Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 14, 1922, Night Extra, Page 2, Image 2

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V v a..-.. p.wv-iytiM.M, i . K Uffi T afciMJ aJabatV O MBMMf (, MaWafajMha- w aMawamw Mb 4amkapi AaiawlalaMPJBaat MNW VI .vPV'
Marjerle Rambeau and Others
Will Wear Latest Ideas of
Clntra, of Londen
' . I ' a ri .-.w
Anarchy tn fashions nlll be spmi at
th Faalilen Hhe.v field In the Hreml
fttrt Th)lrit tM nfliirnnmi At "
leek for the benefit of the Ch.rh.tt.
vunnmiii v.iiin,
Clntrn. of Londen, known itntref
BterMllr . the Hen. Mm. Jehn Fortes Fertes
ue, hns brought with her a bewlldci
lug array of enwns, which neither fellow
BOP yet definitely defy fnahletit. Hnnd Hnnd
erae brocaded entltn nre mndc Inte
modern frncktt from wmc nnd trailing
Bedlevnl ldwis for ether.
"It In net thnt fnnhlnn ehnuld he fol
lowed, I eentend," Mid Mrs. Fortes
cue, "but HUher the Indlvldunl should
b ulted. I've been tiulitinu fnxhlen nil
tnr life. I de net knew thnt the Ien;:
tM will itav, but does it mutter?
It nheuld be the leg which determines
the lenjjfn of the eklrt. net r. cut nnd
dried fashion, nnd the arm whirl, nhimli.
y wueiucr a Rewn sneuiii iw Hieeve
tt." Printed velvets, one te resemble a
tlner Rkln, still another after the colors
of n butterfly wins, a variety of color
and material, fur belnir very much in
OTldence en evening (towns.
Among society folks who will appear
S models are Miss F.llen Douglas
Lloyd, Mrs. Heffman Delnn, Mrs. Jehn
B. Thayer, Mrs. Itandnl Mertfan. Mrs.
Phllmeen Dickinsen, Mrs. Persifer
Frawr. 3d. Miss Pegcy Ilesenuarten,
Miss Theodora Lillle nnd Mrs. Wnlter
W. Hopkinson.
Francine Lnirlmore and Marjerle
Rambeau will be present In some of
the itpecinl cewns.
During the Intermission T,eon Krrel
will auction off autographed photo
graphs of film nnd stace star.
Mra. Magulre, Feared as Germ Car
rier, May Yield te Diplomacy
Isolated in her home at -001 Kast
Elkhart street. Mrs. Mary Magulre,
inspected by the Department of Health
of belnj a carrier of typhoid fever
germs, prepared today te resist te the
last moment any effort of the author!
ties te take her te the Philadelphia
Twe policemen of the llelgrade nnd
Clearfield streets station maintain n
strict guard en her residence, prevent-
ing Mrs. Maaulre from lenvlns and
making sure thnt no one entered.
According te the police, they are
only awaiting orders te take the worn-
an forcibly from her home.
Tlila action, however. Dr. A. A.
Cairns.' chief medical Inspector of the
Uurenu et Health, indicated, was living
postponed pending outcome of mere
diplomatic means of getting the wom
an te comply with the city's medical
According te Dr. Calms, the woman
is obtained legal advice and thnt of a
Ivute physician. Reth her ntterncy
and her physician, lie said, nau com
municated with him yesterday and said
that Mrs. Magulre had agreed te sub
mit a culture, which is all that the city
desires te establish whether the Mispi-;
clen that she Is a carrier of typhoid
la correct.
Deaths of a Day
Physician and Surgeon Dies After
Nine Months' Illness
Dr. FrnneiH ,1. I.ammer died yeMcr
lay after an illness of nine months nt
lllil hnmn 'JOAC VaiI. Vlnutnenli
atreet, at the age of fifty -ei'sjht years, j ONE-MAN TROLLEY BLAMED I
Dr. Lammer was born in l'hlludcl- '
phle nnd received his education iu tlie'Car Hlt Herse-Drawn Wagen at,
publla schools here, the Philadelphia Fifty-fifth St. and Haverford Ave.
College of Pharmacy ami Science, St. Five boys, Injured when stniek by n
Jeseph's College and the .Medlre-Chl ' "ent-man" trolley ear nt Fifty-fifth
Il?"Bf Jm&'u.n1.' ?,!"'. MHf'"Jn . p,rP!t '"! Haverford avenue, brought
Ur. I.ammer was nu active member , . ,,,,,,,
of the County Medical Society and the "", ,""11 of Persons injured In trolley
Amerirnn Medical As-oelntleu. He I nceldents yesterday te twpnty. One of
survived ty ins Mster, Ml Iliirlmr.-i A.
I.ammer, and two children. Francis .1
Jismmer. ;su, und Miss Lucy A, Lam
mer. Solemn requiem mas will be cele
brated nt 10 o'clock Thursday morning
In the Church of Our Lady of Mercy,
Bread street and Susquehanna avenue.
Merrlavllle Physician Stricken While
Ministering te His Child
Trenten, N v H. Stricken after
rising from bed te cine for one of his
twin sons, Dr. Isaac N. Weedman, one
of the best-known phvsleiuns of the
East and one of the founders of the
McKlnley Hospital, thlt city, died last
nbjht at his home in Morrisville, Pa.
Hern in Bucks County, Pennsylvania ,
fifty-five years age. Dr. Woe-lmnn ni
graduated from the Hahnemann Medi
cal Scheel, Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh, Nev. 14. Edward Ilrewn
Alsop, eighty -seven jenrs old, n re
tired capitalist nnd former Pitt.j
burither. who married EfHu Pepe I Kill .
a beautiful yeunu Southern Kirl nnny
years his junior in t'.HL' and divorced
her in linn, died Sunday night nt bin
residence In Washington. I). ('.
Rem In Philadelphia in 1 !.-., Mr.
Alsop came te Pittsburgh when a veuth
and remained here until about fifteen
years age, when he moved te Washing
ton, E. J. MeGewan
E. J. Mctienan. widely known rnll rnll
read man. who lived here for mere
than thirty eais and uns one of the
first promoters of athletics union-
I'eiinsjlvnnln Uiillrend workers, died
Haturdny In Hellnlrc O.. after n short
Illness. The funeral will lie held here
tomorrow from the home of u sister,
Mrs. Jehn Sweeny, IKS 11 Catharine
Themas F. Warwick
'Themas F. Warwick, sixty-eight
Sears old, of 4127 I.nurlsten street,
toxberougli, who was stricken sudden
ly Saturday with acute indigestion, will
he burled Wednesday nfternoen nt '2
o'clock, from St. Timethy's Church.
Interment will be nmde In the ml join
ing burial grounds.
Alexander 8. Besore
Alexander iK. Meson, llfty-idx years
eld, of 1102 Wyoming avenue, uhn
died yesterday nt his home, will be
burled Thursday afternoon at - o'clock
,! Northwood Cemetery, with services
S ducted by the Ilev. Harry K. Ogle.
, Btsere Is survived by a wife. Ag-
''7ii:Pr,-WMi sss inrec uauiiiicr, uhtc. ctcicu
f . ii aaaaa . n i ! nw ! ii iii 1 aaaaaaaaaa. aaa -aaaa w ala a a MMa ai aBa a
j-al k vyi uirni
Dainty Asa Matsuoka Will
Fit Herself te Help Father
in Tokie Exporting Business
Just New She Studies English
in Chicago and Takes Part
in Temperance Werk
MIm Am MntBiinkn, of Teklo. who
Ii nttemlinit the V. C. T. U. cenveif
tirni herp, tftemlrr. cMitte. almost iiliv.
the work (die hope
llctni? tllf U'dfltnll tit
Tnpnn, and niMg. In most innttcr-ef-fnct
tones, "1 hnll ulee take my father's
Tnkiiiit her fnther's plnce inenna belna
the head of a jjrent tlrm et exporters
ami Importers, and yet MNs SlatMiekn
Hjienks of it as ralii.ly ax he would
menflen bujhia n new kimono.
"Of euurse I slmll take hi place."
Mie eays. "1 am the only heir. My
brother IIh1 about five .cars njre. Did
you net knew Hint women In .Tnrnn
did things like that? Oh. yen, It 1
often ye. Seme families have many
ships. My father had a shipyard nnd
he could have mnilr. mnrli tnmim- hiillrl.
itiK the hlp.s, but he lmted the' war se
flint he clesp.1 tlm rnnl "l'l,nr. mhi
be peace nil ever 'the world,' he sav
te me.
"And my father tell me that the
women In Japan must become free. The
men are s() " and she measured high
up In the air with her hand, "nnd th
wen.en are se" nnd the hand fell
elee te the fleer with a Hutu ring
"It is net right. We mut change
Entered American Scheel
This earnest advocate of women's
freedom traveled from Teklo several
months age with l.er chaperenc te enter
ndioel In the 1'nlted States.
"Chaperone? Oh, yes. I could net
have come otherwise. I could net travel
alrfne. '
She is new nt Northwestern Pnlver
Mty of Chicago studying Knglish, nnd
when she has mastered that te her sal
icfactien she will nudy social service
work and take a course In commerce
anil nnance.
"I am ver ashamed of mv Faisllh
, but these veibs these 'tense they
bother me se!" she exclaimed,
i Her desire te help the peer In her
own country began years age. when
the went te have tea with an Ameri-
tun missionary.
"She had a day nursery for the ehil
' drcn. said Miss Matmiekn. her eyes
origin wnn feeling. "Am she took
me te fee the peer people
Three, four
families living In a room" she meas
ured a small space with her arms. "I
was shocked. It was terrible te think
eshan.ed thnt Amerlentw )ini,i.i im.'r
ein u HI.I..O Hi'lfi -AIHI
unu v.M'V
te coine tn my country te help mv peer '
people. New I want te help them."
die (aid. "Kven If I cannot ten'di
iinjM'it. If I can only give advice te
these who work for my father nnd me,
and help ethers te help them."
i.-.,i,. in. .i,
, !1 ,,rr IJUtM Children
'-dy fntlier eh. ninny years age he
, """ " i'"H country te cnoei, and tie
is n great menu te me unrlstlnns In
When I left." nnd .Miss Matsuoka 's
I smile became tender with memories,
' "nir fnflm frnA ...a ,,. ,titni.i tT
J 'my father gave me two things. He
ignve me the money." and she laughed.
"and h gave me a book," becoming
thoughtful again. "I show it te i mi'
eme time." she said. "In the book . seivants.
he tell me what te de. He sav I must "And even in Tokie it Is fashion
be kind and he tell me the 'tilings I able, the dancing: but I de net like
Mieuld learn In my heart te help the that. I wan te make the women ic
women of Japnn be free. Seme people , nllre that they should be free and aid
they think the Japanese arc evil the these peer unfortunate ones who need
nre wicked nnd mv father mv I must . help se much."
Miew them It is net se.
j "I think perhaps I will stay five
I years in your country before I go hack
i te take the place of"my father. There
is e much I mtut knew," she sighed.
"Put. eh! hew I like It. The girls
at school they are all se kind te me.
Once for two weeks nn illness troubled
, me, and they wrote and they sent flew-
the bevs mnv die.
Fifteen persons were injured yester
day morning In a col!iIen nt Sixth and
Federal fctreets.
, The five boys were In a here-drawn
wngen when struck lat night. All
I were taken te the WeM Philadelphia
Homeopathic Hnsnital. MIfharl Freeo,
, fourteen years old, 1.10." North Farwm
street, received fractured ribs, cuts and
a probable fractured skill. Physicians
held little hope for hi" recovery.
ills ermiu-r, ratncK, seventeen, was
Iu a serious condition lasr night, but
was rejrted much Improved today, lie
nIe inn have n fractured skull.
The ethers who were les seriously
hurt, are Deminic Dimas-e. tlilrteen
cars old. l.'ID.'i North Parson street!
his brother Michael, fourteen, nnd Jo Je
seph Diaiti, thirteen, of 41UH Master
street. All were cut anil bruised
New Theft Charge Fellows Shortly
After Second Release en Bail
Max f!ivlnky. Twenty-fifth street
near Oakdale avenue, nnd Elwood
Kplelne, Twenty-seventh street near
Lehigh avenue, released under ball
yesterday en i barges of stealing an
automobile, were arrested again this
morning en similar i-liargrs.
Magistrate Uern added JOOO te the
$.'000 ball under which they were.
The boys are thought te he members
of a band of automobile thieves who
have been operating 111 the Beutlnn of
the city In which they live for several
weeks They were arrested today for
the theft of the lar of William (rill,
fi.'ilfS Spruce street,
liellnskv Is new under hall en three
charges or auto stealing.
Weman Screamed, Husband Ran,
Fire Went Out, Firemen Went Heme
Mrs, llessle Palazmnck, 12720 (Jruys
Ferry read, started te clean her kitchen
stove this morning,
The stove polish ignited and Mrs.
Paiuzmiirk screamed.
Max, her husband, ran like nn agi
tated greyhound nnd turned In nn
When the firemen arrived Mrs, P. I
was just finishing the polishing. The '
"flrn" wiin out.
The firemen went home, und Grays ,
Ferry read is awaiting Its next thrill. (
With two important RHinei still te ulav an
thalr 1D22 schedule, th I'tnn fenthall war-
lera are glvtn dally, armlinu practice,
men naa-s aa may prenarly b alvan out by
coach and claytra aspa ara raula.rlr In the
i kj txiuinvj rjji
gggr?'l'"5g?Sggggggggi I
gggm - ";s;--.;:lggggggl
L M;Mggggf
ggggggggggk VJSutylHigggggi
gggggflfggf '; jgggggggggi
ggHI vtiggggggggggga
WW:k, 'lelgggggggggl
W- s-i-. - .ggggggggH
4gpwjf - Is0'''"' " Jk
i tfHHBhjgMgjM
ers and then," she said, trnillng her
fingers down her cheeks. "1 cried for
the first time. I maybe cannot under
Htniicl what they say or sometimes what
they de hut In my heart I knew. The
feeling Is there."
learned English at Heme
Mls Mntsueku had an American
governess, who taught her te speak
Knglish. She also had many ether
teachers the only teacher of "bon "ben
sekl" in Tokie.
"He was an old man with only one
nrm his left," said Miss Matsuoka,
"hut he could make the plqturcs nnd
he taught me hew."
Miss Mntsunka la the first person te
bring the material for "ben-sekl" or
"snnd picture" te America. The sets
nre costly and easily broken nnd few
have been brought te America before.
With loving care ehe untied the silken
snshct and the cords which held the
boxes. '
"I would net like te show this te
one who wni net Interested In Japanese
nrt," she said; "but you will see, and
then you will understand."
There Is n dark, shining, smooth
heard made of weed pulp, and en this
the snnd picture Is made. The fir-t one
was made mere than u thousand ea-s
age by one of the court ladies te
pleae the Empress, nnd since then
It hns been taught te the daughters of
the nobles and highly educated families
In Japan.
The materials ere all real the tiny
bridges real bronze, nnd stones for
mountains nre real. And from the sand
niirf utilte niirl crniinrl from rocks
. ' . .
i tnt' l'ietur " m',1,,
l i an m.ike the sunset the mNts
moenri'-e, said Miss Mntsurku. "nnd
btushis made from the vliu.- of Murks,
with which the pictures are lmnlc.
Is Musician as AVell
Miss Mutsueka nlse can play the
Japanese harp.
lint the thing she Is most Inter-
e-ted in is Ivelring her people the peer.
' in'1 .J1" Ottered women and
herself n worthy heir ,of her father.
"I had nothing te de." she sa
"There was a housekeeper for the house,
and we hail many servants, for in
-Japan it 1 net difficult tu get the geed
In her suitcases Miss Matsuoka lias
manv gorgeous klomenos utnl haeri.
brocaded sashes and a gleaming robe
lined with white fur for evening: but
' she dvessc- simply In Amerlc.in clothe.
as she has for the last tluee jiars
a black hat. a blue-l-eiul'-il .lress and a
coat with llml.-en seal cellar and cuffs
that Americanize her appearance.
The Rev. Leuis C. Washburn te Get
Bulk of His Widow's Estate
The Hev. Dr. Leuis C. Washburn,
rector of Old Christ Church, Sei-eml
above Maiket streets, is the piincip.,1
benetii-i.iry in the estate of his widow.
Ileurleita S. Wusbburn, wliec will was
prnband today.
Mr. Washburn, who lived at L'O.'Jii
lie f.ancey street, died en Neieniber 4
leaving an estate vnlued at SI Is, null,
Cf this amount $10t,0(l() was persen.il
The testnter leaves S-'.'.OOO in .iish
te her hushnud. the residue Iu trust,
and one-half of the income, in miM
nWe te him. One-sixth of the income
gees te tliree i-hildren, Helen C , Hen
rietta nnd Leuis M. At the death :
Dr. Washburn the trust fun I termin
ates nnd the principal is divided nineng
the three children.
Other wills prelmtnl, the testators
' nnd tlje vnlue of their cstnti fnllnw
.nine unit, ,uiii .Milium- avenue, uiiu
died October ), SSl.OOtl; Ada H. Ilnr
tcry, who died nt West Chester, SI0,.
000, Isaac O. lioedinan. ''l 10 North
I, rat street, $7400; Margnr.-t A.
lirant. who died in Mcthndi'-t Il'i-pitnl,
Sl'.'.riOO: James Cumniing", '.'17 North
Twenty-sixth street, .?1,"i,(iimi . pit)
Klein, who died In Oermnnv, July 'J,
$L'.'i,000; estate left te widow Mnry It
Klein, two sons.
Inventories of pergenal estnti of fl -
lowing were tiled: Jjwald Haesler
StllM: Stella A . TajIei$ill-.:j : Char
, ,"" '"J!' '''-'"
Views Heme-Made Products
Frankford "L" Celebration
Mayer Moere nnd his wife visited the
elesing session this morning of the tex
tile show iu the Second National Il.inl;
of Frnnkferd held iu cenuei tiun with
the celebration of the opening of the
The Mayer nnd Mrs. Moere exam
ined the display of tapestries, draper-
les, rugs und la trtains, and ex-
'tressed satisfaction regarding the nr
'aiigeiiient of the i xhihitien-i of the
efeven iiiiinuinciuring concerns
Highway Dept. Urges Taking Out
Licenses te Avoid Congestion Later
Your lOi-U automobile license Is wait
ing for you.
Since November 1 the State High,
way Department has been shipping li
cense plates for 1!)2:i. '
It Is the aim of the department te ob
tain niv early registration of meter ve
hicles te obviate i-nngeMliin between
December 'jr and January .",
Man Dies After Fight
Jehn Schoellkepfs, slxty-slx yenrs
old. SKS North Fourth street, died In
Hesevi-lt Hospital late ,it njKi,t from
Injuries received In a light with (Jcerge
Ilushmnn, of the same address. The
men bad an altercation iu- their home
ycsieraay wnicu ieu t(
Their Nominee Wins by One
Vete in Washington '
Qreene District
Republican .State Chairman linker
has received reports which show that
the Democrats have elected one mere
state nenater man heretofore an
nounced and that hie election, the most
closely contested in the Commonwealth,
was wen by only one vote.
This gain for the Democrats, added
te the six Democrats already announced
as elected Inst Tuesday, makes the total
renresentntlen In the Unner Heuse for
the minority party seven Instead of six. I
According te the figures received nt
State hendnuarters, Colonel Jame K.
Harnett, Republican, wbh defeated for
the Senate m the Wnshlngten-Oreene
District by Geerge II. Sprewls, Demo
crat. Colonel Bnrnett carried Wash
ington County, n Republican strong
hold, by n majority ever Sprewls of
'J'.'ftO. but the latter nominee carried
Democratic tlreene County by 2231,
giving him the lead of a single vote.
Colonel Harnett may contest the elec elec
t'eii because of the unprecedented close clese
nes of the vote.
Colonel Harnett, who Is n veteran of
tne rMwiiiMi "or nmi n lenner ninte
, . , . V.
Treasurer, was in the city when etH
r.al returns were reported te him. He
came here for a cenfecitce with W.
Hnry linker. Republican State chair
man nnd secretary of the State Senate.
According te returns received nt the
Republican State headquarters, the
membership of the Heuse will be 100
Republicans and forty -two Democrats,
an Increase of twenty-eight Representa
tive for the Democrats. Tlila gives
the minority party the largest repre
sentation it has had in the Legislature
since 1013.
Mayer and Council Get Proposal of
Site for New Building
A proposal te grant te the Heard of
IMiK.uien a strip of land en the Park
way en which te build n new adinlnl
Mmtiim building, was placed before
Mayer Moere today by n committee
representing the beard nnd City Coun
cil. The bennl desires n slte en the
city-owned land alone the Parkway,
north of Sixteenth street, sultnble for
a structure whicii will replace the old
administration building nt Nineteenth
Mrect between Market nnd Chestnut.
The site sought is said by beard
member te be mere suited te the needs
owns en th" north side of Arch street
east et isixieenm. Jti tne cnninuiieei in me liieuccster detention Ntntlen.
which visited the Mayer were Rich-' "I was taken en the ship by Johannes
ard Wcgleln, president of (leuncll; Itnticr, the first i..ate, en instructions
Wllllnm Rowen. president of th.-.fr,,,,, Captain Peppl, who agreed te
beard: William Dick, secretary, and ,yn m ,crG m j ceui,i R0 t0 Xcw
Jeseph . ntherine. , y,.-k nd live with my cousin.
I The girl wns found hidden In a closet
IN CRASH WITH TRUCKiiimc. ' .. -..
I Captain Peppl nnd Bauer were held
Twe Others In Aute Injured In, In 2.'(0 bail each by United States
WMt, Lin-., pibf. rniitainn " Commissioner Mnnley yesterday en a
...VVh,te .7" Pi.f C.V,,len I charge of smuggling en alien into the
William l'eddlt. ii.s Uedar street.
Camden, was seriously Injured when
tit; automobile he was driving collided
with a truck en the White Herse pike
at Da CnM a. N. !.. early this morning.
Twe ether men iu I lie machine with
Peddit received miner Inluries. They
nn Wllllnm Jenes. Nil) Kimher street,
and William Messing, 711 Meris street,
The automobile, which was headed
for Atlantic City, overturned, pinning
Pulilit beneath the seat. He sustained
several fractured ribs, probable injury
te Ills ..pine anil internnl Injuries.
Mate police nreiigni tie injure., men
ii llammen en. N. J. two les from
the scene of he nceident. lhcy were
given lirst-iiid treatiiient by Dr. An-
theny hspo-ite. Pe.l.llt was later taken
te n Camden hospital.
Twe Phlladelphlans Arrested Near
Atlantic City
Additional nrrests in the effort te
brink up the "running" of liquor into
Atlantic City ever the White Herse
pike were made early today, when a
prohibition ngent arrested Harry Fer
man. twenty-one. a ennutleiir. li'ii nni nave ncen living in the bold of u
Wingoheclcing street, and Charles Ehr- derelict ship in the harbor of Piraeus.
If Ii. twenty-one, n salesman, C203 .Tef-
Tlr'were taken Inte custody as,520,000 IN DEATH MYSTERY
they were Hearing Atlantic City In u, ... . . . t
big nutomeblle. A quantity of alleged
inetlt-B whisky was found in the inn-
chine, and will be used as evidence
when the men are arraigned for a hear
ing before I'liitcd States Commissioner
Uz.ird this evening.
Painters Get Wage Jump
Journeyman painters were granted
nn Increase in wages, effective Jan
uary L'l next, amounting te ten cents
nn hour, nt n meeting tednv of einnlev- i
ers who nre members or tne .Master'
Painters' nnd Decorators' Association i
of Philadelphia. The Increase will
bring the wages of painters up te
ninety cents nn hour.
. --....,..,,-- . . - .
Geergu Gihbs, However, Disagrees With Sir Andrew McPhail
That Its Theme Is
I Remance or realism which Is it that
'American people demand In their
novels' In this day of the modern, the
matter-of-fact, will the nll-linpertnnt
1 American public accept tlm i-teries as
written I eila v or .vesterdny?
, lieerge (iilihs. American novelist and
I illustrator, feels that the American
novel in genet ill needs overhauling, but
that the American novel in particular
Is iiilte nil that It should be.
'After all." he said. who knew a
Just exactlj what they want In this
particular period when everything Is
mere or less Iu a turmoil? Our lit
erature is criticized nnd wn accept It
mere klndlv than we did In the day
when Dickens was nllve. Hut I cannot
agree with all that is said of our books.
"Take Sir Andrew McPhail I can
not agree with him entirely." ,
At a talk given before the Contem
porary Club last night Hlr Andrew, a
Canadian author, "plcknd" en Ainer
iuiu litirntuie, calling tne theme of it
"low life" and ltn uiidieiice Jgnerant.
and despairing bei-niist the American
novelist "giiiutleil raw meat'' when
writing his story.
"Despite the fact that I de net en
tirely agree with Hlr Andrew, I can at
least get his viewpoint. He Ih essen
tially a remuntlcist : . he spoke of Sir
Walter Scott last lnt. AH of us
K 7
ii i,
Thieves Loet Physicians Office
and Take Heavy Loet
Away In Truck
Police are hunting for three thieves
wIhj stele a complete X-ray equipment
from the office of Dr. Merrii L, Tann
enbauni, 834 North Fifth street, yes
tenia afternoon.
The X-ray outfit,- mera difficult te
move man a piano, was named en in a
truck after the thieves had told mem
bers of the physician's family that It
was being taken awav for repairs, It
is valued at about $100.
Three men. the eldest of whom is
described as being nbeut thirty years'
old and well dressed, appeared nt Dr.
Ti.nncnbaum's office about 4 o'clock,
while the physician was calling en a
pntlei.t. Twe of the men, wearing over
alls, bached the truck up te the pave
ment In front of the deer.
The men went nbeut the work of dis
connecting electric wires te the machine.
Twe of them carried out the lead
screen nnd placed it en the truck. A
minute later they returned for a part
of tlw enulnment that had been illienn.
I nccfed from the wires, and within flf
' ,wwi mtfllltAa (,fMi anlM-lni. -I... I.n..u
' ,i, inj ninn im,i l.nn n.,.i...i ... .i
,".. (.. ... . ,, ,.,.ai-ii i,i,i iiini
leaded onto the truck. It disappeared
lewn unit Ktreet in the direct en et
the center of the city
Dr. Tnnncnbaum, upon returning
home, hnstened te the police station en
Falrmeunt nvenue near Third street,
nnd notified the desk sergeant of the
theft. He said $290 in cesh which was
in his office was also taken.
Police fliers, giving a complete, de
scription of the men nnd of the truck
they used, were sent tq all districts in
the city. Ne arrests have yet been
Clnrcnee Francis has reported the
less of a bag which be says was stolen
from hN automobile at the corner of
I'.rend and Spruce streets yesterday
afternoon The bag contains clothing
and toilet articles valued at S200.
Francis lives at 0500 Chew street,
Neither Wat She In Leve
Skipper of Schooner
I.uclllp Hrysen, the clghteen-yenr-eld
stowaway who arrived here en the
wlioener I.lllle K. Kerr. Sunday night
from Jamaica, nssertcd today that she
was net infatuated with Captain Geerge
i-eppi ana that see did net "tnciik"
aboard the vessel.
On the ether hnnd. he knew all
y bearding the shin." the cirl
said, while kitting dejectedly in her cell
. "",.' "j"?! rc,v?"uc eftV?r''
' country. Anether ehnne of llnuer
, smuggling will be made against them nt
further hearing Thursday,
Wilhelm's Gorgeous Ghewplace at
Corfu Taken by Near East Relief
Hew the mighty have fallen !
1 1 1 he Philadelphia hendnuarters of the
, Near East Relief received a cablegram
yesterday from l onstuntlneiile nn
n,)UIU,ng that the magnificent palace of
lt. former KniMr en tI , d e(
, ,.erfu. off the const of C.rcece, is te be
. ,n,.. .... hv ,h vpnp r ' . nnli,
, ... llSBll ng ,. ,.. . .t.atlinti.
girls driu'ti from Sinvrun bv the Turks
Corfu is noted for its all-year-round
even climate. The Kalrer, in his hey
dey, used te spend most of his summers
In the palace of Corfu, where he gave
elaborate eutcrtninmciits for his official
family. The palace is one of the bhew
pieces of Greece.
Ahrady arrangements have been made
tn install L'OO ernhnn L'lrlx in the nnlnci.
These girls ere refugees who esrnped te
Constantinople after the fall of Smyrna,
"'eney oerrowea ey otaeie Man
Just Before Death Cannet Be Found
Creditors nre investigating the cs
late of Jacob Wussernmn, a ntalde
owner burned te death in a stable lire
,lul S last. The case Is before. Judge
Thompson in Orphans' Court.
A few days before his denth Wnsser
mini negotiated leans from several
Philadelphia hanks amounting te $.(),
000. After his death the money could
net ne located, wasscrman was stir-
, ,. , . ... ....--
vi en nj a vviuew unu eignt cnildren.
Prepi ity owned by him was sold for
$lWi. which Is the only asset left te
meet tin-claims of the banks from which
Wiibseriiinii borrowed.
"Lew Life" and Its
I read Scott when we were kids we saw
through a veil of Illusion and romance,
I and it is readily conceded that Scott's
I books nre delightful.
"Take 'Main Street,' that i.i a book
. which most certainly took a grip nn
people '"'hey MllV in it themselves, (lie
iweiMng of their own minds and life
'In their communities. Hut will It last'
The four nr flve thousand novels turned
out a j i nr de net really mean nnjthlng.
When n man is writing he should record
the history of his day. If book be
written new it should carry the atmos
phere of today.
, "Hut ns te giiMlIng 'raw meat,' I
de net agree with that. Did you read
the IIouse of Mirth,' or 'Kthan
Preme' ? Ne, well you should; thei.0
nre hooks -which nre bound te live.
Kcalisui, but romance, tee. Of course,
we can stand criticism and correction I
what live, prospering nation could net?
Hut then surely our books nre net the
only ones in need of u raking ever (lie
coals. Why should net Hlr Andrew
stint nu a few of the I'.iiglish books'
"JtcsidcH our works of today cannot
he (einpai'cd te these of the old writers.
Ti-.vlug tn compare them reminds me of
t'a hi I. when lie says that comparing
certain things Is like uskiug u mini if
he likes te play peel or eat pickled
"EWr.-V i
.'.YiaTA.' . 9SAXUiiuywHH Ut-AmmkUBMSBXTXTrntMEfVawruagl' W:p.'r.!:i :.''
.nn '
"Woodchopper" New Charges Tredyffrin Society Leaders
Seek His Removal in Pique Over Millionaire
Opponents Defeat
The old-time politician whose chief
campaign appeal was "Beys, what'U
ye have?" has been supplanted in these
prohibition times by the millionaire
candidate who announces at the close
of his political meetings, "Gentlemen',
de you prefer vanilla or chocolate Ice
cream?" .
At leust that la the turn things have
taken In Tredyffrin Township. (W. C.
T, U. convention, please note.)
Samuel W. Tener, ',woedehopper,,
member of the township school beard, is
responsible for the statement. He saya
he hates te think what .politics iu
coming te.
Ten millionaires living In the' town
ship are trying te oust Tener from the
school beard. He snjs the movement is
an effort te get him out of the way se
Charles M. l.en, retired book publisher
and wealthy resident, can be put ou the
The petitioners, In addition te Mr.
I.rn, are Mrs. Kleaner II, Cassatt, H.
W. Riddle. Helen M. Dingee. Truxton
Uare, Stevens Heckscher, Rebert Le Le
Heutlilelr. J. It. Tindle, Charles W.
Daily and A. Edward Brinten.
Mr. I.ea attempted te win the seat
bv nemilar vote, but .was defeated by
Tener in the general election by a ma
jerity of about -I te l. loner at
tributes the landslide in his favor at
least partly te the campaign methods
used by bis opponent, in which, he
sn.vs, loiiypeps unu ice cream piuycu n
prominent part. Mr. Iea also held
socials te try te win the voters, Tener
Ice Cream Vete Melted
Describing the campaign, Tener said :
"Over near Cedar Hellew a desnerate
attempt was made te win the Negro
vote ler ,'ir. IjCB. ana any amount ui
tee cream and cake was eaten, but
they went te the polls and defeated him
by 403 majority.
"All ever the district," he added,
"they spent much money for ice cream
and held at least a dozen meetings and
socials, at which the voters simply en en
Jeved what they gave nnd then voted
against the millionaire candidate."
Tener, who bns been a member of the
school beard for years and Is a. veteran
campaigner in the township. Intighs up
his sleeve at the campaign tactics used
bv his late opponent. lie is of what
might he cnlled the "practical school"
of politics and rftits his faith 'in such
things as "friend of the common peo
ple," and his favorite title of "wood "weed
chopper member of the school beard."
Witness this shot at Mr. Iee :
"I.ca may have millions Tiack of him.
Every one of the ten asking for our
resignation commands at least a. mil
"The Tie of a
Put your scarf
money into
Berkley Knits!
You'll receive
liberal dividends
in service and
$3.00 $3.50
1424-1426 Chestnut Street
, W' 'm Vsx W&
lien dollars, but they de net hn t tht
support of the voters because net one
senaVhls or her children te the public
schools 4e meet the children of th.
common people. . I have never known
one of them te visit the enoel.
David Whit worth la "&&,
ousted along with Tener. The i petition
asking for their removal was presented
te the West Chester Court and next
Monday has been set us I he date for a
hearing. Tener will act as his own
Lollypepa Alse FWWI
"These men who want us ousted
foiled "win the election by the i penu-
ler vole ami rc n0 V't in L 2h?.
i-.k in favor of Charles M. Lenny ennrg
ig irregularities In office," Tener said
In answer te -the charges filed against
Wm! "But they yill discover that the
charges are entirely unwarranted. If
we peer people had net paid out our
own money, the district would have had
te close its schools. , ,
In he primary election te nominate
Republican candidate for the school
beard Mr. Lea was defeated by Tener
by a substantial majority, despite the
gallons and gallons i of lee i cream nnd the
pounds and pounds of lelly peps used.
The defented candidate then ran en the
Democratic ticket In the general elec
tion, but his Ice cream and loiiypeps
were even mere ineffectual then- than
before and he ns snrtwed under.
Men's Club te Hear Moderator
The Rev. Dr. Calvin Haya, of Johns
town, moderator of the Presbyterian
General Assembly, will be the principal
spenker tonight nt the twenty -first an
mini dinner of the Men's Club of the
Frnnkferd Presbyterian Church. Dr.
Jehn A. Marquis, secretary of the
Presbyterian Beard of Heme Missions
will also speak. Dr. Jehn B. Laird Is
pastor of the church.
The Atmosphere
of Hospitality
Evening' Clethes
Distinction munt mark a man's Evening
Clethes just as the occasions en which
he wears them differ from the usual.
Therefore the most painstaking care in
fitting and styling is insisted en here.
Your Evening Clethes should be indU
vidtial as well as different!
Rebert Stewart
ISO! Walnut St.
iVeti Yerk Stere, 15 East 47th Street
Second strap-hanger
"Ne, I'm net waiting
for delivery. I bought a
Moen. It's ready for me
new. What I'm waiting
for is my license."
Prlcea: P. 0. B. Factory
$1195, $1695, $1785, $2485
J. Jay Vandarnlft, Prst.
865 H. Bread St. Phenn Poplar 7616
BlipUy Reemi Opm EtdIb(i
The car of the
Authorized Dealer
Klrkaatrick & Heylir
MSI Xarkat Bt,
United Service Moen Aicr.
41 Oarpantar Bt.
Arcadia Moten
4980 llerth Bread 8t.
Wcihnertlind Moter Salti Ce.
399t N. Bread Bt.
Jehn A. Morriiea
M40 Xandncteii Ave.
Ertr Rtadr Garaia
Bread Boelavard
7A? tetnlc
you pass
West End Trust
L-anUnlA. .... SAAAn
4- i-T " r. JJTti T
TitbEN werT MOW ii
Leu of' Fingertip Won't Keep Him
rrem uam, a aye Stir
William T.,Tllden, 2d, national ten
nls champion, will net knew for
.me .. nK. ...,v.ncr me 10SI of v.
tip of the middle finger of hie ritfct
tiand, because of an infection, la m.
te Interfere with his aamn ,?'.? "f
extent. Ir. Tllden left the UermaniE!!
Hospital yesterday with the finger i?
much 1 certainly can Kay: I Wni L 'JJ
there paying tennis." "'" " Wt
"I will net knew for at Ictu .t.
wenbn tvhplhep thn innrlUfAM f
Khm will a lint mA -:' ln
regular game. Many of my dli?.?
nhetsare directed by the fiateVtiS
! hiswt wu an rnintWA .
ana l amrc mew new the less of 0B.
finger tip will affect my play. nn?B!
am losing no sleep ever It." l
t.KHMtJTII. JR., Relntlves and frl.n!i.B!RT
nichnrd Vnux LeOgs, Ne. S84 T P. nl t10
Kensington l. A, C, Ne. 2Si:Wr?r.Af H'
Huntin nnd Fishing Club nnd Vli fh-.Llll,
aanltatlena of whlefi he w" a m.mb.V .w'
invited te (uneral service Frldsy. "b&r
at his lata rcsldenc. ItW W. xnliA
ave. Interment private. w' AIIv
levea wiib os unrmine uainiole hut7
and frlenda Invited te funeral Thurdv iTi!
A. M., from her Ate residence s& 'J?
Krnnnrut at. Solemn lil.h ... .'. A32. W.
Ht. Msry'a. Chureti. 21Pt and TeriniJ' lb
imei merit iie-y oepuicnre
P.IM... " VI.
mnlni en lw Wednesday. T m iiv',. -
mJTTF.RWOnTH. At his reldr ei.
IVIham rd.jCWmantewn. Nev u ..11'
Netice of funeral Inter., 8M "f.
thvmii N'.iv. ia. iteTt-i ......
Uridyl Tenor (nee McUarvnvl ..?"? el
Mary and the lain Peter Tenor, ferml!!1-
Olaclt. I'nrlal. or Pus. Pnneanl, IrelJJ.i '.' J!
in ts.lel.B aHrl i.u.,1. 7 .if.n1. Ittel
Thursdi'yVT A."." fjynV rnVVa'S, Ve.'fflltf
Our Mether of flood Ceuntel Ch .,Sl.m!, At
Interment St. Penla' CemeteVy, " ".
VAN aOtVER. At Rlverten. N j .,
12. 1U22. ELI8B, wife of Albtrt Van 'hJEZ:
Services nt herniate realdenee. nie fiSS fiSS
mlnsen at.. Wed., a P. M. Fr enda "
call Tuesday eve. nenaa AM
STOCKTON. At rittlburth. Pa . v. ,.
aervfees at St. Mry' Chureh. BurHnW
N. J., en Thurtday. Nev. 10, 11 i,i5 i,i5
Pleaa de net send flewera.
OXati.l . i.i.
was removed yesterday, afternoon
"I may net be champion next i.i
said Tllden today, "but . f?6
liiiuruvi'Mt a nc ureiL juinr nr tk
which pervades this "store,
as frequently as its superb
stocks, is the subject of
gratifying comment by
patrons and visitors.
Purchases Reserved for
Christmas Delivery
J. EGaldwell & Ce.
1 r
ten proven unit
Df ,
4039 Ohntnut It
Mihoner & Kilrer
W, FMUdtlnftl
Rey ScBatffar
, 4