Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, December 11, 1922, Night Extra, Page 11, Image 11

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mi. nphlnil the Teut
Toe many rnlflns explode the broth.
S verily. the danger In qunrrch
patrimonial comes inore from quality
SeTSUbl, that bold, a recoil
tears nml klww dwcllctb ever In the
0TXafa'bnHbnn,lnnl wife try
a lildc their disagreements from the
lit BeSSlps. Just se leB will their
ve be froe from the serpent.
The reason Adam and Eve argued
.bout mi apple was because there were
no railroad stations, restaurants, street
nn.l theatres in which te dls-
elay their boredom -for each ether.
A husband won't mind tt love quarrel
Antoinette Dennelly's
Advice en Beauty
plmr mixed with ene ounce of vaseline
nppled every ether nlsht te the senlp
with a light massage is a fine dandruff
remedy. Wash the hair frequently dur
lug the treatment.
of I.iPXSTh?r,ieBd condition
of tlie skin en the upper arms Is due
te peer circulation. People, as n rule
are mere troubled 'with this "n wk ter
n scrubbin brush nn,i son,, crlb )ke
wniXH'i" ''H'0.0" ,n,,varm an" cel.l
J.S i' nml rl V vlR.;e"l,v with n coarse
towel, seen the skin w 11 be nice and
smooth and velvety again.
lte,n",7 tIlc fH. the one best
-....... , inning warmtn Inte them.
Fu.TCl.S" !,.,ee ter " minute or
-- v nitai, lllKlUR il) mill llmvn nn
ince wear
Wlth.its wonderful, eld-tlme flavor,
Atmore's Mince Meat makes these
rich, mellow Mince Pies that every,
body wants at Christmas time.
IUII1II1.. ., - - -D -....... ,, U
B0W and then If the boys at the club - dU?n.tar&7l'tfc
ti il.. t l f . ai A- th
don't btart MWlung mm uiiuufc ...
llcmcmber, there is nothing like a
teui.li of seasip te make the whole world
CwvrieM, ten, 6y Pubtle LuJatr Company color with the cold -feet cure.
te pour cold water en them nftcr thn
warm bath and rub them vtt8y?
The red nose, nlmext always an ncccJ ncccJ
sery te the fact that the Weed Is dr.
i-umiiiig icceiy, will lese It hlm.t
By Hareld Donaldien Vbcrlcln
Ready for
the Pie
Ask Your
1y l v... , , -'t-f fl" . I w
t' MI-TV
" 13 EJ'
Tlie City Apartment Hallway
In these days of intensive living, the
question of the apartment as a labor
laving arrangement is generally con
In large cities there are always te
be found two definite sorts of apart
ment's thoe built erlcinally as such,
and llieke in houses which were once
family lienicM mid which have been re
modeled. Deth hae advantages of
their own.
The apartment hnusrc has usually a
mnll hull with rooms opening from It
en, screriil side. It ii frequently dark
and must usually be ticuted te give a
Mn'-e of light and welcome te the in
coming guest or hou-chelder, as well
s te givf the Key in color and type
of furnl-liinir te the rooms beyond.
A dutl; hall must have cle'tric light
te arranged as te be decorative and
practical. There must always be a
table in a hallway. There may be n
terchere en either -idp 0f the table, or
there may lu a lamp en the table and
the tercheres may be iu another part
of the hull.
If theie is room, the hallway may
contain in addition u che.st old Eng
lish, Italian, Colonial, or even painted,
according te the fctjle of the Iieiih'.
Hut a hall must be light, and it must
be leth formal in treatment and jet
jive a tciis-e of friendly welcome.
(Continued tomorrow)
Interesting Women
Miss M. Sylvia Donaldsen, elected
te the Masfc.ichuhCltH Legislature, is.
keuiity-twe jcars old.
MUs t'aieljn Virginia I'hittncr, an
fncTgetie Ameiic.in gill, bus sailed for
Rie de Janeiro, whcie she will establish
a billlanl academy for women.
Oilier htTlm Net Fmcravrd at
SS.00 per 100
Writs or lihone Walnut 25-23 for
lett fiimnlea ami correct forma.
Keni i-.ncruMiiE tineu. 811 Walnut St.
Pearls Re-strung
PrlcM eit In the city, Hxpert work.
All l.ln.li (.( meklnii'H re-stniUK. KuettliiK
I'uiilij. ;ulik MTttcc. Werk siurin
l"il. ( luin furnished.
Ideal Pearl Ce Vrnr ii"nF-
5 Big Helly Wrcathi, 14 incheti 4
Buntlifj Berries, $1.00. Mailed te you for
Clmtnm. Cath with order.
Diamond Slate Evergreen Ce.
Dept. CD, Milten, Delaware
n 1'iiiMi. Ynn te
tiuy Anythinpr, Anywhere and
Pay lTs en Knsv Terms
S. R. WEAVER, Inc.
ItnJiim 21 nml 23
Jenes' wfhees
iui atcel Hhaiika and rubber
lifels attached.
'l Mjm 1 2 Mi te
All l.ltli J te
2752 Germantown
a I'henc TlQfia S77
fit, EtU J8S7
I vr I II
Dell Hospital
Repaired and Made
te Loek Like New
A full line of new
dells and Xmas
.Frank Kiesling
2139 North 6th Stra
Geerge Allen,
1214 Chestnut Street
Established 1837
Until Christmas This Stere Will Be Open te 6 P. M.
Gift Stockings )-
of All-Silk at
Fer Christmas giv
ing we suggest lovely
stockings of beautiful
shimmering silk. They
are regularly $3.50,
but for the holiday
season we have re
duced them te $3.00.
H W$ 111' W&
A-i'iva ,4BBOl I1k'"'it:i;0:
& J"" ,;.?i"
Cinderella full-fashioned
silk stockings with lisle
tops, regularly $2.50, at
Full - fashioned wool
stockings in a multitude of
heather mixtures, some
with silk hand-made clocks,
ethers with Jacquard ef
fects. Regular $3.00 value,
at $1.95.
Mercerized lisle hose
with lavender tops at $1.25.
Fine cotton stockings
with unbleached feet, $1.00.
Seft Gleve
Silk Under
wear Mayfair silk vests, made
by the makers of Vanity
Fair silk garments, $1.75.
Vanity Fair silk vests,
regular and bodice tops,
$1.85; bloomers, $2.50.
Kayser Italian silk vests,
$2.75; bloomers, $3.50.
Vanity Cases te
Ge With the
New Metal Hats
They are made of fine leather
enameled in geld and silver and
will make the loveliest Christmas
gifts for these who love pretty
things. Inside arc attractive fit
tings and the whole is extremely
inexpensive at $13.50, as you will
agree when you see it.
Handkerchiefs Are Always Sure
te Please
Embroidered handkerchiefs
for women in white and colors
at 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
Men's initialed handkerchiefs
with one block letter, 25c, 35c,
50c and 75c each; less by the
half dozen.
Women's initialed handker
chiefs, some with embroidery as
well, 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c each,
Men's and women's Lissue
handkerchiefs in white and col
ors. Women's, 35c each, 3 for
$1.00; men's, 50c each.
Toilet Waters,
Extracts and
Face Powders
Mary Garden Toilet Water in
an attractive box, $1.50 size
at $1.00.
Un Air Embaume large size
Compact Face Powder, in
metal box with a hinge lid,
mirror and puff, $1.50 size
at $1.15.
Azurea and Floramye Face
Powder, $1.00 size at 75c.
Coty's L'Origan and Rese Ex
tract, $1.90 size at $1.50.
Reger and Gallet Violet Toilet
Water, $1.50 size at $1.25.
Djer Kiss Toilet Water, boxed,
$1.80 size at $1.45.
A 3-oz. Bettle of
Coty's Toilet
Water at $2.25
Coty's toilet water
is the gift supreme;
there is no woman
who will net appreci
ate its delightful fra
grance, whichever of
the six odors one
cheeses. Regular $3.50
size at $2.25.
fi JlP-
Wanamaker'sDewn Stairs Stere
Offers Fresh Gifts at Lew Prices
BmA eesrtrii mme
Sale of Sample Dresses
at $16.50
Advance. Snrina Medels Among Them!
A third less than the standard market price for a de
Hghtful collection of one and
Peirct twill with cellar, facings
and bindings of nn Oriental sort
of vividly striped cloth that has
a glint of geld.
Canten crepe combined with
dull coppery crepe.
Luxurious black charmeuse
with a quantity of roses made of
the same silk.
Weel crepe with a Paisley silk
we of a kind frocks.
top and insertion of the same
silk in the kirt.
Bouffant taffeta with loops of
velvet and flowers.
Chiffen taffeta with raised wool
Taffeta with wide loops of rib
bon. Taffeta with cape cellars of
Mativ lnvelv ones amoner them! Sizes 14 te 38 in the
group, but of course net in each style.
Sale of Peiret Twill Dresses at $7.25
Less than the materials cost, said the maker. But he
had only 300 dresses and turned them all ever for happy
Christmas gifts at this new low price.
Nine styles. Braided, embroidered and with beads, metal links
or cloth belts. Black and navy blue. Sizes 16 te 44.
(Down htnlrn Stere. Market)
New Silk Chemises at $2
Quite the best and prettiest we have had or seen at this
very moderate price. Made of a specially durable new sort
of underwear si!-k in white only. Envelope style trimmed
with dainty Valenciennes lace edging and a wee silk flower.
Most givable! .,--
Exceptional Silk Camisoles, $1.25
Perfectly plain-tailored style with hemstitched tops and shoulder
straps made of two thicknesses of the silk. Ilcsh, black, white
and navy.
Silk Step-in Chemises, $3.85
Novelty striped silk trimmed with narrow cotton filet edging,
hemstitching and tucks. Bews of two-tone ribbon add a touch of
daintiness. Flesh color.
(I)enn Hair Stere, Central)
ManyHPeeple Are Giving Bed Sets
This Christmas
Colored Ones Are $5 te $10
White Ones Are $6.50 te $12.50
A qui-te-out-of-the-ordinary gift for Christmas and yet
this season it is one of the most popular suggestions imagi
nable. Everybody seems te want a set.
Each set consists of a bedspread with scalloped edges
and cut corners and a bolster threw te match.
Coler-btriped dimity set's, 80x90 inches, $5.
Boudoir sets in colors, 72x90 inches, $7.
Boudoir sets in colors, 80x90 inches, $7.50.
De Luxe sets in colors, 90x100 inches, $10.
White satin-finish sets, 72x90 inches, $6.50.
White satin-finibh .sets, 80x90 inches, $6.50, $7.50 and $10.
White satin-fini&h sets, 90x100 inches, $12.50.
(Down Stulrn Mere, Central)
Women's Umbrellas With Fancy
Handles, Special at $1.50
Just onc-feiuth les than their regular price because of a
specially advantageous purchase. Made with firm cotton covers en
excellent steel frames and fancy full-length white bakelite or hard
wood handles, se they combine wear and geed leeks ideally. White
tips and ferrules. All black.
(Dunn Stulrn Stere, Market)
Brushed Weel Scarfs
With Pockets and
Belt, $4.50
A Third Less
Isn't it pleasant te get something
se much better than one's money would
ordinarily secure! One is sketched te
show you hew big and warm and good geed
looking they are.
Buff, green, navy, gray, chamois, black
and white and ether combinations.
Camel's-Hair Scarfs
Specially Priced, $1.50
Leng and wide scarfs woven in America of
the imported camel's hair and in the natural
camcl's-hair color.
Fringed ends.
31.50 (Down fltalr Stere, Central)
Mecha Gloves for Women
$3 and $3.75
Seft furry warmth coupled with sturdy strength that
wears almost' "forever" makes mocha gloves the best te
cheese for her gift.
Gray, mode, brown or Denver
mocha' gloves, pique cewn, with
embroidered or spear-point backs,
ene-clas.p t-tylc, 53.
Gray or light brown mocha
with two-tone crochet embroid
ered backs and contrasting hems,
firnv or light brown mocha in
strap-wrist style, with spear-point or embroidered bncks, $3.75
v.'unu nniira ainre, leiurui)
Half Price! Real Lace
Cellar Sets, 50c
Charming Peter Pan cellars of net with
insets of real filet lace and edging of imita
tion Valenciennes. Turn-up cuffs te match.
Wouldn't some friend of yours be delighted
with a set?
X Other Peter Pan Cellar Sets, 50c
W1 tl V1 11 4-A 1!kva nnlln.. m. a.. A. Trill
.' vivnuij WIUL13 MIJl'llU vuiiare uau tuue www
HrlrrVlf llllln AX .fwl nnikunllrtlill i aiming nnrrntme
1 AlUn Wllt n llrinnn n11ea nl nitiTa utifV Iema
'& medallions. 50e.
(Down Btalr. Stere, Central)
rlRmFwrl 1 1 (Y7VJ0J
1 rffl rflBP. hU
Kt,m iTmTjZI
Christmas Sale of Men's
Sports Half Hese, $1.15
Priced a quarter te half less because they are a dealer's
odds and ends.
All-wool, silk-and-wool or fiber-ana-woer
half hose.
Imported and domestic.
Drep stitched, ribbed or with em
broidered clocks.
Plain colors or fashionable combinations.
All first quality.
Marvelous Christmas gifts for HIM.
(Down Stairs Stere for Men, en the Oallerr. Market)
Men's New Blanket
Bathrobes at $6.50
are different at Wanamaker's because1,
they are made expressly for Wana
maker's. They are plenty long and
well sewn in every way. Choice of geed
patterns and colors for any man's
(Down Stairs Stere for Men, en the Gallery
Murket Street)
New Christmas Neckties
Every Day
35c 50c 65c
Thousands of the best gift neckties
we can recollect at these prices. Excel
lent colors, patterns and weaves. Plenty
te suit any man's taste.
(Down Htalra Ptere for Men, en the Gallery Market
Street, JUKt Inside the Subway Doer)
Indestructible Pearl Necklaces
$3.85 te $7.50
Special Wanamaker qualities of
indestructible artificial pearls will
make delightful gifts. These are in
the graceful 24, 27 and 30 inch
engths, and the beads are carefully
Sterling Silver Bar Pins With
Rhinestone Settings
$1.25 te $5
The flash of the rhinestones in their
shining silver settings makes a gift that
will have a strong appeal for the feminine fancy!
Many shapes and settings te cheese from.
(Down Stulrs Stere, Central)
nr -$& m y n 1
s wits
Things te please men
things they can really use.
Pin Seal Wallets $1 te $5
SerAey are lined with calf,
some are fitted with cases for
identification cards or railroad
tickets. Seft, pliable kinds that
will give service.
Leather Change Purses
35c te $1
Convenient little receptacles in
which te tuck away the nickels,
dimes and quarters that forever
elude one's grasp at the psycho
logical moment!
Tan, brown or black leather
ones that snap securely.
Leather Cellar Bexes
$1 te $5
Gray or brown suede at $1.
Black or brown leather, some with
pockets for cellar buttons, $2
te $5.
Alse, long flat folding cases for
soft cellars, with enough room if
need be te tuck in a few faverite
with discriminating tastes
Leather Brief Cases
$4 te $10
Commodious ones in two, three
or four pocket style with strong
locks, long straps and firm
Cuff Links, 50c te $2
Wide cheesing in sterling sil
ver, pearl, geld-filled or enameled
cuff links all put in gift boxes
upon request.
Sterling Silver Belt Buckles
Seme in dull "pebbled" effect,
ethers with engraved stripes or
scroll design. Most of them have
places for initials or monograms.
Geld-Filled Watch Chains
$1.50 te $5
Te wear straight across the
vest, as men like them, with a
knife or a pencil attached te one
end and a watch te the ether.
Geld-filled knives in just the size
for such wear have geed steel
Dlades at 51.5U te $Z.eU.
(Down Stairs Stere, Central)
- L'l
I 1
60c t Rfc
y s
Weel Quilts, $6 te $10
Great downy piles of them with gayly figured and
flowered tops and lovely plain-color borders. They lend the
Down Stairs Bedding Shep a delightful air of holiday fes
tivity. $6 wool-filled quilts arc covered en both hides with figured materials.
$7 wool-filled quilts have figured tops and backs and plain sateen
$8 wool-filled quilts have flowered tops and backs and plain sateen
10 wool-filled quilts have figured or flowered tops and plain backs
and borders.
(Down Stnlrn Stere, Central)
Furs te Please the Little Miss
Muff and Cellar Sets
$1.75 te $16.50
Perhaps her very first set and, of
course, she wants one when 'most every
grown-up gees swathed in furs ! All arc
moderately priced and exactly named.
White ceney sets $2.25 te $12
Natural ceney sets $1.75 te $8.50
Squirrel sets $8.30 te $10.50
Opossum sets $10 te $16.50 ;
Combed Thibet nets $G te $12.50 I
Blue ceney sets $12.50 te $16.50
Sets of real ermine are priced $55.
(Dunn Mulm Stere. Market)
ftiJ 1
Small Beys' All-Weel Chinchilla
Reefers, $9.75
Decidedly smart looking coats for the small boy. Warm, double
breasted style with convertible cellar and muff pockets, lined with
nil-wool flannel that makes them about the warmest things imagln imagln
nble. Brown and gray with plaid linings and navy blue with scarlet
lining. Sizes 0 te 10 years.
("own Stair Mere for Men, en the Oallerr, Market,
Give Him Heuse Slippers
The Down Stairs Stere for Men, en the Gallery, has some
especially gifty kinds quite moderately priced.
Men's Ilomee Heuse Slippers of felt, $2 and $3.75.
wens urewn Leather Heuse Slippers, $2.40.
en, en tlie
(Down Htalm (Stere for Men
(i alter r, Market,