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4i,ly cloudy tonight, Sunday ana
J&t J Mondays llttKchtnge n em-
Eiturei moderate south te west wmus.
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VOL. IX. NO. 87 -
Square Bounded by Fifteenth
and Sixteenth, Spruce and Pine
Streets Roped Off by Police
Mere Than 4000 Persons Ex-
amined for Proof of
Nenrly 1000 persons, including many
who belong te prominent Philadelphia
families, were vaccinated today in
TUre bounded by' Fifteenth and
Sixteenth, and Spruce and Pine streets,
following discovery of n case of viru
lent smallpox in the block.
TriiMn imlf nn hour after the cane
was reported te the authorities, police
roped off the entire block, nnd, as a
deuble precaution, a cordon of eighty
police, under Captain James Carlin and
'Lieutenant Wagner, of the Twelfth and
Ilnc streets station, steed guard be
tween 3 A. M. nnd 7 A. M., nnd al
lowed no one either te leave or enter
the area. The inspection wns completed
seen after 10 o'clock.
Vaccination Proof Demanded
rrerrhnrtv In the block, whether of
S high or low degree, had te show proof
of successful vaccination, or undergo
treatment. This was done cither by
the city physicians or by medical men
summoned by families under the quar
antine. The Teurninc Apnrtmcnts at
1520 Spruce street, with its many well well
Knew n residents, was one of the places
This is hew little Bayard Chandler,
three-and-a-half-ycar-eld son of Mr.
and Mrs. Percy M. Chandler, received
the (.ere arm he will have ever Christ
mis. The banker's son had ver been
vaccinated, se before Mrs. Chandler
could leave her upartmcnt in the Tou Teu
ralne the family physician had te be
mmniAniirl in innncnlntc the boy. Mr.
Chandler, n banker, wns in New erk.
Themas E. Mitten, president of the
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company,
who has nn npnrtmcnt In the Teurninc,
was also nway. Nene of the em em
peoyes in the trani.lt offices en the top
fleer of the apartment house were vac
cifinted, en nil could show marks.
Other prominent persons who hnvc
apartments in -the Teurnine nre Dr.
I). Itemiin. Mr. and Mrs. Henry .
Ilutterwertli, Mr. and Mrs. Jeseph II.
Ilagedern, Alcxunder McCnll nnd Jehn
8. Latin.
It made no difference te Licutennnt
Wagner who the person was, be he
street cleaner or banker, social leader
or merchant, (.talesman or politician.
Thnt person, If he resides within the
prescribed area, bad te produce a cer
tificate from his physician, or show evi
dence of vaccination te the medical in
spectors before he could leave.
Many Pass Muster
The family of Congressman Geerge
X. KdinemK which lives In the Tou Teu
lainc, passed muster, nnd did net hne
te undergo vncclnntlen again. The Con
gressman nnd Mis. Kdmends waited
until the quarantine had been lifted,
then hurried out te attend te some
belated Christmas affairs.
Clinrlcs J. Cehen, high In the coun
sels of the Chamber of Commerce, nlse
passed muster, nnd wns net held tin for
'ry long. State Senater Samuel W.
Salus and Mrs. Snlus, also residents
in the Touraine, were nlse held up for
a short time. Neither bad te be vac
cinated, however, and off they .bur
lied, ns seen ns the qunrautine hud
bcen lifted.
Tli" entire household of Themas
Itldgwny, 1.VJ."i l'lne street, were vne-
mated. Dr. S. W. Moerhend, 1JW5
Vine street, and J. C. Vnnllern. IMS
1'lrie stieet, were only slightly inoon ineon inoen
tcnlenccd by the quumutlnc s it wns
litled early enough te permit them te
int for business us tiHiinl.
,At 7 o'clock a corps of forty physi
cians urrlved in the quarantined area
and under supervision of Dr. Andrew
Cairns, medical inspector of the llii
remi of Health, began ucelnnting cery
man, woman and cliMil who hnd net nl
leady lieeu vaccinated. Neaity lOllt)
persons loslde in the square. Dr. Cairns
estimated tluu fully 1000 of that num
ber had never been incclniitcd.
Disease in Virulent Ferm
The man responsible for the quaran
tine is Jehn Pinckney, a Negro, of JU0
Seuth I licks street, who lias been in the
employ of Jehn T. Pens, a contractor.
Aeieidhig te Dr. Calms, Pinckney has
been mi fieri nj; fiem a most virulent
form of smallpox since December M,
and the fact that his case was se lute
in being discovered makes the situation
nn tne mere dangerous.
"However," Mild Dr. Cairn, "we
can assure the people of Philadelphia
that there will lie no epidemic. Fer
the last twenty-live years we have been
lighting this disease, and in Unit time
there has never been a real epidemic lu
the city.
"We de net propose te allow any-,
thing of the sort te happen new. We
JUll therefore see te It that no one
iving In the quarantined areu leuves
it until vaccinated."
Dr. CalrtiH said Plnckuey's case Is
directly tiaceable te" a Negro workman
who came recently te Philadelphia from
southern State. That werkiunn took
a. room In West Philadelphia mid
developed symptoms of smallpox. While
In that condition lie is said te have
visited Pinckney and communicated the
contagion along te him, In the same
hoiiHe with Pinckney live several of his
relatives. All of these have been rc rc
need te n hospital for observation,
Mount Jey Prisoners Swear Alie
glance te Free State
Dublin. Dee. 'J.'t Mtv A. IM Tun
died mul sixty-four Mepuhlienns. Iield
Mii-ener ii .Mount Jey Prison, were re-
leafed today. Inuln"'nirt I :i deelara-
Hi .,f .," .. ,.,.,, , ,l(l .',.,, Htatc.
l'eur of these released were women.
Tiir.nrc Ann
PltntV nf tltm nili-rtl.A.
Winted celunmu tedy en pn St. ASv
- in .me
Entertd Hecend-CUtm Matter at th Poiteffle at Phlladtlphta, Pa.
Undr tha Act of Marth Is 17B ,
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r;.-:'.',, ; bbWbbbbbbbI BK4fBJB . ,:- ' v
.. :a -:' iBBBBfBBH PM. -:: jy, ; ? Jm. :,'
mrfi;:l BBBBHHiy $a-;W- & ?&'' X' Wk
W'-ii' bbbBbbH y,'.KHf iatBtatB
W ?, ' bbbbbbbbHbbbbbbI'' '' v bIbHVbbbI
fi ?', 'BBBBBBBBrBjBHHalBBBF'''' ! alPB
;'' ' jBBBBBBaafW ' iKSBk ,'Vf' '' " H
rfeB' :' UfyWmtm,ChKv IHaB BM
"f".- BBBBBK '',;'. !,'!'. K, ' SbV '' 'X ' BJlT?iBBBT bWT'
aBBBBBHa. ' anSBHBBaBaV. bHl ' Jr bbbI .- yBBn
'VBbUl ''i"MlBfciBBalBBBB.. .BaBk IBBHBtJBWB
Hftkr,,' JBBiH ?"::'bbbKv''JbH
bWIbIv' ' "bbbw -
iaBBBaBiBaBaBaBaBaBf '''aaBaBaRalBBBBan
Miss Isauelle Vauglian (full-length picture), in costume she were at
ball of Fine Arts Academy students Inst night, and which caught lire.
Miss Vaughan, however, was only slightly Injured. At top Is Miss
Helen Walker, whose dress also took Arc, and at. bottom Is Mrs. Nlez
Livingston Delaney, also a victim et fire mishap. The accidents caused
brief thrills, hut when It was hnewn their hurts were net serious, the
jollity was resumed
Happiness and Cheer Planned
for Peer and Suffering in
Hemes or Institutions
The early plcturi.ntiens of St.
Nicholas show the old gentleman with
out the flowing whlU- whiskers he
wears en Market street. Evidently they
were added by the later-day artists as
giving a touch of still greater kindliness
te the old face.
Preparations for Christmas Day in
the city this year have been going along
quictlyvfer weeks, nnd the fruits of the
lnber anil Keneresity of kindly and
i .i i .., ...111 i,f f,tli
sympathetic hearts will burst feitl te-
dny and tomorrow and Monday with a
joyous crasli of sufficient force te in
still linnniuexs into the "e::!w or all.
I'he nrennratieiis for iey-giving in
.... -j.... ...
Philiidelnhiit have been upon Midi a
twmeiffi individual, '
n.. ftinitl, muni he ftverloeked.
The offerings of the fortunate te tin
les. fortunate will be ceneieus nnd
lnrgelv in the nature et useful thing"
clothing, feed little comforts thnt
make living brighter. Of course, for
the children yet te tender of nge that
plnv sceniH te be the all-lmpertnnt
thliig. there will he stockings of toys
and the little knic-knacks and gee
eaws that hrlng joy te the juvenile
Organiatlens Are Active
Charitable organizations te n largi
extent nre assuming the task of search
ing out the needy and distributing the
wares fe: he ever-burdened Santa
Clau. Secial service workers have
given themselves ever te the efforts In
preparation ter me ", i ii.-.,.-selves
with the joy born of taking hap
piness te ethers.
Manv Individuals have taken it upon
themselves te stenl out bllently from the
comforts of happiness of their own
homes te share with ethers who might
otherwise have te de without.
In the hospitals throughout the city
thousands et Individuals and organiza
tions, with the happiness of pntleuU
and nurses nt henrt, have combined te
prepare a Christmas celebration second
te none. ,
A glance nt the brief little notices
thnt have been sent out ghe some Indi
cation of the vnstnesH of (lie prepara
tions in this corner, ns well ns In ethers
nil completed in time every one
waiting for the great moment when the
strltiRS te the cornucopias may be un
loosed that Lady I.eunliful may pour
forth her gifts.
Majority "Shopped Early"
Probably never before have the
Christmas preparations been carried out
with se much foresight as in tiis year.
The crowds In the stores today are
hardly greater than these of normal
times. Te these who accept conditions
without wondering way, u migni seem
that Christmas this year would he thin
and spnn-e. but the business of the sea
son exceeds nil past records by far.
The slogan of "De our Christinas
Shopping F.iirly." which has been sung
for years, has ut last borne its fruit and
preparations seem te have been com
plete in 'every quarter days In advnnce
of the usual schedule.
Unusual Christmas celebrations will
be held lu every quarter, nnd an ancient
custom, that of carol sinning, will be
revived Kundey night In all the beauty
and splendor and plctiircsquonesH of old.
In many quarters of the city little
creups nnd big groups will gather te
sing prnlse te the Christ whose birth is
Continued en I'uite Three. Column Twe
Classic Dancer Presented
Church ADeearance
veH, Verli. Dec. 2.'t, Uly A. V.)
, iiihiie wmium T. Manning intervened
recently te prevent Isadora Duncan,
classic dnirer, fnnu appealing ut the
Kplscepnl Church of St. Murks en the
llewery, it notice te Episcopal publi
cations from the bishop's office today
Women Organize Committee te
Oppose Granting of Twe
Applications in Section
The nenceful Christians spirit of
Drexel Hill hns been jarred into indig
:;"n by the application for two sa
loon licenses.
Werd of this notion spread through
out that quiet, conservative community
today nnd there wan a tlng'e of gloom in
the Merry Christinas greeting passed
among the residents.
Added spark was given te the indig
, nation of the citizens by the fact that
to-1'he present community center is te be
1 of ()f t)ip - ,,ri,v,,llBi
of course, tliut the application is grunt
A report that two residents of t tic
- ... . .
Place mul applied ter miioeii hcchm-x
readied tlie urexei mil i emuiiinii)
Club which held a meetluK last night
in the community center headquarters,
otherwise known as Weber's llnll.
A meeting wns called for the pur
pose of dihciD-slug action in the matter,
but before it get under wny W. Clur
enee Dcvee, u real estate dealer, inter
rupted the proceedings with a notice
that took all the spirit out of the
(.asp of Astonishment
Mr. Dcvee handed the following no
tice te Charles Wngncr, sccretnry of
the club.
"This will sene te notify you that
Annie P. Cenalinn, of tills place, has
purchased the premises where you are
holding this meeting and Is desirous of
possession of I lie same at the cenclu
sien or tlie present meeting.
A unanimous gasp went throughout
the hall when the notice had ben read.
Murmurs of indignation quickly fol
lowed. Many of these present said It was
the purpose of tint purchaser te turn
the community center building into
saloon, as she had made npplicntlen
for ii license in tlie Media court.
As another resident had also mnde
application, a resolution was quickly
adopted embracing both cases.
The resolution follews: "It is the
sense of this club that It stand unalter
ably opposed te grunting licenses for
two saloons nt Drexel Hill."
Committee te Fight Move
The resolution was presented by Mr.
Wagner. Plans, for sending a delega
tion te Media when the applications
for the licenses aie heard te voice tlte
opposition of the community were dis
cussed anil the following committee was
appointed te make further urruugciueuts
for the light : Fred J. (Jeurley, Charles
J. Duke. Arthur S. (Jnrrett. William
II. Hewlnnd and Frank H. Tayler.
Since Drexel Hill hns been estab
lished efforts have been niude' te keep
It u purely lesldcntiiil community, nud
encroachments of business" have been
btuhberuly fought. Iteceutly It was
learned that four business men had
bought properties in which they pro
posed te open stores, That news
bieu'ght keen disappointment. New that
two saloons are contemplated well,
indienntieu is no name for It. "It sim
ply mustn't happen" is the way the
residents feel about it.
Mrs. Ceiiahan has nothing te say.
Quebec Officials Find Altar Candles
Started Blaze
Quebec. Dec iSJ. (lly A. P.)
Authorities seeking tint nuisu of the
fire which yesterday destroyed the million-dollar
Notre Dame Church, today
turned ft inn the theory of incendiarism
te another. Fire department efllciuls
learned that last Thursday there was a
leak lu a gas main nutMile the church.
The fumes became mi dense thnt em em
peoyes in a store nearby were sent
be found lu th i'IP Wirnltd columns , en
sag il. AiVt
Filmy Dresses Take Fire While
Hundreds Dance in Revel
at Academy
Nene of Three Injured Seriously
"and Mishaps Fail te
Mar Jollity
Felly nnd beauty vied In n snewlnnd J
of swirling rainbow colors nt the Arctic
ball of the students of the Pennsylvania I
Academy of the Fine Arts Inst night.
Snow mnldens swayed In arms of Har- j
leqtiin levers. Remance caneu.
elry held sway. It was n, carnivnt et
life and color.
Tnte the midst Of the ga.vct.v there
suddenly stalked tragedy. Girls race
in filmy dresses that were made of
"Get that woman," some one cried.
Out in the refreshment room where
Mrs. Inez Livingston Delnney's cos
tume hnd taken fire from a cigarette
there wns confusion. Slie rnn ten feet
through the crowd n living ell of
flume. With the clothes burned com
pletely off the upper pnrt of her body
she sank, n crushed white heap, en n
nlte of scenery In the property room.
They hore her upstairs, n doctor In n
clown suit-Dr. AVilllnm Hart, nnd e.
nure who n little while before hnd been
dancing as Pierrette. Pete lieyle, who,
In his French -Canadian costume, hail
convulsed the spectators In one of the
stunts a few moments before, ran out
for n first-aid kit.
'With Mrs. Delaney. and burned
slightly by the same chance live ashes,
was Miss Isabclle Vaughan. The Rirls,
both blend nnd very pretty, both were
Arctic .costumes of buoyant white oil
cloth skirts nnd flimsy bodices.
Tragedy Stalks Again
The dramatic moment of the nnr
wly averted tiagedy cams jut after
llu. Hrst two numbers en the stunt pre
gram had been given. In nn endeavor
te draw the attention of the crowd from
the excitement ether stunts were new
huriledly put en. Then, as the spirit of
the crowd gradually mounted, the danc
ing was in full swing ngain. There cnnic
tl.nt tun.l. folk- 11101110111- of the .futuris
tic Paul .lone's. The northern lights
pluj d .fuutnstlcally en the, meny-iiial--inr-
i-mi-il. Mii-Ie sounded. Hie..
snake-danced this way nnd tiat ami
then the dance suusiueii te a wniiz.
While the strains of the violin wer"
filling in the nnrrewly ncrtcd tragedy
plavcd its second visit of the evening.
This time, though, no one en the dance
fleer knew.
Miss Helen Walker's orange tunc
dress shot up in flames. Walter Jos Jes
eph, lately home from France, tore the
drei-H trem Her. iiiuh imrning ins own i
hands. A lighted match held carelessly ,
near caused this second burning which!
was the mere serious of the two. Miss I
Walker was lu the locker corridor with
n few ethers. She was cnugrtt between i
iwn heni'licH when her dress took firu
and it wns hard te reach her. Dr. I.een
FeldiTuniu and Dr. (Ireen uttended her. ,
She was taken nt once te the Hahtn-;
renn Hospital. Mr. . Jeseph walked!
there mid had his hands dressed. He
11....U ... .-.tins t'.rpxii Mtreet. Win. lilm I
went O. .1. Tatter, of fl' Washington
Square, whose hands also were burned
i-r ,ii ...-" , . . .- .-,..-...
In briishlnir out the flames
Miss Wnlker, wdiese home is !!MU
Xeitli Thirty-second street. Is a com
mercial artist. She was burned about
the legs and body. Her Injury was tlie
most serious of the three, although none
of the burns was pronounced danger
ous. Feels Kike Sunburn
Mrs. Delaney made light of her
experience this morning ut her studio
5-4 Walnut street.
"The burns were net severe," slit
said; "In fact. It feels like a bad case
Continued en I'nce rout. Column lltu
tH I lllrie I UM gurlin,
Christmas Payroll for Pennsylvania' 1"!"1'"1 1"i.11' J0 T KlJ'V ''""!
' ' wrapped in flames in the center or
Miners Stelen i Uread street and a coal -hungry pepn-
Pittsburgh, Dee, li.'l. (lly A. P.) Ilnce stepping stnrk in its tracks nud
Ress Dennis, paymaster for the Pitts, i mourning ut the sight.
burgh Ceal Cempnny, wns ineitnlh
wounded and SIM. 000 stelen by masked
bandits en a lonely read ten miles south
of this city today. The robbers escaped.
Dennis.died while being taken te a hos
pital. Dennis was riding en a motercM'le
in front of an automobile which car
ried tlie Christmas. pnvreM ler the
Harrison mine ut Hcmlliug and wn
guarded by company clerks. As they
drove through n hollow in the hills two
masked men stepped into the read ami
without warning emptied their shelguns
nt Dennis, who wns knocked off his
machine. They were quickly joined b
four ether masked men who opened (lie
en the uiltomehllo, diimngiug the steer
ing gear.
They drove the clerks from the car.
and while one seized the money, otlieis
were busy wrecking the mechanism of
the pay car and the moterendc. Due
ei tne uaiiiiiiN neiiccu unit Dennis, ulm
was bleeding from n dozen hucksliei
wounds, wns trying te drnw his piMel
The bandit rolled him ever and tired
his shotgun into Dennis' back.
Almest Immediately nn nutoniehile
cnnic tearing down the read, and stop step
plpg, picked up the bnndltH ami the
money and drove rapidly away.
niir CVOUAkler nnwti
1 rciuiuiiuiuirt inineiiieiii.
Commercial, With Chicago Beard of ''''", population nf the drool; capital
Trarie Delnn Bimln... t-.j ' i(i M,lu' '" ,,, '" " l'igllly uerMlllS pitch
Trade, Doing Business Today wilh miu of the prominent pjirtlei.
'Ihn j. oinnierclul r.xehnngn of this 1 pants in the Inte reiolutieu loin lug the
city and the Chicago Ueiird of Trade cenntiy.
we 10 about the only ptiucipnl markets1 The movement. It is staled, is net
et the country rcuinlnlng open today t gainst King Ceorge, who cniittuucs in
I usiness en nil the ether stock ex-, popular finer, but against the military,
thiinges nnd noininedlty innrkets wasi -
suspended until Tuesday morning. Malta is the cable siatien tlrst re-
r . . lceiIng cnble dlispatelies direct from
""rhPVi.XT A,i,iKU AWTOMOHll.K? ! Athens te outside points and is In n
ruiX i!i3,Mic.o,.rne"f K bV'.l hS,ln:,rin,Ven l well 'ad vised concerning
te b found in Ud Cri en pVeSi,I5fdJ!' developments at the Greek enpltnl.
itten by Camel
W ' -. u4aBBSBBBaM .BBBBBBBBBbHbbV. '. C3
iBBTaaftv' ''r?tt ','' '3BaTaaTaaTaaf
iBBaRjWfi n'f BBBBH
'BBaBaw- 'W?7s- MBBBBBaBal
'bHb '- '' '.flBBBaKaHaaK
fVCe ' - -'
A fenner Phllndclphln model nnd
actress, who. physicians rear, may
lese her right nnn as the result of
being bitten by a camel whlle en
gaged in producing a moving pic
ture nt Indle, Calif., yesterday
Miss Eleaner Beardman, Fermer
Medel, May Lese Arm as Result
Afiuu I'lnnnnr Itenrilmnn . nrtress nnd
former Philadelphia model, was bitten I
'" ...v....... .
severely by u camel at Indle, Calif., a
vesteniav. Miss Peardman is leading
kttMwiZA&fxii& 'si
woman of a moving picture company Iielcif Ileverly I'.ewden. daughter eC
...i !, .m.l -nu l.ninL. used in tl.'.Mrs. .Tunc llewdcu. the midnight mar-
production. Phjsiclans fear the less
of her right arm.
Miss Ilenrdmnn, n native of Phila
delphia, left this city nbeiit two jenrs
nun te ee en tlie stace. She lii-t an
pen red in "A Viry (Jeed Yeung Man."
Recently she took up screen weik nnd
several months age wns reported engag
ed te Charlie Chaplin.
Miss Itenrdnuiii is well Known among
Philadelphia artists, having posed for
F. X. (ledwlu when he made the fairy
tale series for the Puiimc I.RIkikr. and
she 1ms posed ler most et the I'liiln -dolphin
artists. She is well known also
in a series of advertising pictures ns
the girl en skis, nud lu ether familial
Mi.-. G. W. Henrdiiian. mother of
Miss neardman. of 11)17 lhiring street,
said that she hail reoeiwil word from
her daughter, concerning the accident,
but did net knew hew seriously Mis
Iteardmiin was injured.
Weather Forecaster Can Premise
Only Few Snow Flurries
A Mtinw flurry nl neon brought je
nnd hope In .euthfiil hearts, hut only
a smile and a negative shake of tin
horn! from the went her forecaster.
A "while Christmas" is extreme);
improbable, though net impossible, ac
cording te the weather experl.
Temperatures .ire tee high for the
snow te be lnsting. The lowest today
wn.s Il.'t nt 7 o'clock. It was ",S
at It and one degree lower nt neon.
It is expected te hover between thnt
and -Hi for tin; ict of the afternoon,
and tomorrow's and Monday's tem
pi riiturcN are likely te duplicate thew
of today .
Police Arrest Fermer Servant
charged With Robbing Employer ,
f. , , ,,.
letluug iilued nt niore than fsliHlli. '
v,'"'1' detectives say wns vtlrn from,
Seuth Pliiliulelpliiit lioiiies. wns recev
I nfi.it imi'K' in flnv win. Il imMri .if tlm
, , . !. ..l
Fifteenth street and Snyder avenue
station arrested Sadie Craig, a Negress,
liiiiK at l":t."i Uedmau stiee.
She was arrested en complaint of
l.euis 1 iiiKel, et I'nssnjiiiil; avenue l
near Thlrh-enth street, who employed
her'lhree weeks nge as a meid. While
no nibers of the family were nwav yes- ,
terday. he said, she took "Oienil fur.
emits nnd ether articles of clothing and
Henry Crawford, a Negro, living nt
(lie Hedman street house, wns nK,i ,ir
icstcd. They will have a hearing today.
ButiNeble Werk of Firemen Saves
Most of It
Imagine the spectacle of' n truck
ll occurred iust before neon today
at llread and Huntingdon streets
at liread and Huntingdon streets, nnd
noble work" was tin; verdict awarded
the men of lire l.ngine ( einpany Ne.
eO for their eftert te sine the fuel.
The tlliek was one of the licet of the
.1. A. Hun is Ceal Company. HKHt Dia
mond street. It was en its way te
iliude tlie two tens of fuel bet ween four
families when it bncktlred. and spec
lalm-s who liave been slihcrlng in heat-
, e liouses moaned and groaned.
Heys 1 limbed up en tlie wheels nud
attempted tn lill their hats. A woman
with a market basket said te tlie
s ranger beside her: "I wish I could
lill my inaiket basket. I need the coal
mere than 1 need feed."
I The truck was badly damaged, but
most of the fuel was sned.
Agitation Reported Against Mill-
tary King Geerge In Faver
1 Malta, Dec 211.- (Uy A. P.)- In-
loriiiiuieii jusi received acre itein n
lelialile source in Athens is te the if-
feet that trouble is brewing there with
"'''' ,,mt teiwiu is inewiiig mere will
, unmistakable signs of a big counter
Redman M. Wister Suicide
by Gas; Had Lest en Stocks
Recent Business Re
verses Believed Re
sponsible for Act of
Member of Old Phil
adelphia Family,
Cousin of Novelist
Bedy Discovered by
Friend Who Had
Dined With Him
Last Night and Says
He Was Depressed
Iledinnn Mifflin Wister, member of
,. 1.l lMiilnilplnliln fnmllv. wns found
dead at !t o'clock this morning in n '
ul" .
gns-imru iimiuuum ! '
..,,.., 1.-.1 . f n fr.itnrnilV
beuse nt 0-i,".n, Woodland nvenue. - t
He wns clad In his pajamas and
wns lying fnee downward en the fleer.
An electric light was turned en and
ens was flowing from nn open jet.
Deputy Corener Blum says Mr. Wister
committed suicide.
Mr. Wister was depressed last night
nnd told n friend he had sustained
financial reverses recently. He was '
employed by n meter snles ngeny. but .
linu net reperteu ler uu.j .or muic ......
. . , ...... r .1
week. The jeiing men dined together last
I.Mt April he eloped te Klkten witlnlght mid "?! i the frnten, ty house
rlage creating a mild scif-ntien in
Philadelphia society.
Police and relatives this
were trying te locate Mr,
Westmoreland 3
Hissey 0
Cohecksinl. 1
1 4
0 0
0 1
Mayer Moere today instiucted Director of Public Safety
Coxtelyeu te continue the present ban prohibiting the showing- el
Ro&cee ("Fatty") Arbuckle motion plctuics at any of the Phila
delphia theatres. Director Coiteiyou said that the Mayer's 01-dei-b,
which were telephoned ficm Washington, where he is
bpcuding the Ctrlstmns holidays, would be carried out.
Advisory Executive Committee
Just Appointed Will Press
for Quick Action
The newly nppelircd Adiery F
ecullve Committee tnteniK "lnfil-lng
new life" into the Sosqiii-CiMitennlnl
movement. I. A. (.nnliel. one el the
committee. .....i
.Mr- ,!"," " """ "f fT "J"
pointed te tlie i Miniiultee yes'etilny by
Colonel Frankll.i D'eiler. who pre-
sided at a iliiei ters meeting
nelloviie-Striilfe'd The etlie
in lliej
liers of the committee arc I'ruet
Trigg, ehiiiimun. Jules Mn-thnum and
Diuid A. l.iidlain. A II Mi member will
be chosen Intel
Mr. Ulmbel took e'cnsi.iu te erlilei7e,
tlie lunctlil of members of commit
, ;,pl1e!iit.-il mouths age.
,.,.,. , i ..i t .1
' ,"' ,l,"ll,," wl,h "m"v of ,1'" com
miltces appointed picwmisly ,
tlinibil said, "is hat they hae
inactive Main of tin ir members
spent loe mui-li tunc mi acatieni.
who Iiiim- neon appointed 10 Hie Ad- ' "' "' persons who nun nl-
vlser, I'MsMithe Couimltieo. inlcinl. u'1,",1," '" "I"1'" "wn the bodies,
witii'the en -operation of 'lie lie.ird and1, The inquest probably will ,,, held
friends el ibe f.iir. In iiial.e Hie Sesipn-' ll11" l,1s aftoriieoii, a uling te ad-
Centeiinuil in l!-! a s, vs. Mr. ",,,M "' cned here from Dr Freii. l'.il
Trigg. Mr. MiKtbnum and Mr. I.udlam 'ersen, Morelieuso ii-ihIi loiener, who
are capable men and. I am sine, will retniheil today te Unstrep.
sere etiielenilj." A special I tuiin, currying two mm.
,, ,, ,,, I panics of National Ouiir I lu s .m.
Dls.usses Dcflnile Plan dered out ycterday b .he nllmini
The i-eiiuniil ueiubers held llielr ' gonernl te uii'.'ment the Menree ceiu-
secniul uieeiiiig since their iipiieiiitmeut pnny new en duty lu tliis parish nr.
today 111 the Itellewio-Sttatferd nulirlxed lu Kastmp today and the null-
IIISCIISSIMI II lll'lllilie OIIO I IICJ lllieilll IO
for action en seveial programs out
lined by the ( euiniittees en Plan and
Scope, en Finance and en Ways and
1 10 neriiiiiueiii i.m-.oihe 1 1111111111100
ii ! ;. 1. ..
has been hampered In Its work by the
absence of in.nn of its members, nud
the periiiiilieut riu.ni.e Committee ,h
Ciiiitlnnril nn '.: I uiir. C11I1111111 SK
Monday bdnu Christmas,
he Ereniily Public Lcdyer
will net be published en that
fellow. 'I heir lu-st meeting was held house squaie. The baggage . ur nnd h'c f'"' ' nristmas dinner, hut otherwise
late yostenl.n iif'ernoen liiuiieiliiili Ij inboeso weie IemiIciI witli niacliltie guns ' ''"' '',,y ""' '"' "''' ""' "ther since
leiriiwing the iMiard inectiug. Mr. 1 rifles and tield eqiilpnieiit. "' she wns taken III.
Tligg said then' "There is nothing te The special started out fiem New' '''" l"',, " ""',' '''"'er. the Whit
report yet. ou must gne us time te Orleans last night witli Machine (Inn ' Heuse hns Vulellde wreatliK in the win
get organized. 1 Company D nud picked up Infnntrv ! dews, and there will be a profusion of
The ceuiliiillie will lie lespensible 1 Ceuip.tnj A lit Alexandria flowers
JftSggag MM.
wife, who is snid te be in Atlantic City
i.i. i ,!... A lii,ulniKi neiii mint-
1MIII llfl II1UMI'-.. . "..-. ---,---
, .,,1,1 Mr
Wister nnd his wife
mux.t.d severnl weeks nge.
Mether New in Europe
Ip w()H n M)1 et Mrs. Iledinnn
Uvister. 11100 Locust street, who is new
traveling abroad nnd is mid te be In
Heme fethe Jhri.t
r,imerc, ,,nd n qeusln of Owen Wister,
, ti1P neVelist.
I Herbert T. Kdwnrds. a senior in the
Wharten Scheel. I Diversity ei i ran
"l.wns -. ' ' , ZC v
, . mernlne
nlmiit 1 o'clock this mernine. Mr
Kdwnrds occupied a room en the third
fleer and Mr. Wister's room was en
tlie second fleer.
During the conversation before they
retired, according te Mr, Fdwurds. his
Continued nn I'acr I'eer. Cnliinin Tour
Kensington 1
Happy Hellew 0
Whitehall Commens. 0
0 1
0 0
Louisiana Troops, Armed With
Rifles, Guard Twe Bodies
Recovered Frem Lake
Mer Konge. I .a.. Dei LM The
w M'ebu n, d'l.l mutilated iNidiiw uf two
men teen.i',l esterd.iy 111 Lake I.ll
Feiin lie li Stale t reups, hidieied te
be .biif of Win t D.iunls Mini Tlmmiii.
Uii'haiiN, lni ilisappeiireil nfter being
kidnapped l imiisImmI nml wlnte-ielieil
Klaiisinen, tel:i were iiewed b
KJchnrd-' widow .1
fnl her of Wail, and
I.. Daniels, ngnl
ere et lel.itne. ,
r. 1 and ft lends
Identification or -it ie.ist Watt D.miels
is complete, .lecerding te authorities, 1
because of ihe minals '. . I."
found ,, ,ni, .,. , , ,,
Daniels is said te h.-nc worn nt tlie
time lie wns spirited nwn .
Tlie bodies me lying in the Mnemc
'Ijllinlrt it I. mi.. t .
! " """' mci .ne cuiirifil i 11
of Momoe Nnlnmal linanls.
f BaHLaKaBaBaBaBaBaBaBaH ?
bbbbJKMbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI H
i:ie ' ". """ n; iirineii with iiutiiuuitii
We. 'Jfl''-. and were instructed b Ciipinin
'i' 1 . 1 , .
llllj I11C11 M I I'llIM lalllll Oil till
Attorney (ieuernl A V Coe
two eminent pathologists of New
leniiB accompanied tin. troen"
I'll. .11 1... ......!. ..1 .
.... ; 1 ".""'oil
1 '" 1.111101 111 iiiisirep tlie
1 iiirncy lienera sef .lii -. .... .1.
date for tin. open hearing in ceunec
tlmi Willi the kiduapplug mse Tin.
Atteiney (i nil had n . enVereii'..
with Judge Fred M. Odem, of the Nitth
.iiiuicuii i null, nud ihc .lute r,,,. il.
Iii'iillug, which will he before Judge
iidi.in. w.is lived at thn I time
It was loperliil heie Hint the anests
of sewial men IioIIem-iI te lime been
ringleader of the August wliilo-ieliod
mob will he made leilm.
Ulllipl -
linim eii. ery imrHini uu want In urii-ef.
H,lne unaer Rltuatluni en otxe at Adv.
Shots Fired Outside Courthouse
te Mark Arrival of'
Trial Recesses for Mere Than
Week Killing of Union
Man Narrated
Bl a Staff Correspondent
of the Eveninu Public Ledger
.Marien, III.. Dec ''::. Chrlstninn
spirit touched the Ilerrin massacre trial
today . J lie live (lefenilnnts nre teunz
gifts from sympathetic friends. One of
them. Pert (.race. Is proud of n new
watch, chain nnd fob.
Shots nre heard in ' the streets
which Is Williamson County's peculiar
way of celebrating the approach of '
holiday. Among the spectators nre new
faces, these of farmers and their fnnx-.
illes who have come a long wny en "a
double mission te de their Christninii
shopping nnd te witness part of tli
trial. Over nt the hltchbnek. behind
the town, stnnd their rigs and horses,
In the biting cold, resigned te n dny
of It.
Outside In the court square is
giant evergreen with a splutter of col
ored electric lights. Felks here suy that
New ears la tlie dny when reveler
break the tree lights with expertly di
rected bullets. rm
I'd Crenshaw, former union miner,
who testified yesterday that he saw
Jerdie Hendersen shot by armed guards
the day before the rioting, admitted to
day en crox-xiiuiinntien thnt Jerdfe
may have had a gun? "I wasn't sure,'',
explained Crenshaw.
Creushnw said that some armed men
collected around his house, one-half;
mlle from the mine, "about n hundred:
of them," en the afternoon of June -l.;
Velley Fired Frem .Mine "
"Ilullets nil at once came from the
mine. Tlie men ut my house dropped'
down. Then they get up nnd enmc into',
my house. 1 heard sheeting but I did'
net see any sheeting from the men out
side my house."
"What arc you being paid for testi
fy ingV" was the parting shot of Otis,
F. Cilenn. who conducted the closs cless closs
examinatieii. "I den t knew, said Crenshnw.
The nearest approach te ti disturb
ance during the trial occurred today;
when CJeerge Daiigbnr. eighty years old?
who is quite deaf, had a tilt with
Uangbnr answered direct question
by the defence amiably, but he snorted
ut State's tirst query.
I den t want te lie cress-quci-
' I liKli,, I ..rll.ll llld ..lit ,M(I,I
I.......... ...v.. ....
j Ne, you don't want te answer nny
quesotiens but the defense's, de yeu'i"
1 sneered (ilenn.
I "Ne." snapped the aged witness,
1 and ti'lenn excused him.
1 The old mini lestilied thnt two nrmed
guards from the mine enme into Ills
yard the day before the rioting and
asked for water. He gave thein u drink,
The guards, he said, showed their guns
eiild stand off .'00 men with that
' Daugbar testified that olio of
guards said, and the ether waft
repotted te lune .iihled, "New, old
man, if you'd have refused us that
water, you'd have been the lirst one
we'd have plugged."
Dniighar said lie complained about
the guards te Sheriff Thaxton. "I
was afraid of my life," lie said.
Adjourn I'util January '2
The 00111 1 adjourned the trial to te
ihn in tlie forenoon until Jiiiiuary '-'.
Judge Ilarlwell apologized te the jury
for their long detention
This adjournment is going te be
hard en you fellows, and I'm sorry
for thill." said the Judge
The last witness ledm was Oscar
Cnnllnurd en I'.icr l'eur. Column Mil
Blaze Is Confined te Small Section
, of Oregon Avenue Structure
Meie thnn three hours' effort by fire
men wns required te extinguish 11 hlur.A
this morning at the Oregon incline piers
of the Philadelphia Tidewater Termi
nal. The fire, however, was confided te
a fiitnpnrativeU .iniill section ami tli
less was slight.
Discovered In a watchman at (1 A.
M. tlie blaze was found te be raging
in a idle of burlap bags stored en the
third deck of the pier
Christmas Will Lack Celer Owing
te Mrs. Harding's Illness
Washington, De 'J.! 1 IU A P )
Christiifis ai the Willie Heuse will
lad. much of the iimiiiI spirit of timet
gene by because of Mrs. Iluidiiig s III-
There will be no house guests it ml no
Christmas Iiee Nellliei tlie President
nor Mrs Harding has made nny holi
day plans She may come deuiiKtain
111 nor wiiceiienir nun jiri'suie tile tR.
Richard Washburn Chila
A MiufMtiiiinr nl I'lmtv utnl ( wileil
filntm nffiriiil uliitmri at Ihn
hnuKtmnv Cuiilnrmr, tin u'rifnt
"The Vanishing Men"
A until uf mulrri mitt ruinunce.
vrnlri liifi nbnut Ihr nluiiKjf ill,
npiirurmii'i' uf the levrta uf i
luniilifiit irummi,
llcylnt leilnt. I'utic U.
Evening Public Ledger
. siHs.,-(.is:
A;..-..-i .'tfllriyl' '
t .
.Ji TltiAWtiUQi