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    SIIIGF.RT A FOUNT Kit, Editors.
®lit Cnitre firmocr.it.
Terms SI.AO per Annum, in Advance.
a. T. SHUGERT snd R H. FORSTER. Editors.
Thursday Morning, November 13, 1879.
HON. V. E. PIOLKTTE, the Master,
has culled the annual meeting of the
State Grange at Bloomsburg, on the
9th of December next. •
A COLOSSAL e<]ucstriaii statue of
(ten. George A. Thomas is to he unveil
ed in Washington, on the 20th instant.
It is the contribution of the Array of
the Cumberland to the memory of the
great soldier, and cost s4<>,oOo.
TIIE repudiators of Virginia have
been successful mainly through the
colored Republican vote of the
State. The Republican capitalists of
the North who hold Virginia 1 Kinds
will appreciate the favor.
THE lifleosi Southern States, with
Missouri, Indiana and New York, give
18* Electoral votes. These will be
Democratic, and will secure the elec
tion of a Democratic President in
188(). To these may lie added, pretty
safely, Oregon, California and New
.Jersey, autl perhaps ('onnecticut.
THV*irrepreßsible Benj. F. Butler
chiim.* that he owes his defeat to a de
ficiency of votes. That is most proba
bly true. But he says also that there
are about 100,000 citizens disfranchis
ed in Massachusetts, and intimates hi*
intention to have thi* remedied before
his next contest for < iubernatorial
SENATOR BAYARD and wife arriv
ed at homo from their trip to Europe
on Friday evening last. He stole a
march u|>on hi* friends and neighbors,
who were prepared to give him a
grand reception. Arriving unexpect
edly, he quietly got into a carriage
aud drove to his residence before lie
was discovered. Like the g eat man
he is, he did not court notoriety.
THE Washington Pod proposes the
nomination of the Hon. Horatio Sey
mour, of New York, and Senator Jos.
McDonald, of Indiana, a* the Demo
cratic candidates for President and
Vice President of the United Stiites.
Senator McDonald promise* the Hon.
Thomas A. Hendricks, of Indiana,
and Clarkson N. Potter, of New York,
a* the candidates. Either combina
tion will make a strong and winning
HOOTEN, the chairman of the Re
publican State committee, returns
thanks and congratulations to "every
Republican in the State, and to all
others who aided in securing the vic
tory of November 4th." The "all
others" must mean the Democrats
who staid at home on election day.
Their aid was about as efficient as
that of the Republican* who voted,
and they certainly deserve Hooten's
Tii r. death of Henator Chandler cre
ates a vacancy in the chairmanship of
the Republican Notional Executive
Committee which will probably lie
difficult to fill satisfactorily to the va
rious stalwart interests. Conkling, it
is said, favors the appointment of his
man Cornell, the Governor elect of
New York. This selection is obnox
ious to Hhcrman, and viewed with any
thing but complacency by Hlaine.
Rut the shot-gun hero's lash is potent
against Sherman, and Hlaine may not
desire to encounter it.
THE New York Tribune concedes
that "the New York Democracy will
present a united front in 18*0," but
says "it is by no means certain what
sort of a motto will be inscribed upon
its standard." When the Democracy
of New York are united they are sure
to win, and the Tribune may be as
sured that if united they will carry a
motto that will meet the approval v.
the Democracy of the country. For
the Presidential canvas it will l>e—
"Equal and exact justice to all" the
Official "Voto of Oontro County.
I es ! es j a ! w
•!„I c i c
"i-. 8 "
5 ' M " O.
a 1 ? a 5
I I °
Baltefimte, N. W 71 144 ll! 4
Do. S. W 107! O'.il 14 1
Do. W. W ft! 4* 8 1
Ilowurd 851 718 ]
Milwburg 32! 32 38 6
Millhi'irn 104 22
I'hili|>*f>u*g | 111 j 180 8|
Union ville ! 25 20 . jr,
Bennor 10ft| 281 u
Bogg* 127 ! 60 Bfi
Burnsiile 10; 33 j
Curtin 20 11 2
Col logo 60 j 102 38
Ferguson, (I'd 142 *'>
Ferguson, Wow ' 34 I!"
Orogg 161 32
lininos 158| 70 3 4
Half Moor 31 65 12
Ilitrri* 103 Oil
Howard .51 62 4
Huston 33 48 32
Liberty 30 do 4 pj
Mnrion 78 20 1
Miles 184 38 ]
I'at toll 20 60 2
l'enn 80 j
I'otlor, North 132 60
Potter, South 11l 63
Rush 64; 11.1 7
Snow Shoe 7 24 8
Spring 128 lie. lr.
Taylor. .". 23 27 4
Union i 44 47 2d 10
Walker 14n 80 7
Worth 4'> 35 15
Total 2710 1776 2091 61
llarr over Hutler 034
nocirrr TICKET
fflf cotta'ft.
! ? i E ! * , £ ! P i jr
DIBTtICTt * s a "
!; > if i
-4o T ? f
i 3 P
11. 11-f.-n8 ' t.t | •>, 88 |4j |4
Is. 8 W ...... li 2 Ifc 1 ] 114 n> 1J
Do WW V. 4- - 4s
l|..osr I R.r is :a* .. v. x
Will>Uß .13 .T; V 4 ,v
M. 111. .Im I>4 |.,4 j
l'i..li|Ml.ra MR 1 " lie ISO 4
t nlontlllF. .... i, 48 y, r.
11*.>ber..... - *>. I-. jr. jo
IS-ICX* |! (, | 4| jj, m >
tin.i.|.| 11 M I I V ...
Curtis ...„ •. i j, |., j
I*.■ ll*gr .... <*> 4'. 1-4 *7,
L R.N, OM 144 T I 18. M
frr|irtos. . 14 ft. .. 44 44
D'"* U* . 111 I
Halites 1:.. 1.4 M
luir M.S.I. ill 4,\ 21 :ii i i 14
llsrn- lit ik r.|
1|.,ir|.„..„....„„„_ u> b: 1 4. I.' 4
ii > t>ti. i 21 v. t, 1
1 -tr . '. x (v s
Msrlou ..... 7* 27 .1 7* 27 .7
Mllra. |"l 7. ; 144 in 2
I'STT-'FI 2J .*<l 7 2M b
I'rnft *•. 1. 1 s>, 8 1
H-r. Nurtli .. 112 2< ... 132 47 2
I*.. In.SnMk IIS '■£ 112 A;
Rush 4" 111 In ' ;.2 17 •/
8u Bb. 87 2". 7 v> Xi 8
B|*LN 1X IU 17 127 ll'. 18
T5j10f...._...._ 2*2 2S 4 23 27
1 1ni.0..„.... :<■ tu 'A> 48 40 211
: Mur 14', 40 7 118 4 7
I Wurth. 4v A', j; .| x\ 18
Total. 2a I*l*l 287 I*ll .11*
Cheating Penaionerß.
The rnguex altout Washington are
still plying their occupation of ewin
tiling the unsuspecting. The Corn mi*-
! sioner of PeoAionj* received the follow
ing letter from an aged female pen-
I sioner:
DEAR SIR : I wish to know if Mr.
ha* any right to any pay. He says he
got the arreArs ot (tensions bill through
congress. 1 thought it took two thirds
of the members to pass a law. He
wrote me before I got my cheek to
know how much I would give. I told
the man that filed my papers to put
down $25. 1 would like to know if he
is trying to swindle mo (an old woman
75 years of age), or shall 1 give it to
him. I enclose the papers he sent me.
To which the commissioner replies
that no one ha a right to make such
demands, and it is only an attempt to
levy a tax upon her credulity and gen
erosity. The papers referred to in the
letter arc circulars sent out by the
swindlers claiming compensation for
services rendered in obtaining the pas
sage of the law granting arrears of
<'o!KLi!*o nnd his friends must be
nmused at the complaint of Sherman
nnd Kvarts that they had to do the
work of electing Cornell, while the
imperious Senator rolled himself up in
hi* magnificence and did nothing.
They may well laugh, knowing that
the shot-gun hero did much, and did
it in away to make his triumph over
the fraudulent administration com
plete and perfect in their stultification,
lie forced the nomination of Cornell,
whom the administration repudiated
and degraded, and then lashed them
into harness with the Tammany chief
to secure his election, while he stood
back in gleeftil inactivity to witness
their humility.
Proparo for 1800
It i* unnecessary to urge upon the
DomiicraU of I'cnnsylvuuia tliu abso
lute necessity of a thorough organiza
tion of Hie party for the contest of
IKBO. The party, says the Ilarrisburg
J'utriot, no douht recognize* the fact
that without such organization it will
IK; vain to hope for success in the
State. There ure those, however, who
are too willing to regard Pennsylva
nia as lost to the Democracy and who
are therefore ready to abandon the
State to the enemy. To such we
would -av that the voting strength of
tin- Pennsylvania Democracy has not
Iwen fully exhibited at the |K>ll* for
many years. The party has not IM-CII in
thorough voting drill since I*G* when
in spite of the popularity of Grant,
oil the test vote in October the Repub
lican* had but a beggnrly majority of
about nine thousand. Since then the
Republican party has been greatly
weakened in many counties, notably in
the central, northern and western |ior
lions of the State. Rut superior disci
pline still give* them numerical sti
|>eriority at the jsills. There ure
about 7->0,900 voters that can be
brought to the election in a presiden
tial year. A change of two vote* in
every hundred of tin- 7.V1,000, from
one party to the other, would make
a difference, in the aggregate, of •><,-
A change of four in every
hundred against the dominant party
would wi|>e out a majority of GO.OOO.
Now there can IK- no ipiestion that if
the Democratic party i* properly or
ganized and disciplined for I**o that
a change of four rot'* in every hundrnl
against the Republicans and in favor
of the Democrat* can lie made at the
presidential election. Sup|Kisc that
active Itcinocrats of each election dis
trict were to resolve to make this
change of four in every hundred
Votes, who douht* hut that it Would lie
. done ? Rut in order that the workers
!in the election di-triet* mav IK- cn
couragi-d to undertake the ta*k there
must lie a head of the organization
who will show them that the work can
lie done, how it is to be done, and
who will see that it is done. And the
sooner this work of organization is be
gun the lietter. The State convention
for the election of delegates to the
National convention and the uom'ina
tion of the State ticket ought there
fore to IK- held at an early day. It is
important that the State committee
whirh is to conduct the canvas* next
year lie chosen as soon a* jsissihlc, so
that the preliminary work of organi
zation may IK- completed IK-fore the
speaking canvns* which is inevitable
in a presidential year shall have be
gun. The organization of Democratic
clulis, the placing of iKnnocratic
newspapers in the hands of the voters,
and like preparations for the cam
paign ought not to lie neglected be
yond the first month of the new year,
lint it is more than likely that they
will not lie generally thought of unless
the State committee take the matter
in hand and adopt and enforce soma
system in regard to it. Those
gest ion* are made simply
think there is no sense in
battle when with
reotcd effort it can IK;
sons of Harrisburg celebrated its Cen
tennial anniversary on Tureday ladt,
having been instituted on the 10th of
November, 1779. Officers of the
Grand I/odge, with other distinguish
ed Masons were present, and made ap
propriate addresses. I)r. \V. H. Ra
gle read an interesting history of tlie
Izodge since its organization.
TIIB elector* of the State of Indi
ana, will vote on the first Monday of
April next on an amendment to the
Conntitution, changing the time for
holding election* to November. If
election* in all the State* were held on
the *ame day, a wholesome check
would be given to fraudulent voting
hv importation from contiguous States.
A Pur® Ballot.
The election held in Philadelphia
on the fourth of November last, was a
parody on the purity of the ballot.
Already evidence enough has accu
mulated to convince, even the. most
malevolent partisan, tliut the whole
thing was simply a roaring farce, a
recking comedy. There is not, we be
lieve, an honest Republican within the
corporate limits of Pennsylvania's
great metropolis, who does not think
that the returns offered a* the result of
the late election, are knowingly incor
rect and a dclibcratg pcrvcr-ion of the
expressed will of the people. The elec
tion officers, who assumed their respon
sible jiositioiis under the solemnity of an
oath, steeped their souls in jwrjury to
lay this offering of fraud and violence
ti|H.n the altar of a depraved Republi
can domination. We do not believe
there is an honorable man u|s>u either
side, who will not now acknowledge
that the Republican vote a* announ
ced on the evening of the fourth of
NOVCUIIKT wa* false and fraudulent.
There i* not a man in Philadelphia
who took sufficient intend in the elec
tion to note what was going on, who
does not know that the number of
votes a* returned never went through
the windows.. The elation machinery
is in the hand- of a* desperate and bold
a set of men a* ever curx-d a free coun
try. The fact that stand* out in Isold
relief is sitnply this: The vote for
Butler in Philadelphia i* over four
thousand more than that ra-t for Gen*
" ral Iloyt. Every one knows that the
election !at year for Governor wa- of
the most exciting character, and that
an active, vigorous and demonstrative
campaign wa* carried on by Ix.th par
ib-s. The public intcr*st wa* arou*sl
and a full Vote wa* of course the con
sequence. The election this year *•
distinguished by nothing more than
the apathy of party leaders and the
indifference of the people. And vet
in the face of this, the political rotind
dcrs who answer for Republican elec
tion officers in the first city of our
Commonwealth return in this otr year
a larger vote thnii was cast for I loyt
It i time that this monstrous, organi
zed system of fraud should he strieken
down, and the Democracy of the coun
try earnestly call upon the true heart
ed, loyal and unselfish men of the |>ar
ty in Philadelphia, to Iteitd their en-
orgies to the tak of bringing these j
scoundrel* to deserved punishment. I
Full rein and scope seem to haye|
la-en given to the repeater's
and the large majority given Hutler T
is due to their system of false persona- j
tion. Let Van* and McGowan, and
Caasidy ami Hamlall forget tor a
while their personal grievances, and I
unite in vindicating the Democratic ]
party of both City and State by the !
prompt and faithful prosecution of all j
concerned in this gigantic fraud. Can ■
it le that such proceedings a these are
to go ' X /u *' justice ? Is there j
no whose duty it is to
/ |>ondous outrage UJMIU j
this mockery of free
-11 v prepared for. The
PPonsors of these men sit in the high
places of power, and the time ha now
come w hen I x-ods, Stokely, lauie and
Ilowen should know that they are not
omnipotent; that there is a power be
hind the throne, mightier than the
throne itself. Outraged decency will \
relentlessly drag them to the bar of
public opinion, and the verdict will be
that they should be remanded forever
to the obscurity that always, sooner or
later, envelopes the faithless servants
of the people. In the meantime, while
awaiting the stern retribution that cer
tainly ami surely will overtake the
masters, we call for the condign pun
ishment of the servants. Lane plants
and Htokely waters, hut just as sure as
comes seed time and harvest, will
these men share with their dupes, if
not the imprisonment which awaits the
re|M-ater, the just and merited condem
nation of all honest HMO. This they
deserve and should receive.
II Y the election of Waldo liuteh
iiiM, Democrat in the West Cheder
District, New York, vacant by the
death of Smith, Republican, the roll
of the popular branch of Congress is
now complete, and gives u close ma- i
jority of three over the combined vote
of the Republicans and Greenbacker.-.
The disintegration of the Greenback
party as an organization is so entire
tliut the members elected by that
party will probably seek their old af
filiations in the Dcpioeratic and Re
publican ranks. This will probably
increase the working majority of the
Democrats in the House to 11 or 12.
THI: joint jsill in New York for
Robinson and Kclley is over .'{OjKMl
in excess of that given the Republi
can candidate for t Jovernor.
The t onnt In Pennsylvania.
If ARRisiti R'., Novemt>er 10.—The re
turn* received at the State Department
from all but *ev<-n conn tic* in the Slate
*how a vole of 11ft,.Us against 582.'95
last year in the same counties. The
Iftmiocratic vote ha* decreased nearly
25 per w-nt., the Republican IIJ per
| cent, and the National ftft per coat.
The Prohibitionist* hold their own. In
the counties officially reported the Re
publicans have 235.094, the Democrats
I s 1,021, the National* 21.789, and the
Prohibitionists 2.534, giving the Repub
! lican* a plurality of 50,983, which will
be increased to 58,000 by return* from
i the remaining counties. The vote w ill
:be about 165,900 le* tlian last year and
220.1*10 l-* than in Is'ft. In three
counties the National vote exceeds that
of the Democrat*, and in one it i larg'r
than either of the other parties.
Mr*. I'ivi*, wife of Senator Javis,
died at Stockbridge, MA**., Monday
I The freight traffic over the Pittsburg
j division ol the Pennsylvania railroad
j amount* to 3,1**1 car* each day.
More than one hundred children have
i died in .lohnstown and vicinity during
j the pa*t *ix week* from diphtheria.
Hon. F/iward F. Noyes, the United
, minister to France, has arrived
! at i'on*tantinople on hi* way to Egypt
The estimate for the consular and
I diplomatic service for the next fiscal
year will exceed those for the current
j year by ahoul #96,000.
An affecting scene in the F.rie Opera
House on Saturday night was two young
ladie* siteding tear* over the play and
dividing a handkerchief between them.
The ' ctober rejiort on the condition
of the cotton crop in Virginia and
North ''arolina show* an average de
crease of aliout 14 per cent, in the
The New York Flower Mission re
ceived 114,900 bouquet* during the sea
! *on, and distiibuted them among the
hospital*, prison*, asylum* and tene
! menta of the city.
I • An increase of over four hundred |
million pieces of mail matter was band .
I led in the postal cars during the twelve 1
ended .tune .Ml la-t, the aggre-
j .ft.'io,ooo,ol>o.
UJtorden Itrook, near Slate line, a
'little girl named <'rand.il! was so badly 1
frightened by a drunken man a few
days ago that her hair, which was auburn !
in color, turned snow white.
Some French newspsywrs give rumors
i of a projected matrimonial alliance be
tween l'rinee Thomas ol Savoy, brother
of the ljueen of Italy, and the daughter
of the Crown Prince of <iermany.
In return for jokes played UJKIO oth
ers. some one filled the overcoat pocket
| of Mr. F. P. Guise, a young attorney of
; Williamsport. with steel pens. A num
1 tier of them stuck to hit hand, and in
tsking them out several broke off. i
! The hand is terribly smollen, and it is
feared that the consequence* may be
I fatal.
Misa Amy. daughter of J>r. David
Hostetter, of Allegheny, was married
on Thursday to Mr. Herbert De Puy,
formerly of Peiladelphia, and now con
nected with the Kdcar Thomson Steel
Work* a* chemist. The present* of the
bride's father are estimated at over
sloo,ool\ and, besides this, it is reported
that he has given her $1,000,1)00 in j
A lad named Kesser, of Altoona, who
had been in the habit of stealing rides
on the railroad, wss remonstrated with
by his father on tbi* had practice. He :
declared he would never do it again, j
and hotted that Hod would punish him
if he (lid. He kept his promise until
Wednesday of last week, when he was
thrown from the train and his head sev
ered from his body.
Some time during Monday morning
an accident occurred near Huntingdon,
by which a man whoae name could not
be ascertained, was knocked down on
the track by a west ttound freight train
and had both of hi* legs cut off. It is
supposed the unfortunate man waa deaf,
as every warning signal known to rail
road men was given.
Misa Libia Parker, of Lycoming coun
ty, la distinguishing herself as a rifle
shot. In a recent trial at fifty yards
nut of sixteen shots she drora the nail
eleven times snd struck a paper every
time. Mia* Parker, who ia not in the
least masculine, takea great delight in
the una of the rifle, and can bring down
a bird on tha wing or a squirrel from a
tree top with ease.
TKIIMN: |w-r Annum, in Advance.
' if tb ♦ 120,fX)0 taken from the safe
of the liailcy brothers on Wednesday
night of last week by three rnnftked bur
glars $1 |.1,t)00 have been found strewn
around the house anil yard. Of the
♦!,000 carried off #1,700 was in money
and the balance in bond*. The robliera
left SOOO in gold and over 11,000 in pa
nel behind, which they evidently over
looked in their hurry.
A dispatch from Napoleon. Ohio, aays:
A fire which originated in "Hutch Itow''
Sunday morning destroyed one.third of
the town. Among the nineteen build
ing- destroyed were the Court House,
the Sheriff*a residence, the jail and the
Carbner agricultural warehouse. The
loss i estimated at $100,(X*); insurance
$. r <O,(l0O. I he fire is supposed to have
been of incendiary origin.
Kight years ago, .loseph Tro*, of
Lawrence county, waa sentenced to the
penitentiary upon the day be was to be
married, for burglary. Ten day* ago
hi* sentence expired, and, bis sweep
heart faithful to him in all these years,
was at the prison door when he came
out. They were married, and Trox baa
promised to reward her faithfulness by
' being a good citizen and a good bus
The engine of the Hollidaytburg
branch train, on Saturday hot, atrtick a
man at the de|>ot at Itoaring Spring*,
lie was standing on the track with his
back turned to the locomotive, and ho
must hat been considerably a-toni-he-1
when the iron horse caught him and
hurled him some distance to one side.
Me was very fortunately not injured to
any extent. It i altogether probable
that this particular individual will be
careful where he plants himself in the
General Hooker is said to have left a
handsome fortune, which will probably
go to hi* sister-, Mrs. Hrainard and Mrs.
Wood, of Watertown, New York.
Among his effects is a large picture of
the battle of Lookout Mountain, for
which he j.aid f'i'i.OOO. He had prepar
ed a book on the )ttle of <'hancellors
ville, which is now in the publisher'*
hands, and was about to begin a book
on the fatuous engagement on I<ookout
At Huntingdon, on Saturday evening,
about 7 o'clock, a man named William
Port, who belongs at Warrior's llidge,
Huntingdon county, was walking on
the railroad track, and when an east
bound freight train passed by he at
tempts'! to board it. lie was in an in
toxicated condition and bis calculations
miscarried. As a consequence he fell
beneath the wheels and his right leg
was crushed below the knee and the
toes of his left foot mashed. It is be
lieved he mar recover.
A terrible wreck of freight cam,
attends! with considerable loss of prop
erty and the killing of at leantone man,
occurred near the block office at Kit tan
ning Point at<mt half past 2 o'clock
Friday morning. The train vu the
one known a* the third Union line, and
wan due at Altoona in the neighbor
hood of 1 *. m. The train parted at
AHegrippus, seven mile* west of Alton
na. The train waa signaled to atop at
the office, when the separated part camo
thundering down a ninety six feet to
the mile grade on the advance train,
causing the accident.
Three persona were drowned in tho
Merritnac river Sunday afternoon near
Lawrence mills, at Ix>well, M e. Mr.
and Mra. Teter Little, with two child
ten, and Mr. and Mra. .Tame* Brown
were rowing front the Centralville shore
to Little Canada, when the leaking of
the tioat frightened them, and during
the confusion it was overturned. Mr.
Brown awam ashore j Mra. Little and
one child clung to the boat and were
rescued: Mr. Little and Mra. Brown,
his staler, and Mr. Little's 2-year old
son, were drowned. All of the bodies
were recovered.
At forty five minutes past 12 o'clock
Saturday the town of Ntraeburg, Blank
county. Mo., was visited by a terrible
cyclone, which came from the north
west, causing great loss to property, tint
no lives were sacrificed, so far aii can
now be ascertained. It had been rain
ing all the morning, t&a storm being ac
companied by thunder and lightning,
and aliout noon a heavy, sullen looking
cloud was observed in the northwest.
The storm struck the town shortly af
terward. blowing down a church, three
or four stores, and a blacksmith shop.
Last Saturday evening a man named
William K. Koon, who is said have been
intoxicated (for the first time in four
years i started to walk along the rail
road track notwithstanding he bad
been warned not to do to —to his home
at Ihincativille. When near Oaysport
he seems to have been overcome by a
stupor, and from all account* he lay
down on the track, with, as it appears,
his bead resting on one rail. Conductor
(tent's branch train, due in Altoona at
7:10 r. *., ran ovrr the prostrate man,
and his head wss almost entirely sever
ed from his body, beside being crushed
nearly beyond recognition.
A lerriVde disaster occurred on the
corner of Second and Main streeta at
Kansas City. Mo.. Friday afternoon.
The extensive candy and cracker man
ufactory of Carle A Sons, three-story
buildings, tumbled down and was com
pletely consumed by fire. At the time
the accident occurred one hundred and
! seven persons, mostly boys snd girl*
i from 12 to 20 years, were at work in tho
{ factory, all of whom eecaped alive ex
cept aix. Tlfe cause of the accident
cannot be fully determined, but as an
explosion occurred simultaneously witll
the fall of the walls it i* supposed to
be a repetition of the accident in Kew
| York last year. The Bill list of killed
is as follows: Kmma Kemper, fleorgo
Kemper, Edward Shut lon, Louise Hum
mel. Annie McConneli and Ml*s tfoojs.
NO. U'k