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VOL. IX. NO. 52
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PablUhtd Sailr Eacspt San4ar. Bebserlptlen Prles Ma Teat
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Many Others Injured When Cars
Collide at Sixth and
Federal Streets
Passengers Imprisoned as Car
Strikes Anether and Turns
It en Side
Women Are Extricated First
When Police and Firemen
Thirteen persons were seriously In
Jnrrd and innn.v ethers were Might)?
cut by glass when n Federal street
'trolley enr crashed Inte the rear of a
Sixth street enr shortly before 7 o'clock
. this morning. The Sixth street enr
wns knocked from the track nnd over
turned. In overturning the enr struck Arc
nlnrin box nnd cnlled out much nf the
fire-fighting apparatus in Seuth Phila
delphia. Tltee seriously Injured, nil of whom
were Inken te the Pennsylvania Hos Hes
pltnl, were :
llaymentl Kellelier. twenty -three
enrs old, 2.".1!) Cedar street.
Jeseph Dunlevy. thirty-two years
old. IM32 (joiiIeii street.
Jehn Teber, thirty-four' years old,
1724 North Frent street.
James Kelly, twenty-five years old,
SOS Federal street.
Rosreo Adern, twenty-c'lght years
old, 139 Whnrten street.
WilJam Kcllehcr, 2432 East Gorden
street. '
Peter Grlndel, 10,"0 North Palctherp
Football Here Dies
Stefane Dcller,
853 North Third
Jehn Otte, forty-four years old. 2337
East Mosten avenue.
,J5.ep" Harris, nineteen years old,
123 Heed street.
Benjamin Vasman, Twentieth nnd
Heed streets.
Simen Stnfaste. twenty-eight year-,
old, 114 Lehman street.
v b.i vfaine ,1,a',",. tJt'rty years old,
S17 lederni street.
Passengers Are Imprisoned
Tlic,SIxtli street car, crowded with
?!in m .?'""!"" 0M iMr w"y te work.
Ml with the deer en the underside. Ini Ini
prisening the hundred or mere passed
eers. A small lire broke out and, ni ni
theugh quickly extinguished bv the con cen con
ducier, drove passengers i frclrtv
ns smoke filled the enr.
Kxclted men cllmlu.,! ... i.. ....
timed seats and the persons who had
University of Pennsylvania athlete,
who succumbed te Injuries sus
tained In a football game
Breker Leses Fight te Bar Ad
missions Clients' Stock
Was Sold
Admissions thnt Chandler Bres. &
Ce. was insolvent seven months before
it crashed in July. 1021. with debts of
$4,000,000 and that they "sold cus cus
temcrs' stocks without authority were
made by I'arl Mcndcnhnll nnd Fred
T. Chandler, Jr.. a Commonwealth
witness asserted at their trial today.
Mr. Chandler's face flushed a fiery
red and Mr. Mcndenhall paled as this
testimony was given by M. F. Middle Middle
Ien, president of the Philadelphia Stock
(exchange who headed the exchange'
special committee whleji investigated
i lie inuure
Classes at University Sus
pended te Mourn Andrew
Lang's Death ,
Dr. Penniman Pays Tribute te
Student Who Broke Neck .
en Playing Field .
GIRL ASKS $100,000
Suet Manufacturer. Charging
Breach of Premise te Wed
Suit for $100,000 for alleged breach
of premise has been filed by Miss Agnes
Cavannugh, twcnty-nlne yenrs old, of
West Philadelphia, against Geerge 11.
Knoell, wealth) furniture manufac
turer, of 3")4 North Bread street.
According te the young woman's, at
torney, Merris Des Pnsses, Miss Cav
annugh has been keeping company with
Mr. Knoell since 1010. She were nn
; engagement ring given her by I lie tie
j fendnnt, her counsel says, nnd was In
j I reduced frequently te friends by Knoell
SCHEDULE CALLED OFF , nsn' '',''' n. nf.tMav... Mr. d,,
I'nsfees said, his client demanded Mr.
Knoell fulfill his premise of marriage,
but he refused, according te the lawyer.
Pnpera in the suit, which was lied In
Common Pleas Court Ne. 1, were
served en the defendant Thursday.
Judge Hurtlett held Knoell In 8 1. "Oil
ball. Knoell reluscil today te discics
the cave.
Force United Stores' Cashier te
Hand Over Cash in Safe ,
Estimated at $1213
. V'
Victim of Attack Tells Police
Armed Men Bound, Then
Gagged Him
Herrin Miners Won't Be
Convicted of Massacre,
Pre-Union County Beast
Selection of Jury, Which Began Today, May
Take Weeks Prosecutor Expects
Trials te Drag A long for Years
Bv n staff Correspondent te murder. Seventy-seven men were
.Minion, III.. Nev. 13. Ne crown indicted.
fl" "-" :"""1 ' ""7" ,? , Kr J&3TC S kmft S8 &
the Ilerriu inns-acre trial before r- HefTiiian. n stenra shovel worker, of
cult .Fudge Dcw;tt C. llnrtwell. And i Huntingdon, Intl. Originally forty-
nc Jurers were selecteil this imirnlni?. eight union men were indicted: forty
1000 KILLED;-?!
Death and Destruction In Watt
of Mountainous Tidal
Tribute beyond mere words te the
memory of Andrew Leng, of theMrcdi
mnn football team, who died as a result
of Injuries In n game with Mercers
burg Academy, was paid today by sev
eral thousand University of Pennsyl
vnnla students, who thronged the
"gym" and echoed the sentiment ex
pressed by college officials.
Thnt spirit of loyalty for which Penu
is renowned was in evidence nt the
demonstration. Many of the students
were suits of mourning and the only
touch of color was the red nnd blue,
appropriate te the memory of the young
Members of the vnrslty team and
gridiron heroes of former yenrs were
scattered through the grent throng of
Penniman In Tears
Acting Provest Jeslah H. Penniman
was tearful when he reviewed the rec
ord of the dead player. At times his
voice trembled as nc strove te hide
bis emotion.
He said the name of Lang would
stand out ns one of the big men of I'.
of P. for liis bravery in helping te
carry the Ited and Blue te victory. He
spoke of Lang's self-sacrifice nnd his
endenver te make Unlit of the lnlurv
pvlilch carried him te dentil.
IJr. Penniman spoke of Lang's devo
tion te liis mother and his desire te
spare her suffering nnd his interest in
her welfare rather than liis own.
He said I.aug was a student of
premise and had the spirit which spells
success in these duys of keen competi
tion. Dr. Jehn Keogh. trainer of the fresh
men team, al'-e praised the fnllen wnr wnr
rier of the gridiron. He said Lang
would sacrifice atilvhiinr for the clerv
of Penn nnd obeyed orders te the letter
cndenMhnlUatid Chandler, .who were
mnt1thAta tit flm liMi.l.AH.,n ?..... ...
trial before Judse Stern en chnrBcs of ' which was the real asset in any athlete. L "Tll .I',,,m,rin' Court Ltiw," Mr
censpirary and friiiidiilent conversion. I telephone message was received I favw said, lias lieen unfair and un
Mr. Middlcten live sin Camden, ha,f,m Dr. William Mann Erwin, of Just, nnd there Is no need or a pluce
been In the stock and bund business fer.l Mcrcersburg Acndeiny, in which be said ' for, " ' Kansas. There have been
thirty years and was elected president . ,lmt delegation of the academy student "' a Tew cases before it. and none of
of the Philadelphia Stock 13 x eh nice last wnntr would attend the funeral of them has teen settled satisfactorily.
tr I. a 1 T n.tt ... lll.iwlin.ii.t. LfA nl.n MAn . t "Tim Htfltf. tiepflu ntttnnm tlfiA .fill
.iiiirun. i i"h "v i.iiiisiiiiiiinMi. ...- uiiu mu- i ... ," ---. " i luiinuiiK one
l'n.....l 4l.n .nmnta nf lln U,llf1.m. l...i. ltV(i.t tllf U'llflltllV ll!l,l n Mllfr.lfll n .1 ' !..... ...!... 1
lelh or ulz ny neartl f ti)0 academy. I the peer man. and then the public will They found McCenncll se frightened
He tesiilled he had been p member of Lang was nineteen years old, a respect officers of the law and laws will nnd exhausted bv Ills struggle te break
the Investigating Committee of the freshman In the prc-medlcal course, be obeyed. " the twine which bound him that 'he
exchange before, whom Mcndcnhnll .ami UN body will be sent te his home In Olcioxieus lnws cannot exist ns long could hardly tell what had happened.
Chandler were summoned in December, i lllnghamten, N. Y., tomorrow, and will "s I am (lovcrner. The Industrial Court A man who had stnrtctl work en n
1021. i be accompanied by Captain Dlehl, of Law is one of them." I building operation across the htreet
tnai was mi id ny .iieiiueniiail nnd.nin rresumun lenni. represcniauves et i supplied (lie information that the two
Twe armed bandits entered the United
I Cigar store nt the northeast corner of
Fifteenth nnd Chestnut streets nt 7:25
clock this morning, held up the clerk,
bound him hand ami feet, gagged him
and escaped with $1213 from the safe.
Alexander J. McCenncll, of 2044
Chestnut street, is clerk of the store.
In relating the story of the held-up he
says :
"I opened the store nt 7:lf o'clock
and went back of the counter. I henrd
the exhaust of an automobile In Fif
teenth street, and as F looked out to
ward it two men entered the store.
"The men looked out toward the
street and then one started te enter
a telephone booth. He looked around
and motioned te the ether mnn, who
drew two revolvers nnd said he would
blew my bend off if I made any noise.
"HIn companion came bnck of the
counter nnd picked up a piece of rope
lying there. He tied my hands and
feet. heved a handkerchief In my mouth
and laid me face downward en the fleer.
Then lie took my kcja and opened the
Escaped in Automobile
Then. McCenncll says, they walked
Irem the store and escaped in an auto
mobile. A workman saw the carspced
cast en Chestnut street.
Jonathan M. Davis Intends te Have '1''" "nutcs after the held-up ec-
Unfair" Law R.ni. ctirreu .mci (jnneii treed nimselt. nc-
uniair Law Repealed ,-.ir,iii ,. i,iu ttr...t. m h ,.ii,,
Lawrence. Kan.. Nev. 13. .Tnnntlinn ! intil nimiiiriiiml tin.' iinll.m h. tnl.itiliivn
M. Davis, Democratic Oovcrner-clect ' The robbery is Identical with two
pf Kansas, will start a rneye as seen as 'ethers in the la-t few months in which
no iimes emcc in repeal tnc industrial United Cigar Stere clerks have been i
ii.ini. i.ii.. . .11- itmi-n lllH PIl'CIIOIl BS linlil llti I lirill'' tlm -ir v innrfllm- linncc
In the Meres nt Bread and Sansom
streets and Tenth nnd Chestnut streets
in two held-ups the clerks were bound
nnd gagged while the bandits escaped
with the contents of the safes.
Motorcycle Patrolmen Gleasen nnd
Lanahau off the Fifteenth nnd Locust
streets station arrived at the store this
morning one mintue after the cull hud
Supreme Court Rules They Cannet
, Be Naturalized
Washington, Nev. 13. (By A.vP.)
Japanese are net eligible ter natural
ization in the. United States, it was
held today by the Supreme Court.
In Its finding the court deposed of
two enses, one brought from Hawaii
by Take Ozawa agulnst the United
States and the ether brought by Tn
kuji Yumashita and Charles Ilie Koke
against the Secretary of State of Wash
ington. In the latter case both Japa
nese hnd been naturalized by a court
of the State of Washington, but were
refused iucorperation -as a real estate
firm enthe ground that their naturali
zation had been illcgel.
The lower Federal courts denied nat
uralization in betli cases. The question
largely turned upon whether Section
2101) of the Itcviscd Statutes, restrict
ing naturalization te "free white per
sons" nnd these of African descent
was still in force.
but ten veniremen were excused for
cause en objections of the prosecution.
Only the special venire nf I.'IO men,
thirteen altnniejs. .Sheriff Melvln
Thaxton, the five d"fndntifH, the court
officers nnd a few stracelers waited in
I the courtroom when Judge Hurlwcll
put, in u neinieii appenrance.
Yesterday there reached town a long
train of "empties" and censeuentlv
there is weik at the mines today te
keep the curious aiy. And, tee, the
.VI . "n"c ,mv "'"' t,ie ""H beckon.
It a no secret which way the sym
pathy of the community gees," says
Angus W.vKerr, in chnrge of the de
fense. And, Indeed, ft in't. One hears
en th etreet corners that Williamson
County is "100 per cent union" : that
the indicted miners will never be convicted.
"I expect it will take weeks te get a
jury," is the way State's Attorney
Dcles L. Duty puts It.
Nearly 200 Indictments
Charges growing out of the killing
of twenty non-union men an'd three
union men during June 22 nnd 23 at
the LcMer strip mine, about four miles
from Herrin, present a criss-cress of
indictments wlmve number has never
been efliclallj announced. It is esti
mated that thej touch the 200 mark.
Tlicy Involve charges of murder, con
spiracy i" minder, rioting and assault
.!..... i....mwmm hfit?A hnfin "nnllnn
hv the tirosccutlen. The five men who
are standing trinl are Otis Clark, Leva
Mann, Peter Hiller, Jeseph Carnaghl
and Burt Grace.
Beth towns of Marlen and Herrin.
the two larget in Williamson County.
talg n great deal about the trial. ,
They are the sort of towns where tall, ,
sleched-hnt, bronze men may be ween ,
in little groups en street corners nt any
hour of the day, smoking, chewing,
Approached by a stranger, these men
at first close their mouths grimly and
stare. But they are kindly. ihey
have been stung Inte a sullen silence
by newspapers which have called their '
county "dangerous" and "lawless."
Nearly All Are Union Men
"Might think from some of the pa
pers that a man can't walk the streets
in this county without getting n bullet
In the back," they say. "This is a
quiet, peaceful place, until somebody
from away off comes here te take the
bread from out our mouths nnd the I
reef from ever our heads then a body i
gets desperate and rights." '
They point te the recent election of i
Sheriff Thaxton, who is a member of n
union and who was charged with having i
marked time while hundreds of striking '
union men attacked the labor imported j
by the Southern Illinois Ceal Cempnny, I
Continue,) nn race Twent-me. Column File
Fierce Undersea Upheaval
Causes Wall of Water te ; '
Hit Coast
Government Hastens te AW
Stricken Few Bodies
Are Recovered
a repudiation of the lnw. passed under
guidance of (iovcruer Henry J. Allen.
Clinndler as te the course nf IiuUhpvi' the athletic council and University stu
regarding free and marginal securities?" i dents. Announcement wns also made
asked As-L-iiint DNtrict Attorney Fex. I of cancellation of all remaining games
Fermer Sheriff (iiltllbin. defense en the Freshmnn schedule.
council, (.hjectcd but was overruled. Icing's death is the first fatality re
Andrew Schnapps Run Down by
Car en Glrard Avenue Near 28th
u limn nuiieii ....:. i.. ... a . L.1111111M t titrt a mm nn i rrnniA im r it a
.n-T . .iiriiiiriiiiiiii m.i i i ii iivu iir rii riiiiiii ii iiu u iuui un huiuu in inc .!.. lj..i.u- u. l
I :i ,1 s, L:'"?'1 l.PHtle,, ,nu Mr.Middle.en " 1, ' history of the University's athletics. , lr,i '" North T vl " 7 r eet 11
Sereanw rf men . .M T w' ' ,in,Vl,p'" ,,m"- & t'- " wM se-, Swcrnl iron age a freshman was fa-. i lt bv"'Ves t hound I "rellev car w- lie
blecl-r'md , a "" "j, l'P h,"r,, '" "irlllea hel.,ngh.ff te custe.ners without ally injured while practicing en the "linMr rd ,v " ue alec Twc v-
f!r?rf 5? """ ,i0,"" ' ZTb: !"effif gan'r'have b,' rare!' "SW "'" f--sin.t,.
I a u fh" S, iS thes ZT Ut '"V1 b!V V I T" "" " Mw'""! "8 ""hC He "was' lake , te St. Jeseph's He,-
...,'-. !'tt C'lmbeil te the untiirneil I witlmul the xule f ..m.liu ,... t i ' I
til All rkli i t. 1 r
Msved WOIni. ,..,.., ,,, V ""
lifsidelils of a iienrliv l.n..... ' I
'He told us thai imiiln. in Mnr..li
lf)!il . It U'!I4 iwiitiiwk.ii. ,.. ..!! ...I.ll.t.,....! i
, . I " ''Hi,, li.n-l.illlllllllllllll1
nnakeiied In ii,, . r "" were --'-" ier inc same reason, nt wiiici
wn!.!; ,,,'.,, , '"''teT." ","1 ,l1" tlle HKMMH shares wee sold, lie told ,
. t. . . i , i nr uprn vn. u iiiiii tli lti- ill ...Llli l.... I
" Me'n ..rir"':!.."'?"!:".. . . m.i i.".. Vi- .v.-..; fr 'Zr,Z,"Z,
fn.ni ii h ',. "mil v re , .,,'m,, "''" ' !" ,,".li,, l",r" ,,f ,"," sepiirltlcs that
the .Ml,. f I,.' " '. ., I l ' l"BI""V I '"" 'I'''" f""-V l",i'1 f,,r b '" '""'-'
of L-ciii,,.! ,,,'... .".."'. .',""' '"! work and al-n dlMie-ed of. He ,M ..M l,.,i
- " r 'n,ri,K,.n IJIIt,
Wenitii Taken Out f.-j,t
""rJ:"!"!":'1. .'!"" "'' "l.turnnl
... ....,,,,, , ,,,,.,, n iSsellL'eis
the additional
itlch hi:
I iti..i... ........... ....A ... .1 .!
no. ZXZVZ": English Delegate Stirs Conven- 13-Year-Old Sister Causes Ar-
ick. mi fmac weie bought back. I , ... b J!-: ' . . ui t.n.-
iiuii uy rieuiiiuii i teeiui vvuillclll WHO niQ TO
llic i f the M.ats mil tt(,re ir,
ere iftP,
i,i . , , ',, ii
- ! Kuihs i iini renin ln...l 1..
1 'i,i!! were em in.
New Yerhcrs Kan Aflalr',
"lie also told n-. tluii from .Ma 10
until the failure Clark, Child- -&' Ce.
the in.'!?.. ' :w'"'. "' '""ipii'l Hitrnl of Chandler
i -.i 1 1110
tilers i. Ce. Thej liihl iik thnl Rift
1 r 1 1 1 ,.!... ,.. . M 1 w
nliijlnw- ,m ,M,V .,,,.,. Imll( 11.u,r.""lieth free and margimsl ecnritie hail
1. "!.'"'r;1" ,''.'''-,,,k ,""t'"g and Ceil- ,',',,',.,.!;,,ltl "vrr iUi1 I"'1' "
1 .' '"'" ''"iilniger were tlu la -1 "What wa- -aid inuccruiiis their
111 i..ie the c.t,.. , knowledge of the firm's -vcnc V" As-
1...1 1 "v,,"" were mure or Ic.sw , Kls" Htsirict Alieruc. C., asked.
l"n-l. injured were imsseiiLr....u ....I "Mr. Meml nlmll iiiliiil...l llu.i .,
I line. nt.it. 1.'..., , . V !!" "II , , . -. --.;' :. ".V"-. "- ""
n.,,1 .. . " '""'"" si reel car. n ... ueceuiDer L'U ('liamllcr lln.tliers & Ce.
of Change
Be Near Skipper
men Imu wallicil from the store nnd
stepped into an nute. He Mild the car
sped east en Che-tnut street and turned
Inte ISrnad. He did net take the license
number as be hail net suspected thnt
there had been a held-up.
Aute Bandits Frustrated
A dozen shots were fired nt 3:10
'o'clock this morning, when Bertram
' Fl-lier frustrated automobile banditii
who were trying te force 1111 cntiaticu
te bis tailor shop at 7.'!U Seuth Twen
tieth street.
Five men in n large green touring
car stepped in front of the shop. They
were battering at the dour when Fisher,
who live- nlinve the -hop, awoke. He
opened a window and shouted a warn
ing te the men who were working nt
the dour te "get a way or he'd open
Ju-t then two men leaned from the
auto and bhueil away at. Fisher, the
bulet- -pincring the glass f the win
dew a- 1 i-lier jumped back. As t,,.
'Hindu- 'eaped te their ear Fisher tired
four -huts nt them. Their car darted un
Twentieth -trcet and disappeared
1 Fi-aer -cut a rail te the nelle ' .1... i
Twentieth and Fitwater streets station. '
MOSCOW. Mew id. -The 1iiul Iutri.at.uaale in ceus'.cler.
it:;; lac".i:'j te cilm ihc wave of faci&m which is reported te be
ir.a!:lug tremendous strides in Gcrnsany, Poland, Hunaar.ia, Eon Een
navy tu. J Czechoslovakia. The newsrjapc-r Piavda says the
ttuntjih c the FabvlEti is hereialn inteuiatleuaT, both po
litically and economically.
TITTSBUKGE. Nev. 13. Saul Grill, :;tfw divlbienal chief
l. tl. . ji-.-ohihitlen enforcement staff in I'tnusylvunia, today
'.r.i j ::v y ul ti j ftituatie-. 1:. tb- -a 'stare &.ctien vt the
2I- jahl tiir iij cliang were co... i!)lfit-.(i at jtrc-aem I".
' .. :.: .. i.t .iM'.iit-
Earthquake Death Tell
In Largest Catastrophes
Han Francisce, April 18. WOO 4B2
Valparaiso, Aug. 10. 100(1.. 1,500
Kingsten, Jamaica, Jan. 14,
lf07 1,100
Sicily nnd Calabria, Dec. 28,
M08 : 5,483
Cartage, Cesta Rice, May C,
1010 1.B0O
Turkey, Aug. D. 1012 3,000
Sicily, May 8-fl, 1014 200
Central Italy, Jan. l.'J, l!ll... 20,078
Guatemala City, Dec. 24-.'Jl,
1!17 2.C0O
Mugello Valley, Italy, June
20. 1010 100
Perte Itice. Oct. 11, 1010... 110
Orizaba, Mexico, Jan. 3,
1020 3,000
China, Dec. 10, 1021 2,000
City Organization Leaders Get
Appeals for Help Frem
Rival Candidates
Senators Tell President Con
gress Will Have te Be Sum
moned in Spring
When Jlineriier ele. t I'iiiihut
back In the cit net wek. nftcr
Mi-s Agnes Slnck. nt Kuglaud, An eightceu-ycar-eld girl in imp nj,
sketched the modern lil-mrj of iirinu " captain et the schooner l.lllip'
in every civilized country 111 the world '''i 1 smuggled her-clf aboard tli
te 1 he 2(100 fore irn and American dele- "'' '" .amal
lie ve-
re" -election ..catii.n. In- -nunnrr will'
, in- 1. un. in mi .i rciMirieii last yen. ' i . 1 11 1 t.
-P mg north en Ilr.md Mre et. -', be me-t engerU m.iu'h ' .Mil ciiiiili-
Twe window smashers threw- brick '''"V ,"" M-akcr-l the Mate H,.,.-c
till. nigh the wit w front of the Harris "' . U7"''1"",""",u' "I u !" ''.ic ,ilre.id
sliup. Twelfth and Chestnut street! ",l,I,,,rl:'" "" n '' ! 'H"!' "-" "r u'u"
at 2 eM.-k this morning nml c'?i . ,,"""li: ,h" ""' member,
with a fur coat vnlued at SSOO " ' 'I''"' ' "I"' ''' f '" ' '"'lv w '"'" "
1 wa- Ic.irncd that mend..
ill lit s delegallell el I"
of the Mate llen-e i-i . 1 in
t' I'liilmie!-
ie member
111 the morn-
-titr Cnrr.rmnclen Ihenlnir I'til.llr l.nlsfr
iuria,,,. JV!:, by ruli,c IlJu . rmnlinu
Uusliliigtun, Nev. i::. I'ri.-ideni
Harding 1ms Lad M-veral com. rencs
with vnriens Senators n the ,, ....vts
of the cei,,u. Session of CeiKi.-N j,i:
oil tile n. (.tif 1. ..r ....n.
' '" i-aiiiii'.' nn i tra
M'-len after March 4 II. u ...1..1..
By Assertited Prta ''
Santiage, Chile, N'ev. 13. Relief
forces te aid the thousands madj
homeless by the earthquake?
throughout Chile early Saturday'
morning and the flooding, waves
which followed the shocks were
being mobilized today.
The death tell will probably be at 'l
least 1000, it is estimated, and the
property less will run into the rail-
liens, as several towns were almost
1 entirely wiped out and heavy dam-
I age te buildings and communication
1 lines and particularly ships along;
the 1400 miles of coast affected by
the huge waves has resulted from
the violent upheavals of nature.
The extent of the casualties, property
damages nnd di.-tre.-s wrought by the
! catastrophic disturbances lias net yat
been learned except in a general way,
as many communication lines, both
eierland and under water, were put out
of operation,
Ships Swept Ashore
(irndual reopening of the telegraph
lines te the north is bringing In ad
ditional details of the catastrophe cen
1 tering in A tn cam a province.
I The inland town of Vnllenar is i
ruins with .'tHO dead and about OCX) in
jured. In the cnllap-e of the pr!en,
twelve Inmates were killed nnd ether--inj'urcd.
The entire population is with
out fend or adequate lucdicnl as-lstance.
At Coiiuimbe. where 10(1 ere killed,
earth tremor.- were eentjnuiiii: yester
day, hut the population was sea'rchlnc
the ruins for bodies and succoring the
At Cliannral, neitb of I.a Seiena,
the tidal wave swept away the entire
district in which the stores were situ
ated and the inhabitants are without
feed. I'en bodies have been reeeiercd.
I'aldera is In ruins. The -en swept
..v.T ih,. town, carrying away even
railroad cars.
All along the mint little -l,i,,v ,.i
lips were swent oil shore, imnn.ll
a sat nst Hie rocks or left high and dry.
en uiitM'Piinen hni. tic.. .. w "' - "niviwi ; ' : ; . '; ... t- "1"' "Ml ,'"" uiat nn e?r.
""i niui iiit'ti 1111 rfn.ii 11.... , , - 4 it . , i ! ii, ij.. pi vii 1 f. i... ..... jh-i, 11 ... -. mi? tiini m :iTiin!i 4 tin it 11 inn nife "i -"hiii fiiniier r, n,,, , .
-Z":isrzr-""",--''r"' H5S:S,lis'';,a."a wife bets divorce ie5fra V.lK'..T,.aV-.
w'fcss ha iWARP "S5P. " MSP- 5 BS-;i;: '- -WJftaa-s. -- -- , i: &jji&2i S
i:TZ;t,iyz.sis:r'' """' ,uu" ""' ""VJ".i:! 'si!-'; -"ir." K'i:..,::'! ijS! s; , ..E,'r.",d'':..".8l.' e,mt.':'" skiK1, .:;"';": S,.;,fcfc.uTV
ilia m..i, . - . . ---- i -., . , , . un i wiiii 11 . iiiiii ii 1 1 in i . in i'" , ,.i " ' nrii i no vnu. iii'i'ii n" 'i nii-iNiiiii ripn r nrr nt-A. ai- mi ,.. u -. i . . . . ... .. huii-tji i r r i-
rrrr:! ? w & iwtw. .czu t,w-
Ti.ncJ n nnr,,'""nn8,V W ;"(, V V V, r, ym, - ' " a- Wmm-f, "ln l''.'.'i taken before Cel- ' m her F ehnen "c hl.en:" has Kj ! 'e reeeip, of these le-r.n-, an-ed or- san . "
TILDEN LEAVES H0SPITAI '.l.T?" Thc'WiMt'eV t. IV. 'i .! '- "'- '"" "t"1 tefi it W.A ',?. ?. Il-.tl r.,,tM a .la.. ..." "" bnn Ki '"iiiKr, .S mH-S: iV? "TIR""" " the Fresl-
.. .. i. i i i i .. .- l ill iinur i. i'i I'liiiiiini rn in,.,i .1.. w.i,.iiie.nuii f ii f uniHn !.:.... 1 . .---.. ,., -..., . .., ... ....,, ou i-in. win inn i
wrnni . i ikit s son. r n riri'ii with t in ' ,M "" ,, iinimr in n Lm...ii i i...v ." ". '"i"" nv '" - "- "." iji"c'rcfi te i. !:,...,..,.... ii....i i (...uni. i - -.. . . -. ", ""
infected Finger Heallnn nu,. ,- mur.ler of Claren-e I'clcrs iHt sti ., . A., ernnge-t.ir.mne.i v -11m; m.m icy- ,,,.,- ,;. ''" in Phlln- support., g their large family, his ob- ... 1" '', J i j , .,Li, . , i,. .ilY",.: YT . "'"'. " the
, , . '-""r, nis, .....1 ....... ... .. u-,1 en, 1 ... ii ,"'. ion sin en tnc irnni row. .sc 10 unit 1 ,:..,.. ,.i "'" """ innuetl with jectieiis u-.iai j icing couched n terms .... 1 1 i.i 1 r . i""-'aiu ami t ie ethei
Physician Savs .. ".'"' . ','. ' '?: '. r .',..c",n,'i "I1 was a dark-skinned woman in her mi- I ,0K"'1. .. . .. . " 1 nf ,,ln- ,1 v ielenc when .vl' ...U'",,S and isrecd with the knew ,,. ..- ..a- of 1 determination f ,,.. r.,.n'L
it'll n.... nt ' iti.ii.- .iiiiii! ue- t ..ui 1 niT.wcn Jinp. :,. ........ ...,., 1 .. 1... 1 -i Msli.i Cilliwl .ii ....' ".' un- .Mr. 1 1 1 vee 11 111 . leden i I. I . i i . I i.h t. ..... .... - -.-.-.,
. "iiiiiiiu 1, 1 1 ,., tennis el.n...nin Mdiiuiver lu.re lednv and nfln l.-i..f "ve cesiuuie. iu ncr iiii-iuiini, n - "rwiuus 11 lull avriei . .;- i,:. , ,. , .. '. ,, , 1. ri ... ".' ,vl" s(-M,,i,
LV-1 ..'.fc.."-"!"'""-;. ,IlV,r.l,I"r(KlSS: arKS.,,waVSUurnedHunUin n V'W l,."1( L? nnJ&Tn "f "l lrr presence :'' ' ' t W. when. rtbee' ! itha l ' , of'..'. i! eN I U'V.!:!:'" ! nl...
ellll .S.J'irr. '': 'ili?v., fa,,; Monday. ?' . l'i ' '." , u ' " " ! cus ms'tT. "" , u'' hy the ' .' ",,r.'." "", ..."' . J"?. W. , -. including Mr. ..liver , .. Mr. ' U i ' , , ' " ,.'.'" ;'li.;init
i,.n,. V. V,'. '" '.""" ""''f hs ni,vs. rtiijeuHimenl was taken en reeiiest "," L ",' .""".., .""'"V .'. ..."'. - .VJ'." was 1 lr'.' : ,,' T ", lil r.uclln " '" ".- iirrm.i im.l her (irundv. feel thatMhe wen, 1 ' !, r,.V .t 1.." " ' .V l"'" ", l"i' '" -t
'... !' "Will ev, of I) str ct AtterneV Weeks nft.m .. "in iiisie. raves 110111 nm hi-hhi. ninmi . " nun iiiiii anil had nl 1...1 ill-HI 1(1 ne 1 pen .111 ses en her because 1 ,..i..,..-i. ...!,, ..t i,,,nnii,, , 1, i,, 1 .. nn, ine power of the
. Mr. Tilden said il,...e . L,V.i.....V,A" ...?,. ilVA x.nri'.T.. " listened eacerlv te MI- Slack's message. I '?t he (like her te this ....'.. '' "' of ... '1 1 Kelilc- huv. h,. .,, ,. 'L' ,V. ' " ,1V)Uunit, V'1 support ng I lie I .... let ,. )k,mi1 . . 1 ' ' m
fe '.ri' 'h.' ' ' -' ! jS' -- -F if' f'-i ifm't "7JH,(lN enlv l0. Pro.b.,.en bv ' Si' S ' '""YOUTH SEVERELY BURNED , pftafhta T.'rV ;"" ' K n HV Vb .RfcSfcr 'V ,,, tt" iX.,1.: TA
..n,;ii,,,!111,J.wt '" l'"" "e further " j; j ' j- , V;,1, ',7' ''xiHrniVi'.V1- fort? Hk,uku1 t thlnJ Vll-c. ten. .siM. ' t, TI". .vuuL v'an had , ' ' MELTING BABBITT METAL li lS. !"S ''l ii: ;f """" i'(""-"":'' " - s'.i ",t ! "..'''''rV M'V' f' '"''
.1. 'nnler""?;! WnS, ""'" Preserve AMen.'y replied 1 !il ,...., 1 1" A M """r,1' "?tml """ ,'"" "'"" ''P ' rVakwater'"!,!"" "mawr Ml! ' AL "h v.."l" mVtl.-uI ." l" " I . ,' ' ,' rZ "u '''"" wl" ,e.V' ' ' , ' diV " ,, ran ver? Vi
brJ errs.b,i,..:rt'!''.,," 'h5 e JYhy the. case could no. go e trial '"''' Her... . W..l"' t. .retedi;, ' Brether Injured In Tearing Flam- ""nn. of Krankfeid, one ,,f . m ., "V.!. ' m r , ,'..' U .KlV '''I'Ik Andes'! 'Vhe Me..:' reW c 77:
VU'CKS, III anger, reiiisc.i 10 answer. Sees a Dr.v I'lslcr I ,,),. ... .1... ; ...' .... ",'. ". nenillng for . euii... rn. e.. ... .. 'ueiniiers 01 llie Meuse, wlm w . ' 1 1 .1 evtr., :.,. .. -ri.. . ". """ . '"I'lig an announced Hint II ..Pt I, ..1 1, "r-w
Tl, 1,1, Itrltlshere.vl.n cuiVe .. '"'..' ... "'. !"! When ' " " . w. '." . " ' ;." ' " .".. n0re '" .'" V !'" ". .- ''- I" ' ' I...I1I s . n, , I H ".."'. '"" ."'l.ll.-l' ... I,.,, ., ,. , assume t ,'..?' '"JH -,
ler lie e lice ut .. illinium of . ,.. I'I,, "'" "" u-.i h . . - i
At iiinnv hinall ports, whartcn and euajs
utted Ul.r4 destreed. Today naval shiM
gram were steaming up nnd down the coast
'teri 1 stepping at arleus pliu es te send land '
mg parues in me rencr nl sufferera,
many et whom are without feed and
Turmoil Under Sea
The tidal waves which followed ttta
cnrthutinke indicated a clcumin ftiyi.K.
extra nnce beneath the PiielUe 'i'i... .. ..
cav.vMirst were drawn nwnv from tl,,,-.. .
"Is thclbelew the low-fide mark, and then ther
n in , i-.i.ue running iiiick in 1, i.,mi ,f...
... w- 111 ., n,B
J v.iicli some ebservcri, said wm fiftv
up a 1 meters In height. At Ani,,fn,.,,e.. .ui'.
ration , queer nnd frightful movement of Mi.
means sen was repented five limes ,,,,u. ,1..
radical ' city was battered almost te ruins nnd
J"?' liirli tlaVtr,;, :il'!,,,srV
lma.lleap the e-s of , ', '. ' r ! ' J''""
IU l. le the . Iiiiiiiu n , L 1 ",0 fl,,B,,l'
"ftWllllie. it " M 1 I "un, !' Cn"nnt be
piny. Nl"1, u""1 " resumes
" R' R' 0tfl,al Held by Merlen Po Pe Po
n."f?.?n.lntex'Mtlon Charea
R"m of ii, !'.' '""'"'nut purchnslng
" lie I UuZn1" ""llremfc
farth... i,..,r.T. I"il ' ''".morning f..i-
Man Found Wandering In Streets
A man who gave the name of Isaac
Tayler, thirty years old, about flve
feet four inches tall, and dressed In a
dark' suit, waa found wandering in
Hie vicinity et tin Italtiinere and Ohie
llailrer I tracks and Mlffln streets, lj0
was unable fe give his address and
was temevi'il te the Philadelphia Hes-pital.
Robbery en Powelton Avenue
...... t
""'a In A 11 ,'. 1 7,r ""B'tlrnle Still- I The home or l-rntiK .IiiIiiin, Thirty-
liivtuK ii,, Vi.m""".",; ,'i,'-K'I will, flflh street and I'owelteu nvenue. wa-
'"lea as f i."'i w,,il"lile.lea tel entered la-l night and jewelry aiid
'Wd 1 Wlls'm ' 1 'r1 "'' by Ser" money valued al S1I10 was taken; The
.'', asleep i!. u ,'!, 'VV''1' M'Tlmi pe- .lehus family bad been away from home
??' drl en m , Ji'l11"'' v,ll'l liinl and did net dl-cevcr, the less until their
WowJiey nven 11V i,.i ' '" .V"' ''"'I 'f return. The house had been ransacked
f'f an his wivtr i,il ! ' Hp, ""I'I he from top te butlem and coiiHlderuble
ilumage was none 10 cieuiing and furni
has been entertained lV Kings and
Queens nnd had uiulien.es with Presl
dent HnrdliiB, caused a stir in her
audience by saying that Ulster in
Ireland would In all probability go dry
In the near future.
"I have been there lately." she
added "and if things go the way thev
..seem te be going It Is only n quest Ien
01 lime.
Half the population in France, she
said, lived en selling wine or drink, or
making 11. Thirl. out of every hun
dred deaths In l'arls were due te
alcohol, according tn the speaker.
Norway smuggles In liquor, she
declared, nnd the go eminent is sub.
sldizlng the W. C. T. I te help fight
tlie evil.
Huglnnd has Its church doers pes
tered red with temperunee literature.
In Italy the W. C. T. U. has.cstnb-
9 Flam'
sclent .11 'enr- old, was scer
burned lib., it the body this morning
w lieu in- i nn, is in-. -iiiiie giiM loin
Lad Found Unconacle... i . m-e whici. becauie d sci.iiiiect,., f,.,,,,, n
.. " empty , iem'ii
Beiler en Street
. Stnnley (irnham. seven ....
round unconscious by policemen u.'ll
Might is i . Ie...,syh!lui,ittem,pl t
night, is It, the I'lMinli'niiltt no. 'M llnniing eln.l,, . f.en. KII. was bur.iTsi
suffering from acute alcoholism ! ' "' ! "ands and ...in-. ihc brother we.-,.
was u-iug in a machine
where ie is mpievei .
His brut her, Wirliani I'lillpet, (wen
(.-,...... ,..,,. 1,1 .,,,11 ... , !..
I., -nil.-.- ...".- ' , 111 leiiriug in,,
n : i.,ii.. . i'ir.,1, l-'tt i....V .'"
tlelplila dclegat m. I'lnl.i iclplutu
III e Male organ. .iliun appeal I,, ine
with Slate Chairman linker t li.ti .Ii
next Speaker sliniild net come f i
either I'liillldelphia or Allegheny i'iiumm
but from one of the inteiinr 'in ,nt'i-
At tlnyb.ime tlliie. thin argue that tin
(.--ii-incs as a ,. .,.,,.,
action in ih. m,i,.. M.s
Meicnier. as a a-t i,.Mirt ...
gles-Vcs will if .,, I,
.,f iLi.,,1, ,,", """,:
... .. . ' -."."'".".i u.iis uiem-e v
"' ueliijlngi i emiimru en I'.iKn Trnl enr, Celunia
as I.. ...akc an nlru session ,,ec
.Ml tlie-.. cuiisidenitieiis hal
es su
ie. Ii
Twe Steamships Ge te Aid of Pee
I'airelmen Feul and Men,., .'.. .u , ! engaged at the tune in melting liahbn
. .. 1 .11 i .t tIIII. Ill I .1 1.1..... " ' '
an.i iiriMiai, streetK nei,..
the Second
station, found (he
r i... ..iiii'iit.
etu ....I. ni.tiii in .....i.,.n.
ml ... ...l""".0 ' The wcie taken le a hesnlinl ,.
an empty boiler en Water street .... A1.' ' ,:li """ l,,lll",l il,,n " ''th of' blear
Mtzwnter. - """ heiiate of -, da
His condition is regarded as serious
Whether there will lie need of shin
grafting cannot he determined at 'the
pie-ent time,
William 1'hllpet Is suffering from
nerieus shock.
I'uder treatment al the linHAt,, ...
recovered somewhat, hut has .,, J ..
gained censclnusness nim,lHutlv V ,Yi
where he get the liquor. I M ,',.,
told the police a store near 8 eceml n. l
Seuth streets ba.Khul.1 him m, Lm ''
;-m t.ut ",r,j'.,.:"t.,! ; . .r'' . "".":! i... f.r .v.. :r. ."a. .".v"'1 . . M ,"."m..weird
i ..,.,,....,,. , , ,,, .,,., , ,iiun, nun (ei- lint nil- l,. i., ,1,, f. """ Wis IXIIIUIin. .MlV. . -I If I' rVhm
CJiJSfc SfaTll.'M.S
l uver MmiirIit as Speaker "l if it Is pcrmiitcd i" ,!, . '". "j ! I '"Penhagen.
This bani.euy view ii,- w ,., . ' 'ii'.''- !" ''nst -,, his adilsers .,,., I , "" ""ni,J'rM ''"v VM te (h U
in the tlruudy headquarters, where .,11 ,.., :;,'. uh" interpret Senater m'.' Hm""p "f. I1"; "'yvn passengeie'