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    ®]tf Centre gnjwrwt.
Thursday Morning, Beptember 11, 1879.
CofcAtNritifDkNrK,containing ln|ortiut newt, ■oltclt
•Nl 'ram any part f tho county. No comtuuuii atima
In*rt4<l unlt* tccutiipanlcil ly the roal itatuv of thr
%i"> t *• r .
Local Depart incut.
—Mrs. Nannio l)aro H|>ent Sunday laiit
at Snow Shoe.
—Rev. John Hewitt delivered a discourso
at tho Stato Col lego last Sunday afternoon.
—A now sidewalk In being laid on Alle
gheny street near it* intersection with
—A new water wheel is being put in by
T. K. Reynolds A Co., at the Phomix
Sweet potatoes were offered for sale on
our streets on Thursday last for one dollar
]ier bushel.
—The people near Mt. Kaglo think they
have discovered traces of a panther on the
Muney mountains.
—We acknowledge the receipt of tickets
to the coming fair to bo held at Jersey
Shore, Lycoming county.
—lsn't it about time for our exchanges
to inform their readers that the days and
nights will soon be equal ?
Miss Haves, ono of Philadelphia's
most attractive young ladies, is visiting
her cousin, Miss Klla Hayes, of this place.
—Tho Presbyterian congregation had
the pleasure on Sunday of again listening
to their regular minister, Rev. William
—Mrs. John Tonner and Miss Tonner
have been visiting for tho past week at the
residence of Mrs. Henry Harris on How
ard street.
Miss Margaret Shaffer, daughter of
our friend ex-Sheriff Shaffer, of Nittany
Hall, is attending the Female Seminary
at Lutherville, Maryland.
—Mr. Henry Harris was the victim last
Saturday morning of a severe sprain of the
left leg. Just how the unfortunate acci
dent occured we did not learn.
Mrs. Julia Valentine, of Baltimore,
was in town last Sunday. Sho is a promi
nent member of the Society of Friends and
an earnest Christian worker.
—A picnic was held last Thursday in
the woods near the Fair ground, joined in
by about all of our colored population. It
was much enjoyed by them.
—Among the artificial articles which
seem to be invented for the purposed giv
ing peculiar pleasure toman aro those ex
cellent cigars sold by Harry Green.
—The markets are very largo these
bcautifuljnorningt, and the face of Thomas
Shaughensey, market clerk, glows with
satisfaction as the dimes pour into his hand.
—Company B, Fifth Regiment, Nation
al Guard, departed on Tuesday last for
liraddock's Field, in Fayette county, to
take part in the fall inspection of the Fifth
For at least one month past this office
has been so crowded with order* for job
work thatcveryavailalde minute that could
he spared from tho pa|>er has hoen occupied
in filling them.
—Mr. George Wells, an aged gentle
man who has lived for a long time in this
place, died last Sunday morning. He was
almost totally blind and quite feeble for a
long time previous to his death.
—Tho meeting of the Young Men's
Christian Asaocialion last Sunday after
noon was fully up to tho standard in Inter
est. Rev. 8. E. Forst, of the Lutheran
church, conducted it in his usual able man
—Mr. J. Newman, Jr., of tho famous
Kaglo Clothing Store, went to tho city
yesterday to lay in his fall stock of cloth
ing. He will certainly bring hack with
him the most desirable goods and the
latest styles.
—I)o not forgot tho picnic which will be
given in Valentines' grove, to-morrow, by
the Logan Fire Company. It will be tho
most jolly affair of the season, and alt who
delight in fun and frolic should attend.
Those who go should not neglect to take
along the necessary viands for a good din
* ner.
—We can never cxpoct to have ail wo de
sire in*this life, for like Alexander, we
will ever be wishing for more worlds to
conquer. A very important part of our
desires, however, is to have good clothes,
and this can he readily satisfied by a cal'
on Newman, Jr., at his Allegheny street
clothing bazaar.
—Tue contents of our agricultural col
umns this week, as ever, are very su[>erior.
We do not hesitate to say that its equal is
not to be found outside the exclusively ag
ricultural journals, and perhaps four col
umns equal to it in condensation of tho
very best published anywhere (s not to be
—The shapely and graceful evergreen
arches, bearing appropriate mottoes, and
the beautiful decorations of many of the
houses were greatly admired features of
- the picnic at I'ieasanl Gap. Tbey bespoke
refinement and a cultivated taste on the
part of those by whom they wore designed
and arranged.
—The Turner- Waple murder trial, which
Is now occupying the attention of the Clin
ton county court, Is attracting much inter
est. Such eminent counsel as U. 8. Sena
tor Wallace, of Clearfield, and ex-Senator
B. 8. Poale, of L*k llaven, are engaged
on it. It will he remembered that the case
was tried a year or more ago in Clearfield
and that the change of venue baa aince
been made to iU present place of trial, j
whore we bojie it will be finally settled.
—Lieutenant Leyden 1* now on hi* way
t<> Wyoming Territory to Join hi* regi
ment. We predict that he will make an
excellont officer.
llarry Green may he grtn i in name,
but ho i* not grrrn when he come* to will
cigar*, a* every orto testifies that they
never smoked more ox Calient cigar* than
those sold by him.
—A party of sixteon from Snow Shoe
composed of Mr. Kd. Nolan, Mr. Ilolt and
other Indie* and gentlemen whoso name*
we did not learn, visited the famous I'enn
cave Inst Thursday, returning to Snow
Shoe on the evening train.
—Saturday, the 20th instant, will be a
gala day for the people of George'* Valley
and vicinity. The Union Sunday-school
of that place will hold one of it* pleasant
picnics, and an interesting exercise will
be the taking down of the old bell which
ha* for so long called them together and
the substitution of u new one in its stead.
With to-day the interesting sessions of
the Sunday-school Convention of the Ju
niata District Kvangnlical Association,
which commenced in Millhcim on Tuesday
last, were brought to a close. An inter
esting feature of the convention was a
children's meeting last evening. We hope
that the exercises throughout were ail that
our friends had anticipated.
—"Where arc all those men going T'
Kxclnirned a lady the other day,
As she saw thocrowd (lowing
Along Allegheny street way.
"Oil, I know," she so<>n said lightly,
"And I should have known before;
They are going to buy new clothe*
At Newman's Kagle Clothing Store. 1
—The citizens of Potter township are
now called upon to mourn the death of
Mr. Samuel Hover, who dn-d of apoplexy
one week ago last Friday. He was uni
versally known as an upright and estima
ble man. His funeral took place from the
Loop church on the following Sunday, and
was largely attended. A notice of his
death may lie found in tho usual place in
our column*.
—"Compliments of BrockerhofT House,
Bellefonte, I'a.," is the legend that ap
pears in letters of gold u|*>n handsome load
pencils, which the this pop
ular hotel are prose tiling to their numerous
friend* and patrons. This is a novgl as
well as substantial mode of advertising'
and we hope this experiment will prove
so satisfactory that tho next departure will
be in the way of solid silverware or well
set diairiVods.
—The obliging Secretary of the Agri
cultural Society, Wilbur V. Boeder, E*q. (
has sent us complimentary admission tick
ets to the fair which takes place on the Ist,
2d and 3d of next month. We hope that
the farmers of our county and all persons
who have any article* of merit to exhibit
will make extra efforts thi* year to render
the fair *uccesful by sending them for
display. Tho officers of the society are
doing all they can to make the collection
largo and oxcollent and the fair throughout
worthy tho patronage of the j>enplc of
Centre county.
—On Saturday morning of last week as
Mr*. Isabella Barber, widow of Mr
James Barber, deceased, of Potter's Mills,
was walking in the orchard near her resi
dence, she stooped to pick up an apple, and
fell over on the ground. To those who
came to her assistance she could only say
that she was suffering with a severe pain
in the head when she became unconscious
and remained so until her death on Bunday
morning. As may bo seen by our death
notice*, the deceased lady was over seventy
seven years of age.
—Two Hebrew festival* are close at hand
during which all the place* of businc**
kept by tho Hebrews in this place will be
closed. Tho first, known a* New Year's
Day, commence* on next Wednesday, Sep
tember 17, at six o'clock, continuing until
tho following Thursday evening at the
same bour. The next festival is known a*
the Day of Atonement. It will begin on
.Saturday, the 27th instant, at six P. m. and
laat through the following twenty-four
hour*. Person* Intending to purchase at
any of tbc* store* should make arrange
ments to do so at some other time .than
during tho continuance of these festivals.
—On the 20th day of August, IH7O, Amos
E. Garbrick, of thi* place, received an
injury to the second finger of his right
hand by the falling of a cutting-box knife
thereon. Baid injury caused Amos some
trouble for eight days, but he having an
accident policy in the Knickerbocker Cas
ualty Insurance Company, of New York,
for $5.00 weekly indemnity received $5.71
for the eight days' disability, said policy
having cost him $4.50 for one year. The
Knickerbocker Casualty Insurance Com
pany i* represented by W. B. Kankin, of
thi* place, from whom can be procured
accident policies from one day to one year
at moderate rate*.
—There are several kind* of perfumo
known to civilized communities which are
exceedingly agreeable and are much in
demand, but we believe that the aroma
which i* peculiar to a pig-sty is not gener
ally considered to be among the number.
At some point not far from the Diamond
one of theso sty* must bo situated, and
every evening the gentle fragrance from it
is wafted upon the twilight air, making
tho still evening hour twlc* pleasant to
those who are sitting on their porche*
and who may bo po**e**ed of sensitive nasal
organs. If thoro are poopto who delight
In this perfume It would be well If their
pig-sly* could be *o arranged that they
alone would get the benefit of tho aroma
that it need not he wasted on their !*••
appreciative neighbor*.
—A wonderful escape from serious in
jury if not (lentil wn* made last week l>y
two dAwght.tr* of Mr. John 11. Leathern
and one of Mr. John lloy, while driving
through the Narrow* from Curtin' Work*
to Nillnny Mountain. A largo pine tree
that Htood on top of thu hill, from whoiui
root* the oarth had heen removed, elicited
the adinirntion of one of the young Indie*
m> the party approached, and she expressed
a desire to atop nnd enjoy it* pleuauiil
•hade. Hot they found dlllleulty in (.top
ping the home and hud gone it short dis
tance beyond the tree when down it came
with n tremendous crash behind them. Of
course, the young Indie*, when they real
ized their deliverance, were very thankful
the hor*o had not obeyed their command.
It ia raid that no wind wn* blowing whon
the treo fell, and it wn* owing to an Insuf
llcieney of earth around the root* that
caused the fall. As there tiro other tree*
in that vicinity in the snine condition It
Would pcrhn|i be well for thu *u|(ervi*or*
of the road to givo thorn their attention.
—We received call* last week from a
number of Mile* township friend*—among
them Mr. Simon M. Spangler, who
attended the picnic of the Veteran (dub
at Pleasant (lap on Saturday. We also
re-call Mr. John lloaterman, Mr. Jasper
Wolf, and the venerable Jared Fullmer.
We were exceedingly glad to learn that
Mr. Fullmer has at last been granted a
|H-n>ion by the government. His ease wa
a very deserving one, surrounded a* it wa*
by circumstance" that made a strong appeal
to sympathy. Two line boy*—William
and Laiah—the stay and *up|(ort of him
self and a blind wife, were taken from
him during the war. Those brothers wore
members of Company A, of the I4Btli
Pennsylvania Regiment, and lx>th yielded
i up their live* upon the field of battle.
[ Hy a singular fatality both were killed in
: the anie fight, viz at the battle of Poe
river, near SputUylvania Court House, on
the 10th of May, 1874 The old gentleman
received about 91,000 of arrearage*, and in
the future will receive 9* per "onth.
—The Patrons of Husbandry of Centre
county wiil bold their sixth annual picnic
on tho top of Nittany mountain, north
; west of Centre Hail along the pike to
H.-llefunte, on Thursday September 26.
Kxtensive preparations are being made to
render the occasion pleasant and entertain
ing to all. An observatory has been erect
ed on the grounds from which the principal
places in Penns and Rruh valleys can be
seen. A field glass has also been provided
for the accommodation of those who will
mount the obss'r valory. Speeches will lie
made by prominent patrons. Cornet band
and vocal music will tie given during the
day. Provision has been made for the
feeding of horse*, and a restaurant will fur
nish refreshment to the inner man. Kvery
accommodation has been made that any
one can desire, and a cordial invitation is
extended to all to attend.
—The Haltimorean, of a late date, prints
. a bright, gossippy letter from lis Belle
i fonle correspondent, who is supposed to
have been a young lady from the South
1 who spent the summer with u*. The lct
j ter is very readable, treating as it doe* of
i Bellefonte, it* people and their manners,
its buildings, public and private, and then
branches off In a racy, discriptive style to
tell about visits paid to various points of
interest in the surrounding country, chief
among which was an early morning ascen
sion to McCoy 's lookout, which wa* made in
company with a party from the Brockerhoff
House. The discrtplion of this fsmou*
view is very fine, and the letter as a whole
is well calculated to give the |>eople of the
" Sunny South"a very good idea of the
eternal hills among which we live. If
•pare permitted wn would give the letter
—At the picnic, of the Veteran Club, it
was our pleasure to accept an invitation to
dinner from Abram V. Miller, and such a
feast of good things as ho set before his
many guests! Why, it was enough to
tempt the appetite of the most rigid and
abstemious anchorite that ever lived. We
noticed (len. Blair, Mr. David Oilliland
| and other friends at the same table, and we
think Mr. Miller had no reason to complain
that full justico was not done to his bounty.
Other table* that we saw in the immediate
neighborhood were just as generously sup
plied with the substantial* and the luxuries
of life, and were partaken of with the same
relish and pleasure. The veterans will
not soon forget tho kindness of their gen
erous entertainers of Pleasant Cap. The
ladies are especially deaerving of the most
sincere thanks.
—A communication from Mr. D. M,
Lieb appear* on the fifth page of this
issue. While we have not given the sub
ject any further consideration than have
our contemporaries, we think the explana
tion given hy Mr. Laib in regard to the
motive of the Board in securing the ser
vices of Mr. Duncan for instructor in
"Language and History" will be found
sufficiently clear and satisfactory and that
the action of the Board will be considered
by all a* eminently proper.
—The printers' picnic atCreason on Sat
urday was largely attended and exceeding
ly enjoyable. The delegation of forty or
more which proceeded from this place ail
axpreaa themselves as highly satisfied.
—-We learn that Rev. W. A. Blggart,
of the Baptist church, has received and ac
cepted a call from a church in the Weat
and will not return to this place.
Annual Reunion and Basket Picnic of the
Veteran Club of Centre county was held iti
(Little'a drove, Pleasant (lap, on Saturday,
September 0, IH7, and was more largely
attended than any proceeding one, it being
estimated that ut least twenty-live hundred
persons were U|K>II the ground. Tho weath
er was all that could be desired. The ex
ercise* though comparatively brief wore
interesting and the good order and cordial
feeling which prevailed would have reflect
ed credit upon u religious instead of a
merely social gathering. The picnic of tho
Veteran Club may now he regarded a* one
of the social irutifution* of Centre county.
Tho line was formed at the intersection
of tho Turnpike with the Hub
lersburg road about 10 A. M , when the
procession moved ut once along the turn
piko toward tho grove. A number of
evergreen arches decorated with flags and
appropriate inscriptions of welcome span
ned the route at proper interval*. Delega
tions wi-ro in attendance from almost every
part of the county. Those from Centre
Hall, Lomont, and Pine Orove Mill* were
accompanied by their respective bras*
humls, and the Bellefonte delegation wa
headed by the /ion cornet hand. The
Pleasant (sap band was also out in force
and contributed much to the pleasure of
tho occasion and the comfort of their mu
sical brethren.
Arriving at the sje-akers' stand about
three-quarters of an hour were devoted to
general greetings and to music by the
band* and a drum corpe from Curtin *
Works with "Tine" Uumbarger of the
148 th as lifer. At 11.15 a. m., President
Beaver called the meeting to older and
I prayer wa* offered by Rev. J. A Wood,
Jr., pastor of the M. K. church. The ad
dress of welcome was delivered by Rev
Jacob Yutzv, of the Lutheran church,
snd was responded to on behalf of the
| Club by the President. The minutes of
last meeting were read and approved, and
were followed by tbo "roll call,'' an < vent
which showed how fast the survivors oi
: the late war are pas-ing away, more than
; half a score of the members of the Club
having already gone to join their comrades
j who fell during the war. At the the eon
j elusion of "roll call ' the following com*
I initios* were announced with instructions
: to rcje.rt at the re-assembling of the Club
in the afternoon, viz;
i On place of next meeting—
Dr Theo S. Christ, of Collage : D. W.
I K line, of Huston; Ll. (MM. M. I! I*l, ~(
Potter ; Geo. 11. Jack, of Harris , Jnn. R
Tate, of Spring, Capt. Christian Dale,
of Benner; Major R C. Chessman, of
Bellefonte ; Marshall Cox, of B<-gg G<*.
G Tate, of Miles burg; Curtis D> Has*, of
Howard; Benjamin Holler, of Howard
tin nomination of officers for ensuing
Col. James T. Stewart, of Harris ; Cant.
Wm. J. Thomson, of Potter; George \\\
Mile*, of Htiib n ; W. C. lluey,of < .dirge;
1) W. Miller, of Ferguson ; Wm. A. lb
--ler, of Benner ; Matthew Riddle, of Sj.ring
Capt 11. H. Benner,of Bellefonte ;W. B
Smith, of Howard ; Jacob Shultz, of Bogg ;
Dr. George P. Harris,of Bellefonte; Chris
tian Swsrtx, Walker, Dr.JaniosA Thomp
son, of Snow Shoe ; Lieut. S. M Spangler,
Mile*; Capt. S. 11. Bennison, Marion , and
John A. Doley,of Curtin.
At 12.30 a recess of two hours was an
Although tho meeting had been an
nounced OS a basket picnic tho good people
of Pleasant (Sap and vicinity *ecmi to
have made preparations to hare entertain
ed the entire assemblage. Nearly every
resident of the neighborhood had provided
a large and bountifully spread table, and
the chief source of anxiety on the part of
the hosts seemed to lie to And a sufficient
number of guests to share their hospitality -
A number of the tables were handsomely
decorated with beautiful epergnei of fruits
and flower* and were spread with dinners
that would have reflected credit upon a
first-class hotel. We hope the kind host
esses were in a measure repaid for their
labor hy seeing bow heartily their guests
enjoyed themselves.
At 2.30 r. M., tho meeting was again
called to order. The report of the Treas
urer, Capt. Austin Curtin, who was de
tained by the iilnea* of hi* brother (since
deceased) was read by the Secretary. The
following is a synopsis ;
Rr4|u M Iftftt tn#Onj[ u4 riIMV f 4f< &•
taring ya* 9 'JI l|
!<•)*'• ot h*fd frfteftitirv ft, SUA Oft
The report of the committee on place of
next mooting, fixing Union villa therefor,
was read and adopted.
The committee on nomination of officers
for the ensuing year submitted its report,
which was unanimously agreed to. It is
as follows, viz;
Pretulent— (Jen. James A. Beaver, of
Vie* President —Lieut. George M. Boal,
of Potter township.
Secretary —l>. 8. Keller, of Bellefonte.
Trearmrer Capt. Austin Curtin, of
Boggs township.
At additional mei/xhert of the Erecutive
(hmmittee— Major R. C. Cheosman, of
Bollolonte; W. B. Smith, of Howard;
George (}. Tate, of Milesburg ; Capt. C. T.
Kryberger, of Phllinshurg; Capt. W. C.
Vanvalin,of Untonvnle; William A. Ish
ler, of Benner township: William 11.
Bhoullz, of Boggs township; John B.
Newcomer, of Burnside township; I)r.
Theo. 8. Christ, of College township ; John
A. Doley, of Curtin township ; David W.
Miller, of Ferguson township; David Bur
rell, of Gregg township; Capt. O. W.
Vanvalin, of Haines township; Simon
Sellers, of Half Moon ; Dr. John F. Woods,
of Harru township; John B. Hotter, of
Howard township; I). W. Klina, of litis,
ton township; John D. Thompson, of Lib
erty township; Capt. 8. 11. Bennison, of
Marion township; Thomas K. Row, of
Mila* township ; Fabian Matt*, of ration
township; Samuel D. Muaaer, of Pent)
township ; Lieut W. P. Shoop, of Potter
township; I>r. James A. Thompson, of
Snowßhoe; Lieut. Abram V. Miller, of
.Spring township; Frederick Sensor, of
1/nion towvi*M|); C'lirißlUn Bwrtx., of
Walker township; and H. 8. Miles, of
Worth township.
(lov. A O. Curtin waa then Introduoed,
and though quite feeble in health, deliver
ed some interesting remarks, congratulat
ing the nation upon it* deliverance from
tho evils of war and upon the era of pros
perity upon which the people of the Unit
ed .State* were entering. He wa* followed
by Col. James Oilliland, formerly military
agent at Washington, for the Ktate of
Pennsylvania, whose kindness to Pennsyl
vania's soldier* and their anxious friends
will long lie gratefully remembered by its
recipient*. In concluding his remarks,
the Colonel assured the boys that whatever
he had tiesm able Pi do for them bad been
gladly done, and that be had done no more
only because "red la;*;" bad prevented birn.
President Jicaver then introduced Mr.
F. 11. Allen, formerly of the 4th Wisconsin
Infantry, but now chief of a section in the
Invalid Division of the Pension Office, ft*
a representative of what the community is
accustomed to regard as "red taj.e," some
thing which though at lime* on inconven
ience individually, is nevertheless u neces
sity to us in our collective capacity. Judge
Ailen rescinded briefly in some appropriate
remarks, his story about the letter from the
hank cashier who insisted that while the
itI.ACK TAi'lh abounded in Sumatra and
other tropical regions, the HKI> TAI-KR was
principally confined to the District of Col
umbia, creating much merriment, lie also
spoke very warmly of the hospitable treat
ment received by the regiment of which he
was a member, when marching to the
front, at the hands of the citizens of Wil
liams|>ort and Harrisburg, and assured the
audience that in Wisconsin as well as in
Pennsylvania Gov. Curtin was best known
as "tho soldiers' friend."
The attention of members oi the club
I and their citizen friends) was called to the
I propriety and importance of securing cotn
: plete lists of all deceased soldiers of tbo
late war whose graves are not marked by
headstone*. It was urged ujon them that
some one should undertake to secure a list
f.,r each tow nship and forward the same to
| the se< r*tary <>f the club, who will then
forward a consolidated li-l to the (Juarler
masler-General hy whom the headstones
! wiil l.e provided. Suitable blanks will be
, furnished to any |ieron willing to under
take the task of making a list of uotnark
<d soldiers' graves in any township upon
a;.; !i stion p. the *e. retary. g
Thank* were returned by the President
P> the r'tirn of lleasant (lap **d vicinity
f-.r their generous hospitality, p. the local
committees for the zealous and efficient
manner in which they had ;*rformi iheir
duties, to tho rnu'ical organizations f..r
their assistance, and Pt Mrs. (settle, the
owner of the grove, for her kindness in
affording the club its use.
A vole of thanks was also tendered to
Mr. Gottlieb Haag, proprietor of the
Pleasant Gap Hotel, for his courtesy in
closing his bar snd declining to open it
before 4 p. m., thereby contributing much
to the good order and harmony which was
so generally commented upon.
A little before 4 o'clock, all business
having been transacted, the club adjourned
to meet al Unionville, on Saturday, Sep
tember 12, 1880.
D. 8. K ICI.LKR, Secretary.
picnic of the Juniata Valley Printers' As
sociation, which came off at Cresaon on
Saturday, was an entire success. The As
sociation embrace* in it* "jurisdiction" the
counties, Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre,
ClearflelJ, Huntington, Indiana, Juniata,
Mifflin and Perry. The following were
elected offioers of the Association for the
ensuing year : President, John M Bow
man, Kverett Press ; first vice-president,
11. C- Dern, Alteon* 7ViAa*; second
vice-president, George B. Goodlander,
Clearfield Republican; secretary, W. K.
Buckingham, Altoona (Ml; treasurer,
Frank Willoughby, Huntington Sew*;
executive committee, James F. Mirkel,
Bedford Gazette; James 11. Irwin, Al
toona Radical; 11. A. M Pike, Cambria
Freeman ; R. H. Forster, Bellefonte
la Reveille, Al. Tyhurst, Huntington
Globe ; J. B. Ransom, Indiana Democrat:
John W. Bpeddji, Port Royal 7Vm*s
George Shorm, Newport ledger ; K. Cong
rad, M'Voytown Journal.
Prof. A L. GUM, formerly of the Hunt
ington Globe, delivered an historical ad
dress on the subject of journalism in the
Juniata valley which was ordered to be
printed with the addition of a biographical
sketch of "each and every editor connect
ed with the prtws within the limits of the
meeting and picnic ol the veterans of Cen
tre county this year was one of the most
enjoyable that has yet been held. TBO
meeting al Howard two years ago was im
mense, and at Pine Grove Mills last year,
who that was present will ever forget what
a delightful occasion it was? Pleasant
Gap, on lost Saturday, was not behind
either. Too much credit cannot be be
stowed upon tba good people of Pleasant
Gap for the interest they manifested in the
affair and for their generous and untiring
effort* to make it so grand a success.
—Mr. Robert McCalmont, of Walker
township, lost a valuable horse soma lime
since. The animal suddenly dropped down
dead while at work ia the field.
Coum Ph ih s.ki.ino* Last Wkkk. TIM
la#t wk of court win wcapM with civil
<***•# and the il iiiulen of Court lliow that
Uie following cmmm were dia posed of:
William Lyon A Co. vs Jacob Van Pool
' Tried by Jury. Verdict for plain
M. I). Bilknitter v. Kcbcr'n Gootuch.
Tried by jury. Verdict for defendant.
John If. Thomas use of v. Joseph Khirk.
Plaintiff suffered non uit.
Centre county v*. Philipshurg Borough.
Cauae continued.
I*aae Mitchell, assignee of Isaac Thorn*
a, v. Lot h'tratton. Plaintiff suffered non
K. (' Henderson vs. Merchant* and Me
chanic*' I ii*iiranee Company, of Pottaville,
Pa. Found for plaintiff in turn of fl,-
U ,} Meek, William K Meek, Bu#an
M Mock and I. 0. Mek, in right of aaid
Kusan M. Meek vs William Biddle. Ver
dict for defendant.
Z. IJ. Hoover v*. William P. Ard, who
wa interpleaded, Ac. Verdict for plain
tiff in turn of $W55.44.
A Geary v*. Samuel Krydcr. Ver
dict for defendant.
Williard M'Kntiro by J). 11. Veager,
hi* ne*t friend, v. John Kommerville and
J a me* L. Homnervillo, doing husintws a*
J. I-. Kommervilie A Son. Plaintiff* non
H. I). Gardner v*. William .Singer A
Co. Plaintiff non suited.
Henry Booaer t*. J. Kreamer. Verdict
for plaintiff- in mm of $7.1.43.
Court adjourned until September 17
RICTt *s rtir Look*.— It it desired to
again open the reading room of the Young
Merit Clirittlan Association for the fall
i season, and for thi* reaaon St i* deemed
| necessary to collect together all the bottk.
| belonging to the library. A few valuable
: work# have been taken from the library
| and have Im-n held in the hand of the
reader* for a long lime, and j.er*on# baviag
• ueh volume# are requested to return therri
' immediately. Among the wt.rk* deemed
. particularly valuable because tbev le-long
| to series of the *arne kind are the follow
ing "The History of Ku*ia," by Abbott,
' one of a series of three valuable work# ;
; and "Mercy Philbrook'iChoioa" and "Tlie
Great Matt h, belonging to No Name *er-
I ie*. Perron# having these volume* or any
i other# belonging to the library will confer
' a great favor by returning them at an earlv
j day.
A FATIi-VAtTOKT A ri#rtrTMgtT.—Tier
j extensive mill property of K M. Hturde-
ant A ' <>. ,in limb town l.ip, the l*urmng
of which we noted la*t week, wan insured
in the following companies lloyal Insur
ance company, Adriatic Insurance coar
j.any. Tran-Atlantic Inrurance Company,
Manufacturer* and Builder* Insurance
j Company and Lycoming Inrurance Com
pany. During the pat week these various
risks have been satisfactorily adjusted by
Mr. Butler, of the itoyal Kiro Insurancn
(V>mj>anr, and by Mr. Bartlet, of the
Lycoming Fire Insurance Company Wo
are happy to state that theae settlement*
gave entire satisfaction to insurers and in-
I urod, and the money ha> been promptly
paid over, which we believe is about ff -
IW. This promptness in settling business
affair# abow* that all the gentlemen coa
cerned are among our most honorable and
fair-minded men, and will gain for them
eren an increase in business in the future.
—(iood groceries are something that
poople need every day. There are several
place* in Bellefonte devoted to the wperial
purpo*e of supplying thi* want, and prom
inent among them i* the firm of 8. A.
Brew A Son, who are ever ready to supply
the best the market affords.
—A Greenback meeting was held in tho
Court House last Tuesday evening, at
which Mr M illiam MrCloitan was maJo
• hairman, Measr*. Webb and Dolan,Vico
Presidents, and Mr. James Schofleid, Sec
retary. Mr. WaUon.of Williamsprt, was
the orator. He it a fluent, pleasing speak
er, and upon some live political issue
would undoubtedly make an effectivespeerh.
His audience did not number over flftv or
siaty. '
——- 4
WnMKR— SMITH.— At tb* M K. Mnra***. Dnul
i.. by It" J i Mr MirStss* Knmr
of Wno.S .P* . **ei Miss Mary A Mall*., u f
IVII-t.nt., I'*
URKRiSBt.iI—KRIMRIRK—Oa tb- 2*ih at Itps.
!2 R * T _ IV W *" ,f - *" I J Orwi.W. sa* Mm
Pboabs It nonror#, I- tb '.I Sfvro.s Mill*.
Al MAN- W KAVKR On Iba IMb albatn. at tb* wn-
Mrorr at lb# hrM*' |nb. mas Aaronaburg. by
Rr Jobn T,.ilinn,,. Mr Wat R. Simq.nl Mill
b*lM- with Mm M Knaiq# Sm. daughter at
rrwii J, VMtff.
i-trcm—nomr — oa tb* tatb at aowm. t tb*
Kranr-llrml parsons, g*. MHlbeiwt, by Br. P p.
"Ma*. Mr. Babarl Lynch aad Mm liloia J. I**l It,
buth'.d Rngnr V*il*>.
mtTIR.-R.4sa4 Bysnrt Oarttn, ft *Mb *na of tb* a
I*l* K.4*u.l Our tin. • l>m *t B*gl* Rolling Mill.
ivntr* tVomty, l*s. January IS, IMS, and dud la
Whfcstn, t *ntr* < nunty. ric, MsrStt. Smlialw
Hbjsrs. at US r M.. *4*4 M jam la, 7 axmibs *.|
IIrMBS —AI IMMbntr, Pa, na A(*t Xk. ofrbnlfta
InMtaa, Urt HaaailSnn. naly cbtM at w illUm r.
anl Kits* P. Hum**. *f*d • amtta# *m4 a 4*yt
BI T I.RR. - At RSark Bnsr. Cratrv matt . Asynvt 3Mb ,
IST*. I*ll4 fbaoslil. T al PaaM an 4 CUerSet Bailor,
*#*# Sir aaualb# aa4 sis Asya.
BABBKB. SaAAwily oa PaaAay nmralaß, Arm Sl*
■I Potior'* Mills Mrs. Iql*4l* vMo* at Jam.q
Bsrtmr. Bo|. *4*4 77 yoara, 7 m- utb, sad 30 days
RitVRR- In Potior tun*blp, cm CrtSsy. Aaftm r* of
aynrdcty. Mt.BaatacJ R..y*r, *od 87 yoara. I aaemth
att.l • S*)i.
(IBAMLT —At BUtmilt*, Raaalltaasa u> awiy, lowa
A*4**l IN Mrs tlraaaly, aitr at Bos. C. B UMaly.
ami Aaaabtsr of 3<m#v>b K. asad Kolmnta WS*r. „7 lbis
lbis roaaty, af4 *s years, 4 aaanatba
and II day*.
KBRAMKB -On tb# 744 Of *.*, aaS Mmrnolq,
BMtißhaaa "maty. Illtools Mr* Ann. >l**#.,
*l4* of Mr. Haaaaaet Kroanm bwaanrlj a ro*b!#*t <4
Hsiao# towaabljs thi* emaaty, *c—l tt| y an, t
aausitb* aad tl days