Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 12, 1922, Night Extra, Page 17, Image 17

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About Cert? Pudding
f te Demestic Science Lessen
Takes Up the Cooking of
Three Vegetables Today
Earrings Must Carry en
Celer Schemes of Costume
xrii n. . rril.tm.
u4M. Jiff,.!
" .-
11 M
hit rtiervta
TjB rentable lessen today betfn-.
with spinach. Spinach Is a pet or
nt&tn green; both the bread nnd curly
i.i mm used. Te prepare spinach se
tat IMrtfil be entirely free rem sand
Sr'irit mew nnd clennse the kitchen
i iri,ii and then rinse with scalding
Star New old clean cloth and place
S5 th . dnln, and corer thte Ieth
& WASE" from root, nnd
.llicard all bruised and wilted I leaves.
im in the sink, nnd cover with warm
St?r. Wash through several waters
"".ei' .v.. I..f flmn rinse In Blent? 01
anrt .wr m""-".. .thnA . w..ninK
alie u..- -. ----,- "5
Ceiii Ti" '"",. Mmn. nil hard
Sffef the eon and these tiny invisible
, ubs that sometimes , dim te the leaf.
Place one cup of boiling water in deep
upan! Add the spinach and cover
"only and cook for fifteen minutes.
Then drain and chop fine. Place In
Four tablespoon of curler,.
four talktpoent of flour.
Blend well and add with water drain
ed from the spinach. Btlr and blend
in the butter and flour te a smooth
mum. Bring te belllm? point and cook
for three minutes. Add
The prepared spinach,
One teaspoon of salt,
One-half teaspoon of white pepper.
Chen and stir and cook until the
fplncn is quite thick. Add three tab e
noens of butter and turn in het diMJ.
8SS.h with slices of hard-boiled egg
""SQUASH The (squash nnd vegetable
marrow belong te the gourd family.
In some portions of the country this
vegetable is also called cymling. Te
coek: Pere, remove seeds and cut in
Inch blocks. Add one cup of boiling
water te three snunshes of medium size
nnd steam until tender. Drain, mash,
season with pepper nnd salt and add
about three tablespoons of butter and
serve In het dish for vegetable.
Squash Fritters
Squash is also used In squash fritters
by paring nnd grnting squash and then
rubbing through sieve te remove seeds.
Place this pulp In mixing bowl, nnd te
two cups of the prepared pulp add
One cup of flour,
One teatpoen of salt,
One-half teaspoon each of white pep
per and grated onion,
Ttce teatpoen) of oafctne- powder.
One egg.
Twe tablespoons of milk.
Beat te smooth, fine batter nnd bake
en griddle as ter gruiaie caKee; ir
In deep fat as for the usual fritter,
or bake In waffle iron.
SWCKT COllN is a wen-Known
6ucculcnt vegetable, and needs few if
any details as te its use. Served ns
green corn by boiling in fritters, pud
dings, nu gratin, crushed, with butter
and cream; also fried, and in many
ether dishes.
Cern Pudding
This pudding is almost as old as the
old pens pudding of Ye Merrie Olde
Englande, nnd was the staple dish for
high days and holidays in Central Eu
rope for centuries.
Scrape the corn from eight large
ears and place in mixing bowl. New
One green pepper minced fine,
One onion grated,
One tcaipoen of salt,
One-half teatpoen of white pepper,
One cup of fine sifted breadcrumbs,
One-half cup of melted butter,
Four well-bcatcn eggs,
One and one-half cups of milk.
Bent te blend nnd then turn in well
buttered baking dish and bake in slnvy
even for thirty-five minutes, stirrin?
this nuddins when it is in the even for
five minutes nnd then in five minutes
again. Just before it is rendy te take
from the even pour ever three table
spoons of melted butter nnd bpriiiMe
with four tablespoons of grated cheese.
This amount will serve Fix nmple por
tions. If baked in nu oblong or leaf -shaped
dish, it can be rut in slices
for terming, and the remainder when
cold cut in slices nnd (muted. Serve
the sauted slices with gnruish of nice
ly browned strips of bacon.
l'.',! fA4sl
1 aT Y "v.-. " A I
Luxemburg Has Ne Artillery and
Grand Duchess; Expects Heir
PnrK Dee. 12. (By A, P.) The
Grand Duchy of Luxemburg has net n
single piece of artillery te support its
army of 250 .men, Bays n dispatch te
the Mntin from Metz.
Ne gun wns nvntlablc even for the
firing of a salute in honor of the ex
pected accouchement of Grand Duchess
Charlette, the ruler. A court emissary,
therefore, called en the Military Gov Gov
ereor nnd nsked him te morrow one
ennnen se thnt the army might fire n
royal salute with the advent of n new
prince or princess.
The Governer telephoned the Min
istry of War at Paris for the lean
of n gun. Ills request was approved
and a French "75," in charge of an
officer nnd gun crew, was dispatched.
With the gun enmc double the required
amount of ammunition In case there
should be twins.
Give Invalids a Chance
Xma (gifts anb Carta
80S 8. IflTlt 6TB.EET
with en wrrnecT NKnnti-reccr
FOREIGN or Demeitie
' at RIGHT Prices
im am. ror.ens
Gerxnantewn Novelty Shep
-m, -- a .
i J
The story of the girl who said, "Oh,
I'm be sorry, I enn't go te lunch to
day I've leBt one of my earrings," la
supported by mere than the usual totin tetin totin
datlen of truth. In looking around
today ever any fashlennble dining place
you leek iu vain for a neglected pair
of ears.
Lately quite n great deal of cor
nelian lin been appearing. Alse amber
nnd tortoise shell. These enrrlngs are
usually accompanied by chains te
match, nnd no jewelry is nowadays
considered haphazard. The earrings
must rlr.x true te the frock or wrap.
Likewise, the chnln and the ether uc uc
rcserieq. Fer example, the wemnn of today s
drawing wears large rings of amber In
her ears te carry out the theme eC
brown panne hat nnd of n brown duvc
tyn suit. The lnttcr is trimmed effec
tively with folded crepe bands in lad-,
der effect these of nmbcr-colercd
crepe. The name material forms the
bodice, which ricjcct-) its sleeve under
that of the coat. The bands en the
coat step at the shoulder. Brown kid
slippers and amber-colored stockings
complcte this harmony.
The Weman's Exchange
Pearls Re-strung
Prlccn lewe.t In the city. Epert work.
All klnda of nccklacci rc-ttrunt. Knotting
a speclaltr. Quick aerTlce, work guaran
teed. Claapi furnished, i
Ideal Pearl Ce., &!.,.
200 Samples FREE
rhene, Locust 0010
Purchased en
Credit Plan
C'wti immtdiatt
pontuien uith small
weekly or monthly
payments, and cash
De Yeu Knew Why
Yeu Are Fat?
Obesity is due te wrenfr ways of livrnc nnd niust be treated
accordingly. Dieting only starves the tissues nnd strenuous
baths nrc harmful te your Deay
organs. Our easy, natural treatment1?
under the supervision of skilled women
experts, including electric cabinet
baths, mnssage nnd individual exer
cises will reduce your weight te normal.
Arrange for Frce Trial Treatment
Exclusively for Women
BcIIcvue Court Building
1418 Walnut Street
Hell Phene, Spruce 5J8
& Mothers
1 Wives
gJ Sweethearts-
ftrf give
I a Luff
Km i
funeral. Wad.. 80 A. M IMO lUliMm
Nelcmn hlan ma of rilMn t UH
yst'-sirr.! IS A. ;:. Int. Hei rresa fm. ,
MpaiNNfHH. De. P. OHACB, , willow
thn into .Inmeit Mcnlnnlaa. Relative
rx.i -.
7 tf!
frlenda Invited in funral. Wert.,
trem ner mie rceicienre inf.", n,
cm ii inafB uf reaulam At Ht
nu am At Ht. I.omen1
M Int. a-w Cathedral Cm(
314 at
I. ami
I C'hurcli. in A 31 Int. w Calliearai utm. lyilV
McClOWKN Per !i, 1:2. MAIIT O.. wlfi IM Vl
of Trnncii Mcdnwiin (nee lleiiy) HelMWa; L7 J
nnd frlenda Imlte.
A. M , lute ri-efdencd
........ il..i B)tKa
4M1H N WarnecK m.
17R S S2J St. 5BteJ
My dear Mim Wilsen Will .veii
pleafe give the proportions for making
country sausace, the piopertions of lean
meat, fat, Bpkes, etc., per pound.
M. S.
The usual proportions for making
country aausnge nre :
Three euncci of lean beef,
Tire eiinee of fat perk,
Eleien euncci of lean pari: (the perk
will Tiat'ti inmc fat attached),
One-quaitcr ounce of salt,
Tue tenspnem of xuhilc pepper.
Four teaspoons of poultry seasoning.
Run the meat through the feed
iheppcr three times, add spices niul
then put through again. It will net
Py the housewife te attempt te make
small lets at home, the labor nnd ent
must he counted. Pure country Ban
sa&e freshly made Is sold in every com
munity. My dear Mrs. Wilsen Will you
pleate Rle method of cooking wild
ticks and n few meniw te ufee the
uuclt for the meat portion?
. MRS. J. n.
Ilp the wild ducks in boiling water
loosen tlie fcutliern nnd pick. Split
e ducks iTewn the bnck nnd iliuw.
ami well, ami if nt all fishy place In
ucepan with
Tco oniejii, chopped fine,
One lumn of uueil charcoal,
Three tablespoons of vinegar,
ihree pints of uatcr.
Steam for few minutes, then remove
and place in the baking pan nnd bnke
or reait In het even, nllewing about
thirty-five minutes for the small duck
ind forty-five minutes for the laige
Haste with bacon drippings nnd het
water, or jeu may line butter in place
""the bacon drippings. Scne wlih
either cranberry jelly, currant jelly or
npple sauce. Use the Sunday meniiH
given In this column, ieplaciug the meat
Portion with the duck.
Te Mnrjeric Ilraib Yeu de nat t-eml
any address, be I must tnke this meaim
et reaching jeu. If the canned goods
nave been In freezing temperature dur
ing the winter nnd then left in tl.e
!'ea el the Rummer. I believe it would
Je far safer te take the less rather
'nan chancing Illness through using
tliein. If they were mine. I should ills
"rd them. I have recehed niuny lu
luerles ubaut uandjing citrons. It
will nut pij tlie lieucewlfi', nor leuhl
Hie de thin successfully. It requires
it Miccial kind of utensil and a 1 u
inlli us nu i hed, ceM'iing a period of
K'M'inl wcdtH, j,',. (u. snuill uniiiiiii
"Jtil in I In. home It would he u wiiti'
b'tli time and money te attempt I'1
"il en I (HIS.
.. ion tan nnke a spited (ensene sliu
"? le liie snltcs and mesetved witter
IstlOU lillilM. llwtiif tlie uninn ri.rllli llllll
A Perfect Thlrty-slx
Te the Editor of Weman' raas:
Dear Madam Will you kindly tell
me If I'm ever or under weight? I'm 4
feet 11 Inches, weigh 110 pound", have
30 bust measurement and am married
I am nineteen years old. Alse will you I
tell me If cheap reuge causes hair te Brow Brew Brow
en the face nnd of a face powder that Is
geed for tender skin. I've used about
fifteen different kinds. Including: cheap,
expensive and rice powder, and none
seems te agree. MRS. B.
Tour weight Is exactly right. Yeu (
Aiust be a perfect 36. De you absolutely
Kave te use rouge? If It hurts your
skin, It would be much better te work
up n geed color of jour own by using
first het water, then cold, te bathe
your face nnd finishing off with either
Ice-wnter or lce tt.seir. Pat jour face
dry with a soft cloth and pinch the i
checks three or four times. This will
stir up the circulation nnd give you n
geed healthy glow. Deep breathing will
also gle you a geed color. Geed reuKi"
should net Injure your skin If you de
net use tee much of It, and If you
rcmoe It carefully with cold cream
afterward. But, of course, It Is much
nicer te have a natural color that Is
nice and bright.
Christmas Gifts for Girls
Te tha Editor of Weman's Pane:
Denr Madam Could ou nleasn sun -gest
n few Chtlstmna gifts that I cetib.
give te the girls nt school? They ain
around sixteen jears old I would lilt'
te jnakd the gifts myself If possible.
What AOttld be ti nice gift (ether than
a toy) te glve my nlneteenth-month-eld
What can I de for oily hair that Is full
of dandruff? I wash It often, but It
still is oily. S. M.
Can yeii make the handkerchiefs that
hae a thread of contrasting color
drawn through them and a little deco
ration In the corner? They would Iee
these. Or Just plain handkerchiefs w Ith
a tiny relfed edge would be nice. Yeu
could make some pretty camisoles out
of ribbon and lace or cecr some llttle
lingerie pins with silk nnd lace or muke
funcy garters.
Unless jeu glve the baby an article
of clothing, llke a cap, a pair of gloves
or a little sweater, there Is nothing but
a toy, and ccrtnlnlj- he would net ap
preciate the ether tiling half se much as
a toy, hocaure he weuldn t rut any
pleasure out of It. It would be nere
of a gift te his inother. lleliur ghe him
something he can play with nnd chew
and break te his heart's content
A tonic will help jeu, and also mas
saging the scalp with the tips of the
Angera wet In cold water will stimulate
it and put It In better condition.
Here la a aplehdldly appropriate
&tll Gift for Man, Weman. Bey or Girl USr&S
100 Pure
Lambs Weel
Pure worsted it
warm, soft and comfortable.
Pure worsted sweaters will wear for years
0 The 100 Pure Worsted Label, insist en it
such a label must mean what it says
i&4 Marshall E. Smith & Bre. -
724 Chestnut Street
TwK iW $9-se
li 12
D ut this en
W,,m,n fte
Sterk Cigarette Bex
The gifts efall gifts from Japan.
Handsome, Unique, Useful.
Ahe touch of a button, the little
s f'er stork steeps, the lids of the
beautifully decorated Lacquer
Bex automatically open a cigar
ette is politely offered. An excep
tional value at $3.00.
And a host of ethers lamps,
smokers' articles, mirrors, etc.
all moderately priced.
Paperhanrjing. Painting. &
HT HE scope of Valiant's 1922
Christmas gift displays far
surpass these of former years.
Every offering possesses the three
essentials of the cherished and per
fect gift beauty, utility and in
dividuality. The prices arc sur
prisingly moderate.
A' few of Valiant gift offerings
Metal smekinc stand;.
Fleer and table lamps.
Library and fireside chairs.
Gate leg tables.
Tilt top tables.
Reading lamps, i
Heek ends. '
Tercheres. j'r
Mirrors. v (1
Cigarette boxes.
Hand-fashioned ash trays. $
Bric-a-bracs. fi
Objects d'art.
Chinese ginger jars.
Decorative paintings.
Heek rugs.
Bird cages.
Hand-wrought metal pieces. f
Electric boudoir clocks.
The entire Valiant organization is
prepared te assist you in every
way possible. De net fail te visit
Valiant's en your next shopping
fK The Extintuiihing Aih Tray JT
All Medels 50c te $10.00 j
Bxtlngul'lit clriretUa liutantl. rm
rilreln.te all cfTenalve ndera. g
M Amunm alneliitu Mfety from Ore. rfl
0.g lleautiful 'iMlL'm nii'l rolerlnm. ,(,
2r At Ml Hrttrr Dealers J3
& Griffin Ctafe Company g
! ty Philadelphia
l gggggggwqggg
1 y - -
HOLLAND, In levlnic rtnmbranc of
my aunt, S1ARY A. HOLLAND. December
l. ALLHN I5c. S.
1 Ih'a On M nl IlUn
10M HAP.AIt. wlf Of
l.-nnernl ..rvle TUf . I
1 2 l M. at htr late residence. 1720 Ula-
.mejnd nt. Int. private.
AIIMSTIIONO. Due. fl -"- ""
1 HLLKN AR.MTI10NC ltpltttlm and
' frtend. ale l'hllu. leAe, Ne .-0 ",
f U . ar Invited te atti-nd funeral -eivlcea
tier lite -."ilJence. 10 B. fer.i''l
i Wed . l ie P. JI preclaelv Int. Norths oe J
I Cem. Krlenilj may call Tuea.. T tu V V. J
I HAILKY. At Atlantic City. N J . en
IDpc. (t, 10.12. CItAMI.ns WCAVCH ULlLblf
IStrvlcea and Internum private. ,
I IIRISHLAf. Huddfnly. en Dee 8. 1H22 i
I WILLIAM IJ Ili:iMU.AO berlcj en fu'"
aay auernoen. at o-cieck. i w.w v,,... -
Ilalr HWb . 1(120 Chestnut at lnterment
IIOKKLB -Dpc 11. JACOIt. husband of
the lata llarbara l!eck llelatle and I
.fu.ii. ... i..ii..i ,.. attunii ftinral ser
Icen. Wed 2 1 M . late residence. elO
1'eplar at. Int, private.
IlItADLRY. Dec. 0 , tf22. rnANCES.
alfe of Charles Hradley (ne Kelly) Hela
tlvea and frlenda arn lnvlt"d te attend
funeial. Thura . 7 30 A. M.. late residence
J20K Halrnen at Solemn requiem man" at
Church of the NatlWty U A. M. Int Hely
Hedeemer Cem.
URODHBAD At her home. In Weed- i nut at
.Miplcinn requiem inasa Church of lh HeJ
(.hlld, II A .11. mi Hely Hepuirnra ucra.
MOOIl Dp II, I'LIAS N.. huibana of
I'rance .V Meer lleln Ixea and friend and.
k tneinhera of III. tun Memerial Presbyterian
72 f liurrh anil HililuMi S hoel nre lmltad te
jfJT i atlend funeral enlce-, Thura, 2 V M.. Rt
JfT! hi Inle reldnfO Bniil Dlaatnn at . Tapeny.
JTJ Int lirlmip Jlemalns iiihv te Mewed Wed.,
9 I 7 te 9 ! SI
SS JIOItlltSON Der 10 JAM!'.1? MORRI
Pm i 80.N JteliitlM-a nnd filenda, alee empleya
, of William Fellcm A ( e , are Invited te
Aft funnrnl Tmr t A M. from hla lata
Vj3 , rraldeni 2221" Kfsuerth at Int. Waal
rfft laurel Hill cem Krlendi may call Wa4
yS ' '" " 1' SI
fl? I , S'OCN'f i: D- at Inferd. Pa..
'(.WIUII H MOl N'(-i: fenijial asrvlca,
ft i,ei ' 3" '' SI '" Htiaitmrnta of P.
ffl . H (Jlmmotie ( e Mi Market t t'amdan.
affi i ..' wlimc LkI igten Cem Clarka-
y ' boie N J,
rap i 1111. f.t.V fi.. .I ,ftnn nAali m.a
I Mn-rlj) wlf of Wl llii'n .Muller. Jlelativea
I nd friend i nNe n V M Sodality and
irrerl IInrt Seplet nre Invited te attend
fur nl Thtii i no A il from her lat
tejidenee 827 June ft Solemn requiem
' ,"" "' Our ite-h r of HeriOMi Church 10
I A II pre .,Mj, Int Hel Croaa Cem.
i..-'.KV,,'!,..,-r? At Sernnten Pa. Dep. 0
I IC' . re.ldenre of hN mother Lrdla t.
..-nbeld no Midl-en kt Sit Helly, N. J..
i ONTJILL pee (i, MARIE. beleverl
datir iter of Harry R and the late Suaan
l .." ."."" JH Relatives and frlenda and
1 M Sedalltv are InMted te attend
Jure rnl Thura.. ha SI. from her lata
realdnnce 72 N ;Gth at. Solemn high
mini of requiem nt Church of St Krancte
Xler 10 A M Int. Hely Cress Cem.
'h', .Kerna1 lelned lfe of Jamea O'Nalll
nlatle and frlenda are Invited te attend
flil15ra. Wfd M SI , late reeldence.
'' Lecuet at rielemn reaulem maaa
Churph of .si Francl de Salea 10 A. II.
Int Ht Denli Cem
PETERS Dec. ie THOMAS J !m abend
f Ane A HMee Relatives and frlenda.
ale all aeuletlee of which he i a mmber.
lnlted te rUc Thura 2 P St. at hl
late realdenre SOH I.everlmrten ave , Mana
lunk Int Weftmlnnter Cem. Friends may
, call V,cd einlmr.
POTTH Formerly of nil s nread at..
en Dec 7. 11122 ALHERT R POTTS. Rala
Hvee end frl-nda are Inx'ted te the aarvlee
en Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at the.
iOHerH iuir rildir H2n Cheatnut at. In
terment at North Laurel Hill Cemetery.
Qt'JVN Dec 8 1022 MART R wto"ew
224--926 IV. Charles St Baltimore
bridle, N J. after a week's lllnea Dec , i em
narretf Rredhend. In her 73d jear Funeral
Tuesday, Dee 12, 2 30 P SI Interment Al
i pine Cemetery. Perth Ambey. N J
1IROWN Dec. 10, i llroekln N Y.
I n.IZAURTH K !eteed ulfe of lehn II
I Drewn. Puneral services Wed.. 2 30 P. St.
, eiMer'a reilrtence, Laura llnlten 10J5 Faulk
1 rel et . Krankferd Int. Maenella fern.
BURkHART. Dec 10. 1022 WILLIAM
I I , son of the late Rebert and Slarv Ilurk-
hart, axed 73. Funeral sen Ices Tue 3
P. M.. at residence of his nephew Frank B
Kill), flu W. Tulpehecken at , Germantenn
Int private.
widow of Jehn K Christian In her 73d year.
Relative, nnd fH.nri. ntan T.uitl..' Auxiliary
' of KenahiRjten Cemmandrrv. Ne 54, K T .
I are Ijiyft-d te attend fur.i-rnl eervlcfs,
I edrrtday. 130 P M. at her late rail-
dee, 2721 K I ehtch ave Interment prl-
.if .iinuni lorien i meierv.
( CLAfJIIDRN On Tl.a 11. at
dence. 4110 I'lne n . ill.tVTA RHRRRERD
widow of Jamea I. C nshnrn In her C7lh
' vear Funeral service, en Thurdav at
: P. SI nt the office of IIenr C. ShurtlenT,
33 8. 40th at. Int pilvate
of Andrew Qulnn Relative, and frlenda are,
invited te runcini service Tua . 2 P. M,.
late reeldence 1811 1 Stanley at. tnt.
Ml Slermh Cem Frlenda may call Med..
i te in l' ai
RICH De 10 JAVK"? R en of
thn nnd the lata IVIlllim Rich, are,
vear Relative and friend. Invited tn fu
neral. Thurs ,2 1' M from residence of
brnther-ln law Jn.np'i II Ounaen ! Wal-
f Mar
red 37
Cllft n Heluhts Int. Sft. Sferlah
rrlendi may call Wd evenlnr.
ROMIO Dee in flRnilnR hllhand of
Rvn IlnmlK BK"d 72 Relative, and friends,
also Oikda'e i'n-tle Nu ',(. IC O. E.. Im
perial I.ed Nj 1001 I O O. F.: Iter
mann ''iiiertUHtsunira Heeletv are Invited
te attend funeral services Wed. 2 P. M.
late resident e 2i W Montremery ave.
Int private Northwed Cem. Frlenda may
call Tues . 7 te 0 P M
ROONEY. Dee d 1022. EI T7.ArtETrf.
wife of the late Jehn Roenev Relatives and
frlerda ar" Invited te irttend funeral Wed..
8 30 M . rr,.dence 012 N 17th at.
Solemn hlah requiem mas. at the Church
of the C.emi 10 A St. Int Hely Croaa Cam.
In his 811 vir Relnllvea and frlnds nre
Invited te attend funeral rvks Thurs 2
P M. een-ln laiv' residence Rohert SI
faraen 4i'1rt V. 11th t Int rrlvate.
COCHRANE nn Dec 1(1 102J JANET
". widow of SIonteinerv N Cochrane.
Relatlvea and friends are InvKed te the
service, en Wednedi afternoon at 2
o'clock, at the residence of her son-in-law,
Charles E Ihrnnn. 214 !etn.ten ave,
Ei.t I ardewne Pa In'ertn rt private.
CnLES Dec 8. 1022 CLARA E wife
of 0erKe II Cel- Relatives nnd frlenda
are Invited te ntlend funerul a-rvlres. Wed.
.' P. SI. residence .13.1H Cedar nve Int.
private Vrllncrten rem Vlew'nc Tues, n
COLLINS -De-. 0. 1"2., M VRY E wlf.
of Calvin I) CelMn (nee CralRl, aaed t
Funnral rervlces Wed a P 11 at her Inte
resilience ;n i; Frent et Me.lla Pi Int
iinpKcasin Friends lljnlni.' Ureand
i llVNOLLY P-P 10 SARAH '"it
NOLLY (neu IlerrUan) widow of William
I Cnnne ly Re'tivi ei and f-!rnd tlse
Natlvit 11 V It f.edali'v. nre Invited te
funeral Th'lr. iie A M from her late
tealdenre 2651 E Clearntd t MLmn re.
eulem mass at Churcri of the Nativity 10
A M Int at Cathedral Cem
'f the late A!frd and Stirffuerlte Cook
Relative, and frlnda Invited te fun.ral,
Wed S 10 A SI . from '.'m 8 "nth. et
Solemn hlifh mass at M Tntrlck'a Church
10 A it tnt in IIelv f're-i (m
EHICli IiOKBNWADEL aeed C4 Relatives
end frier Is a. he Richin ind Ledze Ne 280,
r .ind V 1! are Invltel te attend funeral
Tue. 2 I' II fun-nl rirl r. nt IleVer.
town lid 1211 Ar"h et Int Hilleld- Cem
nt'NV I-c 0 102'. M.UIY M , beloved
wlfn et 1 etnard D.'i n (ne Parkrl. Reli
tlve. an'1 f-lend-" are invited te funeril
Wed, H 30 A M resldenc, lilt) Wiln st
F ankfir elmn r-'iulem mass St Jea
chime Churcn 'u 11 Int dt Djmln i t
DYINCEIl - ' 1 '- D" 11 IIVTtlty
r hu 'ii l f 'J 1'v.liwer Trle-i.N nnl
all f cletl. M ' le is n mi- ',-
mv.iid n .l'-w -mi-ins at his i te r"l
dente Old ,S itirn en st Tut". -
Int F i"l ell ' nvii Pa
1'ELTtiV 1" s. BtOikL.nl Ca'If . W
SPEW Kit FI. T V 'n if lie lte Walter
. anl lurn luu r-''vn ase,J .14
r, I ce
nesr;.)siiiL nep e alrertine. wife,
of Joeph Resbeehll (re flphwnb) Relatives
nnd friends Invited te fureral. Wed. t'Bl
A M . reaMenre. 21111 Mele at. Htrh mm
ut St Renavntura'a Church 9 A. St. Int.
Hnlv Cress P"em
RY'VN' Dec 10. DAVID N RYAN. ael
hr reel-,! '4 Relatives ind friends Invited te funeral.
i nur. n v n i-nm pl'innc 01 .jarnrif
Diamond. 4414 R Thompson et Rrldeabunr.
Rnulm hU-h mass at All Salnta' Church
i A II Int New Ca'hedrnl Cem.
SAWYER. Der 0 JOHN, aen of Jehn
W and Ann Ellen Sawver (nee Shlvera).
aied 8 jearr and s month Relative) and
friends Invited u funeral. Wed . 8 .10 A. M..
from hie patents' re.ldence. Terreadata Oolf
Club, lerresdnle. Thlla A votive man of
the anitels will be aald at St. Katherlnt of
Sienna's Church 10 A. SI Int. at St.
Deminic's Cem.
SCHAEFER "nddenlv, Dee 10. AUOUBT.
nua-.mu et laic ivarenne wenacrer (nee Ret-
termanni npeu . iveiaiives ana rrienaa.
The Personal Touch
If jeu knew thnt 1(blie wants Mk
stecklnifs nnd decide te give her bome
for Christmas, nnd jet would llke te
give her bemethlng jeu've nimle jour
M'lf, try this idea: l'lucb trie Meckings
In n narrow box, then, Instead of the
usual ribbon te tie them, snap a pair
of gallons made of ilbbon-cevered
elastic in her favorite color, ureund the
eutbide of the packugc.
Comfertfor Xmas!
"Vahant Service 7s Cexiri'
Valiant 1'rur Ait Mudtiatt
'ti II
format v i
u s . t
Tuen ! i
Dar t nu
mil m i.
c; r in i
D m at st
.'t ,f in
' lur I uii S
. I .me .
1 let P
M I Ttijr
Could there be a mere appreciated
gift? Relief from the aches ami
pains of abused feet. What man
or woman wouldn't welcome the
news of guaranteed, built-in
comfort for his or her peer, tired
feet? '
1I MhM' Mllll l.s
But mere the A. E. LITTLE
shoe net only lclieves it con
ditions, strengthens the feet and
ankles, due te a patented construction. And built te
stand in the front ranks of fashion.
8frefti3LK.ThffiiiTr-. if iivlr
! a-aj-ajnw -y.
i J
Xxm w
I 1
) t 1
f rl-ir l
I l
sons 1
ii ,i
- .! 1-
Vh I
I terl-i'it IH
rj W Flt-h
I 1 'II fnl r
I' ml. in! Ha
'vvfilnt i.m
I" M .11' M
alne members Herman Ixidae. Ne. 125. F.
and A H Fhlla Turnaemelnde. hra
llencvelent Society. Oxford If and L. Aaa'n
Director, of Steel Heddle Mf. Ce . and alt
ether (societies Invited te funeral. Thura.
1 30 P SI . residence, 1R71 Wsnnewned read.
or of Malve-n ave Overbroek Int. Chel
ten Hills Cem Trlnda may call Wed. ave.
Uf IllPPIll ll.lilAnl.. n. .. . s...r.
Dela- p. SCHAEFER Relatives and frlenda and
uii i,rr .nir.it una or vvhuh he viaa a mmbr,
ar.' Invited te attend funeral eervlces Thure .
2 P SI at hie late reslJerce 440 W.
Hrlnshu-st st Oe-n.nntewn Penna. R, n.
t. Q teen I.ane Station or Reute S3 en
13th n
SEVERN'' Suddenly Dc 10 1022
JOSEPHINE E wife of A J fleverna!
Relatlvs and ft lends also rflaekwoed
OrunRe. Ne 00 I' of H are Invited te
attend funeral Thurs 1 P JI, from her
late reeldenee fl endern N J Servlcea In
Fhews 11 E Church nt ! ! M Frlenda
mat ca'l Wed ee Take bus at Kalchn
ave ferr for Olendera.
HHAFFFR --At r.ilmvra N T. nee. 10
'022 JOSEPH F husband "f Ellen it.
she'-er H1sh r n-lem mas. Wed 0 10 A
M nt rnureh of the Hrr. j u,,rt Rverl
ter N" J I rlend. call Tues eve
-TMVN Or D 11 102J LIDIE A
1TN 'f 1S10 V IR'h st ReUHv,, nn4
' Mf Invlt.d ie ve .crvle" en Ttiurs.
i a' ernoen ni 12 .10 ii'p'nrfc nt ,-,
, I ,. il hi.'- r dc !SM Ct.ctnut at
, t ni -t vt I!-lv N T
"nerim i-,i n ne e ie2n fler.
l'Ni 1", w fe of Ie hua I. Shoemaker aaed
il '.- R nt.. .n'i f len. are Invited
ie th" "t' - Tie.dtv tnernlnr at It
r, nc'i a,v"- te r-.ldeece 13-va Sherwood
r n i , rt'-" 1 I iter nt p-l it
i-MITH f Vitlenel IMrk, N .T Dee 1
11 Win il) MTTH BFd 70 Rlatlves ind
f 1,.,,-kI" i-viiel te funeral services Tu.
Oj I D-p 12 at S r II nt t residence of
iirrm - "!' - 't iir.inn anq Iaka
1ni i
t"i II
Vfitiet al PirK
i. n i ( v
11 V VI
,7 J .. also at 024
11 iv N j Thura .
t it Celd SPrlna
t. 1 O 1 VI T
. !
Shee Company
mi Chestnut St.
ADRIATIC (24,541 tens)
Jan. 6, Tcb. 24, 1 92 3
"erld f uueil for Htendliuti, tip luve
Qimrtrr- rnUIne and eirvlie Urlulii
fill tlinre i vt urlnns (oplletiitll J i-vpt
Inline, 11 It (,rite ;iml lite llnlv
I mil '
Inquire fir pyet.
let ami Je
(20,000 fem ditpLnement)
Jan. 1-;, Icb. 17, Mar. 22. 1023
Mji'ltlfacm cni " ns vli p I Jtulralil
viinsiriKlu n t. r tripi .vjtfci.
Ixiit t $2u I ,ejr,t
Puntlun et u li wruiee Ildjvi.
I , - I
I sv 1 . t ,
(,' v. I I 1 I V 1 II
111 1 ' " I ' ' It
III nl -v t I , t t- I j
I,a- .'tt , , n I
i B II t ,1 -r i I V -
HI ' -n e . ji
i rien u n1!!' ml P ii
1,11 1.1 M II. I .
-i tiithier u! in.
.Ill'Slle RilallVH- I,.
f V 1 1 I-twii .. '
ul '; hh u i i
i et i,; s r t - ' i -I
ni i 1 1'iui
I ri in n ,i ii W
ii pi i in vi ':
: pi., ii viti i i i
, II iik I '0 1 ' l 'l e '
. 1" i - M !l'i e
J n 1 l t l n I i
Vllv ite
III. I " It ' . -ii-
"'in! ! d c i j i'i . cHARr.nq te
htiwh fi 1 f An l.i II "ltlet ltnfi.a -j
10 -.AMI IT, )'L si:v I fMnd. i v it I te a-en I funeral Thura
er- ii-i-vi e in 1 k in V M 'mitt nn in'. residence am
1.1 ill i ! - " I l"'IU III l-liK n ....
JmiiM I . te i ii e.ti i (.vtjr Ii ;n A M Int
lln'- i'Iii 1r
'iii'i.iri'- -i" '"
VI ' I'll l el'J II. I ul'.vn I ' ' lr i
'Iv. and 71", It. a v ' "
I I '-'M M.-i I, t.td t'P'' M -
. -.il i... , '.,i , -. '
1 1 ii II- . ! I' t i
- 1 I "
I" l'r ir kenhe'l
I I u v 1 I I i uu'l
1.';.2 SVMUET,
lm m am aired
'",.'.. ''"'ed te
V, ". "" hi"
I'edl -t !7-lht
'in I i en Is tnay
mi h
I Hi vl
e t r
i I hi it
l vtt I
i - ri
I I P.
I '.r
I 111
I i d
nrl ' ,i . . r, - t
MluV-.V. v h
. ' I iliti 'i" 1 .
I'i'l AM' I I t I'M I
Vi'Hl M I " 'P 1 IK
'T 11, U f i IV '' '1 I v I
' ,.- V I- '-' I' M I '
' it t I II f lull
v 1 fr prl tie
r. t s . i " iv t
F'11 i ! f ir'll IV Ti
,!., .-r - e , t t , it- .
I i 1' I t vv i!t 1 1
li t
x Star S.fwpffsr
':d A&-vNLlHVbt&ilVrsXiJ5v.VRLWE
I.t-nii M.aciS'rTiaHaaiKr. Cer4-r
Irtjuirt fir I tiffc.
Irt .i'i .. MiiVJ
t ijerrtjttvn
Things You'll Leve te Make
5i 's1i55K
. yj
I HI) WiiIiiii) -.i . r ,,,,!
a Bk fl f fl le- R J X Q M-MI 0
R egular Service
USS1 S c "Blair" Dec. 12
USSB S S ' Wcit lilfls" ... Dec. 29
OCYLLIN &i CO., Inc.
103 S. 'Ub St., PhiU.
lemhu 'I 514-4 Main 7791
L'se nn Old Fur Plcce for n New Olnll
Tlie new ulnllca en frocks nrt' er.v
(H'ceritlvp. Yeu enn uhe un old fin
iile(i In iiuikli)!: lilt' I'linrmliig one ,i
tin oil iilievi-. Kin ajuiit nn old imiir
in M'.uf. Turn the fur te the meiu
kiile. With n very slimi Uulfe cut It
into n.iriiiv' Hlrips, Stitch Hit- fur tu
I'liuls of t'liiln ilik'inl sill, or t leth. I'd
thri'f ievvm uf tin.' fur nnd four of tin
kind I ' ""' "f ""' "I'lc diiipfs i '
our fieih jiiks iindi'i' the Klrdlc, and
lln etln eiui oer It. Ilttli'. if unj,
ether trlujiiiliiB in iu cetury te kh a
new niul hnmlsome touch te your sewn.
at reasonable prices luill solve
your Christmas problems, but
their quality demands time and care
efrrangc your appointment neu
before it is tee late.
I'll lll'elu's Aeents for
V .. RLAUr 4. CO . Itiu.
, Opi-ruti'1,1 II. S. Gov. Sii'iia
ipive "Wat IKsmd Tilt
224.38 SG1.8S
laclQdinit meal, sad iitirrerm rcemiuulticm
rtmd'liln Ticket. Ovxl tu llff.ra
11.. Ml
, ,1 p '
i 1 r-t
i'.i i "Pi
i nr I v
im tni f,
1-1 i V
lirt.p, n
MVd t I
I vl! i
. -iV
I I'. J. .,
i r h 1'.
, ri VIim i I
VI il I i I
i i ml t i'
VI .it l
I ' niK ll
I' ,'l I
I " UII.-
1 a her
v -
. I f I'
II 71 I
. t ' i-"
II v II'
VI )
. tr II
I' '' If'.'
Ir. '
11 p-l fi
-I IS Villi
i msa
' I Temr.
' li! pe-
'II 1022
, ' " I' nnl
i'. it s a.nd
fi ml serv
ii "i I rnrlere
i pjl J-nkln-
i I d Ku--l
I .'eck
riji.TJi ive.i n 80
i Solemn 111,. Tm.
h i hut li In v M,
' I
li li
ut Il
I'r i
. li
'i Is I
i' i:r p
1 ' I'rapr
i't I 'in
re i -- m-
I' tm
nt at
I V. v
1 fl 'Hill.
11 V
li !I!1
CZTZu V.a.nr. r, .r..M
tiL. I1.IW I-IPJti
Regular Srrvice
USSH SS "Hunnnck". .Dec. 20
Lic.Vi-.LIN m Cu inc.
10rj b. 4th St., I'hila.
Lembard $114 Main 779
vnltulrliiMa Arent. for
lll IIVIHIll sl-ls ().
OpenifinR U. $ Gov, Ships
1G26 Chestnut St.
B) ffT
ti Q
t j tii irarai rer priferred .
tvtsuiu 11 in i it
nea IS. 10M.
5tci.r;iera velnrtiiT nd RrvHiri, ft Y,
Make llc&vriatien Aeir
Merchants Si IVIintrs Transportation Ce
Her . B. Pel. Are. Tel Lerabird lDt
r am cu m j- . u. .
Operating U, S, Gax. Ships
rfJv f van.
r.'n '.'0 WI
-H ' J"U
ii in uuii " u4jri.t--ur-xivr
JIVNOAM V0' 'i3 J.H1 ?7 Mf' 3
NOOItriAM Jn e I'd 10 Mar. IT
vel i mm.1 '. "
USSB S S "Sin.inawn" Jan. fi
USSB S S "W-it Ix.hewt;
Dec 23
GEYELiN ft CO., Inc.', ,
108 S Fourth St, Philn
I.em(nr. 5M4 Matn 77 (II
I in etn' ,ii ..
' I Oillili rm ill.
'iiiii im .i. in. i.i.ii, I' , t i .j
"met ten I'e l"i er 1 ini-v ull I iei ,,-re-
S te 10 V M
IM'KsiiV On I H, '.' n..' i I M'l-i-'irnv-'HAVT
ha.ti.. I ,f v i -t. i c
r i ei JuikKun Hi ail v ..tiii fi .eniN
i Orle'itiil 1 tidfce V l; n j
iiilen i' ibiiui : . lei, 11 A vi K ide.ti
i r t me.! ilr . . i K i ,, ji, i.,
till ,i l if sImm A V-.Il e e im .
I SHrv'i.r li nl,. a". If ,,, n
ll "1 tilt I'llvi'l It 11, i t J, IVM
i i I i I H II If I , i t
KM IINTHVI.ru Mee fl II'1' Tr
V d vil'e of I,..,-. M U , ,r,t,j'
1 ," '"i, "'Vt' rr.'AVJ ,'" " funera-
.el . I' M rj lid ll Imiin t Int r,.r.
l t.en Irlmd liiv n Iim ...
Ullllv -P Li ll..'.' j us j 'kmii
irrm.. r..iii..r , n. UJ 1,',
I 1 Kill II . '
HNMT mi T'.p S ill"., msTAVr no-i
e' J In M ai 1 the In-.. I ,fK Ain,,,
Ue i( ea ard friend an tin'ted Im the s, , i
1 "i. iu'4"i' aiiiiiiuun, IVL '' oelerj a il
re k KnKin
Til 1V1I ,a ,11-
join- (lewei. "r1"
i i. mill -m fiiiTiKii r. j ri.
"' invited
'I ihrel
' ind 19th
I Tues
.' I'
'i i
''w I
s r'ti
. . 1 M
I 'A
f I ie
1 r i re f
".Hill rfli I
Trlt i. U i h
'" of T
i- p' i merai
r r i h. r ,i l.wrH
li.1l I'l'trmn at
t "lar lll'l Cem.
I f ' te 10
e and
n air
n .Vavir
' M'ed
'vi ham H.
Svr fe ala
"I! Tu...
I- Irf.
rtiii.eiut f ln lie(hr Jhfe.Kr
,1017 N 031 nt Interment pilv
n i
I.rilNlll) ll'lKlWlli of ) Mll'V le(,t I I
i lei.hlint Ue "Hvhh m frtnN i,,ii L I
n nnd I i dsi Ne 1-3(1 r in I v ( V
HiKlen llielil Anil I'hiyler Nn il ti.hv
V in I k1. N'j 1H17 in e 1 i'i1"
invited te fu lernl Tlinri, u v. t ,
rentneti'" ' ,,, 'iri',1 1,1 i ,,,, . .
. ... .. -nuuuri J
i'i tends
!1W AMblZIlDAII fob 17 Mar 31 Apr. 23 ,b I'
ruieucet OiUce. 1.31 VUlnut 6t.. S hlu, Adv.
Ill I (llll CtlNtll I i 1(1 III
i i im in Ir in - i t tin
Pui'lule ut iwvlcudel Hie fi(, r t mom
tlul rj i ' VII vi ! r, ilii reii , rf (lie
I'i hi n I i.nihii h 1'iiicl.n Niin UurekU
It iw s HI) imlill, Atliii, if -u I, fj I u no..
el" I ll .il Hu lPenli.li N I'liee, of
I'llilU I.uietu. '.rak It u llalll."
Int Or,
inn i'i Me
M VKir Jn I ' i v 1 1. ji MM i ii vi
l.u.l ,i d .f Ariv M, , iw.ltu-, ,,n
friend, im 1 ii i iK.inliiiliin. nf ivtii.ii i
win ll rneiill i I 1, l.i Invite I tn ,,,n, .
nei tl e. rvl . . Inure s 3i P M Im. ,
den. .out N Mh at In, i'r, '", J 'u
veilliuiH of f mil "
MifAi I isruit -en iie 8 ie:" nrii
1H 1! laiiKhier of ,nnlc nnd the Ut.
JuineB McCulllaler hKtd ; yer hervlrj
, i s - '. . e .
I It N I It '' '"
1,1. "t I i ... i
. fin it . f I " "
f l .1- I I r fr
s II l-i' I l
- i-i ii r "
M V. I 1 ' I
i - iu
i !
,i i -
r. .1 1
' I ikfnr 1 III
IIPT H 111 . I It 1 '
r i'
M IklllV . it'N i - 'l J '11
i f Mil l .fit I t M v.l ,. IV
f-ii n In liK, l i
I' i - nf A I'I
I i i M u !
V it 1 IrvlliM '
I' VI 'line'
I nv t M
li I llni-iiin i ii
s t in I' M
Mill IT - Vl -t 1 ' e i tl t rh en
.. v I-,.,.. i.vivia v.f.. . ' lr Samuel
if.f s.rv' ' tu iliu-Mii . pirt- &t 8
it M' I v i II 11,1 nirli t2()
. .i in ei I'I I Ii'.mteit m .Sellera
i' ". i n In Ih
wiil.JItr r.. ii nn )M ..- w .en of
i hai ee l and M.riaret J Wrlclu (n.
tulneel p..!"! .'e It' iim.ii nnd friends are
rvllel fjlu-ln e r I. ex M'ed 2 P if
it the ri.tdi i.ullx fth, r 11211) Clearvlaw
nt Int prlvnt
vn'H.i: Ie" in jniiv r hu-hand of
tlte late Hanli I: 1ei Itelillvea and
friend' ae Invited ti mtei I funeral Wed
I' M fliim hi. 'KIP re. ,-r,r, I.Mdln.l
I pi Int ( li irrlivlMe, t em Truln for Cern.
1 ei,e ,e n , i i i i.iifin i 113 . jjk
" I" HltrxjIVN hU..
' - "fill Ilelstlvaa
' i 1 1 1 1 V Ce .
"i f ' w rvl ea U'.a ,
' 11 110 Tlul Wlaal.
' i't Iv ate Itenia.li.
. T.TNI It
tini I f 1 1, .1
11 1 II : 11
11 tv 1 I ,
I V il 1
11 r 1
1 1 be it iv e I
"I e 1.101 K,
13th at In-
I'ntula, en Tu"ili.y alternoen
nt her 1hI' reelOeiue. 1730 N
tennent erlvaln
of ( harlea Mrdnpey (nee leii.hert)
li.UUve. una ineud ure Invited te attend
K i