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JAS. t. WEAVER, Editor & Proprietor. J
"TsegT.ijmx.iu.m l i m
Front Gleasoii's Pictorial.
Love and Spring are born together,
Twins of nature, soft and fair;
Basking in the pleasant weather,
Sporting, in the balmy air.
Mu sic of the birds returning
From the far-off southern bovvers,
Fills the heart with tender yearning
For the bliss that once was ours.
When we sate and heard, enchanted,
Songs of fond romantic lore ;
And the fields and groves seemed haunted
With these faries, famed of yore.
Happy youth ! enjoy thy season,
Fcr thou, too, art in thy spring ;
Fancy is unchilled by reason,
itMind th" blossoming.
Let thine eyes, enraptured, ponder
All that skies and waters bring ;
All that nature joys to squander
In the yielding lap of spring.
Let thy heart, the transport feeling, '
Gratefully with lore o'erflow ;
Like a stream that long congealing,
Melts now in the sunny glow.
Love and spring are born together,
Twins of nature, soft and fair;
Basking in the pleasant weather,
Sporting in the balmy air.
TIONS, PUZZLES, &C., inserted unless the
authors accompany them with the correct
Answer to Enigma, &c.
ANSWER to Miscellaneous Enigma,
(Acrostical) in last week's (t Centre Dem
ocrat," viz:—
Jona is the person of biblical notoriety.
On is the preposition.
Nan is sometimes used by the aged as an
Ant is the insect.
That is the pronoun.
Ilog is rara avis among the Jews.
Air ia what all would perish without.
Nag is the small horse.
Hart is the nimble animal
Aaron is the scriptural name.
Ring is without end.
Rat is the Quadruped.
Ing is the participle.
Noon is what arrives once each day, but
not in the fore or afternoon.
Gong is the substitute for bells.
Tar is the noun.
Oration is what is often listened to with
Nothing is what constitutes nothing.
The whole is Jonathan Harrington,
THE puzzfe which appeared in last
week's " Centre Democrat," when arran
ged aright will read thus :
I once had money and a friend,
On both I set great store ;
I lent iny money to my fiiend
And took his note therefore ;
asked my money of my friend
And nought but words I got;
I lost my money and my friend,
For sue him I would not.
If 1 had money and a friend,
As I had once before;
I'd keep my money and my friend,
And play the fool no more.
Traveller on a bad road in the
nignt, has lost his way—stops in front of
a house to inquire :
Traveller.—Hallo there, house. I say.
Female.—Voice from the window. Hal
lo, yourself.
Traveller.—How far is it '.o Punk in
vilie ?
~" r ~Female.-—"Bout as far again as half.
Traveller.—How far is half.
Female.—Guess you'd better measure
Traveller.—My good woman excuse
me if I am rather inquisitive; but are you
white or black?
Female.— White, blast ye.
Traveller.—Ah, indeed, I thought you
were black, you gave me such dark direc
Window in the house goes down with
pang, traveller goes on his way rejoicing.
SHOP-KEEPER. —" That's a bad fifty
cent piece, sir; I can't teke it ; it's only
lead, silvered over."
CUSTOMER. —" Well, now, admitting!
such to be the fact, I should say that the j
ingenuity displayed in the deception
might induce you to accept it. Admire,
sir, the devotion ol the artist to the divine
idea of Liberty. Liberty, the idol of us
all ! lie, having wrought her effigy in
humble lead, in order to render it worthi
er of that glorious impression, resorts to
the harmless expedient of silvering it over!
And shall we harshly repudiate his work?
Oh, no, sir! You'll take it, I know you !
TISING AND JOB-WORK.—The undersign
ed respectfully announce that they have adopted
the following Scale of Prices, in their respective
printing offices, to which they will hereafter strict
ly adhere:
Advertisements not exceeding one square, |
on<f or lhree consecutive insertions SI 00 1
Every subsequent insertion, 25 ;
Sheriff's sales, (each tract) 1 124 -
Auditors Notices 1 00
Administrators Notices 1 '5
Tavern Notices 2 00
Merchants' advertising by the year, four |
Squares or less 10 00
[Double column advertisements double the
above rates.]
Mechanics' advertising per year, not ex
exceeding two squares 5 00
Professional or business cards, per year,
not exceeding eight lines 3 GO
Advertisements inserted before marriages
and deaths, not exceeding twelve lines SOO
Standing advertisements, per column, per
year 25 00
Half column (standing) 15 00
Quarter column 8 00
i sheet handbills, per GO copies, or less 1 GO
1 do do do do 250
4 do do do do 350
All additional copies furnished at one-fifth of
the above rales.
Circula'S, on fancy paper, 50 copies 1 GO
For additional copies at the rate per 100 ol 200
Cards, per pack of fifty 1 50
For every additional pack I~'
Extra size per pack ■ 3 50
Blanks per quire ' 1 00
Labels per first 100 75
Everv snbsequenLlOO 25
Ei?" Extra charge will be wiade for heavy com
J. K. SHOEMAKER, Dem. Whig.
JAMES F. WEAVER, Centre Dem.
Bellefonte, Sept. 21,1853.
OLD STAND, Allegheny Street, Bellefonte,
The subscriber has prepared himself for the Fall
Trade by the purchase of an unusually large and
splendid assortment of STOVES and their fixtures,
of elegant and various patterns and sizes, adapted
to Parlor, Kitchen and Room use.
Both of Cast and Sheet Iron of the most appro
ved and tasteful patterns, elegantly fitted up and
calculated for either for wood or coal, such as
STOVE, two sizes; Russia Sheet Iron Air-Tight
Parlcr Stoves, three sizes ; (pottage Air-Tight find
t large variety ol Coal Stovesnf all sizes.
Of the most approved varieties and useful descrip
tions. He would beg leave especially to call the
ettention of the public to the celebrated ETNA
Alli-TIGHT COOKING STOVE which is admiti
and by ell who have tested its merits to be withou
ve equal both for neatness, economy of fuel or con
ehnience for cooking. Tins splendid stove is ei
ster calculated for wood or coal.
aALSO. —A general assortment ol ten plate andoth
tr Stoves of all kinds, Stove pipe of all sizes whole
ale or retail, Hollow ware, Japanned ware, Tea
Kettles, Stew pans, Waille Irons, Wrought Iron-
Pans, Sheet Zinc, &e.
ALSO.—Tin Ware of all inds of the best mate
rial and superior workmanship, wholesale and re
Thankful for past favors the subscriber respect
fully solicits acontinuance of public patronage.
EEC Shop next-door to Gratitts' old stand.
Sept 17th 1855. N. HILLIBISII.
phia Medical House—Established 20 years
ago by Dr. KINKELIN, rorner ol Thirdandl/nion
Sts. between Spruce and Pine, Philadelphia, Pa,
Are apprised that Dr. KINKELIN confines, his
practices to a particular branch of medicine, which
engages hie undivided attention, lie cautions the
unfortunate against the abuse of mercury; thous
ands are annually mercuralized out of life. Re
cent affections are promptly extinguished.
In the treatment of a class of diseases hitherto ne
glected and imperfectly understood, has enabled
Dr. RINKKLIN, (Author of a work on Self Pres
ervation,) to prove that nine tenths of the causes
ot nervous debility, locel and constitutional weak
ness, mental and physical suffering, are traceable
to certain habits, forming the most secret yet
deadly aad fatal springs of domestic misery and
premature mortality.
There is an evil habit sometimes indulged in by
boys, in solitude, often growing up with them to
manhood, and which, if not reformed in due time,
not only begets serious obstacles to matrimonial
happiness, but gives rise to a series of protracted
insidious, and devastating affections. Few of
those who give way to this pernicious practice are
aware of the const quences, until they find the ner
vous system shattered, feel strange and unaccount
able feelings, and vague fears in the mind.
The unfortunate thus affected becomes feeble, is
unable tolaoor with accustomed vigor, or to apply
' his mind to study : his step is tardy and weak, lie
is dull, irresolute, and engages in bis sport with
less energy than usual.
If he emancipate himself before the practice has
done its worst, and enter matrimony, bis marriage
is unfruitful, and his sense tells him that ihis is
caused by his early follies. These are considera
tions which should awaken the attention of those
sim lariy situated.
Requires the fulfilment of several conditions, in
order that it may be really the cause of mutual
happiness. Could the veil which covers the ori
gin of domestic wretchedness he raised, and its
true source in every instance disclosed—in how
many could it be traced to physical disqualifica
tions anu their attendant disappointments ! Apply
then while it is jet time, in order to have your tin
-trnngand re axed organization rebraced, revivi
fied and strengthened
He who places himseif under Dr. KINKELIN'S
treatment may religiously confide in his honor as
a gentleman, and rely upon the assurance, that the
secrets of Dr. K's. patients will never be disclosed.
Young mau —let no false modesty deter vou from
making your case known to one'who, from educa
tion and respectability, can certainly befriend you.
Too nu.ny think they will conceal the secret in
their owii hearts, and cure themselves. Alas !
how oiten is this a fatal delusion, and how many
a promising young man, who might have been an
ornament to society, has faded from the earth.
Strictures ol the uretha are rapidly removed by
the application of a new therapeutical aaent, used
viiiy by Dr. K. Weakncaa and constitutional de
bility promptly cured, and full vigor restored.
Can huve (by stating their ease explicitly, together
wiib all their symptoms, per letter cnclosxga re
mittance) Dr. K's medicine, appropriated accord
Forwarded to any part of the United States, and
packed secure tram damage or curiosity.
I A Vigorous Life, cr a Premature Death Kinkelin
011 Sell Preservation—Only 20 cents.
It is a work eminently required, as a means of
reforming the vices ol the age in which we live.
With Rules for the Prolongation of Life, just from
the Press.
A letter with a remittance of 25 cents, or the val
ue in post stamps, addre-sed to—Dr. KINKELIN,
Pi.i adeiplna, Pa. will secure a copy of either of
the above books by return of mail; or 12 copies
will be sent free ol postage for sl. Bookseller-,
Canvassers, Travelling Agents, &c. supplied
wholesale at the publisher's prices, which admit
of a large profit.
ID" All Letters must be post-Daid.
March 25, 1854.-24—ly.
OIL ol Stone, Oil of Spike, British, Cas
tor Sweet, Oil and Ilarlem Oils, all valua
ble remedia medicines for sale at the store of
EIGHT Day and 30 hour spring and
weight clocks just received at the Clock,
Waich and Jewelry Store of
Mar 94 <
Kind patrons and friends we've come at last,
To thank you kindly for favors now past,
And to te'l you thai we, to the Oity have Heen,
And brought the best stock, you ever have seen
Of Watches and Clocks, and of these not a few,
Which we can sell cheaper than Gentile or Jew.
Think not that we boast, 'tis an unvarnished tale,
The truth it is mighty,and must ever prevail.
Of half our stock we're not able to sing,
For it does consist of 'most everything,
To wit, Gold Watches of the very best kind,
Silver ones too, the best you will find.
Hunter ar., j>ver, and likewise Lepine,
The best Watches 'tis said, that ever has been
Offered for sale in this County or Town,
Or any place else, for many miles 'round.
We've Guard Chains of Silver, likewise of Gold.
The finest Gold Fob-Chains, that has ever been
We've Seals and Keys, and Finger-Rings tov.
And Ear-Rings for Ladies, of these not a lew.
Preast-Pins of Gold IS carats line,
Pencils and Pens pure as Gold in the mine,
Ilevo vine Pistols, and Double barrelled too,
Powder Flasks, Scissors & Knives good and true
But lest we should trespass too much on your time,
We will bring to a close our blundering rhyme,
We invite you to call, come young and come old,
Come see for yourselves, that the truth we have
told. , ,
On Diamond N. E. corner our shop you will find
Filled up to suit the most fastidious mind,
Repaired in the new from Cellar to Garret
Is the Shop of your Friend
Bellefonte, May 26th, 1853—33
his new brick building, High et.., Beliefoi
Pa.-WM. S. TRIPPLE, would take this oppfr
tunity of saying to those interested in having tip
top fitting COATS, VESTS and PANTS that be
is prepared to execute a little the most genteel wor>.
in this place.
Having soother business aside from his trade
and devoting his undivided attention to Cutting ami
Makina garments, he feels justified in announcing
to the public that he can render complete and gene
ral satisfaction to all whi> muy favor him with their
The latest and most approved city Fashions are
regularly received and the closes! application paid
to the different styles, combined with long experi
ence he Halters himself that he can turn out tne
best work in this place.
He would also return his thanks to his old custo
mers for their patronage and ask a continuance of
the same.
ID" Prices very moderate.
Bellefonte, June 24,1852. 37
New Livery EstafelsshmcisS.
—The subscriber would respectful;v inform
the citizens ol Bel'efonte that he has opened a new
in the stable formerly occupied by Miles & Meln
tire's. He has furnished an excellent lot of horses
and an entire new lot of fashionable and co.ti.si *
bie Carriages and Buggies, far superior to th. se of
any other concern in the place. Several good horses
and buggies will be kepi for the use of citizens, or
those who may drop into our town and wish to spend
a little time in driving into the country.
Desirous of rendering general satisfaction he will
spare no pains to accommodate those who may la
vor him with a call. His prices are moderate and
stock good. WILLIAM 11. BIBLE.
Bellefcnte, Sept. 8, 1853. 48
IETHE undersigned having located himself in
Unionville, Bald Eagle Valley, begs leave to an
nounce to the public generally that he intends car
rying on the PLASTERING BUSINESS in ail its
various branches. Having had many years experi
ence in the business, he hopes by prompt andslr"-t
attention to receive a good share of the public pat
ronage. Prices will be moderate to suit the times.
Unionville, March 24th, 1853—24tf
The subscriber informs the public that he is prepa
red to manufacture Veniiion Blinds of ft first faft
quality, to suit all sized windows, on reasonable
terms, lie will also attend to the REPAIRING ot
old Blinds on the shortest notice. Persons at a dis
tance can depend upon having a!i orders attended
to according to directions, with promptness.
The subscriber would also inform the public
that he continues to keep on hand and manufacture
Bedsteads which for neatness and cheapness can
not be surpassed in the county. Call and examine.
Bellefonte. June 50, '53. Wll. PRUNE! I -.
COMMUNITY—The under- iZ&zUM.
signed would respectfully inform the ravelling pub
lic thai he now runs a daily line of Stages to Ty
rone; Tri-weekly byway of Sti rmstown and War
riormark and Tri-weekiy via B Eagle Piank Bead.
From Tyrone on Monday. Wednesday and Fri
day ; from Be'iefonte on Tuesday, Thursday and
Saiurday. and the following days on the Slorms
town Road.
Bellefonte, M a y 12, 1853—31. ;
et Aesculapius : or Every one his Own TV
with one Hundred Engra
vings, showing Diseases and
Malformations of the Human Vjj
System in every shape and ,£*■</ X-A
form. To which is added aw
Treatise on the Diseases of Ay; pU"r"'j
Females, being of the highest O /•%
importance to married peo
pie, or those contemplating M
marriage. By W\lSff
TF/H. Young, M. D.
Let no father be ashamed
to present a copy of the Aeu
culapius to his child. It may save him from at
early grave. Lot no young man cr woman er.ter
into ihe secret obligations of married life without
reading the Pocket Eesculapius. Lai no one suffer
ing from a hacknied Cough, Pain in the Side, rest
less nights, nervous feelings, and the whole train
of Dyspeptic se' sations, and given up by their phy
sician. be another moment without consulting the
Aesculapius. Have the married, or those about to
be married any impediment, read this trnly useful
book, as it has been the means of saving thousands
of unfortunate creatures from the very jaws of
Any person sending TWENTY-FIVE CEffH!
enclosed in a letter, will receive one copy of this
work by mail, or five copies will be sent ior SI.
Address (postpaid,) DR. WM. YOUNG.
No. 152 Spruce St,, Pliiiada.
April 6, 1854. 20 ly.
CLOCKS ! CLOCKS ! —The subscri
ber has just received from the Factory at
Bristol a large and very superior lot of 8 day and
30 hour Clocks which he will sell at the following
low prices for cash.
30 hour Brass Clocks, warranted, $3,00.
8 day " " from 85,50 to SB.
Bellefonte Nov. ,sth ISSI. 33
Just Received "another" lot of those
mourning pins which have lately been so
much admired by the i>adies of Bellefonte and vi
cinity. For sale by
June 9, 1853 —35.
CI OLD PENS.--A first rate article
ST just received and for sale at No. 4 Broker
hotf's Row by
100,009 Joint and Lap Shingles, fcr sale at the j
Store of
Stormstown. May 26th, 1852.—tf
HARDWARE, Cedarware, Queens
ware, Combs, Brushes Hats, Ready made
Clothing and all kinds of Goods received every
week or ten days direct from Philadelphia and for
sale low at Cheapside Store by
the eure of EPILEPSY or FITS! is performing
more wonderiul cures than any other meuicine yet
known or before ihe public. Price FIVE DOL
Th proprietor has in his possession numerous
certificates narrating the Astonishing and Miracu
lous Cures effected by this medicine, and directs
attention to the follow.rg only, to assure those who
are so unfortunate to be afflicted with the teriible
disease heretofore regarded incurable, that Lake's
preparation is almost infallible in its cure!
From Mrs. Brooks widow of Maj. Jas. Brooks,
flrre ol Conneaut, O.
Conneaut, February 3, 1853.
Mr. Z. Lake —Sir: Please send me another bol
tie of Fit Meoicine, as I do not like to be without
lit on hand. When I commenced giving the medi
' cine to my son Edgar, he had from one to three fits
per day. IJe has now taken the medicine over five
months, and lias had, I think, but two fits in that
time, and those very light. His body and mind are
very much improved: and by the blessing of God,
I feel that 'lie medicine will restore his body and
mind to their wonted activity. He is 28 years old,
and has ha< fits over 12 years, which have been
very frequent, and vety destritolive to his constitu
tion and miud. Hundreds of dollars hn.ve been ex
pended for medicine to ' cure fits.' but nothing has
relieved lnm until he used your medicine. Respect
fully yours, POLLY BROOKS.
From Jut'son Landon, County Superintendent of
the Ashtabula County Infirmary
Kingsville, February 4.1853.
Mr. Z. Lake—Sir : Please send a few more bot
les of your • Fit Medicine I may not need it, but
think s'afcrjto keep it cn hand Your medicine has
done wonders. 1 gave it to Miss Jane Delano ; she
has had fitt for 26 years, brought on by having the
measeles jvhen but 4 years old, which could not be
brought out to the surlace. A Iter taking the medi
cine a few days, she had a fine rrop of measeles,
.awl hay had no fiis since. She had fits or symptoms
almost daily. She and her father concur with me
in saying that we believe the medicine las or will
work a perfect cure. Ia so gave ihe medicine to
Miss Jane Henderson and Aris Carby, who have
had fits almost daily for a number of years. Their
fits have ceased and I believe the medicine will
have the desired effect. Much money has been ex
pended by the friends of the ahove patients for doc
toring, all to no purpose. The cure was left for
your medicine to perform, and I can cheerfully re
commend it as a valuable disc, very. Respectfully
! yours. J U DSON LAN DON,"
Superintendent Ashtabula eo Infirmary.
Prepared and sold at whotesale by Z. Lake, Con
neaut, Ohio. E. F. Weller, travelling agent.
Sold by S. B. Millar, Bellefonte a.nd C. G. Ry
man, Milesburg, [Sept 8, 1553. 4S ly
FOUNDRY.—The undersigned having leas
ed the old BELLEFONTE FOUNDRY, together
with all the patterns, hereby notify their friend* and
the public in general, that they are prepared to
make all kindso! GUIST, SAW MILL, FORGE.
as well as all kinds of Machinery. They are also
making a large variety of
(-& r.cit approved elvles, and at tiie lowest rates
for cash and prompt pay: or at fair rates for trade
of all kinds. They Hatter themselves that their
work will give eat ;re satisfaction. They have now
on hand a magnificent stock of
suitable for either coal or wood, which they will
sell at from $lB to $33, according to size ; also nine
plate, Air-Tight, egg aud other Coal Stoves, at re
duced rates. They would call attention to a neat
pattern of COAL STOVES, exclusively of cast
iron which they are now making and for neatness
and durability cannot be excelled. They have also
on hand every size and kind of Sled Soles, wagon
boxes, kettles &c.
They are also prepared to make IRON RAIL
ING of anv and every description: also WATER
and BLAST PIPE of every size from a half inch
bore to whatever size desired.
All orders from a distance will be promptly at
tended to as heretofore, and th y hope by care and
a desire to please to keep this, what it now is, the
leading establishment in the county
Bellefonte, July 2Sth, ISO'.I —42 -tf.
js_ Q GINGER—This Essence is a preparation
ot unusual excellence. In ordinary diarrhoea, in
cipient cholera, in short, in all eases of prostration
of the digestive functions, it is of inestimable val
ue. During the prevalence of epidemic cholera
and summer complaints of children, it is peculiarly
efficacious; no family, individual or traveller should
be without it.
j CAUTION —Be sure to get ihe genuine essence
which is prepared only by F. BRJJWN, at his Drug
and Chemie>l Store, N. E. Corner of Fifth and
i Chesinut Streets, Philadelphia, and for sale by all
the respecta! le Apothecaries in the United States,
and at Bellefonte Pa. by S. B. Miller.
June 10 h '53—36.
For the cure of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and all
Nervous and Constitutional Diseases. Persons
who are laboring under this distressing malady will
! hud the Vegetable Epileptic Pills to be the only
remedy ever discovered for cuiiag Epilepsy, or
: Falling Fits.
These Piils possess a specific action on the ner
vous system ; and, although they are prepared es
pecially for the purpose oi curing Fits, they will be
Trrrr,.! of ec-pecial benefit for all persons afflicted
with weak nerves, or whose nervous system has
been prostrated or shattered from any cause what
ever. IN chronic complaints, or diseases of long
standing, snporind iced by nervomnesss, they are
exceedingly beneficial.
Price $3 per box, or two boxes for $5. Persons
out of ihi cily, enclosing a remittance, will have
the Pills sent tbein lhroush the mail free of post
age. For sale bv Seth S. fiance, No. 108 Balti
more Street, Baltimore, Mil , to who'nt orders
Irom all parts ol the Union, mu.-t te addressed, post
paid. . [J one 2nd, 1853 34 iy.
BOOKS, BOOKS !—Just received at
the Bellefonte Book Store, alarge supply
ol books and stationary, among which are D. D,
Alexander's' Practical Sermons,' 'Lectures on the
Lord's Prayer,' 'the royal Preacher'by Hamilton,
'Nineveh and its remains,' 'Christian dutv,' 'Her
vey's Meditations,' 'Developement of Christian
character ' Milton, Cowper, Moore, Campbell,
Byron, Shell t y and lleman's Poetical Works, a
great varieiy of Annuals and gift-books for the Hol
idays, also blank books of a superi or quality of
paper, foolscap and letter paper by the ream very
cheap, Pocket Diaries for 1853 Juvenile Minstrel,'
aud other music and school booksin general use
ior .vale by
Be'lqfonte, Dec. 16, 1552.
scriber respectfully informs the public that he has
opened a Saddle and Harness manufactory, front
oi Samuel McKean's Tannery Milesburg, where
he intends manufacturing all articles iu his line on
the most reasonable terms for cash, lumber OJ
good marketable produce
Saddles of different kinds and qualities, Bridles,
Harness, Collars, Wnips &c., can be had at any
time as a supply will constantly be kept on hand.
All orders will be promptly attended to, and no
pains will be spared to render'satisfaction.
Dec. 8,1853. 9—3 m.
and for sale a very large as /
sorlmeitl ot Clocks, Watches .
Jewelry, Accoriieon*. .Music
Boxes. Revolving Pistols, Cutlery, Pocket Books,
itc., for sale cheap at the Clock, Watch and Jew
elry si ore of WM. D. PARROTT.
May 26, 1853.
tor's sketches, Incidents in the life of a
Pastor. Dicks works. Family Testament by Dr. Ed
wards, the School & School Master. Lecturues on
Education. Young Mans Book of Knowledge. Head
leys sacred Mountains, and scenes and Characters,
Rollins Ancient History. Plutrarchs Lives. Cristian
Minstrel. Boston Academy. Dulcimer, and other
Music Books. Also the latest editions of all the
different School Book in general use. for sale by
May 26th, 1858.
ylon and Ninevah could once boast of their af
fluence, Rome and Carthage of their Generals
while the once mighty Republic of Greece, exhibi
ted to the world, the most powerful developement
of oratorial sway that has ever been transmitted to
us through the pages of History. These ancient
powers have respectively produced an influence !
upon the people, peculiar to the circumstances with
which they were surrounded. Thus in an astonish
ing degree, do the people of the present century
partake of a like nature, and a retrospection of our
immediale neighorbhooJ, will be sufficient to con
vince the most scrupulous, tlmt Bellefonte is com
paratively the seat of a greater Mania than has yet
prevailed anv country, and all in consequence of
WM. J. STEIN'S late arrival of Clocks, watches
and Jewelry. Hundreds of people have been re
cently supplied at *his establishment and aone forth
to proclaim the- glad tiding 9 of their success, in
procuring articles at rates so desirable.
Then open your hearts, and examine your TIN,
And with views not illiberal, kindly step in,
For now is the time and this store is the place,
To purchase fine jewels your person to grace,
In order for the Public to form a more compre
hensive idea of his extensive variety we give be
low the fol'owing catalogue:
From 16 to 18 carats fine.
Of the best quality, all of which will be warranted
to give satisfaction.
Fine Gold Box, Oval, Scroll, Branch, Leaf, A
corn. Vine, Garnet, Ruby, Odd Fellow and Mason
Breast Pins for Ladies' and Gentlemen, Jenny Lind,
Drop, Hoop and Garnet Ear Rings for the Ladies,
Medallion, Box, Garnet, Pearl, Ruby, Stone and
Glass set Finger Kings, from 12 to 18 carats fine,
for Ladies and Gent'einen. Gentlemen's Gold
Fob, Vest and Guard Chains Ladies' Chatelaiu
and Guard Chains, Medallions for from 1 to 4 pic
tures, Cuff Pins, gold Pens and Pencils, Music Box
es, Gold Hooks, Seals and Keys, Gold, Silver and
Pla , ed Thimbles, Silver and Plated Table Spoons,
Butter Knives, Spectacles suited to all ages, &c.
Paper Mache Ptrrt Monaies, Thermometers, and
Port Monaies of various patterns.
Eight Day and Thirty Hour Alarm Clocks, an
excellent article for sound sleepers who may wish
to rise early.
New England Time pieces with or without a
larnis for $2,00. Eight-day weight and spring
clocks, from $5,00 to $5,25. Inlaid pearl Thirty
Hour and Eight-day clocks, a splendid article.
The citizens of Centre county are respectfully
; invited to call and examine the above goods before
\ purchasing elsewhere, and they will find they will
Ull be warranted as represenled.
j Strict attention will be paid to repairing Clocks,
1 Watches, and Jewelry, all of wihch will Ire done
:n a workmanlike manner and satisfaction given or
no charge. By so doing he hopes to merit and re
ceive a liberal share of public patronage.
Room No. 5 Brokerhoff's Row Bellefonte.
Bellefonte, April 7th, 1853 26
A NEW and the largest assortment of Fall
and Winter Goods ever brought to Bellefonte at
onr NEW STORE ROOM on Canal Basin Cheap
side, where customers have plenty of lights to ex
amine the Goods.
Two hundred pieces assorted Calicoes Fifty pieces
Alpacas and DeLaines OncHnndred pieces Brown
ML'SLIN. Forty pieces Bleached MUSLIN.
Fifty pieces CLOTHS and GASSINETS,
Forty pieces Flannels. Twenty Five pieces
Ginghams, Twenty pieces MERINOES, One hun
dred assorted SHAWS. some very fine.
Twenty five barrels Wnite Sugar, Five Hhd Brown
Sugar, Ten Barrels do do
Ten Hhd Syrup MOLASSES,Ten Barre's Sugar
House do Five Barrels New Orleas do
An elegant assortment Queens were
Eight hundred pairs Boots and Shoes,
A lull assortment Hardware Hats, Caps, and Rea
dy made Clothing.
do. Paints, Oils &e.,
Assortment Looking Glasses 12} cts. to $lO all for
sale in large or small quantities, cheaper than at
any other Sitore in the county. Call and See
Bellefonte, Oct, 7th 1552.—52
_I.NI WEST of J. B AWL'S Store Allegheny St.
Bellefo(tte.--Tiie subscriber respectfully informs his
old friends and the public generally that he has
just opened and will keep on hand a full assort
&e., which he offers at reasonable prices. Orders
from Physicians. Merchants &3., will be thankful
ly received and meet with prompt attention.
" Fiom his experience in the business in Philadel
phia, he feels prepared to cc mpound accurately
the prescriptions ot physicians and familv rtcipes.
NING FLUID, LAMPS, in a word all articles
usually found in such an establishment.
The attention of sufferers is called to the 'Tain
Eradicator" for Neuralgia, Rheumatism. &e , and
ihe "Tooth Ache eurer," prepared onlv bv him
Bellefonte. Sept. 22, 18-33,-50 if.
family should have a Copy."—0000 Copies sold in
less than three months. A new edition, revised
and improved, just issued.
DR. HUNTER'S Medical Manual and Hand
Book for lite Afflicted. Containing an outline of
the Origin, Progress, Treatment and Cure of every
form of Disease, contracted by Promiscuous Sexu
al Intercourse, by self-abuse, or by Sexual Excess,
with advice for their prevention, written in a fa
miliar style, avoiding all medicinal technicalities,
and every thing that would offend the ear of decen
cy, from the result of some twenty years of suc
cessful practice, exclusively devoted to the cure of
diseases of a delicate or private nature.
To which is added, receipts for the cure of the
diseases, and a treatise on Ihe causes, symptoms
and cure ot Fever and Ague, for twenty-five cents
a copy , six copies one dollar ; will be forwarded to
any part of the United States, by mail, free of
postage. Address, postage paid, Cosden ■* Co..
Publishers, or "box 196, Post Office ,Philadelphia."
"This is, without exception, the most eompre
benisve and intelligible work published on the class
of diseases of which it treats. Avoiding all tech
nical terms, it addresses itself to the reason of the
readeis. It is free Irom all objectionable matter,
and no parent however fastidious, can object to pla
cing it in the hands of his sons. The author has
devoted many years to the treatment of the various
compliments treated of, and "with 100 little breath
to puff," and "too little presumption to impose,"
he has offered to the world Si ihe merely nominal
price of 25 cents, the fruits ot some twefity years
most successful practice " —llera'd.
"No teacher or parent should be without the
knowledge imparled in this invaluable work. It
would save years of pain, mortification and sor
row to the youth under their charge."—People's
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, in writing of
"Hunter's Medical Manual," says: "Thousands
upon thousands of our youth, by avtl example and
the influence of the passion, have been led into
the habit of self-pollution without realizing the sin
and fearful consequences upon themselves and their
posterity. The constitutions of thousands who are
raisiDg families have been enfeebled, if not broken
down, and they do not know the cause or the cure.
Any thing that can be done so to enlighien and in
fluence the public mind as to check and ultimately
tc remove this wide spread source of humau
wretchedness, w uld confer the greatest blessing
next the religion of Jesus Christ, on the present
and coming generations, Intemperance, (or the use
of intoxicatiug drinks,) though it has slain thous
ands upon thousands, is not a greater scourge to
the btiman race. Accept my thanks on behalf of
the afflicted, and, oelieve me, your co-worker in
the good work you are so actively engaged in."
One copy will be forwarded (securely enveloped
and postage paid,) on receipt of 25 cents, or six
copies for sl. Addiess, COSDEN 4c CO., Box 106,
Post Office, Philadelphia.
Booksellers, Canvassers and Book Agents, sup
plied on the most liberal terms.
April 28, 1853—29 —ly.
GOLD Lever, and Lepine Watches,
just received and for sale at No. 4, Broker
hotFs Row. by
SALE.—Th> subscriber will sell the/ollosc*
ing Real,estate, viz :
No. 1. Containing about THREE HUNDRI3)
AND TEN acres of limestone laud, situate on Buf
falo Run in Spring Township, five miles west of
Bellefonte. above two hundred acres in a high stats
of cultivation, well timbered and watered. This
tract will divide into two or three farms with ad
vantage, as may suit purchasers.
No. 2. The undivided half part of THREB
HUNDRED AND SEVEN acres and allowances,
situate in Spring Township, on Muncy Mountain,
five miles west of Bellefonte, about sixty acres
cleared, there is a young ORCHARD on this iam,
bearing fruit, also several springs, and abounding
with good timber.
The terms wilt be made easy to purchasers. At>>
January 10, 1851. 33 near BeUeioat#
HOME INDUSTRY—The aubscri*
lerhas just returned from tho City with
complete assortment of
Cloaths, Casimeres, and Vestings.
of the best quality which he is prepared to manofae
ture to order on the most reasonable terms for Cash
or Grain at the market price.
He is prepared to make a suit of Clothes in ono
days lime, and more if needed, and in the best man
ner. The work done here is equal to any in the
state and is warranted.
Thankful to his customers for their liberal patron
age he hopes by strict attention to business that he
may be able to suit them all. He also has a few
Vests, Coats, arid Pants, of his own manufacture,
which he will sell very low. The Fashions are
regularly received from New York and Philadel
phia and also the European Fashions, which will
enable him to suit hlscsutomers of various tastes.
Bellefonte, May 26, 1833.
SALE.—The subscribers will sell at private
sale, a farm within one mile of Bellefonte contain
ing 188 acres of first rate Limestone Land ; 130
acres of it cleared and in a high state of cultiva
tion. There is on the farm a large and elegant
-BARN, elegant and constant running water, an
Orchard, a DWELLING HOUSE and other buil
dings. The Fatm will be sold at a rensoiiable
price and a good tille will be made.
|3P They have also lrrge bodies of first quality
of LIMESTONE LAND in Nittany and .Hhlfmocn
valltys, which they wilt sell in tracts to suit pur
chasers at reasonable rales.
Persons wishing to purchase should apply BOOR
as the subscribers are determined to sell*
N. B —Apply to A. G. Curtin, or John T.Hoover
29th 1851. 33
S~ iNDEMNLTY.—The Franklin Fire In
surance of Philadelphia OFFICE 1631 Chestnut
Street, near Fifth st.
Charles N. Banker, George R. Richards,
Thomas Hart, Mordecai D. Lewis,
Tobias Wagner, Adolphe E. Boric,
Samuel Gran David S. Brown,
Jacob R. Smith, Morris Patterson.
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited
on every description of property in TOWN AND
COUNTRY, at rates asMow as are consistent with
The company have received a large contingent
Fund, which with their Capital and Premiums eai
ly invested, affords ample protection to the insured.
The a?settsofthe Company on Jannary Ist 1849,
as published agreeably to an Act of Assembly ware
as follows, viz :
Mortgages 11.047,438 41
Real Estate 94,72 1 83
Temporary Loans 96,901 85
Stocks 51,523 25
Cash, Ac. 38,804 37
51,325,492 71
Since their incorporation, a period of 18 years,they
have paid upwards of One Million Four Hito.-'rM
Thousand Dollars, losses by Le, thereby affording
an evidence of the advantages of Insurance as well
as the ability and disposition to meet with prompt
ness atl liabilities.
ID" Agent for Centre County, R. C. Hale, Law
stown. [May '52.}
miOTICE.—D. M. Wagner having as- •
JL w sociated with him W.A. THOMAS Jr. begs
leave to announce to his numerous customers and
the public generally, that they will continue the bo
si ness at the old stand at Thomas's Mills, under
the firm ot WAGNER 3e THOMAS, and are pre
pared to purchase or make liberal ADVANCES on
any produce left in their bands, they have also on
hand a full assortment of CHEAP GOODS, con
Bellefonte, May 26, 1852.—tf
ED LION HOTEL, Ou Pleasant
Hill, Bellefonte Penn'a —MRS. E. ZED
LEHS, begs leave to inform her friends and IM
public generally, that she has leased the above
named house, (well known as Map-Armor's old
stand ,) where she is now fitting up to accommodate
strangers andtbe public in general who may favor
her with their patronage.
I VW A lew boarders taken by the da?, week flt
I MRS. E. ZELLERS, Proprietress,
i Bellefonte, April 21,1853—28—tf.
-1 J. v wans Letters to Chief Justice-Tannv, the Bi
' ble in the Family, by H. A. Boodman D. D. Ranks
j History of the Popes, History of Palestine, illustra
; ted, Frosts Pictorial Wonders of History, Farn
hams Pictorial travels in Callifornia and Oregon,
the two lost named books, handsomely bound in
morrocco composing each 570 pages price $l5O,
Summer Gleanings by John Todd D. D. Young
mail's Friend and guide through life to immortality
by J. A. James, thoughts on the death of Little
Cnildren by Irenues Prime, Counsels of the aged to
the Young, by A. Alexander D. D. Presbyterian
Music books this book will be furnished to congre
gations or Choirs at a verp low rate.
For sale by GEO. LIVINGSTON,
Bellefonte June 9th 1852. 35
BLANK BOOKS.—Just received and
for sale at the Bellefonte Book Store, neav
the north wing of the Court House, a very 'atga
assortment o( Day Books, Ledgers, Journals, Rt
ceipt Books, &c., of a superior quality of paper.
Persons needing any or all of these articles may
save at least ten per cent by purchasing of
Nov. 24tb 7tf
ROPE MAKING.—The subscriber
respectfully informs the public that he has
started the Rope making business onßishop street,
next door to the residence of Geo. Loneberger,
where be has on hand and manufactures to order,
Ropes of" all kinds. Also Fly Nets of ali kinds
The public are respectfully invited to call and ex
amine his stock before purchasiag elsewhere
Bellefo: te, April 7.1852. 33
LAUDAUM, Opedildoc, Ess. Pepper
mint, Golden Tincture, Bay rum. Colognes,
and McAllister's All Healing oiniiiii
at Arcade, No. 2.
JvT"Btr~Rothrock & Co.
Bellefonte August 20th 1852.
KOSSUTH and Papier Mache Port
Monaies ju-t received and for sale at the
Clock Watch a - :! ewelry Store of
May 12,1852 32
FICKARD'S celebrated Horse, and Cattle
Powder for the fattening and improvemaot
of all kinds of stcck—for sale at the store ot
Bellefonte Aug. 19th 1852.
ILES ! ]PILES !—Dr. Culien'a Indi
an Vegetable Pile Remedy ; also Hays and
Huxham's Pile Ointment, just received and fcr
sale at S. B MILLAR'S Bellefonte Dispenser l
■ iILOUR, Grain and Feed alwaya ti
JL hand and for sale by
inlaws* m mbmt
83u £WI