Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 11, 1922, Night Extra, Page 16, Image 16

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    The Stere of a Millien Gifts
Philadelphia, Monday, December 1 1,-1922
Gimbel Brethers
Men and wemen who knew Philadelphia and knew tlie world and
each one of whom knows our swrt of (feeds gathered some sixteen mil
lion dollars' worth of Interesting, beautiful things.
Day by day the stocks are freshened the plcture changes--every . pij
day this month this Stere hasf Received of ts sixteen million purchases r-, ' wjj
enough te keep its stocks en show above Ten Millien. ' UCSQ&V
Stere Open 9 A. M. te 6 P. M.
Big Toys!
A Great Christmas Sale!
Average Savings of a Third
Scarcely had Santa Claus stuffed the last stocking and whisked back te the North Pele last year, when
Gimbels again began collecting toys. Collecting world-wide "car-fuls" almost "ship-uls"! .
Se plenty I And these at pleasant savings, just when your dollars are busiest.
Fer Instance, Dort Automobiles at $10.95 Regularly $15
Pege Sticks at $3 Regularly $5 and $6 s
Beys' or Girls' Velecycles
Which are commenlv called scooter. Rub
ber tired wheels. One of the most popular
toys made, special at
Merry-go-round See-Saw
Up she gees. Down she gees. Or round about
in a circle. What fun! And who'll care if it
storms with a see-saw all his very own?. . . .
Beys! Here's Your Great Big Speedy Car!
Xash Aute finished in Cj 1 "7 CA
dark green, black and geld striped. A J 3vJ
Specially priced at
Keystone Flyer
A Disk Wheel Scooter, heavy rubber
tires for Beys and Girls
Special price
j && KTDDin KOAStER. g3
Kxtra heavy rubber tires. Brake lining
and braki
Special at
and brake drum.
K e a s t e r
Bedy size, 14x34
1G x 38, Special at $13.9.")
Swinging Herse New Improved Medel
Yes, a dappled gray steed. Weed body; plush saddle with
geld trimmings; curved bit witn tuidie Q( f"
that can be removed. In two sizes 32 in. high tbcyj5
and 80 in. long. Special at " '" w
35 In. high and 39 in. long.. Spfc' j1 at $12.95
This Sturdy Shoe- fly
My! What fun for the renl youngsters with a
double-reckered shoe-fly like this! And itfi
Jelly geed exercise, tee. And specially priced
Th is Dell Carriage
Whose geed leeks arc sufficiently evident and d Tf C
whose quality you will take our word for, is w ,OU
made of geed fiat material, with rubber tires
Flexible Flyers and Fire Fly Sleds
Everybody knows these most popular sleds; and every' boy and
girl will enjoy one for Christmas coasting tf A g f
weather permitting! Flexible Flyer, 47 in. wTOU
long. Special at
Fire Fly Skds; 4."i inch. Special at $2.50
Child's Large-Size Rocking Chair
Finished in Ivery enamel. Blue trimmed P Q J
Heavy woven seat. Special at pO0
A Straight Chair te Match in Iery finish.
Blue trimmed. Special at $4.95
Child's Large-Size Sectional Style Desk
Finished in birch; suitable for boys
or girls
Special at
a" r.,,'''5u
The Popular Pege Sticks
All Sizes Exercise and fun! dQ Each
At pO Special
The Cele
Ivery finished, large size auto 'with
mud-guards and all jfc-'Q ff
attaclimcnts. "iPUtUU
At i
T h
Just the size for the youngsters Just getting the
"auto craze." Finished in bright yellow, black
stripes; imitation gear shift A
head lights and radiator $1 f) 95
gauge. 36 in. long. Special at r VV
Mercer Autes
Just like a real Mercer car." Finished
in green geld stripes; adjustable seat;
imitation lights; radiator gauge;
weed steering wheel, f O Q CA
windshield and mudJb-ii.OU
guards. Special at.. ""
Otrafctti, Tep e' the World, tnt Biff Tjr iter
Men's $3 "Silkafied" Peplin Shirts
One of the finest fabrics
put into menVshirts rivaling
silk broadcloth in appearance
and -will give longer wear.
Placed an unusually large order get ti
considerable price concession. On top of
that and te make
A Holiday Special
we have marked them close and that
mean? $1.95, instead of $3. '
Olmteli, First fleer, ninth Strati
A S y
Men's "Washrite" $A
Mecha Gloves, at
Kemarkable because they retain their original flexibility and
color after washing. Beaver, biscuit and masllc.
Fur Gauntlets, Special at $5.50
Shaggy, black bearskin, warmly lined.
Olmteli, lint fleer.
Women's Imported Hand-Leem
Weel Scarfs, $1.95 JSS
They're "light as a feather" have almost , -no bulk but are
nevertheless wider and warm. Just ideal for uncrer a coat or -trimly
fitting suit. '
You'll find them amply long and very neat; block plaid pattern
in soft tans, blue, greens, and neney dew colorings. Fringed.
j Otmteti , Tint fleer,
, Three
One Dellar
Frem France
Saucy smart little squares, every color of
the rainbow and some the rainbow never
dreamed of I And just as many designs
solid colors, or with white centers or with
block-printed designs and se forth.
Hand-made, from the actual printing of
the color te the tiny rolled hem.
Washing? it simply doesn't affect
them. They're as soft and clearly colored
after washing as when new.
3 for $1
Qimbalj, rint fleer.
The Velvety-Beautiful
Fur Coats
Known as "French Seal"
have a place all their own in Fashion's heart
"French Seal," by the way, and "Northern
Seal" and "Bay Seal" are all variations of the
finer grades of seal-dyed, Clipped French
Northern Seal Coats, 45 inches long, excep
tionally fine skins, shawl cellar and tiQA
deep cuffs , JJU
French Seal Coats, 40 inches long, skunk
or squirrel cellar and cuffs, also 45- d A
inch large-size self-trimmed Coats. . plv7
Bay Seal 45-inch long Coats with cellars
and cuffs of skunk, squirrel or
beaver ,.
Northern Seal 47-inch long
Capes, squirrel trimmed
French Seal Jacquettes, squirrel
trimmed ,
Olmteli, Fur flileni, Third fleer.
,, . p $189
Cute Clocks : Dignified Clocks : Mellow Chime Clocks
' in " msuuuic iiiv ruiuv vi uui uHi ur euue ud te Half
I flftJeSfvl I
Mantel Chime
Were $00, S65
te (70
Gothic or Deric
.tln.n Cll....-.1
dials. 8-day move. i'A5 t' .Jt.
mAnt nrlth full JU.-J-MVWWpr7l1!rrt,tB'l
Weatmlnatrr rhlmn W5.t,,( wJ
ik. 'm. -'C'r yvi
Twe styles.
Solid Marble
Several styles.
Other mantel styles, with Westminster Chimes, at $69.50 and $79.SO were $85, $95 and $100.
Solid mahog
any. Fine
Four styles.
Otmbeli, Tint fleer.
mmSCSi Jm 1I5'3
Delayed Carload of
Heme and Office Desks
Planned te be here December 1st the
shortened selling time causes the drop in
Mahogany, $42.75, Value $49 "
Oak, $39.75, Value $45
These Denlts ara 30 Inches lone, 26 wide; deep
drawer, with lettcr-dle. These of mahogany hae
ni.iheirn.nv wrltlnir bed, tern ilid n uils Others
in reiaen eaK una rumea eaic. -rtrm 'ii
Mahogany, $28.75, Value $35
Oak, $27.50, Value $33
Length, 38 inches; width, 26 ln'ehes.
A Btack of thrvA nnltn. mn.hn17.mv finish or nunrtrt1
oak. Including base and top, as pictured, $27 (
Othf r nectl'e'n's Vn' Cliippendale mahogany, also art mis mis
alen, mahogany or oak.
Revolving Desk Chairs, at $12 te $G6.
Typewriters, at $35 value $62.50. Smoking Sets, at
$10.50 te $12.75.
1 Card Tables, at $55.50 te $82.50. Telephone Stands, at
U 10. t,i S9R r;n nimui. a.wntt. A.
V VV.UV. w....ww., HV.VM.H HVVli
r iTT
SBSSferZZr?Bt-" r-"-?"
I '
Electric Heuse Needfuls Gifts for
Housekeeping Friend
EUotrle Ireni, 0 lb tr.
full nickel iilnii'il, remulHt,
nlth deUclmble cenl hiiJ 1
utand: Kiminntppd
Uftnlarlr $1 25 tQ wr;
White Oiem
Eloetrln Hn
n4 OrlU. Teut, bell, it w
ann frr. fVmntwtA ui.i.
cenl and plui;: alie nickel
try. Ueiiilarlj tfrf ftp
IU.00. At..... JJ7.95
Uoyel neclititrr Eloetilo
Teuteri, teinplna with
nltkil tout racL tni try.
At $4.95
Pelnr cub Elte- O J an
trio VlliTttert. Py O
Cempltt with
rnrat. ODtrttti
en D7
1 raTiTi?
Ther Eloetrlo Vieuit
Olotnert, with 12" Suction
Nele. Onncral EUctrlc
Moter, weight 9V, Ibi. Mad
and guarantiee; by. tbi
iiuny m
:mchln Ce. and alM
J33. At..
. mekel.Dlitd N ta t a t a
Sre lltai for heaMOM
and raoterUu: larfe bulla
j reflacteri non-abort tit;
cultabla (eaturet BTtnail'
isHPAS:!:.. $1.75
Obntela, Tenrth Cmt.
Small Lets of Women's Fine Walking Oxfords
Reduced j0 A J? Le88 Than Half Price!
vu r -
'Sa vi$m!md "'
Ever se often our shoe chief gees through stocks and "weeds out" rr,Ar:ii. 11 t . i
broken size groups-no matter what they cost! These are his lalest "finds" wnnT ? t feWJ,f a 8tyle
wV..B.y .a 1 311 fairs Were Originally $10.30
196 Pairs Were Originally
Cheese new at $3.45.
Olmbeli, Boeooi flter. (
4. EsssLLm.
.,.&' v ,n - ,( ..-, v-j liMMLLLLSLSMk
mmmmmmmmammjgmag'' i tutrix
V 1 iii-i" tib