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t.ffJSSSSl mi 'i mw i tfm
iPenn Stars,
, U -i.i ,
Through Injuries, May Be Unable te Take Part in Battle Against
?$FW Pm LTu Gallant Fight, and All the Sympathy in
World Gees Out te Tex Hamer for Failing te Kick
Geal That Meant a Tie
:' vv.
Q-.TUitDAY. November It, 1H. a- Armlntlcc Kay. Hut lial ln they
O knew about nch ilayi In .tiitiglelniiu uhence wme the 1'nnthcrs itml tlie
Timers? Ne ii thlnu t Cunciuctit1.v, much grief In Philadelphia ntid Cam
bridge today.
If jen believe In thnt he-devil pepulnrly called n jinx yen mny say that
be was doing a brother ad Willi the Pitt Panther mill the Princeton Tiger
Inst Katuitlny. It n the Mender figure "1"
which mark the nmvetHful try-for-pelnt after
totiehtleiui that kept Pennsylvania from at
leant gettln. n draw with the P.inthcr. And it
was- tlie iinuiiI run of f limbics invariably clutched
hv the harp claws of n Tiger, that helped te
hint ltnniinl.
Jinx or no jinx, the fact remains that the.
lied and ltlne and the Crimson color" were tat
tered ami tern after the siuy-inlniiic tieht
with the jungle Ung. It it was because l'iu
biirith and Print cteti Mink their teeth into Old
Man Opportunity and rode him te victory, then
they me nil th meie deserving of the ti Iiiaiphe.
which were thehi.
It wh Pittsburgh's seventh victory in the
eight games with the tjtiakcrs nntl although we
again tefrr te tint tr -fur-point uile a- of far
tee grent importance in deciding a football bat
tle. If is a rule, and it would be unfair te take
away from the Panther one atom of the glory which the tee of Pic Williams
jcaln'ed for him. Tex llamcr. for Penn. wnv granted the ihanee te duplicate
the pint "-Mi k of the Pltfdmrsh end. '""! t"e n,"i decreed that this once.
when the (Junker needid the point e badly, the usually reliable lied and
llluc hooter failid.
Ami if. in t'anibridge. it n-ns the uncanny ability of Tigers te be where
a. loei' bull U bounding around en the turf te pick it up, that Is a credit mark
for Hill Ituper. who tenches Ills men te be watthful for fumbles. Hiitvnrd
lias fumbled before Iti Princeton games and knows that Tigers like nothing
better than a chance at a hiev ball. In fact, It was alertness in following the
pigskin that giue the Orange and llltuk victories which spoiled an old Har
vard tradition- thnt no Crimson eleven could be licked twice In succession
en its own battlefield. When (iherke. Crimson hooter, permitted h pass from
center te slip through hl fingers la-t Saturday it wax Uaker, the TIgr
tackle, who get the oval and a touchdown followed. And when, later in the
Itame, n Prliueten punt fell through the arms of Spanlding, Harvard quarter.
there was Stout, the Uoper-ieachcd end. en the job. A field goal was thus
made possible.
kiX4 J M ul
fill: hi ail; i of
irtcrcc'i vim tie
1'iixr cewc j,ut e surely as the toot of the
en tht viethiill firll. hi Philadelphia and
hicnki of the
Cambridge the hunks iccie titfi the Panther and the ligcii. lleth
team d'snic the high tanking tchich probably icill be thtirs lehen the
season trait.
Try-for-Point Rule M ins Three Big Games
EAIM.Y In this present season it was predicted that the try-for-pelnt rule
might be a considerable factor in championship gemes. Hut we did net
suspect it would be the deciding punch in three of the largest and most im
portant football battles of the je.ir.
In Chicago, en O'tebtr H. Stags' Maroen eleven scored three touch
downs and -,) did Prliueten. Chicago fnl'ed three times te kl(k the goal;
the Tigers, hnwng tin nire-het Ken Smith in the drep-kiikhig depmtnient.
added the point en nil three occasions and wen .'1-15. Therefore today
Princeton Is the one big team in the Kat that has wen erery contest; has
ttcaped even n tie.
In New Yerk, en November 4, Washington nnd Jeftersen scored two
touchdowns and se did Lafayette. The Easten IiuN missed one try-for-pelnt.
"W. nnd J. interjcUed the surprise stuff, threw a forward pass when a kick
was expected and added the point which gave them a victory 34-13.
In Philadelphia List Saturday Penn leu te Pittsburgh because a place
kick went astra ; s-rore 7-0.
One reason for the new rule was that it brought the entire eleven men
into action, thus improving the game for the spectators. It also was stated
that it afforded greater opportunity ter field generalship, since any play from
acrinnnnge was permissible seh, for example, ns the forward pass that
wen for W. and .1.
J MITUKK rcaien icd
it 6
that the try-fei -paint dul net plaee the
biiidin in hearihj upon unf man m did the old rule, irhieh called
for n place kick, sometimes after a punt-out te get the bull in fient
of the goal paits
Tex Hemer's Heavy Burden
lid err one football player cany a henvhr
frlrmls. ulil err
ev I lamer en I rankliu lnw list aturuuy .'
Pitt's point in tlie enrh stages of tli" iigh. when very
paid te it. Hauler's nk had te he performed late in
burden than
Pie Williams uH
little attention wits
the game, when the
pectaters knfw nnd no did the PnntliTs tlint it meant a tie nere or
defeat for Penn. Pltthuigh never ihiirgcr harder than in that ploy in order
that they might hurry and perhaps block limner's kick and thus win the game.
i1 As the husky Penn back w.ilked blewiy away following his unsuccessful
Ifert, his head bowed In sorrow, there were few persons In the great stadium
who did net sympathize with him. Te him alone had come the bij chance.
His mates might check the rushing Panthers; Irn might snap-back and
Miller held the oval successfully. Hut it was Tex Hamer who steed out there
n that field as large as the skyscraper among u block of one-and-ene-half-tory
bungnlews. If the rule-makers wanted te make victory en the football
field depend upon th Individual effort of a kicker t,hey succeeded but thnt
la what they said tbey were trjlng te avoid.
nEIMAPS the line and the mapper-back and the holder of the ball
did e de rArir taskt satiifacterily. But it was Tex Jlamer iche
lurned airay mm the goal peits with heavy heart; tf trai 'let that
the creud hud looked te (ei a tie score.
. Jinx Clings te Sullivan
TIIi:ili: surtly is something akin te a jln clinging te the fast pnli .f legs itmt
carry Geerge Sullivan te wh.it should b great honor and bold-faced head
lines. It was another tlmlling broken-Held sprint, ,1S jards ila tlie air line
but mere than double US jards in actual turf steppul upon, that enabled
Bully te plant the pigskin behind Pitt's goal pests en Saturday. Hut lie.
cause his spectacular individual ffert was geed for only .is points it could
net tie the score and Penn lest.
Pittsburgh knew t tint Sulliian was jegnrded and cerrectlv se ns the
most brilliant dodger of tinklers In the Knst this enr They were determined
te step the eel-like nihances of the Quaker bad.. Yet Ms vry first efTerr
when he enured the fray in the second period netted the Hed und Blua
nearly -0 yards and plated the evnl within .Ifi jards of the touchewn line.
Penalties shoved Penn backward this time. His run for a touchdown in the
fourth period get tin only Quaker score. And, near the close of the game,
Bulb's 2."-ard earrj-bnrk et a Pitt punt made It leek like mero points for
the JJwl and lllue. It was penalties uml a fumble by the tired back when 1m
was vigorously tackled that Mopped this forward journey of the fighting
Jn the Alatiama game it win ne rememDerea, wniuvan Old his part bv
coring the touchdown which gave Penn the lead. Then, as tn the Pitt game.
,tbe ffat of the (juaker here , was considerably minimized by the defeat of
Helsmau'b pupils. "Hs tough!
$V tba secondary defense of Penn.
li , Andersen, Flanagan und Winterhtirn all carried the ball or
fiwiissHA ceual kill en these end runs and tackle darts. Tiny Hew
mw ctjuai
Bi-Weekly Programs Will B
Staged Downtown and in
West Philadelphia
By 1.01'IS II. JAFFK
ANNOrXCKMKNT Hint Leen llnlns
and l!rnesf .Tnmber would direct
boxing matches nt the Ice Palace, te be
known in tlie future ns The Arena, be
ginning Thanksgiving afternoon, does
net mean thnt the Olympla will be
rlo'ed in a listic emporium.
ltnins and .Tnmber have lieen the prin
cipal nnd iictlve stockholders of the club
en Seuth Hread street nnd both have
become intei ested In the Philadelphia
Sporting Club, under whose auspices
boxing will be held at the Arena, but
the will continue tn stage bouts down
town ns well as in West Philadelphia.
Iho Philadelphia Sporting Club has
armiigcd ler ten dates at the Arena,
and it is planned te held two shows a
month there. Hi-weekly bouts beginning
the lt of December will be decided nt
the Olympin.
.Mustbniim Is
Itchlnd the Arena
Jules Mastbaum has assumed owner
ship of the West Philadelphia structure,
nhlcl Is the biggest sports nrenn In
the l..ist, excepting Madisen Square
Among the changes mnde In the Arena
is the seating capacity, 10.000 clnlrs
bein,! ii tillable for boxing occasions.
Plans arc under wav te held ether ath
letic competition there.
t This is the first time Mastbaum has
interested himself In boxing. Leather
pushing Iiiminurics will be signed for
competition at the Arena, te that Phil
adelphia fans no doubt will have an
opportunity te see the beft mlttmcn in
the world display their ware.
lack Ha n le n will be matchmaker,
nnd he bus started te get together h
'hew for the opening dnte. llccnuse of
his recent "cemeb.ick" in the local
spotlight and the fact that most of his
tnllewers hail from West Philadelphia
l'ebbv liarrett will appear Jn ee of
the Thanksgiving Day bouts.
Nothing ileliuite has been announced
for the turkej -day tilts.
Frcedman Makes
Welter Debut Here
Sailor Kreedinnn, the Chicago boxer.
who has gained weight since his last
ThMiMi Bw:cw, tevumffi'im
State en Saturday "
yStwa ?a--Jt "Tfi JT. tS SsMssSyg
ktKam "
0eP-l'M AtV3
An. fMtErtUP, Jimmy
Veff W A wECPtWfr Wttlcw -WrtaTlF'tMIY'DeCAlU
CRAeicee ttf
- , y?i7-
CepurtBht, 10H, 1V Puttie Ledger Compenu
Hew Dees It Strike Yeu?
Princeton's Reply
Schoolboy Courage
"Railroading" May
bout in Philadelphia, will make his
debut as a welterweight at the Olympin
tnnicht The Windy City lad, who was
a star as a lightweight, is scheduled
te take en K. O. I.eughlin in the feu-
, turc ft .teas of eight rounds.
I In his niesj teceut contest lAeedman
ikiintkeil out Kddle I'itzslmmens In New
! Verl "Hie Sailor administered a ler
1 ritii treiiiK lii' te Pit, for scverul rounds
and tin ii u sheit right punch cata
pulted l'ddie threugli the ropes, being
ismtuid out while lying en the platform
outside of the hemp.
The M'jni-tiiHil will be a lightweight
meeting between Jimmy Ilniibui, of
Putter, and Jee Hene, the Trenten
boxer, llene Is a rugged, nggressite
and hard hitter. Jee has boxed in Phil
adelphia before and always made geed.
He is expected te win from the Penver
"iron man."
In the nrelims Whitev
t'.nea Danny ltedgers, Willie Harmen
ir.u'ts Mike Shultz, who used te be
under the naiiie et " est Philndelphl
Tei.im" O'Toele, and Teughey Mur
ray tackles Ueergc Siddons, formerly
I'ing Iledie.
Princeton, if Net en Har
vard Schedule, Likely te
Meet Penn; Red and Blue
Crippled for State Game
T)lTTSnriKiH will be back en the
A schedule of the University of Penn
syltania football team next year, ac
cording te n statement by a prominent
official connected xtith the Western
Stnte Institution. The contract with the
Panthers ran out with the game Sat
tird.i.t, nnd at first it was thought they
would be dropped from the list of
Pr.itikliii Pield visitors.
Aiienlmg te our informant, the two
teams will meet next .tear In the Sta
dium, although the contracts have net
hem signed and officially nothing has
been s'ltd.
Pitt is one of the best drawing cards
en the Penn schedule, huge crowds
seeing tlie contests, whether played here
or in Smoketettn. Saturduy's crowd
of mere than 40,000 broke nil attend
ance receids for the annual struggle
between the big Eastern nnd Western
Forim rl.t the teams alternated, nlav.
! !.. II... 1 1. I ..'i" .-.
Flt'cerald I "' '" "'seurgn one year una tins cny i
." t , lift tli.VI I fil llln nLt ti na.ian.iv
., .... ...n,. . ... ...V. .Mb iuiu eciiauiri
,. . iietM'trr, all tlie games have been plated
'M ,.n IV,il-li t'L.I.I V,,v, ......-' ---..
lDllIa I .. . . " ".!. .St.ll 1 lll.V
Mur-' wl" "l(i" M! w'ltMieil en the historic
Will Be Third Year for Industrial
Organization Uptown
flirls sre taking mii h a big part In
luskcthall that sneral leagues composed
or the fair sC are being formed. The
'philndelphhi Manufacturers' League
will h.ive a gills' dividen. but it is
net the tirst of its kind In this city.
A league has been in existence for two
Tears at the North llrnnch V. M. t
A., with representative from Kxlde
Storage Battery. Liggett & Myers.
David Luuten Sens, Thomas-Wehton-holme,
Miller Leck and Netaseme
Hosiery, and in a tournament had ad
ditional entries from Federal Keserve
I Hank, Provident Life and Trust Com Cem
pnnv, Cern Excbnnge Bank and North
1 liuiiding, Y. M. O. A.
The North Itrnnch 1b again organizing
a leugue, and any industrial plants
.,-iuMiii tn unter or desiring infermu-
...-.... n - , ... . .
THERE man be a I'tnn-l'iinctten
came next year or the year after.
Human havelein percolating through
the inner circlet of intercollegiate
football for uccks that if Harvard
drops the J'iyen and there in soma
ground te bilirxe that the Crimson
ill de te.
Coach Heisman Lauds
Red and Blue Team
his praise of the, Penn team for
its spectacular fight against Pitt.
He said: "The team played well
and I have no fault te find. If H
tights the bnttlcs of life as it
fought out there en the gridiron it
will all be successful. We did net
get the breaks during the game.
Hamer is always geed nt kicking
placement goals, but failed at the
critical moment. Xet I have no
censure for him.
"Then there was .Sullivan's fum
ble in the fourth period, when we
had the Panthers apparently en the
run. That, tee, was excusable, but
hurt us a let. We will get busy
this week preparing for tlie Piym
Stnte game, which looms ns the
fourth straight difficult one fur us.
llerdek hns another geed tenm, ac
cording te nil the information I
hatu received. If I de net lese any
of my regulars we will be in geed
bhnpe for the contest.
"Pittsburgh had another great
team, but I think thnt outside of the
tirst psried our defense proved
capable and stepped them frequently
when our goal line was in danger.
Pitt played a hard, aggressive game,
llewser. Andersen and several ethers
nre brilliant performers."
Glenn Wnrner, the man of few
words, had but little te say before
lent lug for Pittsburgh. "We were
lucky te win," said the dean of
coaches. "Penn has n strong team,
brilliant en the defense. Sullivan
is a spectacular open-field runner.
It was a grent game."
but his nil -around play backing up the
line has been werthv of a Hebev Light.
There has been much discussion since
the eiime ceiiccrniuff the nnnnrent mix
up in signals thnt occurred ever en the
south side of the field. Penn was twice
penalized 5 jards for delaying the game,
while numerous spectators jeered. One
of the players says Miller called for a
play that was new and hnd been told
te the team Saturday morning. Only
Pern recalled the play, aud the result
was that he was forced te go back with
Miller te explain it te the ether mem
bers of the backfield. Dcrn was net In
nny way responsible for the delay In
the gnme. nor was Miller.
5VLL1YAW8 .',0-vard run for the
lied and lllue touchdeien marked
the second time he has performed the
feat of dashing through an entire
team. lie vent 37 against Alabama.
As an open-field runner Sullivan has
few equals in college football this
year. His ability te iietep. change ,
his pace and dash here and there out
of the opposing tackles' arms stamp
him as a wonder.
Williams Quits U. 8. L. T. A.
I'tlea. N. Y.. Nev. 13. Paul 9 Williams.
tf .- Yerk, field ascretarv of th tlnltxl
.still's Lawn Tmnls Association, has l.cen
-..lei ti as cdltur of tlie ttllea PrHs. sue
cf Unit tlie Intn Oeri;- K. Dunham. Mr.
Wllll.inii enterid upon his new dutlei res
l.Til. tin la a craduata et Hamilton
i'eIUik. 'OS.
Railroaders Start Basketball
nanlietbalt among tmnleyei of the Pennarl
tanla Itallread seta undr way thl after
noon at B o'clock, a the P. It. R. T. M. C.
Ji. ?in-n Auauur or rinvenua epwns me aa
fin with Huucriiiieri'i-ni n uar Harvice.
r. Mns-r. anslntant te Prtiident Rea,
I tens up the flrrt bull.
RUMORS of a break between Harvard and Princeton have been laturatlat
sporting gossip for some time. It la significant that the talk bteamt
heated Saturday, the day of the annual gridiron battle between the two !.
Whatever the cause of the sudden outburst of feeling, Bill Iteper certainly
made ment of It and Princeton ate It up.
The Tigers' tactful tutor told his preteges In ry words that Harvard was
attempting te smenr the fair name et Princeton, ridicule the coaching system
and the conches and threw affronts at Individuals.
He raved nntl reared, and the Tiger eye turned red ind the Tiger belt
became tense with rage.
"If Harvard Is going te try te cast a smirch en the clean name of Prints Prints
ten." he told his players, "our only reply Is te go In there and instill' n scbn
of respect In their souls. The best way te de this is te beat them in their own
back yard."
And that's just what the Tiger did score, Princeton 10, Harvard 3.
DRINCETON'S play night net have beta se deadly if talk of a Har-
X rant break had net stirred their souls, BUI Rester Is m wise old owl. .?
' .i
Sportsmanship Among the Schoolboys
SPORTSMANSHIP is expected and demanded of college athletes. The cel- "I
leglnns appreciate and respect the standard of American athletics. ,'
There Is a tendency, however, te forgive schoolboys for breaches of the un-
written law. We can scarcely expect them at their age te have a full under
standing of fair piny thnt Is traditional in amateur sports in 'this country. V
It is infinitely pleasing te sec here and there en scholastic gridirons sports- '
manshlp mere highly regarded than scores.
The Observer points with pride te the action of the Woodbury High Seheel 'I
after a recent game against Moorestown High. The fourth period was played
en the dark side of twilight, when it was almost impossible te fellow the ball. "
In the darkness Woodbury pushed .ever a touchdown. After the game ther
requested thnt the touchdown be taken from the score. 1
"Moorestown also would have scored," they argued, "if ther hA ,.a
thebnll." ,.,
It would have been a finer test if the subtraction of the touchdown would
have meant a victory for Moorestown instead of Woodbury, but nevertheless '
it was a' splendid show of sportsmanship.
And furthermore, one does net have te go te the collegiate gridiron te rirw
courage and gameness.
Moorestown played Mount Helly last Friday, and early in the game Bend
of Moorestown, broke his collarbone, but he played until the end of the period'
when the pain forced htm te retire. And even after the accident he kicked a flttri
goal for the only points scored by his team during the game.
SPORTSMANSHIP and geneness, recegnizee', respected and sought
among the schoolboys! Surely the future of amateur athletics
will be built en rock. v
Yankees Attempt te Railroad Mays
THE Yankees tried te railroad Carl Mnys te the miners, but the Reds lived
up te their nnuie and wrecked the express. Cincinnati refused te waive en '
the submnrine server and he will stay with New Yerk for another season. '
Waiver communications are supposed te be sub-resn, and the dear old ''
public would never have known about this new Mays case had there net beta ,
a leak in the office of Ban Jehnsen, geme one told some one else the secret v
and he told the world. ' '
All the club owners were asked te waive en Mays se that the pitcher could
be sent te tbe miners as a matter of discipline. The read looked clear whin
all the American League owners waived, but the Reds barricaded the way In '
the Notional. ' . ;
The ColenelsHuston and Ruppert are peeved at Maya for his misconduct
during the 1022 season, said misconduct being insubordination and devotion
te Lady Luck, who holds the reins ever the ponies.
Husten and Rnippert felt that a year in the miners would mibdue the under
hand curvcr, but Garry Herrmann believes that Meran could subdue Msvs in t
a week, nnd there's n let of truth in that. ,
There Is net an owner in either league who could net use Mays this coming
year. Neither the $10,000 salary nor their desire te co-operate with New
Yerk in riding him out of the majors formed the complete line et argument
which caused se ninny clubs te wsive. Mays isn't wanted.
MAYS te a great pitcher wteea he Behaves huasetf, tat he also is a
"bad actor" and a trouble-maker. When he is en one ef his
rampages he is mere of a burden than a help te the club. ' 'K
J nr
which he will be forced te use If he
does start Haturday.
According te Dr. Arthur Light, the
tenm nhtsiclnn. Deru is double jointed,
tears it has been an eneit ' and ns a mult can recover from nn
... - . A..i. .,.
twn fclieum get in .""
Yeomans, North Building, i. M.
1013 West Lehigh livenue.
i Four Lecal Stars In Deuble Wlndup
at Chestnut Arena
K nuartxt of Philadelphia
..... invrnu mrr
in- ... ..". , , .. .,, 4 ,
iiiLUt. Sum IHUCKlMen will mm- en .me
P.iisli and
L'T in icriting of individuals Geerge Hulltvan aliray xcill he men-
tiened as the truh rrmaikabli: pivkiii-tatuia back of the 111 12
, f;rid srasen. V.ieu the defeats thrust upon 7u team mn t take that
honor araj from him.
Pitt a Great Offensive Eleven
PlTTSlirilGIl, by the way, lived up te Its reputation for offensive stiength.
We linte net wntched a Ham tills jear that illsplajed n hitter and
smoother nttnek. The Panther's best play was a shift te the right, which
afforded splendid Interfere nu for tin end run, n slnut off-tackle ei n pum.li
t tbe line by Hewitt. On end runs this play was particularly effective, since
the ball was pnsseil nt an angle mm iuuuu wiu runner uin-uuy unuer vay
sjrltb his protectors boxing the tackle, spilling the cud aud sweeping aside
welter- i
. neichtH will appear in leuiure oeui
C. ..u.... I MAnn T I 1. c. . I i. .
I Jiesinur run-" "Y"" "'-"uij
i..fllA llivnespv u!!l fnr
I Willie Curry in n double wind-up. I.nch
'of these boxers is a Philadelphia
product. . ,. , i. i
Ulacklsten 1" the former welter-.
weight-middleweight amateur chain-1
lie nas ii eu.iwuip ,'i..-mi4
since turning pre. Buh ! a .
niiL..sl battler, and v. Ill make bum ex
tend himself. . I
i In keeping with his plans of giving
t local boxers an opportunity te branch
out Wlllus Uritt, matchmaker, nW,
lias Phllaueipi la "i"'"" "- vj'""'"
Inaries. OS toiiewr ; .i.iumi,, mni- vs.
Sniiimv Heff. IMrtie Atkins vs. ! r.inkin
Iteniihiic nnd .Jimmy Bngga ti. Andy
FPICIALS of the two institutions
re mum concerning a prospective
enme. I or
sis ret that one man at Princeton stoeil
between the scheduling et a game.
Penn ulunjH has been rendy and willing
te meet the Tigers, but Knewing the
situation at Tigertown, has been loath
te make overtures.
Meet In Other Sports
The fact that the two Institutions
meet in every ether branch of sport is a
strong point in fnver of a gridiron garae.
BUI Iteper in his statement concern
ing thi Harvard criticism of Prince-
i ten's stvle of play mnde It plnln en
Saturday that the Orange nnd Black
would mnkn no changes In its coach-
1 inc or nlavinir te suit any one.
A., i penn seldom discusses the next year s
opponents before the end of the sea-
son. The Football Committee at Its
"meeting in In tember usually takes up
' the question of the schedule for the fol
lowing season
All of which i getting away from
i the t-ubiert of Pcnirs defeat by Pitts
burgh Snturd.ij b the margin or n
..,,, Tin. ..til "ilnv" thnt hns been
"t, i .. .. . ,!, oe.l nml TlTue since
lu, I'll, lit ",s. ." ......
. pieu.
Y's Krax
r interfered
skill en these end runs nnd tackle darts, 'liny Hewitt did his
ll IS . l. tllii A 1
. ns an interterer nr a iine-piunger. uuwser, me j-m renier nun ncung
',i ...no ! tlie vinnu nil t)ii time, nnd se was l'le H Illinois, tim nml.
WHei stntlstics in ground gained, 238 yards for Pitt te L'JS for Penn, show
1t ' I'"81 the Western Pinnsjlvnnlii eleven did net win by two or three
ichdewns was uue te tun exceptionally tuning iieivnsn pin up nj- ine ugniing
era when their goal Unp was tnreaietieu. un uiree occasions tne i-antner
islve was hnlteu when it wns ueiinrs 10 ruuivs mm newm weum nun ins
pounds of beef through the yuakers for a touchdown.
I m
?tm .
WAIA Pmn men played tcrll en defense they fought as they did
especially, pieyn a.gume issr i ismprs
Seme folks wonder hew golf can bu
qunre when you playji round.
On place whrre tlie atudenta are all letter
man Is cerrrapjndjnreachw).
Tennis is one game ichere the net
results ought tolcaeod.
Meat of tli; Ulckln at it oe4 eCcr ram
li"ena by lh ulaurs thrmaii.
A soft rule in basing is thnt the op
ponent must be handled icith glei.es.
ma way tba beat wmtllu we.
the ilrst tame with the Pnntucrs
much in evidtnee Saturday.
Tlie iiMiinllv reliable Hamer, who can
kitk goals after touchdown with rogu regu
lurlty, fell down en his most iuipertunt
assignment of the season when he missed
the goal. The big Texsn can be ex-
insert, for he played n brilliant aeiensive
game and was mero than potent en the
eU'ente with his punting.
THE defeat vas a costly one te the
Ved nnd Ulue. Johnny Dern, the
i cterun tenter, suffered it tern liga
ment in tt knee that may keep him
.... .. . )... .,...( ,rilh Penn mate.
ii'ii i.n ....... . ; . i . i. ii
77ii injury occurred m the first naif
and an erawuiatieii icas made during
the intermission. Hem asked te be
sent back into the game and he fin
ished at tht pireful position.
THR Salt Lake lad will ne sept euc
of scrimmage during tbla week, and
. ilia in urv snows iinpreveujcuv e
..in ...t into the cnmi) with Ileidek s
eleven. A brace will be made for Dern,
the same wa
is le tbe fullj
the Xatm.
t " ' 'op.iwe'
In. the
Nowadays thu lt way
hooch" la aliniily "ivtin
Olrls te Open Cage Season
Tha slrls' baskelhull Ka,n win 0i)n te.
nlslit hn the luuahtrra uf c.il.reWa ran-t
tha Blrln of iuit Jiitn-ry I'eniannt, en thi
(!'eluint;ua Jlall. Thlrtt-Hctitli ami Market
With te liniNiriiiiit .K-inrs mill le play nn
their l0'-3 sitiflule. the iVrm football war-
lera are Blfn dallv, hruelin. irartca.
ueh nawj aj may iireperly U unen out by
en une Diara aji-r Micuiarly In tne
renin iapasa.-
injury much mere easily than a plnver
who is net. Adams will De drilled
during the week te be ready te take
Hern pljce iu case he Is unable te
Ertresvaag Injured
It will take an X-ray examination
te see whether Carl Ertresvaag, the
sterling end, will be out of the game
for the remainder of the season. The
Daketnn suffered an injury te his hand
during the game that forced his with
drawal. Seme one stepped en the
member while Krtle was down.
Should both Dern and Krtresvaag be
out of the State game next Saturday
the Itcd and lllue will suffer a severe
blew. They nre experienced, steady,
haul-working players. Jehnsen, the
former Trinity star, will probably held
down Krtie'H pest should he be unable
te start.
Prank Graf, the husy guard who
played te well in Papworth's plnce in
the line, is net se seriously injured as
was at nrsc suppeseu. lie received hi
kick en the knee thnt caused him in
tense pain. This morning the t'enuec-l
ticut lad said that he was fit te m. i
into the game, although he had a slight
''ijv rcmetiii.cr' of tne team came
out ei the game in fairly geed
shape. Hamer has a cut en his
scalp, the renult of a cleat digging
in. Langden, despite a kick en the
head, suffered no injury.
T ANGDOX was hurt during the game
J- but continued play. He doesn't
remember what went en after he was
knocked out. According te one of the
lied and lllue tutors, Langden iilnjcil
one of the most brilliant defensive '
games of the season en Franklin Field,
Had It net been for his great Junking
up of the line en numerous occasions the ,
score might have been larger.
Latigden luis been plejlng skillfully
en the defense nil season, yet has been
given but little credit. He has had but
few chances all year te carry the ball,
IfMrti cetumni , et th I
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