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Rain and warmer tonight Baiurjfiiy
.i?inr nml colder with much colder
By nlshtj south te west winds.
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VOL. IX.-NO. 74
Entered an Secend-Clnfm flatter at the Poatefllce t Philadelphia, Fa.
Under the Act of March 8 1870 .
Publlehcd Dally Kxccpt Sunday. Hubsrrlptlen I'rlcfl )0 a Tear by Mall
Copyright, 1022, by 1'ubllc ledger Company.
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' f
New Phils' Leader
-Audenried Tells New
. Panel te Sift
' .
JVIen and Women Members of
' Bedy Told te Ge All Through
L T" jBflHMKs. :i4 JaBI
laaaV'--.-t'!. '-'rMtL ' . jSfeBl
FaSSSE ili'i '&, BBBBhI
BBBHb"bMbW ?h U';MBbVI
- r-' !, -,-" ' H
Te Wed Tomorrow
V" ' TV
Complains te Cortolyeu of Fail
ure of Eight Carefully Planned
Third District Raids
'' '.y!-:"i'
;s - ?:-? ''ii-' '?''. -, " 'S
Other City Lawmakers Call for
Official Inquiry After Evening
Public Ledger Expose
The Grand Jury was ordered
today by Judge Audenried te make
fa thorough investigation of the
Philadelphia County Prison at
Heimesuurg, anu te netermmc n
convicts there are subjected te harsh
or brutal treatment.
the Judge's net Ien wai Inspired by
revelations In the Evhmne Pum.ie
He h te be manaRer of the local
National League club this Reason
and will direct his work from the
Captain and Shortstop Accepts
Terms of William F. Baker
Arthur Fletcher, who played short
stop and was captain of the Phillies
last season, has been signed te a one
yen r contract te manage the local Na
tional League club for the 1023 enm
pnign. This announcement was made
by William F. linker, president of the
club, shortly after neon.
linker returned tetlny from St. Leuis,
where the papers were signed. lie
made a spcclnl trip te thp Mount City
for a conference with Fletcher, whose
home is in Celllnsvllle, Me. Fletcher
Is te report here about January 1.
linker's statement follews:
"Arthur Fletcher litis bpen appointed
manager of the Philadelphia National
League club. Fletcher needs no in-
lotluetlen te the baseball public, ns
his long career with the New lerk
LEDOEn of the manner In which nrlh
eners are kept In wlitnry confinement and XMilIndeIphla clubs and his grcnt
ana eeprirm 01 10111 ier iweniy-ieur playing ability lias lr.ntlp liim an out eut out
henrs nt a time for miner infractions of .standing llmire In baseball for a num
ber of years.
"when I made the deal with New
Addresses Grand Jurers
i-t1r 4 e hxinn 17Mn4ilma ...! ! Ilst..
Ste'r'S'iTll!!)6 r'V.V! vr here for Bancroft I had the ul.t-
Director Premises Investigation
and Punishment of Men if
Any Are Guilty
Prohibition Agent McClure, group
head In this district", notified Director
Cortelyou today he had evidence that
bootleggers are being tipped off In ad
vance of his raids, and that he sus
pected the police were responsible.
Director Cortelyou nt once stnrted the
machinery of his department en n
scnrchlng investigation, and premised
(e have no mercy if any policemen are
found guilty.
McClure. in his conference with Di
rector Cortolyeu just before neon today,
told of twelve .raids he had made yes
terday, of the "tipping off" of eight of
the places, and of the evidence he him
self had gathered that the tip had been
passed around.
Te begin will, nccerdlng te. McClure,
he, had his raids all p'nnned. The
places arc all In the Third police dis
trict, the police station of which Is
nt Third and De Lnncey streets. The
plnees urc cigar stores, poolrooms and
On Wwlnppdnr nlelit nrminlltifr in
Mr. McClure. while he wns completing
his plans for their nid, he received a
JK' i. ' V4N
HT' ''';' i'J' ':' ''sjbbI
SBBBBBBBBBBBBV'C ' ' '""i iv'y " aB
l ,ffil?f$ ' ' '; K :t:MPVlaBBBBB!
Daughter of Hareld M. Scwall, of
Hath, Me., who is getting ready for
her wedding tomorrow te Senater
Edge, of New Jersey
Organization Assesses Small
Jobholders for Senater Bill's
Display at Inauguration
What might be termed a pe'ltlcai
outrage of the miner sort Is about te
Rory O'Connor, Republican
Army Leader, Assisted te
Scaffold at Dublin
Death Penalties Inflicted After
Court-Martial as Warning
te Assassins
Bu Ataectatcd Press
Dublin, Dec. 8. Rory O'Connor and
Linm Mellowed, together with two ether
Irish rebels, were executed In Mount
joy Prison this morning, it wns of
ficially announced. The two ether men
executed were Jeseph McKelvcy and
Richard Unrrctt, both prominent re
publicans. An official army report states that
the four men were executed as a
reprisal for the nssnssinatien of Sean
Hales, the deputy shot yesterday, and
as a solemn wnrning te these nsseclntcd
with them "in the conspiracy of
assassination agnlnst the representatives
of the IrMi people."
The prisoners were tried by a mili
tary court martial during the night,
found guilty und sentenced te denth.
Tiie denth sentence wns carried out
nt 0.20 o'clock this morning. Tiirce
mysterious telephone call. The eiee i,u i)erpetrtcd by several organization j I,rich,B (' Present. The prisoners,
en the wire notified him that plans ipnr,; ',, , BC,crlu orb blindfolded, were inarched te the place
were even then being made te tip the ", . et Ulls clt- . Lf eremitlnn O'Connor lincl te he n.
bootleggers off. The arrangement, he 0'My enough, It docs net affect the f execution. O Cenner had te be as-
said, was for the bootleggers te meet
the tipsters nt '. o'clock that night nt
Fifth and Lembard streets te get their
Jury," began Judge Audcnrcid, in his mut0 object of milklng F.cteher mun
instructions. "I have sent for you te nir. i rr,,.,i m i. nn.itin..
i wuJ ,iTJ ?i Iff m.Hi"S that "'enager two years age, but he did net, victims of circumstances were
I believe require jour attention. feei iike accepting It as a player man- from prison here last evcnl
'Lh?" ",:,rbL!ha I? T?.1 5 W bellwlnic that he could net de "arted for their homes In Da
Dreve Uncle's Car Frem Dayton, but
at His Request
West Chester, Pa., Dec. 8. Twe
$ueh as en have never hnd before In
public affairs and ! the operation of
the public Institutions as instrumen
talities in the administration of our lo
cal government.
personnel of the entire tmrty. It is
none the lessi an outrage and is being
hejjy resented by certain ward lenders.
Gifferd Pinchot has expressed him
self en several occasions as desiring
an inauguration that will be dlgnilieu
without being costly and ostentntieus.
In spite of this, several of the lead
ers of the city organization at Eleventh
and Chestnut streets arc arranging te
dlxiegnrd the Governer-elect's wishes
and at the same time make the humbler
members pay for the "hurrah. '
Sennter-e'ect William A. Vare js
named nB the prime mover in this vain
piling and
Grand Jurers has riven von an tntcrcst V.;.' " ,'v"i,' 1 ' V" "JY"" i.T .' "M"""' i"r V ,""ca., '".""'" u-
i. .. i i..i u.... . !":; w """.iiM.ii. iuc t.i... u.i iincy were r.inviii iiuwiHiiui, eiKnicen. ,.i .. ... : i.i...i.
holding both pos t ens, . and James Reese, nineteen and thev ' B' .J? ,u.ve",.,t .p-"a "-
.. "Fletcher ii el. acquainted. ,ith wTnt'mThnrgTef the" mothwef '"the I ",SJJ.ihS,"Lte?" 1 S,",0J!ntt..t;
tne nceus ei me rimnueinma ciud nnu former, who luul secured their discharge
when he returns from Phoenix, Ariz., by Justice R. Jenes Patrick. The boys
kiih;ii viii up iiuuin ,iiuiuuij i, hi; nui Wcre arresteu te wccks age en the
'Whpn t rhnrfffin rnti no tn ittA ni.t
Teaarc veurselv?s t til, In Ttl.n n eeme r.asi anu nine up uie iubk ei ar- Lincoln Highway while driving an cx-
fle !tarin?1 mentlene n niirnhp'r nf n,"?',"8 . ", for nc,xi veaMn; pensive uutomeblle. bearing California
i ii. .1 '"enuencd a numeer or Fletchers natural aggressiveness and ii,.,1BI, t.aH nml thpv wern wlHm.it
institutions which it Is your duty te i,s insistence en strict disciplinary will drivnc Hcen-i?
'"VmeigThesris"-the Philadelnhia ' ?. n",1C!' t0 ,PUt t,1C VWUa u' whcrc Their explanation ns ntt believed
CountyT'-en Is 'te which Watt I l"py "" ' "' h-cked up.. An uncle of
hircrcad murh or lit le In certain of .. in.airBi Uewlands. who lcsides in Cnl fern-n.
nr FhlleiTplnlila newsraners. nflKII TM( llfnnfiril htt tVVnl nt Dayton e visit his sis-
iiiiii in iiniii inn iiiiib in t
ililnlii I ii U ifUmLli
pin hla npwsiiaiiprs.
"The ncwsnaiipr nrtlrlcs te whlM, T
refer make gruve eahrjes against the
system new established for the punish
ment of persons convicted et violations
91 the criminal laws of the Common
wealth, for the safekeeping of persons
wuuni. irim en crimimu charges, and
for ,hc detention of witnesses likely te
depart from the ceunty:
eparc ireni
V "In P"rt-
Cltes IHnws in Iaw
the fltqtiMf IsfmiHen nftlinttn
bese remarks aiinear In the newsna-
pera arises with regard te the previsions
of the general law of the State.
"As for example, the-p prlvl-dens for
Imprisonment at labor by separate or
Solitary cimlinemunt, or because of the
fnlltia,. ,.C t. 1 i.. . a .
i,.... hi me iiin ie preMue ier the
convicted in agricultural operation
Ceuiaihnan Charles H. Hall resents
the etatpiiipiit of Ur. Jexenh N. Reeves,
president of the ltemd of Prison Itmnee-
Sisters Believed te Have Fallen
Asleep and Died Frem
w. that (. me net a'liMdantiy sup
..... ..., jlllnln ,,. iiiiiiitjii.
Ur. Ueevcs miiilc this statemeiit nft'pr
Twe aged wen.cn were found dead
from gas this morning, and a mun
discovered unroncleuK near nn open
ras jet died n feu minutes nfter being
taken te a hospital.
The dead women nre the Misses
1 (fTlinu T") IVIillikll nlirliltl.dlv nn mttt nA
nl...l. .- '". -' -"""'V". "''' .. ........... IMIW-M Jl-uin um,
""."k inn nicnia furnished the ami her sister, imihella, eighty-four
iVlk i'" lIlineshnrg "burnt rye jenrs old. both of ,1,11,- Pine street.
ami bn-ad for breakfast, for example. The bodies were discovered in chairs
fim ii ""-,''a" J"1"" attention te the drawn cle-e te a gnN heater en which
wi mat (.utiucil keeps a very close u pan of watt?" had been placed. It
i ln '. nu "l,l "leney appropriated, te K thought tluit the women fell asleep
" Uuiit) Prison," Dr. Reec liad and thnt water boiling ever extin-
.";, ., , . gulshed the flames in the stove.
fnrf" inJ "CUT "'yeted ie any item They were discovered bv Mrs. Ada
dwl.Vni Vi''"V'.i,,,i llll,,('0l'".v prisons, Seel, proprietress of, t lie rooming house
eeciareil .Mr. Hull. ivln. l .i.,i I.....O., ,.f i..lw.n. iim.. ..t,i.r tn .iu
1111111 ii ", -"" lrt i"ii.""" " iiniii ini-j ii'-niim, nne Miit'iiu K'lS
emmjuee en liiiw eseniung irnm tneir room and upon find
ing the bodies summoned nn ambulance
from the University Hospital. Dr. R.
A. Kimbnugh, physician en the nmbu
laiiee, prnununeed them dead.
MKs Sarah Teeter, a niece of the
aged woman, living nt 'J21!) North
Hubert street, took charge of the
Mrei . . ,KS " , t!ll ceinnilltee, te Jnnipi Peters, forty-five years old.
Wet' v l , ','. '" l",atut of - M)I North Tenth street, was found
"Council ,. .!"." i ' .. ... unconscious in his room and was tnken
fluid te .. nwr. lwP''' Mn W"J '" "''I'neumnu Hospital. He died a
Mr. In? ,, L, H"!i I1'80,??' hnl(1 f'w 'i,'lt,s "f,cr belnif admitted te
"'i t'uinj, but It did oppose the hospital.
"iiiniica en I'm.., Tent.f.,.,r. r..i t..
-v.n-ii .ur. nnu,
lie reuiielliiifiiii..
wuiiiclpal (leveriinient.
7 Will Held Public Meetings
Te thi
s cmnmittee wns referred yes
lerflny I'uuiii'iliimii
Itnper's resolution
K "P"11 'he Heard of Judges te
Kir?1" l ,!,IelH "t tl' ""lines-
Bi 0I1,1""1 l'''"",t hack te Council.
JUDUe Mr.!, nt,,, n.' ll.le li... ...
or. mother 01 uewianus and ctt tin
car for miner repairs while he went te
New Yerk bv train. Later he sent for
his nutomeblle and thP boys had stnrted
te deliver It when arrested, the driving
license being iu possession of the uncle.
Challenges Treasury Head te Let
Congress Examine, His Records
Washington, Dec. S. Repeating ln
the Heuse -yesterday his charges that
corporations nre escaping pennlties and
taxes through failure of Andrew W.
Mellen, flccrctnry of the Treasury, te
enforce the law, Representative Frear,
Republican, Wisconsin, challenged the'
Secretary te urge the. President te let
Congress see the records of his office.
Rending n long list of large stock
dividends declared by various corpora
tions, Mr. Frear asked if Mr. Mellen
did net "begin the stock melon-cutting ',fl.,,nue,, en rnM Thlrty-thiw. Column 1-lve
with n 200 per cent cut for (iulf Oil.-!CJ .. r,r.rii rr-r-ir-e
your own company. - FIVHVIC. UHWOM UtriCO
Jir. v rpar sniu ue iie-u nnu ueen in
formed that uu organized coterie of
ngciits exists for pressing tax refunds
nnd tax contests In the Treasury, headed
by "a former White Heuse usher, who
wns made chief of the income-tax di
vision without previous experience and
whose income new exceeds that of the
flic nlnn is te send an elaborately
uniformed marching club from Philadel
phia te Harrisburg en the occasion of
the Inauguration.
As the day of the old-time pnrader
is about gene und the marching clubs
thnt nourished a dozen nnd twenty years
nge have, as such, gene out, of exist
ence, u fly -Ii.! -night club is te,bo or
ganized for the occasion.
Workers Must Pay
Its members are te be recruited by
various ward leaders from among the' fii'in-n,! iimmimniilv in inMin.,,tii i.
product werkcrH and ether humble ser- ( tivitles and had been arrested a number
iters of the bosses. 0 times
These who are dependent, upon the I .Mellewes, who hnd barely passed his
ward leaders for n livelihood in the way i twenty-seenth birthday when e.o e.e e.o
ef city jobs of the less.lucrativo.sert are, (,ute,i hlld the merP remiintic career of
sinted te the scaffold.
The startling swiftness with which
the Free State Government acted in
consequence of the assassination of
Deputy Hales caused a great sensa
tion among Dublinitcs accustomed ns
tiiev arc te sensational happenings.
Through today's executions the
irregulars lest two of their principal
lenders and two ether Important,
although less known men. AH four
surrendered after the destruction of
the Four Courts in the seizure of which
O'Connor and Mcllewes took a leading
The republicans have, issued a mani
festo describing Timethy llealy. the
Governer General, as a life-long enemy
of the nntien- The manifesto ndds:
"The tight will go en ns long ns there
is a man in Ireland. It is war te the
Rederick (Rory) O'Connor and Linm
Mellowes were leaders of the band of
Irish insurgents that held the Four
Courts Ruildlng in Dublin in its stand
against the Free State troops Inst June.
Kaeh was taken prKener when the
building wns captured after a three-day
Ruth O Cenner and .Mcllewes hnd
The President's Recommendations
Prohibition Suggests early confer- jtfvc Congress nutherity ever child
ence of Federal and State officials labor; another would restrict
in administering prohibition laws. issues of tax-exempt securities.
Transportation Would abolish Rail- Farmers' CreditB Wants extended
Dees Net Believe Senti
ment Calls for
AnJ T nltA.. llnnltrl . .!! nl..ltlt '
Avtiu uuiiui ijuaiu, wibii euuniiku-
tien of a labor division in Inter
state Commerce Commission;
wants carriers and empleyes te
settle their own clilrerences; co
credit for farmers.
Aliens Suggests legislation
registration of aliens and mere
careful examination of immi-
,rt.nnfa nt. nnrtct nf nmlmrkntinn.
ordination of all transportation ! t?n..:,r. Anv.irc nnMnma Amnvifnn
facilities urged. relations are free from every
Constitutional Amendments One te I threatening cloud.
$100,000 FIRE LOSS
Clinten Hall, One of Finest Build
ings, Badly Damaged
IJlalrstewn, N. J.. Dec. 8. Clinten
Hall, of Illnlr Academy, one of the
finest buildings nf the institution, nnd
supposed te be fireproof, n four-story
brick and stone structure, wns badly
damaged by a fire which stnrted from
some undetermined cnuse nt about Ci
o'clock this morning. !
The building, which was erected about
twenty years nge, contained the etecu
4ve offices, class rooms, the Scrlbncr
library nnd a SfiOOO organ. The fire
men were hampeied by lack of water.
Thn fire was reported te be under con- I
trel nt 0 o'clock this morning.
The less Is estimated nt $100,000. '
Suggests Abolition of Rail La-'
ber Beard, With New
Powers for I. C. C.
Federal Control of Child Laber
and Registration of Aliens
te be made the victims of the ward
lenders' pride.
Rut this is the least objcctlennblc
feature of the plan.
One hundred and'fiftv men, doorbell deorbell doerbell
pillldrSf'' window boe.'nen?- nnd ethers
who held positions lU'Clry nnd county
offices rnnglng from $1000 te $1800, a
year, nre te be pre-cd into service as
a mnkehft marching club "for the In
auguration. ..
It's "orders" from tKe, front and
they nre expected te "Obey. "'
Necessarily this dub must he uni
formed te conform te the dignity of the
occasion. There nre te be new over
coats, treuHTH, 'ImtH, gloves, cane-, nnd
stints. In addition there Is railroad
'.fare . t.e and from HariKlmrg. with
Hetel accommodations miring meir unci
stay nt the Capitel.
i The cost of all this has been fixed nt
er of Commerce Sounds
William D. Foulke Declares League
I Culnable of Goe I In Rvctum
lt'nclil.ftf,i., Tlnn 1 t !...1!, .
m . 1? unil". "". a-n-i . u.- ill, Iliuiuillll'lir
praises of New Stadium of the Anti-Saleen League and of the
ieeChamber of Commerce basHtnrted Prohibition Enforcement Service. vig-
nevem-m . i. . has started nrmH um, lingIinrle ,,. b wi.1n-;n
football ,,. , V '"ra'v"xlw Dudley Feulke. of Richmond. Ind
Mi, fc "' ,,ajcu hvr ",lIt wxt former United States Civil Service Cem-
inlukl.iliei- PlIllKPll 11 lenRnMnn linen Inuf
Tl, r. .,........., -..- .. .. -- . .... i,
Members Pest Netice In Cresoena
That Practice Must Cease
Petlsvllle. Pa.. Dec. 8. Members
of the Ku Klux Klan visited Cressona
Wednc'dnv and posted a notice In front
of Jacob Hlddle's store that "gambling
In tills town must step." I.uter the
Klan is said te have visited several
gambling dens, where the same notice
was given. Shots were later heard
from the cemetery overlooking the town
as a unal warning.
Authorities nre investigating reports
that the Klan visited Cre.ena in un
lighted nutomebUcs, the members thus
concealing their identity.
Defeats St. Francis Passers In Sec
ond Game, 41-20
CkiSJi. feeiitlvp Committee of the night, nt the annual sessiea of the , Vlllnnevn College defeated St, , Fran-
tkambcr. cemnjunlcatea tl ireugl Aba National Civil Service Reform League. ? llrepklyn, last night In lis sec-
eAf,.,RO,Mv,l,"'si'l',nt of the clamber, Men and women, prominent in ef- end basketball geme of the season en
Sit nl" Ut,,ry Wilsen! cemmun- forts -it raising the tone of public sen- !,,"0X,,,,n Uw court tlie 8Cere of 11
b n..1',0. IP'' tntps Naval Acad- iec from all parts of the country, nn- te 20.
rtrlntT, i '.ll:J,ll(,r General SInden. su- plamietl .ur. ruumua umiress, wuicn j.i0 tue mm mh.ie -.... ...
taf? ' :i!!..f thernlted States Mill- ws unspar ng of he npe lis ' system and "j .JPn-hed nK the rame ,,,..1
tniii. "V,,IJ. ashing i nit thev nuuln i eneuiui-n un- iiii-wiu"."! i.t-iiKiiu iih """.""j '"" "'" ;" ' ..
Z UiH ' the FrSnl'l 1, IB " having been, "Immoral und wicked" In 12. Alwnys just a little ever double
,!2.' permitting "without n pretest the En- the uuraber of pelntB credited Its nd-
hi.,.??,,n,f "f the Philadelphia Cham- ferrement Uurcau te become und re- versnry, VUlanevn played easily and ef-
tL i"""Sr,e ni1" the business In- main the spoils of degenerate political ficlently te the finish.
wr.M,,,,re ' ''esiie te stnte that we plunderers." Gray and Lynch were the chief fnc-
riiinl, 8ll,y Pleased at bavlnis the mid- Mr. Foulke held the ,Antl-Saleen lers In the triumph. Lynch netted five
fe,"Anm " Naval Aeademv nnd 1P "'est cuiPble" after he hnd field gealb and excelled ln his fleer-
Kt,u?dcts frn" West Point at ou? new charged thnt. "the present crime wave work.
&1??.1 "'" I'nlversllv of Pennsyl- 1ms much of Its source In this unworthy Keating with a quintet of double-
T'' Mr. JehiiHiM, wiite course followed by the ndvecntes of deckers dragged down the visitors'
.. w?envnestlv (.. i,,,' ,, nrohlbltlen.'. . . honors.
,l'vlleKe f'e ffi, .".'"'r" : The Vplstena net ww asserted by
"'i lenni .....i .1 . v." '",.,i
Announces She Will Sing at Con
cert In L.03 Angeles
Les Angeles, Dee. 8. tlly A. P.)
Mine. Johanna (Sndski, noted opera
singer, has announced she will sing
here, December 11, despite pretests of
the American Legien.
Mine. Gndskl declared she would begin
action for damages against persons or
publications spreading a false slery as
te the manner ln which she received
news of the sinking of the Lusltnnin.
'ihe singer said she held a statement
the two. Even when ln his 'teens he
was an Indefatigable worker for the
republican cnuse. He organized the
Fianiiuh-Eireanu, n body of boys who
pledged their lives for u ftee Ireland,
und innde a bicycle tour of the country
te complete this work.
In llUfi he was arrested by the Rrit
ish, but escaped und u pi lee of 1000
pounds was put en his head. Fiunlly
his biding place w-us discovered and
surrounded, but he broke through the
lines disguised us u nun and reached
the sea const where he shipped ns a
stoker and. after a stermv voyage, ar
rived in America. During the later
dnjs of the World War he lived In the
I'nlted States, but in 10111 returned te
Ireland te engage nguln in the tight for
the republic.
O'Connor an Engineer
O'Connor wns educated te be an
engineer inpleting a course in Dub
lin Fnlver-ity nfter which be received
nn appointment in Western Canada.
The pessibillt) of entering the Irish
tight for freedom apparently never en
tered his mind until the outbreak of the
Would Give Merchantmen Free
dom of Pass age During
Peace and War
?V Asseeiatril 'ri-v
Lausaniia, Dec s. -Turkej presented
te the Near East cuiifeience teiVi
f,(ninter-si"."instleiii '
of the Straits of the Dai
Ne Price Yet Discussed, Chicago
Packer Says of Merger Repert
Chicago, Dec. 8. (Dy A. P.) An.
unexpected turn ln the discussed merger
of two lnrge packing firms, Merris & i
Ce. nnd Armour & Ce., became known ,
today when a signed stntcment Issued '
by the former firm wns made public.
The Merris & Ce. statement" read :
"We note by Thursday's morning
papers that Mr. Armour hns advised '
President Harding thnt we nre anxious i tty Associated Press
.IJSi?"1, f t,he,n,kln8 business. Wn-shlngten. Dec. 8. President
"This Is news te us. i .. ,, ... , , ,,
"While we realized thnt Mr. Armour ' IInn"B m his annual message delir-
Is very anxious te acquire our business cred tednv te Congress In person deals
and our organization, up te the present with ncnrlv a srore of subjects, chiefly
sar;aT.d.ar,!etpid;sk;v,i:ir"'' rUMt'r: far"r,,,!tf,
"Even if Mr. Armour should pur- ,Ile transportation problem, child labor
chase our business it would net menn and immigration.
Ihn've would long remain out of the The Executive announces his pur-
racklns business.
i", wv ,"vi- .ill- ,ui;uiiiin 1,1 me
Stntcs nnd territories te nn early con
ference with the Federal executive
authority with n view te ndeptlnu
definite policies of national and State
co-operation in administering the pro
hibition laws.
He snys the day is unlikely te come
when the prohibition amendment will
be repealed nnd that the Natien should
adapt Its course accordingly.
Wnnts Strict Dry Enforcement
President Harding tells Congress that
if the statutory previsions for prohibi
tion enforcement nre centrnrv te
deliberate public opinion, which he doe
net believe, the rigorous nnd literal
enforcement' will concentrate public
attention en any requisite modification.
"Such a course," he adds, "conforms
te the law and save the humiliation
of the Government and the humilia
tion of our people before the we'rld nnd
challenge! the destructive forces engaged
In widespread violation, official cor
ruption nnd individual demoralization."
With regard te the transpor'utien
problem. Mr. Harding prep"ses that
the Huilreud Laber Heard be abolished
with ihe substitution of a labor division
in the Interstate Cemmercn Commission
with ample power te lequire It rulings
te be accepted by both parties te a
disputed question. The Executive also
proposes that the law require the enr
u'eis nnd their cm-lejes te institute
means und me heds te negotiate
between themselves their constantly
arising different es. limiting appeals te
the Government bed. te disputes of
such character ns are likely te affect
the public welfare.
('e-iuilinatiim of nil transportnlien
I.ii liiti.es is urged by tin- l'iei'b'nt.
These ' ,euld inc'iide net enh inland
waterwajs but motertruck trans-Mirta-t.en
as well He inveighs ag.un.st the
-.Winn et' paralleling the railroads with
truck in ids, thus drawing Height from
the -team lines instead of making the
uisiiuiirui i: .1 ne.ier lur them.
I Would .Merge Railroad Lines
WIFE WEEPS IN COURT A te il... ...rriers themselves Mr.
Harding suggests as wnjs of increased
i eeeiiiimv anil i 'hi a uev there lie n mei-v,.,-
Edwin E. Keliti. fortpe,- broker, who '" .'""" "'te
"General Weed probably will remain in the Philippines,"
according- te Secretary of War Weeks, wEe today discussed the
rumors that the General will net come te take the headship of
the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Weeks would net make a
definite statement until he had seen President Harding. The
Secretary of War admitted he Bad received a telegram from the
General and said he might malse Ms telegram public this
Numerous small thefts have been reported from the Penn
sylvania Scheel of Industrial Art, Bread and Plug stieets It be
came knownteday. The losses included relics, chinaware and
vugs. Nene of the articles stolen have been of mere than trifling
value, according te the school authorities.
Fermer Breker Given Three te
Six Years en Charge of '
was convietiM of emb ''enn nt after his I
World War, when he suddenly left his I llosnetus. The 'IniKs
lonely camp in Canada, crossed the
ocean and hemme one of the central
figures in the famous Easter rebellion
of 101(1. lie was captured, but Inter
released under the amnesty.
Fer man) months he took an netlve
part in the guerrilla warfare which
scourged Ireland, but It win as the
leader of the lepubllcnn forces that
seized the Pour Courts llullding lu
Dublin that he first came into Inter
national pieminence. His defense of
thnt place with a comparative handful
of men in the face of the artillery bem-
9 MA t ltA I lAllllvrilllltl 11 lllflfAA.l...k . l m - .t v r.
iiu.il .m- ucii ui'iii ." ...miihiku niiiiwing imminent Irem tne ! roe .state guns
her Status whlle residing In America i caught the popular imagination en both
never had been questioned by the' sides of the Wlniiile.
authorities. The hopelessness of the sltuntien
A telegram asking for official In-(with re-enfercements lacking nnd the'
formation concerning her nttitude dm- Free State fmces bent mi a prolonged
Ing the world war has been sent te At- l siege, if necearv. finally Induced him
iiniiey ui-iiuiiu umiKiiciiy ey r. j. te surrender and miicc that time he hns
,i-.-mimis-iuiu, Braii) ei me .Mer- been treated as a
iliitntu nml ln liiif npl iipn.u1 A... 1
Guarantees uguni-t surpiise attacks
from land or sea rbrent rung the se
curity of the St-.u -, nf Constnnti Censtnnti Constnnti
neple or if the Sea of .Marmora.
Limitation of niu.il tones, bound
for the Hlack Sen se that they will
net constitute a dansi r te the zeiir
extending helween the two straits te
the lthiek Sea, I'l'urUev expresses' the
view that these forces uudil be com
posed of light warships, iiii.1e.wi for
the protection of international com
merce. I
Interdiction upon the maiutennncn
of warships ln the lilac!; Sea.
Libert v of tuissm:" tur 'n chant-
raen In time of pence and of war.
Tellls. inlets: li'iti",. rtf
r-.. :..i.. . .... .. ; . ;." .:."
iivimu mis. rue ouseiiimiiou et facili
ties UMil tlin ...1. ,n,,i i,. ,.f ,,.,.,L
i"il;i- (.., Ml estMhhshtnent nt LiL".' Walnut street! He declines Un.i ihe luiumgers ,,f the
inel es and the failed nmenir ethers cmiL'ht in n pen- lines are without that interennier. in.
eral crash last .lanunrv
I te from three te six ears in the E'tst
' trn Penitentiary today by Judge Daws
in Quarter Sessions Court.
Altheudi Kehn was convicted lis
I April ii ' has been in M iihuimi-imi.'
prison since that time, sentence was
I net Imposed until today.
Kehn. although nentl dn-ed. was
l mie nnu nervous wnen lie mi.eniei
in nnu lie was nceeinnenled 1
, wife and his eounsel, Jehn I.
! Scott.
S-ett inml
was senlei-eed l'.'"li"",' i"iaiien-lilii -'si liii;lil ,.s,.n.
..I iii un- Dpsi ami must e-oneuileal
per.itien.." adding that thev maid net
function in hnrmmix when the recent
strike threafned the paruhsls of all
niuwuj iransportntlen.
Farm Preduttlnn Credits
Mere extended crtdlt for the farmers
is strungl urged by the Ew'eutiw. who
de. hues that the erj pn.ef of helpful
ness n'teady giwu is the Ktriininsii-
i is lu-Kuiiifiir. ier i ue permanent ebtabllsb-
K. mem of widened credits, lie savs the
1 I arm I.nau ISureau ma. well bue Its
for pewi'i-s pnlurgisl tu prewde ample farm
strong idea
prisoner of wnr.
Hales Was Cellins' Friend
T-.... !. II. .1 1 ,1 .
ifepiuy iseiiu ii.iirs nun xtrigudler
(iciiPi-nl I'airuu u .uamile. Deputy
ill.. , , Jlr. I'OUlttC l" muni! I'liura in me en-
lie caileth again next J ",.. uprvlee Hie 'mern nlnn.ler n
I'lr. , "" V"' eiuleth again next "
nUtliL i1.,?l't ' I'l'l'ndplphln rep- .
weliri'i "it. ,n "lU'ss the con cen
KtmlJum T,Ti i",c "IT l'1'"1"1 "'' 'he ll(,w
iWiZ ff ! !,! "nlvenlt, of Pen..
nd feel i,! ."iu.nt .0l ranlilln Field.
""' writes t ' " e lue"1 10ca 0'
Cen ressmen nnd ether politicians," . Jhnstewii, Ta., Dec. 8. A change
,:, hn releiced "thnt such n man had ? Ye""e has been asked. In the cas
'. ' . ... .ifmi..,i" nfter clnii-fliu' tim Vni. or Olayer Jespnb Cnufllel. of Jehns-
Btei d himself had favored maitlug these !ftw who Is te go en trial neceinbei
niiiees nelltienl spelli. 3 en a charge of assault ami battery.
chants nnd Manufacturers Assecia
tien, it was announced today,
E. Sherman Dandy, the singer's
manager, was said te have told a com
mittee of members of the American
Legien today that If Attorney (icneral
Daugherty's reply Indicated pre-Oer-mnn
sympathies en the part of Mudume
Gad ski, her engagement In Leu Angeles
would be canceled.
The beard of police commissioners
planned a hearing en the matter today.
Raid Reveals Robberies In Hemes
of H. P. Whitney and Others
New Yerk, Dec. 8. The theft by n
gnng of negrees of ilfiO.OOO wnnu f
valuables from the summer homes of'
iinrry i-nyne wniiney ami ether wealth v
New erkers was revealed Inst nMit
by detectives after a battle In "TTnit'e
Kitchen." en the edife of tVin imt...,n
theatre djstrlct. which resulted in two who has been cenllncd te his home nt
nrresis ami tne recovery or $50,000 2032 Walnut street Bevernl weeks
Wn th 2?-.V.n. ... ....u.-, . i.heeause of a cold, was i renerte.1 today
i TV ;. , . ""ucrics in- i D niH imj Biennis um Krnmy unproved.
i i- i .' , "' cnenr. lie said that pienueiiiin cieuirs us well a.s enlarged
i Kehn had tried te stem the tide ,,f land i redits.
ft rihlfifp mmlnl ,..,.1 ... . t . s, . fV. .. .!.. i i
The Turkish position en i he iiuestien ,, P ,7 I Sn .V ..r . V ' i "m '""" ',"' "
of the Straits was nies,-t..l In Uim- ,,,.?.. i Ke,,,n ,mi' Kv"" " I,r,",",,d. ne would give Congress
of the ,,rl.ln ,., ,1,.. s!i,n.r .1,... I .,,..,.,. '"" "lU llis "'' Wis forced Ie L'e would restliet the tss,,es of tnx-eeiilllt
'I'ne.. - i..i i ".: . "' "!'rl- securities, whnh are declare, i,, la
international treaties (encernin'g "that niav'hnve ,i,m!r l"."''! ."'"f ,wl'le K"hr.- "drying up the s .urc, of l-'ederal tuxa-
waterway ? !, ", "' p'!ll""'d h his cenn- tlnn and encouraging unproductive and
Harmful te Turkev ..'u '"j" r,,i TH ,lf "" necesserv te cxtrnwigant expenditures 0 State., and
iiannrui te luiiiej nmke an ebW-t lessen of such ensiw munlc Ha ties."
Ismet mentioned eerlinn points iu tin
- . " " I" " I . IIIV lll'slllt 1 llllllll "MlllJ 111 111
er of the lower house of the Intemlllnl nr,i.s.ils uhi.-h li. ...msi.l
new Parliament, were shot yesterday en ered particularly harmful te Tuike
ther yii te the 1 arliament session. , Of these the llrst was the inclusion of
liaies died Mierii) auerivnru. U JInillc. tl
.. ...,.i ,,..,.i ; '
. ...... ,, niiiii eiiKe,
!!.",!, '"i , Ntlt0 -he bucket-shop brek- Enactment of legislation providing
,r,n, t i , ., ."""siiiiig uiese teund -r riviuirauen ei am ns nn i ier mere
miiuy et violeting the law. thorough examination of emigrants nt
.;, iwiiin weiit when her husband the ports of embarkation in ur 'ed. Tim
.. ll.. I . --.- -w
iii Sun .f l.i-.tk.A.i in (Ii.. , , in ii. ii, 11IM SIMM nnnnH .., .1 .. . . .
.1 t I ... 1.. ' I ---- " ............ . . . ... Mllll III I HlllllllIIIMII 111! 11 T t 11.TMIIII1I Mil I i . . . ir-H IU fl " Pliflltllilnii .
snot in the ue.ui an i u u. was operated , of the Straits, because piepai.itimiM for the cellroetn. lie tried te cheer l.r lence of iMihena e.l Vn erl ,,ni m , i T
Ilnles was one of Miehae Cellins' I and Thn.ce nnd yet would net affect - - I "0 ,1 ,e l wri,l v n'.,'lf" T,d
closest friends. His brother Tem is'en the liberty of pm-sage for vess, U. Uni n TURpr AC UllTMroero th ut n ve cate f JL i.. ' I"1'1'
ir-rih,.'!,!":.... Anether point he made was. thai It H0LD HA WITNESSES , ffi A 'S'&SrSSSi
reported Imw- acKnewledgel I se f Zf 'T 'n? ii . '"""" Companions of Driver Whose Car ' ,"M,ln tlu'lr, Ut-luUI followers among
responsible for the ambush which re. i i nl:,,u"1 lhl ' "sperus. Ii ,;, r "' "rlver wnese Car these who take en the habiliments of
Lulte. i . Mi "hail Celli, s" death last I,lt' . lS ceuM;,", i",1i7t" I Killed Man te Testify i un A.nerhan without knowing an
s miner ,ltatu 'stheie would be no fo.iil.iatte.is, either Frnncis llrewn. Lnnce Kichanlen Americnn soul."
summer. land or naval, en either shore. and Jeseph Cnssldy, nil of Pl"lnd"lnirin ."''Bi-trnllen of nliens. the President
MD IftAMAnIAICD PAIMO . . !iI,".ithlni,i, "iinl W'?l "l.1t'0,ll,t"ti?n "'ere dischnrgeil last night V . i? nd,U' wl" ",mul" N'ntien te guard
MR. WANAIVIAKhK GAINS iwlth the Billed suggestion that in the , Xorristewn. but wire imi.i . . , ' u "Bnlnst ubi-ses In immigration, cl.eelt-
"Restlna Comfortably," Say
Attending Physicians
The condition nf Jehn Wnnamnker,
.1 llll.ul 1 i 1 .. 1 11 I . --.. -, will It IT 111 ! Ill inniv I .
, uemiiiuirweu zones mere sunuiii ne no .,. rivegniznne t n; "....;:..."" .Ing the unties rab n whose Irreiriilin.
, movement et troops... le thought that wben Jnseni, rsi. ' " ' "." 1 V"l"N,;H coining is his (list violation ,.f tl, iT.w
will be charged wlti, homicide nt the nndini tJV mT T wi". tac,m
r"..l . .. .. .".'""."" "v "le neeiled Amur rati vn,, H,u i.
mean te enroll ns citizens,
the sucli iiievcinent slieuld he permitted be
cause tne zones in ouestieu connect the
two parts of the country. ' ,, ""i, " ,., "r, l riimnnl Court in
I 4..i i.- ii .i.-x .. , . - ' oiinectlen with dm Hni , - n
.iMun, uu cumeiiiieu inai in eruer ie , r.i ', ,., ., , , , , " , mirry
defend the shores of the Sea of Mar-' ,, ' ' . , '''""''"Iphla, In nn autoino auteino autoine
mora by a licet Turkey would have te , " "POl(le,,t mllr Sumneytown Oclo Ocle
keen urscnals and ether naval enuin- cr-'-
Yfi-l thlnli nf Wrllln
The Mnyer wan convicted nn the charge
n j car age, but nppealed and was I
irtntcd n retrial.
eluded Henry Ilnlthsen, William Alli Alli
eon, J. F. Olbhens, at Planedem, L. 1
and Acost Nichols, at Celd Springs. ''
UrrUa resuliirly? Try al.
eleu Cruntierry Halic mai
-lth Eatmer Cninhfrrlc. (kT
lln Iu iwiiin. eotnfertnlilv. " tlm anl.i
A marked chance for the better w-iir'
apparent en Sumlny nnd se much Ira-
trevement lias ne mane since then that
Irs, Harvey Shoemaker, Alfred Sten
gel and William E. Qulcksull have dis
continued the issuing of bulletins.
ment in Constantinople and the Straits, """ "" ll ' sain, drove the car which
lie thought also that the limits of the I "nrrle)(l the four men. Considerable 11-
eiullitarized zones were tee great n i , 'luer is said te have been found in the
contended that the four Islands in the1 'reeked nute. ltlchnrdsen and Cns-
Continued en .M.eTHIrt.-tl.rin. $ "ilS? SSfW SS&
Free Frem War Clouds
Dealing with foreign affairs, Mr.
Harding tells Congress that Ameri
can relations are net only free from
every threatening cloud, but the country
has contributed its "lurger influence'
Centliiurd en I'uid Thirty-Hires. Column On
ii(J tntt every rquirmtnt may b tSuni
ulckiy by cenjultfnic the Aputmint ceiuSS
en pae ii.Adv, -w"-
9 V
js .-y; ii.i ,
'Ji it, i "i 1 1.
i.yiiafj t