Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 13, 1922, Night Extra, Image 5

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l IUIm
Commlsilener of Fisheries Says
He Is Unable te C6pe With
Schuylkill Situation
TV rVhnvlldll'niver I polluted from
H mouth te its nource and the State
Department of Flnhnrlra lias net cneuffli
nmver In law te remedy tlie situation,
iecerdlnn te X. H. ". Commission.
er f Fisheries. ,
Mr. Bullcr mnile this statement In
. let er te Jehn M. Sleklnser, 4M
Mnrmlnn street, Mnneytink. who wrote
Je TurriSiirit cemptalnlim nheut the
&n"hter of Ash by polluted mntter In
tn" river. The commissioner's icpl.v,
In pert, follews:
Dlnrnen Mine Refuse
"In the first place, It is bttdly pol pel
lilted bv the refuse from the mines,
ml under our lows It is useless te
weseetite for pollution of this ehnrncter.
as several eases were breuRht befer
the eeurts which were lest. Aleuit with
ll,n pollution from the inln;. thl-j
tlream receives tiie effluent from all
1,e tn-lustrlal estnbllshments. teRetliee
irlth the sewage from the ritlen whli u
line lis bonk throughout the entire
"The pollution question Is n slit slit
fiemteit one te solve, net only from
ihe standpoint of the conservation of
the 1M1. but the henlth of Ihe penpK
utirl during the years I Imve been Con; Cen; Con;
mlwlener of Fisheries I Imve contlnunl centlnunl
Jv worked toward securing better Ipfrlt
1st Ien whlrh would ghc us creator
pewfrs. The laws gevernlnc pollution
lemlnir under the Jurisdiction of this
deportment are net ndeimiite te rene
n-itli n situation ruch as the Schuylkill
,rrients. At the Inst session of the
J.ejrMnture the department had a bill
Introduced whleh Inelnded mine pollu
tion nnd pnve us brender powers en nil
elnsses of pollution (except sewujte,
tliis bring a mntter for the Htnte Henlth
department). This bill wus wldidv
advertised nnd public hearings held, but
met with little response from the pub
lie throughout the Commemvenltli nnd
conseyuently foiled in pussnge.
Asks Spertmen's Aid
"The department trusts that the
pnrtsmen, either Individually or
tnreugh the nsorintiens, will nt the
r.ext session of the Legislature iisslst
this depnrtment or some ether te so
me mere ndo(unte legislation en this
uibjeet. It Is our thought in the mat
ter thnt nleng wih this hill mi tip tip tip
proprlslen Mieuld he mnde fur the sur
vey of all waters of the Slhtc, show-Ins
the location, character nnd extent of
pollution en enrh streum se nffeeted."
womeFzienFsts te held
fair te raise $10,000
Three-Day Affair te Begin Nev. 21
In the Turngemelnde
The Philadelphia Chapter of I twins
uh. the women's Zionist nreanlziitinn.
will held a "county fnlr'.' beBinnln?-!
.vovemDer yi nnu continuing for three
days in the Turngemelnde. nrend fctrect
and Columbia nvenue. .
The chapter wnnta $10,000 te outfit
en ambulance for Palestine. Side
ihews, vaudeville nets, dnnclng nnd
motion pictures will be some of the
features of the futr.
Exhibits of nrt needlework mnde by
rhlldren in Palestine nnd ether raer
thnndlsc will be no displayed and plneeil
en snlc. Sirs. II. Harry Frnnkel, l3
North Bread street, in receiving ex
hibits nr thp fair.
The opening day will be arranged
Mpeclnlly for children. There will be
amusements for the youngsters. The i
ffcend day will le known as Palestine I
nay ana tbe closing any as Uig Thurs
day. "We realize that a fair is an educa
tion te the people witnessing it and
ele the greatest neighborhood gather
ing," said Mrs. Frnnkel. "Fer this
t-easen we arc sparing no efforts tn
bow what our organization strives te
"It Is our heat rhnnce te display our
erlt, nnd from present indications, 1
en safely say that the event will be a
(i eat success. In every department of
the fair will be some of the things that
are found in the homes in Palestine, as
well as the modern implements nnd the
kind of work engaged in there, most of
which has been brought about through
cur movement."
These in charge of the nffalr are Mrs.
I.. Moskewltz, chalrmnn ; Mrs. T.
turnlm, Mrs. Geerge Ileseraan, Mrs. II.
(linns, Mrs. K. Schachmun, Mra. A.
(olden, Mrs. H. Josephs, Mrs. M
Hehrend, Mrs. II. Vcrblt, Mrs. H. Brnv
nnd Mrs. Frankel.
Pour Head Important Committees
Appointed by New 8tate Commander
ppntntments te seven committees or
thii IVunsylv.uiln Department Anion-
an Li;ieii' were announced ut depart" ,
tuent headquarters here by W'lllliim H.
I''. mum cuniiiiujnRT. iuc upiini"
meats fellow :
..MMIcil AM and plahtv Fnlrtlere -Dr.
J. m V. Raken. (hpfrmtn. Phllailelphiu:
Wllllnm It. DuPrrv. riillk'lphl.i: .Mxrii
Si .MeOevtrn. WIUcee-Barr: pi. A. O.
IJ,1!VJrJc'.,1'(1. rittitun. I, a. (ler Jen V-Vreter,
' !lphl: lr. Jehn 1". Hurley, Wllllum.
fnrli Dr A. J. JluU. Pliteburgh; Mr. Quln
S?i, Arner, Allentevtn. Jehn I.. Hiibliimm,
Iiilonten! Dr. Jehn 1,. llurkheUler. Jtt.
Mi'i1?'!c?:7",,Q,,Ilh n- WlneKur. chairman.
iliiJ .sl".V RolenJ f ITnlitti r. fhlln.e.
E1'' Mfi-..'- Y""' rhllRJlulnhln Teit Ht-tl-
new MLUeiutfrne. Wllke-ILurej UaxnUl K.I
Jl0,k'..r.1'! J. I.ee.Oil III". Plttaburitli; I
rhal7m.n"V-7iC;e,n.?" IMUm H Mn.eHn
j'1la'tewn: rt-unk I,. Plimla, wilkcs-llarr-,
W'ttkV: nH.""V. yrantn: hiuceu Smith,
cSm?,r.!f ''""Ehlln. Wliken.TUrr. .
n 3ehn,,f"S'le' .Wllke-Haire. rhnli-
Am.V&'.'Si.Zf.1' .. J!i iW '.. Lebanon, .
wn.vB,ufl TJ.J1' U1" ' . "v. il'.'tw. t Mcr.l-
reun ir;;, .1. '."'.' . S.V1'"? . ." nienu A
thn.dei;,;r:T!i: JV WW. chairman
tfnranier: Mi?ei. nerM!rs,y.l,lin w- J"1,,"
Winter, WlikpJ.HVVr,,,,.0f,.A,1,l,n0l''; rnul M
Union, r",c't!l'Vtr JfS'.f SJcOMisn. Waah.
wiillmnu?t, .aiB,lU' u"'1 ,lruce A- 'n'.
Perrvbeat i. ,.. B
?-- --t'Bi ncicuea
''rrybUHMliv.,Vnn,71,v"nil, Knllreail
lln . ,r.UI , V I"1':' "'.'.' from Its
IP en the .,''."" 'T ""J" Vs
fiver limt ni,; i"b nine op tne
fall and iumne,i'' ,nn,n ruRhe' "
'ranleves &1 ,everb,"fd. Hnilread
MpltBrwi?i. ,,,l,n '" '," .THToreh
years old. U,Mer,cc. twentytlin-e
WnJ0 21,k,eyW'llRe7e"ver
te in uS?,kfe 1,,,,t,,i, ft.l.u-hi
den TiM,r'dny,.ln ."" autemcblle
"aid tednv, ' n,,em,l'B phjsicians
Faultiest Bedding
San Francisce
for boys and girls.
19.00 te $0.00
By sfee and weight effabtte
IIGHT, yet warm and as cesy as can be desired.
- these fine'eamel hair Heuse Coats are designed
en full graceful lines and custom tailored in the Jaeger
Erivate workrooms. Twe styles are presented
eund with grosgrain ribbon or silk cord with cellars
that may be worn high or low. Fer practicability, re
finement of style and quality they typify the exacting
standards observed by Jaeger.
Children imported Gauntlet Cleves of Natural Tan $ft
Camel's Hair. White Weel Lined Cuff aWe
Mail Orders and Inquiries Invited. Illustrated
Booklet of Jaeger Apparel Mailed Upen Request
Cerner 17th
lamuy ja
.fcsV sH
-this winter
and every travel-comfort
reason forgoing
via the Santa le
YOU CAN meter every day ever perfect highways
by the sea or along the base of grccn-clad mountains.
There are big resort hotels and cozy inns or you
can rent a bungalow and enjoy your own rose garden.
Gelf links galore and excellent schools for your children.
The Santa F operate; four daily trains te California. One ei them
tha California Limited i exclusively for firitelit travel.
Fred Harvey icrvsi til tba meals "all tba way." - '
Spiek'aad'ipaa eer iteel cquipmtat en tba California Limited.
There are PullmaM via Grand Canyon National Park te Les Anfetti
en both the California Limited and the Minleaarr. We will arrange
your Pullman reiervatiem te you ean stay at
ine ianyen any numesr 01 aaye and be
aured of ipaee when reiumiu Journey.
Why net visit Southern Arizona (elaf or
returning? It it delllbtful at Cattle Het
Sprinf 1, Inleilde end Chandler.
May I send you our deteriptive booklet! and
srranfe details el your tripP
n. P. Rmlth. Oen. Ant
e. c. nuuru. nii. r"s. ai.
A. T. H. F. Hy. '
10a Flnsiic nidn.. rhllmtfiphls. Pa.
l'hui: I.ecuat 43i
Grand Canyon
, " .
.. 1 . . . . WllAf l. ..
-.. .-..-. ,.,.. ...J, .,.,.,.. -
,-. . .
ii X ,t ui -,- piA,i"
. (
Bex Springs
Hair. Mattresses.
The peerless quality, work
manship and continuing luxury
of Dougherty Bex Springs and
Hair Mattresses have beceme
Household words with dis
criminating people nil ever
this bread land, who have net
yet found any te equal these
famous bedding specialties in
any particular. Yeu will never
realize the heights te which
bedding luxury can attain
until you have installed the
Dougherty productions.
l.uinrleus no Spring,, Reliable
llnlr Mattresses, Mahogany Bed
steads, Khgllah Down Furniture,
I.nmpa and Nursery Furniture,
New Yerk
there is every
reason for
taking your
2sf. Sm
y, ..'
,' ? ,"."
. .,...-..,. .. -A
t :'.-.
. . lliaMrnafMr w-anr l iu
lnEnnnnnnnnnnnn fililllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHt
Balllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll&BllillilllBiKlBft -"''V- ' SMallBaBiBlSZliflBlllBlllllBlllHl I
aiiHiiiiii9Bvll ' ' I
BaaaaHaaaHHaflRsaw .JbMc1'M '
Fine Fur Coats are Out in
All Their Wintry Glory
Before the frost is en the lowlands, Fur Coats appear in all the hij?h places of
fashion. This cool snap haa changed the whole appearance of fashionable assemblages
they are fur-clad, fur-beautified; enhanced by the most wonderful furs- yet produced,
furs exquisitely soft and pliant, that fellow every line of fashion with slendering effect.
See the new Coats te-morrow note the sleeves, the cellars, the graceful side closings ;
note the sportiveness of the short models, and the distinction of the new Blouses.
Only the finest furs are
price :
Persian Lamb Ceat tightly curled skins,
45-inch. medul, handsome cellar and cuffs of dark
natural mink $495.00. '
Black Caracal Ceat one of our newest
models, beautifully lined; trnrmed with genuine
black lynx $49e.C0.
Natural Leepard Ceata charming short
model, of beautifully marked skins, trimmed with
natural beaver S485.
Natural Australian Opossum Ceat
full-furred skins, 40-inch model, ler-re rolling self
cellar and deep turn-back cuffs $435.00.
Broadtail Caracal Ceat very beautiful
combination of broadtail caracal and Hudsen seal
Hudsen Seal Wrap (dyed muskrat) won
derful imported model, full length; handsome
natural hkunk cellar $900.00.
Hudsen Seal Wrap-Ceat (AycA musk
rat) exquisitely manipulated skins, trimmed
with natural skunk $100.00.
Maids' and Nurses'
Newest Uniforms
Uniforms that meet the de
mands for comfort and neat
ness, smartly tailored and
carefully finished te the small
est detail.
Blue Chambray Uniforms
Special at $2.00
New, and nt a special price.
Straight and slender in effect,
plaited from a yoke and
belted, with long sleeves nnd
convertible cellar or with flat
pointed cellar. Waist - line
models $3.00 and, $3.50.
White Uniforms
On straight lines, of nurses'
cloth, Indian-head muslin, or
poplin, plaited from a yoke
and belted $3 te $7.50.
Waist-line models $3.00 te
Black Uniforms
Straight-line models of cot
ton pongee, $3.00. Of seisette,
$5.00; of Irish poplin $7.50.
Waist-line models of cotton
pongee, $3.00; seisette, $5.75,
and mohair $6.00 and $7.50.
Strnwbrlrtfe & Clothier
Thlffl Fleer, I'llbert Street, West
The Warmest of
Bed Blankets
Needless te say they are fine
in quality, the softest, warm
est Blankets made. All in
double-bed sue.
Pure Weel Blankets, 70x80
inches, in white- with colored
borders or beautiful plaids
$13.50 a pair.
Seft WhUe Blankets, with
colored borders, extra large,
78x84 inches, bound singly
$15.00 a pair.
The finest of white or plaid
Weel Blnnkets, 72x84 inches,
boxed in pairs $20.00 a pair.
Htrntrl4ce ft Clothier
Alle 11, Filbert Street
Oh, What a Difference
Music Makes in a Heme!
Dees your family hear geed music at home? Can
the husband or wife sit for a moment te vest and relax
under the magic influence of piano music? Can you
supply a lively fox trot for an impromptu dance given' bv
your daughter when a few friends arrive unexpectedlv?
With the
ifctmris SJarmt
Player-IMane or Reproducing Piane all this is possible.
The sort of music you like best whenever you want it
in your own home! And at small cost, toe:
Francis Bacen Player-Pianos $."G0, $575 and $600.
Francis Bacen Reproducing Pianos S000
Francis Bacen Reproducing Grand Pianos $1600
Actp"AX,ma "'"' ",c A'" de r,uxe MV"e "''"'"
Francis Bacen Upright Pianos $1150, $75, $400
1 rancis Bacen Baby Grand Pianos $700
Suitable terms of convenient payment can be arranged. A
liberal allowance will be made en your old Piane or Player-Piane
taken in part-nay ment. If you lime a charge account the menthli
amounts may be added te your hill. 'inij
(rr-V Hlranhrldie A 1'letliler Fifth Fleer, Weit
ywt. vr.
here tne hnest at each price,
Natural Beaver Ceat in the 40-inch
length new, youthful, handsome self cellar and
turnback cuffs $515.00.
Kelinsky Wrap-Ceat richly blended
skins; 45-inch model a beauty; elaborately
trimmed with tuils $1175.00.
Natural Nutria Ceat one of our imported
Coats, and unusually distinctive $750.00.
Natural Black Muskrat very durable,
geed black natural hkins, reverse border, hand
some cellar and cuffs of natural .skunk $195.00.
Alaska Seal Ceat soft and pliant as
satin; one of our best models, 4-inch length,
large shawl self cellar and tuin-back cuffs
Siberian Squirrel Cape lovely dark
natural skins; made with smart high chin cellar
Natural Black Muskrat Wrap a charm
ingWran, skins evenly matched, full cellar, wide
iiunnK bivc
Leggins Keep
Children Warm -
A pair of snug-fitting Leg
gins will help wonderfully te
keep the youngster warmer
and freer from danger of
catching cold in winter
weather. They're very dressy
looking, tee.
Leggins of all-wool jersey
in drawers style $3.25 te
$5.25, according te size.
Of part-wool jersey cloth in
drawers style $2.00 te $2.50,
depending en the size.
Tan leather Leggins, reach
ing te the knees $3.50, $3.00
and $6.00. Strnwlrlii: & Clithler
AUle 0. StnrLet Street
Silk Underwear
Luxuriously Beautiful
And when you are cheesing
your own dainty Silk Under
garments, remember thnt the
feminine love of such exquisite
Underwear is universal, and
that as gifts, any of these will
be received with delight.
Night Gowns of crepe de
chine, $3.93 and $5.00; of
Jessica silk in tnilered style,
$3.00. Many ether models
$5.93 te $25.00.
Envelope Chemises, in pink,
blue, orchid and honeydew, are
of crepe de chine, tailored or
lacc-trimmed $1.93 and $2.93.
Petticoats of pink washable
satin $3.95.
Bodies of white or pink
satin $1.00 and $1.25.
Pink Satin Bleemers $2.95.
Jersey Silk Vests $1.95 te
Costume Slips, pink, white,
navy blue or brown $3.00 te
Boudoir Caps, in the pret
tlcst of new styles 65c te
$3.95. StrnntirMga X Clothier
Third Fleer, Wen
une each et these, at each
wiwi lurn-uucK CUHS StjeU.OO.
v umiiuer SVreml Klimr. FIIImti Mirnn,
Neck Furs Yeu
Will See Where
The Best Fashions
They arc all ready and wait
ing here te go out into the
most select gatherings of
winter's fashions. The as
sortments, seem unlimited:
. Natural Miuk Scarfs
$10.00 te $JSe.OO
Twe - skin Animal Scarfs,
Shawl Cellars and Novelties.
Alaska Fex Scarfs
t.lS.OO Je S3T.-j.00
Full-size Animal Scarfs, in
black, blown, taup gray,
natural silver, natural blue.
Natural Skuvk Scarfs
Sl.JSr, (e H1TS..Z0
Animal Scarfs, Shawl Cel-
lars, elaborately trimmed cape
effects, and smart small pieces
in cellar style?.
Black L'jiir Scarfs
$f0.00 te $105.00
Beautiful, lustrous, long
silky fur, made up in several
different fashionable models.
sinwlzMce A rietlilir
Second Flo,or, FllbirtVirpet and Ontre
Flannels for
Winter Needs
Imported Pajama Flannels
are striped in pretty colorings
50c and 65c n yard.
Eiderdown, for making the
softest of warn1 bathrobes
60c, 73c and $1.00 a vard.
Bath Rebe Blankets are
ready for skillful lingers te
fashion into pnuH'cal gar
ments. Yeu should sec the
lovely designs! A uirdle in
eluded $5.00 and .'ii.50.
Strnwbrl s K l.tlilrr
Al.le J Ti I t Street
Acquire Unusually
Smart Handles
In anticipation of ( lvit
mas, Umbrellas put en their
smartest handle, whicl' 1 ash
ion insists must be ju as
t-mnrt as nny detail of dress
accessories and they are.
And the UmbreUas thm
selves are like a ray of sun
shine en a rainy day beauti
tul blues, greens, purple, gar
net and black; with short foi fei foi
rule and white or amber tips,
and bakelite handles, .sonic
silver-capped, ilnishcd with
cords, straps or rings.
A surprisingly beautiful
assortment $8.f0 te $1.1.00.
Ptrnhrili;e A Cii ,.r
Alele ". Market Slret
Wavy Switches
Half Price, 2.75
Switches or Transforma
tions that will match anv
shade of hair except gray. At
less than half pVlcc, $''.75
Hrt Fleer, llnl-Un. Filbert Htreet
ttf.', ' .f 'r -tl'jf
f 1 it f "V v a f " y . M
' . ... , a "J Ji- .' .ti ,,,,1'L JJIIUM
. , : m
Continuing the Sale of Shoes
for Men, Women, Children
Such a remarkable Sale of high-jrradc Footwear has met with
a jrreat response, but we made such extensive preparations
determined that all our customers should have an opportunity te
share in the Sale that there is still an excellent range of choice in
these desirable groups. Shoes from regular stock and special
purchases from makers of the best Footwear.
Women' Strap Pump and Oxfords, $2.95
Women's Pumps, welted soles and military heels, $3.05
Women's Twe-strap Pumps and Smart Oxfords, $4.85
Women's Black Glazed Kid Lace Shoes, $5.75
IVemcrt'a Fine Oxfords, from regular stock, $0.00
Women's Finest Strap Pumps and Oxfords, $5.00
Women's Welted-sole Oxfords, Lalrd-Scheber, $7.00
Men's Lace Shoes and Brogue Oxfords, $5.1,5
Men's Banister Shoes, many models, $9.75
Children's Lace Shoes, $.1.15; Misses' sizes, $S,G5
Grewing Girls' Black Wing-tip Oxfords, $3.95
Beys' Tan Calf Lnce Shoes, all sizes, $J,.1,5
$!-- Htriinbrlrtie A Clotliler Klghth ml Filbert RlreeU
The New French Lingerie
Is of Surpassing Beauty
A new shipment just unpacked is new shown in the French
Sale'n. Such Lingerie as a woman views with admiration, delight
ing in the exquisite needlework, the novelty in design and in such
trimmings as real laces, applique work with Turkish point em
broidery, colored piping .and binding, soft ribbon run thneugh net
headings. Batiste, Nainsoek, Crepe de Chine, Triple Silk Voile
and Handkerchief Linen arc fashioned into these beautifiul Under
garments, se beautiful that they will simply captivate) feminine
fancy. And hew quickly they will be transferred te gift boxes.
Envelope Chemises of sturdy Night Gowns, bound and ap-
nainsoek for as little as $2.25, pliqucd in color at $4.85, te a
te a model of fine batiste trim- rarely lovely model cmbroider cmbreider
med with real Valenciennes lace ed and lace-trimmed with ex
at $11.50. quisitc delicacy at $37.50
These arc only av indication of the loveliness in the French
Salen. Snowy piles of Lingerie vie with hues delicate or vivid.
And there is the finest of Silk I'vderwcar as well, from a Vest at
$6.75 te a Night Gewn at $',0.00.
K- StranlirMKP S- ( lethler French Snli.n Third Fleer, Went
New! 1000 Men's and Yeung
Men's Smart New Suits
With Extra Trousers
$23.50, $29.50, $32.50
'Only in Philadelphia's greatest Clothing Stere for
Men can you find such an important collection of geed
Suits with extra trousers, at three such popular prices.
The smartest et' this season's youthful and conserva
tive models are included, perfectly tailored of fine all
wool fabrics in up-te-the-minute patterns and shades.
Mea of every type can be properly fitted, for there
are all sizes, regular, stout, short, tall and slender. The
value is unusual in each price-group $23.50. $29.50
and $32.50.
New Additions Speed Up
the Sale of Overcoats at
$24.50, $28.50, $38 and $44
Se fast are these matchless Overcoats going out en the backs
of Philadelphia's business men, we find it hard te keep our stocks
apace! Jim this morning we brought in a thousand mere Ulsters,
Ulsterettc3. i avian and box model , te renew and refreshen our
collection. Te-morrow, an almost unbieken choice of fine models,
excellent fabrics and sought-for colorings and patterns will be
available te these men who come early.
The values me supreme at S24.50, .$28.50, $.18.00 and $44.00.
.Str.iwbrl.l d. Clothier- Second Fleer, Kait
Men's Silk Neckties, 65c
Of geed, strongly woven silk in an endless variety of pat
terns and shades, with the additional feature of "didc-easy" bands
te make them even mere uttiactuc, at C.'ic.
-V H Iran Whig- A Clothier Al.le I Merket Street
Men's Capeskin Gloves, $1.95
Well-dressed men prefer Cnpeskin Gloves for their wearing
qualities as well as appearance. Thise are made with great care
and skill, nicely finished, and in shades of brown and tan. An excel
lent Gleve- for general, nil-mound usage, at a substantial saving in
pneer $l.i5. .. -Sim !,.,-Is- A CKthler-Al.le 1.1 u.rlet r,,
Men's Blanket Bath Robes, $5 te $7
Comfortable Hath Rubes made of geed, warm blanket material,
in attractive patterns and coloring -$5.00, $f,.0() nd $7.00. '
r- Ktrunlirliliu A. Uetliler i:t Hln , Kiflilli xtru t
i 'TT.tl
. --X