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    • SHUUERT \ FORSTKR, Editor*.
Term. tI.AO per Annum, in Advance.
S. T. SHUGERT and R. H. FORSTER. Edior.
Thursday Morning, October 30, 1879.
Democratic State Ticket.
DANIEL O. BARK, Allegheny county.
Democratic County Ticket.
JOHN SHANNON, of I'otter.
Dr. JOSEPH ADAMS, of Miteeburg.
A forged and fraudulent letter, pur
jstrting to come from Mr. Uarr's friends,
and mailed in a package from Hun
tingdon, appealing for support on re
ligious grounds, is being published in
the Republican jiapers. It is hardly
rcorth while to deny the charge —to sen
sible people, but lest some may imagine
there is a grain of truth in it —Mr. J).
O. Barr authorizes its prompt denial.
He is running as a Democrat, as a
citizen who feels competent to discharge
the duties of the office of State Treasurer.
So appeal has gone from him, or by
his knowledge or consent, to any one
on account of their particular beliej in
anything except the Democratic party.
THE Greenback party is still in lull ,
life. Its candidate for Mayor of the
the city of Baltimore had 93 votes.
1 u Ohio, it changed its name to "Scat
tering," and will probably do so in ,
Pennsylvania, but the vote in Haiti- j
more redeems the party, and maintains
its glory.
THE Democratic State and County
tickets to be voted iri Centre county, on
next Tuesday, contain the names oj only
three persons: DANIEL O. HARK, for
State Treasurer, JoilN SHANNON, for
Jury Commissioner, and Dr. JOSEPH
ADAMS, for Coroner. Go to the polls,
fellow Democrats, un<l vote for them.
They are Eminently worthy of support.
MR. HAYEB has tendered the Brit
ish Mission to Secretary Evarts. He
should have allowed the Secretary
sufficient time to digest the nauseous
fojd forced upon him by C'onkling in
New York, before thrusting him upon
respectable European society. '
TnE blue and the grey —the Union
and ex-Confederate soldiers com
mingled iu a pleasant re-union and
Imrbaeue at Salisbury, North Caroli
na, on the 23d inst. A thousand
United States flags were unfurled
throughout the city, and patriotic
Union speeches made by distinguished
Union and ex-Coufederatc officers,
with a grand display of fire works at
night. Thus it should be. and will be
in spite of the demagogues' eternal
shout of Rebel Brigadiers.
BUTLER is the mere tool of the cor
rupt old Treasury ring. Under him
the State money will be manipulated for
the bcltefit of a ring of politicians with
out regard to honesty or the public in
terests. Think of this when you vote
on next Tuesday.
CONK LI wo, having forced Evarts and
Sherman to fall in stultify them
selves by advocating the election of a
man for Governor of the great State of
New York whom both declared unfit
for a subordinate position in the Cus
tom House, is now in position to com
plete the measure of his revenge. He
has now only to lay his lash upon the
man who stole the Presidency and paid
the associate thieves out of the public
Treasury. The appearance of the de
facto President in the New York can
vas would compensate the shot-gun
hero for all the indignity he suffered
from these worthies in the last session
of Congress, and he could again be
happy in his assumed greatness.
A VOTE for DAN O. BARR is a vote
for the honest management bf the State
Treasury, uncontrolled by a ring of pub
lic plunderers. Keep the organization
tolid for 1880.
Tho Domocratio Ticket
Two tickets will be voted for at the
election, on next Tuesday. The one
beaded "STATE" will contain the
name of our nominee, Daniel (). Barr,
for State Treasurer ; the other head
ed "COUNTY" the names of John
Shannon, for Jury Commissioner, and
Joseph Adams, for Coroner. This
ticket is printer! as follows:
For State Treasurer,
For Jury Commissioner,
For Coroner,
This ticket must be cut in two pieces
and folded so that the wort}* "State"
and "County" only appear when it is
voted. An election board has no
right to receive an open ticket from j
a voter. See that your tickets are all
right before voting.
Turn out, one and alt, on next Tues
day, afttl do your duty to your randi- \
dates, your /sirty and your country.
You have a great cause to uphold-
The ballot is your weapon! Do not
fail to use it !
THE colored gentleman, George \V.
Williams, elected to the legislature
from the Cincinnati district, is indig
nant. He volunteered his services for
the New York canvass, and was assign
ed to a hotel on reaching the scene of
bis labor for the radical cause. He is
disgusted by being placed in a room
immediately under the roof, and re- |
<piired to have his meals scut to him,
instead of admission to the associations
of the dining room. This was scaly
treatment for a statesman, but not so
mean as the conduct of the 2,2t-> red- |
ical voters of his party who scratched
him at the election because bis com
plexion was more clouded than suited
their refined ta-tes of manly beauty.
DEMOCRATS, do not forget that JOHN
SHANNON, that exemplary and intelli
gent citizen of I'otter township, is your
candidate for Jury Commissioner. .1
vote for him will be a \-ote for a most
irorthy man, and will insure good juries
in your courts.
argument the other day before the Su
preme Court, made the point that a
colored criminal had the right to de
mand a jury pf colored men to try
him. He was asked from the bench
the pertinent question whether an
indicted Irishman had the right to de
mand a jury of Irishman to try him
or a Chinaman a jury of Chinese.
The question was a stunner, and DKV
en, scarcely equal to the occasion, i
preferred the negro question unadul- j
j tcratod to the issues raised from the
I bench.
DR. JOSEPH ADAMS, of Milesburg,
should receive the vote of every Demo
crat in Centre county for the office of
Coroner. He is an excellent citizen, a
consistent Democrat, and has superior
qualifications for the position. Vote for
him, one and all.
THERE was a grand civic and mili
tary display on the historic grounds of
Yorktown, Va., on the 23d inst., at
which Gov. Holliday, of Virginia, and
staff"; Gen. Latta, of Pennsylvania;
Hon. W. H. Lincoln, of Massachusetts,
and Gen. Cameron, of Connecticut,
were present and made speeches. The
occasion was the celebration of the
98th anniversary of the surrender of
the British army uuder ('pro wall is, ou
the ground upon which it occurred.
There were five companies of artillery
from Fortress Monroe, and a large
number of military companies from
various parts of Virginia in attend
ance, with many distinguished per
sons, civil and military, who took [tart
in the ceremonies. The celebration
seems to have been one of great spirit,
and was preparatory to the grand
centennial anniversary to come tiff in
The Lono Fisherman Speaks.
The fraudulent Vice President, ,
Wheeler, ate bis dish of crow last
week at Ogdensburg, New ork.
He said lie opposed iu convention the
nomination of Cornell, but he "bowed
always to the principle which under
lies our form of Government, and j
cheerfully accepted the decision of
the majority."
Not always? He did not accept the
principle when lie allowed himself by
fraud to occupy the [xisitiuii to which
Thomas A. Hendricks was elected by
a majority of half a million of the
honest votes of the jieople. The only
difference is, Wheeler wanted I lend
rick's office, ami as fraud was at band
to aid bis aspiration, be took it. iu vi
olation of "the principle which under
lies our form of government." Such
declarations from the fraudulent Vice
President, prove his mendacity, if not
bis down-right hypocrisy. Iu an arti
cle on this fulse claim the Washing
ton Post forcibly remarks that "When
Mr. Evarts provoked the loud and de
' risive laughter of the marine cavalry
bv prating about the "righteousuess" j
lof the Republican party, he did not
tax public tolerance mure severely
than does Wm. A. Wheeler when he
refers to the underlying principle of
our Government, the right of the ma
jority to rule, aud claims that he and
bis party accept that as their guide.
Mr. Wheeler is a living illustration of
the falsity ami absurdity of this decla
ration. He owe* his prominence as
de facto Vice-President of the I nited
States to the criminal suppression of
the voice of the majority. When he
speaks of "bowing always to the prin
ciple which underlies our form of gov
ernment," he calls loudly for castiga- 1
tiou. It would la- enough to ask of
the outraged majority to let the incum
bents of stolen offices enjoy the fruits
of crime in peace on condition that
they Ixar themselves decently. But
they must not expect, after nullifying
the votes of the majority, ami putting
the minority on top, that they can go
up and down the country, unquestion
ed, ranting and roaring al>out their de
votion to the fundamental principles
of republican government. One might
possibly le disposed to let a modest,
well-behaving thief keep stolen gomls,
but if, with the goods iu his possession,
be were to set up a* a preacher, pro
claiming "thou shall not steal," and
asserting his devotion to honesty, he
would be a most tempting target for
brick-bat practice.
Not only does Mr. Wheeler know,
but he is aware that his audienee and
every man and woman in the United
States knows, that he was not elected
to the office which he holds, but that
a majority of the voters and a majori
ty of the electoral votes were cast for
his opponent. And when he talks of
| "bowing always" to the will of the ma
jority, he insults that majority in n
manner that demands very positive
and emphatic rebuke."
Every citizen who still believes in n
modicum of honesty and fair dealing
in politics will say that this abject
creature not only deserves a "very |<o
itive and emphatic rebuke," but that
the party that cndorec* such meanness
aud self-stultification has ended its
dAys of usefulness. It is no longer
worthy of countenance and support.
Citizens, reflect over this when you go
to the polls on next Tuesday.
Go to the /mils, fellow Democrats, on
next Tuesday, and vote for DANIEL O.
BARR for Stats Treasurer. The public
funds will be safe in his hands. He is
an honest, incorruptible, man.
WK direct the attention of the read
er to our seventh page, on which will
lie found a selection from the lately
published letters of the late Secretary
Stanton to Ex-President Buehanan
after both had retired from office iu
1861. It was one of the widely circu
lated and extensively believed slan
ders of that [teriod of excitement and
passion that Stanton regarded the Ex-
President as little better than a com-
mon traitor. These letters throw un
entirely different light upon the rola
tion that existed between tin* two men, !
and prove conclusively that the con
tempt of the future imperious War
Minister at that time lay iu another i
direction. The letters ure interesting
j reading.
"7 —r, —• ■—
K i:KI the old, corrupt ring out of the
I State Treasury. A rote fur DANIKI.O.
BARR, on next Tuesday, will lulji to
do it.
What of Now York 7
The nearer the 4th of November aje
proaclics tin; more apparent it becomes
that John Kellcy has largely mistak
en the tem|**r of the New York
Democrats. His assumption of su
preme authority iu the counsels of the
: party has been met by such a dignifi
ed and earnest protest from the rank
and file, that it has almost, if not al
together, stranded him on the shore of
blasted political hopes. Gov. Robin
| son has been so steadily and surely
winning his way to the hearts of the
|eople, without regard to party, that
liis election, which was at one time in
in doubt, is now assured. The shame
j ful and disgraceful liason of Kellcy
and Cornell lias borne the illegitimate
fruit which is always the result of such
unhallowed jsilitieal connections. De
cent Republicans have already discov
ed that the fight between Cornell aud
Kellcy on the one aide, and Robinson 1
j upou the other, ha* simply resolved
itself into a disreputable scramble
for the sjKiils of office upon the part of
Kellcy and Cornell, ami they see like
wise that Gov. Robinson is conducting
his canvass purely upon the economi
cal ami frugal record he has made
| since he has been iu the Executive
chair of the State. That record stands
out in bold relief against the dark aud
unsavory administration of the gov
ernment of the State while under the
domination of the Republican jsirty.
Altogether the outlook in New York
is cheering, and it is almost certain
that Tammany's imperious chief will
be ground to powder between the up
j>er and nether mill stones of the peo
ple's wrath, while (onkliug's puppet
! will go down beneath the withering
scorn of uu enlightened public senti
I . T
JtJDoiNo from the sjieoches deliver
; cl at the Republican meeting* in Phil
adelphia, the war lietwccn the North
and South is still in active progress.
The idea of some people that it was
settled some sixteen or seventeen years
ago, must tie a mistake, or else Phila
delphia politicians are fools or knaves.
If the war is really over, it is about
time the people of that city would dis
cover the fact. It would certainly
evince more good sense, taken in a bus
iness point of view, to cultivate amity
• and good will, than to keep up ani
mosity and bitterness, and drive the
business of the South to other commer
j cial centre*, which will undoubtedly be
' the result, if the Southern people pos
sess the spirit they arc credited with. It
might Im* advantageous to the business
of Philadelphia if the business tnen
would retire their demagogues, such as
Ben. Harris Brewster, Shaplev, I>eeds,
M'Manes, etc., etc.
THE Bellefonte Rejiublican does not
, hesitate to publish the miserable slan
ders concocted by the unscrupulous
i treasury ring to keep votes from Mr.
Barr. The letter published in that
journal this wreck, purporting to have
l>een written when Mr. Barr was a
candidate for nomination two year*
ago, is a bald aud impudent FOR
GERY, and has been repeatedly de
nounced as such by authority that
- cannot tie controverted. The ringstera
I are desperate, and ready to resort to
r any means, however vile and dis
r houest, to accomplish their purpose of
i again controlling the money of the
i people for their private benefit. The
• Repaidiron may have seen the denials
. of the. slander it repeats, but that is
. nothing. Doubtless the editor thought
a lie circulated in the closing days of
• tho campaign would serve the purpose
- for which it was intended.
A Last Appeal.
I Wore another issue of the DKM<>-
' KAT appear* the [K'o|ileof Pennsylva
nia will IK; called upon to exercise
their highest privilege of citizenship,
ami we make this last appeal to every
Democrat in Centre county to come
out to the polls on election day to
vote! I)emocrat>, consult with each
other, and that no I)etuocralic voter
remains at home! Arrange to take i
in wagons those who are unable or
have too fur to walk. Your cause is
good and your cuudidatea worthy of
confidence and HUpjsirt. In DAN
IEL O. It AUK you have u man who
will carefully husband and honestly
disburse the moneys of the jeople that
shall po*s through his hands. On
your county ticket you have those ex
cellent and upright citizens, JOHN
They are entitled to your votes. Make
their majorities as large as possible!
An earnest ami determined effort is
what is wanted! The Republican
party that represents fraud, ooncentra'
tion of {tower in one great centralized
system of government, aud encroach
ments upon the liberties of the people
aud the reserved rights of the States,
deserves eondemuation. It is in your
power to administer it oq next Tues
day. Embrace the opportunity to do
so! Heed, we bepeoohyou, this call?
Ax exchange pertinently savs that
we shall have a happy condition of
affairs in this country, if the officers of
the StaW* are to la; arrested, tried,
convicted and punished for acts j*r
formed in the faithful discharge of
their official duties. There can be no
mofc im]M*rtant obligations of a State
than that of affording all hrr voters —
the I iiited **iat<* has no voters —a
fair chance to express their w ill through
the ballot box. For this purpose all
the States provide officials who per
fortn their duties under oath. For
thus doing they are sought to lie pun
ished as criminals, ami the Supreme
Court, in the Ohio case, now awaiting
decision, is invoked to sanction such
punishment. If this sanction of the
court of last resort should be obtained
—a contingency that we can scarcely
regard as possible—we may bid a
final adieu to the Government that
the fathers founded, for it will have
been so changed that they would fail
to recognize' it as their handiwork. If
the Gc'mal Government e*an step into
{tolling place* aud control
elections, the party exercising this
jtowcr can defy majorities to oust it,
and continue its domination indefinite
ly. The petwer tet semi any number
of {tarti.-an strikers to take charge of
the polls, bully the opposition, arrest
and letck up voters on a mere allcgn- j
tion of a suspicietn, such a {tower is
enough to enable any party to hold
on to the Government until ejected by
brute force. The Supreme Court has
never considered weightier matter
thnn is involved in the Ohio and
Maryland election cases.
Baltimore, ha been on a visit to Mcr
ocrsburg, Franklin county, in this
State, with a view of purchasing a piece
of ground at Cove Gap, near that town,
which is known as the birth-place of
her uncle, the late cx-President Bu
chanan. Her object in the purchase is
to erect a monument to the memory of
the ex-Proaident on the spot of his na
! tivity. Mrs. Johnson is to be commend
ed for this most graceful act, both as
to the object and place selected for its
accomplishment. No man ever lived
who possessed greater reverence for
the place of his nativity than the great
statesman, and no doubt Mrs. John
son, his favorite niece, so closely iden
tified with him in his great life, has her
inspiration in the selection of this spot
to commemorate and perpetuate his
memory, in a knowledge of that fact.
But whether she has or not, the act is a
commendable one, and the place ap
propriate, and could not be given to
the memory of a better man, or one
more deserving of res|iect in life, or
more worthy of reverence in death.
TKItMN: $lJ>O |h*i-Annum, in Affiance.
I' i.i.i/iW i itizknh ! You arc nlout
to elect an officer to manage tin- finan
cial liu Miies* of tlie State (luring tin;
coining two yean*. Daniel O. Rarr,
the Democratic candidate, a coruj*"-
tent and incorruptible man, slami*
upon a plutform which declarer,
"that the recent attempt* under the
personal direction of ruling ltepubli
can leader* to debauch the legislature
by wholesale bribery and corruption
and take from I lie commonwealth four
millions of dullara for which its liability
had never been ascertained, in a fresh
and alarming evidence of the aggressive
nes of cor|>orat pow< r in collusion
with political tings, and should receive
the signal condemnation of the ]*roplo
at the |>olls. ' And "that the present
condition of the State treasury, a hank
rupt general fund and even school* and
charities unable to get the money long
since appropriated to their support, is a
sufficient illustration of the reckless fi
nancial mismanagement of the Repub
lican party."
HAM RKB lit TI.KII the Republican
candidate is the creature of a ring
convention, that refused to pa** the
following resolution:
HfKilrr,!. That in view of the develop.
m'TiO of corrupt practice* in connection
with th" riot hill in the last House, we eui.
phalicaliy reaffirm that part of the plat*
form adopted by the Republic an State Con
vention at Lancaster, in 1875, and which
was re-adopted at the lb-publican Staft
Convention at UarrUburg in 1870, which
demands "honest men in office, tnen with
brain* enough to know dishonesty when
they sno it, aiid courste enough Pi"fight it
wherever they find it."'
Ihe issue here joined is purely a
State matter, ami between these two
men and the principles they repre
sent the people of Pennsylvania must
choose. Will you hesitate? On tho
one side you have an "honest man,
with brains enough to know dishon
esty when he sees it, and courage
enough to fight it wherever he finds
it;" who will be governed by the pub
lic interest* in the management of the
State finance*, without regard to the
profits to IK- divided among party
favorites. On the other side you have
the representative of a corrupt com
bination of politicians who plundered
you for years, and are anxious for an
opportunity to rej>eat their offence*.
Kleet Harr and you can rely upon
honest methods. Kleet Rntler and
the old system of spoliation will be
Yellowr fever is disappearing from
The present oold snap prevails all over
the country.
The Monroe Female College, at For
syth, Georgia, was destroyed by fire
yesterday. Ix, $20,000.
Stephen Coodale, aged UP years, has
just died at Portsmouth, X. 11. He has
been in the poor house forty-t wo year*.
I hiring a gale in Cleveland, Ohio, on
Thursday, a man was lifted and carried
by the wiod forty feet. A case of in
voluntary aerial navigation.
A tigress escaped from Forepaugh's
menagei ie last week in the suburb* of
Philadelphia, and in the efforts to cap
ture her she was shot dead.
Ilenrv S. New. assistant postmaster
at Pittsfield, Mass., is charged with
tearing fresh stamps from letters and
replacing them with canceled ones.
Five hundred and fifty men are now
employed upon the New York approach
es to the Kut river bridge. On an
average 90,000 bricks are laid daily.
The one hundred and-thirteenth an
niversary of the John Street M. K.
church, the oldest Methodist church in
New York city, wss commemorated in
the old church building on Sunday.
A farmer residing near F.lvira, lowa,
cut a crop of barley from a piece of
land in the summer, being unable from
lack of help to cut the crop until after
it had become so mature that the grain
dropped off the stalks in handling it.
A second crop sprang up on the stub
ble and is now almost ready to harvest,
promising a better yield than the first
crop. This is a singular fact.
A few days since the ladies of Fred
crick low n, Ohio, at the ringing of a bell,
marched to Kd. Randall's saloon, broke
open the door and windows, cracked
his detnijobna, spilling the liquors, and
completely gutted the place. They
afterward visited the saloon in Connor's
Hotel and attempted the same perform
ance, but the proprietor saved his liquors
by agreeing to remove them from the
town. Several drug stores were then
visited, the proprietors of which closed
and barred their doors against the as
A body was found Friday on the shore
of lake Michigan, near Miller's station.
It baa since been identified, from the
description given of it in dispatches by
Wm. F, llurr, as the remains of his
brother, George Burr, who ascended
with Professor Wise in ike balloon
Pathfinder three weeks ago last .Sunday.
Mr. Burr has telegraphed to have the
body properly cared for, and friends
left this morning for Milter * Uton to
bring it kotue.
NO. 11.