Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 30, 1922, Night Extra, Page 3, Image 3

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    PfF'V ""' - . at'a " ' . fT'T!''t'''''"1'"''7w5p - r-ww ' rwr-T - - - -wiii""1 ' " "" "-"
- Jlpili"
nil ?
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New Year's Day Turnout te Set
New Recerd for Slze
and Brilliancy
-.-.in. "thousand Mummri-q
aarch mi Urnml street New Ycar'.i
pay tfie tlKP'.it, gaudiest, lnrrilrH
turnout In rnr.
Tin is tin- effirint in fl id Ien of II.
jjnrt McHnsli. who for twenty-two
wan hn represented f'lly Council In
ilrcrtli'S tlN annual pageant, wlitr-h in
Pliihuielphlu's own way of giccting tlu
wW.Kini twelvemonth.
"Dinger niul better tluin evpr," is
JfcHiisli'H ptemisp. 'I'd jihivp what hi
lars, llC1 l",m,'! "ut tn!lt lasl J,nr "1Prt'
we're luit font teen dubs in line; tliis
wear there will lie twenty-one, ninl te
help tlie iiiprrymiikets Htci along nt
their lhelieHt there will lie music liy
ferty-tliri'C organizations, including the
tt popular mid rolerful Hiring bunds,
for many months the eltibs hnve heen
working in the secrccv of their houses
n new mul unusually elaborate cos ces
tunici, guaranteed te "knock 'cm
jeaj" when flip pnmdp prances up
Breml fitrect Monday morning.
Last ear wns n hnnncr yeer for
elenks that were n riot of coler: this
year tin- eluh cnptiiins say tlieir cloaks
mil miits will surpass even these they
-crc n yenr age.
The entire pelipp force will lip en
duty Memlny morning wIipii tin mum
men' pnrmlc nKscnieks, Suppilntcndent
jllhs announced today.
Iireail street will be cleared from
curb te curb for the grotesque but
colorful precession. .Should the cold
net prove fi miflicipnt spur te keep tlm
paraders en the march, tliu pelipe have
been instructed te order from the line
any oiganizatlens which idievv n ten
dency te lag. Automobiles or ether ve
hicle will be l;ept from Ureiul street,
and eresH streets will nlwe b( cleared
bv the iiolice between Thirteenth and
Fifteenth street.s.
The panniers will be restricted te
the street, nnd the crowds will be held
en the rddevvnlks by ieics te be put up
by th j police.
Vendert) of boxes, crates, barrels or
Other convenient perches from which te
-lew tlie precession will be ruled out
br the police as u nuisance, who have
also been Instructed te place under ban
the throwing of pnper or ether articles
from the windows of buildings or by the
crowds en the tttreet.
Market Street Train- Kulcs
The only persons te be permitted
through the police lines will be these
cnring the efhViiil badge of City
Council, which will be inscribed 'Tliil'
aiMphiu New Year Celebration lli2e,
City Council."
Ite-routing of traffic en Market street
bas been erdercil by Supeilntendent
Mills te prevent congestion nt City
Hall. Vehicles going eii"-t mi Muikut
itreit desiring te turn south will be
diverted nt Seventeenth street durlii','
the pmiiile. Fustbeimd traffic desiring
te go north will be turned at Sixteenth
Likewise traffic westbound en Mar
ket will be tin ned north ami south :il
Eleventh and Twelfth streets. Spruce,
Walnut, 1'ilbert, Cherry anil Ituce
meets will b" Usui by mall trucks, e-prei-s
trin Its, and ether vehicles which
niustnes'i Uiead street.
Thousands of dollars have been ex
pi'lideil en the costume, one of which,
belonging te the Klein Club, and a con
sistent prize winner for the last seven
ye.irs, involves a cape which fully 1")
rages will help te carry. A seventy
pound costume hi.iiIp cntiicly of peails,
will be denned for the occasion by
IMwinl I Inn Is, '0S Onnes street.
The I.ihcit Club jilans te have 'JUDO
wen In line, with five hands twenty -tvve
brigades and eighteen lleats. If
the mcmhiMs (urn (illl ,, fut tbis proh preh
nblv will lie tlie kuge-t turnout In the
ramie The Klein Club will have mi
Bsregmien of line men, four bands
ml tluee brigades.
Siher Crown First in Line
The Silver Crown, founded twenty
years ige, the eldest club In the illy.
Kill Im ghei fir-t place in line, and
plain te tuni out with ."(10 men and
three hands. The l.eb-ters, a fancy
rhib, ts slated for (WO men, three bands
and one brigade. The 1 lanlel II. (U--ilil
Club, according t.i its captain.
Jill he repipscnted by ll'.OO men, four
n.iinls, nine brlgadi'H and ten special
The l..agii0 Island Club will have
7-i' in ii. three baiulx. seven lleiils,
twelve fi.ntuies and eight brigades
Ihe C linden Clewi.s will contribute
J'(I0 men. three bands, eleven lleats
ml fifteen brigades. The IViinlc Col Cel
l'"s Club will hne sOO men, three
bind-, nine brigade- ami seven float".
I' i the iiiiimnici nre hnf l en
raged In petfeetlug their cii-tumes Tlid
drilling lu the arleus clublinuses To Te To
nieirou the liiiNblng teinlns will be
mlded te pvci j thing tlmt will go into
the leaking of "tlie blgg-st parade
ever "
Tin nn,. nwanli will be disttibuted
fellow s ;
l'ai.iv flibs - I'list itl7c. SI001:
"pond, ,s(Hi: tbitd. ?(i.-(i. Cuptaln'.s
rnsrnme - y, pil.e. S.'l,"0 ; scciiinl.
W.'n, th'nl, Sl.'ni. I'm- ibc u,ndeniest
inne ni-tiimp. SlTiO. Ilpst-iliesP(l
ehiwii Hi,,, si.ie ii,.sfilie-.(., liuli
vlil'isl clown- I'll s pilc. SI, "(I ; second,
jh'O, tbl,,, S7.-,; f.,,,,.,1,. tr,e; fifth,
'i0; sitb, S'J,". !ii..es-cl gleup,
Meil licst-dresscl Imkn. sl.'.O !e,t
flli nl ine;e till), S00. Ilest - tl ImillPiI
nilt Tancj pn,,, si.'iU; Mcend J5 1 00 ;
third, .s;.", , fourth. S."t) : liftb. jJeO;
JiMh, .sL'.-i !ei-iliessc,I , pic, S."0.
Il't Jleilb- I'list piic, SJ.'i; -e.ellll,
;-" Ci.ll.lclr t til'-. -J'll-t i.'le,
51'JH; s, nnd. ST."; third. ST.it. Tlieiv
",v" wi.l . i!n,. hist :i,iris in S.0
eneli t i ciitinnt-, who win spis'lul iiicn
tlmi in.il four second piles of .'J'.1.")
Conn 1,,!.' I'ii, 1,1 ie. S 1 1 101 1 ,ei
"ml, N7.ii . third, Slim I : feuiili. 51(111:
nfrh 'L',Vl. .ivt'i. ir,il: ...i..ili. ."Hill:
'Igl.'l,. S.MI- nliiTli. S.-.O. Mii-l comic
'.i" nn I'll -I prie Sl'UI). , ml.
l."l. il i d, Sien. Mrt comic ibar
ii'tci, !T."i 1 1. -1 ..mil.- gieup, Sl.'O
Me -i m.iui, ,.,,,n, ., miiii. M,,.t enuiiml
ilcira. icf. Slim Most eil.'iuul ',
tnne, St." Met original neielM.
Si., ..,-t hniiioteiis jiiMMile. SI'.".
P'i" , mint hoi I'i-,t pi ie, ,'"i0; vec
mill ,'jr,
lleiiv I "ir-i puc, l."ll; seiund,
"l-"i tluiil SUru , I'euitli, ST."., littb,
Stl'i, -hih, .(iii.
s,lni.' I,, mis I'lifl in le. Mi.'ll; m.s
n'l, -','i( I, Hill. I, -, . fitl, Milt);
llllh, ST.",.
i'ligule- l'ir-t pllc, sl.'.ll; s, i mul,
"J,"" lluid, Sinn I'liurlh, S7."i; littll,
'iii, M'.tb, ,,"e si-M-mb, ,sl'.".
Spunl menu, n in all chi-ses will be
nwindnl Hi t prie, ST,",; second,
"'. tl'inl, Sit,",; fourth, ,'.'e; ilfih. SU'.".
tciiimj Tiir. 'iimimi'iii' i'.itni:
'I lit u .,) . i,f t,f i.er N w Ynr h iiir.i.len
JfiiMiM, lu, ii,. I, neil t of tnic" lu n m
Pii,iiiiu- ,ii, i line pn nn ml niieet luiu'iry
; A llil'.irul ilescilMInn r,r u II uvnt tlmt
s ni.1 1 PiliAiipin fiimeiis ter New
V iV'f ..".'imlay I'l'BLlu I.IUUI.J. "Hake It
win vv -2vfiAp5sft-?!', :mtwimm&m&ssk. jm&VMikmm i
(hit In the suburbs every our who
their hearts' content. The camera
Order of March in
Mummers' Parade
The MumniPrs' Vnrade will begin
at Ilread and 1'erter strpets at 8 :."()
Mftffday morning. Frem there tlie
shooters will tnececd up Ilread
Mreet te City Hall, where they will
pass the reviewing stand.
After swinging around City Hall
they will march up I'rnml stiret te
(ilrard avenue. There the parade
will end efliclnlly, but the Mum
ncrs will eei.tlnup In order te com
pete for the SKKM) in pri.es effcrcil
iiy the Columbia Avenue Ilu.slncss
Men's Association.
After reaching Columbia nvenue
they will march cast te Tenth street,
thence south te Oxford. In the aft
ernoon many of tlie Miimnieis will
go te Camden te compete for prizes
offered there.
Clubs of County Will Compete for
Cash Prizes
A New Year's parade mere elnberife
than anj ever before staged in that
Hpctien is being planned by membeis of
the Camden County fancy ilrcs clubs.
This j cur's demonstration in Camden
will be it i enl parade. The event has
been increasing in interest each jcur
since its institution, and te add te the
ptitluislasiu this j ear Ciundeii Council
lms voted S.'OO te be distributed in
line i bib alone the Cnnulen Clown
Club will have a thousand men, eight
een brigades, lifteen lleats, two bands
and lifteen special-mention featuie lu
ihe Hue.
Tlie lileucctcr Saurkratit Club and
the l'ast Side Club will be among the
ether ergauizatlnin taking pail. A
nuinlier of the Philadelphia clubs arc
also expected te compete.
The judges will be Jehn II. Carrell.
I'ledeiiik Ven Neida, Jeseph O'Cotinei
and a reprceiitatiie of each of the
Camden newspapeis.
Twe Charges Pending Against
Dr. J. I'mmett lllugg, .(. Cutler
stieet. who is i barged by Geerge J).
Htemle, son of James A. ltiemley,
textile ' manufacturer. with havitu1
pointed n roTehcr at him, will be
ghen another bearing befete Magistrate
Koei.ey Wednesday.
A S.'O.IHIO damage suit for alienation
of Mrs. Ilremle.v'-i aflectlens Is also
l.iiling ngtiinst Dr. Illagg.
Charles II. Dennis, a private deteit
ivc. who arrested Di. Itlngg. denteil
today t Itn t Dr. Ill.igg had made any
i bargee against him in lennectlnu with
the arrest. Mr. Deni.ls s;ii,l also there
wan no truth in the statement that Mag
istrate Hoeiiey had withheld, until
January .'I, decision in imv Pase against
him invelviiiR lr. Itlagg.
H. E. Creek Company Anticipates
Renewed Shipping Activity
Anticipating renewed nelhity In
shipping, the H. K. Cnml; Ceinpany. '
Kliiiiliullders, et Italtiiiiere, lime leased
tlie tirj -decking and repair facilities of
the r'nien Shipbuilding Cempiiny, of
tlmt city. . , , , , , i
This step is calculated te stimulate i
shipping through the peit of Italtimerc ,
t .!... . nunl. .. ,11 In. a.lili.
i.ii tnc reason um, ..--r.-,, ,,,. u,- .,,,,
te lenil ami uisciuu uisciuu
lindergeing icpalrc.
in eurgeesi while
M'Goed Talker" Gets Geed Coin With!
Bad Paper
nelice today suit
The nelice today si ul out a tiler,
asking ler tlie hi rest el n young man
vvlm is described as a "geed talker"
nod who "makes his living appaiently
by passing bad chiMts
''ci,., iiii'ei iiiatteu was
bi eadi list fd-
t,.,lT,ir ilm lashitii: et a worthless ciici
for S bv a Kensington physician
The man Is desciibed lis twenty -tlm i
vcars old. live fi ct six inches lull
'weighs 1 10 pounds! and dark com.
Mrs. Marie Mareshy, Penniless and Shirering in Street After
Eviction, Finds liefitpe and Help at City Hall
Mm In Maresky. yeun't wife whose
hu'bund disappeared u month age, ami
who for a week was compelled te de
pend upon tin- mercy of filemU for
f i mid shelter, last night, when
I ,,.,! into the street, took refuge
tri.m tln cold tu a City Mall cclhoein.
Today nil'' will 'Jlli l,,,r l,'wl",',-
llmiiks te the diligent (.earcli made early
il, is morning by the nelice.
Airs. MnieHky had been staving with
r..:..,,,!., in a iiiiimi oil .Xllisclier M.-eei
near Columbia avenue
Mul last
ti... nuaiicli'd Willi
thi'tii and
Penniless and cold Mie nippfiled nt
the Luiikenuti llespilal for .i place te
ay for the night. Hospital iiuthnn
tlcs directed lier tn the police at Mno-
pyw KSSKilHffiBSS ' - ' "r ii, n " iH iTiWiirrTr nfi
rniilil, took advantage of ypstpnla ' snow,
caught Itctty Calahati. Mice Klley and
lump en their sleds
Fuel Commission Official Calls
Washington Advices Unnec
essarily Pessimistic
Vn"!!!!!' authorities in Washington are
declaring Philadelphia householders
, mint cither burn substitutes this winter
or freeze, local men in close touch with
' the situation are net se pessimistic.
The view in Washington is that tlie
present coal shortage is se great It ,
, can never be hoped te be made, up.
I'dgnr C. IVlteti. hewpM-r, who is
chairman of tlie Fair Price Committee
i of the Pennsylvania Fuel Commission, '
insists tli.it with a little care and the,
'use of substituted wherewr possible the
people will keep warm, and the strin- I
geney will be nicely tided ever. I
' Mr. I'elteti believes tlie outlook te he
emeuragiug, points out all coal brought
In is at once absorbed nnd sn.s coal is
te continue te be bieught lu, and is,
.turning in, In fad, 10 per cent faster,
than had been expected. !
Mines and railroads, working at J
highest elliciencj, can't pessiblj mine
and ilel'uer enough atilhiaeite te sup-
ply Philadelphia, New Yerk and ether!
liig Kastcrn consuming centers for the
icmaindcr of the winter, according te I
tlie Washington authorities.
An accumulated shortage of .10,000,-
000 tens of iinthiaciie u n ported for
the calendar jear 10--. As Til per cent
of anthracite production is devoted te
domestic sies, tbls means there i, a
shortage for I lie jear of J,(IUU,0U0 tens
of domestic tuel.
Such investigations as have been
made uie said te show clearU thai the
shortage is due eutlreh te Ibe strike,
which made it Impossible for millions
of useis te lny in their winter's supplj
dining the s,ring, suiniiier ami early
fall. As a ti'sult, they ate all crowd
ing into the market new, and the eal
Is in the ground.
Nine uiithiiicitP railroads arc giving
the mine. Kid pi r cut itir supply ,
and the mines are mining uml leading
coal, iin lu. ling tin1 usual piopeition of
domestic sie.s, as tapldly as their l.i
iilitles pi'iinit. it is (ieclared.
"They are operating lis batd and as
fast as tjicj cm." an ediclal of tlie
Geological Sunev asserted. "The only
interruptions te pioiluctieii are due te
holidays. The pioiluctieii for the last
ten il.i.vs of I Ii.' e.ir will net npus! that
of the pi mIiiiu' ten ihljs because of
the ii.ten em Imi of Chiistin.is and New
Year D.iv."
1 Realty Man Takes Him te Heupitnl
After Aute Hits Milk Wagen
F. Alb ii l'nrrv, leal estate breki r.
.living nt M "i Pellinm te. ui, while me-
i tering fieni town eaily tednv, inllid,. I
with m mult wagon dtiveii by Walter
McNeill, t went l -seven years old, L't I'J I
Ceiily n rn ul. McNeill, who is tin cm-
, plove nt Abbett's dairy, was driving
'along W i-s'ihii ken nvenue near rsi hunt
'lane win n the Collision Declined
The a ilk wagon was damaged and
.the driver thrown te tin lead. His
feiehi.nl was cut and be was bruisul,
Harry dime McVi ill in St. Luke's Ifns-
lii till .ind later appeared hi fore Mngis.
jtrate Dmii ut tlie Twentv -second stitet
(lllil liuuiiug i nit avenue Minion. lie
was iili.'Hed mi his own i egtii'.au e,
as Mi . Si ill was net seriously iuiuivd.
Il'iirv s,rvcil en the jurv In the esi..r
'I I , n nnes of almost a seme ei prom prem
iimi l iisideiits of lltidgeperi, i barged
u ill, Ii n-li.l.v mi III n f l.ixi s 1 v 'I :i I ,.'-
led ' I. urn's Mitlvey. Icne been tinned lf
ever ' Magi-nate 1 inn!; i huh, and
w..n th; .. I,,.,,, give, , cmsuimv
Pati . McDcrmett.
wns pi
te I'll'
baud I
in d (Meid st ts. There she
..'..I in a patrol wagon and lakni
II ill
t, .1 Detective Ml-deir her hm.
,el 1, ft their home at IMI 1 Nnlen
a iii'.iilh age. ii ml lieu, unable
til pV t'l,
I si V. I
siie was put out i,f
her he.iie ' i
She sail -he had searched evervwheui
for her hi baud, but without avail. Ter
the last well i-1 1 1 had been cared for
in Ilie no u ' ei menus, viiwit ,v a r
.. l , .. ...I. . I,,. ..I...IY ...1.1 ., ..
nier.v , i ,ei. ii i u i.imiieii ii, i, i in,, pullpe
of all th-li.it c le leek for her niK-im,'
Twe I ur later Meiuskv was tumid
in a helil vvlierc be had ibtaiiu.l iin iin
pleymi'llt an U clief. He prnmlsi-d the
pollce tlmt he would peme te City Hull
und take his wife te his home.
sledding, roasting anil skiing te
llttle Ainirlle (liesten out for n
Parade, Featuring Floats of Indus
trial Plants, Will Christen Highway
OpMiirc of the new Mnrcus Heek read
("day wa.i marked bv a civic celebra
,1)01101111 pniade In which residents of
Maicus Heek, I.inwoed nnd I'.oetbwjn
took tmrt.
1 The purndp started from Marcus
I leek nt 1 :"0 o'clock this nfternoen and
pteceeded along tlie new lead te
nearby towns. A feature of n parade
was a scries of lleats of iudustiial
Patriotic nnd fraternal organisatiens
will be in the line of mnrch, tegetlier
witli local lite fempanies nnd many au
tomobiles. Houses along the route of
Ihe jiarade were decorated for the
The new read, which takes the plnrc
of the old Hoethw.vn rend, is of concrete
and embraces all the latest featuics in
highway construction. It is eighteen
feet w ide.
Official Figures Shew Operations
Nearly Thrice These of 1921
The year ID'Jll has been I lie banner
building year In Philadelphia's history.
Figures issued today by the Buieau of
Iluililitig Inspcitien for the year com
ing le its close show the estimated value
of the weik begun in l!il!, is neatly
three times as great as that of 1111 .
The bureau has issued 1 t.-ID'J per
mits covering Li'J,.":!'-' building opeia epeia opeia
tieus, with nn estimated value when
lempleteil of 11 1, iiii 1,11(1.
In IDIII the buieau issued l'J,(!(l
penults covering 1l,(',."il operations,
valued nt S-!.'!.7!i(l,7S().
It luw been estimated that this year's
figure include th" construction of nt
least Minn new iwe-stnrv houses in
various parts of Philadelphia. Many
new ell'n e buildings, ihunhes and sev
eral tlieuties aic iniliideil in the new
Aoeeals for Natlen-Wlde Move
Watch-Night Services
TiNhup Jeseph F. I'erry. senior
I?i-he) of Aineiicnii Methodism, has
called iiiieii I,0i).(l0() Methodists
I throiighe it the ce'intiy te start a great
I revival at the .",0,001) watch -night serv
I ices whuli will be conducted bv Meth
I edisr iinrcRiitieiis tomorrow night te
Web oil!,' I'l'il.
"Should our iiesis for seu's be les,
' re.ile'is than our ipu-st for dollars'"
I'.lsliep It. rry asks in his appeal te the
'Methodists, He tells clergiuen and
. ay men that there "is great need of u
genuine levival of religion."
In Ins pie i for a great spuitual
awake'ii'ig as the chinches enter i pen
the tu w vear. the Itishep snvs: "Metll
' edist sue -ess in putting ever Its tin. in-
elal linib't takings has been imiivi ions.
i We imi rne-ner ill luateiiiil tlutms and
' I... l.......l..ul i. Itn .l. ...... I 1,1 kttl.llM'll
lie liepelcssiy
.... ll.l.UJ'k ... -,.... ....
I ossessiens.
i Dr. Canby Asls Mere Cordiality
Frem Literature Teachers
I Teachets of llicraiuic in eui Aiiht-
ii u ii insiiiutieus of learning .tie let
keeping up with the eoiitempetnn puk-
ith of lilei.ituie in America, m the
opinion of Henry S. Canby. eli'er of
the Literal Review, who gave d. le-
I gales te the convention of the Modern
' Language Assoein'ieti of Aniern i , les-
I ing today nt the Fnlvcrsity of I'eiin-
'sylvnnii, many pertinent notions te
take buck te tin If jcspective n sritu -tlens
of learning
A wide drench exists between in ti
ers of llteiatuie ami centini ran
writers, Dr. ( aiiliv h.iIiI, anil .t a a i
hi em II which he dcpl.iieiL
Id- uigeil a sympathetic nttitile t
wind these new w i iters; nnd wbc'iir
iliev "be ns-cs or geniuses," he i i'i
iiuiteil tbit thev. Ill least, nre 11 the
iiinlsi ,, the veiv activity wlinli gnis
hie and glow lb le htei.iturc in n er
Detroit Banker's Daughter, Held for,
$20,000. Well Cared Ter I
Dctieit. D".'. "I'd - (My A P - '
Fitiii -v enr-ebl
M it v ( lieviiiin"i'g' Ii.
kld'i m i"'il i igdi ihn age and l.i '
I 'i.
a r in-niii of U' I mul, w,i ii'ti.i i ,
I, or dome tl is iiieiuing, less than i
leurs nftei dec fatliei, Nicola (in.
i.angi'll. L.i-1 side d inker, had .'
In r ilKiii c iriuice te (lie police
The , liild was , ought le witlii'i '
,i block el her lien e. Theic i
lielpeil In r liem an automel i,"
direct eil her te hunv benie ami n u
afraid of 'dc dink.
She bad liei a well cnrid for, ,
was feted en Clirlsti ts Day, hIic s.
i . I
Take Invalids Frem Burning Heuse
Witll.iui .1 1 ft I'd and Tlmniah .1 i ' -
Mm. tive Negreix, were sick In V "
a 1 eanlliig In. use evviiiil by Mrs. Sn ih
.lcffries. iv.'s; lllngMld htn-t't, wl,u
tile bieke mil lu the beuse this mm u
i liir
Mis 1 ell lie. niKlieil Inte the
street and i-heuteii nu alarm, Whet.
Iireuicn tre'.n I'ligine Company Ne "7,
Twenty -s, i en, street and felinnh..i
an line, ! icded the seen,, tiiev can id
ihe two sick men in Mfety. They were
given teinpeiiiiv shelter by neighbor.
TIip dnnitiBe te the house was about
Solid. I
i1iA'.s Elizabeth Lmvis, Teacher
in Constantinople, Describes,
Conditions in Turks' Capital
in Letter te Her Mether '
Press Muzzled by Censorship,
Says Fermer Y. IF. C. A.
Worker Here, iew Filling
Pest in Levant
A letter describing conditions in
Constantinople wns leccived vestciilav
I'J Mrs. FHie M .,. is, of Norris Nerris Norris
tevii, from her dau'.iiter. M.s F!i.n
belli Lewis, of I'liilniii Iplnn, te.icln r
in 'ii,. (ii'ilik I'.isha Sdioel lu ( o'i e'i
stiintiiniple. Mis Lewis is well knev u in I'lubi
deipliia, having ben intnelv rsseuinid
will, the local Y. W. C. A. f, . smiriil
M-ar. She was called te Ml a pest
in tlie Levant Inst August with Miss
.Marian Flsier, who lunl I n ceu-
nectfil with the physical cuituie (e- i
P.irtment of the V. W. C. A. lure.
Miss Lewis is a giaduatc of Die.xel I
Shortly after the burning of Smyrna
Mjsslywis was sent te Constantinople.
While net professing te be tholeughlv
nciualnleil with the political situation
In the Near Fast, Miss Lewis ex
pressed confidence in the tlmil outcome
of tlie Lausatiue eotitcrence, but pie
diets that the V. M. C. A. ami the
Y. W. C. A. will be feried te b.ue
Constjiiitineplp seen,
itegnrding the gpnernl conditions
Miss Lewis writes in u letter I u t I
November -! : "The press has been
taken ever by TtnkMi censeislup. and
of course anything net fuvernble te
their Idenn is net publishisl. We be
lieve, however, thnt tlie conference at
Liiiisanne Is going smoothly se far, but
what the outcome will be no one seems ,
te be able te predict.
"Last week the Friends' Mission
Scheel, which is just n few block.
from our school, was closed, nnd they
Assemblymen Visit Offices at
Harrisburg te Inquire
About Seats
ll.ii risbiirg. Die. i'.O. Caucus calls
for legislators te meet Monday night
weie posted en 1'upitel Mill today and
men who will sit In the'.tieneral As- i
setnbly commencing Monday weie visit-
lug the offices of tlie clerks te lti(Ulte
nbeut tlieir seats nnd arranging te
hive lulls completed at the l.egiln
tive Uefcrence ISurcaii. ,
The Itepublicaii calls weie i-siied bv i
State Chairman W. Many
tlie Republican members of
Maker for
till' IP Ills.
t meet at , n clei'i; Meml.iv liuut ami
the Kepubllean Scnateis at tl, while
Democratic State Chan man Austin F.
McColleilgh called the Deinecntie
members of the two btancbes te hi gin
their meetings, at :.'',() .Meml.iv nmlit.
'i'he Kepiiblb ails being mm b in the
m.ijeritv , will have the niuui- looms,
while the Democrats have been asu;ne,
the Wavs and Means and iidiuiilng
iiiiiiiuittee rooms in the cintral wing.
Ilcpiesentative C .1, lioeilmiugli. of
C.'iliieleli, will) Is unopposed ter the lte
piibllcau nemlii.it ion for Speaker of ihe
Ileil-e, was at the Capttei today gieet
ing incoming iiieiiibers. Mroeks llab'tt,
Venango, and Themas 1'. Sliambn, ii.
Slivder, weie the fir-t of the iiieiubi'ls et
the Meuse te artive
One Is Stricken at Dinner. Other
Upen Retiring
While eating limner at tie leine of
bis daughter. Mis. Millie (,.,ldbei g, T.Vi
Ferry avenue, Camden, Ins! night,
Jacob Welt, sixty-two veins oil !i."l
Neith Randelph stieet, Pluludelt lua.
fell Ireni bis ch.ilr and died lu a tew
Welt was appaiently in t'e b. t of
health when he called at the tielibeig
home yesterday altei neon. Me v as a
l etired fruit dealer and is -m-vived by a
widow and live clubln'ii.
.lehn Winfelder, blxtv-tive v. i's ,,!.
.",17 Mu'hle street, Camden. . ' I ,. s I
at his home last night as he i- :ii,.,i i
te ret II e. Meiiibi rs of ll.e null . lieind
bim fall find found l.im dead , u t'u
licd lie leaves a widow tin I three
Steal $220 Werth of Alcohol and
Nothing Else
I.liUnr thieves nre siisp, ted of div
ing hiekin into 'he ding steie of ,loc I
I'erry, Kill) I nr, bwe,l iiveiiuc, i.ulv
this 'nun lung and stolen SJ.u vveith of
Feiry told puliie of lh. liftv -fifth
I ami riiie stieeis sT.iiinii mi' miming
lse of value was tiiKeii.
qvly monev
has here
j earned
this --
liberal rate
fertile past two years
West End Tmust
Capital 6 Surplus ?,4,000,v')00
DECEMBER 30. 1922
liave tnl en all the e.iulpmpiit te the .
1st, mil ,.; Cui-fii. Tlc-v ihnrterc
11 tmat
ninl were allowed te take 100 of the
weikrrs with ihi'iu Neeules, te s.iy.
the i losing of the w i.er.l, wbiill lms
hi en hen- liearh twi-ntv-Pl.e yi.irs,
caused a great ib.il of excitement niuen?
tlie natives. ,
"The next exilteiiient was the closing
of tlie American si Imel arie-s tlie Ilos Iles Ilos
periis en tlie Aiiiii side It is epi r
iiteil bv tin- An, ,. i lean beard.
"Last week we bud a p.irtv for the
voting married couples and Mtigle people
of the neighborhood. We pluved 'liv
ing nlph'ibet,' 'clumps' and 'blight
idea,' and I am sure tlmt I enieyeil it
as iniicli us tlnv illd. The games were
all new t., them and most of them speak
very little Fngllsh (except the college
buys and girls). Yeu would never
L'in.ss tlmf some of them wen
their families the nexr dav and were
lleeing te Greece for safety."
Action of Will Hays in Remov
ing Ban Emphatically Dis
approved by Convention
.... ,' It nntfh te 771", . 7 1'itb' l.rt'ti'f
licthlehcm. I'ii,. Dec .'10. In resolu
tions presented last night before the
State IMiicatiiuial Association (enveu-
tien tin' teniliPis expressed their cm -pimtic
disappieval of the a'tieu of Will
Mays in permitting Ilmeen Arbu, hie
te again enter the tilm service
The le-olutietis s.n in , irt :
"We reitcta'e ellf ctplcs-i, ,,C (nil-
1'idence in our educational liiider. Dr. t
Themas F. Fitiegan, nnd our faith in
I the cdiu uiietml program of the Stale. '
"We ing. the State Legislature tot
pinvide levenue ler si Imel distriit-l
.idiipl.lte te lliect riip.lietllellls en tlie
pi.sent bisis nt iippeitiiiiimeiit, and te
provide sTJ, , iidditieiial lauds iir ma
iie iieci'ssaiv te adjust ineipi.ilities and
te eiiciiur.ig.i th" tuilher il"M',,pnii nt
of eiiiicitienal I.nllltles 1,, tie. St lie
"W iiiineiid the Mate .sli atuuinl
ailtllel'ltli s III their eflerts te lllllllll.lt.'1
lllltiricy nnd te provide among th"
Mate's alien pupiil'itinii attitudes ,,f
se, ial ami pelilieil siahility.
"We an,, g, i I indnis, mrji ,,f il,,. j
preposition of a leen ler tlie election of ,
m hoel buildings in feiirtli-i lass di-. ,
trieis of the Coiniuenw. ulili I
"We loeli wlili strong .ipprnvnl upon
I lie genet i i inn tiiicut ,,t mere
laws, in the State, lespm'tilig
si.rv cilin 'itieii.
"W'f assert our I" In f in tl e
pie of ), u-eliadle teliui,. for il
gaged In id" teaching preti-s
i elliliielid te tile consider ll'i.ll
l.egisbitui e t! , lull prepared
.Iciiir Ceiiiii .ii , en Ti-iii re
!H-5 Wafc E
jJl 'jrj- i
itTei c.ve
i emp ll-
, ,. , n
.mi and
of the
by th,
1604 CHESTNlfT
JGM b.rA frif s!,1rl,l k 1
. .. ....,
-......-. ve il UII1-
ue you L Alt? en stand.
nrI of Feed, Service nnd
ci t .
vuecie irem j Uinners.
One nt $1.50 quite
elaborate. A Chicken
nnd Wnffle one at SI. 25
a simpler but quite
satisfying one, SI
A la Carte, if you
n-v.-v.-r rji-xr-n
J -flSMim
ESrtMif TfcJ Jit IM l.WT I
Wr iM9 HI W
Unless He Cet3 Thern He Will
Seek Repeal of Construc
tion Ordinance
Fnlcss Mayer Moere nnd Director of
Transit Twining ;;lve definite detail' be
has di m.indeil concerning the N'udi
ISrii'id street subwav before u meiilng
I if Ibc Transportation t'nmnwMee ,t
('mincll said Cellliclmaii Vi!1 Tnget
leitnv, lie will nindy pics an ,id
nance tc ruling Ibe etitililiug tot in'
' lut- pesHible the subway celisli ucliuu
"1 want te give the M.iver nnrl the
D'reitir opfertunity n nptienr bef,tc
'tb's committee first," -riiI Mr Yeu
iTagen. "If they decline, I will In-
'truiliie the ordinance in its linti, nt
Thur-dny ' meeting."
I'nlitli'iil iiisi'li'tm around Citv Ms '.
however, refusi. te take Ven T ;' -threat
seilelislv, ns be reprccii's ihe
district that Will be betlellted n e-t h
.i . ...,i ....i .i. i..... .
, , ,., 1,1 , ,, ",.- ,1,1, .,,), ,,,,,,,'-,,, , ". ' ,
Oliw.iv lint: Lnrie r,ii,l I iefliiuntftW n '1..
kill the subway pru'ei t would i.i' I .
political deatbknell. thev sav.
'etisider.lble ilelnv 111 star''i,g
North Proud strrit subway N r ; ,
unless the controversy started y.sir
1 1
between Mayer Mneie and Ci an, l't in"
'eti Tu gun is ended without lutliii
Suppeit of sin h n repealer was prom-
S'tplHIlt of si,i a repe'llec V im ..ii-
Iscd Hvliiv by C.iiiticlimnn II'ill
Councilman Ven Tugen ami the
Mayer clashed yestenlav nt a public
transit meeting in Citv Mall when Mr
Moere declined te give il, tails con-
i periling plans of the Citv Transit Le
j partmeiit fei th" piopesed tube.
1 Tliere were mdii atoms tednv that
; Ceitticilineii were beginning te take
i sides in the matter, which augurs an-
ether prolengerl poniievcrsv unless
peace Is quickly established between lie
Mayer and theie. who are opposed te
his ultitude.
A few davs age Mayer Moere nn- !
neunced he favored n tube which would
end at Hunting Park nvenue nnd asked
the views of 'he P R. T. en the matfr
The company utiweici thnt a subwav
of that comparatively short 1. ngth
would be impractical and It prope-ed
that tlie line extend te Olney nvetiui,
where connection with eros-itewn liiin
could be made.
He Wants te Live New
William Farrell. who nftemptcl mh
eide yesterday bv di inking lerilnc. nt
bis dome .'ill'O Division sir,.,t, Fis
of Scliuv 'kill, vvns irnigii' ' i l n
Magistrate Ilornjednv, fter leti lug
the man. the Magistral,. di, h irged
blui. Whet. Fairell, who Is rvvenv
five yenr; oil', drank the poison he n ,
taken te the Samiritaii II..-piil
where prompt action sjv, d his lif,
;xv Peiintinq&
Exclusive Designs
Wtytc (gifts for t&r King,
Si Cljnstmas Dagcnnt
I ' IIS. Xs,
Pi '1, i "'.C , ' ,' ' r , , h 11 )u- I
rhalh V r th- I ,"l f . , ' , , i
"uuuijh I!13 i ' -I : I .-1 . I I' ! .s' h
Sundiiy, December 31st, 19J2, 7.1.". V
1 "ur
S HYIi'il'i 11
On New Year's Day we begin
our third year in the payment of
te our depositors
First Penny Savings Bank
Jchn IFancniH'cer, Feundir
1343 Chestnut Stret't
21st & Bainbridgre Streutn
wi,-cu cw - j. - tf.Mto" - fi - gwr cw - j. - tf.Mte" - fi - gwr
twimimtKmmtKimrmcn tii n n-w-ffum-n-M-i-i-.-- j-'..m-n-i ..-- - - B
w srx r
t r- r .
X -arCN
Ci fi-n
"A Treat When
Yeu Eat at Any
of Our Places'"
ll nelcv
v n -pe
1302-4 and 1310-14 Diury St.
' .- a 'j i a l t'i '. " i
Community Meet at Qwynedd
Tliere will be n ceiiiiuuiilly meeting In
tin- Gwyneinl Priccls' Meeting Heuse
this evening. .). Clmuiicey Sliertledge,
principal of the Maplewood Scheel for
Heys, will give mi illustrated lectiire
en 'Tli sent-Dnj l'reljein niul tlie
Iti'hmeml ( etifercnce." The liiPPtlnjf
will be open te tlie public.
..UMur-naxN nern-AlM
All tmvni. 4 i Ii ini'fs le lrnrrl.
AltTIII II .1 lit rei.l), ltrnlter
Ilfllli.t llllllllltig I'ilK Ulr.tllllt Ml., Mil In.
Audubon .V .1. (dim. Oritur, Hlutlen)
The Locemobile Company
2.'i.0 Market Slreet
hrtft tin tipnln-r for n lilffh fratl
in hi hi tliflr HiNrfl ilrtmrtinrnt
Tl ir"!) Dr. 'Jet Yeir ir . eeiirvs In
hikjp. , .rr.rt 'n Ar3iiir mera rtll
' I ..nt a fref li.m of extr!nl.in.
Jein Ihn 'Infrntrv Club, the I erum vt
tl rt tnn n r
,' r, I I I! I rf tl'e 1lt 1092
:i: MtM.i:Y i'ii(VN
"Me-f Tlan a SthneV
IX 121 "i WflTW lc .
Ciiticsira Seap
Is Ideal for
The Complexion
Eed fi'nimenf T!e:rft '
r whrr- rQfi"mjl
ddrcai CaUtflr Lbct-
ilt litit Z.UaJin
Here Is a Superb New
Year's Day Dinner for
SeneJ from 12 Noen te S P. M.
le .1. r
c nn. , i ' k T .rtli
ml M.,1 r,.i
r. lery Ollifi
1! n,' I .k, l SI T. rl
, -- I 1 ' I s1M.
C i I I - ,. I ,' t i' '1
i r , I' ,is
I,ctt -I s, ,i i; ,.. in liresiins
I' 1 IIS 1 Il.itter
M.'i . !'.. r I i 'im
l , -, ..
Illnner In Mi, In Dnilni; llumii
It tn 8 P .XI. 5.3.(10
RnsTAurtANT & cerrne shop
19H-8 Chestnut Sts.
Original Productions
Bailey Standard
1 l r i;
and Pine Streets
r. -r , "' r i i:th s-
iittkWi - u - iMrr - r - 't - - i
- f - f trru amr
i52-src)iestnvr5t. J
11 3d
, M - n
S ! II s'P.
( .,( Uill or
T, r-Ii- or i ii-1 a , ( I , . s i M, jhroemi
i i ir-rv (1 ,r -n (jliv.
eieig Vh ,,iun' I
,w ,ie , lirfn'irrry
Svit I'alKlri lm,fiil, llinirl Surauts u,
H,i it 1 rmli-rlren ,1 lln-l, Ijrilr-cl v. ill,
Ainxrirn ' ,il ,i I, Kg )r, n,
Nfni-ell in lc I r,,,i rtiid . .ki
I Aliiue, I'e eeinn I'
N' i iiifi.p I' r ,Fll Ii
. ,vii . uu n r
tr- r
29 S. 15th Si. 12 N. 12th St.