Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 29, 1922, Night Extra, Page 17, Image 17

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'rTWMJ"n'r''' -tV
Annual Commerce Repert Re-
veal9 Optimism en Buai-
ness Growth
nu Aseclattit PrM
Wellington, Dec. 20. -Stock-taking
of the Xntlen's domestic business for
the Inst yenr gives "n feeling of satis
faction" ns te the progress made, the
Pepnrtment of Commerce declnrcd to te
,lnr, In nn pnd-of-the-yenr stntcnient,
and' from tlil dny's position, It ndded,
'the.c nrc no serious ebstnclcs in blslit
hlch Mmtild hinder further udvunces"
jn the enrly new year.
Optimism, born of the accomplish accemplish
meits of the past months which many
officials of the Government regard ns a
rf mnrkable strengthening of the economic
fnbric, Is evident throughout the state
ment, which noted that the production
of manufactured commodities averaged
6u per cent larger than In 1021.
The farmer received approximately
17 per cent mere for bis products than
in 1021, and the tetnl volume of agri
cultural products was worth n much
Cieater sum than was that of a year
"?"Tlie unsettled conditions In foreign
countries, particularly In Europe, how hew
fn," the f-tatement continued, "tire
Mill depressing our trade and, te some
cvtunt, have no doubt kept the eilcct
df agricultural products below the level
of ether commodities. But within tne
it two months, this latter condition
has been relieved te some extent."
"While dealing only briefly with for
eign trade, the review said that Amer
ican experts bnd dropped 10 pep cent,
as compared with last year, but the
comparison was en n basis of eleven
menthi, and. In addition, represented a
"long climb" from n peer start, ac
cording te officials.
Imports te September 22, when the
jifw Tariff Law was effei-tlv:. were
lightly above last year, and indica
tions nrc. it was stated unofficially,
that the year's total may exceed last
cnr's imports by n small margin.
The tetnl volume of building, ordl erdl
jinrily a measure of the country's busi busi
jievi henlth. was i2 per cent larger in
the first eleven months of this year
than in the samp noried last rear, nml
the prediction wns made that the full I
rftfir n rnnnni trill rrrDl 1mf r.f min .
The 1022 contracts for eleven months '
nte represented n much greater ex-
Tmnrllfurn nf innnrr tlinn few !... f..ti '
jenr of 1021, It wns said.
There was n genuine swell in the
volume of general trade, according te
the summary, which mentioned a 0 per
eCM?ttBriP.?t0r 8a,e "? ,nn erf houses I
nnu a 13 pPr ccnt increase in business
..!.. "nn "ekh as Indicative of the
i. i il 1',1,c ,,pclinfs nppcaring only
in Isolated lines.
Tim only declines of outstanding Im
portance were 7 percent in bituminous
coal ami 47 per cent in nntlirnclte.
both of which were due te the strike,
i!ii ',icrefel w et regurded ns
inulcatlve of a fundainentnl fault In
the economic structure. They were
mere than offset, It -Wu added, by the
generally higher -level of production in
nil ether lines.
The final estimates of the wheat crop
showed it te have been about 41,000,000
bushels, or fi per cent, greater than last
year. This was due, It was said, tu
expansion In winter wheat growing.
Trices rnnged generally higher. There
uns n decline of 38 per ccnt In wheat
experts, a condition linked with the
foreign situation, but experts of wheat
flour were almost tin. same as In 11121.
Havings bank deposits increased uni
form)' throughout the country, nc nc
cerding te the survey, and Increases
ever iiji nite were ronertori In
1022 life insurance business.
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I L I J- ensingfen&AIlehenyAvex 1 J
4Hk b rcuiaaeipiua
TMIIlilfllir ii!iiii'iPil''!'!i:ii;'ll'iliiillllia1. i HH'Wii IMiliiiilii.li!'1! W'iiituill'i " IJWiitili'iiiW , 'alilliili'i'ih'i
The Bootlegger's Bad
Ways and Big Profits
The lazy and dreamy old Nassau that in ether days traded in sponges and tropical fruits,
is te-day a busy commercial center. The sponge-baths are new used as the small craft of the
smugglers te reach the Seuth Atlantic coast of the United States, while vessels of all sizes that
range from sea-going tugs te a converted Spanish battle-cruiser, carry the cargoes of rum te
New Yerk and the New England coast. In the bar-rooms, at the dining-tables, in the lobbies
and en the perches of the hotels and bearding-houses at Nassau, the capital city of the Bahama
Islands, the bootleggers and whisky smugglers "talk of their plans, tell of their profits and laugh
at Uncle Sam." There, according te Frank K. Delan, who went te the Bahamas te study the -rum-runners'
methods for the New Yerk Daily Xeivs, ''a man is cither 'right' or 'queer.' '' If a
stranger is suspected of being "queer" thought te be a revenue officer, a detective or some one
likely te interfere with the rum-smugglers' operations "he is curtly told te leave town, and in
some instances blackjacked and beaten." '
In THE LITERARY DIGEST this week, December 30th, there is an informative
and interesting account of the methods and operations of the whisky smugglers.
'Among many ether news-features of timely interest arc:
American Geld te Save Europe Again?
New Cemes a "People's Bloc"
American Bleed and Oil
England's Unemployment Plague
Niagara Net Se Valuable
Death's Revelation of a New Auther
Baptists Enforcing the Gelden Rule
Our Transportation Strangling
.Snags in the Way of a Lean te Germany
Austria's New Start in Life
Hew Paper Barrels Are Made
Radie Eliminating Sea Distances
What New Replaces Opera and
Ballet in Russia
Tim Healy and His Ready Tongue
Many Interesting Illustrations Including Humorous Cartoons
"Laughter Is the Sweetest Music in the World"
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