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' =From tha:Vitlifoititaltiaree Times.
0 AND,...1411C . s.EsTas."--What
it delightful thatight it isithat here, in this
1 :let and-enlightened country one can act
tits:fancy prompts and feel not the tramels
lOfeenventiorial opinions! Why should it
liethat we must conform to the prim; staid
contracted form? framed by the Lew I . —
Now gambling•infall its beauty and variety,
with ttsmany joyeand blandtsluneuts we
fume, and it delights the varied many.—
Vfien 4nte wigs, the joy is extitic, and
*hen one Icssetoo.heteniplars of the cards"
take ones tlioney withao much grace, void
la affection that one given to poetising
*night exclaim to his passintouncet—'
In patting with them I feet alumna, loved,
A pleasing pain beyond when weglid-meet.
Money alone itself imparts no pleasure
gives no gladening feeling--'tis in its use
:the pleasure la brought. ltlen are
may of the .pataing, hour, and may att
at mind on ,pieasure bent, Liu* happy mo
-ments while playing the: gentle roulette,
the calculating venture and the changing
Inoute Gold in itself has no charm I why
ahould we not then exchange our gold for
-pleasurable 'excitement, bunyed up by the
bright hope that we may make heavy our
Tune to add again rto our pleasuaes, and
'the sweereacitenient of enticing gaming.
There is a. pleasing pain in losing—a
joy that's real in winning-^a Climax of all
when ottinaps the bank' carries the insti
lution.' and leave§ the saloon" the hero of
she night—the observed of all. The finer
chant smiles when his traffic leads to ppfit
—the doctor is elated when his nostrums
- cure, not kill—the lawyer is in ecstacie's
when his eloquence gains his case—the
banker flushed when stocks are up=
-writers happy when their name is in
Trint,;--editors ,vain when leaders are ex
tolled—actors high up in dreams of bliss
when, the loud applauses strike willing ear
—but the lucky gamer has a charm apart
beyond, paramount-; he wins and he is
more than happy, he rises etherial flings
—he gamed—he won ; there is eloquence
beautitude in the thought.
To the young mind just gliding into
stern life to the boy budding into mandood
gaming is a ,nourished, pleasure, a cher
ished excitement, tocause young blood to
grow,, to glide, to rush most merrily, and
he lives beyond his years—his end leaps
beyond his time, and he is for a moment
a man amongst many.
A. time ago I saw a child just verging
into girlhood. Men were gaming about.
and she bad seen the game before, and
her ming was fraught with its mysteries.—
The game progressed and her eye was
Won it. A miner with great and heavy
beard with apperel course and poor was
about lying his purse on a card. The . 1 / 4 a
balfo is a bet," she gently said, and he
laid his purse upon the ..zaballo" and it
won. He looked upon the child' and
thohght of one, who, like her was at home
and of his daughter and of this child so
like her, and of gaming ; he left the table
and went, his way, and the memory of
that child haunts him now, and he will
never grame—never—
Gaming, l love thee not_ That man
with his silence taught me a lesson I shall
ne'er forget.
Gaming I love thee not, and I shall
press thee to my heart never. Yours, X.
col. William-Bigler.
We have this week raised-to our mast
head the name of Col. Wuzlca Bonsai
of Clearfield county, as our choice for the
next Gubernatorial nomination—and not
only oar's; but. wribelieve also the choice
of a large majority of the Democratic par
ty in Lancaster county. In doing so we
are titillated by hostility to no other gen
tleman who has been named in connection
With the office—on the contrary, we could
sender either of them a 'host cheerful and
willing support., But, circumstances have
made Col. Bonen by far the most promi
nent as well as the'most available candi
date, and the nomination of any other at
this time would cause the heart burning":
and distrust in the minds of the people,
and again -endangerthe State and the N
ation. With this impression strong upon
our mind, and with the knowledge that he
is a sound and reliable Democrat, posses
sing talents of a high order, and in all re- ,
apects well qualified to fill the important
station with credit to himself and advan
tage to the Commonwealth—and with 'the
certainty that we are but following the
course of an almost unbroken public opin
ion throughout the State—we unfurl our
flag to the breeze, and shall keep it flying
until Col. - Bigler is elected Governor of
the Commonwealth—or until the State
Convention shall have determined upon
another candidate, a circumstance scarce
ly within the range of probability.
-In thusurowingour preference for Col..
.lumm,-ve-clo-not—thevelay-exchado. the
Mends ofether candidates from presenting
the"claints of their favorites through our
columns: Previous to a nomination by
the State Convention, every Democrat has
aright to his preference—after the nomi
nation tat:node, all ought to submit with
;lota manner, and cheerfully sustain the
_nominee of the party .. . - That the unsuc
cessful candidates wd
i do so, we have
not aparticle of doubt--and that tilt, will
labor to promote the election of their suc
cessful competitor is , nothing more than
might be expected from gentleman who
have so long enjoyed the confidence of the
party.—Lancaster Inteingencer.
• Pus imps; Pui.—Strunge, Moores and
Wright, the notorious punsters, .were on a
certain occasion, dining together when
l'iloore observed.--
HThere is but one knave among tie, and
"Oh no," said . Wright, there is one
Noon." .
said)S!tairig. e, WntonT.'.
Whetwtherrase 13 . 51 T
Thenput the - .
WM. H. BLAIR, ZDITOS Asti railtant:roa
J. J. BLotIR, Mintier: -
Bellefonte, Ventre Count,' Pay
ILO ';26h I¢r t.
tot. William Bigler,
Oubjeettotbe decision of the Size Convernion
Tam °film Democrat.
Lir The Clears Democrat is published at 51,50
per annum-0' provided payment be mude strictly
within the year.„E3 otherwise 52,00 willAiovaria
tily be chargO. -
No tadisestption discontinued until ail arrearti
gas are diecharied olden at the option ed the ed
Country (*educe takeil in isayt
"restage on the Democrat.
The New Postage Law takes effect on
the first of July next. Under its provi
sions, the DExtocass will be carried in the
mails, rats ortros:raee, to any part of
Centre county ; to any distance out of the
county, not exceeding fifty miles, FIVE
CENTS per quarter ; and for any distance
over fifty and not exoeding three hundred
miles, ran essrs per quarter.
We hope our Demoiratic friends—espe
cially in this county—will exert them
selves to swell our subscription list, now
that the postage is so soon to be taken oft
A highly important political campaign is
rapidly approaching, and the more gener
al diffusion of intelligence among the people
will tell with marked effect on the day of
the election. An increased' circulation of
the paper will benefit the party and the
publisher in d corresponding ratio. The
advantages are reciprocal, and it therefore
should be considered a duty coevery Dem
ocrat in the County to aid in enlarging
the influence of a journal devoted to their
idaThe'House of 'Representatives on
Monday fixed upon the 15th of April as
the da3 of final adjournment. No'busi
ness of a public character has yet been
The - communication signed 'Pao
BONUS PUBLICO,' comes without the real
signature of the author, and is therefore
respectfully declined.
Candidates jot Supretae Judges.
From present indications, one of the
chief objections that was urged to the elec
tion of Judges, will be eflectually obviated,
and instead of the Judges that are to be
(so far as the Supreme bench is concern
ed, at least) being composed of FIMPRATE
LAWYERS," and incompetent, they likely
to be selected from the most eminent and
able men of the State, and will ford► a
Bench as powerful and as distinguished
for legal abilities as the present Bench,—
high and distinguished as they are admit
ted to be. Among the number, from
whom a selection 'of the five candidates
will most likely be selected by the Demo
cratic Convention, arc Hon.- Ellis
of Lancaster ; Judge Lowrie, of Pittsburg;
Judges Campbell, Petit,and King of Phila.
W. A. Stokes, of Westmoreland ;J. W.
Maynard, of Lycoming, Judge Bell, of
Chester; Judge Thompson, of Erie; Hon.
H. D. Foster, of Westmoreland, and sev
eral others whose names we do not now
Judge Woodward and Judge Black,
would no - doubt both be nominated with
signal unanimity ; but they have both
signified theirdetemtination notto be can
Tha Judicial e_kinvention. too,which will
select these candidates, will he composed a
class of men,- pre-eminently qualified to
select candidates for Judicial stations—and
which is another omen of goad results from
an elective Judiciary. It Cvill be compos
ed,, as a-matter , of course, chiefly of law
yers ; and mostly of the most distinguish
ed lawyers in the State. Take the Alle
gheny delegation for example viz : the
Hon. Wm. Wilkins, S. W. Black, R. Rid- I ,
die Roberts, Andr - ew Burke, &c., &c.
The following are Thu - prices of Plain
Wheat, Coin and Oats, at the gevera
points named. •
Flour Wheat Corn Oats
Philadelphia 450 1' 08 61 45
*New York 456 104 651 50
Buffalo 400 81 50 29
Cleaveland 380 78 5O 28
Wilmington, Del. 500 168 :03 37
Richmond, Va. 481 1 05 1 58 41
Cincinatti 365 75 62 40
St. Louis 385 75 ' 62 - 34
Baltimore 456 105 50 35
Albany 631 104 09 43
$ 31
New Orleans 450 70 31 57
Pittsburgh •3 75 75 49 34
Louisvifla 370 72 40 40
fleebester 557 132 55 30
Alilwaukie 3 75: ,63. , 31 45
• ' --.! 4,- •
eounty,haa. fas . trneteli
delegates to the State Convention in, favor
efCol ai r men: W. Ewa for Governor,
and Gcn. Sziu CLovEn for Canal Conimis•
coffer. •
thisis f the , age . of imPrOvenleA
4. SteaMboat to ply On the, upp er 'West
Branclt b is the last step. Now, down with
-your mill-dams, say we, and all removable
obstructions, and let the steamboat pass.
We will endeavorio be prepared for her
first arrival. it will be a glorious daQqr
ail contemed in the enterprise, and the
projector, whoever he may be, wilt
the memory of our citizens as long.zas wa
ter rolls or grass grows green. We get
our information from the following par
agraph :—Clearfield Republican..
Steamboating on the West Branch.
Ryan advertisement in our paper it
will be seen that Mr. Jabez Stone contem
plates running a steamboat on our river
next summer. Mr. Stone is now engaged
in building se-venal small crafts to be used
as freight-boats 'attached to the Steamer.
The experiment of a steamboat en out riV
er was tried a number of years ago, but
did not succeed, Mr. Stone has been en
gaged in running a boat on . the N. Wench
-for a number of years end be thinks the
project as practicable here as there, it is
his attention to ply between-Lock Haven
and Clearfield, ,carrying passengers, store
goods, flour &c., in his upward trip and
bringing back coal, boards, &c. He Is ac
quainted with all the shoals and ripples
on the river above this place and r.l , :ards
thein as no great hinderance to his designs,
as he thinks, drat-with but little expense
they can be made passible in the driest
months in the summer. So our friends
up the river can keep a sharp look-out for
the Steamboat.—Clinton Democrat. -
NE tv HA/OVUM—TiIe result ofthe re
cent election in this State is still in doubt
as far as the legislature is concerned, but
it is certain that Dismore .the Democratic
candidate for Governor will lack several
thousand of a majority. In that case the
election of Governor will devolve on the
House, and in that view of the question the
result of the contest for members of the
Legislature becomes the more inipifitatit
and interesting. One_thing is certain, the
the regular Democrats of the Old Granite
State deserves all praise for 'the manful
manner in which they acted in the whole
affair. Utterly refusing all alliances with
free-soil, they repudiated a candidate who
would not place himself fairly on the plat
form of the Union, and with this disativanH
tage they nobly marched on to the
sr ght. i
If they have been beaten, they haVe_been
so with their colors flying, on which T was'
inscribed the great principles of the party
and upon which no traitor had ever laid
his poluted hands. Our New Hampshire
friends, have but to persevere-sit the path
of Democratic policy they have marked
out, regardless of temporary detente and,
success must attend them. She,"ttas,..keen
bred in.the Jefferson school of politics, and
is non.° be daunted at the first tire of the
enemy. Some years since a similar event
took place, which resulted in the election
of John P: Hale to the Senate. but the de
feat was a brief one, and she soon resumed
her place in the republican line._ And so
it will be now, the next election and.the
unconquerable sons of the North will
sweep the State like a torrent from their
mountain In the mean time let therm be cer
tain that the democratic party of the Un
ion look with pride and satisfaction to the
gallant struggle for principles which has
just terminated in New Hampshire.
A Wontu's Flue. IN 1852,—We are of
I have a World's Fair, on Governoes.Lsland
lin 1852. The matter is in good bias,
and is quietly, but none the less surely.
walking towards completion. The Astor
House has subscribed $5,000 towards the
expense of rt, the Irving' House $5,000,
the New York - Hotel $5,000, and other
hotels in proportion to their ;leans.. A
number of our wealthy merchants Dave
already subscribed, or have signified their
willingness to subscribe, wheneveoAhe
money is absolutely wanted.—N. Y. tiin.
day Mercury.
Lir The _Baltimore Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, lately in
session at Winchester, Va., has among
others, made the following appointments :
HlN'ittriciDaN DESTRICT—T.f!: W.
Lewistown Station—J. R. Bro,wn.
Lewistown Cireut./. Ewen. P. E.
Huntingdon—Wm. R. Mills, A. W
Birminghath—t S. McMurray.
Warrior's Mark—A. Brittian, D. C.
Bald Eagle—W. ‘A. McKee.
Perrnsvalley—Wesley Howe, EL A.
Pattison. •
Bellefonte--G. Guyer, W. J. Maclay.
Clearfield—G. Berkstesser, one to be
supplied. .
New Washington—H. Hoffman.
Sinernahouing—A. Hockenbury, one to
be sniped.
69 44
Karthau;—W. Champion.
McCollum, one to tigk sup
Pletvport-O. Ege. J. Beatty.
llotaaburg—J. W. tioughawout.
This TrOrressivii Agi;
Morciun, P. E.
It is noW - evident that JowlsToit
is tioAle the federal citadidete for Govern
or to run against Col. BIGLER. 'The tie
morlti4, says the Bedford GazErn, ask
nothing, better than this. His' two great
est weapons in the contest thatelected him
by the skin of his teeth, were uncondition
al opposition to the veto and pardoning
power ! Having become a convert to
these hitherto .Whig scare-crows,' it will
require all his lime to 'refute his fanner
position, which will render him the con
tempt cf the who - le community. When
Governor Shunk was for re-election, Old
Bill run the "one term" humbug right in
to the ground. Here too, we will have to
make a somerset I In three short years
he has changed from all the questions he
contended against in the last campaign !
His next •hobby" will no doubt'be based
upon the B'Hoursu hit exhibited in Bed
ford at the time he roosted upon two chairs
in a bar-room after being treated With utter
contempt by his political friends at the
springs. He can read-his fate in the two
last elections for Canal Commissioner and
members of the Legislature!
I ' HON. Geo. W. Woonwmtu.—This dis
tinguished gentleman declines being a
candidate for the Supreme Bench. In a
letter in reply , to certain ctizens of Clinton
county asking him to allow his name to be
used - in this connection, he says
•, Ido not wish to be understood as unwil
ling to make &sacrifice of personal preferen
ces for the benefit of the public, - On the
contrary, I. hesitate not to say that my rea•,
sons for declining
,judicial stations, if ten
times stonger than they are, should be
cheerfully sacrificed, if I believed it were
necessary for the attainment of any great
public good. Personal interests and dq:
• mestic consideraiions Mast, when real
necessity exits, give way to public de
tnands, But this is nut such an occasion.
There are many gentlemen more compe
tent and worthy than myself, who are wil
ling and anxious to fill the places on the
Supreme Bench, and whose circumstan
ces oppose no obstacle to their devoting
their tune and. attention to judicial labors.
Indeed, according estimation of my quali
fications for that station as compared with
those of some other men, I feel that I am
promoting the public interests, by decli
ning a nomination and . giving place to
terly reply to the memorial• of the Bank
of Pennsylvania; asking to be relieved
from the payment of the tax on dividends.
provided` by law, has been sent to -the
Speaker of ' the Senate by Auditor
General Purviance and State Treasur
er Bickle, in - which they show ..that the.
claim of the Dank ;* not foam:lca :inittotioe
and that so far as services to thti State are
concerned, it has certainly not entitled it
self on the account to the consideration of
the State, and especially not to the exem
tion from taxation which it asks for, Thi.
paper is fortified by many strong argu•
ments, which cannot fail to weigh strongly
with the Legislature. The fact stated in
the following paragraph is known to many
of our citizens:
Had the Rank of Pennsylvania manifes
ted the same disposition to aid the State
Treasurer in his laudable efforts to pay
the interest on the funded debt in specie
funds as another institution has seve.ral
times done, some thousands of dollars paid
for discount on uncurrent funds might
have been saved to the Commonwealth.—
It is a fact that' for the last two years the
interest on our public debt has bee n
promptly met in specie funds, without a
single dollar having been paid
, for dis
count.—Pennsylvanian. $.
WILLIAM ,BIGLER.—This gentleman,
who will no doubt be the next Democratic
candidate for Governor, came -"down the
the river on a rafi" on Tuesday last. He
remained here over night—during which
time he received the grntulations of his nu
merous friends—and next morning pass
ed on with his lumber to its place of des
tination.—Columbia Spy.-
fa - Generals Quitman and Henderson,
charged with participating in the Cuban
Invasion, have been discharged from ar
rest, st New Orlectno,--A. 110aZda re 000wr l
having been entered. This, we presume, '
ends the farce.
Village Aristocracy.
Many are the follies and weaknesses of
human nature. But none are more con
temptible than those actedout by the SCRUB
ARLSTOCRACY 'Of 'our towns and villages...-
Those are to be - found in all the relation's
of life. A young man, whine father was.
a hard working mechanic, either has a
moderate fortune left him, or he marries a
few thousand dollars—and forthwith he
puts on airs, and assumes - in iinportatice,
perfectly disgusting to those who are ac
quainted with the circumstances of his rise
and progress in the world. Such young
men regard as beneath their dignity, the
vocations of their parents. and frequently
avoid letting it be known that they sprung
from sUch sources. We have even met,
with some %Om have looked upon the hum
bie vocations of ii mechanic, as beneath
the dignity 01 a gentleman, forgetting in
the meanwhil&that the taint of the lather
attaches to the. son! Pricier)l this hind
r 7-
On Tnpsday March 18th by the -
Luther E. Albert, Mr.-Jacob Lilly to Miss.
Elizabeth A. Bart►n, both of this place.
On the Ilth inst. by the Rev. William
R. Yearick. Mr. DAVID KAUFMAN of
Brush Valley, and Miss REBECCA BEST of
Clinton Co.
On, the 13th inst. by the same. Mr,
CONRAD FRIEDLEAF. of 'Walker Tp. and
PLEILIMNA Lacuna: of Spring Tr.
On the same, by the same. Mr. JOSZPII
KUHN of Spring , Tp. and Mrs.. NANCY
Boren, of Walker Tro;
Prom the Lewisburg Democrat.
Died.—At Potters Mills, after a lin
gering illness, Andrew Gregg, fatherly of
this place, aged about,2o years.
It is with deep-sorrow that we record
the above death, for we knew him well.
Of him it may be truly said :
“None knew hiin but to love him,
None named him but to praise."
At a special meeting of the Theta Alpha
Society of the University at Lewisburg,
held in their hall on Monday the 17th
inst., the followin g preamble and reso
lutions, presented byMr. C.C. Bitting,
relative to the decease of the late An.
drew W. Gregg, were unanimously
WHEREAS, A recent dispensation of
Providence has called us to lament the
death of Mr. ANDREW W. Gnuou, lately
a .member of our institution, and one im
mediately connected with the early organ
ization of our Society, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That our sympathies be ten
dered to the friends of the deceased, the
remembrance of whose gentlemanly de
portment, scholarship, energy, benevo
lence, and goodness of character we cher
isti with pleasure, but whose early death
whilst humbly submitting to the mourn
ful dispensation of Omniscience we la
ment ; and whilst we rejoice in the hope
that his freed spirit has soared to the bo
som of its God, we "weep with those who
RESOLVED, That in testimony of our ap
preciation of the character of the deceased
we wear the usual badge of mourning for
the space of thirty days.
RESOLVED, That these proceedings be
published in the Liewiebure
that a copy to be forwarded to the friends
of the deceased.
At a meeting of the Sophomore Class,
called to express their sense, of sorrow at
the decease of Mr. ANDREW W. thiteao,
recently one of Th eir number, the follow
ing res olutions presented by Mr. I. P.
Trustin, and seconded by Mr. C. C. Bit
ting, were unanimously adopted.
Resolved, that in the removal, by the
hand of Death, of a class-mate of distin
guished talents and good moral charater,
we sustain a loss that we cannot too deep
ly feel.
Resolved, that with the afflicted family
and friends we unite in heartfelt condo
lence, in the loss of the deceased.
Resolved, that we wear the Usual badge
of mourning thirty days. •
Resolved that a copy of these resolutions
be sent to the - family of the deceased, and
also published-in the - 4 , l4ewisburg Demo
crat; and Bellefonte papas.' •
. ~. • .
( never finds a rigitiriep . lar;,e ' Save:lnn weak
rip .
o.2piii.i.fiacitralibnie„ ra iu r a t i !e: i i_t eii '.
brain, and Mattijests • itself ik - a perverse
iternper , :-,., :I -- i ~ '', l ; . i•I.
..°!' or A.tiarter.Seesions . of the , Peac e' ours
I - . There aremitriy,Mlngnidniti our towns Ceni I'C 'l'-' • , -' • e .. 01-
re. .ountY. • - , ,
' and villages, (and some- yoUng ladies, tool) The iletilion.ot Antheartiirar ofthe ;gril sl :l.
who secin to be' proud of the Wealth of
8 0 1:01e.rVine conaty : .of g,entre, f : — ll.
their families, while their own,repinations, ,thir, l Tl7i c hl i t r ia t i tZuPleti k _lh .... ,nse Wino toww.
would be soiled by associating with the as ii public house Ofe n Q t Ce 7" met 7r a rj a ii ° , e 3 :P rn ied
sons of mechanics. Ili their strange infat r l' i l i . e e re orinulng 1 : keel) it pnbie house therein; Ile a '
station it never occurs -to them, their 'fathi• to keeps pu re tilic y lZu r se i TTkr i bi gr: h a i r omm a eze ile id erl fc :
t fi tit NTHOZ , IV CNER..
era made all their property by downright the ensuing year. And he wilt e‘ - r
pray -
stealing cheating.' tying—Wl:tile-their We the subieribers,
grondfathera were sold at publiC auction Walker in the county., orA l u s trl, tke I°*n emt a b i P ih l
. above petitionr and : bendy that the IniTc-7j---a
to pay their passage mesa the ocean f—
See. the number of young men in our coup
try, who , not endowed with common sense is well provided with house ream undo ---,
Ri a d% f f o o r r s h tr o a n tria ir a i n d d t travellers and is or g „, dle .
and no sort of love for genuine republican
ism, retort to the study of the learned pro henry Winicbgan, rneir &Zia, lobs mint,.
feisions, such as law and medicine, while Jwaes McCormick, l Jo hn Smarts , Salta 'McKee -
every man about them declares, in - terms • • lo o ti tn a A. g li to ° V — er, Jo hn a No11; 1 ' , ' Peter LlArer",
that cannot be misunderstood , that God of G eorge &warm, Win. Candy. Weary' Miller,'
nature intended thin korbriCklayers, house . Daniel Sw artz , Wendie Bartholomew.
. .:.
carpenters and blacksmiths? M Mard i 2Gth 185 t. any of
these ought now to abandon their profes
sions for the more profitable and - equally
honorable 'fields of labor where their fedi
ers made Money enough to educate them,
and thus elevate their to stations where
they never can move with ease or grace.—
God deliver us from the bastard aristocracyof our little villages, and codfish aristoc
racy of cm r large "towns"! Among these
hateful rinvistiscs on society, respectability
is based upon the nature of e:mon'e -voca
tion instead of the manner in which his
duties are performed. The only sentiment
which well regulated society recognises, is
that sound maxim : "Act well thy [Jan—
there all the honor lies."—Parson Brown
R:PT he Massachtzsetts House of Rep
resentatives, on- Monday, by a very large
vote, passed a resolution ofleting ten thou
sand dollars to any one who will - discover
a remedy for the potato rot ; the discovery'
to be tested by a practice of five years.
the 18th inst. by the
Rev. John Tonner, Mr. DAVID Otworticit,
and Miss Catharine Fisher, all of Spring
On the 20th inst. by the same Mr. huts
all of Huntingdon County.
! • Application ftir License. •
PT( 0 the Honorable Judges of the CoUrt
- 11 -. of Quarter Sessions of the Peace for
Centre COunty.
The petition of James NoMistets of the Towns
ship of Snowshoe in the Qiunty of Centre, respect.
fully stieweth ; That he occupies a house in said
township, which has heretofore been used and cc
' copied as a public house of entertainment, sad is
desirous di pontinuing4 to keep a public house then
in. He therefore prays your Honors tetrad him
a license to keep a public honest thu placeafore•
staid for the eh - suing year: - And ntrwilrover' R pnry,
We the subscribers citiz AM ens of the WA tow STE nship of
Snowshoe in the County of Centre recommend the
above petitioner, and certify that ttic..inti or tavern
above mentioned, is necessary to• accommodate
the public and entertain strangers and travellers,
and that the petitioner is of good repute for hon
esty and temperonce.
Thomas Askey, David Askey, John Flack,
Jona Roop . John Askey, Thomas Askey,
Richard C Hughes Wca. Stewart, John S. Miller,
James Askey, Jacob Mingle, James Luc"
Wm. Stevens, • Daniel Cushier, Geo. Grahap jr
Mara 26, Mt.
Application for .License.
ripo the Honorable Judges, of the Court
JIL of Quarter Sessions of the Peace for
Centre County. • •
The petition ut C. B. Callahan of the township of
- Walker in Ale County of Centre respectfully alley. ,
eth : That ita occupies a house in said township
which has heretofore been used and occupied as a
public House of entertainment, and is desirous of
continuing to teep a public house therein. lie
therefore prays your lactoota-to tieertro
to keep a pub lc house at the place aforesaid forthe
ensuing year. And he will ever pray,.Bt.e.'
We, the subscribers cititens •or the towp of
Walker, in the county of-Centre recommend t he
above petitioner nod certify that the inn or..taVern
above mentioned,i, ,pecessary. to accommodate
the. public and entertain strangers and travellers
and thin the petitioner towel! provided with house
room and conveniences for the accommodation of
strangers and travellers, and that the petitioner is
of good repute for honesty and temperance.
S.unuel McKee,, Jacob Candy, Michael Flesh,
Wm. Smyttrjr. David Emriek, John SnevelY,
John Losh, , • Wm. Carter, Rifles Sumer,
John Farrows, Wm. McCormick, Levi Candy.
Henry Wail/lemon.
March 'Nub lasl.
.pplication for License.
filo t h ee Honorable ludges of the Court
- 11 - of Quarter Sessions of the Peace for
Centre County. •
The petition of James McCulley of Marion Waits
ship, village of Jacksonville, respectfully sheweth
That your pentioner bath providi.d himself. with•
materials fit the accomtmdation of travellers gad
others at his dwelling house in the county Owe
said. and prays ittaS your tlia.iurir may be pleased
to grant him a license to keep a public hutise of
entertainment. And your petitioner as in• duty
bound will ever pray d%
We the subscribers citizens of Marion Township
do certify that the above petitioner is of good repute
for honesty and temperance, and is wed ppivided
with-hoirso room and conveniences for the accom
modation of strangers and travelers, and that said
tavern is much nixded,
Peter Haines, John Verger sr. Wm. Harding;
John Howder, Henry Hoy O. Jacob Hoy.
Joseph Moray, Simon Best, Henry Hoy sr.
Jacob Harter, dward Moor Joseph Gerbrielt
Jacob airbericki •
March 26th 1851.
. .
Guarantee capital over $lOO . OOO
Surplus cash
T HIS _Company has been doing business about tea
months, and has accumulated an earned capital
of over 5.125,000 above all losses and expenses with
a surplus cash of over $25,000 on hand-
Me com
The preany.mium w
s are as lo assay good resPonsi•
The directors confine themselves to she safest ciliar
of property, and no risk to exceed $2,500 in one lo
cality, (with few exceptions.) The profits are whol
ly divided with the members, which ()Mrs owners
of safe property inducements over most companies
in the state.
John P. Rutherford, Jolm B. Packer,
A. J, Gillett, P. 0, Sedgwick,
S. T. Jones, A. A. Carrier, '
Robert Klotz: • -
A. J. Gilleti; Sectfy. Prest:
The directors have the liberty to , refer to ;.
lowizig_gentlemen :
Hon. A, L. Russell--Secretary of the Corn. ::'
Hon, Tohtt - LOorte—Surveyor Genera
James A. Weir Esq--Cashier Harrisburg Hatik - .‘ .
R J. Ross, Esq. - Cash. Dauphin Deposit Bank:
John M. Bickel Eq. —State Treasurer.'
A. .
A. J. Jones &of—P. M. Harrisburg,
Iszl Painter Esq.—Canal Coramisslonor. -
Messrs Jno. Wallower dp Son—Commission Met
chants, Harrisburg.
John.H. Brant, Esq.—Commission Merchant.
- orromattarnlxt, or traumata, riati i
Agent of the above Company, and will . attend.
promptly to persons desiring to be insured.
tars addressed whim on the subject will receive,
immediate attention.
Marsh 28th 1851. •
Ths partnership heretofore. existing between
Amos and Urim Stover in the thrmidir business was
deeolved by
ti mutual consent on Tuesday the ithlt
ay othdare 1851
March the 251851
The subecriber respectfully informs his 'friends'
and the public that he has not relinquished As , old:
- business, as has been circulated by designing„ per,,
sons, but that he will be prepared during tbeettiming
season to undertake and do' inn workmanlike, man....
ner, and w:tli eipeditioo, nll . jobs, entrusted to him*
None but the most experienced workmen be,
employed. , Thankful for paslfavons, be 'respectful.
ly solicits a continuance of ;hesitate.
Ornamental work:ojelL_kindoknit'in tbs,,
best Manner. — a W. , I.OI.IWERT.
Bellefonte /throb 29th 2E451.-30 2m.
TANTED I—A good girl, between the affinsof
18 and 18 to assist in doing.tlouse work, For
particulars apply at this Olfloe.
Bellefonte'blarch 12th 1851.
TATANTED !—At tbisVffiee a few loads of oxml,
V Wood v ie payment of subscription, job-worn
or advertising.