Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, September 19, 1861, Image 3

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    C|t Centre geMtrai
The 6portiDg gentry of cur commu
tiy are enjoying themselves amazingly at
the expense of the poor pigeons, which are
to be found in considerable numbers iu this
vicinity. Some of the skilled gentlemen
meet with considerable success, but the green
bands come out, generally, at the little end
of the horn. Mr. Carl Ringer a German
sportsman of considerable experience and
noferiety, appears to lead off in the sporting
line. During the year ending with the 15tb
day of September he has performed wonders
in this particular, as will be seen from the
following list of animals and birds killed
by him during that period :
Deere, 5,
Ground-bogs, 5,
Foxes, 27,
Racouons, 13,
Rabbits, 72,
Musk rats, 41.
Wild-ducks, n •
Partriges. 316,
Pheasants, 196
Snipes, 9
And an exceedingly large cumber of wild
pigeons of which hs kept no record. Con
sidering the scarcity of game iu these parts
this is a verj respeotable list.
Knitting for the Volunteers.
We see by our
exchanges from difforeut- parts that Assoeia- j
tions are baing formed ali over the country I
the object of which ia to supply our Vulun- !
teers with woolen socks, before the Winter
season sets in. The Q tarter Jlastei General
R. C. Hale, proposes to nay twenty-five cents
a pair for gll woolen stockings delivered at
llarrisburg fur the aimy— this sum to Le
paid into tke county treasury and used as a
fund for the reiiefof the families cf the vol- I
untoers who went from ths county whose !
citizens ssDd the socks. The patriotic ladies :
of Bellefonte contemplate forming an Asso- i
ciation of this kind, and a meeting has been .
called for that purpose at.d will be held in 1
ths Court House on Siturlay svousag. We ■
bope the Ladies will be present aud take j
ads ep interest iu this important luovem'eiiet, j
Ta attention ef our readers is direc
ted to the fact that Wv. Sehrib=r has refited
bis mai*:nn h l'icture Car, and is now better
prspared than evur to take pictures for the
people, lie contemplates leaving soon, aud
those wha wish one of his excellent Pictures
mast call soon,
Our Paper.
Although dated an Thursday u
riot issued uutil Saturday afternoon It con
tains tie late newt up to that time. The
E actios Proclamation crowds out several
Tk 1&< "The UumT
Are in Sight of Washington!!
To tlio nosouo I I
Js now raising a Cavalry Compa
ny, for the three years' term (un
less sooner discharged) to enter
the service as soon as the requir
ed number of men are enlisted.
Let those who wish to Serve their
Country come now to the rescue.
Are now in the field against the
Government, and Armed Patriots
must meet them, if we would pre
serve the Liberty left us by our
Meetings will be held in different
parts of the county. Let men
prepare to enlist in the service of
the Union—under the Glorious
Old Flag of our Country,
Sept. 19tl> 'CI.
JSST" " The Life of the Fleah is in the Blood,"
was said by inspiration long before Harvey's dis
covery of its circulation had brought to light its
purposes and uses. Now we know not only that
** life is in the blood," but that disease inhabits it
also. Many of the disorders that prevade the hu
man frame, have their home in it, thrive and grow
in it. The celebrated Dr. J. C. Ayer, of Lowell,
has had regard to this important fact in making a
Remedy to cure these disorders. His Extracts
of Sarsaparilla purges out the impurities of the
blood and induces a healthy action in it that ex
pe la disease. This looks reasonable, and it is
true, for we know by our own experience. Sel
dom as we take any medioine, we have neverthe
less several times been under obligations to the
A kill of Dr. Ayer for the relief which his remedies
never fajl to a fiord us when we are obliged to
Are recourse to them. Catholi*, Uulifats, y. S.
v'V The General Assembly of the Com
monwealth ot Pennsylvania, entitled an 'Act
relating to the elections cf this Common
wealth" passed the 2nd day of July, A. D.
1839, it is the duty of the Sheriff of every
county within the Commonwealth to give
Public notice ond to enumerate :—lst. The
officers to be elected. 2nd. Designate the
places at which the election is to be held.
Centre, do hereby make known, and give
this public notice to the electors of the said
county of Centre, that oa the second 'lues
day of October next, (being the Bth day of
the month) a General Election will be held
at the several election districts, established
by law in the said county of Centre, at
which time district and crubty officers are
to be elected as follows, to wit :
One petson to represent this Senatorial
District in the Senate of this Commonwealth.
One person to represent the county of
Centre in the House of Representatives of
this Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Two persons to fill the offices of Associate
Judges for the county of Centre.
One person to flil the office of Treasurer of
the county of Centre,
Gne perton to fill the office of Commission
er of the county of Centre.
Oae person to fill the office of Auditor of
the County of Centre.
In pursuance of said act I also hereby
mage known ana give no'ice, that the place
of holding the aforesaid General election in
the several election districts within the said
conntj of Centre, as follows to wit :
The electors of the county of Centre will
take notioe thaat the said General Election
will be held at the following places :
For the township of Haines, at the publio
house of John Russel, ia the town of Aa
For the twp of Ilalfmoon at the School
House iu Waikerville,
For the twp. ol Taylor at the School House
near Hannah Furnace.
For the twp. of Mi.es at the School House
in RebersLurg.
For the twp. of vo.ter at the House of Geo.
Cheukirk, Potters Fort.
For the twp. of Gregg at the Louse of Gao. j
Fur the twp. Ferguson at the School II t use i
in l'inegrovp.
For the twp. of Harris at the sphool bouse
iu Boalsburg.
For tt.e twp. of Pattoi at the houae of Peter :
Mur: ay.
For the Borough of Balielonte and Spring
twp at the Courthouse in said Borough.
For the twp. of Walkir at the school house
iu llublers.burg.
For toe twp, of Howard at the house of Mrs. j
Eiizv Tipton.
For the twp. of Rush at the School House in
For twp. of Suowshoe at the school house j
near the house of Samual Ashy.
Fur tl> twp. of Marion at the school house 1
At Jacksonville.
For the Borough of Mileaburg and Boggs tp ,
attbe sehoul house in said Borough.
For the tw of Huston at the former place of ;
ho'dir.g elections.
Fo- the twp of I'enn at the house of Wm. L. !
Fir the twp, of Liberty at the school house '
io Eaglevilie.
For the twp. cf Worth at the school house
in Port Matilda,
For the twp. of L'urtin at the school hou.se
of 11 it t. Mann.
Fcr the Borough of Uoionville and Union
tnp. in the school house in said {^trough.
" Ttiai every person, except Justices of
the t'caoe, who shall hold any office of profit
and trust under tffe Government of the Uni
ted S ates, or of chin State, or of any city or !
inooipnrated district, whether a onmmiaaion- ,
sal officer or agent, who is or snail he en- |
ployo i under the Legislative. Executive or
Judical v department of this S-ato, or of j
(Joiied Sia'es, oi of ar.y city ot incorporated !
district ; and also that every me mber of i
Cons?;oss and the State Legislature, and of j
theS-ieot or Common Council of any ii-y,
or ao> Coiumi'su taers t f any Incorporated j
District, is by law incapable of holding or j
exercising at the tame time the office of
Judge, Inspector or U';e.k of any election of
this CoinutouWtahb, and no Judge, Inepec- j
tor, or itiat no other officer of such election
shall he eligible to any office then voted fur."
And the said Art of assembly entitled an !
"Aut relating to ihe elections of this Com j
moDWealth," passed July the 2ud, 1839, 1
provides as follows, to wit ;
Teat t'a Judges and lusppctors eh isen !
aiore.said, shall meet at their respective p' -
oes epiM i .ted for holding the election in ;
their diet.ictis to which i!n*v rc*f ectiively
belong, before 9 o'clock on the morning of [
the 2"d Tuesday of Ootobff in each and
eveiy year, and each of the said Inspectors
shall appoint one Clerk, who shall La a j
qualified voter of said district."
In case tie person who shall receive tie '
highest number of votes for inspector shall j
not attend on the day of the election, then ;
tl e person who shall have received the sec- j
ond highsss number of v< tes for Judge, at i
the next proceeding election, shall act e* In .
sp'Cor in his place, and in case the Judge 1
stall not attend then t*e Inspector who has
achieved the highest number of votes shall
appoint a Judge in his place ; and if any
vacancy continue in the board for the space :
of an hiur after the time fixed by law for |
the opening of the eiectb-n, the qualified 1
j voters of the township, ward or district j
for whiuh such officers shall have ben elec- j
ted, present shall select one of their nurn- j
ber to fid such vacancy.
" It shall be the duty ef said Asssessors,
respectively to attend at the placess of hold
ing every i-eneral special or lownship emo
tion, during the time the said election is
open, fov the purpose of giving information
to the Inspectors and Judges, called
on, in relation to the rights of any person
' assessed by them to vote at such election,
or suvb other matter iu relation to the as
sessments of voters as the said inspectors
or judges, or either of them, shall from
time to time req'uire."
" No person shall bo permitted to vote
at any election as aforesed, othei than a
white freeman, of 21 years or more, who
shall have resided in this State at least one
year and in the election district where he of
fers to vote, at least ten days-knmediately
proceeding the election, and within two years
paid State or county tax, which shall hive
been assessed at least ten days before the
election, but a citizen of tho United States
who had been previously a qualified voter
of this State, and removed therefrom and
returned, aud who shall have resided in the
election district and paid taxes as aforesaid
shall be entitled to vote after residing in the
i State six moushs, Provided. That the white
freemen citizens of the United States, be
tween the ages of 21 and 22 years, and in
the district ten days as aforesaid, shall be
titled to vote, although they have not paid
i taxes."
| "Nj person shall be entitled to vote
! whose nam# is Dot contained in the taxable
S inhabitants furnished by the commissioners
! unless, first he produce a receipt for the pay
j ment within two years. of a State and ceun
ty tax, assessed agreeably to the constitution
sr gives satisfact ry evidence, either on his
oath or affirmation of another, that he has
paid such a tax ; or failure to procure a re
j ceipt shall make oath of the payment there*
I of or second, if he claims to bs an elector
' Istween the age ef 21 and 22 years, he shall
depose an oath or affirmation, that be resided
in the State at least one year next before his
application and make sttch proof or bis resi
dence in the district as is required by this
act, whereupon, the name ol the person as
admitted to vote, shall be inserted in the
alphabetical list by the Inspectors, and a
Dote made opposite thereto by wr'ting the
word " tax," if he shall be permitted to vote
by reason of having paid a tax, or the word
" age," if he snail be admitted on account of
his age ; and in either case the reason of
such-votes shall be called out to the clerks,
who shall make the like note in the list of
voters kept by theju."
" Iu all case where the name of the per
son claiming to vote is not found in the list
furnished bv the Commissioners and Assess
ors, or his right to vote whether found there
or not is objected to by one qualified citizen,
it shaJ be the duty of tbo Inspectors to ex
amine such persons on oath as to his qualifi
cations, and if he claims to have resided
within the State one year or more, his oath
shall be sufficient proof thereof: hut he shall
make proof by at least one competent witness
tvho shall he a qualified elector, that ho has
resided within the district for more than tea
days next immediately preceding said elec
tion, and shall also hiajself swear to his bona
fide residence, in pursuance of bis lawful call
ing, is within the district, and not for the
purpose of voting therein."
•• If any person shall prevent or attepmt
or prevent,.any officer of an election under
this act from holding such election, or use or
threaten any violence to any such office, or
shall interrupt or improperly iuterfere with
him iu the execution of his duty, or block up
or attempt to block up the window or the
avenua to any window where the same may
be holden, or shall riotously disturb the
peace of such election, or shall use or prac
tice any intimidation, threaten force or vio
lsnce with the design to influence unduly, or
overppwer any elector, or to prevent him
from voting or to restrain the freedom of his
choice, such persons on cut-motion, shall be
fined any sum nut exceeding five huudred
dollars, and be imprisioned any time not ex
ceeding twe.ve months, and it it shall be
swown to the court where the trial of such
offences shall he had that the persun offending
was nut a resident of the oity, ward, district
or 'ownship where the off-nee was commit
ted, and not entitled to vote therein, then ou
conviction, he shall be soutcnced to pay a
fine of not less than one huudred, nor more
than one thousand dollars aud he imprision
ed nut lobs than six months nor moro than
two years.
'• it at.y person or persons shall make any
bet or w tiger upoD the result ol any electii n
whiihin this Commonwealth, or shall offer
to make any such bat or either by
verbal t,r"el<taiution thereof, or otherwise, be
or they shall forfeit aud pay three times the
amount so bet or off-red to be bet.
" If any person Dot by law qualifi d, shall
fraudulently vote at any election within this
Commonwealth, or being otherwise qualified,
shall vote out of his proper district, or any
person kuowiug the want ol such qualifica
tion shall aid or procure such person to Vote
the person or persons so offending, shall on
convicti u be fined any suut not exceeding
two hundred dollars, and be imprisioned for
any term not exceeding three mouths.
" If any persou sba.il vole at utore than or e
election district or otherwise lrauduieufly
vote and io deliver to the Inspector two tick
ets together, with toe latent to illegally vote,
or shall vote the same; or if any person shall
advise or procure annother to do so, he or
tney i-o offending, shall oo conviction be 11;-
•d in any sum not less than fifty lor there
t,in five hundred dollars, and be imprisiou
ed for any term not less than three nor more
than twelve months.
" D any person not qual fi-d to vote in
tli Oouimouwealth agreeably to the law,
(excepting the sons if qualified cit zees)
shall appear at any place of o eution for the
purpose of issuing t ckets, or of inlluercing
the oiiiz t ns qualified to vote, he shall, on
conviction f.,r!eit and pay any such offence,
and be imprisioned tor any term net exceed
ing three months.
7-i. Whenever any ol the citizens of Ui
commonwealth qualified as here in before
provide, shall be in any actual military ser
vice in any dotachrneat of the malicia or
corps of volunteers, under a requisition from
the president of Hie United Siates, or by the
authority of this commonwealth, on the day
ot the general election, as aforesaid, such
citizens may exercise the right of suffrage a
such place as may he appointed by the Com
manding officer of the troop or company to
which they shall respectively belong, as ful
ly as it they were presout at the u-ual place
ol election: Provided, That no member of
any such troop or company, sh. 1 be permit
ted to >o;e at the place so appointed, il at
;he time of such election he shall be within
tea miles ui the place at which he would be
tn itltd to vote, if not iu service aa afore
75. The proceedings for conducting sujh
elections shali be, as far as practicable, in
ail reelects the same as are herein directed in
the case of geuerai elections, except that the
captain or commanding officer of cseh com
pany or troop shall act as judge, and that the
first lieutenant or officer second in c nitnand
shall act as inspector at such election, so far
as shail relate to such company or troop ;
and in case of the neglect or refusal of such
officers, or either of them to 6erve in such
capacity, the officer or offirers next in com
mand, iu such company or troop, shall act
ss judge or inspector as the case may be.
.76. I'he officer authorized to perform the
du,its of judge, shall administer the proper
oath or affirmation to the officer vtho shall
act as inspector, and as soon as such officer
shall have boen sworn or affirmed, he shall
administer the proper oath or affirmation to
the officer whose duty it shall be to act as
judge; aud such officer acting as judge shall
appoint two persons to act as cierks, and
shall administer to thorn the proper oatha or
77. The several officers authorized to con
duct such election, shall take the like oaths
or affirmations shall have the like powers,
and they as well as other persons who may
attend, vute or offer to vote, at such election,
shall be subject to the like penalties and
restrinctions, as are declared or provided in
this act, in the case of elections by the citi
zens at theirueual places of election.
78. Within three days after such election
the judges thereof shall respectively transmit*
through the nearest post office, a return there
of, together with the tickets, tally lists and
list of voters, to theprothonotaty pi the coun
ty in which such electors would have voted
if not in military service, and the said judges
shall transmit another return of such election
tn the commanding officer ot the regiment or
batallion, as the case may he, who shall
make a general return under his hand and
seal, of the voters of all the companies or
troops under his command, and shall trans
mit the same through the nearest post office
to the secretary of the commonwealth.
79. It shall be the duty of the prothono
tary of the county, to whom such returns
shallbe made, to deliver to the return judges
of the same county, a copy certified under
his hand and seal, of the return of votes so
transmitted to him by the judges of the
election in the companies or troops afore
80. The return judges of the proper coun
ty or counties, in which the volunteers or
mititia men aforesaid may have resided at
the time of being called into actual service as
aforesaid, shall meet on the second Tuesday
in November next after the election. And
when two or more counties are connected in
the election, the meeting of the judges from
each county's all be postponed in such case
until the Friday following the said second
Tuesday iu November.
81. The return judges so met, shall in
clude in their enumeration the votes so re
turned, and thereupon shall proceed in all
respeots id the like manner as is provided in
this act, in cases where all the votes that
have been given of the usual place of elec
And the return judges of the respective
districts aforesaid, are hereby required to
meet at the Court Ronm, in Bellefonte, on
Friday itext (October 11th) after the second
Tuesday in Cotober next aDd then and there
after perform those things required by law.
Given under my hand, at Bclielonte, this.
29th day of August. 1861.
Sept. 13. '6l. Shetiff.
Henry Ward Beecker, in his lecture on
Extravagance philosophises thus :—" t is not ox
travagant to wear jeweles and precious stones,
and to be arrayed in silks and satins and costly
vesture, not extravagant to indulge io handso ne
equipage and delightful parks and plaasure
grounds. Not extravagant to have a luxurious
home and costly appeudages, provided always,
the cost of tfcein is within our means to pay for
them." He is regarded ns good authority on
what is beautiful, and says that houses speak,
from whieh \yo infer that walls speak too. These
covered with tosteful Paper Hangings with neat
appearance and inviting look., say, '-\Ve are cheer
ful, come enjoy our association," while others
bare or defaced, with repulsive look, repel, if they
do not totally unfit one for business or employ
ment Readers what is the condition of fire
walls of your home ? If you would havo them to
your taste, you cannot fail to find suitable Paper
Hangings at the lowest cash prices by examining
ths exter.siue stock of Howell and Bourke at the
N. E. Corner of Fourth and Market streets, Phil
J2h&- As our readers know, it is not often we
notice patent medicine of any kind, but there is
something to good in the Restorative Cordial of
Prof. YVood, and it is so pleasant with all, that
we step aside from our usual practice to recom
mend this scionrific tonic Cordial to our readers.
It will no doubt do all '.bat is claimed for it. The
name and world wide reputation of the inventor
is a suffieicu t guarantoe for that, hut we have tried
it, and know it will exhilerate and strengthen by
toning up the weakened oigans, and enabling
them to perform all their function-. Reader tiy
it, and we lear not your verdict. See advertise
have you seen Prof. Wood's ad
vertisement in our paper. Read it; It will inter
est you
TRE CO.—Jacob Mouser, of Harris twp., of
fers himself as an Independent candidate for the
ollio-ecf Associate Judge at the ensuing election
if they think him capable, and worthy ot the of
fice, he will be very thankful for their support.
CENTRE COUNTT-.I respectfully offer my
self to your consideration as an Indipendeut Can
didate for the Office of Treasurer of Centre Coun
ty at the ensuing election. If elected I hereby
piedge myself to discharge the duties of said office
to the best of my ability, and to contribute the
one-half of the usual per centage accruing, to
said officer for his services to the soldiers relief
fund. Fer the faithful performance of all which
I am prepared to ret der to the proper authorities
the most ample sepurity.
J.I tween the undersigned being about to termi
nate Vv limitatiou, all persons knowing them
selves indebted to the firm of TONNER A STEEL
are hereby notified to oall and make tottiament.
For tbe purpose of closing out as soon as prac
ticable the stock ou hand will be sold at a low fig
ure for caR. JOHN TONNER,
Sept. 10, '6l. 3t. JAMES STEEL.
JL And Tax Payers of Centre Ccounty.
County Commissioners' Office, )
Beli efuste, Pa., September 0;h, 1861. J
The Collectors of Tuxes for the different town
ships of this county are hereby notified that the
funds of the county are eutirelv exhausted : that
the Soldier-' Relief Funi has no means nhere
with to meet the demands upon it lor tho next
semi-monthly payments, and that the families
must have the support provided for by law. The
Collectors are therefore instructed to adopt the
uioet prompt and energetic measures for the col
lecting and paying over, within the mtxt two
weeks from the tluio hereof, of all tho money co'.-
&We must have money ; and this urgent neeessis
ty induces the Board of Comm ssioners to appeal
to the tax-payers to pay up immediately, and thus
relieve them from their embarrassments, aud the
humiliating necessity of turning poor women away
without tho means of si pport which they and
their children expect to receive, while their husi
bands, and brothers are defending tho Govern
ment of our Country.
By order of tbe Commissioners.
S. M.IRWIN, Clerk.
Sept. 12, 'ol.—2t.
Letters of Ad
ministration on the estate of John Kremer, lata
of Pine Creek, Ilaines twp., have been gi anted to
the undersigned, who request all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate to make im
mediate payment, and those having claims to
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
Sopt 5, '6l. 6t.
To the Orphan's Court
.of Centre county, fit the matter of the Estate of
James Ardry, dee'd.
The Auditor appointed to make distribution of
tho balance of tbe money in the hands of A. R.
Barlow and Jas Ardry, Adm'rs. of the estate of
James Ardry. dee'd., to, and among the persons
legally entitled thereto, will meet all persons in
terested therein, for the purposes of his appoint
ment on Saturday, Octoper sth, 1861, at 10 oml'k
A. M., at his office in Beilefonte.
A. 0. FURST, Aud'r.
Sept. 5,'61. It.
At Stormstown Centre Co., Pa. J
THE undcrs igned has just returned from the ;
East with a ,'jcotl assortment of the Latest
Styles of Goods, which, owing to tbe present gen- j
eral depression in business, induces him to offer |
his goods at a very small advance of CITY' COST, I
FOR CASH. Persons wishing to purchase at the
above rates will do well to call and examine for :
themselves, before purchasing elsewhere, at the
New Store in Stormstown.
June 13,'61,— tf.] A. R. BARLOW.
Lbwistown, Pens'a., Aug. 1, 1861.
HIS Excellency, the Governor of Pennsylva
nia, has tend red to me and 1 have accepted
tho command of one of the ten Regiments of In
fantry recently required of this State by the Pres
ident. Each of the companies will be of the
maximum standard authorized by law, to wit ;
One Captain, one First Lieutenant, one Second
Lieutenant, one First Sergeant, four Sergeants,
eight Corporals, two Musicians, one Wagoner,
and eighty-two privates.
CaptaiDS of companies desirous to be mustered
into this Regiment will report at the earliest day
possible, to myself, at this place, or West Chestor,
Pa., or to Lieut. Col. William Brisbin, Wilkes
barre, Luzerne county, or to Major T. M. Hu
lings, Bellefonte, Centre county.
Col. Pa. Volunteers.
17 M.BLANCHARD- attorney
j, -AT-LAW, Bklleontk, I'ens'a. Office
formrly occupied by the Hon. James Burnside.
Jan. 19, '66.-tf.
Conner & Sitcl,
The largest assortment of goods ever before offered
for sale by them, consisting,
as heretofore of all such staple goods as are usually
kept in a country store, together with all the
Black and Fancy Silks, Brocades, Madona's De-
Beges, Swages, Barage detains, Delains, Challi
delains, Poplins, Lustres, Alpacas, Bombazines,
Lawns, Ginghams, Chintz, Brilliants, ChalliCrape-
Marets, Xanjore Cloth, Robes and Traveling Dress
A large assortment of mourning goods.
Black Silk, Thibit Cashmere Crape and Stiila
Shawls, Mantillas, Cashmere Scaris, and Shawl
Cloths, Cassimors, Satirietts, Cashinores, Kentuc
ky-Jeans. Drills, Ducks, Cottonades and
Ladies' and Gents' Hoisery, Gloves, Gauntlets and
Mitts, Ladies Collars arid Under Sleeves, Lilces
aud Edgings.
Oiled Window Blinds, Plain and Ornamented, Li
nen and Lace Curtains, Gilt Cornice for Blinds, T
able Covers and Floor Cloths.
A L 8 0,
Oakford's Hats always on hand, together with
Straw Goods, Bonnets, Shakers, Ribbons, Arliti
cials and Bonnet Trimmings.
A very arge assortment of Shoes and Boots for
men, women and children.
Queensware, Ccdarware and Groceries.
To their much enlarged stock of Hardware Sad
dlery and Coach Trimmings.
Bellefonte, June 6, -01—tf.,
ITABE pleasure in informing my friends, that
I hr.ve opened an office at
No. 18 North Fourth Street, Phil'a.,
where I will attend to the purchase and sale of
every description of Goods and Property entrust
ed to my care.
My long experience and thoaough knowledge
ot the different branches of Trade, will enable me
to give abundant satisfaction to all my country
friends and others, who mas faaor me with their
orders and consigumeuts.
I shall he constantly in the market, postoe of
'all the styles aud prices, and will give my friends
the benefit of my knowledge and experience.
I ieed not say to you that I shall be able to
purchaie goods at lower prices, and on more fa
vorable terms, than oRe who only oceasiouly vis
its the market.
Mp charges will always be reasonable and sat
1 am also agent for some of our principal Man
ufacturers. and have constantly on hand
All Goods consigusd to me will be kept filly
N. 15.—1 will also give Legal, Commercial or
Private information, freo of charge.
The money should accompany all orders
for small parcels. Respectfully Yours,
Rekkrcks: —.d. L. Uatlowell & Co., Garret &
Martin, Sbortridge, Bro. A Co., C. 11. <fc George
Abbott, Weaver & Graham, Philadelphia.
E C. Humes. John Tonuer, Belllefoule.
Phil'a. Aug. ID. 1801.—", m.
North-East Corner cf the Diamond,
r PIIE UNDERSIGNED would respectfully in
-1 lornt his patrons and the public generally
that he has just returned from Eastern Markets
where he has purchased and is now selling the
largest and be t assortment of DRUGS. MEDI
CINES, FANCY ARTICLES, Ac., ever brought
to this countiy. He ha-' constantly on hand al
the approved PATENT MEDICINES of the day.
togethor with a large assortment of the TOBAC
CO A SEGAR-\ of the best brands.
Also, a fine assortment of ?lain and Fancy
TOYS of every description, also
Prescriptions and laiui.y receips carelully and
promptly filled.
Thankful for the patronage he has received du
ring the last four years, be solicits a continuance
of the sami, and from the experienco he has had
he feels confident of giving satisfaction.
■ Nov. 15, IB6o.—tf,] FRANK P, GREEN
(Successors to G. W. Jackson,)
HAVE just received a largo and ex'ensive j
assortment of
ilats and. Caps,
dec., &c.
Their stock of Spriug and Sunnier Ladies' <tin- !
cy Dress Goods, cannot bo excelled by any other ;
house i Central Pennsylvania, and embraces cv- ;
ery variety of style and quality. The
are also very superior—while the supply of Gro- j
ccries, Teas. Coffees, Ac, is worthy of the ntten- i
tion of the public and customer. Apr 4, '6l; {
required to collet the Kelief Tax as far as
possible and pay the same to the County Treas. '
urer at the August Court. The law ha 3 made it
our duty to provide for the families of our volunv
teers while the are away battling tor the Constitu- i
tional rights nnd liberties of the American poople :
and to do this wo must have funds
By order of the Commissioners.
S. M. IK WIN, Clerk ;
CAME to the residence of tho subscriber' in I
Spring Township, about the first of June a
Red lieifer, wfth some white spots, a notch in the
I right car, about two years old. The owner is
! requested to come forward, prove property, pay
' charges and take her away, otherwise, she will
be sold according to law.
Aug. 13th 1801.
TICLES OP AGREEMENT neatly and cor
rectly executed. Also, attention will be given to
the adjustment of Book Accounts, and accounts
f Adminstratior s and Executors prepared for filing,
office next door to the Post Office.
Oct., 19th, 'SB, WM. J. KEALSII.
W W. WHITE, DENTIST, has per
. mauently located in Boalsburg, Centre
i County Pa. Office on main st., next door to the
; store of Johnston A Keller, where he purposes
practising his profession in tho most scientifia
I manner and at moderate charges.
I -
XX BELEEI-'ONTK, PA., will attend promptly to
all business entrusted to his eare. Office on
Northwest corner of the Diamond.
Will practice in the several Courts of Centre
and Clinton counties. Jan. 24,'f11-tf.
And for the epeeUy cure of the following comjilnutffl:
Scrofula and Scrofulous Aifcc tionssiu U
as Tumors, Dicers, Sore*, Abruptions,
Pimples, Pustules, ltlotches, l>oi**,
Plains, a.nd all JLAiseases.
' Qa klaSb, Jud., 6th .1 into, 1559,
J. C. A run & Co. Gents: 1 fc.-l it my luiy to fee*
knowledge w-Lat Fm.-mparilii has done lor iOe.
Having inherited a Scfofntoub iifipctw.-n. I hvt> sulloned
from it in various ways for Fonietiiiies it bidst
out in Ulcers on my hands and aims; sometimes it
turned iiiward and distressed me at the shjinijlh. Two
years iigo it broke out on my head and my scalp
and ears with one sore, whkjli was painful itiol l<atli9onie
beyond description. J tried many uit*dirii.-s and sC-vei'Hl
physicians, but without much relief from any thing. In
fact, the disorder grew worse. At length i was fi'joiced
td read in the Gospel Messenger that >u bad pjvparcd
an alterative (Sartmpaiilla), for 1 knew from your reputa
tion that tiny thing you mailt* must he good. I sent to
Cincinnati and got ami used it till it cured me J took
it, as you advise, in small doses of a teaspooufi.l over a
month, and used almost three bottles. \cw and healthy
skin soon began to form tinder the scab, which after a
while fell off. My skin is now clear, and 1 know by my
feelings that the disease Ims gone from toy system. You
can well believe that I feel what I am saying when I teil
you, that I hold you to be oiie of the Mystics of the ago,
aud remain over gratefully. Yours,
A Li*'it LD I). T ALLEY,
gt. Anthony's Fire. Rose or Erysipelas,
Tetter aud Salt Itliciun, Scald Head,
llingworm, Sore Eyes, Dropsy,
Dr. Robert M. Preble writes from Salem. X. Y., 12th
Sept., 1*59, that he has cured an inveterate case of.
Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by the
persevering use of our >at saparilla, and ul.-o a dangerous
Malignant Erysipelas by large doses of the same; says
he cures the common Eruptions by it constantly.
Bronchocele, Goitre or Swelled Neck.
Zebtilon Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes : Three bot
tles of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Gtnlre — a hid
eous swelling oil the neck, which 1 had suffered from
over two years."
Lcucorrhoea or Willi**, Ovarian Tumor,
Uterine Ulceration, Female Diseases.
Dr. J. B. S. Charming, of New York City, writes ; • I
most cheerfully comply with the request of your agent iu
saying I have found your Sarsaparilla a most excellent
alterative in' the humorous complaints for which wi
employ such a remedy, but especially in Fhnule Disease,
of the Scrofulous diathesis. 1 have cured mauy inveter
ate cases of Lencorrhcea by it. and soiue where the corn
plaint was caused by ulceration of the uterus, 'The ulcer,
arion itself was soon cured. Nothing within my know!
edge equals it for these female derangements."
Edward F. Marrow, cf Nowlmry, Ala., writes, " A dan
gerous ovarian tumor on ouo of the females In my family,
which had defied all the remedies we could employ, hn&
at length been completely cured by your Extract of Sar
saparilla. Our physician thor.got nothing but extirpifc
tion could afford relief, hut he advised the trial of 3*01..
SarsapArilla as the last resort before cutting, ami il
proved effectual. After taking your vcutody eight weeks
no symptom of the disease remains."
Syphilis and Mercurial Bhease.
NEW ORLIAIfS, 25th August.,
DR. J. C. AYKR: Fir, 1 cheerfully comply with the re
quest of your agent, and report to you some cf the effects
1 have realized with your Sarsaparilla.
I have cured with it, in my practice, most of the com
plaints for which it is recommended, and have found its
effects truly wonderful in the cure of Venereal ami JMer
curial Disease. One of ray patients had Syphilitic ulcers
In his throat, which were consuming his palate and the
top of his mouth. Your FaTxaparilla, steadily taken,
cured him in five weeks. Another was attacked by sec
ondary symptoms in his nose, and the ulceration had
eaten away a considerable part of it, so that I believe tlio
disorder would soon reach his brain and kill hiiu. But it
yielded to my administration of your Sarsaparilla; thy
ulcers healed, aud he is well again, uot of course without
some disfiguration to his face. A woman who had boon
treated for tho same disorder by mercury wan suffering
from this poison In her bones. They had becomo so sen
sitive to the weather that on a damp day she suffered ex
cruciating pain in lier joints and bones. Sbo, tco, was
cured entirely by your bartmparilla in a few weeks. I
know from its formula, which your agent gave ine, that
this Preparation from your laboratory ninet lea great
remedy; consequently, these truly remarkable results
with it have not surprised me.
Fraternally yours, G. Y. LARIMER, M. D^
Rheumatism, Gout, Diver Complaint.
INDEPENDENCE, Prestou Co., Ya., 6tl July, 1859.
DR. J. C. AYEK: Fir, I have been afflicted with a pain
ful chronic Kheiimaiism for a long tiiuo, \vhi< h buttled tho
skill of physicians, and stuck to me iu spite of all tho
remedies I could find, until I tried your Sarsaparilla. Owe
bottle cured ma iii two weeks, and restored my general
health so much that I am far better than before 1 was
attacked. 1 think it a wonderful medicine. J. FKKAM.
Jules Y. Getchell, of St. Louis, writes: "1 have
afflicted for years with an affection of the Liver , which
destroyed my health. I tried every thing, and every thing
fulled to relieve me; and 1 have l**en H broken-down man
for some years from uo other cause than derangement of
Vie Liver. My beloved pastor, the Rev. Mr. Espy, advisod
me to try your Sarsaparilla, because he said he knew you,
and any thing you made was worth tryiug. By the bless
ing of God it has cured me, and bus so purified my blood
as to make a new man of me. 1 feel young again. The
best that can be said of you i uot half good enough."
Schirrus,Cancer Tumor*, Enlorgrmcut,
Ulceration, Caries and Exfoliation of
tlte lioiics.
A great variety of cases have been reported to us vrber*
cures of these formidable complaints have resulted from
the use of this remedy, but our space here will not admit
them. Some of them may he found in our American
Almanac, which the agents below Darned ara pleased to
furnish gratis to all who cull for thehi.
Dyspepsia, Heart Riene, Fit*, Epilep
sy, Melancholy, Neuralgia
Many remarkable cures of these affections have been
made by the alterative power of this medicine. It stimu
lates the vital functions into vigorous action, and thus
overcomes disorders wfifali would be supposed beyond its
reach. Sucli a remedy lias long been inquired by the ne
cessities of the peoplo, and we are confident that this w ill
do for them all that medicine cau do.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Conglxs, Colds, Influenza, Ilosrscnflse,
Croup. Bronchitis, Inrlpieitt Con
sumption, and for the Relief t
of Consumptive Patient! /
til advanced Stages
of the Disease.
This is a remedy so universally known to surpass any
other for tho cure of throat and lung complaints, that it
is useless here to publish the evidence of its virtues. Its
unrivalled excellence for coughs and colds, and its truly
wonderful cures of pulmonary disease, have made it
known throughout the civilized nations of the earth.
Few are the communities, or even families, among them
who have not some personal experience of its effects
some living trophy in then* midst of its victory over the
subtle and dangerous disorders of the throat and lungs.
As all know the dreadful fatality of these' disorders, and
us they know, too. the effects of this remedy, we need nut
do more than to assure them that it has now all the vir
tues that it did have when making the cures which have
won so strongly upon the confidence of mankind.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYES S ■ CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold bv J. Harris A Co., D, llefo'nte: J. Uing
Unionville; R. D. Cumuiinjrs, Port Matilda : Ke
bler & Co., Stormstowu ; If. Foster, Millhoira ;
D. 0. Bower, and (Iross A Yeariek, Anronxburg ;
C. (I. Ryman, Milesburg, and by one tr der iu
every village in the country, fjan. 10. '61.-ly.
During the pad year ive have introduced to j
the notice of the medical profession of this coun- \
try the Pare Crystalized Chloride of Propylamine, j
as a
and having received from many sources, both
from physic ians of tho highest standing and from i
patients, the
Most flattering Testimonials of its real
value in t he treatment of this puinlul and obsti
nate di seuse, we are induced to pxesent it to the
public in a form READY FOR IMMEDIATE
USE, which we hope will commenditself to those
who are suffering with the afflicting complaint,
and to the medical practitioner who may feel dis
posed to test the powers of this valuable remedy.
ELIXIR PROPYLAMINE, in the form above
spoken of, has recently been extensively experi
mented with in the
md with MARKED SUCCESS (as will appear
from tho published accounts in the medical jour
JS3S?* It is carefully put up ready for irnmedi
te use, with full directions, and can be obtained
Rem all the diuggists at 75 cents per bottlo, and
at wholesale of
Druggists and Manufacturing Chemist,,
June U), '6l.—ly.] Philadelphia.
PAMPHLET LAWS FOR 1561.—-Notice in
hereby given that the Laws of Pennsylvania
i for the year 18 61, are now ready for delivery.—
i Those persons omitled to receive copies of the
j same, willbt supplied by calling at the
' otaiy's office in Bellefonte.
Sept. Ilth 1861— 3t.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
And grows more and mere papul u- tvtry
day !
A 1 NP testimonials, new, and almost mm;
number, might be given from Indie* an
| tlemcn in nil grades of society, whoso "niie
tiinony ffdTrfr.could resist, that Prot. "W end's
HestUrntive will restore the bald Hnd grey, >v •
{'reserve the tfair of the youth to old age, in :
its youthful beauty.
Rattle Creek, Mich., Dec. 21st, !n>B.
F FROF. WOOD :—Thee wilt please acc-ept u lino to
! in'brm thee that the hair on my hdad i.i ! fell olf
j over twenty years ago, cau-ea by a complicated
■ chronic disease, attended with an eruption ■■>•> "ho
head. A continual course of suffering th ni>-),
hfe having reduced ate to a state of rep, • -,
1 have not Veen able t;. ah; in spit!' fwt <
neither have L Leon able to do them up, in so
! quence of which tuy head has suffered e.vti n. iy
Irom cold This induced me to'pav Br:-:-, A
Hodges almost the last cet-t I had OD ear, a . i a
two dollar bottle cf thy Hair Restorative „ i:l
tht first of. August last. I have faithfully i d...v
id the directions and the ba'dspot is now covered
' with hair thick and black, though short, i' "tec
j coining iu all over my head. Feeling confident'
i tl at another large bottle would restore it entire v
and permanently, I leel anxious to perse .en in
its use, and "being destitute of means te purchase
any more, I would ask thee if tbee would*; not ho
willing to send me an order on thine agents or a
| bottle, and receive to thyself the scripture b ohi
: ration —" the reward is to those that are h.nu to
i the witlow and the fatherless."
Thy friend, SUSANNAH KIK
Ligonior, Nolle Co., Ind., Feb. 6th. i.-.VJ
DROP. 0. J. WOOD: Dear Sir:—ln the l.< to:
part of the year 1852, while attending tho .-tat .
and National Law School of the Staie ul N w
York, my hair, from a cause unknown to an- <• m
iuenced tailing off very rapidly, so that !.• tie
short space of six mout'js, tho whole upper pa to!
my scatp was almost ntirely bereft of it- e vot
ing, an i much of the remainiag poitio i upon r lie
side and back part of my bead short y after be
came g'rqy, so that y„4 will not be surprised wl.en
I teli you tbatupou my return to the State ot In
diana, ciy moro casual acqu dhtanees were me so
much at a loss to discover the causeof (he change
in my appearance, as my more intimate aequain
ces were to recognize me at all.
I at onee raaOt application to the f)mst rkillful
physioians in the country, but. receiving u.< as
surance from them tbas my hair could ag in 1 c
restored, I was forced to become reconciled t" my
fate, until, fortunately, in the latter part of the
year 1157, yotlr Restorative was recommer.de i it
me by a druggist, as being the must reliable 11-■ ir
Restorative in use. I tiied one bottle, and found
to my great satisfaction that it wa producing the
ucsired effect. Binee that time, I have used sevon
dollars' worth of your Restorative, and as a re
sult, have a rich coat of very soH black bar,
which no money can buy.
As a mark of my gratifcide for yyur labor and.
skill in the production of so wonderful an nrl' ,
1 bare recommended its use to many of my friero'-
aud acquaintances, who, I am happy to inform
you, are u-ing it with like effect. Very respect
fully, yours, A. M. LAT'I'A.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Depot, 4-11 Broadway, and sold by all at ei
throughou. the world.
The lie rora'ivo is put up in Bottles of i • i
size , viz large, medium, and small; the . d
holds Va pint, und retails for one doiler per :
tie; the medium holds at least twenty pet ■ •
more in proportion than the sqnnll, retails f>, - v
dollars a bottle ; the large holds quart, -it! ;
cent, more in proportion and retails let thi<
lars a bottle
0. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, 444 T ■
way, New i'ork, and 114 Alatkci bticel, St. L' .
And sold by all good Druggists and T .
Goods Dealers. [July 1
Ann the Tarious affectious consequent upoa a disontorctl
Such Btt Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach, Colicky Pains,
Heartburn, Low of Appetite, Posponileuoy, Oostlveuew,
Blind and Bleeding Piles. In all Nervous. Rheumatic, and
Neuralgic Affections, it has in numerous instances provud
highly beneficial, and in others effected decirtod onre.
This is a purely vegetable compound, prepared on strictly
acientific principles, after the manner of the celebrated
Holland Professor, lioerhave. Its reputation at home pro
duced its introduction here, the demand commencing with
those of the Fatherland scattered over the face of this
mighty country, many of whom brought with them and
handed down the tradition of ltd value. It is note off,re>l
go Die American public, knowing that its truly wonderful
medicinal virtues must It acknowledged.
It is particularly recommeuded to those persons whose
constitutions may have been Impaired by tbe continuous ti
of ardent spirits, or other forms of dissipation. Qoueraily
Instantaneous in effect, it finds its way directly to the seat
• of life, thrilling and quickening every nerve, raising np the
drooping spirit, and, in fact, infusing new health and vig.r
hi the svstem.
NOTlCE—Whoever expects to flr.d thla a beverage wid
be disappointed; but to the sick, weak and low spirited, it
will prove a grateful ai omatio cordial, eoseessed of singular
lemediHl properties.
The Genuine highly concentrated Beer have's Holland
Bitters is put up in half-pint bottles only, and retailed at
ONE DOLLAR per bottle, or six bottles for FIVE DOLLARS. Tbe
great demand for this truly celebrated Medicine has induced
many imitations, which the public should guard against
#3- Beware of Imposition, gee that our name is ou the
label of every bottle you buy.
Sold by Druggist* generally. It oan be forward*!
by Express to most points.
jpharmarnttists and Cknrnts
HAVING rented the above named Hotel, the
undersigned wwul t respectfully inform the
citizens of Centre county, and the traveling public
generally, that he is prepared at all timc3 to sup
ply those who may make his {rouse their Ilomo,
with good substantial Fare, nud accommodations
1 eoual, if not superior to many of the City Hotels.
Ilia Talalo
is always furnished with the very best the market
will afford, and every effort will be made in this do
partment to cater to the tastes of even tho mo. t
' fastidious.
Ills Bar
, will be found to contain tin excellent assortment
1 of liquors of all kinds
are clean and good, eo that those who wish to en
i joy tbem, may have nothing to do but to wrap the
j mantle of their couch abou- them, aud lie down
to pleasant dreams, and
His JStatole
is large and commodious und will be kept con
stantly supplied with the best of Hay and Outs.—
His Ostler is attentive and accommodating, and
plays his part o r the Drama well and with great
credit to himself.
P. B. KEPHART. Prp,r-
April 12,—'60.
1 BELLE* Oi\E, FA. r
T T is conceded by everybody that is man enough
; to wear a beard, that the plaoe to get shaved
easy, clean and neat, is at the Fashionable shop,
just opposite Isaac May's store. Good Raior.-,
keen aud sharp, kept constantly on hand, Hair
j Dressing, shampooing, <ko,, Ac., attended to in
i the most workmanlike manner, The undersigns i
i thankful for past favors, solicits a continue -
of the same, 31. GRAHAY