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    <II)r tfrnlrc |sb Democrat,
vol.. I.
altr Centre firmocrat.
Term* 51.50 per Annum,ln Advance.
S. T. SHUGERT and R. M. FORSTER, Editor..
Thursday Morning, April 24, 1879.
THE Greenbackers are about to es
tablish an organ in Washington city,
under the editorial management of
Col. Lee Craudell.
MR. RAINY, the colored ex-mctn
ber of Congress who was an applicant
for a Bureau appointment and was dis
appointed, has survived his indigna
tion, and concluded t > accept t'. ,#
clerkship tendered him instead by Mr.
NEITHER a revenue bill nor an ap
propriation bill has yet even been con
sidered in the House at Harrisburg,
much less passed ; and yet the legisla
ture has been in session over three
months. These hills could all have
been passed during the month of Feb
ruary, had the majority In en so dis
THE radical majority in our State
legislature arc determined to stay there
as long as they can draw ten dollars a
day, and then to leave the legislation
in such ail unfinished shape a.* to re
quire an extra session next year. 1st
the people of the State mark the men
who thus disregard their wishes and
retire them forever.
SENATOR BRUCE, got his investigat
ing committee, and promises thorough
search into the Frecdman's bank
swindle. He has a very prolific field
of villany to explore, and if he pur
sues it with vim he may benefit his
swindled race a- well a- uncover the
most systematic robbery of the age
perpetrated under the sanctity of
religion and pretended philanthropy, i
GEN. REAVER was a guest nt the
reception given hv the Union Isngue
of Philadelphia, to Gov. Hoyt. Does
the General a- a Christian and a pa
triot approve of the violent sjieeche* j
or the genernl inebriation that was
made and existed there? General, if I
you must familiarize yourself to such
scenes, in order to make the notniua- j
tion for Governor in 18*2, will it pay? |
MR. RAINEY, the colofed ex-Con
gressman from South Carolina, was an
applicant for the office of third audit
orship in the Treasury Department.;
Secretary Sherman on Thursday la-t
offered him the po-ition of assistant
ap|>intment clerk in the Treasury. '
which he presumed would lie suffieio.it
to bold the allcgiunce of a darkey,
however exalted his position or com
latent to dcschargo more important
duties. But Mr. Rainey declined the
clerkship iudignantly.
THE people of Philadelphia, the tax
payers and business men, are now hav
ing their annual groul. The men :
they elect to the Legislature in obedi
ence to the mandates of the King who
control and enthuse them once a year,
have again touched their pockets, and
demanded their diviet. These chronic
growlers may as well possess their
souls in patience, pay the taxes, and
prepare to enthtue again to swell the
triumph of their oppressots next elec
MR. WOLFE, of the House of Ueje
rcscntativcs, made charges of bribery
and corruption against the friends of
the Riot Rill, and demanded investi
gation. A committee has been raised
of which I)r. Gatchol! is chairman to
investigate the charges, which were
general, and not sjeeific against par
ticular individuals. Mr. Wolfe pro
fesses to have abundant evideuco to
sustain his charge, and is anxious for
the encounter with the corniptionists.
We hope, however, for the credit of
the Legislature that Mr. Wolfe's
charges are inspired by suspicions en
gendered iu the heat of contest, and
not by anything real or corrupt on the
part of any of the advocates of the
Till-: Republican member* of Con
gress hold a caucus on Friday night
lust und determined upon a general
j course of obstruction in the 1 louse;
i tlint they will filibuster against any
legislation upon the bills proposing
any change whatever in existing laws,
| and insist upon the regular appropria
tions. That,is, they will vote to up
j propriatc money, but w ill resist arty en
actment that will eliminate from the
statutes any of the offensive measures
they have heretofore enacted to ob
| struct the balls of justice or to control
: the ballot of the people in the interest
lof fraud and tyranny, il they fancy
j they can win upon such an issue, and
I having no honest one to stand upon,
! they should hnve the opportunity to
j try their hand. The people are pretty
j well informed now of the effects of
j these measures, ami w jll he prepared
Ito give them aw arm reception. Ao
bayonet* at the poll* will be irrc.-i-tublc,
and the stalwarts will he convinced of
the fact if this issue is forced.
hind, has been nominated by Mr.
Hayes to the judgeship made vacant
by the death of Judge (iilcs, and the
nomination will no doubt IK* rejected
by the Democratic Senate as one unfit
to lie made even by a fraudulent ex
i ccutive. Matthews is simply a stal-
I wart politician of the meanest strijie,
; without any legal qualification to coin
| mend him for the duties of a judge.
The Washington l'o*t says " he is a
miserable parti/an -langw hunger. Not
long ago, in a public speech, he gave
utterance to the belief that ' Dcmo
, erats were lice on the body politic and
ought to be combed out and crushed
under the feet of honest men." " The
author of such a sentiment is hardly
tit to drive hogs, and certainly is not
the proper person to make a judge of."
Democratic Seuators who would vote
for such a fellow's confirmation would
lie properly characterized by the ele
gant terms this aspirant for judicial
honors is pleased to apply to Demo
crats generally. Ho is good for a re
jection when the Senate act- U|M>II the
Tin: Philadelphia I'rr** has lieen in
a terrible condition for several wi-ek*
bccauac it imagined that a citizen of
this county, notwithstanding he was a
judge on the bench, felt some interest
in the Congressional contest going on
in this district. The great danger to
the republic from one who had sworn
impartially to expound the law, taking
any interest in questions involving the
purity and honesty of elections is np
paliiug to the editor of tluit sheet.
But the same editor, without emotion
or alarm can himself attend a beehauu
lian feast where the Governor of this
great state, who but three months ago
swore to impartially execute the laws,
in a state of bea-tly intoxication
made an incendiary and revolutionary
speech of the very worst kind. Is it
, not os iin|Mirtant that he who executes
the law should lie non-pnrtizan as he
i who exftounds the law ?
A COLORED emigrant agent from
Bt. Ixmis, who is employed as a super
intendent of trans|M>rtation of negroes
to the city of Wyandotte, Kansas, ac
knowledged to the Mayor in private
' conversation, that he was in corres
pondence with Senators Windom and
illaine, as well as Win. Lloyd Garri
son and acting under their instructions
as members of the newly formed Kmi
grant Aid Society at Washington. So
ssys the Kansas City Time*.
Whether this great colored hegira
from the South was the result of a
wicked hoax as at first supposed, or is
the inspiration of these political
mountebanks above referred to for the
purpysc of weakening the South by re
moving its labor, the poor deluded
creatures are terrible sufferers by the
great wrong done them. They ought
at least to make some eff >rt to protect
their victims from the suffering and
starvation so fearfully prevailing
amongst them.
"Tin: Commonwealth" a weekly
paper published in I'hilndclphiu and
claiming to be Democrutic, week alter
week i* attacking Hon. A. <>. Ctirlin,
tin- Demoeratic candidate for Con
grew in tliis dint riot last year. The
same paja-r is continuously assaulting
Senator Wallace, and in (act nearly
every prominent Democrat in the
State. It also opposes the Democratic
organization in Philadelphia and is try
ing to get up an opposition one. The
editor of this piratical sheet is the no
torious Jlichurd I'iM.r an old hirnnrle
on the Democracy of the (Quaker fity,
whose administration of the mayoral
ity ruined the party. Wiis compound
of conceit and corruption now pro
|Hises to attack every prominent Demo
crat who will not pay him black mail,
and thus live at the expense of the
party which has given him prominence,
but which in latter years has refused
to respond to his cormorant demands.
If Wallace or Curtiu would bleed
freely for his benefit, Yaux would
praise them. Some of Yaux'a friends
are a|Mj|ogising for him and alleging
that for the lost five years he lues Iwu
laboring under an attack of "to/ten
ing of the brain," nrxl that he should
not therefore IH held accountable for
his alterations. This would be a charit
able view to take, hut even then he
should lie committed to an insane ns
syluni, where his ravings would not
annoy the public.
THE Republican Senators do not
feel at all comfortable, and have some
doubts as to the President vetoing the
Army Rill with the refloating clause
annexed. The. hill as it now stands,
has an amendment that obviates tin
objection urged bv Garfield that it
prevented the President using the
troojw on rtie constitutional call of a
Ix-gi-lature or Governor to suppress
insurrection. This objection bad no
foundation in fact, but with the amend
ment the excuse is disarmed, and the
-talwarts arc loft with the naked pro
position of demanding the use of the
army to control elections. The
speeches are now made more to influ
ence the President ami force a veto,
than to enlighteu the country. They
prefer that he sacrifice himself rather
than that they suffer defeat and loose
the [ower they were allowed to wield
by the bayonet.
Tiik Riot Rill was defeat's! finally
in the House of Representatives last
week, but it seems the advocates of
the great job are not content to submit
to this decision of the Representative*,
but have chosen to present the case in
another form in the Senate, adroitly
disguised to commit the State and in
sure success hereafter. The hill a"
presented by Mr. McNeil provides for
the appointment of a commission of
five to be np|miutcd by the Governor
to adjust the losses and report them to
tlio next Legislature, there being no
appropriations in the hill, except to
pay .the exjumses of the commission.
It provides for the payment of the
corporation loss by the State, and in
dividual losses by Allegheny county,
and designate* the riot as an insurrec
THE friends of Mr. Yocum admit
that Speaker Randall appointed a fair
committee on elections and that the
issue between him and Gov. Curtin
will IK? determined solely on its merits.
This is as it should le. Under radi
cal rule we had too many partisan re
ports front that committee. If Gov.
Curtin cannot show that he received
a majority of all the legal vote* cast,
neither lie nor his friends desire or ex
pect him to get his seat.
PIIII.A ITEI.rm A has a dog show, and
it is said to lie a great success. A large
number arc entered, embracing every
species of the canine race, from the
great raastifT to the diminutive |>oodle.
Now, let them get up one to exhibit
tbeir honest I<egislators, past and
present They would make a rare
show, and would attract great atten
tion—and certainly throw the dogs in
I the back-ground.
Gov. Iloyt's Second Reception.
fVrrxajwiiKli t.' <- of Ik no* rut.
The second reception of the season
wa held la*t Thursday evening t the
Kxenutivo mansion. Notwithsl mding
the inclemency of the weather, n< nrly
eight hundred guests paid jheir respects.
They began to nriivo at H o'clock and
were received and welcomed by ilio
fiovcr nor, Mrs. Ifoyt and bicut Governor
Stone and his family. Kx-'iovcrnor
If ail ran ft, Ay** H>yt, Mi * I'otneroy
and Mr. iloyl received in the adjoining
parlor. Ity 11 o'clock the ailkir was one
of unusual bii!! ; ancy. Among tin-noted
visitors were lion. (ialiisha A. 'irow,
Ifon. J. J. Cameron, Adjutant'icnersl
l.atia, Iloyt's Stall' in full uniform, th"
heads ol departments, members ol the
senate and lower hou-e, besides a great
number of ladies. The floral display
exceeded any previous attempt at the
Executive mansion. Numerous hoi
house pi hil l and exotics were grouped
in the pallors and through the house
generally, and shed th'ir fr.igratj.-e in
profusion. The beautiful callo lilly min
gled with green leaves entwined itself
HI and through the balusters and wound
its way up the broad stairway. In the
centre of the banqueting | trior stood a
floral decoration al out five feet high
composed of choice fl iwer. and foliage,
tn tho western rami r was the Key tone
in buff on as .lid base which attracted
considerable attention for it* symmetry
and perfection in design. In the rear
of this room was the coat of aims of tho
great statu of i'ennsylvanin. It was a
master ptcce. a triumph of success. The
shield was coni|>*ed of pink flowers
with the ship of State in tho centre, of
violets. The pain horses rampant were
a mio* of white flowers, with hoofs of
violet*. A fine little green spray repre
sented the loom n in*, and the feathery
painpo*, their flowing tails. Tho eagle
was made up of heliotrope, and the
words, "virtue, liberty, and independ
ence,'' composed of all colored small
flower*, were legible on a white ground.
Mosse* an l green* hung heavy front the
chandeliers and liouqui'U ami flower
stand* peeped out of innumerable reces-
M-S and corners, and seemed like the
voice of sparing in "the lsmi of sun and
flowers," breathing their silent greeting
to all.
Weber's string band furnished the
music anil the house fairly vibrated a*
the festive crowd whirled through the
varying dance. The gar dresea of the
ladies cut low in the height of the fash
ion, "flowed f.iun-1 one in river# of
white," and blending with the sontbte
dre*s suits of tho gentlemen, made a
pleading contrt. The entertainment
consisted of coflee, chocolate and lem
onade. Altogether, the affair was adc
ruled auccers. M. A. J.
TIIE Republican* are now making
mouths at the Democrat* because ol
the appointment of one of MoecbyV
lieutenants to a subordinate position
in the Capitol. It i* only a small off
set to the ap|Niintment of Mow-by him
self by Grant and Hayes to more dis
tinguished position*.
Tn* CIHNIR QI-BSTIO* lis* rather
dropped out of putdic attention of late,
but the negro exodus from the Mouth is
beginning to revive its discussion in a
new form. The Vicksburg Hem/,1, one
of the leading paper* in >(it*i*ippi, in
recent atticln reviewing the North
ward movement from its section, plain
ly declare# that if it continue* it will
reopen the Cuinese immigration que*-
tion with tenfold force; California may
not want the Chinese, but "if the South
i* robbed of her Ialor she will, and,
what i* more, ah will have them." The
Vicksburg pije-r even reporta that a
movement i* already on foot to call a
convention of leading men in tho Mis
sissippi valley to consider tho question
and declare* that the largest cotton
producers, merchant* and business men
of all sort# are in favor of starting a
line of steamer* between New Orleans
and China "that will tiring millions of
laborer* here if necessary." It is hard
ly probable that we shall see either
block men leaving the South or yellow
men coming in bv the million, hut such
rt.icle a* the Ifcrjhf * are decidedly
o*l of the agents collecting subscrip
tions to send the colored people to Kan
ass recently approsched Senator Rruoe,
and asked him if he would subscribe to
the Kansas fund. "Which one!" quer
ied itruee, "to send the emigrant* to
Kan* AS or to bring them back?" "To
send them there, of course," responded
the other emphatically. "Well, no,"
answered the colored senator from Mis
sis*! pi, "I expect to have to subscribe to
bring them back, so 1 think I'll waif."
Itruee says very posit ively that lie thinks
that this hegira will indubitably bring
disaster and trouble to the negroee.
Ted Oaths rr Juror*#
Kk-iii ]|.iii>).ur K I'.iriol.
In reply io a correspondent the Phil
adelphia I'rctt ptofca*es to give uu im-
I'ount ol the mantling of tin-juror's test
j ''"'lis and at tho ri-a#oti why it is the
. (• ii.e of •• no touch debate in Congress."
Phe Prut labors 1 1, prove tint this
w retched miim bronUm in tha legislation
ot the country ought to stand because
'• the spirit of rebellion still lives in the
*"Uth and because it i* a reiiiiti'ler to
the people of that section of tho odious
domination of the I 'nidi over the'lon
fwier,*jf. I nPee reasons with others
eijUßiiy potent uu I liberal are so worthy
ola stalwart that there j. no need to
quarrel with them, hit the Prttt has
not been ingenuous towards its con lid
iug corie-p.iti hut. It has not told him
that th|> tet oatli for juror*, was repeal
• *1 by a Republican I ingress as early as
l s i-i hut v,as r* -enacted in the revised
-tatutes by uu inadvertency. It was
not the intention of Congress to re en
a ; the test oath, but the section con
taining it was taken up in a mistake bv
the commission to revise the iaw-. and
when the revised statutes were re enact
ed 111 a I rely til- sections pr SCTibillg
the jurors test oath was found among
theiii. 1 his fact was shown so clearly
in the Senate in the last session of Con
gress that the repeal of the test oath
was assented to in that body with
scarcely any opposition on the part of
the Republican majority. In the House
the repeal was passed in the civil ap
proj nation bill but fell m the disagree
ment with the Senate which led to the
extra session. 1 hss part of the history
has been omitted by the /Vc-j in its ttc
Count ol the test oath.
So r has the I'rrtt seen fit to inform
its corrosjsaiident that the jurors' oath
is but a remnant of the t—t legislation
enacted by Congress in 1862. All the
rest has been wiped from the statute
tsook which exelu fes a eiti/ n from the
jury box unless he can swear that he
lias never directly or indirectly given
ai<l and comfort to the late relellion.
fbe oath is no longer required of >rna
tor s ami members of Congii-** and there
are fifty Representatives m the two
Ifou-x-s of Cotigrew* who could not take
it. I.x confederate* sitting as .judge* in
the I iiitei State* couiU proscribe this
oath to jurors when they cannot take it
themselves. The postmaster general of
the I titled Slates ami the solicitor gen
eral with numerous other federal ofli
cla Is, can nut lake this oath, Kxuon
federates may .it in the cabinet snd p
' ongrcss. may we.,r the judicial ermine!
may hold ingh and honorable diplnttia
tic positions, but they cannot jK-rform
the subordmstq duties of grand and
pet,t juror, in the court* of the United
•states, fsijch is the monstrous incon
gruity and alisurdity of this jurors' test
oath, and it is not strange that tin*
/'rets has taken so much pains to con
ceal its true character from an enquir
ing correspondent. Nor h>t the Prttt
mentioned the true reason why there is
so much pressure against the repeal of
this test oath from certain portions of
the Republican party. It is to prevent
impartial trial by jury. It is to pro
scribe intelligence and integrity and
pack juries with ignorance so that they
may be nisd" fit instrument* of oppres
•ion and injustice. The IVmocrals in
Congress ami throughout the country
demand that there shall be fair and im
partial trial* by jury, that the juror
shall not be excluded by prescriptive
tests that are not required of the judge
on the bench or the district attorney,
and to tins end they insist on the im
mediate rej eal of tiiefoul and infamous
juror's test oath.
Ir is stated that after the close of the
war Colonel Aliston, of tieoigio. recent
ly assainated, replied through the
Ronton Herald to aspersion* against the
honesty of the Southern people. Hi*
letter attracted the attention of Rich
ard Henry (Una. Sr., recently deceased,
and he s--tt Colonel Aliston acLiwk for
$l,OOO, accompanied by a leiter stating
In* dosire to befriend the Colonel, but
that gentleman returned it, remarking
that, while his own personal indebted
ness was $->."40, he could not think of
taking advantage of Mr. Dana's gener
osity. A short while afterward the
I Colonel lecciveil $8,1240 from Mr. Dana.
which that gentleman Iwj-ed Colonel
, Aliston would snake use of. This be
did, and two years Inter returner! the
full amount to Mr. Dana. A warm |-er
sonal friendship sprang up iietween the
two gentlemen, and when, a few years
afterward, Colonel Aliston wo* made a
happy father Mr. Dana's cheek for $,-
240 again came to hand as a present to
(lie new ts>rn child. A Sharon oorree
j (Hunlent of the I'ittahurgh Or he note*
| this as an actual occurrence.
Jitstm k F*t sr. of Newark, N. J., Sun
day evening, received one hundred
and twenty-six complaints from tneai
ler* of the Citizens' Protective Assofta
tion against parties violating the Sunday
law. The parties against whom com
plaint* were made were chiefly berber*,
milk men, cigar dealers, a few saloon
keepers and some factoriea. Among
the factories complained of as working
on Sunday is that of Rlanchard Bros. A
Dane, leather merchants, of which Mr.
Noah K. Rlanchard. President of the
Raw and Order Association, is a member.
Severs! other prominent factories are
complained of.
A m il's head does not toiPaln a
brain capable of culture and refined
rearing, but it is wonderful to what an
extent the other end can be reared.
-*♦- ——
TUB statements of the National bank*
.of Reading, just published, show the
1 total of depoeiU to be $1,277,420.08.
TEH MS: J*l..'o per Annum, in Advance.
Two coal miners were arrested at
b'ontiMUville, Thursday night, for in
citing to riot.
Several prisoners were detected on
Wednesday morning in an attempt to
escape from the Carlisle jail.
The financial affair* of the M. K.
church of ( learfield, have been put in
to the hand* of the ladies of the con
Mrs. Hannah Tyson, an old lady of
W aiker township, Juniata county, was
burn<*d to death by her clothing taking
lit '• from an overheated stove.
Cien. John A. Dix, of New York was
lying mi his deathbed last .Sunday eve
ning, his death ben g momentarily ex
pected, (Jen. Dix died on Monday.
Rev.' harle* West Thompson, for the
, lu-t twenty year* rector of St. John's
Kpisecpal Church of York, Pa., died
• tiddenly on Thursday morning, aged
84 years.
A canal boat containing eight men
belonging to Ktchewen, (Quebec, while
returning from (juebec Friday after
nwn- was upset and six ol the men
were drowned.
A man by the name of Panchot is
the champion j-e Icstnun of America,
he having won in the contest at Gil
more s garden which closed lost .Sunday
night at 11 o'clock.
Mr. William < > I'.rien, who mysterious
ly i*fl M .i.ville,< .tub:.* county, the day
be wa* to Ik* sworn in a* Purge** of the
place, has turned up in Albany, New
A ork, and say* that he was only f-oling.
Considerable in-i has been
excited among the temperance people
, of H illiamsport bv the pardon ol flor
* ernor lioyt of a liquor dealer, who had
been convicted of violating the Sunday
While a young man was reading a
newspaper in the dining room of an
Allegheny City residence, thieve* en
ter-< 1 by the parlor window and made
: ol! with a large amount of money and
The boiler in Hawley dt Co.'* steam
saw null at Shelby, Oceana Co., Mi< b.,
exploded on Thursday, killing the en
' gineer and eriously injuring two other
l-erson*. The mill wa entirely dc
-1 •troygd.
A Scronton, Pa., dispatch say* that a
-evere mow, hail and wind storm Friday
s morning, prostrated nearly two miles <-f
telegraph lin,-. interrupting commune
cation with that city until late in tho
, afternoon.
M illiam J. Ha '--ly. the Ail-any. N. A*.,
lawyer who was assaulted nd cut with
a knife several we--k# since by one of
lit* clients named Hughes,died Saturday
night. Hughes ha* been in jail ever
since the assault.
The body of Charles Huff, a Herman
*h<w*mker. no* found in the reservoir
; falls at Patterson, N. J., on Sunday.
Mr. liuffhad been missing since Tuee
j day, and the general belief is that he
j committed suicide.
An * rttawa, t i n t., dispatch say* that,
j in regard to the tuuneiiing of the lie.
(roil nver. it i* understood that the je
quired legislation will nut 1* granted
! this season for various reasons, some of
them of an international character.
A second "Blind Tom, - ' Paul Mooting
•lsle by name, has been discovered in
Warren county. He has never received
musical instruction, but can j-erform the
more ddficult pieces on any instrument
and will soon start out to give concert-'
Rer. Henry Neil!, D. lb. a Treaby
teriiin divine of Pluladeltihta, died on
Undijf, snd M years. His first charge
w-a* the Prosbyterian Church at Hail
lor-l. M o*. He was the author of sev
eral works, notably "Westminister As
sem' ly" and "Memoirs and Scronmi of
Dr. William Jamea."
Tramps fired a bridge on the Hsnni
j bal and Ht, Joaenh railroad, near Kan
sas City, Missouri, on Saturday morning
last. A train of fourteen loaded cars
and two emigrant* with their live slock
plunged into the burning chasm. Tho
two emigrants and several of the train
hands were killed.
Three cheers for the prayer-book ! A
new u*e ha# been found for iL The
other -lay a young lady who was aecoated,
after nightfall, by a ruflie.n.on the streets
of Lancaster, havtt g a g-cd sized prayer
book in her hand, valiantly knocked
him down with it. Hereafter he will
tieware of young ladies with prayer
Jflexander 8, Mooihead. a prominent
business man of Pottsvilie. died sudden
ly of heart disease on Wednesday night,
while returning home from a social gath
ering. He was identified with the an
thracite coal trade from it* early histo
ry, and he is interested in the Moor
bead clay works at Spring Mills, near
Hon. Jackson Boegs. President Judge
of the Thirty-third Judicial district,
died very suddenly Saturday morning
of apopiaxy. lie had been afflicted
some months with gangrene of tbe
feet, which the best surgeon* in the
country failed to arrest. Hi* death
from apoplexy was, consequently, a
great surprise. *
At half-past 4 o'clock Monday after
noon a fire broke out in the large plan
ing mill of 11. A. Katly & Co., of Wil
li*m|Hrt. The flame# speedily got be
yond nOntrd and spread to tbe adjoin
ing furniture factory of Hubbrad A
Monkey, the largest factory In the city.
Itoth building* wereentirelv consumed.
Hubbard A Mankey's loss i* SJ&,(W; in
surance, $25,00(1. Early $ Co.' loss is
$25,000; insurance, $4,000. The fire
originated from a hot box in a part of
the building used as a box factory.
NO. 17.