Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, September 20, 1860, Image 1

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    W ; J. 3> Jl Jt '(
f GLUME 26.
_7~ x • " ■-T^:
Bp &jje Centre gcntocrai.
I- Office in the Arcade Building, Second Floor.
r t * TERMS. $1,50 if p.-vid in advance or within six
* jwk'jnonths after subscribing,otherwise $2 will invuri
f ~'s Aoly be charged. No subscriptions received for
Y?S shorter period than six months and none d:s
--" j&Qontinued, unless at the option, oi the editor, until
'Wyall arrearages are paid.
A -\_LYL AiYORNx-Yo-A'l LAW, insLLneo.-r . , a
Office on Allegheny Street. ico. 10 00
17 M. BRANCH ARB™ tttorxf.Y
_IN. - AT- Lo W, Bt.'.K.ST. Psss LU.ee
iorinrly occupied by the lien. James Burnside.
Jan. 19, VO.-If.
D , LAW FoNTK, Pksna. Will attend to
ail legal business entrusted to him, wi-h prompt-
May, o '*'9.
f} -LAW Bki.lk x; k PA , vi'l promptly nh
tend to all legal business entrusted to him ffice
three doors North of the diamond. jau.l2'6o
JLJ, CONVEYANCER, Übllbpoxtb, PA., will
V aitencPto and correctly execute all busines. en
! trusted te him. [June 14,—'60, — tf.
i.. V A TTOKNEY-Al'-LAW, B v.lbfistb, Penna,
i", . i n will faithfully attond to 1 1 business en'.rus
< ' ed to him. Offiee on Northwest comtr' f iha l);a
saend. Apr. 12,'60,U.
>!?? A TTOBNBF-AT-LAW, Birtsroxra P:*:.v.v.
; ti. Will faithfully attend to a A business t t trust- 1
y" to hiia. ■Office in ihß Arca/ie. jan 5 CO.
" CrfiLL 1.. PO'a-Tsin, ISI. D.
vi* * /"OFFICE ou High street, (old office.) Jiellofonte
\ J pa. Will attend to" professional calls as
T heretofore, and respcctfu'.y oflars bis profits.-ional
9 ,ai vices his friends and the public. Oct.do 5j
fl i. rA'KI AYR, V. r> .' ts. A. BOBBINS. M. D
DTI. FAIR LAMB has associated wi: . him Bit
J. 11. DOBBINS, in the practice of medicine
xffiee as heretofore-"v- 1 ?' 1 -- • r..- •. . ri_" -
P r ,. , r ai , ' , -t- - -ni.it.lch 1:■ Oi*.
>• ■** will. .REISER, SURGEON "and
' FXdlfeiC'iAN, having permanently located
offers hu Professional services to the citizens of
Pine Grove Mills and vicinity, and respectfully
osl'.oits a liberal portion of the public palronaio.
„ . [Feb. 16, 'oo. ly.
J. IaTNGIaE. Operative
/Fx and jJJecbaniriil Dentist, wiii prnr-
IRYTT? tice all thevarious*branches of l.is
profession in the most approved manner. Office
and residence ou Spring St.Bellefonte' Pa.
[Mar, f. 'fin, tf.
TAMES RIDDLE, attorn ey-AT
• / LAW, bELLepoM'K FA. Will actten i to all
business entrusted to bim with care and prornpt-
T n.-s. F.ct'or to Gov. Polloch, Milton "-• '
| li. n. A. O. Curtin, Bcfierunte Pa. Office with
John 11 Stover - Jan. 5, '6O.
T R. -M(JFFLY, agekt FOR th
i sons wishing to secure themselves from losses by
Src, will do Well to call upon him at the store of J.
.R. Muffiy !i Co., N. E. corner of the Diamond,
/ three doors above Ailegheny strto , I'eilei'onte,
Centre co , Pa. Mar. 15, '6O. ly.
V J s muiientiy located in Bonlsbnrg, Centre
County Pa. Office on main St.. next, door to the
rtore of Jchnston & Keller, where he purposes
practising his professior in the most scientific
manner and at moderate charges. mar. L^'6o
istment of Book Accounts, and accounts
and Executors prepared for tiling,
c'xt door to tiie Post Office.
Kh/afVxs- Wl33.9<a>t o
Office and residence on the North
S corner of the Public Square, near the
je found at his office, except two wacks in
inth, commencing on the first Monday of
snthi, when he will be filling professional
ELLEFGNTE, PA.', vviii practice his pro
in the several "Courts of Centre county. —
iuess entrusted to him wilt be carefully at
td. Collections made and all monies
ly remitted. Office, on High St. formerly
il by Judge Burnside, and 1). C. Boal, Esq.
Ie can be consulted both in the Eng.tab and
gerrDac language. Slay 6, 'oii—22 ly.
. (Minus. TV. P. uacmaxd
J: & W52. P. riACOTANDS.
'OUNEY'S-AT-LAW, BULl.efonte, PA.,
ffice in the rooms formerly occupied bv
Wilson, Allegheny street, .las. Mactnanf
tssociated With W. P. Macmar.us, Esq., in
ctice of law.. Professional business inti us
their care will receive prompt attontioift
i ill attehd the several Courts in the Couujr
Centre, Cliutoa and Clearfield.
L*V, will attend pro nptly to all
tedto their care. Oiii'o in the baild9^|
y occupied by Hon, J is. T. Ilalo.
rs. Hale & Hoy will attend lo my
my absence in L ogress, and will <9H|
iy as in the trial of all causes cutruj^jß
he undersigned having, associated
ti the practise of Law, will
all professional biisioess-cntvn. ted tH|
re, Oliution and Clearfield
oris paced in their binds, will
romt Office hi
gon Aliiej(Jieny street. yr •
d. HAl't)lN(l EashioS..EUß
HAIR DKK.S&UX, Biillekoxtb, P.
i Earl >,r Shop one door : b >ve the
iso. w!. re no can be found at all t:
la, ; ' ten :nd siiarp. kept
Hair L'-essin Nlampooning, Ac ,
in the nost workman Bite
iy strict attention to business to
share of 1 public patronage. JSp!
efonte. J me 2H, IB6o'—lf.
Exchange and Notes disccfiiated ;
i-tde and lands promptly remitted.
id on -Sp* ial Deposits, LxjsJmiige
i eitiea cons istiy ou band ana for
U received.. Aqvu 7 >S
% jfamilj scto papa* —to politics, fogemtt, fifevaturc, Sticita, ®|e &rte, SBttiiaiilts. Kk Mariitis, JfnitlKgtntl' tft„
Regulations and List of Premiums j
to be worded at the Seventh Annual Fair or the I
Cent r CVunty Agricultural Society, to be held ,
at On I W >d, near Bellefonte. on Tuesday, Wed
nesday tad Thursday, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days
of October next.
All menii'crs of the Society whose dues ure paid j
■ and ail who shall be some members at the fair,
will be furnished with badges of membership,
i : which shah admi the person and ladies of his
family and minor children to the exhibition at all
times alter tie grounds are thrown open, during
tlie continuation of the fair. Tickets may be ob
i tained at the Treasurer's office, at the entrance of
the Fair Grounds. Membership fee $ 1,00. Tick
ets of admission for three days, 50 cents, bingle
L adrais.uou, 2a cents.
No one, whether a member or not, will allow
ed to enter the Fair Grounds except at the gate •
ri or bars Members will be allowed to enter the |
groutds ii cari'u.ges, with their families hut no
; hacks or other public carriages will b permitted
to enter, cor wi 1 any one beallowo 1 to ffsteu hor
- I scs eiil.tr inside or uutside of the Fair Grounds.
j A H exhibitors at tbe Fair mustbecome members
0 of the Society, ai d have their animals cr articles
. entered ?.l the business ( Sice, with tho Secretary,
; before ti king them to the field, and all who intend ■
- ! to comp. to ILr premiums at the Fair, must have j
P , their at'inn's or .'rticies on the ground, without ;
fail, on he first day of the F.ir, so they may be j
a arratio* < and in readiness for t xamiuation by
i Judge's it the proper time. T his regulation must
1 be ttrii :y adhered to, otherwise the Society will
1 1 not be responsible fir the omission of any article
t ' or aiiiq.il from Ihe list.
! No a imal ar ariitlo et.'ered for exhibition can
' ho takt i away before tiro close of the Fair, except
' ; by perr.ission of the President.
No p.emiums wi'l be pi id on articles or ani rials •
' , withdi a vn iu violation of .his rule.
No person, not a member of the Examining I
Comrai . ee, will ba alh wed to touch or handle any !
')■ t'ao f ails on exhibition, and any one who may !
i." dele ted in taking or pilfering any article from j
the tab es, will he prosecuted for each and every j
j inch cranes by the Society. All exhibitors of |
.r ; cits aie txorssslj* snj-iiiial not to bestow or
i : :ove fi in the tables any articles which they m-iy
j hove placed there, until the close of the Fair.
| Animals cr articles intended for exhibition must
, | have ctrds attached, ivith the Number as entered
a | at the business office, and exhibitors should, in all
j ; cases, obtain the cards, previous to placing their
j stock or articles in the field.
To prevent confusion, the Executive C mmiUee '
) j will ba constantly in aitonunoce to inform the ex- |
| hibitor: wl ere to pi ice their animals or articles. |
; ! Applicants for premiums are particularly re- j
e I oucsted io pay attention to the directions attached
c ' r.itr tf - r Cat'Jc. She p. Field j
C.Butter, Cfcceae, Ac ■ Ac., the statemcuts rc- j
quired of exhibitors for their article-, must be 1
j lodged with the Femerary at the exhibition.
I Ou Thursday afternoon, immediately after'the I
I F&lt, ' '■#' ■ an sucyu^
arim • J -' n
| who UaiMtrem
pJe.", V&TvT < > }*!' Y.i :
oad I |
The JiWgc IW
their respective duties at J o'clock on IVednesday
morning, (the secniv* day of the Fair,) arid tba ,
I nwi avrnr Is must be haa.ie ij >th • ! ..-:. v a-J
I five Committee the snme eve- : ■Seulgis on j
| animals v ill have regard ft the symmetry, early ;
! maturity r I general ri; litios ch.ii-ictoristic of i
j rho breed. They v ill Ynake due allowance for
l rge, feeding, and oilier circumstances connected
i with the ebrr .cter and condition of the aniii'i!.—
i They will pive no eneoarayeinent for overfed ani
! nials. Tbrv will not awa-d premiums for hulls,
] cows or l lftrs which ••hail appear to here been
, fattened f>r the rurci er—'.he oliject being to hive
| good animals of this description for breeding.—
The Judges on etoek, ii'not satiged as to ;he rug- j
| ularity nf ibe entries in their respective classes, j
! will apply to the Secretary for inforiuu'i >n, and i
. ' should'.here he any do bta, after examinaiion of
■ their coining within the regulations, or if tiny an
i imal is of rush a character as not to be eutilled to
exhibition in competition they may repoit se the
, Executive Committee, 'hat such a course may he
| adoptid as the case may r< quire.
1 Tilt fudges are expected in all cares, in waking
; their'reports, to give the reason of their derision, .
' (cspqei'illy in 'ho ease of i rituals,) embr i ciug the
I desir fie end valuable qualities ot the amma's or i
articles to whiru premiums xro awarded. This I
: rcqu sition is earnestly urged upon tho atter lioa j
of tli i Judges.
Vifien any article is exhibited to the Judges i
, wbith they may deem meritorious, but to which
' it i Yeyond theirpower to reward a pre ilium, they ;
will furnish a note of the same to ti-a Committee j
I on l i.cretionary Premiums, for their eonsidt-ru- ,
tioo and action. No animal or article can take
'' mote than one premium. All productions placed j
! in (ouipeti'ion tor premiums ma.-t be the growth |
i of ibe competitor. When there is but one exhibit
toi, although he may show several animals in a
; c'sss or subdivision of a e'ass. only one premium l
1 will be awarded—that to the first or otherwise p. '
■ the merit of the animal or article may be adjudged i
and a premium v iil not he awarded whe 'ho an- j
imal cr article is not worthy, although there bo j
no competition.
The Society appeals to every husbandman with .
in call, without regard to county lines, to coino !
■ forwari in i-id'of the odject of the imstitutmn— |
the promotion of Agriculture. The Society offers '
the widest field (or competition, and proposes to
i award cor.tpicuous merit upon the competitors be
comi.ig weuihers, from whatever county they limy
i come. '
Judge?.—Jac. Struble, Wm. Beard, Geo. Durst, j
' Jac, Moyer, J.is. AiexSud. r.
I:o years old and upwards, $4 00 j
do H 01! ,
cen two and threo years old, 3 t'i'
do 2 0 ; '
do 3 0') '
ecu one and two years old, 100 :
os. Huston, Peter I-affet.
llusser, Win. Ifiird. v ,j
a years old and upwards,
een two and throe years old, 3 00 ■
do 2 00 I
een one and two year 3 old, 200 j
iween two and three years old, 3 00 |
hn Rishcl. John H. Mitchell,Bavi d i
aily, S - S. Lyon. ♦
o years old or upwards, v $4 00 j
eon twe and three years old, 4 00 I
eea one and two years old, 3 Oil
c years old and upwards, 400 J
tween twe and threeyears old, 3 00
tweea oue and two years eld, 3 00 I
! Bos: Heifer Calf, • 2 00
2d, do 1 00
[The age of all the stock shall bo g'ven to th ■
Judges, and it is particularly requested that tho
exast age of young cattle no given.]
Judges.—A. S. Valentine, Adam Hosterman,
; Jno. M'Ca mont, Saml. He', s. Geo. Musser, (Fer
guson township.) . ■
Best AiikCow after 1 month from calving. $t 00
do 8 do 3 00
[Thi class is to be judgel by the quantity of
butter, the oows to bo kept op. gras3 only, during
the triai and for ten days privious thcrelo.
Applicants for this premium must exhibit spec
imens if butter at tbo accompanying the
same with a statement of lie quantity of each
day's milk, with the time andluanner of mi'kiig.
Satisfaciory proof must be furnished tho Judges
j as to the statement.]
Judges —Wm. Marshall, Iletry Witmcr. Rich
ard Connelly, David Spencer, Geo TV. Meek.
Best Yoke of Oxen, $3 00
Bast Yoke of fetters under 4 yeats old, 3 00
Bo?t pair of Fat Steers, §4 00
Best Fat Cow, 3 oo
; Host Fat Heifer, 2 oo
| [Applicants for Premiums ruu.-t furnish state
j meats of the manner of feeding. The Ju wiii
give particular attention to thevaimai offered
tor examination.]
Judges.—Rev. J. hn T'onuer, V. O. Duncan,
Jas. Dunlap, J- 1. Harris. N. J. Utitchell.
Best specimens of Fresh Butter not less than
five pounds, $2 01
21, do 1 it)
3d, do 1 00
Best Cheefo*nt less than ten poutds, 1 50
; 2d. do 1 00
Best ten pounds of Hanoy, 2 00
i 2d, "do 1 o*s
I [The honey to he taken without c- stroying the
\ bees; the kin-l of hives and the management to
be sta.ed by competitor.--; also the methods af
making the butter an l cheese.]
Judg c s—Dr. B. J. Berry, Wm. Kdlsr, Daniel
Hess, TV in. Put's, j-'. 8., h. M. Valentine.
Best collection ani most hand.—-me ipeci
mens ol named varieties of Fail
Apples, $i 00
| 2d, do 50
| Best Fall Apph m-t les than twelve, 50
I Best Winter Apples, do 50
I Best sweet but'.r Apples for C-'dcr, 75
do do for boiling inrCider", 75
| Best Apple Bu it >r made from Apples on'y,
with i-reined specimens of the varie
ties of fruit used, 1 00
; Best collection of Fears named, 1 00
I 2d, do 50
iTfTleflffvi^ f
j Best Watermelons,
! 2d do 50
| Best display of Mut*melons, 75
• <io 50
Best display of diffi.-ar.t varieties ox fruit, 2 0:1
2d do ] (el j
: 21, ' d, 50 i
Best dried Apples noiless than one peck to
be cxhibitAl, * 50 i
Bestdrif l Peach, s ijot less than one peck
to he exhibited, 1 03 j
[The manner of preparation of the Dried Ap- :
pies and Peaches -ojbe given to tho Ju igas.] 1
j Judges—Dr. Ev. Jug:,. E- 0. Humes, '
; Geo. BrcUaaan, Dr. R. Vanva'zah, Dr. C. R. Fos- !
Best samplo of Curralt Wine, $1 00 i
<io of Cherrjf Bounce, 1 01. !
do of Dim iiltrry Cordial, I 00 ;
do of Hum- sfiade Wine from pure
juice of tl. X 00 i
[Ail wines mus: hr ■ t b'XHt one year oh]. 1
Jmlges—l)i-. AV ,T. \7|gqp. fjon. Samuel
hecker, Abram Eld •, Jiu. Watt, Jas Dcuoui.
Best and lurg- st assortmint table vegetables SI.OO
do dozen long Rid Beets, 53 ;
do do Turnip Rot B)ets, 53 |
do do Heads Caulitl,t-ur, 50 i
do Half dozen Leads ot Ijlroeoli. 60
do do of Cabbage, 50 I
do dozen Carrots. * 50 i
do" do Egg Plants, 50 \
d > do Turnips, 1 50 ;
do pock Onions, 50 ■
do half bushel seeding Potitoes, 50 '
do do Sweet Putants, 50
i di Sweet Pumpkins, three it number, 50 :
! do Half dozen Winter SquaAcs, 50 .
' do Scmplo of Beans, 5a .
Ido do Peas, s^^
do do Tomatoes, 50
do do Celery, 50 j
! J' d^So3 —•' Irwin Gregg, RoU. Valentino, F. S. i
I Wilson, and three ladies.
Best Quilt §1 00 !
do Counterpane 100
do HearlU-ltug, 1 (to
do Pair of Honjo-made Blankets, 100 :
do llome-mlide Carpet, 100
do Made Shirt, 100 '
do Undersuiit, 100
do Fine Yurii Hose, 100
2d do 50
Best Coarse Y am Hose, ' 1 o.')
2d du 50 ;
Best Home-made 1 Soap. 1 00 :
do do \Breml, 1 00
do do P.mnd Cake, I 00
do Specimen of Pickles, 100 i
do Fruit Jelly, X 0u !
a Preserved Sfbne Fruit of any kind, XOO •
2d do do 50
Best Made Bonnet, X 00 !
do Fancy Cap, . 50 :
Judges—Dr. James Wilsuu. James P. Coburn, ;
A. S. Valentine. Jr , John V. Foster, J-mos A. ;
Beaver, and three I ndies
Best Floral Display in pots, $1 00
2d do 50
Best display of cut flowers, in baskets or vasts 1 00
I 2d do 50
[The above Committee aretofe'eot three Inures
j from those attending the Fair ti assi.ua3 Judges. ]
' Judges—John Foster, Wm. Fißeynolds, R U. '
! Duncau, John L >ve, Fred. KauJ
I Note. —The Flour may be iiiimrrelsor sacks.
For the best barrel of Extra jj-'upmline Fami'y j
Flour, made from tho least quantity >f 1
Wheat, ; $3 to !
! 2d do do 2 t') !
1 3d do do 1 0i j
Best barrel of Rye Flour, { 2 On \
2d do X 0v :
1 Best half barrel Buckwheat Flur, 1 00 j
! 2d do I 50 |
j [Compel itors to r.jauue to fc Judges a certifi- 1
! cate fr n, _; • ,^-Miller. stating t exact quantity of j
Wueat taken to manufacture Ith barrel of Wheat j
Flour, and also to state the elct. weight of
I and bran left from each bixrrg j^gp
'<• CjSi
0 leasFquantity of grain. The same rule to bo ob- i
0 served wifh respect to Ryo and Buckwheat Floor., j
The name and character cf tho grain to be also j
stated.] #
I Judges—Hon. Wm. Burohfield. Peter Wilson,'
1 P. JB Waddle, William Harris, Andrew Gregg.
Best pair of Horse shoes, $0 50
do made Piowhand.os. not les3 than three 50
do do Heat vessel, 00 j
J do Cooking Stove, 100 ■
f do Parlor btove, 1 00 j
do Washing Machine, 50 ,
do Set of Farming Harness, 1 00 |
do do Single ' do 1 00 1
do Pair of Boots, 1 00
! do do Shoes, % 50 j
1 do Side of Sole Leather, 100
( do Kip t.nd Calf Skin. 1 00
1 ido Side of Harness and Upper, 1 00
do Piece of Satinett, 1 00
do do Overcoating, 1 00
do do Cassimere, 1 09
do do Kentucky Joan, 1 00
do do Figured Carpeting, 100 ,
do do Ingrain do I 00 ;
, do Specimen of Marble Work, 1 00
do do Earthen a . i stone Ware, I 00
do Gate for Barn or Field use, I CO
do SLingle Machine, 1 00
do Stave Machine, 1 00 j
do Saddle and Bridle, I 00
do Two-horse Carriage, 2 00
i do Buggy, 2 00
i do Lot of Cabinet Ware, 2 00
do Specimen of Wood ac! Tron Fenco, I 00
| do and greatest variety _o; Tin Ware 1 00
:do do Copper Ware, 100
i Judges—Prof. David Wilson, F. S , John Noff,
Wm. Forsler, Alex. Sample, Reuben Valentino,
i i Best Plow and Plowman as shown by the actual j
i work performed, SI 00
i 2d do do 300 I
31 do do 2 00
i 4th do do 1 00
i [The Plow-teams and Plowmen must be on the
ground on the third morning at 10 o'clock, ready
to take the place assigned them by tjjje Judges.] |
Judges—Samuel Gillilnnd, Samuel Vantries,
Joseph Green. Hon. Geo. l'aal, Jus C. Williams
] To awari premiums to such articles brought to I
the Fair, and noi enumerated in the list as may I
be found worthy of receiving a premium.
Judges—Hon. Henry Barnbart, 11. N. McAUis- !
tor, Thomas Hutchinson, Roland Cartin, Bond .
Awards cf Piendums to be made at the discre- j
ticn of the Judges.
! Best slaughtered Mutton, $2 00
j Best lot of Live Mutton, not lea than three, 200
Best Buck, 00
i cst pen of Ewe Lambs, not less than f.-sr, 200 1
21 do 1 00 J
The fallowing scale is adopted by the Society, i
for the guidance of Judges The different breeds j
of long wooled Sheep, separate in their purity.—
Ihe mix i ure of one thorough-bred long woo led 1
breed with another thorough long v 1 oreed,
is mixed long wools. The different kin is of short
wooied sheep generate in thoir purity. The mix
ture ofene thorough bred . hut wooied breed wilh
I another t orongh-bicd short wooied breed, is mix
!ed short wools. The mixture of any imported ;
■ breed wilh natives are part 'treed and grades.
Judges—Henry Roller. John P. Packer, Matbow
Riddle, Robert Glenn, J,.taes a. Foster.
Best Bohr over four years old, $3 99
| 2 i do 2 09
' Best Boar over ono rear old, 3 CO
2d do * 2 00
Best Boer over 6 months and nrider one year, 3 00
2d do 2 CO
Best Breeding Sow over two vcars old, 3 (10
24 do 2 09
i Best Sow of one year, 3 00
2d cto 2 00
! Best lot of pigs, not less than 5, under 10 rcu's. 3 00
! 2d do 2 U0
. Best Sow over six monchs'aad under 1 year, 3CO
2J d > 2 00 1
| The foregoing list includes Chester, Eeiks'aire, I
I Leicester and their grades.
i Judge"—R. D. Cummiugs Joseph Shirt, John
| Irvin. Hugh Larimer, John Wolf.
! Best Stallion, heavy draft, over 4years old, $5 00
: 2d do 4 00
Best Stallion from two to four years, 4 00
'2d do 2 00
Best Stallion, quick draft, over 4 years old. 500 j
2d do 4 00
. nest Brood Mare over 4 yeais old, 4 09
p< 21 do " 3 00
! Best Stallion from two to four years old, 4 03
21 do 3 00 ;
| Best Stallion for saddle over 4 years old, 5 00 1
; 2d do * 4 00 '
Best Brood Mare, 4 &t) !
I 2d do ,J 00 |
Best pair Match Horses, 4 CO j
: 24 do 3 &,> ;
j Best Saddle Horse. Mart) or Gelding, 3 00 !
Best pair of Draft Horses, 3 00
, Best three year old Coit or Filly, 3 00
i 2d do 200 |
I Best two year old Colt or Filly. 2 00
2d do 1 00
Best ono year old Colt or Gliding, *2 00 '
2d do I 1 00 j
Best Sucking Colt under out year old, 1 CO
2d do 50
[Some of the progeny of tile Brood Mares must
be exhibited.]
Judges—Hon. A. G Curtin, Jos. Shirk, P. B.
Wiison, Henry A. Weaver. Jas. Dunlap.
; For the best Maro or Gelding in harness, $5 00
2 i best do 3 00
For fastest trotting or racking Maro or G eld
j only
j gait than these will be alloyed 0:1 the grounds. I
Judgs—Dr. J. M. McCoy, John Adams, Con- !
stance Curtin, Samuel Stiver, Moses Thompson. !
Best Jack, £3 00 I
21 do 200 !
Best Jennet, 3 00 '
2d do 200 1
Best pair of Mules, 3 00
i Best pair of Mules trained for the Plow, 3 00
Judges—Robert Goheen, Wm. Humc3, Georgo !
i Dale. David Kimport. John Meyer
Best pair White Shanghaies, $1 00
I do Cochin China, JOO !
do Red Shaughaies, 100
do Yellow do 100
do Grey Chittagongs, " 100
do Reu do XOO
do Rantams, 59^—
do Jersey Blues,
do Common Dorkings.
do White
I Best and greatest variety of fowls of all
kinds, 1 00
Judges—James Gordon, John Hosterman. John
: Goodheart, Francis Alexander, Jacob Fishburn,Sr.
For the best Five Acres of White Wheat, 35 00
do Ono Acre do 2.09
do Five Acres Red Wheat, 400
do One Aero do 1 50
do Five Acres Indian Ccrn, 5 00
do Ono Acre do 2 00
do three acres of Rye. 3 00
do do Barley, 3 00
do da Oats,' 3 00
| do do Euehwheat, 3 00
do do Timothy, 3 00
do do Clovc-r. 3 09
do quarter acre of Irish Potatoes 200
do do Carrots, 2 00
do do * Sugar Beets, 200
| do do Ruta Baga, 200
do do Mangel Wurzel, 2 00
do do Turnips, 2 00
For the best, samples of Whiio Wheat, not
less than one bushel, 1 00
I do Red do 75
For the best samples of Corn in the ear, 50 1
do Rye, 50
do Oats, 50
do Barley, 50
do Irish Potatoes 50
Awards will be made at the meeting in Novom- (
beron Wheat, Rye, Oats. Barley. Buckwheat, Tim
othy and Clover, on all other 3 on tho bids, at the
annual meeting in January next, when the product
shall be reported.
Competitors for Premiums for Agricultural Pro- !
1 d notions must produce a full mode
of cultivation, and accompany the |
j tificates of two respectable men as
measurinent of the grounds.
sample of the crops at the ExhibilßlgßßKiPS^i
| Judges—Christian Da Iff.
Keller. Robert Itoss, James GiilrrHMg . , LL-'.i.)
Best Barsbear Plow, ' 14''
du Metal do
do Subsoil do 100 :
; do Sideliill do 100 :
I do Cultivator, 100
do Harrow, 100
do Holier. 1 00
j do Corn Planter, 1 00
| do Mowing and Reaping Machine, 400
• do Drill for Grain and Grass Seeds, 300
do Corn and Cob Crusher, 200
do Cornstalk Crusher and Cutter, 200
j do Corn Plow. 100
do llorserake, 1 00
do Set of wagon harness, 100
| do G rain Cradle, 200
I do Wagon for farm use, 100
, do Horse Cart, 1 00
! do Set of Cart Gears, 1 00
: do Sweep Horse Power, 300
do Railway do 300 1
do Threshing Mochine, >OO j
' do Separater and Straw Carrier, 100
do Hay and Straw Cutter for hand power, 100
lion thereof, 4 00 I
| 2d do 2 00
[Competitors to be the makers ot the articles
competed for. "In addition to the superior claims
ef every implement as to its mechanical principles, |
; the Judges will be equally well satisfied, as to the
strength and ability of tho iron and woodwork of
the same, and any deficiency in this respect, shall
be a cause of its rejection or denial of a premiums.
I —C I II I 111 Till 11 I —— ■■III! —W
S. H. 4 UPT. Jr., i. CO.,
I) ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of
Centre county, that they keep sons'antly on !
hand, and warranted, Peir Points Patent Shaker i
and ritraw Carrier, the same thst was formerly
msnufactu-ed at Miilheim, also Threshing Ma- \
chines <£ Horse Poweis made on an improved \
Farmers are particularly invited to call and j
examine these articles before purchasing else- I
where. Grain Drills, Clover Iluilots, and all
kind* of Machines and Powers repaired ou short ,
notice. Gum Baiting tor Machines, for sale
Clover liuilers, Iron Fencing,
: Cart .spindles, Mill Gearing,
j Side Hill Ploughs, Paw-Mill Gearing,
| Wortz's ■' Furnace "
; Rich's Iron Beam " Rolling Mill "
; Iron Ketties, New W'ld cook stove j
. Bells, Hathaway "
Miilheim and Hublersburg Shears, Tin Shoot- :
Iron Ware, together with the usual variety of ar
ticles iu the Foundry line, kept constantly on '
hand or made to order.
Having in our employ experienced meohan'o? j
iu tne various branches of our business, we flat- I
tcr our.,elves in being üblo to do up work to t'ue I
: Mtirfuct.iuu of all who will favor U3 with then j
Our terms and prices are'reasonable. !
Beliefonte luly 2G,-ISGO. —ly.
i HE undersigned beg leave to inform the peo- ;
x i,le, especially tbo ladies of Centie county j
I that ,hey have purchased tie right, and ara now
This machine is far superior to anything of the !
kind ever introduced into this county. It is sim
ple of construction, and therefore durable. It
raves labor, as any ordinary women can do a
; days washing, on this machine in less than three
1 hours. No family should be without it. W)
j have already disposed of a large number of ma
! chines and are pleased to learn, that they have 1
1 proved to be even better than they were reecom
; mended. V/e would refer the citizens of Centre ;
! county t) the following porsons who have used I
I tbemachino and have found it to ie a great la- I
I and h:alth saving institution. Mrs. Wolf, j
. Hillibish Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Kealsh of i
ef'oute, and Messrs. C. & *J. Curtin, Eagle j
l works.
erous wishing machines will do well to send
be ir orders soon, Address, or call on the un j
Sept. fi-GO-35—tf. Beliefonte Pa.
EY Virtue of an order of th<- Orphans Court of j
Centre county, will be exposed to public sale ;
| ou the premises, on '
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19fi, 1860,
the undivided half of a certain Farm of tract of
| Land, situate in Worth tp., Centre county, about '
: two milos west of Martha Furnace, on tb plank
[ Road, being tho real estate of Juseph Williams ;
dee'd, bounded ou the North by lanX known as 1
Ilarland Morrison's improvement, on the east by
lai-d of William Kelley, on the syjjkh by land ofv
■ TeZftgjjpr- coutaiaf 1'
' ' : NUMBER N
. Banner township.
/BIT Office
' JOHN , BeliefoDte P W'T
J. P. O.
Ira Fisher, 4.'" ''-sfiny-
JAS. Cull, ,R "', ■ ■' J
Bvrr.sids tu
1 Jas. K. Boftk,
Geo. Michaels,
Jas. Askev, ■_■*;■.
John B. Newcomer,
J. 11. BALIS, "
Curtin township.
A. S. Tipton, Howard P. 0.
Thofl. Adams, *'
Job Packer, "
Jacob V. Knoll, "
John J, Packer, "
Ferguson township.
| FL. A, McGonigal, , Pine Grove Mills P. 0,
Thofl. F. Patton, . I
Conrad Strufclc, "
| John Bailey, Bock Springs P. '■>.
Gregg township.
R, 11. Duncan, Spring Mills P, 0.
11a i n77^HBV
James Ccburu.
Maj. G. 11. Stover,
Micliael Dougherty,
J* C. MO'z, P. 0.
Thos Hostermao, •
Harris .
Geo- Jack, P. 0.
.MC Far land,
IV. Potrer, P. 0.
: John I. Thompson, "
John .Richard*. •'
Liberty to tins hip.
I BENJ. uigget, / Beeoh Creek, P. 0
! Dauiel Khuns, "
Arthur Fcresmaa; "
Samuel Bechtle, "
, D-aiiel Pleteher, j "
Miiesbhrg Borough.
| C G. Rymao, Mil&sburg P. D.
j A. S. Davidson, "
! H. 11. Kinne, "
I U. P, Triziyulny, "
•John Like, "
Miles township.
John 11. Burnerc, PETERSBURG P. 0.
| Col. John 3. Faust, '•
I Daniel Miller, "
; Col. R. Stroheekrr, "
; Levi SNOOT, "
Marion township.
WM. 11. Swaiizj, Walker P. 0.
; Nathan Beck, J "
i S'cwart McCalieont, "
i J. B. Johnson, ( "
I W. 11. SRNY th, "
Pcdton township.
' Jeremiah Mays Butfalo Run, P. 0.
i P. B. Wad die, "
; Geo. Behis, *
John U. WAS son, "
James Chambers, "
Ihinn township.
<z, Millheim P. 0.
: .Michael Ulrich, "
I John Sankey, "
| James Duncat', "
Potter township.
j Martin Leitzel, Centra Ilill P. 0.
! James J. I iog'te, CeDtre Hall P. 0.
J. S. Foster, "
Dr. J. P. Hutchison, Potters Mills P. 0.
I J, G. Carson "
j Rush township.
James C, Williams, I oilipsburg P. 0.
John MorgaD. "
: Robert Luyd, "
; Dr. T. B. Potter, *'
; John S, RADEIHEIIR': •*- "
Snowshoe township.
Samuel Y. Ljtcus, Miflhannon ?..0.
John Askey,* "
F. P. Ilurxstill, 4 "
Joseph D. IL-lvrris. Suowshoe P. 0.
Dauiel Wolf.l ' "
! Spring township.
Jona. P. Eckeri, isoilefotp.S P. 0
David Weaver, '•
Mifflin Gtiulp, "
John A. Rogers, "
Joseph Convey, Pleasant Gap P. 0.
Taylor township.
SAMUM Paiton, Hannah P. 0.
George Marlkey, '
I John Fink , Port Matilda P. 0.
J Union township.
John Ale Winder, Fleming P. 0.
Joe-vh IlVover, 4 r* r- tso - ' """■*■■
Peur Bu„y JL65806 ••
George L. 'Peters, .* "
Jesse UcdJiwaod, "
yUuionville Borough.
\ Dr. James IB lair,
A. N. Rusiei,
r t * ,e '- : at - P-'-d "■•' '•
tib 1
I vsmpaign,
! will. Yet
a r r a'
; 4 Republican
' and then oonfidei^^^H^^|
~9'e there the
otuareritv. for
Jfc.iiny waited ft;
wh i
For practiS^work
should" a
ed in every ward nna tc^n
1. Neighborhood
as often as once a week for the
, the principles at issue,
3- The roost important work is the
of the election distriots. Every name
every election district in the Slate elioulti '■ •
and carefully classified before tin;
first day of October.
4. Although mass meetings are not ind
i pensebla to success, they will be called -
And w hen they are, every Republican v,: .
possibly con should attend them.
5. Encourage your Wide. Awake organ!/ i
tions. Unon them is to be thrown the hen y 4
work of the campaign. "JH
6. Circulate the documents.
We urge these euggestions on our
in every part of Pennsylvm
must do a great work if
pests to. asistJ2>chivirg
NcvembeF Every
ed for the
Our exchanges of all sorts,
Republican cause, are fiilled with
of the certain defeat of Lincoln
Some propose to do it in one way
in another : in short, the means
made entirely subservient to the end.
enough that Lincola'shall be beaten. Put
they never tell us who is to be olected. With
all the gasconade and blustering that fills the
air, tbote is not ona word of hope for the
friendtof the respective opposing caodidittN.
I No Douglas man—no Breckinridge man—
no Bell man claim, with any seri
ousness, the election of his favorite by the
people. Defeat Lincoln I is the aum and
substance of their storv, ar;d when that is v
* v
said their mouths arc ebsed. It roust be i
matter of some consequence to those who ar.;
expected to help [Lincoln to kouw
what is coming next. Is the contest to b •
fought over again after Lincoln is defeated !*
Unless light is thrown upon this[subject pre -
ty soon, inany who now inclined t.
support Lincoln, will prefer to vote for him
iu preference to throwing The oountry into a
state of civil commotion compared to which
the present exciting campaign is.but a sum
mer's breeze. Tho .intelligent man ofthio
country expect[to know, and they will know
or whom their votes.6hall be counted.
STUMP. —John 4 C. Breckinridge, the slave
code candidate for the Presidency, delivered
a long speech at Ashland, near Lexington,
Kentucky, on Wednesday last, entering into
a lull discussion cf ihequestion o involved i>
the Presidential caDvass. The telegraph ro
ports that the meeting was very[[large and
that the speaker droceeded to review tho
manner of his nomination for President, and
also that of.Mr. Douglas, arguing that the
latter nomination was irregular, ani in no
way binding upon the Demacratic party of tho
oountry. The Convention which uominatc.l
him, (BreckiuridgeJ.was the true expenens
of Democratic principles. The>peech bears -
hard upon DouglaH, and etronglydenounitf
his favorite doctrine, squatter
There is evidently no love
these rival, Dcmccra'icj^^^^^^^B^^B
in;- oihe'r.