* and summer dr%
goods, go to Lyon A Co'a.
—(ireat bargain* in a 1 pacta do*ten
only *.io cent*, at Lyon A Co'.
—Come and look at our light colora;
suit*, all wool, for worth $lO 00
Lyon A (.'o'*.
—Why are horses and eattle after tai ii -
Robert*' Hone Powder* like a new 1* ■
dried *hirt ? B*<auw. they look th-nk t
—No more *ick chicken*. Have vo,.
poultry and core them ef disease, by u i.
Roberta' Poultry Powder. It ha*
failed to cure Cholera, and ail dio-a..-. 7
which fowl* are subject. Price
jxir package. For rale by all druggi#t>
—At the present time wben there are
many worthier* iiiiament* in the market
it would be Well to inquire Whieh I* tj.
le-Kt. Thi* will le* found in M It It j#..
Kmhrocation'—it i a panacea for ailr/ii
that require rubbing either on mar. r
HO cent* j**r bottb
Why do you cough when v., , t .
find rpeedy relief in Sim-# Syrup of To-
Wild ('berry and ID-rebound * It .# ■
moat plea-ant and efficacious remedy knoai
fr>r Cough*, Cold*, Croup, Asthma", and
d.-eaae- tending to pulmonary eon-uu.v
lion. Ha* been rold for over thirtv tea-,
and i* especially adapted P. children,"
doe* not nauseate, and consequently it <-u
be used in aufßcient quantity a- to off-. i,
cure. Try one bottle and you will n<--,..
be without it. Price 25c. and W* i*-r |,
tie. Sold everywhere. Ark your drug'-
for it.
—The popularity of M. B. R-.U-rb
Ilone Powder* i proving itrelf in th*
• reared demand throughout thi- sut
from the fact that the public are at ;#■:
finding out that it i* possible to obn. r
package of Horse and Cattle Powder *
tr rlrietly pure and free frotn rucb adu.*.".
alio..* ar bran, cake meal, and ctn*r
gredient* calculated Pi puff the at :n*
instead of ■ uring it of the di*eare u .# . u ;.
fering from. M. B. RoberU' Horre Pow.
der* contain rio adulter.and are /, .
cheaper than any other, a* but a tal •-
*|>nful i* required fur a do-e. A-k ar,v
old bor#eman *- to tlieir merit*. For n,.'*
everywhere. Price reduced P> 2". ; r
Philadelphia Market*,
I'au u>iimu, June ;j. )■*
Kl-.ur I* dull, Rot anstiaagvd Hate. -ft.- I*#-. ,
■ rolu-iing Mlan-sota -atr## at $4 AOm, • |-, t ,
• family *1 H.Mui; *-tn, <k>. al 'a...
atl-1 l**t#til# al l"V - 77
Wli-at u loaf lit# and 2r !-.w#r Sate# o4 I lidUr
#l* lurtndlnt r#d at fl CJGlir.. an.l-r at fl .1 t
tlie u.*nl, flr#t nll.lli.lKa I.<i*ti*l* Jul.*
*'lt rt' , down t. tl 22; le.OOii t<n*hrt July w-H a:
Il.l.WakUh . I#,U*> l<uib*ia AuiuM al ti ■
Bellefonte Market*.
i Kaucitit, Jon- id, iMu.
Willi-"Ileal. |.r lt|# let„. j# ]„
Hed wlmat. ' j
My#, |H*r tisakal .
rvra, ab#ll*d .......
Niata* ...... ,
n. ur. retail, |^ r t*ariei..„„ f, i
Hear, wludeaal# ......... i *;
Proviaion Market.
C"fT*ctotf wwtilr by r llrotb<f.
|*>urj<t (
<tiPTTif®, drtMd. (•#< |*uur4.
lw*d*t.a par qutrl a
Frih b*itt r pwr pt>Bad.. rT - ]
Oikktf |-ef l-.tif,.l ,
pff pound 20
• 4untry ltin p#r pond..w ]v
llftib*, infftr uk 4... ];
L*rd p#r
p*r dot It
PoUt'r** F>PT but he I .
f>ri*d lnwf
AVm—SHOWAI.TKR—At th* r#ai.letir. .if 11,1
bride# father, R. Ii SU.waiter. K*>, . near rtitlij**
trnrg. on Thnratlay. dun# 17. I*wi. t.y k< < A V
Credthtoti. Mr. (Vmelioa IS' tiavl# id ftillii#! uij.
and Mi*# Enimi T M-ivitl*r.
KHKAMKR-fTAOKK-At Jarkenavfll*. June 1"
i*~- by Re,. Ilanrell, Mi So Krwamer *
Mia. Ilettle Stager, all .( Jar ka.nville 0t.!I#
Ontrty. Pa
The abor* tirl#f in .tin# atinonncea an ###iit trail*
ful of great joy to tb# happy ixoi(4e whoee nap
tiala It eel#l rrated Marriage, a) way# on* uf tb# mod
bappy event# whtrb or*ttr in the Urea ~f rnblonart
mortal#. 1# rendered d. nl ly ao wben heart# aa well i'
band# enter the tovtng alltanoc. Mr. and Mr*. Kie*a
er rerived many and happy rengratulatlon# and *e
*tend to them oar t#l ml#be, h.fing that lben fa.
tore Uvea may I* like a long bright maimer day . fait
of #nn#bine and itemed by no clottd.
HUMAN IIARPSTRH—At the home of the tir-ii.
Jon# IT, I him, hv J Alfrwl Kiwer, <i-o. W Himaa
and Mary llnrp#t*r, t-otb of Centre reunty. Pa
VAXV AUtAII—TAHVAUtAK - At tb# ramden #
W'llaon. 1e,,.. Spring Mill#. Centre
C . June 2.1. Jioai. lyeaterdnr). by ke, Jam- I>.
Wilaon. of N#w York. Dr Praukltn II YaVal.li
and Miaa Jane R. VanYnlrab.
A* wUI be noticed, tb* happy event, of whKk Ib#
abov# te an announcement, took place y#M#rda, Th#
• nturner annablne ki##ed the earth throagh an nt>-
< londed aky amnnd the hapj y rwaple and war prop!
tioa* of the general joy wbkb the event produced
The hrtde and groom are allied to a* by the tender ti*
of retattnnahtp, and w* nan unite wlh other# la *l#b
tag them much joy Thep ar* well rolled to wk
Other. May then lutar* live# le> a# blight tbfwagboat
a* "aa their wedding day
FRARKRUKR— At rblltpehwrg. on Wedn#wde, eve
"In*. Jeee It, larai, Alton, tamnt HuM *f C. T
frylergw, he,
RI.At *KK -In tteorge# Valley, Jon# T, of diptblb#
Ha. ktimbetb Jan# lUana#r, aged 8 yearn, I" UiOlb
and 11 data
IdlRO —On th* 14th ineu. In Oregg townehlp, Oatbw
In* May, daughter ef Unami and Sarah hong, aged
2 yearn.
New A dvrrtifirmrnt*.
4 NNt'AL flnwicikl klatomcnt of
■AW the ren#4pta and #lfeaditnr-# of tb# f SH' , 't
Nrhool btatrtct 1.0 th* tear #wdlng Jan* T, HnMi
Ornm amount of taa dnpUrot*... sl,l* *4
knlanr* on hand from laat year—..... Ail
IW* awmnprlaUee
Amonnt from Banna* Wwmhfr W
Tatnl raradptn....... 14
Rnlldfng and M I *7 TI
TMal. repair*. 4t AM T
Tear ben' wanaa IT 1*
Oafleta a tad trvaaarar* Aa*....._ n — I*l St
Sarretary. ftp...., „ , ~ no
. Total eapewdltnrea . •*
Aamnat Ana trvaanrer . 4 *
Waannnnn -■ B/T •
ladebtedaem *7* 0*
HKNkT BBCK. rtneldwl.
" l. lUtnaaav, kacreurt *-