Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 12, 1922, Night Extra, Page 20, Image 20

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All These Goods en' Sale Tomorrow": Alse See Page 32
:fnl! anil Phene Order Filled Dell, Wnlnet 8800 -Kentone, ,Maln 4101S
(TviUc E2f All? Every Kind Will Be Found Here Marked CvirHTC Pflf Veilf
UlHS r Or AUI tTChristmas Price That Means Elrtri dVlIlCb rUf I UU
' . ' ' f . i ' The price U for
Alse See-fll
Page W
Christmas Toys & Santa Claus
A vast (k-iMrtinint devoted te whizzing engines. levanic neus,
"-iv nniiuiiH, games every Kinu or ieys, ui rar pm.re.
! -" r
i urcsscu uaey deiis, qe je
I H'gque head ; natura
i lamiai".
,$3 93 '
a I ie I
Metal Tea Sets. Sl.J'J
HIMccn nieces, with tray.
i Alabama coon Jigger. COc.
Ulght-Jilece laundry set, ?2.88.
te.s, full assortment.
ltex furniture. TCe te $2.49.
Dizzy Andy marble iratnc, "5e. ' Iren
Four plice iron train sets, tve
$t.7D. Shuece tnenke.v, $t 40.
Climbing monkey. 25c. Filctlen toys, $1 25
Midget Circus Every Day Frem 10:30 te S P. M,
I.lt llruthers FOURTH FLOOR
Mali order, FiiiH HATS TRIMMED FREE OF CHARGE rheneOrtertriHtd
Fer Christmas Giving!
$1.35 Embroidered) arc
Pillow Cases, pair)9
Made of fine-grade bleached
muslin; embroidered effectively
in. several very attractive de
signs, or neatly hemstitched. All
in pretty Christmas boxes.
Wt Dretlitri FIRST FLOOR
The price
for the one day only
$25 Taffeta )&4 MM
- T gag
Lamp Shades)
Fer both table and junior fleer lamps
Exauisite silks trimmed with geld braid and silkj-curUin-Utie shapes are
1JAl' . .f it..- m. f.i... uniiaitnltv letur. All colon.
... .! ttnitinri rnn hiik iiiiiaeu uiiulihhij "r- - - - .
new unu mump v..w ...... c- - - ,
Lit Breth'ara-i-THmD FLOOrt
Tf& S
HI Wi lilt. vvitB' SJHBBSBRBfflsifiMPi
IBII M 111 1 1 'II ITI rTfl II" I TjW At.A'Bt i r'XJM- i i
avr IS
mm Ik
I3' luiL IA
Gifts of Extreme Appeal and Rare Charm!
y Silverware, Jewelry, Clocks
Beautiful nrtic'es that you can easily affenl te give at
our lower mat kings
$16.50 Mantel
Frem the famous
bury and the W. L. Gilbert
Cleck Company. .. ,. ....
Rich, hand-polished, mahogany finish
eases, in newest tambour style. Guar
anteed 8-day movements. Strike every
hour and half hour en clear cathedral
gongs. IS'j te -0 inches long; 0 and 10
inches high.
$1.50 te $6.50 Necklaces
& Earrings, 98c te $4.98
The season's most popular fancy beauti
ful imitation jade dainty and "bewitch-
tji ii i
$25 te $30 Mahogany Mantel Chime
Clocks, $14.89
Unrsually handsome, piano finished cases; some
with brushed silver dials. Strike hour and half
heiir en two-red Normandy chimes.
$15 Wrist Watches, $10.98
Twenty-year geld-tilled cases; fine 15 15
jewe. lever movements; convertible ex
tension bracelet.
$1 Rhinestone Bar Pins, 59c
Many pretty styles with brilliant rhine rhine
stenes. $10 Pearl Necklaces, $5.98
Fine indestructible peails, in a dainty
size, that are worn in several strands
around the neck. Guaranteed net te
peel or discolor.
$15 te $20 Sterling Silver Cicarette Cases, $12.50 te $16.98
Bright finish; plain or engine turned; some in'aid with green geld.
$9 Cake Stends, $5.50
Bnuht flntth, pierced design
$7 te $10 Cigarette
Cases, $4.98 te $6.50
Brlslu ilnish , Ida n or enB.ne
15 Chocolate Sets, 59.38 bow' waste bowl ami tream ' KiIrIi
,.... l .. ... ...it '.n... .1. I
ruu. i.i u . . .... .... p trher lirlc n fl iiih . Cu
pill, Sr-i wui 1 .ir-tiiii (i tin , , , , , 1 rw 1 A ma.
er. Bright finis1! . Colonial 1 'e"1' design , $10 Tea Sets, $7.e0
design. ' $2 te $3 Ben Ben Bowls I Flv pieces tea pet, sugar
$7.50 Fruit Bowls, $4.98 & Baskets, $1.25 & $1.49 low'. poen holder and
Urtght tlni-h , Colonial de- !,,., 1 eiv.un pitcher Bright finish,
sign: pltrced berder: geld Br Knt flnlfh . pierced ber- , ,hlead c,iEP
J lined. ' 1 der cut bowls Klrst Fleer. Peuth
$14.50 Fruit Backets, ' $7.50 Flower Vases,
$10.9S J $5.49
Dr'pht finljh . pierced design, nripht flush . i.Iemi.H le.
$25 Tea Set, $22.50 , Men . tanr t.c.rfifr
Four pl.cef t.a poi t-ugar 1 J Kell I rays, $1.95
l!n sh 1 "lenla! d
Gloves & Handkerchiefs
Thev Alwnvs Tep the Christmas List!
Exceptional Christmas Groups!
' B3"
1 MMr3 r Ji
Women's $2 te -$3
French Kid $1 AQ
Gloves l.KF
Twe-clasp. Pique and everseam
sewn; novelty embroidered backs
b'ack, white and colors.
Women's $1.25 QQ QQ
Glevcs OOX.
Chamois suede. Elbow length with
strap wrist. Wanted colors. Four
row embroidered backs.
Children's $2 Cape and ' Men's $4 Cape Gloves,
Suede Gloves, $1.49 $2.98
Tan, brown and gray. Seamless; one-clasp; , tan
ami urutwij spear uucks.
Women's $2 Skating
Men's $5 Mecha
Gloves, $3.98
PXM sewn, one-clasp; gray
and beaver.
Gloves, $1.25
Leng wool skating gloves.
Wanted colors. s
Women's 25c Handkerchiefs, 15c
Pure Irish linen solid colors in new shades; also
plain white some with embroidered corner designs.
Six for 8ec.
35c te 59c Handkerchiefs, 25c
Men's: Smart colored Wemen's: Beautiful Swiss
woven borders with initial embroidered handkerchiefs
te match. J in Madeira effects, lace
rirst Fleer, Seuth edges and colored borders.
A Marvelous December Sale beyond comparison
for Quality, Style and Value.
-II It MM Ml .- -,
Natural Raccoon Coats
45 laches Lesf, $QQ.75
Self Trlmned .... 00
50 Inch Leaf, $19Q75
Self Trimmed.... ''
Natural Raccoon 210
Coats, 40 Incites Loet
45 lnck )$310
"Northern Seal" Coats
47 Inches Leng, Self $9975
40 Inches Lenj, '145
Sknnk Trimmed
45 Inches Lenf, 1165
Sknnk Trimmed
45 Inches Lenf,. $165
Squirrel Trimmed
rilMM,IH. -..J.
French "Nearseal" Coats
40 Inches Lenf, SQfi
Self Trimmed "
40 Inches Lens,. $1(J975
Raccoon Trimmed J .
45 Inches Lenf, 165
I.lt llrnlhrr. Second Fleer
Self Trimmed.
45 Inches Lenf,
Raccoon Trimmed
Civet Cat Coats
40 Inches Lenf )$13975
Self Trimmed ' ,
45 Inches Lenf, 179'75
Self Trimmed )
Ivery-Finish Toilet Articles
i I euci JCI3, ipi.aa I
j Fancy 1 lied Iiem-s
. --. -------..------J
Hand Mirrors, $1.98 te $7.98.
Dressing Combs, 49c.
Puff Becs and Hair Receivers,
each. $2.98.
Pure Bristle Hair Brushes, $2.19.
Infants' Sets, decorated, 49c te
Clocks, $1.98 te $6.98
Various styles and sizes.
Flist Fleer. Seuth
Gift Perfumes
The particular odor "SHE" likes is here!
Hudnut's Plaza and
Seul of Violet
Perfume. $2.75
Brad'e's Asserted
I'n-fnme, $1
Hudr.ut h Hese Jars.
75c te $3
Hudnut's Perfumes,
De Vilbiss Perfum
izcrs, 75c te $6.98
Cappi Perfume Sets,
$3. $5. $7.50
Cappi Perfume
$1.25 and $1.50
D'Orsay Toilet
Water, $2. S3 $5.50
D'Orsay Perfumes,
75c te S10
Coty's Sachft. $1.75
Cappi Toilet Vater,
Fer the Bey Who Wants a Raincoat
This $3.50 Ceat With Hat
Rainproof absolutely! Tan double back-te-back texture,
every seam cemented. Loese cut arm and drawn in, swagger
fashion, under a full belt. Outside patch pockets. Sizes 4 te 18.
Here are some gift nuggestlena
that will Please men !
Solid Brass Fleer
Smoking ) $J AC
Stands f
Thermos Lunch Kits, $2.75
Thermos Bettles, $1.75
75c Steel Shears and Scissors,
Mahogany Humidors $6.98
Glass Tobacco Jars, $3.98
French Briar Pipes, 98c
GiftSlippers in Many Celers
Many materials and many models every size, tee!
Moreover, each price here is about a dollar lower than
elsewhere. ,
.j.. ,........ "
Women's $2 and $3 $1 .43 and $1 .e
Juliets and Slippers ... J A
Oxford gray, light or dark blue, maroon, rose or
brown. Bluck plush or ribbon trimmed. Sizes 3 te 8.
Women's $1.50 & $2
Felt & Satin QOc
Slippers TO
All-wool felt and quilted
satin; wanted colors;
chrome leather padded
soles and heels. Ribbon and
pompon trimmed. Sizes
3 te 8.
I. it-f
Men's Slippers,
$2.98 te $4.49
Remee, Opera and
Everett, in black or
brown kidskin. Turned
oak leather soles and rub
ber heels. Sizes G te 11.
Misses' & Children's $1.25 te
$1.50 Slippers
69c te 98c
All-wool felt in comfy, princess or
bootee styles. Large pompon or
picture designs. Chrome padded
soles and heels.
Sizes 6 te 12.
iitf mwiiii"iii ' mmi
Misses' &' Children's
$4 &$5 Shoes, $2.95
Teny cut l.ice Bhecs In tan
Russia ; rubber heels. Alse
soine patent celtsUIn sheca
with white ld tops. Sizes
V.i te 2.
Men's $2.50 & $3
Felt Slippers,
$1.49 and $1.98
Felt Hyle slippers in ex
ford gray, blue, brown
and wine; heavy padded
chrome soles and heels.
Sizes 6 te 11.
Beys' $1.75 Felt $1-19
Slippers . . . t ,
Various colors; padded soles and
heels. Sizes 1 te 5.
J,, m .,. ' nt -! -
Women's Superb Strap
PumDS and Oxfords. . .
Tatent colt, plain and beaded blatk natln,
black kid, gunmetul and tan Russia calf.
Beys' $5.40 & $6
Shoes, $3.49 & $3.98
Lace and blucher styles In
mn Russia : welted oak soles ;
rubber heels.
134 at $3.40,
at S3.0S.
Men's Shoes and
Oxfords, $4.85
Black or 'tan Russia calf.
Newest round tot, seml seml
breRiie styles; also full
bregue and dress lasts. Plain
and neatly perforated models.
Sizes 0 te
Sizes 1 te 6
, $,9g
i y
Beys' $6.50 ) $0.98
TwppH nit; ( $J
Middy, Balkan and French Oliver Twist
? models with side laces and yokes.
Smartly trimmed with three rows of
black braid and sleeve chcrens. Sizes
2'j te 8.
Beys' $10.50 ) $1.50
Winter Suits (
Excellent Offerings in Glassware for These Who Seek
Useful Gifts!
$!5 Fleer Aquariums, $8-IL
Wrought-iron stand, in dull black with polychrome
touches. Three gallon, flare shape glass bowl.
Mackinaws in handsome blanket plaids
and sel'd colors. Sizes 7 te 18.
! Pole Ceals in brown and gray cheiets.
Sizes 2'j te 9.
Jv 4.i.....u,.ik.Mjiaai.a is at i i ii
$25 and $37.50 Men's Extra
Trouser Suits, $18 and $25
A splendid Christmas .gift! Guaranteed All-wool cassimeres, tweeds, cheviets ana
waterproof, double texture material. pnr. penm binpBu uiBluB.
ticularly well made-cvery seam cemented. geysf $12.50 All-Weel
Men's $35 All-Weel $Ovl ! Suits
Overcoats ' " J With extra knickers. Sizes 7 te 18.
Smart plaid backs. Full or half belted. I i.u iiretbrr. -second fleer, tth st,
$12 te $22.50 Raincoats for Men,
$7.50 te $15
$2 Colored )
Bowl Set)
9-inch flare shape bowl, in bright
colors black stand.
H Cut ) $
Glass Bowls)
Various, cuttings; 8-inch size,
95 1'2
Lit llrellierh-THIRD FLOOR
Holiday Special! $6 Pattern Table Cleths, $4.98
Twe yards square; fine heavy pure Irish linen damask in beautiful
floral designs.
$1.75 Hemstitched and
Scalloped Cleths, $1.29
Twe jurds long, line heavy mer
cerized damask In beautiful floral
l design.
$6 All-Linen Damask
Napkins, dozen, $4.98
Larce size ; heavy jure linen ;
leely designs.
Lit Ilrnthern Fim Fleer, North
Actual $30 Fur
Trimmed Coats
A Notable
Sale Event
Wonderfully smart and serviceable
models of belivia, mannish coatings,
veleurs and double-faced fabrics in all
the new shades.
Majority Have Large Fur Collars Cellars
Others Are Plain Tailored
Styles for sports and dress cut roemily
and welj finished having many little
distinctive fashion touches and all
warmly and richly lined.
All sizes for women and misses.
JSf -jn. SP m aA VVaK
A"m F&m mm IM
I'm a wiMiKmi . Mix r JH 7 1 A
iKwil'l l wKl Ni k
WM i ! M 1
l M I'lilt t!i it'll' Ifi I U aWV il 1
A fell Jii I mi u us
rQ T7i a MiP'' m ls)
Men's $7 & $8 Splendid Silk Shirts for Gifts $ZL85
.. . ., . . . J Tomorrow
Boxed, Ready te Present! 5t5'
The greatest ariety and value in silk shirts, of gift chaiactcr, that it has ever been
our geed fortune te present. Strircs in colors t) satisfy the most discriminating.
And the cut, fit and finish aie of very eident superiority.
Rich heavv silks that count genuine Empire Broadcloth among them also famous
Mellewspuns, ciepcs de chine and jersey plain white broadcloths and all-white satin
stiiped jerseys. Superb gifts.
a. a.-.. ... u .. .. ... . I. ... w .. n ..y
$rMlPw I
33 Silk Striped Madras) $1.59
Shirts J
N'otel inakw finely even ni.idri-j
Uitirin nil. btiiliiu ui .ii 'l
$3 Brushed Weel Scarfs, $1.98
Hf.iW brushed sirfic All n'
colors camil h.i r buff br"
,tnd cra . uli-e prtlt wtriliu and
heather inUtureB
c1 Firii-M i
$10 Smoking Jackets, $6.98
I)eull(-fu i il. i r
ra bro n 1 ' i. i. ' i
tur."! 't 1 i.u. i I ii
roll inuv 1 .ii nr d miiu
$1 & $1.50 Grenadine,
Knit Four-in-Hands . .
p r i . .n uii-Ki-da'e close w ic.
H.indsome colors with ngurn,
I i i tffects
i r i
$12 Blanket Bath Robes, $8.93
Iir; rra'l , v"T wool I'jl) !i' ..i i f
' ii dtalBl".'!.
lit llre. FIRST FLOOR, hi lilt
These Satin Readyte Wear Hats , $
Have a Welcome Brightness j
Of taffeta, gres de Londres and metal cloths in chic
medium styles trimmed in a variety of pleasing
ways with flower front, soft bilk bow, plaited
rosettes or embroidered front. Seft, linht shades
fawn, gray, blues, greens and the difleient hues
of rese and red.
tfMn iM
felt and
&MWlh &aQhai&kf I
Hats, 98c te $2.98 j
styles of bniidicd wool,!
velour in light shades. I
Corsage Flowers, 98c te $4.98
.Metallic effects of silver, steel and
geld; also large velvet roses, pop
pies, peinsettins, in all colors.
Boutonnieres, 25c te 98c
French fleweib, violets, eichids,
gardenias. Boxed 1st Fleer. NerthiJ
At Incomparably
Lew Prices
Materials of great beauty in colerintrs nnH nnttm-n: nura .. nni.r.. . tvin.n e cni nr trnmnnHnus
importance, coming just as it does, at the very heart of the holiday season when new drapes, curtains,
cushions, etc., are most in order.
l 1 lll HH H M4
Superb Silk Draperies
$3 Silk Peplin, $1.95
One of the most popular drap.ry
fabrics; fine, soft quality. In a wen-
derful range of colors. B0-lnch.
$3.50 Art-Silk Glace, $1.98
Blue, rose, mulberry and wanted
colors. 10-Inch; suitable for hangings.
$6 Satin Damask, $4.48
Handseme ieft material In tones of
blue, leso and geld. B0 inch,
HM Duplex)$ 25
Drapery, yd.) M
Rese, blue, mulberry and green.
Rich, lovely quality. 45-inch.
V I II !! ..-- ,, ,,,
$4 Deuble-Faced
Jacquard Brocade
Splendid weight, in beautiful fig
ured efTects. May be used en
either side. 45-inch.
$3 Silk Grenadine $1 .Q
Gauze i XJ&
Rlrh, self figured Jttcnuard veurs;
plain colors ; for French doers and
ever coverings. 45 Inch. j
H. . .. MM ., m W ily
$6 Plain Damask, $3.69
Rich new colorings. 40 Inch
$5.50 Meire Damask, $3.98
i:qulslte frelf.flgured effects jieplln
weave; rose, blue and geld.
Lit llretlierit THIRD FLOOR
Girls' Jaunty Apparel Extremelj Lew 1'riced!
Girls' $10 $J
Uctirtmnt ptc: e'
Fer lainy, sleety winter days thie is no gift that
the schoolgirl would mere pppieciate tlian tnese!
A wondrous selection of fine holiday gifts.
All Marked at One
Extremely Lew
Each One a Truly
This $25
Solid mahogany
Marie Antol Antel
nette design
with Interior
c e in p a rtment
and removable
tray; swinging
r In nnL Il l(
"" 1 e? a. I
y Sninr
Desk, $28.95
.Mahogany with heavy turned
legs, two drawers, letter
compartments and large
writing bed.
$20 Solid
Large cabinet
w 1 1 ii bottom
drawer; coin,
plete with ash
receiver, cigar
and match box
holder, Queen
Anne Chippen
dale design In
solid mahogany.
''.', "i" ' -I,
K lift
New, artlbtle oval and
novelty shapes,, In silks
of line quality silk
fringed and richly
$10 Famous
J Fleer Lamp She
$15 te 7? ;n
$9.45, $12.95
and $16.95
iH Pi
i'Ht Ah ff&Xx'S
"HH- ILrl 1 1 Vyu Verv attractive coats and hats of blue rubberized.
,i IHu r,'9riU PaMiIVi rainnroef fabric. Sizes 6 te 15, -. H " I I 111 "(
'f :Tmiwrp r vj tin ii i i -i -. iab jrz m m ii im ifiii r. a ii iLryiia
? aMTk V f " v lU ( t. j. af- IP) i " j . II I M 'ill BO"a mnneguny i ,. II ptti r
F flHB &ft&Av TVn - . r. n - ttSwarSr t. ,Jf,H..fr, ?yy I m II i! Mar' Antei- tf Spinet
IJflWW fim$PVh tS-dKry Coats LJOtJ I fmpl3S&D Overnight ( .ihes tt M
MWi SESm. fflkt V-.OaW...... fiWS " ' Tourists' If H M
lii'lMi arcaJrmlll ZrlX'f Vtleurs, poletones, silk helMas and CBaK"gXy Cast's beuutlfuly f U !J
fffXvl JMaMUl 1 0sA cheviets with large cellars of fur or . "S' (Ittud. uJ n ' '
'nl.'lVRy "Wl n lnl cloth, sem have new cape sleives C UarIVifi ' Imhht i u i il
inrtJ tt Ul ft ethi-rs with the smart threw cellars, Smart nonaeagJ
Ku?m E I u j- -z.y nnb,,-i r i'in iiii.wuin unu 111 i u, ni lff lintimlHtl ana .1JUK w. w. . mvw m m m ii ii ii m ii I, II " -
ISMv A A YlVIXv. c let Warm'y "net su,'a 7 te 1 1 of t nnea quality. Hach bag Surface sleck cowhide. , Ex- fi-'RJim $10 Famous XBtV
'U ViATl W) $5TubFrPCk8 $29 .-!-.U!. g. Wn and cordovan. jggg SmekinB Fl Smoker. JW . J X,
WaWi V 10r uM JtMChl ch-irrada Kinchams and cham- tT. ' .-- fOTrTK? e....- A H omeKers, &ZMxim'vv?$L
lafK ZZZiyf rrrlr hravs in new britrht chek.s. nlalds rSTTffl i i "A M1 K- -uin, y Kv RJ)B i! ,TM1liElr VA "" u,muwe WH 4- I'l J.!fn S
',. H c (Af and n'pin chnrnVrav,. s,?,3 0 te 14. AtWM IsSjkrfW Wfy $9'98 JS h.J , L' ',181 m . Lttmi' She Cl &Y'':L A
Bnt." UTI m , f T-,1.1 en an -. tme i VWil llVMlX ffuffmra7 I 'li A A -rl Hcllv' malieg- M5,miir-pUMSft JivJ 5 t 99 tin vi.f'NNi IMK
aaaaaa 'ri ii i i v if i liii j.a uuiuu vfLtLtia mknu awHii lniii'iiv.'! jtf snrrvjr.siEP avi 'J m i i 1 1 n yim m - .... t n t in id .. u.. i . i . 1 1 . i r in i in rmriin i u. i
1 W a! W ' a'.;sr'Ki;rK js EWW'l . MBS J ffzs&isrxs; Ti ns atmmSTm
EaV'-: m ml ViK yfcvii -,e s iM'UMil t1 V.H KJmfm Jr ll I Mil aMnei oem- ? -Lr imB0 nh cigar iB vni .. -
LWWWXt lw lw i il I te -po.eu wnitc ureases, - Ji1Hi,i VMIU" SZZZEKlJ A W fc ' V T ui . r1 ""
fft j $2.98 te $5.98 UftmKv t TtI , . ,l J 4 I '' S? cfc a"n t Table, $7.98 rUfh ,!:
fl M ' HUJ H Linen, organdies, voiles and I'enlan In black crepe grain leather; Teunit.' Caiei of Real Lealkar tLsJL. ni, holder I'illBe ,.,h0' "' r, ?mh1'? ,t)B',r-
VAj VTn7VR 7W-WUlWm, wiV' ,aSe- breidery, frills and h"avy handle and lock. Full cut; Leather lined ; llve practical W match holder. OI, W)th beautiful e tes, leav ng no
HH " A 11CP'5 J PteSrumes. Sizes 8 te 14. Lilk fined. fittings of line quality. Alae , , turned legs. Uotlem odor. Hllsht Im-
Pf ,1VIJ- ' "r UHlretl.er.-SECOND FLOOR Flrt IHoer, Eighth Stre.t space te? razor. Lit Brethen-FOURTH FLOOR ehelf. perfections.
Beautiful Gift Furniture
Christmas shoppers will mere than appreciate the marvelous values shown here
1,000 Handsome Bridge Lamp Shades of Silk
$15 Shades
V . ..!!. 'I ,(n
!V'M, ',!. I l'1'I.JII'i'
$15 Value, $9.-13
M. Ii.. r
nu-r'X.i'KHy01 nn(l I'luJn silks in many novel artistic shanes with
Lit Hrethera THIRU FLOOR
sk lincl IrS!1, 1!'. JaJ?ae? Panels or sunburst medallions-all
suit lined, tiimmcd witli silk galleen and finished with ,i.nn silk fr iikc.
H Vi! -LIT wanTHKHH Oer Rig B..Uerant-B of ET.rythlag ! iea-.B.Tiith rwr or unr x,.w -,;." -: . 1 1 BBOTllgKH
K S it f ' - (aw f.
iL.'-'",',"f''i(' . u ., .... I . - 6". - - ' ,jx:L-!zl : ' - - .' ..,.- jL,- ;""''. 1 ,. , .- ' ;jaTJBBMaigaaaaMBi .i)c
BBBBMMBBBaWaaWMMaWMalMaWaWaWaWaMaMaWBa "'"' "-'- ' '- .''-' -:v.. nr''-N', -..'