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y,T Face Neighbor Who Says
t "rig woman uia no 999
m Hall-Mills Murder
' By e Ste Corrfireiff
New Brunswick. N. !.. Nev. 1.1. -Mn.
Jane Gibsen, the "PJg Weman."
HI today ronireni a m niriiu
Tim declared Mrs. Gibsen could net have. ,,
.. t. itnlt.MMs murder committed. 1
V" "' -'.' ... it ..,... !, ,,
r the rig woman iiicni iur
Sing of September 14 with her
The me-ting was arranged bx the
authorities In order thnt Mr-, t.lben
may have n rhnr.ee te refute the state
ment nttncKing hit "........ . ., 1
Olbsen. the star for the State, j
t eager for the etdenl.
The new witness is Mr. Nellie T.
,.ii1t. n neighbor of Mr. Gib-en. and ,
Ymerts the "Pig Weman waswiiu
her the n gl of the murder, at the very
tlmeMr". Gibsen hjM fwnrn 'ha "w
the rector nn.l Mr". Mills killed.
Mm. Glbmit nnd Mrs. Uussell bad ''
iilea1 encounter yesterday during e.
Sn? el ever a pig. 'Mm. Itim-H May
Wwrted she wn" net the aggressor. 1k
titled she harbored m. 111 will against
MMmGUus";-n l a N.re,. She ha,
made nflidnvlt M her. story, which she
told fir" t t Timethv N. riVl.T.-r. emmse
fi Mrs i Piaticd Stevens Hall, widinv
nnndMr " ,..Bht
it te the attention of Mr. Jleti in
eensVteiic Mr- MeU "" ,"" ui
?nVniil went le S.uneiville teduv.
r The fi vestignters law little credence
In the llu-ill affidavit. IVr.ftive
fatten, of Setner-et Comity -.n .1 ft'
llevcd if ",,M in-Uieil by 111 feeling
nl;Al?VTKtl. -aid. the
wrong nt the little farm rendttMed by
Mm lluwll. lVtectives found two
rewi dead and two ether cow- and a
dumber of p1bm tarvlns """OT'
It was tin-f intended te nrrest Mis.
IIumcII. who was found in N-w erk
"ity. but the enja w.r renned . r
Ml believed rMf. Gibsen was the in in
fermant. i
l'fclffer Hands 0er Affidavit
& HKBBvalHK. s ' 1 TK . ' !
MgV tW1 , t KJm 9 t
1 ffflffflfffl)iffflff9iBfffllHMWPE I.JffBBF
'KjBsVHBMi vwal v' vilV.B9VaB
.. ...wrt.A'M''e.-"
Nil FiiiMiN mm
, 4
Authorities Convinced Package
Sent U. of P. Man Was In
tended as "Jeke"
Here Frem Philippines
ttnodrew WilMtn, former l'rwldent, addrw.tl a throne at his ali ali
Insten liome en Armlstlm Day. lie N Miewn here as lie appearwl In
the iloeroay and faced the crowd of "pilgrim" who heanl him deliver
hM first public speech since he became 111, three year age. He appeared
te have rcR.ilncd eme of hi vigor
A foolish attempt at a craetlcal joke
Instead of another poison cake rtmllar
t tin one which killed W. W. Sterrett,
of Pevnn, wn the conclusion reached by
authorities after nn analyula of thecake
received Haturdny by Stewart Tatter
son Clark, of Deven. Clark Is a Uni
versity of Pcnnslvanla student.
The aeoend cake, sent by parcel pest
and postmarked Urend Street Stntlen,
.1.1- ..u. tt'.iu trem frntll fmlsnn. n nliem-
i f,t reported today te W. llutler Wlndle,
I III tllnnmv fit (MlPXter Ceillltr.
The parcel came through the Deven
postefflce, and was handled by Miss
Margaret Gllles, the postmistress, who
imil handed the poison cake parcel mere
than n week age te Mm. Btcrrctt. The
latter wn made 111 by the poisoned
confection and her huband, n public
accountant, died lc than fifty hours
after catiiii' part of It.
Search ter the sender of the mur
der ciiUc led 1'o-ttefflco Inspector Simn Simn
sen te Youngstown. O.. twlay. He
wants te locate a woman said te be n
personal friend of Mrs. Kterrclt and
who Mted the Stcrrctts when the uc uc
ceiintant and his wife were in New
. '..' v.irnll. nf Muntcnmerv
Counts who is te held the inquest
ant. aid today thnt he is ready when
ever Majer Windle Me lit te -move.
Mrs. Sterrett is net in condition te
ie-ie her Dexen home, however, It was
said this morning, ami t be coroner will
await the. report of Dr. Delia iluaras,
the Sterrett family physician.
Deven was begeiged Sundar with
eurlesltv seekers at the Sterrett home,
State police said, and an extra detail
of officers was en hand nil day te pro pre
vent Mrs. Sterrett from being nnnejed.
f Baeaeae" TT'-rf ''.v'i pasv
nT iBh i biff f M -twfk F at- x V j-v .WV 4
umtmmmmmmm&'iA. '."? a" v
Fermer Ambassador te Vienna
and Minister te Spain
Dies In Paris
&&&. t '.'- i '.v
. . . . . . . . PtlA l P I fc
... I ..a !!.: aa . B afk T W " W 1 T 1 I I n U U n - ka B Ik.
Mr. I'feirrer. m an interv. .. ffltL NUMUTbtN IVIAJUni I I rniLHUtLrnw outume
Mr. Mett. produced Mrs. Hussell , affl- CAMDEN 0NLY 1651 BECOME FIRE DEPARTMENT
Mr Buseir story, according , te
Mr l'teiffer. came te his attention I ReDubncan Congress and County Run Highland Park Apparatus and
i?"8! of the lea 1 rector. Th l Nominees Had Geed Leads fui uut maze uunng ncar.ng
Official count or the resuns 01 uw-1 '' ..., ,..,......,, ...
!i' election In Camden County, an- Highland Tark, N. .7., en a theft of
Utter, written en November 7. fellow v;
"Madam: In regard te fceptember
1A Mrs. Jane Gibsen was net nt t lie
rhiiiipft rm nt.."',"i.";'": . "i. " (
ever at 11' "r a nine n.-nr- n- .v.. .... ,
he Iwl taken my deg from a man ok
Hamilton wad. She nt or i the lep,
of inv shanty awhile and t gave h"
St for keeping my Ug. Then 1 -
with her te her home and get the deg.
We talked awhile and then I went
home at 11 o'clock."
Her Career Checked Vp
Mr rfelffer was madv with Infermv
i. te "he Mrs. Russell is. She
Uveil in Enr Orange, he said, until
IfiOT. when she went te the Cuautauqua
Scheel of Nursing at Jamestown, V
T. She completed a course the" ami
nursed in several place until 3010
wh7n she returned te Kast Orange. .On
.r n 10 8. "he married Albert J.
numel'ln the City Hall, Trenten. Her
SSiden name wa. tteed. The married
fiunlc moved te New Yerk. Her litis
SSS. she hni told Mr. Hfelffer. stripped
her apartment while she was out work
lag and she left him. Since then slu
has been working in a dressmaking
establishment in New Yerk, commuting
from this citv. She gave the lawer the
names of three or fenr former empleyes,
and these. Mr. I'felffer says, he has
checked up. He also telephoned the
school at Jamestown and verified the
fact that Mrs. ltussell had completed n
course there.
Nelffhbers Doubt Her Story
Mrs. KusEcll live" in a squalid one.
room (.hack, prepped up en piling. In
her barn, which is roofless, are severa
calves and fehe owns n few chickens and
duck.' She had aceu'-ed Mr. Gibsen of
having stolen one of her pigs, and there
la said by neighlwrs te have been bad
.Bleed between tne two women
mil need tedn, was mere surpriins te f fn hl(i iurri, Harris, a 1'lilla
aftSJrta'BJS s: ju -"-"tas-tr:
Senntur rrelinchuysen majentj
ei er Geiernur Kdwards. which vra
pi.cteil te lie at lenst 10,W)0. was but
Hl."l. Voters cut heads of the ticket
in a remarkable extent, but for Con Cen
ies, and cuuntj offices the Republican
.-nndldatcs reccivwi suD.--uiuiini mujen
have been arreted, substituted for the
volunteer department and answered nn
ah.rm of tire with the Highland 1'nrk
nre apparatus Saturday.
TI,.. ,l.,t..,.Hv, Hniiz. Itnvlp. ffrrls.
Mahaffty and Smith, were n't n hearing
ates received sub.-tautlal mnjerl- ,. r.,i. f Ti,,in t'nliiyni.
es. Ongre.sMnnn I'attewen 'lefeatcd fp ()f enp of nl.rcst(1(1 mcni (.:,argCl
'iN Democratic opponent in the county . .., P,,.:,.ri ,he st.ilen furs.
,i IW.1H. while for Sitrrecat. lWves ,v,. ' th(l n?,. nlnrw ,.ftn. .
Republican, linei a mojeriij or iw,-v MpmbPrs of the fire company falling
.,er In-ing. hi Dpmecrntic rival. respond, Detective Smith dreie the
. In h; cll .t (Mmden. IvInB s mn- ,1 inP nml tllp etllP1. ,,,.
only for Majer ever an Hart, donning rubber coats, went
U..puhlic.in. k Inrreasei te WS. , M ,,rh ns ,n R bacn imd
Leaders had cvpected en Hart te win c.,:.,u.P,i ir,
by at Irnut ftOOO. The- eflinal count j cvXr te the hearing, testimony
tt,,5 "b ftlte5 H... Sen.ter-Fre- I & l ..' Z&" '" Mrw' !L
liiighuv-en. L'-.PfK: IMwards. 28.LM1.
JVHnghuysen's majority, H'wl.
l'nr (Governer Runyon, -I'.fiM:
iAT, ,S7.r. Runyon's majority,
Fer Censrcss Pnttern, Republic- i w)fe pf nej3 Elizabeth. N. J., Man's
an. iO.f'u ; Westcntt, uenieciar, nj. i r,i Pin
35.271. Pniterwur majority. 05R3. B"y In Ceal Bin
Fer Surmgntc Reeies. Republican, r.liwbeth. . J., Nev. l... tHy A.
11) "1 Irving. Democrat. -0.'J71. ' T. ) His threat vlnsbed and a razor,
Reeve-.' mnjeritj. 1".C0. the handle of which was wrapped In
The mnuiralttv iete in the city of several one dollar bill, clutched in his
C.inideu wn : King, Democrat. H.OeS: I hand, the body of Leuis Mdnvlteh was
Van Hart. Republican. 34.130. King's ' found by his wife today in a coal bin
uiMieritv. Si". In the cellar of their home. In the
1 ne reurteenin was inu uuy tu u. umu c (".i . ,.v.v ....... ..... ..
Camdn which gave a majority te al' at $1200
Democratic candidates. Leidewtch, who was a machinist, had
being held in ?1000 bail for a further
Tells Detectives He Cashed Four
Within 20 Minutes In One Bank
Isaac W. Riehurdsen. salesman, who
told detectives lie turned iniei te ki
..i.i. .. i.lnl, tn Imv mprllcine. ter
hi stck wife, has confessed te passing
between thirty-five and forty worth
less checks within the last few days,
in addition te the theft of overcoats,
for which he was arrested.
Ills wife, a former nurse, was dis
charged from Mount Blnal Hospital,
where she had been a patient, several
i.is age and is new at the home of
her parents en Master street, near
TwcntliUh. . , . , , ,
Richardson told the detectives hi
method of passing checks wnH te visit a
bank during the rush hour when a
long line of customers was waiting te
cash checks. Counter checks, drawn en
fictitious accounts Ter amounts raiigniK
from ten te twenty dollars, were u'e.
bv him and becnuse of the ru:h were
net Investigated closely by the pajing
teller before being lionered. He rasMd
four nub checks in one bank within u
period of twenty minutes, he said,
Saturday City Hall detectives, led by
Richardson, recovered nine overcoats
he had Kelen. He has been held re.,
This Is Miss Constiele Valder, (he
Philippines' twenty .two-year-old
delegate te the W. C. T. V. con
gress in this city
Vlste "Drf Next,
W. C. T. U. Is Told
Continued from Van One
linked fncertlcs te make some ether ue
of giapi's than turning them Inte wine.
"Sunday is) the jsrentj drink day
there." ilp Slack said. "It Is the
crime daj. the danger day."
punish wine am playing havoc in
Iceland. Vive hundred and ten thou
mid people in eetlnnd have foreswern
liquor and are living no license. Thirty
nine per cent of the people voted no
license at the last election.
The lotiventlen was formally opened
bv Ml- A mm A. Gorden, vice presi
dent of the world organization. A fea
ture of the opening wna the presenta
tion te her by Mrs, Jehn MaeClced of
Viiteiin. Australia, of nn Australia
boomerang. It was mounted with a
slher plate of dedication te Prances
Wilhird. founder of the W. C. T. 17.,
nml s-eiit te the United States by the
women of Australia.
N..s that the wife of the Minister
te the I'liited States from Uruguay wan
en her way te the convention as a dele
gate from that country was made pub
lic during the morning. She had been
cabled from her government and was
nialiliii; the journey from Washington.
Vi.Itii, frrtm fnr.iff Innrlrt furnished
piquant intorest'fer the home delegates
between sessions, .much or interest, wne
centered in the Rev. nnd Mrs. Arthur
Yajntir and Edwin Goena Sakere, all
of Nurnlia, Ceylon.
' M... P.. vnntiti. tu 1n1r .Ktrtnnnfl nnil
wero the pale yolevv dreta of the native.
Her husband, who Is fair-skinned and
a niini-ter, was in nn ordinary black
frock coat sull. They both expressed
pleasure nt America's strides for pro pre pro
hibitlen. Mr. Sakere, who In hi native land
is ii school professor, wero an orange
tin ban. His Knstern suit was of black
satin with cuffs and embroidered rose rese rose
celoied vet.
"It took us two months te come."
he said, his white teth flashing, a s'nile
inntrasiiiig wwuiy wun ins nan, sum.
"Rut !l was worth It. I think jour
prohibition is a marvelleus thing. We
have nothing like! It where I come
Saw Ne Drunken Men
Mr. Jehn MncClead, of Australia,
was another vlbiter who expressed joy
ever American prohibition.
"I hue net seen n drunken renu all
the way from San Francisce te Phila
delphia"," she said, "and a glimpse of
the (leanness and respectability of the
llewcrj In New Yerk is worth the whole
thing alone. Of course I knew the sys-
tAnt itn'l nnifdil At lint T wnu tiAvei
,1,11 .-I, w (11.1..'. J-t ..... A ...... ... ....
i one of these te believe thnt you could
Bit AmmtitAtA tVtftt
Clnrtnnatl, Nev. 33. Bellamy
Stercr, attorney and former diplomat,
of Cincinnati, died In Paris, France,
Inst night, according te a cablegram
received In Cincinnati today.
The cablegram was received by Philip
HitiUe, of the Central Trust Company
of tills city, WHO was in cunrpc ei pint
of the Storer estate in this city.
'Jlin circumstance ei me mmn
Mr. Steier were net stnted In the cable
gram, but It Is known that the former
iMt.....itA tn Ai,atrliiItiinffarv bad
been in 111 health for the last year.
Mr. Htercrs wire, .unria Heng""""
Stercr, also a former Cinciniiatlan and
an aunt of Congressman Nicholas
Longworth, was with him at the time
of hi denth. The Sterers had been
making their home In Paris since their
last visit te the United States about
three jenr nge. xne sear eccupicu
bv Mr. Storer In Congress In 1801 Is
new occupied by his nephew, Nicholas
It was while Mr. Stercr was Am
bassador te Austria-Hungary that the
Incident relating te the exchange of
letters between President Theodere
Roosevelt and Mm. Stercr, which came
te be known as the "Dear Maria" let
ters, occurred. They concerned a
breach between Roosevelt nnd the
Sterers ever an interest in the pro
posed elevation of the late Archbishop
Ireland te a cardlnalate.
Bellamy Storer, who died In Paris
yesterday, was American Ambassador
te Austria-Hungary in 1002-00, and
before that had been Minister te Bel
glum nnd Spain. He represented the
First Ohie District tn the Fifty-second
and Fifty-third Cnngreuscs.
He was born in Cincinnati August
1!S, 1817, and was graduated from
Harvard College in 1807. He entered
the law two years later nnd was np-
Kiintel an Assistant uiuicu ninies ii ii
ternev of the Southern District of
Mr. Storer s death recalls the diplo
matic sensation of a decode and a half
nge, when he was summarily removed
as Ambassador nt Vienna by the then
iTCslilenr iioeseTeir.
It was Mr. Scorer's wife, who was
Maria I.ongwertb, of Cincinnati, about
whom revolved the strife incidental te
tlm dismissal. She was the "Mv dear
Maria" In the remarkable serTes of
letteis written by the late President
and published by Mrs. Storer In de
fence of her contention that her hus
band's removal had been an injustice.
It was she, tee. who was charged by
the President with responsibility for
the complications which cuuseil hrr
U...t.enitfM rmii.tuAl ATl TtneSAVpll. Ill
defense of Ills action, accused Mrs.
Stercr with having fleiveu tee deeply in
affairs of state and with seriously In-
...a..tni !, lnttfl Mint vrllh tlln Vnt-
lean In Reme, and with the Govern
ment of lrance, apain una Austria
Hungary. Tl, Mrnrera nnit th Rensevelt hud
been intimate friends for many scars.
.Mm. Htercr. aunt, et Aicnoiea i-eng-werth,
Mr. Roosevelt's sen-ln-lnw, was
godmother te Kermlt. Roosevelt, find
Mr. Storer had served In Congress when
Roosevelt was n member of the Civil
Service Commission.
his W. and two sensT Jeseph iVf'i
Jr., In? Dr. J. Miller Kenwerthjr, of
th city. Itetm- member of Ann-
(.ylvnnia ijean ie. oew, .-: k
a id University It. A. Chapter, no.
, Stanley MacO. Smith
Stanley MacDonald Smith, of Heu.
ten read, Hodner, died en Saturdsy. He
was a son of the late Colonel . Ueber
Smltb and E. Jennie Orabb BffllOjina
a grandson of the late Colonel Clement
II. Orubb. nn Irenmaster of IfJKJI'
He married Miss preline FfanWin,
daughter of Henry B. Franklin, e I Lan
caster. She survives him, with two
children. He was a "T L1B
Racquet Club, the Merlen CrekeCiub.
"2"-".." """"." "iii .v. nlsce a
.. 5? -. .-.. lmntt n tint, fin fifirl It ft hflhlftt nwp
Sleuths Find Liquor Cache In Cel
lar of North Sixth Street Herns
a .,.. ...In. ..f ltt,.. ivriQ tmeprl
n. Mreiift wie.4 ... ..,." " "" .--.-.
through a sewer yesterday by detectives
el tun .MCCIOWII section, inv m-em ir.ii-
ing iheni te the home nf Jehn Ceckcr,
:i73l Nertli Sixth street.
Winning und Dlnmend, the detectives,
said they found three fifteen-gallon
stills nnd 150 gallons of gin. whisky,
wine nnd beer In Becker cellar. He
wns held for the Federal autneruies.
ComuL'le Vnldez, twenty-two, repre
sents the Philippine Islands at the con-
vn, inn
"Oh, I love everything here.
n srsuunie v j, .-- r zi
nn- fni..r,...ui will talc mace at
2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
' Qseraa W. Car
Geerge W: Carey. Mty-tira years
old, who had beeii asMclated "
Strawbridge & Clothier store fat nan
tiuin iiiiny-uvu ji"' : "" ..i.
charge of the manufacttirln fJ J
wholesale cloak and suit department,
,,, ...!. .,. .. iia tienu. Hnrlne-
field and Mnpfe avenues, MwhitntTllle,
N. J. He was born In Mllferd, Del.
Mr. Carey was one of the erganisers
and first! director of the First Natlenul
Bank, of Merchant-Hie, and promi
nent in Masonic circles. His death
cams suddenly as the result of a stroke
of apoplexy. Services will be con
ducted at his home Wednesday after
noon and Interment will be in Herlelgh
Cemetery, near Camden.
Chester W. Chapln
. v i. V. 1.1 rheatni W.
Chapln, eighty years old, for many
years president of the New Yerk and
New Haven Steamship Company ami
the Central iew r,uwim .....u....
Company, died nt his home Saturday
night, after a.i illness of several month.
Mr Chapln was the son of Cheste? W.
m.. ,i nr.jinl.r nf the llosteii and
Albany Rallicnd. He was one of
the first te engage In the organisatien pr
industrial couieinHiionn uu e "
lending spirit in a small greun of men
who supported the late Daniel Cerbln in
building railways and developing coal
and water properties In the State of
Washington and the Province et British
William Dewlln
West Chester. Pa Nev. 13. Wil
liam Dewlin. seventy-five years old,
died today of a complication of dis
eases. He had been n member and
treasurer of the West Chester Scheel
Beard for forty years, was a director
t n i,niKnr nf mtrnrlRPM. nn officer
of the Farmers and Mechanics Trust
Company nnd a member of. the West
minster Presbyterian Church. He is
survived by two son nnd a daughter.
Ismar 8. Ellisen
New Yerk. Nev. 13. Ismar S. Elli Elli
eon, founder with the late Oscar Ham
nerstcln of the United Stntes Tobacco
Journal, died at his home yesterday. He
was born In Germany In 1H47 and came
te America when he was 23. He made
his home rer many years in jiutraie
nnd whs fermerlv editor of the Buffalo
Free Press. He was president of the
Rllisen ruuileatien company.
Mrs. Lillian N. Rea
Mrs. Lillian Nelle Rea died at her
her home in Merlen en Saturday last.
She had been ill for five ears. Mrs.
Rea was born in Willabnnh, Brompton
Falls, Quebec, but bad lived in Phila
delphia most of her life. She is sur
vived by her husband, Harry J. Ilea,
who is connected with the Commercial
Ceal Mining Cempany: two brothers,
Aubrey Ireland nnd Captain Ben Ire
land, of the Royal Air Force; four
sisters. Mrs. C. V. Bergh, of Merien;
Mrs. 12. A. Olms, of New Yerk; Mrs.
A. I.. Kastmiira, of fforento, Can., nnd
Miss Ludla Ireinnd. Services will b
held nt the home tomorrow and the
bedv will be burled In the West Laurel
Hill Cemetery.
mince pie!
Heinz Mince Meat it
what makes the mince
pie se geed Delicious
fruits, fragrant spices
of Heinz own impor
tation, choice ingredi
ents throughout de de
licieusly blended and
in Heinz spot
less kitchens.
Jehn Crawford
Funeral services will be held at 8
o'clock tonight for Jehn Crawford,
ninety years old, veteran of the Civil
War, who died Thursday at his home,
2122 Seuth Gould street. Crawford,
who served In the Second New Jersey
Brigade, was a member of the Grind
Army of the Republic.
He formerly conducted a cigar store
nt Twelfth and Federal streets, but hut
been retired for the last nineteen yean.
He Is survived by hi widow, Henrietta
Crawford. He will be buried tomorrow.
Different items and sizes of
electrical supplies In stock.
Many of them are net te be
found elsewhere.
Frank H. Stewart
10-87-80 North Seventh Street
SSO-sai filbert Street
i been out of werK since .liny, wncn uie'wns held for tne rcaerai autneruies.
Nnii TDUI empleves of the repair shop of the I lierkcr told Magistrate Dougherty te -UN
InlAL Central Railroad of New Jeisey went ay thnt he had brought the stills into
flfJ. IN-LAW r strike. UK unemployment Is believed this country from England because of
gu" nl """ t0 have ireyed upon his mind. the great profits that could be made
1a T Alitivitfli cnbl her henhnml ...:.!. illil. wdm 11a hnrl tnntied a
... .14.-7. ... ..w . . ..... ....... .... .. ... .... ,, ,l, ,1111,1 ,,, .-.J . j f,l
Arising vcaterdav gave $2000 worth of Liberty m.wer te dispose of the still refuse. The
r tends te his brother-in-law, Alex Kel- I dctectlvea found the connection after
J3(Bv mnnsen, for safe keeping. He could crawling for seveinl hundred feet
faced a'wt be located today. through the sewer.
Sli in huvine her acre of land en the
,.., ......m.a,., ninn (t- itt Knet, nnri
pimiiu v. "-,",'"",;..,;., ,u: :7i ........ ,..-.... .-!, V,.r.
recently ten nemmi. " ...v ,a-, i humf vmmhi, ......-..
. .!.. 1 ....... If la tnlit .l.n II, , , f. . ll.u Alli.a Tltlll7Pll!l
&L'V2Kb"ir?.rttlL . "E":S.Tt'l&, HnnJOREn AT BROWn"univ. k nM'naNR masks AGAIN:
lit II nr.i-'i tvunj v ' . "I "IU, iwf, ' (- - si- , 7. s-w.- - - - .... itef-ti srvisw ..,.. -- ' . '
, .virs ..it-ii in... !, - . cMeni newen ry fi tniiurM,
... I. n.na slnittemhee II tllllt Mr:
Gibsen visited her. there being no cal
endar in the Russell shack, she s.iid:
"I am sure, beeause I said te myself,
I said. 'Well, the thirteenth may he
lucky for President Wilsen, but it is
unluckv for rac, because I have lest mj mj
deg.' ''
Patrick Thornten, who lives half a
mile away, und i.ewis reicnyr. nis
IKMlUt'lt M"lr'"'" ""t1"' -. e --
Mrs. JlUMiMl s rt-uM..i, it is pomteu .-ir. iiumjn in ni u host t. t.
eut thnt v:hi!e Mr, Hiissi'U new insists i fesi-M sh frfruvk the blown that Uillwl
tlill hl wltiew. mtx .Hr.i jiwu'ii,
wa convince! rently of inurdcrliic tr Theodere Ferry, Radner, Made Vic
Mr- Dudgeon'" trial N the second of 1 President of Cl. , EeetIen of sympathetic Candidate.
fm'ir for which the pr.i-ec-itt.in prepared ' Theodere K. Ferry, of Radner, has . N Order In Georgia
nfter tlie death c Renin Iledell uud been elected first vice, president of the Results m new wruer ..
hi. father. I.w and Herman Dudgeon. da of 102.'. in Brown Unlversit). Atlanta. Ga., Nev. M-- "T
tens ..f the defendant in the pr,.ii . PiovMenre. R. I.. In ; close contest i elections ever and the men faered
S .1 brothers of Meda Iledell. are lth Charles Chauncey Myers, of Ard-! winners in their races for office, the
Visit-in trial for alleged cenplieitv m mnT,, n. Parkman Sayvvard, of Way- I Knights of the Ku iviut ivibu ""'' s -mi mar u weiim neu ee . -go .e
?hVSIeaellth. ' ' gndMaan president e er ?"Wu.X SS "IX
Jin. Dungeon is a .-gw .e nave - i,,fMrt j. v hi...... ... ......... ..., .. .-;. -."-rr. ,...d from ' eha.ee. All oninlen from the cemmls.
" 1 . ' '- v...... ---- U. !,.....
Officer Under Sherman In "March te
Sea" Victim of Apoplexy
TU Vnl.iimli.il AfnWlIt-. n flfftltcr 111
the Indian wars under General Nelsen
A. Miles and nn elhcer umier Hiiermnn
during the bitter's famous "inarch te
the sea" in the Civil Wnr, died yester
day from npeplcy nt his home, 4021
Catharine street. He wns eighty-one
j ears old.
Majer Merrltt, who was retired, was
a familiar and picturesque figure in
the community in which he lived for
the last tblrtv-five years. Up until a
ulinw, .lmn l,nfr,A Ilia rlflfltll liiv wns ne-
ustemed te wearing a long black coat,
black slouch felt hat and n flowing
j a . a. mm Ma. Ml a. AM. t fAM C3l,avman,a ItlVflstnfl nf HhST-leS
AbAlrJvi I PAIn IIM rAnM t0,n. S. C Majer Merritt was detailed
I .. .!. AhnlMa af inn itiiru ITT n ir 1 rnui
that city of women nnd Confederate
svinnathisers. nnd te transfer them te
an island. ...
Majer Merrltt was wouneeii in one ei
bis onceunteis with Indluus from which
he suffered off nnd en up until the time
of liis death. The bullet was never re
moved. , .,.
He Is survived by two nephews, Wil
liam and Allen Haw'.ey, of New Yerk.
Allen Hawley Is president of the Aero
Club ei America.
said, with a twinkle in a pair of merry
brown eves, "J love jour jeuiic people
and I love your cirles." Then she
added. "I was born the day the Amer
icans burned my Utile town in the Phil
ippines during thnt vrnr but I've for
gotten all about thnt new."
At the afternoon, session delegates
l.nm CstMtt. A ...A.il.tn T , .1 1 i,.il fn.,...!..
,Uill ,-.,.((( fllllT. Hill Itl.l.U ,,,,., WIIIHUIU
outline,! the work of the organization
in their countries. During the neon
recess the women were treated te un
automobile ride through the city.
N. Phlla. Manufacturers' Bedy Calls
Fnlrmeunt Closing Illegal
An uitim.ulen that court action may
he taken by the North Philadelphia
Mannl. n Hirers' Association te preveut
the S(Stil-(ViitcunInl Exposition from
being held in rnirnieunt Park is con
tained in a loiter addressed te the Park
Commissioners by the association.
1.1 1i.t In. .ah .1.A IIOLiUiln lli., at...
,. ,l. ivil.'l l,- iimnmiiyil nil),-
gestivl that it would net be legal te
.1 . ,. .. ,1.- .1. II,. ....1 .!...,
II A IVI.-11 A, lh.. rlrl"nr.n nf hrr a&uh-
ter. Mr Anns V, IU11UI1, 1123 W. State ..
Mntlii, rn.. en :snveimtar 1U, iiik ki.ika
Ul'.nt l.OCJAN IIAWi:i. In her 0th vesr.
I'unrrvi .irticcn uu ,, i'iiiitu.,, ,. i.r.iiuui,
ki 1 o'clock at the Oliver II. Hair Hid.,
1S2U I'heitnut it. Interment at Oemian Oemian
te n, Pa
MeClte.lSIJN. On Nev. 12. 1072. ANNA
P.. wlfe of James MrCreum, et .ISlS Ilran.
ilpvln at ItalatlvM nnd frlrnds ar In
tiled te the ervlvc3 en Wnli,cailuy after
niiiiu at 'J o'clock Rt tlie Oliver Jl. IJnlr
Illilir . 1S20 Chestnut at. Interment at Ar
lington Cemetery. Jltmaltia may be vleired
Tudav evening.
.VOHI.IT On Nev. 1?. 1PJ2. KATHER
INi; i;., Mlden- ut Jeaeph C Nebllt. KcI
71 ear. Tuneral wrvltu en Tusn. mernln
Rt 11 o'clock at her lal residence. BIO K.
Ml. rieabunt ave., Mt. Airy. Intarmtnt
PrCALirenrj On Nev. 13. 19:2. EVni,EN!A
V. UALMOUR. cf S01S Uses at., wtdijw of
VVaillir IV l.UIIOUI.it ,,ritLb,,.-n .tipj iiiril.l.
urn Invited e tlw aervlcn en Weil nftarneun
..! n .1nV n, lh. Oliver II llnlr T11!
1.1 V c iiuum u. ,ttn VI.,, -t ,,. (JUII HIU.il
1SJO ChuHtnut at. Intel ment private.
VKIT Nev K. 102M. C'.VI IIUUINB ..
wir.i of David Vlt (nee li'aman). llela-
lllfH ntll ttluiii"' .-j ihii'.h 'J .linn,
funernl amice Wed.. l::ie 1". M at real-il-ne,
ltUO N. Heds Interment rrlvate
llltlalde I'-mntery. llemalna vlivcd Tuea uve.
HAWMM1H. Nev. lit. 10.2. UARY 1.
vld.iw of IMwaril O, St RRwllnua Retutlvaa
and (rli-nda Invited t. xrivti-s, Tuesday, lj
A. M. at her latu realilctice. Utg N. 13lh at.
1111 I IT1' III l' la v.
MeUOtVAN Nev 11. 1022. at P-lle-tre. O..
r.liWARO J.. "! et th latu Jenu J. uni
Kenan St SIcOevvnn. Due netk of the tu
i.thI will he etven from hla late reMdenee.
Seeks New
Successful Experience in:
Analysis of Markets
Selection and Training of Men
Assignment of Sales Tasks
The Fellow Up for Results
He seeks a connection in an
alert organization where
changing conditions meke de
sirable mere aggressive selling.
Address reply te
Dr. Kstherine M. H. Blackford
Employers Adviser
50 East 42d Street, New Yerk
VlDSTjn, lunil,. vy ...n. ...k.h uniti'iu,
of Queens Village, ii. ... was denied uy Bienur rinin wi .causa m u ihhjimiis i.iu. . -p; '
Mrs. Hanion in -"ew nerK inbt nigut. , Workman's Tercn aouevce te iijvj ihsii.iihii w " "'"V "' ri" ,.
Hh.,n".enBriu3(i, M"?. , Move te Amend Velstead Act Fata. gnIted Gas In Fata. Explden Iffl FSlS IS?-
"""" 1 i .1 . . . A . -a.. r...nHslnri !. M Caul a . l--.a IfvaflrtTI 1 llflfllM UfiW '.' .1 -..!.
Phillips lannneuse, near tie lataicrau- . te rarty eHw..-. ... ... "-"-, . An .'-r.nr. .niBl, n .1, ,. .: ! ,,,rr '""'lr'
apple tree, twice n meiiin. trutt sue A, jutenipt te elmiiKe tne veisteau tne emr"- u 'uu "..,,: ,
h,d gene there, the night of the murder Aet bv a..V political partv will wind .1 N. ". h',h,h""r .Vsinwi ii'"1
nnd had seen a "beautiful blend girl" , l ,.ntl,knell of f I. .., erganl.- AMxnZ
and three mep drug the rector and Mrs. ' tj(, n...-rilint te the llev Abna V . .Company ie "t untster en Nitur
Hills from the place, later hearing i iAni,rd. lllMiep of c.illi.iiiila. day. .,..., tnnt cnPes eelleete, t
ahets. ' He nude this prediction today in n It is believed l"l "Ff ,",ri .)"
r.w Tax Pretest. In Four Ward. Methodic, ndnisi,... at v.. ley U..H. andwe ,. . .. , -.. - w.r Vr ,,
' - i.-:Mi. ........ ,. no.. ..ii .irpni, ' ilk,.,, i.j --. . .... -
r.iiiirt'iii it I, no ... !.' . - . .1.. ..i.i..
made public said com
ignored this question in
reply saiu, However,
has been received for
' nnv definite site in
th the attitude, of the
m luilnir w'llllnir tn iln
thelr power te co-operate
' Anelatlen te mnltn th
cx)e"it!rin u success.
v ..1 AHVt timet fan .Tnanttll W. TvATJ-i
worthy, who died Saturday afternoon
nt his neme, toeo wuui urvuuv, t.j.
Hike nlaeii tomorrow afternoon nt J
o'clock. Mr. Kenwertby was a mem
ber Of the rniiaueipiiiu nor, rnniinijr
of tlm Miller North Bread Street Stor Ster
age Company and vice prerldent of the
lielment Trust Company. He was in
his nlxty-feurth year.
Mr. Kenworthy wss born In Chester
,i.T... J l.l. fnlhai. In th tettlle
business. He snbseiiucntly took up tbe
a:tU Catharlne st.
Pays 4i4 Par
Cent. Interest .
21it sad
alabrldie Saw
1343 Chtihrat St
? ehn Wananukcr, Pra
Chief Health Inspector Wants
Weman Taken te Hospital
rv a i -t....ea ,.i.i m.wiinnl ftl"
ill' . .. ill lift nun "?" I"
iMisfternt! tln Itiiivau of liraltli, tedn.T
Sure we're busy
making geed
DhetO - enPTflv.
ings. But net tee busy te
taite care 01 xnese piaies you
. rt - . " ' . a . s I..nnIn li'lie.
" Vifsritsafiith nml Ait'i Mnri ' uruu 'J . v ,, i..i.n. . '(i,ni- n loiter fn Jir. I". IjIuluh .
Real estate assessors for the 'J went v- ",,,,, i..1)imr, spoke ,,f the benefit i.r.sldfnt et ,bH""J"" "A ""'T "v.l ,,sh. nre-ldent of the Heard of Health,
nrtli, 'inirty-iniru nnu rni-iy-iuui ... - , n(.(.nll., te the people ni , snld me vi 1...0 '.' YY'' " vm,mmemlliig that Mrt, Mnry .ic
Wards. siting today at the leal KKtate J" U of enncimeiit of prohibition ' been " , ' U nnd 0 liea hnre" Sir WH Hast Klkhnrt street, be
Assessors' Offlc-e in City Hall, received , , , ,.,,,, . wemn 0f Cal.fer- . lug plared In dndMlt nnd etlielallj pre- , ' M ,f nf(,piMr, rrem her
few appeals trem awssmenls levied "la ter their m tlvities in belulf of the neunccd free from gaa. I i,euie 10 the Philndidphln Hespltul In
fer WW from property owners, rew -..U,,,.nth Amendment. I "... '. .. . tause Mie has been pronounced a u-
liiMMflEuD linil lienn mnile whieh lie- n. . .... .e .1... .cvA... ,k.. .mm aar-al ftPAIII ntr I Allf . .. . . .. nt.lv irilli
,v.t..r. ...... -.-.. .-, ........ ..- .. s a r(.M1it ii iiiu ruii. .11 mv ui 1 nflrlli HrUUL Ur 1HVV lUiell earner uuu iciuM-s i '""V ,.,
reunted for the absence of pretests. I he f ,'alifeiuln." he said "tbe rl ' ' "lii nij v. una. 'lallens ()t ,i,. Hureau of Health.
assessors for the wnrds are Jnuiesil- , , t , mt Statp llls i,,.,,, ,.ut r.,.uran.. of Football Vie. Dr. Calms pointed out that when
lard, Jehn McManiis. J. It. C. McAllia- n lrem r.O.OW te -10,000. nnd the Noisy Celebrants of Football vie- M ' Mpc,ulrn was releawd recently
tcr and Kdwurd ucnnls. gee(l we,.jj H stm Belng en. The worn- tery Sign Own Ball Bends from the hospital she signed a statement
en paraded the btitets and held mass- ,rilri,p University of Pittsburgh stu- that sha would de 110 cooking In her
Mrs. Dallam Wedded November 4 meetings for the. cause and the figures , ,0 p,lt tne mt. p into their home nnd would hiibralt te culttirfs te
show thnt thyc ebtaineu results." . ;ilf.lnn i the Pitt football victory determine It sn0 sun wns a cHrmr ...
Tttulw.ii T i.ennrrl iilsn snnkft nt lanffth ll1 -. t.. i.. ........ 1.1. 1 i O-Afv ,l.a .llue.ici. St in refllKOR te COniPty Willi
.L..i...ui. .v"......' ..... ......- h ...n.-. ... ..Ann nnmn ;iv ...tii. iiciii 111 ...i...
en conditions In Mexico.
..ecu in ti iiuiiv. nn vuu neen
j ii t. . .
I studv Ot inw in in" "."V." ."' ""' uu id iiuny uig wuy 10 UB.
I Fermer City Editor "vlll.
Believed Drowned I , 1W0. His two. daughters. Careline I ,,,e,1,tVJ tinS?1
! Liulsvlllc, Ky. Nev. J8.-fny A. K. and Jean W. Kenworthy. both tORNO GO.12
IP i -i 'oust guards nre dragclng the members of the bar, were af-seciated F COD 1112 ffHL'.TNIfr7?r I
Ohie lliver here for the body of .lelin A. with hlra in practicje. '.U.WIf.ll b wnB'inuiyIA
H.iird, aged sixty, wealthy wholesale Mr. Kenworthy Is also survived by Juntrance en nth St.
Imllliniry dealer and former city editor ' '
irh. nmrrliire Is nnnuunced of Mrt
Dsvid Kngllsh Dallam. Jr., of Her Her
mantewn, nnd Charles S. Townsend. of
Bryn Mawr. en Saturdny. November
4, in this city. Mr. and Mrs. Town
'send are living with David KnjrlUh
'Dsllsm, at llermsntewn, but after D D
"eetubcr 1 they will be at home in New
j Yerk. Mis. 'I'owtibeud was Miss Idly
b . vat.
tabor Askt Conway for tench
tttl.J rAeaxa1 ftlli.K ITllIflU fYlPf ttl (lit
tiL,ii Oirtienter llulldinff, Spring .Garden
i$&mm r Kigbteenth, yeiUrdsy ana
iWiTr-T Patrick P. Conway Je eueeed
MpRKjiidjjs Keiers. Adelph Hlrsh-
Man Found Unconscious
Police of the Twelfth nnd Pine streets
station nre trjlng te learn tlm Identity
of a man found unconscious en the
sidewalk In trout of uu heuta hcven
teenth street tail) this morning. He
.nu inlran en the Pelvplinlc Hnunltnl.
The man Is about hfty-nve years old,
Willi iron gruy uuu- nnu a ruuuy i-uiu-plexlen.
Hn wears a dark suit, black
shot, and derby hat.
ui ver aaraen you want (s M
ttaln naSer Sltoatlena en pae IT, At
ever rim .,.......- ; -
ball te keep the pencil by MnglMrntc
Ceward nt i ity "" ieuy.
The HtiideiitH are llllain 11. Walker,
Oeergfl Olston and Hebert S. filbbSt
all of Pittsburgh. They get into nil
Bltercntlen with Detwtives Park and
McDevitt at Ninth and Kanaeni stieets
.Saturday nigut. .uagisirate i ewani al
lowed them te sign their own ball bends.
Child Burned While at Play
Xf nvavn rat TTviiliU aTklrvreil ffn VAfiVC
old, was seriously burned while playing
with paper near a gas Jet tn her borne,
6888 Ambrose street, last areola. She
these conditions. Dr. Cairns says.
Negro Attacks a Policeman
Isaac Smith, u Negro of Eleventh
and Jiembard streets, attacked Patrol
man Jerdan, of the Twelfth and Pine
streets station, with n knife when Jor Jer
dan arrested him en charge of keeping
- .il...l...l.. 1. ,.,.,. llntrnlmfin Small.
who was with Jerdan, struck tlm man
ever tne ncad wmi nis icvuis-r ii
knocked him unconscious.
who paper iai m turn jz, in nur nuuiv, i f..;"w -"Jl'i, -:
6888 Irabrese street, last ereuin, Bhe Sf Jiti
was taken te the Ormantewn Heayital. am.
a sasss
,,.1,11), Oiil r.lj, ,t.,,... .. tii'i, ri,i.
.villlln. ilenl... .....1 fncmi. .ItV .nllt.H
lllllllll. I ,. ,l-lll-, (.111. ,......., '.,,. .',,.,
ill nie Lnui-vuie limes, who is ueueveu
id nave pcrisiieu in ine Mrriuu. itairii
was lnt seen in n skiff late Saturday '
.....- I
The sKiff, in which part of hit cloth
ing had been left, wns found yeatcrday.
The nst of his wearing apparel waj in
his lm.l(i'r in a bontheuse.
Georae Jaud
"leiii!;e .laud, a retired marine, who
died I'rhlny, will bu burled tomorrow
afiviinieii turn his home, 21 l.'t Knst
f'lwilleld street, with military honors.
In ntteniliiiie,. will lin a detail of inn.
rlni-s timn Kengue island. Following
tne sci'MiK, iiiti-nncnc win no iimue in
Nnitliwiind Ceinetery.
Mr, Jaud, who w;ns a nunrtermaster
si'iKi-aui, vas in loe serviee inr iniriy
years. Dulng that time he served in
inaiiv rampnigns, Including the Boxer
uprising, the. Philippine Islands nnd
in ftentn America, uuring ine pnllIsn
War he was decorated for bin very.
riftii-n veaiH nge he was retired, but
was im-iiIIihI at lite eulbeak of the
World War for guard duty. He was
Mxty-live, jienis old. '
...j ,n riiivilll. I'J ' ,,,,w,, ...,.
Kate Jaud, and a son, Geerge jaud.
Emerald Cut
THEiB AHEiivflia jHiifi. nnu k son. ueeraii ilBUBI I
them jvum4 In the Help jr.( wu0 wrvel ,n ne msrlnes .during I
... , ... , tht werl(J Wafl . .
as Finger Rings, Bracelets,
Pendants, Bar Pins and
Purcnaies Wesen-ed for Christina Delivery
Fer cleaning
tile floors,
walls and
. ..,Aj