Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 12, 1922, Night Extra, Image 31

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( ,W. Ilk and Mk' ' te 1 tl
anils' OeM Wddlr(t Blnm J'' w P
latinam Wadilas XinnllS Upward
I 13 8. Ith St. 1710 Oarmantewn Ate.
A Llttltri Nester
'I KdBrtr for RrUMji
Hew te Get Quirk Relief Frem
Head-Colds. It's Splendid!
lM ii ii ii ii '' i it ii ii m iili
Ah t What relief ! Your clogged
t,ntrlls enen right up. the nlr nas-
sages of ydur head are clear nnd
von ran breathe freely. Ne mere
siiufflinir, heiideplip, dryness no
ttnigglliiB for breath at night, your
told or catarrh is helped.
Jjeti't stay stuffed up! Get n
small bette of Kly's Cream Balm
from your druggist new. Apply a
little of this fragrant, antiseptic
cream In your nostrils, let it pene
trate through every air passage of
the head; seethe nnd heal the swol
len, Inflamed mucous membrane,
civing you instant relief. Ely's
Cream Balm ts just what every
cold and catarrh Hufferer has been
sacking. It's just splendid. Adv.
The Finest Butter
in America !
It is net the name that has
made this butter famous; it is
the butter that has made the
name famous.
$J& Butter
In all our Stores
Sweaters Dresses Draperies
Sklrta Kimenat Ginghams
I Ceat Curtains Stockings
Waists Coverings Everything
Diamond Dy
Each le cent nacknen of "Dia
taend Djcs" contains directions no
simple any woman can d.ve or tint
her old, worn, faded things new,
li . u never cijeii neiurc. I inin
-i'L i )1,?,m?.,"i .'-r"0, etl)cc kl,l(1' Tiie ren.anee takes place in the das
mitee , ICrTnsV'T,l feur8 druiriVt ,,f ('h"rlus ll au,1 ,1,,!,N "1' ,llu Ie "
Xtlier thrLt'eriafTcm &f '"Tll;,"f fh- in.pecunii.UH l.n.h Hea.riee
dye is wool or silk, or whether It l1""' ,1,'kI,1 AlFll'1I l"'!' ''"r lei.TiS
s linen, cotton, or mixed goods, cnptiiml by tin villain l,nd Rcntticv
Uiamend Dves never etreak, spot, ! resorts te a lnartinsp with n felon con cen
ude or run. Adv. demnrd te dentil In eider te place the
Are Yeu
-unci de you expect te
buy a phonograph for
delivery before Christ
mas? Then why net place
your order right in
Jersey," your home
HURLEY'S, the big
&est phonograph store
Camden, offers you
the choice of two great
master instruments
will sell you either en
esy payments with no
advance ever the regu
Jar cash prices.
'1 full sleck of all
models just new
but don't milt
tee hni!.
Broadway at Pine,
Cam J an
. - r ' , '
Constance Talmadge Pleases
as Capricious Ming Tey
en Screen
Stanley Hie luckiest thing that
"Enst Is West" lins in its favor Is
that Ming Tey, Its heroine, Is net the
almond-eyed dntnbcl she nppears te be,
but an American girl nfter all. The
reason that Is lucky is that our old
friend, Cennle Talmadge, who winks
and vamps a"nd shimmies her way
through the role, could net, by any
stretch of the Irr.nglnatlen, be anything
but a Tankce flapper.
That's net te nay that Mls Tnl Tnl
madge isn't excellent in her role. Hhe
hnsn't looked se charming since her
early Vita graph days, una she seems
se relieved te be playing In something
ftbee the recent low level of her fea
tures that she takes en n new lease of
life. There is no icnsen why she
shouldn't win u host of new friends
by her work here.
Frankly, It would seem that "East
Is West" is n better picture than It
was play, although it couldn't very well
be mere popular. Much of the banal
ity nnd the hokum has been alleviated
by nn abundance of rollicking comedy,
and when that runs its course there is
a thrill close behind te save the situa
tion. Mine Tev if (he, kIevt nceiln renrtl-
Jtlen is shown at the. beginning In a
vmncse ueir.c, wun sixteen little sisters
who are net appreciated bv the futhcr,
nep Tey, and fifteen pigs thnt inc.
Hep Tey, becoming displeased with his
eldest daughter, sells her te u blare
dealer and she is compelled te parade
before prospective buyers en the I.evc
Beat. Besetted by n young Amcriean,
Ming Tey flees te America, but troubles
fellow her in the shape of unwelcome
attentions from "Fifty-lifiy" Charlie
long, of San Francisce. Just as
this objectionable and particularly
sceundrelly gentlen.au seems nbeiit te
win iier It Is disclosed thnt she in of
American birth, having been kidnapped
by Hep Tey, unci there is nn further
obstacle te her marriage te the brave
young American here.
Sidney Franklin's direction Is
polished, and Uie picture is lifted u
notch higher by the splendid character
ization of Warner Oland n.s Charlie
long, really the picture's (and play's)
only live and interesting person. Nigel
Barrie and Edward Hums are both
excellent in conventional role.
Attention must be called te a short
feature en the Stanley hill which is o e o
traerdinailly geed. This Is tlie "Fells"
cartoon, and Iho present number of this
series only gees te prove further that
Hulllvau is about the bt cartoonist
the films possess.
te fairly capable acting, interesting set
tings und intelligent direction, "For-get-Me-Not"
innkes pleasant enter
tainment even though it does net an an
prench the excellence of last week's
picture at this house "Enter Mad
ume." The story concerns the life (and
love) story of two fendlings. One. a
girl, Wns left in an erphanagv by her
mother, and her best friend is : ether
lumnte, n little lad named Jiininv. The
latter is adopted by n rich woman, anil
ethers of the children find con. I home
hut no one wants the little girl because
she Is a cripple. Finally, n street mu
sician takes pity en her, and she gees
te share his meager one-room home.
Then, though seimr.itivl for nanv venrh
the loyalty and love in the heart of the
girl and boy for each oilier remain, and
finally rewilt in their lcituiuu und
There will In -enw who will c!l"i
lliat Caret h I! cV's does a l-valilp and
praNcvveithv '"' of "Mine, but it
weulil seem u ilni nimhsU that he
rut tli" " cil liis weik by hN nf
fecteil nnd uiiiilxa-imr minnTi-m-. 11 11 -sin
Leve, en the ether, is quite np
I'liiling a" tie cul. and a paitieiilarly
Hue I ' i- contributed by Otte l.'deier
s t! old imlcinii.
Auaili.i - One cenns away Hern .7.
Stuart Rlackten's "The CIeriini Ad
ventiii". ' n 'evcntecutli century re-nianri-
fpiitiii'ius Lady Diana Manner,
surfeited with color, ml being the tue
iliiliilnaut note. There is no ilnnyiiip the
beaiitv of some of tlie interior scenen,
tlieiigli the led s;nvs up in spots in
-enin nf 'ie imtilnei si ones, and one
I'eeN nr:es nltciitinii In ins c(iiitantly
I'M i actfil fitnii the stnrv Ii the vivid
iies uf tlie rait, and greens. Euslih
cables have net lied in nraising tlie
beaut.v of Lady Diana, though it is
hardlv likely that her cold, stately type
will dislodge any of our own tars from
their places' in the heart" nf the movie
tniiH. It i en be said for her, however.
that she duet net balk at some rough
treatment from u most desjiirnte vil
I lui ilen el tier debts nil her husband,
; acenrding te nn old Kiirlisli law. The
Great Fire of 1iiuleii Mibneiiiientlv
complicates matters hj opening the jails
I and icleasing the felon husband, hut
I the dix'qvery of the bitter's real wife
, simplifies matters and the levers arc re
1 muted In conventional fashion. The
' interesting (lellies of Samuel IVpys and
I.Nell Gw.vnnn move through the re-
niHiiee, and the cast includes such vvell
' Known names lis Leimn Pnule. Ilnbln..
Wright. .vn. i:iiabeth Hccrbelui, FreJ
, Witel'l and Gerald Lawrence.
......... --- .... - .-- : --.-
lai!IH Much villain supplied by
. Spiiniaids and Orientals, mm Ii heroism
niiitrilmtcd by a returned veteran of
I the war and ninii thrills donated by w
1 horse nice are all te be found in "Tlie
, Bride of I'aleinar," which is eucj of
1'cter 11. K lie's nrns.
The pint concerns the, machinations
! of a band of creeks In get their hands
en u piece of property owned by the
I here in Southern California, The
Japanese will find geed cause for object
ing te "The Pride of I'aleinar" since it
holds one of their race up as u supreme
lebjeit of evil-doing ami malevolence,
i But perhaps, in a rattling geed thriller
i like this, we should net object te n lit.
, tie thliiR i'1'0 that.
Marjerlu Daw Is most charming ns
the heroine, ami vcrj capaeie, ten, nnd
i i'aleinar" improves greatly toward the
end, which Is a vlrtuu jMisscssetl by few
Urgent ".Vubtidy" is the title of a
, featu.e with Jew el armen In the lend
lug rote, but hi unn would guess that
his is luiiiysl'Ty yarn, und, as such,
one nf the u."si ciitci tnliilug piegrnm
, ,,, tuics nt the last few weeks. The old
and tried business el the heroine eing
her nieinery is employed and there is
lack of Plausibility here and there,
but the picture is fust moving and In
teicatinn. Miss Cnrmeii seems te have
gained poUe slncu Iier last appearance
1 and she receives mere than ncaeptable
Aldlne Heart nppral is .spread pretty
thieky throughout the five or mere reels
m "set-Me-Net." Heme may claim
that the lavrr in Inn llW,.L , ,i r ..
ns i he s lister viriruiiii. we nnvn ffim. i
, (Hiinil L'ives oiie of hU nln,i,i.ii.. "'"trumenlnl nut vocal selections, up.
eishe " InlVrVn'tutlenH. I V,? t '& "?, f"'ture, (Whicl. I- .fa, -above the
ev is the rather stolid here. Th". nnllm'rv' iH, "Windows, with a -as
rectien was in the hands of Frn, k Ber- renUinlnB Leu CWj. HnnUeii leid
i,,ge and he did a geed piece of verk lla Marguerite De La Motte.
It may be said that "The Piide of
Photoplays Elsewhere
STANTON . "When Knighthood
Was in Flower," with Lyn Hard.
Ing, Marlen Davles, Pedre De
Cordoba, William Nerrls and
PALACE "The Ktereal Flame,"
with Nerma Talmadge.
VICTORIA "Broadway nose," with
Man Murray.
CAPITOL "it I Were Queen," with
Ethel Clayten.
IMPERIAL "Man Who Baw To
morrow," with Themas Melghan.
COLONIAL "Man Who Haw To
morrow," with Themas 'Melghan.
the Dust," with Miriam Cooper.
Compromise," with William Far
num. BELMONT "Ebb Tide," with Ray
mend Hat ten. LI la Lee, James
Ktrkwoed and Geerge Fawcett
RIVOLl "Without Compromise,"
with William Farnum.
LOCUST "Man Who Haw Tomor
row," with Themas Melghan.
Who Baw Tomorrow," with
Themas Melghan.
COLISEUM 'Tlnk Gods," with
Debe Daniels..
CEDAR -rink' Gods," with Bebe
JUMBO "Heedless Moths."
Who Saw Tomorrow," with
Themas Melghan.
STRAND "The Man Who Saw To Te
morrow," with Themas Melghan
and Leatrtce Jey.
LEADER "Te Have and te Held,"
with Bert 1yftll.'
"Down te tha Sea In Ships,"
story of whaling days, with Mar
suerlte Courtet and Raymond
support fren: Kenneth Harlan, Geerge
VntveMf WtlllAM. n.. M....n. It. till.....
Fawcett, William De Grave, William n"d melody, featured by an exception exception
Davidsen, Riley Hatch, J. Herbert ""' clever song. "Just the Twe of
Frank and Florence Hillings. I Us." Rey Luken, Jeseph Ktthnp,
Cress Keys "New and Then"
There's a geed supply of comedy and
music in the ihew, nnd just enough of
each te balance the cntertulument. ,
"New and Then," n musical tabloid,
presented bv Will Stanten and com
pany, occupied the headline spot with
geed results. A distinct flavor of lOL'li
pervades the little production, nnd that
means, of course, that It contains plenty
of originality. This is tnte of the ces-
turaes and scenic effects, as well as the
lines and music. It received a cordial
reception. Ralph Whitehead bcered
heavily in songs and stories. Fred
Lightner, in the skit, "Newly Married,"
areiisec laughs, and ethers en the bill '
lncttmeii iiveli and l-avcrc, musical
skit; Marie Casper, in songs, and
Pellar, an exceptionally geed juggler
William Penn Comedy
There are no idle moments in tlie
skit "Bits of Exclusivencss" offered by
Stella Tracey and Carl Mcllride. It
runs from everything from marital dis
cord te the latest dancing craze, with
many surprises thrown in en the side.
lust one luugh after another is the best
way te describe their attack. Oklahoma ,
Heb Albright sang a number of songs
in a remarkably clear tenor voice. His
expression Is an extra geed asset. Jee '
Lanigon and ltose Hany, two Phlladcl- j
phians, pressed ethers close for the!
comedy hit of the bill and offered sev-
oral character songs by way of geed
measure. Miscahu. a Brazilian rope
walker, thrilled. "Leve Is an Awful
Thing, with Owen Moere in the prin-
clpal role, is the fllm feature.
Glebe "Pink Tees"
The title is somewhat misleading,
but ihc surprise in "Thirty Pink
Tees," the feature attraction, is cm-
nhntic nnd pieas'ng. Tt concerns ncre
batics and cemedv und holds attention
throughout. Florence Lnright and
company in n sketch put a let of laughs
in motion and kept them going. Otheis
Lanntng s orchestra ana inc aioreK
SisleiH. acrobats. there are several
novelties in the picture portion of the
Allegheny "Follies"
One ei the most elaborate tabloids in
vaudeville is "Fairy Tale Follies,"
which lieds the bill. It is presented in
four scenes, all of which seive te em
phasize thf tale of fair) land romance.
A proper touch of the mystic Is given in
the dialogue and music and a ery
capable cast is another bis asset te the
production. Calvin and Weed wen np
pieval In a skit cnUcd "Oh. Docter,"
which overflows with bright lines nnd
hns'inany geed situatiniis. Jack WnWi
sang, joked and darned and MtClellan
and Carfceii entertained with comedy.
Paul and Pauline tluilled witlt cvniiiiis
tic stunts. "Skin Deep" is the film at
traction. Keystone "Timely Review"
"A Timely Bevlevv" is the name of
the niininture musical comedy which
occupies the pluce of liendHner en
nn iiniitlAn ril IIia
this week s bill. A Inirileii cast is n
en me eiu inciuueu jiniii-imu, -u.ms ; of a,.,.urCy n.s te what's been going en.
Jeur Bvreu Gnis. hinging surprc-e; !t is virtually n history of the jear in
TlnivA unit f'nrt mlii'k cemedv ! Ken. - .i i . ...;.i .....
......v ...... ...-.., ., . .. I'luiieu unit miiik, viui a uii:iuri'r.(iuc
neilr nnd utiin. cemedv ami music: v,.,i......,,,,i u., ..i .,i,i n.,mn.i!..u
gaged in thii hii-usiiiT number. The ! which Is deserving of its place in the
hill also contains tlie fnllnvvlng interest- 'sun. "OhII.v'm Dream." li'"l as -i fail
ing acts: Tinas Four, melody and unv-. tastic (able, is both elaborately "tnged
ertv combined; Chailei ltelliv and l(nh and extremely Interesting. Merrli-sey
Pe'geis, billed as "lunatic" and very am1 Yetng lave some delightful noii neii
nmiising; Hank It-own nnd ceinp'iiiv in I sen.' Captain Melnt.vre and ' mi
ll comedy skit: Sllvas-liiunn anil com-
panv in a neven.v caueu - .mhiii nur
prfte" and the fifteenth Installment nf
the til ill serial "In the Dn.'- of Buffalo
Orpheum Trlxle Frlganza
Trixic Friganii. the popular musical
i-nmcdv star, makes her first l'liilndel-
phin appearance In home lime and -hews
that althnugh plumper than he once
was she has lest none nt h'r cimrni us
'' entertainer nr iiinun as i i uic
I dieiine. She calls hei a. i "My I.Ulle
t Hag ii' Tilx." and it Is icallv nut nl ihe
. ,,.,
'ercllnnr.v. The bill aim '"mains i utile
Vincent, supported h neien Mie aim
Frank Gardner, in u splendid cmiedv
sketch: Dc7e Hettei. nmiedj acrebat:
Jee Helland and Catlileen ti'Den in a
novelty, and nianj ethers. The dim is
'Shadows," with Leu Chancy.
Fay's Royal Revue
The Beval Bevue, which features i
pany present an ai rebat ie novelty ; Ne
Hing deserves her title of "joy girl of
henghiud" ; Nate I.eipsie unfolds some
startling tricks; tiie Baste Due render
Nixon's Grand Comedy Revue
The Sylvester Family, consisting of
father, mother and four children, dis
play n versatility ami a never-ending
ability te entertain that re fur te make
this week's bill n real delight. Thev
present a musical minedv revue which
la out of Urn ordinary. Jee Hume ami
Leu Gaut combine reinrdv and eccen
tric dancing: tlie Three Kitnres have a
novelty; F.velyn lairla and Harry Mm.
thews present a song and dance num
ber; Lucas nnd Inez, have an "nvt
classic" that is different, and there
nre ether nets which are bound te
rt Deslev Sisters, talented European . urvi., newcomers, proven te be a
ncers. nnd contains live women mu- '"" i""V "' ","!Lrs: "s.s Kelly,
ns who are profit lent in ninny lines, '"P.'J ninuiiiseu, nave names, Le
tlie song and dance lieadliner; lred. ""' ,""u '".' Vi11 '.'.',",. n ""U'lty
ney and company have n reniin? "" ' i""'"' ic.-ins ; iieiuile
SI.I'Il'li: l.lll ..III. II .lull ii'.i.-
I.....I.. i .. '......ii .....i ,..i... i rnui-uii riiniri linen new senes nn.
Chinese Girls and Indian Bari
tone Alse Star
Keith's The Caslones EHsa, Edu Edu Edu
orde, Angel and Jese brilliant Span
ish dancers, captivated the audience At
Keith's with Hpanish ballets, Gypsy
dances, heel dances; In fact, nil the
turns that that dance-famous land has
produced are seen at their best In the
act of these versatile stars.
The Spanish dancers lead a sort of
"International" bill, se te speak.
Princess Jue Quen Tal, n Chinese girl,
sings the songs of her native land and
twists n few of them Inte the fashion
I that they would be sung In America.
,Thls pleasing contralto shares her hen
ors with her youthful sister, who also
sings nnd does a highly pleasing dance.
The impressions given by Miss Juliet
constitute another hit of the nicely bal
anced bill. Actors, singers, old stars
and new ones, as well as the matinee
girl and the man who buys a new hat,
are among the delightful Imitations ren
dered by Miss Juliet.
Jimmy Lucas, the author of f'l Leve
My Wife. Rut Oh. Yeu Kid." "Min
' bv France, prides' a "S&taST of
nie Shimmy" and ether songs, assisted
laughs In a corned v act.
The Chieftain Cnupellcan, the Indian
baritone, is excellent in his rendition of
some of the favorite classics. Greene
""d Parker disperse a melange of wit
nnrl tn1rtrtiv futnret1 hv nn ercfrnflnn.
lames McCall and Charles Seymour
rive new kind of exhibition of acre
batics. The four Yllcrems adept ft new
method in their acrobatic exhibitions by
performing their feats of daring while
"--""eusiy jercneu upon spnercs
Turning from the emotional drama of
Inst neek. Mnn Dpnmnnil'nncl line slnrll
favorites were seen last night in n
rollicking farce, "Getting Gertie's
Gnrtcr,'r by that indcfntlgable writer
of mich frivolity, Avery Hup weed. The
company pul every bit of ability they
possessed into making this n most en-
jeynhle evening's entertainment, and by
their geed sense nnd dignified pcrferm-
nnces robbed the lines of any offense
they might hnve possessed, .vllss Ucs
mend had a role that gave her plenty
of opportunity te show Tier ability as a
comedienne, and ether members of the
company, including Frank Fielder,
Hetty Garde, Louise Sanferd, Jehn
Lett, Hutnner Nichols, De Ferrest
Daw ley nnd Itita Davis, did commend
able work.
Casine There wns plenty of enter
tainment in "Town Scandals." which
opened last night, te please all kinds
of burlesque fans. Harry (Hickey) Le
Van, featured comedian, had a bag of
new stuff, nnd he wns given oil kinds
of opportunities in this fast-moving and
amusing show. Maude Baxter, the
prima denna, displayed a soprano voice
well above the average. The La Pierre
sisters rendered melodies in French and
English; the Van Brethers presented a
humorous musical number, and ltee
Chevalier proved te be u dancing seu
lirette of real ability. There was nn
ensemble of twenty girls who could
both dance nnd slug.
Broadway "Mistakes of 1922"
AVhile there may have been many
tii ibifilrnd tilu renp 4 hnPn let ttrt nnau
llcm nbellt the quality of the ".Mistakes
f xqe'J," which furnishes the hulk of
,, ll0w 0I1 vjew. jt jM review of
the fellies of tll0 (ltlVi wilh lnnnv ().lsnC8
nn.i ,, fln.,i. e nr(,t.. sri a,i(i interest
te tllP nre(.eedini:s. The act is eveen-
... . ..
tieimlly well staged and it was well ie
leived, Milten Sills, in the photoplay
"Skin Deep," never appeared en the
screen te better advantage. This story
is true te life and grips attention from
the very start.
Old Stars te See Shew
The residents of the Edwin Ferrest
Heme will attend n party at tiie Ferrest
Theatre this nfternoen te see "Geed
Morning, Dc.it le." They will be the
quests of Louise Groed.v, star nf this
musical coined. The party will include
these seven leading ladies of days gen
by: Mrs. Maggie Kirkpatrick, Miss
Amy Lee Mrs. Jehn Jack, Mrs. Kate
Jcpsen, Mrs. Mary Mack. Miss Emily
Lewis and Miss Jennie Jenes. Alter
luncheon they will sec the performance
and meet tlie members of the company
et. tlie stage.
Alhambra Zelda Santley
The hendllner this week is Zelda
Santley, proficient both at singing nnd
comedy, who presents a number which
she calls "Little .Miss Everybody, and
pany present n Mmipshoetlng nevclt)
and the film feature, "At the Stroke of
Midnight," is unusually interesting.
Trocadero's New Shew
Trocadero "The Cherrv Blossoms"
company, which made its bow te Phil
adelphia last right, 'imp and danied
and'lauglied their way te a verv deiinite
success. A special added feature was
provided by the ainenranee of Itnseclla,
an Oriental diiisene of tin sunl nbllitv.
'iue big cast in the show included Al
Tnrpiex and Geerge Carrell, comedians ;
Johnny Geedman. Mae L'ailc, Delhi
Wade a'ld Bn'-e Gridin.
Travesties at Dumont's
Diimeut'.s The new tramstv dis
closed ter the fust tune by Eminett"
Welch und his uiin.strel band' last night
was "Manslaughter," nud Charlie
Heyden nnd ether favorites of the com
pany extracted every aval hi hie l,n .,
l'""' - v mn "l um sueject. i.eah and
- i . . , . : ! "
Welch sang some ballads in his nsn.,1
pleasing btyte
The SliewOflV Jesenb llnrl- i, '
given iiiiimiiiii iiiuiiiiiuus ei iirendvvay
stars; Aerial Valentines, with n number
t 1 I J.l w....., ,, 1U
et tnruis, ii in i nut nun icaturc
Law," with Frank Mnvn.
Walten Reef Catchy Songs
Tim Mason-DKen "Seven." .,..u.,.n..
nitliestra. lias a briiuil-iievv urn,.. ,,' ,
.... ..UI..I. ..ill ..I...'. .."'. ni
IIIIK1 Hlll.ll l I III.-UM- HI) ihlllLlllg
tans, and imlividttnl artists in this or er or
ganir.ntlen offer pleasing novelties. The
Wblte Way Trib is heunl in new selee selee
tlens which are put across with u sense
nf Humer and nn ability te slug.
11,11 Ukllfllllll. 'l I I llll II I I1U I Ulill 11111111
Ii iiiiickiv cvi Ingui-lies the ilane llal,,, hil-lh She bad Hashes of ' Jersey nepumicans May Net
Nixon Comedy Offering spreading the handkeuhief, shows t,t """T, I e !7.'n icm,,, '"""i i,,".'"' i, " . FaVOr Cha"OinO Hobart Law j
Tl.e.e Is an almnihitiee of gendcninedy Hli (""! n-tered. l "" h ' , ? V i? ,T' J' i1, Trenten. IW. j-j. Enforce. I
andcaU'liyiiHihl..JHtlK.miitl,.ni,J,,J Fer this trick you need a little hi, F.h. . "l.. ' ''.' ' .'.' . r1" :"-. ...cut nf prohibition, nr ..,......! "..?... I
liriswe 'Tim big'ldll'id's' 'r' ( "1" "YX 0,,.,,,,,,,1i r ' iVlfl h" "V .3, ' ' Uu l- ml e - lux laws ,., ,m pos Ves c ion
this vveeK. ihe bij. bill nlse ceniulns right hand. Bunch up the borrowed , I.iu credit it mav be said that Cherrv i ,
Frank Davis a.i.l Allele Dfirnell i com- handkerchief i the center, and nljevv ever new- low dcen 1 c .re d m "V,10? ,a!1 bring ulieut lower taxes,
e.ly; patter of the funniest sort; (iet.ig,, the extra bit nf cloth te prolrude from Sw kreSfv he na wntchl c le ?,"d lI,'w"""n J with the Statu
Ky -"" r .wmedy sketcR. the linger tips ns though it wcre l l'0'fJetenkVrmit,leHn' e... 'l.Ml, "I'Puhllyan platform, of lltl'V. were dis-
'ilni nnii'.i ill u' - iniinivi. c ll i . . i i. . . . i .-- .-... ...r. ...... .. lie t; wu
Shows That Remain
WALNUT ."Anna Christie." Eugene
O'Neill's drama of the waterfront,
' with Pauline Lord and Ocorge
BROAD "Abraham Lincoln," Jehn
Drlnkwater'n drama, with Frank
LYRIO "Blessem Time," cperettn
based en lexve affair of Franc
FORRBBT "Geed Morning, Dearie,"
musical comedy, with William
1 Kent, Harland Dixen, Louise
Oroedr and Oscar 8haw.
BttUBERT "Tangerine," musical
comedy, with Julia ttandersen,
Frank Laler nnd Frunk Crumlt
OARRIOK "Melly Darling," musi
cal comedy, with a cast headed by
Jack Donahue.
ADELP1II "Td Leve," adaptation
of Ueraldy play, with Grace
Dancers Provide High" Spot
of Unit Shew, "Spice
of Life"
Chestnut Street Opera Heuse A
lodle"s concoction flavored with the
TIvell Girls, the comedy of Frank Gaby
and the harmonizing of the three Waln
wrlght sisters Is the "Spice of Life,"
the unit offering of Ihe Shuberts this
Tliern are ethers, tee. who contribute
te make the "Spice of Life" one of the
best unit shows seen here of late, prin
cipal among them being the Hickey
brothers, who offer "A Bnrrcl of Fun ;"
Dave Kramer nnd Jack Beyle, "The
Happy-Ge-Lucky Pair;" Sylvia Clark,
in a humorous monologue and some
songs, nnd Julia Kclcty, imported from
Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby wrote
the book, lyrics and music. Ne one can
be blamed for attempting te frame u
plot, for there Is none.
The dancing of the Londen girls is
comparable te that of Fred Stene's
contingent last year. Their uniformity
nnd team work wen them immediate at
tention nnd many encores. Frank Gaby
ii a ventri!oqul8t,ef a different sort nud
Is especially clever in his chatter with
an imaginary dummy and his imita
tion of Ed Wynn, hat, giusses, chatter
and all. The Walnwright sisters'
ukeicle serenade, dancing and songs
wen deserved applause.
The last half of the frolic is a mix
ture of burlesque, comedy and travesty,
pretty girls and lets of action. Irene
Delrey, pleating te leek upon and
rather talented, is featured individually
and encmbie in songs und dances.
United States Coast Guard Found
Shet In Ocean City
Atlantic City, Dec. 1U. The body of
Isaiah Horten, ".' e.irs old. ;i member
of tlve Federal coast cunrd. Ocean Citv,
was found in the bushes near his home
last evening with a wound in his head.
Horten went for a day's gunning yes
terday morning and is believed te have
shot hiihself accidentally.
Captain Nickerson, commander of the
const guard ut tlie lifty-elghth street
station, became suspicious that some
thing had happened te Horten when he
failed te yepnrt for duty. Shortly af
ter, Horten'u dogs returned whining te
the coast guard station and Captain
Nickerson at once Instituted n search.
Horten is survived by his wife and
a three-year-old daughter.
Swiss Court Acquits American
Weman en Swindling Charge
Paris. Dec. ll'. Mr'. Genevieve
I'addleferd, who was arrested in Vienna
in June, charged vv Ith having defrauded
merchants In Lucerne, Paris and Vienna
and who wns extradited te Switzerland
for trial, has been ncciuittcd by the
Criminal Court at Lucerne, says the
Herald. The court ruled that no crim
inal offense had been established.
A dispatch from Vienna June I" an
nineing the arrest of Mr. Paddlefnrd
said her husband. Dr. Geeige E, Pad.
dleferd. of Hollywood, Calit'.,' fiem
whom -lie was separated, had refused
her telegiaphcd pleas that he inhume
nnej te rescue her from her predica
ment. Cartoonist Reminds Vets
Members of the .llitth Infantrv Asso Asse
elation met last night In the 'hall of
the Pennsvlvania liailread Y. M. C. A.
Eighteenth and Filbert streets, and
heard an address by Jeseph Cuuiilug
Iintn, cartoonist of the Evk.mmi I'm.
i.ni Ll.liet ii. The speaker was the
Knights nf Columbus secretary at Camp
Meade and lecalled incidents of camp
life In which some of his auditors par
ticipatcd. Fire at Military Academy
Culver, Tnd.. Ore. V2. tlh A. P.v
D.imige estimated nt Sl'eu.OOt) was
caused hv tire which broke out nt the
Culver Mllltaiv Academy here late cs
terday afternoon.
After-Dinner Tricks
Ne. .ill' The UeMercd Handkerchief
A hole Is liiiiut In the center of n
leal center nf till) handkerchief. T.tnl.t
the bit of cloth, and when it Is nearly
consumed ipilckly extinguish It with
your right hand, and draw away the
little bit of bhriit cloth that remains.
Spicnd out the linndkerclilef, threw it
en the table ami secretly drop the
bin ut bit nt i huh hi your la,
f:i. lj VttbUe l.nlucr Cemtauu
Aitiii n rnoi.eNT. iavf.
riie man who never laualu hnnifin. t,i.
fmmrat. 1'ut ' I" te say that mich a
! UyfwXr
TP- bit or
i iiiii rnvv I'll iijtiiiiivfii'iiii-i . nn iinniiin
?en.hAeiiSr.vSrtbVlunbd:fe.,Kdl3ft'' NetWiiK thnt had happened te her be bo be
fer no one ear. sfe It and fall te lauSh' I 'ero had se much lowered her ill her own
"Make it a iutlt." -trie. " egtimatieni This was an impartial
Auther of "Youth Triumphant"' and Other Buccettes
CepvriaM, tCtt D. Applefen A Ce.
VBERRY M01IUX, up-te-date 0h
rich and charming, at once Irritated
and attracted by
DAVID RAXQItEll, yeuna American
ethnoleoitt and icar veteran, amasca
by changes in manners and customs
brought out bu the war, but inter
ested -in Cherrp. His modest funds
are invested Kith her father,
JIM MOHUN, a self -made financial
leader. Toe busy te think et his
children he leaves them te
URP. MOnVK, who has successfully
cultivated the social side of life.
BRUCE COWAN, a motorcar sales
man, of cave-man type, of whom
Cherry imaeiu s she is enamored.
BOB MOHUX, son, is a typically reck
less youngster.
GEORGE LYCETT. elderly chorus,
philosephising as the story develops.
Uehun would like te call son-in-law.
AS THE days went en Cherry noted
that he put his disappointment in
her mother's insufficiency behind him.
He gained in strength dally, his jaw te-'
a firmer angle, and his brews were
tangled in thought. There was rome reme
thlng constructive new in his attitude
i..l lir Ttl fnmtlir felt it. thelltfll
thev could net see why they should be- for the -nrcrr fr which her mother had
gin te hope. But Beb, who treated his prnrc'1 lt marrhiye. She wns an ex
gin te nope, ran u . . crcscmiee en the great body of society,
mother rather badly if lie happened te ( n IinnH,,p Ut,h neither l.rfiiii- nor
be out of humor, new learned the meaii-i
ing of his father's sharp leek et re
proof or the decision in his quiet tones.
They awed him a little, for here wns n
man who had come back from the dead
in a new guise with which Beh was
unfamiliar. As the sick man gained in
strength nnd reached a physical condi
tion which would warrant bis taking
up the thread of affairs, men came te
One Hundred and Eighty-second street,
by appointment, te visit him. Geoffrey
Towne. the trustee: Henry J. -"0-Cready.
vice president of the Cesmes
Tnnt Company, representing the ( hi
chester interests: "'erKV'J'TV: "'l"
friendly offers of which the sick man
availed himself.
Seme one has said that, it ""J.0"
has something in himself that ethers
haven't, the world will make a beaten
path te his deer. Ne one except n con
structive genius could have succeeded
ns .Tim Mehun bad done. True, lie hnd
failed but net until after he had suc
ceeded und only under prcssiva e ab
normal conditions. A bad failure, but
an honest one. As the news was carried
down town that Jim Mehun had made
a brave light and wns pulling through,
men remembered him with kindness,
and wished him well. Other men, his
business nseciates, with ambitious plans
which needed u directing hand came
seeking him for advice; Jehn Harnett,
a former director of the unfortunate
Textile Mills Company, with nn idea
of buying u plant in the Kensington
district of Philadelphia: Harvey Mat Mat
tliisen, et Pittsburgh, a friend of earlier
duvs. who believed that with health
Jim Mehun might still rise again. ,
These visits were very encouraging
ie Cherrv, if only because they enabled
her father te resume bis touch with the
world. But, much as she believed in
him, it scarcely seemed possible that
thev could result in any immediate tinau
cial return te add te their slender menus
which, ns she figured, would be exhausted
before the beginning of the next winter.
And ie meanwhile, as site found tiie
opportunity, she-went down town look
ing for work. As she had told David
Sungree. her peace nf mind depended,
as it had always done, upon the high
speeds at which she moved. And it
was better te be hunting for a job ad
he refused, than te sit as her mother did
bemoaning her fate. Snngree tried te
help her. enlisting the aid of Geerge
I.viett and one or two uf his ether
friends und relatives in trying te find
something tht jhc could d?.
But Cherry was new te make the
astonishing discovery that, in spite of
all the money that had been spent upon
her education, she knew very little
indeed. At her finishing school they
had taught her that ladies always wrote
an angular hand (intlier stjllsb). but,
In Cherry's case, little mere than tin
Illegible 'scrawl. Iier smatteriiu' of
French, her smattering of the pimie
were of little value new. She clidli t
even knew enough in play at thpinevici.
Her English was passable but instinc
tive. Iier arithmetic had never been
impressive. Anv sixteen- car-old grad
uate of n business school wns better
equipped than she. twelve dollars u
week was the het offer that she could
B,.ta, a saleswoman behind the "eusieu sicwiy came ie in r.
counter at a large department store. "Oh. I say . Cherry," he -nil, fl
Cherry's liepi s had se.ned higher tlinu i vvunied te be tlie tirt te till. I ui s
this and she icili'd with dismay hew Phoebe watts it tee." nd tleu with
little fifty dollars a month would con- , ail awkward gesii,ie"t.'), Ivuc it 'ill
tribute te tin ceii.timii stele of money j Cherry. I'hm be and I are i ii.,.;ei! ; "'
ill the little hmis. held. Mie must de "Yeu aim and I'hnebe:"
better than I lt.it . mm h better The words i anic m a p -l. . Iil-p,.. j
a bundled n i.innth at least. But'ns though inrml .r"n In r ..."rn-i lie
bow? She kepi the seeiet el" iier Will. Bill 111 .1 liie'ieul she w I- cnii-l
disappointments inuu lur i.iihei. who
niiplii. she thniicht. ilisanmeve of her
efforts. She visited some nt the matrons
of society, wenlthv v.. mm. who hnd j
.. . .1 -. !'!.-- i
Hskecl ner te tneir parties, i ncy greeted
her warmly .
"Why, Chetn eii tle.ir
hltd Sn
h.nil te e.c ,,u.i. ,
But when. In mnttcr-t-!aer tetins,
she explained the ehje.. of her visit and
evnresLl n bone that she niicht timl '
.. , ,. , v ,
n ,i.t,...M ns w....itil -i.ii'ef.iVv tn ui nil I
" i'"-""' -
one thev met el v ie. en.n.ended that she
..rtll ..1. l C- 111. .Si. I lllll til vi nn
I lll ll lll",l ""- U HM - ' I tn , Hll,l -
seetne.t Ie be iiisl oil ihe i.,,mt of eeilltr
."", s...:.. ,. i ' .... ,..i... i.
mil tlllll in it iii " nil' ." in.
of her e.sactlv. Im' m Mi.gi-t pn--iliili.
!! - elsevvlieie I 1 i,.r. ;,.. .hat
lliey seug.lt in niii-s va "" n'J l;t ,,e dav vv.,.. s.J(tit,.,j . ,,,,
vvere verv kind hm v.rv Lu-v Ami j, S1.,.,1U. Sl, ,,,,,.,. ,,.,, .,. ",,' ' . I
thev i.ithir nveidi.l then" pan- should haw liiip.n d him it thsl
At tilie- ( heir. SI'" despeiate .time w llell---l'leel.e .,,,,1 Diekv '-I
1 here vvcie iiian.v meicents like that ijU,.i5y though ,,.,r neither f "them
which she had -hew n ,ivi.l Sangive guess.M what had been in her thoughts I
when the pemiuluni wtmld have made u j That would have ben rather hnrri'de '
s-xlng if sl" hadn t had it under con- , r.ltnest as horrible as the icelltnr thnt'
trel. Sevet.il times she ctlled up every thing whs against her-even thine ,
.-windier mu in--, oiie .-unie wuui
along the riverside He was patient
with her nnd se n.celv .a.ni.ce.l be-
tween serieiiMies nnd jest that lie met
iier mood-, bringing
a'Z shVl'ef
tit ens of despair in!
iinuir, where he lielii her with a rtn-eii
her past some moments nf dcauening
tllseeiirngement by canylng her nlr
bodily te some gnyet) or ether, several
times te luncheon niul a matinee It
wns 'Genie who came te i,i ic-ue
one uieriiing when a position in n
DUbllshlllC office 111). n whlcli she bad
pel iier iie"-n ni iiueti nv a i n v er nine ;
snub-nosed chit in n Itu sM blouse
Willi her hair still down her b.nk. It
seemetl that ihc slllv "Il-"Iii ut the
. ... I 1 - .111.. I 1 . I ........ I
Inrtlinatc child wns the iiieiisiirn nf.'verl; by women, nutl anethei' nrnviillin.
Cherry's incapacity. S he was ashamed
1923 Wl
'Ten Itnevv hew much I've always
cared for yen, Cherry," he began.
judgment of the world upon her in
efficiency. Sbe wns useless lit only
talents te mnke her way nlene. it was
a crucial moment nnd 'tienie met. it
with iin invitation te an nfternoen
at the Wctherllls' country place in the
I'ocnntice Hills. Sylvia hnd asked for
her especially nnd nil the old crowd
was going te be there. The alternative
was a gloomy nfternoen in her loeni
fnce te face with her impotence, se
Cherry accepted. In the mood of the
moment she would have mariicd any
man who asked her. .
Sylvin's welcome nnd the pleasant
familiar faces of the old crowd weie
balm te her wounds; Gleria Tevvtie
Phoebe Macklin and one nr two ether
Cirls; Dicky Wilberfeiw, Herace
Onlbraith, Teddy Waring. Jack Spcn
ccrr " "s geed te see them all to
gether again. Almest she was readv
te believe that blie had never bccii
away from them.
Dicky wns quite sober and new pro
fessed himself te be a person with
serious ideas of life. He had nctuallv
gene into business. Was this true?
Dear old Dicky! Hew mnny times
was it thnt he had proposed te her?
I irtecn ? She had used te keep
count. She looked nt him with u new
interest, for lie seemed te have taken
n new stature, a new brightness by
centrust te the shadows of her own
troubles. He had always been hand
some, joieii", picturesque, and tedav
his sober pretensions became him. If
he asked her te many him for the
sixteenth time. Cherry vowed, she
would accept him.
He lest no moments in bringing about
a resumption nf their frlenrship and le,
her forth fiem the squash court, where
Jedd and Jack were vielentlv hurling
te and fro, into the quiet loggia ut the
side nf the house, a place propitious for
confidences. The afternoon was balmv,
the foliage nhe.'iily sending forth is.
tendrils nt the lirst breath nf spring
altogether a lime for tiie icnewal et old
nffectiens. Cherry Jield her breath.
It was a meu.ent teiic with expec
tations, with possibilities.
Dicky spoke in n lowered tone, his
lips twisted in ;he old iainlliar bnv -lsh
"Yeu knew h iw much I've always
cured for you. Cherry." be begun.
"Yes. Dicky. 1 de."
, "Well. I have. I de till There
isn i aimtiier girl just like you nnd I
guess n knew by this t mi that I'll
alvvuv . think of ynu as one et the best
friends I'e get in the wiibl."
"I- I'm ghtd of that. Dicky. "
"Well. I'e been nn awful retter iU '
times ju knew, drinking and I
don't blame you for net having wanted
me. Yeu were perfectly right. But
1 have taken u brace. I suppose it's
beenuse it isn't s easy te Krt ns it
was. And I don't reailv think ibnur
it ut all. Haven't touched a drop for
a mouth."
"That's line el you. Dicky." '
"I thought juii'ii like te "knot be.
ciiise j mi did .:e In tll lne I ought
te ship. it was Phoebe that lvide,
(, .e
"es I suppose she ought te tell
you, bur then we're all geed pals,
aren't we, just the way we used te
Of course," gasped Cherry, "but
what ':" she paused, as com pre
giutiilntiiig him quietly I hese aie'
tlie things :i vmiiii.'IH dm . will 1(. '
took Iter lcln-ltntinns with the cm -
barrassed grin nf n boy ,, has just
null fl.i. ..pi... ... iw.ll... I....
'"" !.- .. t1" '-
And t'hetry, wearing a '..illet
'limeer i. miihp, iesentl -might nut
l'beebe, enibr.it lug Ii r at in the nau-
,. ,.. ,, . . . , , ,..
'"' .' """ """ "i"ifi "-
''1,,s .'' ft-.Ti ." ."" m"
l'.'.a"."' . ' "' v 1mi' been t. s eTn-n.
I'lieene n ignt nave guesn.r tie untn
m . " ' iiiiiii.
1'iieiry was tee r ever an ten
. ,,.,.'' tlul happen.
' '
nrev.iI -
I I 1 1
..' '.' -' gllt'l Villi approve, dtrli
' "I I'lieene
1 llutV 1 Iji
piiihe.eil in von cvei jh in ,., r t
,,-,, "JV,,, ,", '- ,'?,.
..n.ii I'i.i I 'I..... ,.
laillllg UCr,
Tn lu. .. i .
F he l0""l t-morrew
cussed here Inst night at a meeting of
me iveiiiiiiiicnn .leini Legislative Con Cen
terence Committee.
Indications were that the partv
would net sponsor nor support, as u
party, imy tnoilliicntlen of the Hobart
Diy LiifereenieiitLnvv. Any such mens.
11 1.A ...I.... 1... 1... 1 .1 1. " ...
"' '""rl niiiniiiiieti, ir was sain, bv
'he legsatni acting indlvidunllv
A bill will prebrhly be picsenteil, It
vvas learned, for the nhnllilmi ..r .,ii,t
air higher compensation fee !btr..,i
Anether cenl'ereme uill ha UU (.
rinhn of Pour CeunihWiV
Af. Lll. DaaMMAllllMAJlIr
fclUIl V IIW"f1l-l"-- tM I
Chester, Dec. 12. ItcpreMnUUtfh,
of the Women's Cluba of Cneati
Montgomery, xjuckh riwrn r
Counties gathered nt the Ridley Pitk
Auditorium ns guests of the local club ,
at their nnnual reciprocity meeting. At
the morning session short addresses
were mndu by Mrs. Itudelph Blanken
burg, Mrs. It. .1. Hamilton. Mrs. Henry
James, Mrs. Edwin Ynrnnll, Mrs. Alan'
Burr. Airs. A, IL Geary, Mrs. 8. Illnlr
Lurkic, Mrs. A. H. Creeks and Mrs.
Henry ('. Cochran, presidents of the
various clubs.
Dr. Themas Fliiegan, director of the
State Beard of Public Education,
talked en citizenship in tlie schools.. At
the conclusion of his address he nn-1,
svvered a number of questions. It was
voted titat n petition be sent by the as
sembled representatives te Gilferd Pln Pln
ehet praying for the reappointment of
Dr. FInegari.
Fired General Stere of Rival Mer
chant, Is Charge '
Fnlnntevvn. Pa.. Dec. 12. (By A.'
P.) Charged with setting fire te thai,
rival merchant's store, Mrs. Mary
Neynl, of Sheaf, near here, was today,
held in $30(10 ball. The charge of nrsenv
grew out of a fire in the general store
of G. A. Kever. This establishment
is located near a store conducted by
Mrs. Neyul.
County detectives said they traced
the woman thieugh imprints "of over
shoes in the snow near the Kevor
Immigration Bars Net te Be Raised,
Washington Decides
Washington. Dee. 12. Despite, ap
peals, especially bv church organiza
tions, that the Federal Government
take action te raise immigration bars te
Armenian and Greek refugees flecking
admission te this country, no action
will lie taken by tlie Administration te
that end, it was learned nutheritativclv
yesterday. Congressional action, it was
stated, would be necessary, nnd the Ad
ministration feels that this is net a
matter in which it should take the lnl
Geerge W. McCandless Resigns as
Director of Public Safety
Pittsburgh, Dec. 12. (Bv A. P.)
Geerge W. McCandless, Director of
Public Safety, of Pittsburgh, tednr
tendered his resignation te Mayer W.
A. A. Mngee, effective December 31.
Mr. McCandless, one of tlie best
kt.ewn business men of tlie city, entered
the police service under tlie Magee
administration te place it en n "busi
ness basis." Itadtcal cifrnges have
been made in tlie policies of the depart
ment since lie becume its head. He
will return te his private business next
Paris. Dec. 12. The Queen of the
Belgians is in Paris incognito, doing
her Christmas shopping. Arriving Sun
day Jiiglit. she btarted yesterday te visit
the department stores nnd her dressmakers.
Step Laxatives
Wach Only Aggravate
Faulty Elimination
Xujel ig a lubricant net a
medicine or laxative se
cannot j-ripe.
When you are constipated,
net enough of Nature's
Jubricatinff liquid is pro
duced in the bowel te keep
the feed waste soft and
moving. Doctors prescribe
JVujel because
it acts like
thin natural
lubricant and
thus replaces
it. Try it te-
lay. j
I Duplex UgtangTaMe Boer Lamp
. m m ww., waa
Th"se Initips Kive n soft,
crimfortable illuinlnntlen,
pirv.itlliig 'be cntlre loom ;
primrthliig ne-er befere
possible wit . a table or
fleer limp. On exhibi
ts n every evening from
'J V M ie 9 T M
at 202 S. 42d Street
t e "ii 1 imp pi et
hjv l'i 'lie pill 1 are
nt ul 't '' " 1 bill P (lis
Mievvin iinlirs given up
P l"ei I Hi .1 b.' dt
' v eietl fti" i lills'in.13
Believe Me
If it's made by
Kuehnle, you knew
"Save-the-Surf ace"
Vine.5cl7th.Sts. .
i ,t,i?i.it"i
. . i
I -" i-'l tT.'.-tft-