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    Sill GF.KT & FOIISTKR, Ftlifnrs.
Cnitre Urawrat.
Term* SI.AO per Annum, In Advance.
8. T. SHUGERT .n.t R. H. FORSTER, Editor*.
Thursday Morning, October 23, 1879.
Democratic State Ticket.
DANIEL <). HAltlt, Allegheny county.
Democratic County Ticket.
JOHN SHANNON, of l'otter.
* Dr. JOSEPH ADAMS, of Milesburg.
THE lion. A. 11. Coflrotli, of the
Somerset District, Ims gone to the
Rocky Mountains on a hunting oxjic
THE trial of the legislative bribery
cases, which was to commence on the
17th of November at Ilarrisburg, has
been postponed to the 24th.
THE DEMOCRAT is under obliga
tions to lion. ('. T. Alexauder for a
number of valuable State document*.
The Senator will please accept our
SENATOR BLAINE impaired his voice
so much by bellowing to the lowa Re
publicans,and fixing up a Blaine boom
for the presidency, that he was com
pelled to cancel his engagements in
THE estimates of the amount requir*
• rxl for the jiustal service is stated at
$39,R20,000. The revenue to be de
rived from the postal service is esti
mated at $32,210,000, leaving a defi
ciency to be supplies] by Congress, in
the appropriation bill, of $7,710,000.
THE grand jury of Barnstable coun
ty, Massachusetts, have fouud a true
bill against Charles Freeman for mur
der in the first degree, and he will be
tried at a special court. Mrs. Frce-
I man, his wife, was discharged. These
are the fanatics who professed to have
a revelation requiring them to murder
their little girl.
THE sheriff of I'ike county and
seven other county officials were ar
rested at Milford, on a charge of
chasing deer with hounds. They were
taken before a justice of the jieace,
who held each in $lOO hail. Refus
ing to furnish the hail, they were com
mitted to prison. Served them right.
Men who will run the deer with dogs
ought to go to prison, and should re
main there a good time.
vited to go to Ixiuisiana to eogage in
the canvas of that State, hut he ha
declined on account of an engagement
to eat his crow in New York, where
he is cx|>ectcd to prove that the man
who could not lie trusted with the Na
val office in the Custon House, is the
proper man to be Governor of the
Kmpire State. The Secretary, how
ever, has not given the true reasons
for declining to appear in Louisiana.
That State does not now afford the
same facilities for the manipulation of
cdcctions as this virtuous statesman
found in 1878, when he counted a
Fraud into the Presidential office.
The thieves arc not in the ascendant.
Ot'R Republican friends make a
wonderful hurrah over the Ohio and
lowa elections. One would suppose
they had achieved extraordinary vic
tories instead of only maintaining their
ground in States in which few, if
£ any penons, expected different results.
Their success in Ohio will probably
le the rock upon which their hopes
for a solid North in the presidential
•canvas will founder. Thoughtful peo
ple will have time to reflect upon the
•civil and danger of again dividing this
government by geographical lines for
political purposes, and may lie in a
I mood to hold the party that advo-
I cates such a policy to a fearful ac-
P couutability. It is union and har
mony between the North and the
South, not division and discord, that at e
needed to aid the country to return to
complete prosperity.
GEN. W. Is. FRANKLIN, who at one
time commnmit'il the titli Army Corjw,
lut* written a letter in which he com
ments very severely on General Burn
side for making public despatches writ
ten tohim by (tcneral I'orter during the
war, which hud much, if not all to do
in the conviction of that officer. They
were mere private missives, and as such
much freer in comment than if he
hud supposed they were to be given
out. General Franklin says :
"The late developments in the I'orter
case show how dangerous it is to trust u
fool, however well meaning a fellow he
may be. Porter's despatches to Burn
sido were friendly missives, and what
ever he said nbout Po|>e was intended
doubtless for his own ear. Nobody hut
a fool could have looked upon them in
any other light, and it was the height
of folly (indeed of knavery) for Burn
side to have transmitted them to Wash
Here is the opening for a very nice
tight. There is plenty of "fuss and
feathers" in Burnsidc's make up, hut
he is not devoid of courage and will
no doubt call Frankliu to account for
his language.
♦ -
Kx-Gov. CIIAMHKRLAIN, of Maine,
has been delivering himself of senti
ment* which Mr. Zachariah Chandler
will despise. It was ou the occasion
of the dedication of a soldier's inonn
umcut away down in Maine, and the
following is hut an extract of a s|ieoch
that is worthy to he reprinted in full
and everywhere:
"There are some who will not have it
that th" war is over till they have their
way. From much of the talk of late one
would think think that all the toil and trial
of the war was in vain, that these soldiers
and sailors of yours did nothing of lasting
value, that that glorious war and the (iou
given victory must count for nought, and
that the real way to save the country is to
'keep certain politicians in office, and that
servile following of them is the only t<-*t
of loyalty to the Union. For one, 1 resent
this perversion of our motives and this lie.
littling of our achievements. lam indig
nant at this insult to the memory of that
great company of noble souls who are mar
tyrs in a sacred cause and a trumphant
cause. Do not mistake the issue. Your
sons will not have died in vain because the
tliej rebellious Stat-s are brought back into
the Union, and send their host men to re
present thorn in Congress, oven though
they had the courage to wield the sword
instead of the p>-n In the time of moral
struggle. Men who freely poured out their
heart's blood for their convictions, though
wrong, are less to be feared than thov who
skulk in the rear and gloat over the strife
so long a* they can till their pockets with
plunder, snatched alike frotn friend or
. w - —_
THE Governor* of the original
thirteen State* met at Philadelphia on
Monday, and were received by Gov.
Hoyt and staff". The object of the
meeting was to make preliminary ar
rangement* for the celebration of the
Centennial anniversary of the sur
render of the British arniv at York
town. This Centennial anniversary ore
runs in the year 1881, and it was re
solved by the Governors that the event
should be commemorated by a na
tional celebration befitting its histori
cal ini|M>rtanec and the greatness of
the country. A number of patriotic
speeches were made deprecating the
spirit of sectionalism, and earnestly
appealing for unity and fraternity
throughout the land.
THE contest for Senator in Ohio will
no doubt be lively. The Kcv. Gar
field will not brook oppoaition without
showing his teeth to Sherman, who
will no doubt be a candidate if the
Grant boom rules him off the course
for the presidency, as is probable,
while Stanley Mathews will make
faces at both, and may slip the bone
from the other growling curs.
THE Hon. William M'Lellnn of
Chambers burg, a prominent member
of the Franklin county bar, and wide
ly and favorably known throughout
the State, died at his residence in that
place on Monday last. He was strick
en by paralysis on Friday previous to
his death, and never recovered con
The use of photography in wood en
graving promises to be a great improve
ment, Instead of drawing directly up
on the wood, the artist now makes bis
finished picture upon paper, which is
then photographed upon the wood.
The engraver then proceeds to cut the
photograph, and, during the time of
cutting, has the advantage of having
the original drawing before him, to
which he may refer.
Chairman of the Democratic Coun
ty Committee.
To the of Centre county :
In short time you will bo called
upon to choose by the exercise of your
right of sufl'riige, State Treasurer.
The candidates of each party have been
nominated and the platforms, upon
which tln-y stand, enunciated for some
months. A careful study of these plat
forms,-the manner in which they were
made, tin- bold declaration of the one
in fuvor of an honest and pure admin
istration of the affair* of our Stale, and
its strong denunciation of the "attempt
to delmiich the Legislature by whole
sale bribery and corruption on the part
of Republican leaders," and the scorn
ful rejection by the other of a reoolu.
tion denouncing the "corrupt practices
jn connection with the riot bill," and
demanding "honest men in office—men
"with brains enough to know dislion
"esty when they see it, and courage
"enough to fight it wheresoever they
"find it," ought to lie a sufficient reason
for every man, who desires an honest
official, to HUpj>orl the Democratic can
didate for State Treasurer. 'if our
others have said, "He is noted for his
quickness of intellect, activity in what
, ever he undertakes, unimpeachable
honesty, courteous manners and great
kindness of heart."
"Mr. Barr is in all resjwot* a moat
"creditable candidate for State Treasu
rer. A trained banker, thoroughly
"familiar with our financial system, act
ive, intelligent and faithful in his husi
"ness relation, and personally blameless
"alike in public and private life, his fit
"lies* for the re*|>onsible trust will not
"lie questioned by friend or foe."
The Famxer't Advocate said : "We place
"at the heud ol the Advocate the name
! "of 1. O. Barr, of Allegheny, for .State
"Treasurer. This we do after knowing
"that Mr. Ilarr wdl under any and ali
"circumstances, if elected, conserve the
"interests of the State and the people,
"and not rings and cliques—and now
"we ask all, without regard to party
j "affiliations, who cherish public and
! "private integrity, to prepare to give
"Mr. Barr their hearty support."
The same Mr. Barr to whom this tes
timony is borne was, in early life, a
laborer on a railroad, afterwards a tele
graph operator, and who by diligence,
hard lalmr, honesty and integrity in afl
hi* relations has qualified himself well
for the high |>osition for which he has
l>een nominated, and to which we hope
he shall !>e elected.
The man who front his past record is
most likely to fairly and honestly con
trol the finances of the Stale, who will
be by his integrity, a* well as by his
high pledges given, alstve the control
and influence of the rings, cliques, and
a corrupt lobby, is the one who should
receive your votes, regardless of what
may have been his or your previous
party predclirtions.
The refusal of the Convention that
nominated Mr. Barr's opponent, to de
nounce "corrupt practices, and endorse
the nomination of honest men for of
fice," warrants the conclusion that
should he l>e elected it will be but giv
ing the ring and the lobby control of
the treasury of the State.
ltebei Brigadiers, however much our
Itepublican friends may lash themselves
into a foam and sweat over them, have
nothing to do with the election of a
Treasurer in Pennsylvania. The whole
question is, whether you thai I have a State
Treasurer, for the next two yeart, who thai/
honetlly administer an,/ tcrupvlout/y rare for
the money of the people that tkall putt
thmvyh hit hands, or whether you shall
have for Treasurer a creature of the
lobby'a convention, and a restoration
of all the peculations and evils prac
ticed upon the treasury of the State
before the adoption of the Constitution
of 1873.
The County Committee has done and
will do all it can till the close of the
polls on the evening of the 4th of No
vember, to have full vote polled.
Much rests with the individual voter!
His patriotism, love of good govern
ment, desire for relief from the evils of
misrule and bad government should
impel him to poll his vote. The com
mittees in the several districts are urg
ed to be active in the discharge of the
duties enjoined upon them. When this
is done, let the result be what it may,
the Democrats of Centre county will
hrive tho proud satisfaction of having
discharged their duty to tho party and
tho State.
By order of tin- Committee.
DAVID F. FoRTN BY, Chairman.
j .September 22, as Matthias Hoffman, of
J Carrol town, was passing along tlm r>i|
, from l'.-ntlold to Clearfield, ho w* met by
a stranger who walked with him as far
as the place generally known as the
; "Big .Spring,'' where Hoffman tloopi-d
down to drink. While in this position he
was struck several time* with a club in the
: hands of the stranger and terribly injured.
The stranger then took from him a < le . k
: for fifteen dollars and some change, and
'departed. In Ida wounded and blooding
condition Hoffman made his way to Clear
field, where ho was properly cared for.
1 Ills said that 11-tin.an died on Sunday,
tho 10th of this month, from tho in
juries received. Suspicion for the com
mission of this foul deed fastened ujioii a
Daniel O Harm, or O Hern, residing near
Slitrer s hotel, in Union county. Captain
( I'. L. ( lark, of Osceola, accompanied by
Howard Hartcr, of Laurelton, on Satur
day, (lie lmli inst, approached the place
ai.d inveigled O Hern outside by engaging
in the sjeirt of shooting at a mark, and
when I) Hern had become an interested
participant in the the two strategist#
suddenly arrested him. He accompanied
tho party very peaceably to Clearfield
■ and was lodged in jail. His story in re
j gard to the murder slightly differs from
the above, he saying that Hoffman was the
attacking party. Tho truth about tho
unfortunate affair will, however, be devel.
: oped in tho January term of Clearfield
f'liAJtor. or TIME V<>H DR. FOWI.KK'S
LK'TTRR.— Tho many persons who have
determined to 10-ar the Rev I)r. Fowler,
in his lecture on "Great Des-ds of Great
Men," will have to wait for that event two
days longer than was cs|>ccu-d. The
lecture was first announced for Wednesday
evening next, October 29, but the power*
that !*• have determined to change the time
' to Friday evening, the 31t, which will
j give us another opportunity to refer to it.
This is a very sensible change. a> Wedneo
j day evening is the regular time for prayer
' meeting, and people either have to forego
the pleasures of that meeting, or hurry
over their devotions in a very unscenilv
manner in order to reach the lecture in
j time. Therefore, prepare for Friday even
ing, October 31. I'ositively no further
|M>stponcments. Restrain all undue excite
ment, go early, secure a good, comfortable
i seat, and prepare to be thrilled by the
learned Doctor's eloquence and convulsed
by bis humor. Ticket* and seats may now
be secured at Blair's jewelry store.
—The octagonal frame edifice, situated
Just above the lofty crags overhanguim
Spring creek.-
Daniel Hush,
summer resort and
and family. The place command* a com
prehensive view and will catch every pass
ing aepbyr. There, through the long,
warm summer days, the leisure hours may
be most delightfully while.! away. Sum
mer fruits to eat and charming romance*
U> read will add to the pleasure, while a
fountain in the centre would make it sim
ply perfect.
Duplicates for Ixwl or Defaced ltond*.
WASHINGTON, (icfober 12.—Tho pro
vision* of the Revised Statute* of the
United States and the regulation there
under, concerning relief in case of !>ond*
of the United States which have been
defaced, destroyed or loat, are published
by the Treasury Department for the in
formation and guidance of all concern
ed. They provide that whenever it ap
pear* to the Secretary of the Treasury
by clear and unequivocal proof that any
interest bearing bond of the United
States has without bad faith upon the
part of the owner been destroyed,
wholly or in part, or so defaced as to
impair its value to the owner, and such
bond is identified by number and de
scription, the Secretary of the Treasury
shall under such regulations and with
such restrictions as to time and reten
tion for security or otherwise as he may
prescribe issue a duplicate thereof.
Other sections give elaborate directions
concerning the proper method of pro
cedure in any case of lon or damage.
Duty on Steel Blooms.
WASHINGTON, October 17.—The Seere
taiy of the Treasury designates! the 23d
instant as the time when a hearing of
parties interested in the proper rate of
duty on steel blooms may be had. Two
questions, among others, appear to be
involved i First—What are the distin
guishing characteristics of steel blooms r
Second—ln what respect do steel bloom*
differ from steel in ingola or from steel
in bare f Evidence upon theae point*
or uisin other branches of the case
which parties may deaire to present
must be in writing.
New York city lost $130,(8)0 by fire
on Sunday morning.
A woman has been arretted in Pitts
burg for eaves dropping.
1 he petroleum region in flooded with
counterfeit silver dollars.
'I he official California vote on Chinese
immigration was *B3 for and 154,038
Emrna Hilton, aged eighteen years,
: fell out ol u boat at Allegheny, on
Friday, and was drowned.
Arrangements are being made for a
mammoth national Methodist camp
meeting at Old Orchard Beach in July.
(ieneral (irant was everywhere re
reived with much consideration during
j hi* Oregon trip. He left Salem lor *an
1 Francisco Friday last.
Senator and Mrs. Bayard, the latter
much improved in health, will sail lor
home ill the steamspip MOM-|, from
Southampton, on the 2'-th instant.
• harle.l I'eeples, a fireman on the
Pittsburg Southern railroad, was run
| over at Washington on Friday while oil
ing his engine, and instantly killed,
j ("lark Smith, aged fifty-five years, an
inmate ol the jail at Cumberland, Md.,
1 while trying to *wal!ow a large piece ol
meat at dinner on Saturday, wa- choked
1 to death.
Thursday forenoon Agnes White, aged
i twenty years, and living in
township, Crawford county, committed
suicide by shooting here|f in the teui
pie. She had become despondent from
I sickness.
Alarm prevails at Newbury, N. Y., at
! the prospect of a water famine. At
| Washington lake the depth of water
1 over the eight eon-inch main has de
-1 creased to two inches.
The eighth annual exjosition of the
Berkeley county, W. Vs., Agricultural
a id Mechanical Association at Martins
i burg, has been a greater success this
| year than ever before.
Edward Hanlan received from the
stakeholder last Thursday a check f >r
$6,000, the amount of the stake* in the
| Hanlan Courtney race. The other side
i will contest Haitian's claim to the
j money.
The total collections so far returned
j from the Catholic churches in the
Archdiocese of Baltimore in the aid of
Archbishop Pureed aggregate $2,860.76.
T he return* of collections lor the Pope
j foot up $2,715.68.
At the meeting of the Presbyterian
*ynod in Lancaster, on Saturday, ad
dresses were made by Rev. I'rs. Cat tell,
Mulchmore and Agnew. Pulpits in
Lancaster were supplied yesterday by
ministers from the Synod.
A young farmer named Isaac Warner,
who resides near Mc< dnnellsburg, Ful
ton county, while attempting to jump
!on a fanning mill backward, Friday,
j slipjed and fell forward on bis head,
; breaking his neck.
Widow i ffiver is said by Simon Camer
on's attorney* to drea* 100 well and givo
j too many lecture* for the benefit of yel
low fever sufferer* to admit the plea that
I she i* in the im|>ecunious condition
j which she professes.
Mr. John Horner, of l.igonier, West-
I moreland county, recently fell from a
breaking hia arm and
skull. Death was almost
f'V His wife and children
rl the tree at the time.
f itastonia, N. C., says
( Blacker, assisted by
I Oylea, ha* uneatihed
gross frauds in Gaston county. North
Carolina, carried on by registered grain
distillers in collusion with Government
<>n Friday the new bridge of the Sun
, day Creek Valley Railroad, over Big
Walnut creek, near Columbus. 0., fell,
: on account of a defective trestle, into
: the water. Eight workmen were on
the bridge at the time and five of them
| were injured.
On Saturday, Thomas Parson was
cleaning hi* revolver in the basement
of his residence, in Brooklyn, when it
accidentally went off. The ball entered
the forehead of his little daughter
| Emma, aged three years, killing her
i almost Instantly. Mr. Parson was tak
; en into custody.
Lincoln, the war horse belonging to
Gcnercl Gallagher, anil on exhibition at
Philadelphia during the Centennial,
died at New Alexandria. Westmoreland
county, on Friday. The horse was '.£
year* old. and had been on the "retired
list, with full pay," for several years.
Hereafter the hands of the Heading
railroad are to be paid on a sliding
scale, based on the rates of freight ob
tained by that company. Tho Heading
Timet ami Ihtpaleh says that the wages
will be from ten to thirty per cent, more
than under former rates.
William Howard, late City Treasurer
of Indianapolis, Ind., in an encounter
with J. D. Simpson, editor of the
Suir, was shot on Thursday night and
it is thought mortally wounded. Ma
jor Simpson claim* the shooting was
done in self defence. William Howard
died on Saturday.
Five counties in California contain
auicksilver mines. During the past
three yeare tire aggregate production
has been, in flasks : Napa county, Red
ington mine, 25,494 j lake county, Hul
phur banks, 30.849; Great Western
mine, 14,266; Sonoma county, Oakland,
4,687 ; Fresno county. New Ida, 17,846 ;
Hants Clara county, Guadaloupe, 18,952 ;
New Almado, 56,488. A flask of quick
silver contain* 76J ponnds.
TKRMS: |M*r Annum, in Advance.
The schooner Catskill, of t'al'kil),
WIIM run <lown and sunk in New York
hay on Friday night by the steamer
C'ity of Troy. All hands escaped in a
boat. The steamer was slightly injured.
Funeral services were held in New
York Friday at St. I'aul's Methodist
K|ii*oopal chureh over the remains of
Miss Abigail Wright, who was thrown
from a carriage and killed in Switaer*
' land while journeying with the pleasure
j party under the direction of Itev. J>r.
, •). It. Tiffany.
fieneral A. 1., l'earson, of Pittsburg,
: states that certain papers and docu
ruent ate in his liosscHsion which, when
I üblishcd, will place a digerent light on
his connection with the riots in that
city, lie had asked repeatedly for an
investigation, and had always been told
j there was nothing to investigate.
A Washington dispatch says that
; Professor loerster, ol Berlin, announ-
I res the discovery by l'slisa, on the I7th
jof i ictoher, lt7'J, of a planet of th
j twelfth magnitude in two hours fifty
: two minutes right ascension, fourteen
| degrees thirteen minutes north decli
nation, with a daily motion of five min
utes south.
' 'ien. 1 rancis A. Walker, Superintend
ent of tiie Census, with a view to secur
iiig greater accuracy and uniformity in
the agricultural statistics to he coin
p.led for the tenth census, has just is
sued a ci.cular setting forth the aim*
and wisliea of the Bureau with regard
to the method of arranging such si at is
; tics.
In Pittsburg.on Friday night, a young
man named John Mot'artney was at
tacked and terribly mutilated by un
: known parties. He slaies that somo
time ago he fruslrrted ih-attempts of
j bur gluts toget into his employer's store.
Since that time they have, by jiostal
card, warned b ; m that they intended
■ to do turn violet ce.
< >n Friday morning. Rev. A. Tripncr.
I pa-tor of the t'nited Brethren church,
j at I'uncannon, Perry county, while vis
j iting at hi* brother's in Manchester,
| York county, rose from bed during t. o
i absence of his wife, and, cutting ofl'a
| piece of cord, went into another room
and hang<-d himself. In order to ac
complish the task he was comjK-lled to
draw up his knees. The deceased won
well known in York, Cumberland and
I'erry counties, and, on account of sick
ness, had become quite melancholy.
The jury rendered a verdict that tho
act wa* committed while deceased was
laboring under an aberration of the
Itedtrred to Ashes.
THE uoov or MU I.* iovst < REMATEO—
mormon* or BIS WILL.
PI R rani ton, ttctober 16.—The body
of l>r. Le Mojne, the noted cremation
ist, who died on Tuesday, wa* today
i places! in the rreuialory of bis own
construction, at his late home, Wash
ington, Pa., and the work of incinera
tion begun. Brief religious service*
were first held at the house in the pres
ence of the family and a large numler
of cilitens. ftev. Irt. Bronaon and
llavs read from the Scriptures and
offered prayer, the whole ceremony oc
cupying but a few minute*.
I he remains were driven to the cre
matory. a mile out of town, accompa
i nied only by the family, immediate
j friend* and pall hearers. At the fur
nace 1 >r. Hays requested all others to
depart. Four policeman were present
to keep the crowd away, and, after the
body hail been places! on the catafalque
I 'r. Hays, standing on the steps, said :
"We have now brought our deceased
| friend to the place of his choice, and
j here leave him."
The benediction was pronounced and
the door closed, shutting out all but
j relatives and those employed to do the
work. The body was removed from the
oollln by the pall-liearers and placet
| upon the iron crib, and at 10:30 tho
door of the retort wa* taken down, the
body thrust quickly ih and the mouth
again closed. Instantly dense volumes
of black smoke rolled out of the chim
| ney, and the horrible odor of burning
flesh was distinctly noticeable to the
' score or more of persona on the out
j side. The persons employed to heat
the furnace were inexperienced in audi
things, and as a consequence the heat
was many degrees below what was at
tained in the Von Palm and Pitman
cremations. Though the fires were
started yesterday morning they were
kept up until thia evening before the
icineration was completed. Tho re
mains will not le removed until to
The will of the doctor require# all hia
children to sign a written agreement
that their bodies shall be cremated at
death*; refusing to comply, their share
of the property is forfeited.
The Parmer* for llarr.
The Farmer's Arivo.au, published at
Stroudshurg, extensively read and be
lieved in by the clam after whom it ia
named, ha* enrolled itself under the
Barr banner. It says:
"We place at the head of the Advocate
the name of Hon. I>. O. Barr, of Alle
gheny, for State Treasurer. This we do
after knowing that Mr. Barr will under
any and all circumstances, if elected,
conserve the interest* of the State and
the |.eopl*, and not rings and cliques—
that he will promote pure Hemocratio
| principles. In this, as in all our politi
cal conduct, wa have considered well
the welfare of the Hemocralio parly;
and now we ask all (without regard to
party affiliations) who cherish public
and private integrity, to prepare to give
Mr. Barr their hearty support,"
NO. i:'.