Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 11, 1922, Night Extra, Image 9

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' Nancy Wynne Speaks, of Mr, and Mrs, Clayten's Dance
Last Night She Comments en the Many
, and Varied Doings of Today
THB Paul Claytons' deife nt.the
RIU! last night vi a great auecen,
nd all "the deba enjoyed, tlimWM
r ttirOUfliiy. unrenrn, ." .
y and the guest of honor, looked very
Pfc pretty In a drew of silver blende
trimmed witn crjatm wi.- -eeminr
te her dark lmlr and eyes. Khe
carried nn olil-feshloned bouquet which
added Just the right teuru m .ur.
Mr. Clayten were sapphire blue velvet
temblned with geld lnre.
Tonight there will be n dance, at the
icern Club nle for the debutantes.
(1 should think they would be ex
hiueted alrendv. and this Is only the
. ---.. .f VAt-emher
"pr"" v: ;:., m. k..i .
Will be gjven uj en. - ---
"Bmythe. of Chestnut Mill, te introduce
their younger daughter, Bertlin. Tbtlr
eldest daughter, Kditb, mnrricd Themas
Ward and lives In Klmhurst, L. I., nrnl
Clarle, Bertha's-second sister, innde
' her debut three years age. anil Is new
working -hard In the Junier League,
of which she is secretary.
Among th6se who will giv dinneis
before the dance will be Mr. nrnl Mrs.
Jehn Edward Zinitiievmaiin. who will
!.. .. iviln. nrnl Mr. and Situ.
Richard K. Norten, who will enter-
tiln In honor of Barbara Clayten.
Charlette and MftrgaretU Sharpies
bid planned a dinner for Anne II.
Townsend, but they have postponed U
... i.- hi ifnrn tha rnnfins
Until neceimn-i -u. ...., -
dance, when it will be ler Cella Ztm
. ...,.. ami tierthm Smyth" as well.
Tonight the ex-debs will hnv eemc
gayeties, tee, as Mr. and Mrs. Aithur
., . 0...1.U iu iv n dinner.
iearueru eumu --
bridge nnd movie party vlhu i.,evle will
be shown at their own house, 1 hear),
for their daughter, Virginia, nnd for
Rbeda Vtoeke, Mrs. Trenclmid Kralen
Newbold's daughter.
THE Pickering Mum will have ruees
nt Mr. nnd Mrs. William .1.
Clothiers' farm nt Pheeulxvlllc this
afternoon, and certainly there could net
be mere beautiful weather ter such nn
ent. Afterward Mr. Hiid Mrs.
Clothier will give n bullet supper
Bell, Jeneph Merganthal'and Hareld
Thy evening will end up with a play
cal ed 'In Winter, In Bummer.'1 In
which Mr. and'Mrs. Charles Mitchell
will act.
it Is interesting le knew that the
costumes nud scenery in all the plnvs
were designed and painted by members
of the club.
,. - wedding of much Interest will he
that of Miss Catherine Bradford Knight.
XfMf,.eti.MtB- BnMeri Knight, cf
J08 Jtlttenheuse street, nnd Mr. Ed
ward Cooper, CaasarO, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Llpplncett Cnssard, of Look Leok Loek
afar Farm, Chestnut Hill, which will
take place very quietly nt neon en Tnes
day. November 28, at the home of the
brides mother, In the presence of the
Immediate families. There will be no
attendants. The Rev. Archibald Mc
Callum, D. V., of Calvary Presbyterian
nurcn, win emciaie. Mr. cassard and
his bride will make their home In Wash-
luii. u. ,-., wnera Mr. uaisattl will
ee in business.
Miss i Ellen Harrison, debutante daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles cuatls
Harrison, Jr., of Chuckawoed, Vllla Vllla
nevn, will be the guest of honor at n
valentine, of Uermantewn. will give en
Sunday evening, December 31. Mr.
und Mr VflianiM ..in i..a .. .i
en Saturday evening, December 23, in
vtA .t. . 5V ,. ,'H,","e """anier, miss
Doiethy E. Valentine.
Mr. and Mrs. Quatavus Remak. of
Chestnut Hill, will entertain at a thea
i.,JJ.art!J I'.1. T"ly. January 2, In
,iTn.?.r ?f VlnK "nrbara U Clayten.
i...Iitn,.J1' .daughter ,of Mr. and Mrs.
raul Clayten.
lnMrA jienry B'"u Iu Pent, of Crest-
i .... 't. i ,-"'. iii viuciiuiu hi uinner
Bien trlday evening, November 17.
( MTS. AlXntiHui. "Oflmtrnf C9a1.aI 1hm.
Svi.JStni?wr!' wl entertain at dinner en
I ridiiy evenlnjf, November 17. before the
li. m??,llnK of , Mr- Wurts' dancing
class. There will be ten guests.
?ll' .a.n,Mr- Qulncy Adams GUI
rh..? xnn? nn.d' Seminole avenues,
t',"nu,t. H'. will entertain In their
J?S," opening night of the Metre-
if,VIOvh"!! been 'Pending a short
home ' ha" return"d t0 her
. i. ?.'.' ia,.'.diMr"' Themas . Ashton and
Mili du8h,l1e-. Miss Anne Ashton and
Mlia Careline Ashton. of Redleaf.
Wjnnewoed. and MIbm Helen Hep
of ArUrMsfnr-VlilSe'vr SXSES" Zl
uiiuvi ..... B..v -..... ...,-, ! OI Aruressan, Villnneva metered es-
There will be ether doings this after- j terday te Cambridge, Mass., where t'liey
.. .. Sni.lmllnv tl... wnlilltiff nf wln attend the Prlncoten-Harvnrd
trneii. tee. includlnc the weddins nf
Elaine Knglish in Germuiitewn. She
will marry Basil Geiden. of Washing
ton, tun of the late Ball Corden, of
Baltimore, and Mrs. Ceorge Viirnett,
wife of Majer Gencrui Burnett, former
commandant of the U. H. M. C. Mer
tister, Beatrice English, will art us
maid of honor, and there will be four
bridesmaids and a little (lower girl.
As Basil Corden has friends and con
nections in several illffeivnt cities, there
game today.
mil ee a imir ui uniierif iruiu jitiiniuuiir,
Washington aud this city, and the best
, man will be u llultlmerean. 1 hear thnt
Maine und her'husband are planning te
..' lhc in Washington.
y, w... a.a iceivinir cenirraiulu-
TX TELLING of today's doings, 1 1 Jlens en the birth of a .Taughter ye.
v 1 must net forget te mention the debu- j PurcnaV "e wn" MlM Dey
tatlhi lilf.t. la nil! mid ! lu I
YumnS5Jtes ,v,, "M nUend he
lale-Prlriceten game en Haturday. Ne-
tin"1 MV.18MaWl" , Mlsa Evelyn Ma?
tin. Ml as Mary de V. Ciearv Afp rnri
N. Martin and'Mr. Edward Shebc
nfMwf.V;LMrSi-r; ,Ieren Cresman, Jr..
SL aa""ern, Aidincre. entertained at
kfln rDla W '""J ,n h2ner et Mr"
S '"' $j82r$ Mr. s'"
week fron.GreVnwne:s,C.;where she
MreEe "net, ,w.e.,ldlni ' "' hrethen
invin pE, nald .'a.rneren. and Miss Oc
en Octeb?? 4grir,nten- whc '"ok Place
Mr. and Mis. Edwin I. At lee. Jr. of
Gennantewii, are receiving m.i.V.'.iL'
jSW ' ZZ . LLW ' m flr
U' :,-c'J, Vi '- '- V.l ,Siv., . ' -' ;t&.;y taaaaaaaaWYBaaaaW .
x. . ';4iht. HamaayRIdKM
MORGAN 'fl:; r- : KSE " ! -'l iU1i
WeVaw (Taam :'s vVr.v " 'ataKaV; ! ! ijlivH
place, necame tne nnae at Mr. awmuns
A no awv. u. rfi. miiv.miu.iii .
of the Walnut Htreat Preabyterlan
Church, Fortieth nnd Walnut atreata,
etllclated nt the ceremony. Tha brlda,
who wax given In marriage by her
father, was attended by ' Mia Helen
Gulp, as maid of honor. Mr. Herbert
Klnnnlgan served as best man for his
brother. The ushers were Mr. Nelsen
Cheunutt, Jr. and Mr. Alfred Potts.
After a wedding trip.' Mr. and Mrs.
Plannlgan will be nt hema at Hansom
avenue, Upper Darby.
f, lMT-alnui ft.
or Chrlatmaa Clfta--..
for thoie who prlie them
enarlk SK.
nrnrMfi! u. Uk
m In Ih. 4IIJ t
clam.. lie will dtaeaaa'
the historicity of the Ol
will IVa I ha varilBt efTll
" ---r -17 '.cr--z-. ii:z.ij
rvniircn ana lae sun jpsrvii
ai i"
lhM daa wh
c.i ... KK
ipvnau. , iivi umr
church, but by mera,
inn. cnurcn. Wt
mlanty maaaag
aaauranee. . Hii
R. 'tt -KS" 2i.g2arf.lK'
niinin irni vneBT-""f
a or eneauraaamMt.aH
I vanlna, aaflHiiftM will ial.
.w.w..... BnwH TT..V iWU
iiretaeantea en tne raaie, ui
uvmtBiioeK pBaperf bian tmvwem .fr
(laerte Jlmerann flames, ratter. 0
M A. if. "Pr-parln th. tTliuriaiii.f' ,J
Children7- nrmen "A 8quar Xa ' ,M
,8 P. M. "The Btrtiaala of Alth.11 J?3
filatln fti tlalan Hi tMfta.fta.e-. ftl.akai aftaaal t A
. aotetatsi Vhiijl
f.wlK Ml&MA t .MM. .AH
...... in (VIUI.V MN...IU.I
Krl Htty, ertantat.
nrean st. tioen n.i at piro-e.
The Community Chureh.
11... 1 t nflUBTF. Urn
There are ever TOO churche
Itev H. P.
There are
In this city
A aa lhaw n aa.lt.
lnT thai rAlfartttiai tiaavtlai nt
nit(ln.lkf. t.lata. a. ..
iiuril'iii.i a aval i iurni-ii
coal mintp .who, tj vMM
rnuh of
te this
rhurch problem dlaeuja h
..or. jenn MeDeweu,
can be worn by the
larger woman provid
ed they arc fitted as we
fit them.
The Corset Shep
121 S. Thirteenth St.
Aroend the Cerner en Saateai St.
Evtry fitting rtemivt the
pergenal attention of
Miss Pauline Campbell
;r New TerK, eecretarr Free
livtarlan Beard of Hema Ml t
slam, apeak nt 7:ifl. Tau'tl
n1ey tha miiilc. Th Paster
pht. at 1A.SA .n n'rt.a
nttl of Tr'rth." Chureh
choel 12-li Btudents' Oulld,
lit anil Wslnut m.
...nr. n.i.n r. uuriF. uii
Slav. aaavitsi fi,iaiaa m !
nr ;vr iir .!. v z::siz' '.v. .v"U"..
i si " "ww "fc A a Mi an
Si'IP'S sermon "Pre-war Mlnee at a
Peat-War World." t
Mualcal aervtce at 7n
Un.,-l;?,r-u,,J,"d m-mbera of tha
W!!!?1"1 9rIh,,,rJ.' un1r "he rc
iJ?..L5J' !'l",'"ay Nerden. will raaaar
f-tPAr?m of Nerwfalan mualc. Inatualna:
ir..m ri?m1,t0 Sacrifice." Btsrnhamaiar,
Hark the Vesper Hymn," Kjeruif.
i"il?.I" "'."..n-ulanatrind.
,.?.'?? s Paae ! paca Eternal," Orleg.
1 leltorycerdlally welcomed at all eer-le.,
Tlread I nfn .Diamond atVT "
.! WILI-,I.A?f - Mccormick. Paster.
',tn.qVvmuJ..,,. Curry. Asalatant.
. se Sabbath Pehoel.
x! uT " Tht Never nl'" eb.
. All r.iWa free at all rvlf
Prteatant Kotaeettai
Red Cress Drive and Special
Programs Are en List
of Activities
iaiiiv icu. wiiiiru is unuyn nun un
xnis niternoen tue uuu win ee .uurien
Fichtherne, and her parents will give
the tea for her ut their home in Merlen.
The receiving putty wilt be Agnes l'ar
nail, Ellzubetu Barrlnger, Margaret
Xcwlln, Betty Wilsen, Mary Carrell
Kelin, Itetty Oteen, Peggy Mi-Ailoe.
Verncr Petersen und Mary Virginia
Hall. Afterward there will be a dinner
(lanci for them mid semu additional
Tla ir..... .
Inrt KnJh.U!C A"ar"nent- ever the we"
Zr i,i Sn" ,ca,"e te attend the mnrrlairu
of Miss Elaine Knglluli nnd Mr .Basil
noen.0"' W " W'" Xal ,,,nce W" -
v.JI'11 Walter M. .Tiimes. of '"Ge Seuth
Ninth street and Stent-yciMlt Pnrm Bel.
'?IJ-Eff?ri"i''9?' 'l aa-ara attack
w- -..wMinai .iiuuirjunia
Manny of the women's clubs which
iinve ncrn netive in tne welfare Federa
tion Drive nrc plunuing le take part
In the lteil Cress Itnll Cull Drive Cen
tral committee chairmen have been ap
pointed, nnd sub-committees have
chnree of the cnmmiurn anions the club
members and in certain districts.
The I'hllemuslan Club
A program of literature and art will
he given Tuesday under the direction et
Mm. Montrese Graham 'J'ull. KcvIeAy
of the following recent books will be
jsiven: I.yttun Strnchey's 'Beeks and
Chnracters." by Mrs. Herman II. Blr
ney; William J. Lecke's "Tale et
L'rinea." by Mrs. Wnlt.-r AVlllurd ;
Slni-lnlr Lewis' "Babbitt." b.v -Mrs.
Harry C. Beden: Huch Wulpele s
"Cathedral," by Mix. T. Wilsen iieti
lev, nnd A. S. M. Hutchinson's "This
..' ' . ,, I... 1,. . ItMltt tt U.,.ill.
rieeiieiiii i'y .um. itinuiui . ...... ..
Weduestlay the current events class
will hear .Tallies Warwick Price speak
The guest of honor and tome of the receiving party at the tea
which Mr. and Mrs. Reed A. Morgan, of Chestnut Hill, gave at
their home en Thursday afternoon te introduce their daughter,
Miss Elizabeth Morgan
and Mrs. fcan,Up .T. Williamson, of
r6tJ hpragup i,tret. will become the
bride of Mr Charles ndward Coffin
Beltleld, pen of Air and Mra. Percv C.
Belllelrt, rf Snrthmeie, Pa. The cere
mony will he )i formed by the Bev.
T-fent.i; l.1 W'lll.l.. .1.1. K-i.i- -..in t
. - ... . .......v. jim- 114 mr- will uu
given ill m.irrlage by her father, and
I her winter Miu Ur.l.. .. if tLMtlt....-
Hen. will be bridesmaid. Mr. Henry
Uelfleld, brother of the bridegroom, will
be best man, whlle Mr ndwnrd .Tenes,
of Narberth, Mr. Hntry Walters, of
Bywood; Mr. Arthur Culllna, of Swarth Swarth
mere, and Mr Walter Kecd, of German
town, will .ict asi iislieis
A pretty weiidliifr took place today at
necn In the Fourth Presbyterian Church,
Forty-seventh street and Klngsesslng
avenue, when Miss Mnrjerle Clarke
Chesnutt, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. '
JJrend and Berks at. (1800 N.)
nnoe rest
Heme of the Grsre Tlaptlat Church. ,
Wm, Dyre McCurdy, Associate Paater.
J. Marvin Hannn. Musical Director.
Frederic): II. Htarke, Organist.
All vlaltera te our city he wlh te hear
Mr. CenwU en Sunday at 10.30 or 7:48
may eccure cat In advance by phentne
Diamond 0G37.
lTaptlm.il m rvlce Sunday memlnr. Tem
ple Chorus slnrn both eervlecs.
Jllbl Scheel, Jere L. Creste, Rupt.. 2.80
P. JI.
Junier nnd Senior Youna Peepla'a meet
Insa at 7 V. M.
Itetrular church prayer meetlna Friday
t H 7' M.
MctlimlNt Kiilsrepal
HrltHh W r. T r kmler will ipeak In
Saera Mmerlal M. K. Chureh.
Hint ami Catharln t 10'SO A. M.
CONFKRKNCK TI.AS8. ISth and nc Ate.
J.dlth N. Winder, leader. Vlaltera wel-
'' MeAIpin, of the Knickerbocker Club
f Speech KendlnL', New erk City, will
ecture en "California Gardens," with
lantern illustrations.
Women's Club of Oermantewn
A musical ten will be given Monday
ir . '" " ' ut me oem ui
Mrs. Geerge L. Kstnbroek. 020 West
. ..,,..,11 uvenue. ine presram will be
e i;.Y,,r "nrry " Butterworth.
te I u ,rs- "'mner Beeber of 1907
T VK been hearing of the fashion show J"'""1 'eet, have tnken an apartment
1 nlilchMra. .lehn Fortescue. of Len-j main until & Where lhey w, "'
den, gave in New Yerk en Tlmrsdny for ' ' "pr'"s'
the benefit of the Seldiew und Sailors' I i,,'1. n"d ,Mr8- William Webb eiiter
Club there. Ven knew Mrs. Fertcseue ai? evening "ierh Rt tl,e. ""-Carlten
Is te have charge of a similar show here I i?a. dauahfer 2f m't eiiA?ra?,,as0n
j-ii Tuesday at the Bread Street Theatre of WuaWnitSJ who i.?i ?S )vi(,0r.
In aid f the Charlette Cushuiun Club, i .esenu ti Henry W Wat,e of "tiJi"
life? Meily" Vi,lcr- F,lrp Blnnc.VClty win take place 'thi, a fte'i noen1 t
J.W""? and such attractive girls ns home of the btlde cmisina ut
1'eiBT Tiavnr Kli n..iu ti....i .... and Mrs. Arthur nin-.i- vJ!!!." wr:
MrV' Walter WaVlnJ pklns' "m brH,k. Paol.: -""-- 8"' at
RVt ns mntinlklna If f n... .... ...tu. ...
set ns inaunlkins. If I nm net nils
taken, the dresses which nre te he shown
here are the same as were shown in
Ae- lerk, and they Bound fascinating.
. la 'bat e.v actresses were models In
the afternoon, while debutantes took
part in the evening. One of the most
spectacular dresses, called Les Chi Chi
Jieises, was of black silk, heavllv em
broidered in geld nnd colored flowers,
worn with a shawl-like cape of the same
material and colors. Anether was a
jnc frock of turquoise blue veUet
. edged with ermine, and a third, which
mut have been equally attractive, was
M black aud geld silk, which rippled us
-n m tri nuincu
i air. ana Mra. Geeice s. Fielder ,.r
"llT W,U glV' dlnwr fhuivS!
TinLi nn?, Mra. Harry l.liirk, of 6617
Jin'.lc.n dTi-' Ormantewn. aim tlieir
dautrliter, Mlas Freda Llnsk. wll be
Sntll ?en-i?emSrr0Wr "rnoen from 3
ant nf .l0Ck Ne n''' bave been
!-'" .Th8 rigagemcnt of Ml r.lnsk
2uv HZ M,aurlca w- Aaren. al,e of this
ui. has been announced
Mr. Allrt Xf.a TA1. t.. e........ .. - .
i. ui:,,- " -"nn r. jjKeiiv, .Mr. .lehn
y. Skelly. Jr.. and Miss Maiyi Skelly
- ... nti tha .j"0"'1 Traymeic. Atlantic
or -longer th'y P'an ,n ,ema,n
in 'Debt. Debtors und IluU." ii.,1 ,V ml' ' oprnne; Mrs. It. K.
Faculty Tea Club of the Univ. of I'. I Ml ' f ce,ntrn": Miss Blance Hub
The bi-monthly meeting will beheld u,l"l harpist; Miss Irene Hubbard,
Tuewlnv nt 8 o'clock lit Sergeant Hall, 'enisr.
Mis. H. II. Fernuls will be hostess und I'lillerlrlnlila Rjdtllite rinh
Mrn. Hiidellih Illnnlieiiberg will speak " ,r,,,"M ""n ."
Kthlcal rnlter
Mr. Hudelph Illnnkeiiberg will speak
.. ,..m.. U.....LI I..I "
III! llie er?Hln--i:iln-mii.
The New Cenlury Club
Mm. CL...I.... I ...... ii .. ... .
,. :; ,"" "'"'' -iiuier will give
in iiiferiiul vupprr for the member of
-- ------ . ,.... .,,.,.,, ,.r nuine. iuuii l'lne street
The Monday Morning lass will pre- Monday evening. Mrs. Chandler will
wit the following pregram: "lVnusyl-1 tell of her recent visit te Brazil
Ht'Iir lilt IOIIOW1I1S llKi" ' ""'c'."'
vaniu XewM," Mrs. K. V. McCntilley;
i.fl'U- T..l.L.c. nn.l )lin SiflfUU.1' Mrfi. A.
XIlC 4Ultn tllltl ' r'B" ..- 1
.T. Ilewland: "America for Me." Echoe
of Travel, Mrs. J. H. Crs Mr
B. Leuvitt. Mrs. II. C. Tewle: A
e7 - " - : .
Lindsay's "Johnny Applcseed,
Lewis 'R. Dick.
rs. C.
by Mrs.
parliamentary j
Tha innmiitiee en nai'iiaineniary
practice will meet at U o'clock Tuesday '
m innuuurnte work for the club year. I
Miss Anna II. Markley is leader of this
work. . . .
Tin. members will discuss books
AVedtiesdav nt 3 o'clock. Mrs. A
. H Is interesting te note that thelhaum Zuilftr ., "i, '"' Ba.en
drtmta reached t. the ankle' u7 even I Ma?Sn,h.SSfP.0. J?.1!. "n'l Mra. Sel
Vj'- Merrla Schwaraman took plate at
! -Me:c"n"8 'l en Tuesday evening
VEItV year some dee -,eeni8 le suffer S i illJiu P, A' . -N'Buninn, Rabbi
a casualty from hockey LZ AptiTTSLX, f 'i S5SK?K
M 'UVM28 L?U,sf Asi'l"'t, new I V,"" ,5ll1ewa " ceremen " Mvilld
wrs. Butler Sinytbe. at her i-eiiiing. I "? v"'hwarxnmn are spendlntr tlieir
out ten with several black and blue weU(ll"r rlp in Bermuda. K '""
pets up her arm, the result or n tee-
itrentieus Sunday afternoon hockey d.:.i . i r i
"fl , Bridge and Luncheons
The latest victim is Sue Geedman. f r . '
Mm? weVum B0,f11 ,0 ,a," ,""' "" Occupy Mam Liners
a...ML uargeilHcke.ve. Sue, Mr .1IdXI. ,.,,,,. . .
Payed Rr.vn Ma r Cel e; ' e, e of'
Players ran Inte her ,rlng the aame?
nd hence the wounded ee. '
en. .'i1 5,',,rH ag" ",i,lriide Dough Deugh
t, who came out last winter, was
gCleKnTft l,lt " ,1,c ' '' W"
.,"; hnmet lines the Ka:nvs are pretty
Win. but as rule perfectly safe.
.. i hope Sue will e0rtn iccevcr- the
blew must have heenV.y imlarul.'
THE Plays and I'lajds will give a
at HS"""""!" for the member
Ti,P'a5fl8.hl1 80n' .'Pest Inlerestina
Wednesday nt a e cieck. n. a.
Haines Llpplncett is chaiiniiin of the
meeting. Mlsti Mary C.iahuin Tjler and
Miss Amy Ztillck will be at the ten
iaules- . ....in.
A reception and te.i will lie held lit
fi o'clock in the clubhouse in honor of
the delegates te the W. T. I .con
mention. Mrs. A. Humes Llpplncett
. ... -t- i.i. .i fr...iMw nf lm
recoil 1' Willi till! omens ui nil-
Tl'iinsibiv. nt It o'clock, theie will be
n clubwemen's conference en the Con
trol of Cancer." In ui-upeiatlun with
the nut Ien -wide cnnipulgn iigulnst can
cer. Membeis of the ether clubs are in-
There will be a club supper I' riday at
7 o'clock. A phiy. : luderena, n
Silver Slipper for the New emun,
bv Winifred A. Hepe mi I l" presented
bv the junior section et the Camden
Olenelden Club
M,.T' Fx- M- Kenwll will be heetess
Mrs. William Smith will rend from her
own short stories. Mrs. . G. Turner
of Moere, l'a., will sing. rner'
Slaterheml I of Redepli Shalem
,m i?irt Hhe':' ,""frrtinment and tea
will be opened te the public, under the
nuspices of the Sisterhood Wednes-
Halhaiiuy Shakespeare Club
'I'lm tfi.,1. ....... UI.. I .
i i . "". ""uncspenra uiub will
held a recent en Frldnv . ..... - "J
l':30 o'clock. Heceiving with the nresi-
Will law Leiereu! Mrs! .fehn T.'Mltr,:
ell. .Ir., nnd Mrs. 1. H. O'HarVu w
8r'2? .:?". irr fditSJ'ei h;
uui,hi i.irnnvu hiii .11 ..-."
and Letters." ' ""C"M Men
A wedding of Interest te this city
and tVashlnBten will take place at 4
o'clock this afternoon in SL T-tike's
Protestant Episcopal Church, German- '
town, when Mlts Klnlne Tayler EnBllsh, '
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W.
English, of L'2 West Scheel Heu'-e
lane. Gennantewn. will become the bride
of Mr. Basil Gorden, son of the Inte
Mr. Basil Geiden. of Baltimore, and of I
Mra ilnrvrir,-. rtnrnal, ,.? ir..Ll.lnn.r...
wife of Majer-General Georqe B.irnett." 1
former Commandant of the United P-
ninies .Marine rerp.s The. ceremenv
will be performed b the Bev. Samuel .
TTnlnliii Tl 1) .i.m- nt t.. ..1.......1.
wi'Ww -' -' -w, uk i.m Vliuitll.
The bride, who will be k1cii In marriage
by her father, will be attired in a
white point lace gown, made en simple
lined with a long court train of tulle
edged with point lace extending from
the shoulders. Her f II of tulle will
be nrmnged with sprays of eranse
blnscems and she will carry a small
whlte pinei' book, iier sister. Miss
Quaker Ideals S
" " "c nenry i . vilUCU, BH. U,
Practicing Physician of Oxford, Eng.
In Industrial Life j03. Rewntree Gillett
Member of English Laber Party, Oxford, Eng.
In International Life Jesse H. Helmes. Ph. D.
Professer Swarthmore College, Pa.
Seuth Bread Street Theatre
Sunday Afternoon, November 12th, 19223 o'clock
An Invitation Is Extended te All
c,tt;K.w r
.'.'th .anil Mt. Vernen (In
WKricejtb "lluncu W,T" A WARM
HEV. JAMEH c. cnosse.v. necter.
Piinnav 8ervlee. Nev. is!
i?,.?J a' ?' Chiiaren'i Chureh.
niv4. Pir-rirnn. S'rV'C''- Pr,"h,r'
cu3m: M,Church Sch001 ana B,bl
Jiii ;HC Ber Scout Service. The Recter
Wilt tV&K.h
iimr.u IUIIK KTttENDM.
Hint anrt rhrlatlsn t
Rev. OKOnOB If. TOOP. ntcter.
.''2 A. M. Hely fjommunlen.
2.?iS.? A"..&,7rMer.nln"' P'ayer and aarmen.
siibleet "KllewhlD.
2.30 P. M. Sundiiy Scheel.
Sn'.cJ"l. Ar.m'"Ji"' D"y Prearam
4ilr' P..Sf. Kvnln Prayer and Sermon,
object Th- Watered Clnrdan."
Ednyfel Lewis. tner solelit.
7:30 P. M. Teunir Peepl' gtrvlrs
TjJjnue. KUbJect "PaTrtetlsm."
Sd nnil Tine sta,
1,;,,;E.dWwr'1 M Jefferys. S. T. D.. Beeler
7:SOA. M Hely Communion.
i1,0SA M. Mernlnir Servlee and Sarremi
bv Illahnp Klneelvlng, of Braill.
'Die crelr will tins:
Te n.um In B nat-; . . . .Htalnt r
"Bleislnc. Hener. Olery and Power."
SKRVICE of Pout Ne. 405. Amarlesi
I-ecien nnd Military Order of World War.
AddreM by the Chaplain. Dr. Jtffary.
'Hie Choir will ulnit:
"Hlmt Are the Departed" gpe'er
. ...un. a r v.u ... ... ..... nrtf-'n
Hew Blent Are Th'. .Taehalkewrl.'
i(-iiil n-miei ys,'ll"M tV
i Wayne ave. and Harvey at. (car 61).
Bev. Stewart P. Keellnr. Reeter.
Munday Services: 7:80 and 11 A.
P. M. The Recter will preach at the 11
wet r.f 3tat
11 A. M. Mr. Orlftln will preach.
Hubjecl "Th Growth of tha Idea of
Ced. Oed an Precresalv Creater. Hew the
Iden of the Trinity Arese."
H P. M. Lecture by Mra. f.uey L. W.
Wilsen, "PaenUtorle Planta and Anl-
Oreene t. and W Chelten ave.
Sunday, Nemher 12. .Service at 11 A. M.
The Mlnlnter, Rev RIX3ER 8. FOHBKH
will preach. .Subject, "The Orla-lnil
t'hrlitlnnj." Church Scheel In the Parlrn
Huute nt mhw hour. All are Invited.
Photoplay Guide Week of Nev. 13 te Nev. 18. Subject te Change
Tile following thenrres nhfntn tV.al .!...-.- 41. v a.--
&TAJJLt,V Company of America, which is a guarantee of early
showing of the finest productions. Ask for the theatre in your
locality obtaining pictures through the Stanley Company of America
nattm !' ' itci niDLVr ilSH aaaaaaaaMaaaaBBiaBnHweieMBaaaBa,BipHMBBaiaBiiiaH
S?lrLlSr; ALHAMBRA "im n
of Washington, a sister of the bride- ,M Mary Miles 51 " owhey and Hie l.lj
groom; mv. siuurt uuinvnnt, Mrs. Fil. .'. -"jr -inns i i i.nmiy unu me
muiul W Ollnln ar.'1 Ml llnth m.,' ' w- Mary JIIIm M ' r t nubey and the I
Cec of Washington Tl.ev- h.n,,ltei; Ten. Mix ... I ur Ilk Make.
sinillntly nttlred in frwks e'f cloth of
siiur, ..ii wife n.ici lima, irimmeu
with MUer lace and havlnir lone
L.u.m.F. The.. wilt ... "". '"l
I-. -.urn .11 i i nr mc -iiiHea
t Tem silx ill ler Ilk Muke
a nr i r
quetV ,-f 'ral.X-lliW- ThaTlttlemfl0Dr " X ' 'NU: ,,A"'V
plrl will be Miss Nancy Montffemerv -' K. Mai D..na i. -irmiKer Thun Flrtl.
DiilUin. iliiughter of Mis D. Enillah I X." K- i"""en"1' 'traiier IIme Flctlc
nallnrn Jr She will wear Bii. w Mm N.uimm . Iiell't. lleue
ufl led li merle frec'nnd wm ft...lt. X -? ,VF , T""' .V!.'Vi'.':.'r,"r
allxe. basket of white ' fleww.. SrT .-iS "taih V i
KnKll'h. mother of the bride, W wear I
a new ii of black velvet, ti Immed with !
bands of sable fur and a hat of black ' ARDMORF Lvv''
elvet Mrs. Oeerirti Harnatt wilt ...7. I ArvLVlVlVJIXC
I lie llr.iml
Hie llrund
ORIFMT '"'oeJland Ave. at Bid St.
M. -Kodelph V.ilenimi) m llloert and Hand
r xtodeiph nlentlne In llloed and Hnnd
t 7.1J'V?el".h ,va'entlie In Uloed and Hani
i ''hHril Il.irtlielimss in lel'uble Ha) Id
5'Z-' TR,'mn.!i,-... The lriniltHe Ixner
a' t-. lulmadic. The Primitive Ier
iij1 .'i'T.l llarthe'm in Henny
A."'Fhnrd Ilurlheliiii.iia m nny
rr ..:' T,'""-"7 .nein in lie iiirtiiter
i-Il);,"acS M,'1 111 The Dldnler
s ZIr:i,?JiK ."'"nKen In Her lilliled lt
" uler' Hnnimen n Her dllded Ce
MXO.NS AHDACDtrmn....... ..
T CtiSST" .11lhan In.ManalaaBhtar
rCiM!. A'Ufhan In Man.lauVht.r
PHI'- n'tiri"' 5.tnn " nf hNa1hwet
hHv" S.Sr!cn- rhsnn Ins ef the Nerthe.t
B K. O'Brien. C-liannlnS ef the SSfthw?!
, BALTIMORE 0,5T "altuieri:
I.. "-" iWILi Kre. 8 80. S.l ll.i
T-K- .pr""W. Hraneer Than
palm "w"D ave. jrdtuK?rhi.nme.l,r,r -r'h." W"
i-VL.1V! MJKKIS hTRKET' a -nichard IlartlwImeM n ti 523 H'l
innuera inriilde Ur. and Mra. rcinn
"' 'f.il Mis. ThnniHs Hell
, nr. und Mis. Neiniaii .Tamieen, Mr and
Airs Hamuel McUreary. Mr. and M?
CleS U"d Mr "nd "" " W. Me.
Mrs. W. V. (loedall, of N'arbeith
enterWiied her luiieheeit.brldBe cluli at
her home yesteidiiv Hfteinenn Tiil
members are Mrs. H. K. Hradleir Jin.
Wllllarn U. Clughern. Mrs. It cf Jleff.'
inun. Mm Jehn H. Ketehatn. Wii. Klen
ii n. Pelhvmus.
Mis. Charles K, Ooedman, who lias
...i i-P ... n iiiuiiiii m HOStOn will
leturn te her home In Bryn Wawr next
Women's Club.
Weman's Club ut lla-Cynwil
"HiiIm in the Dn.s of Mnilnme Se
ts the siiUjiit of tlie talk which
i Ifflle
Miss Anne Mngnus Knile will ,g 1 ve be
fore the club WedneMliiy nt 'J ",,,lc"ln
the lectute mom of Hie I'resbv erlan
('hiin-h at t'ynwyd. Mis. Charles
M .1
SSI" 3'iSJ'V Mr, anil M
Jud,, Teh TlVr.e7,? ZT"'
ir";,m' Mmit MciwrTiCa.1
Surprise Parties and Bridge "
Lure Seuth Philadclphians
A surprise birthday paity wua w
Mrs., William HnlneH. of S4"" nh
Hie s htreet. en Friday evening by h
luaband. Mr. William' Hull.. Xwlnl
the RuestM wete Mr. and Mra. Hinrii?
Moeie.-Mrs. Emtnii Crenay, Mr. nnd m,,
Dabuaa. Mr. and Mrs. Jehn b0b Mr
nnd Mra. MeCatin. Mra. Mary Jenii'lnia
Mlsa Rae neaenfeldt. Mlaa Ji,ui t'Sx
Mr. Jehn Crenn, Mr. Uhailea Shaver'
and Mr. William Halnaa. Hi'uver
Mrs. Jnmea Duffy will be bestesN nt'
j. card party and dance te ba given
2!;a;8s.rc..?.0.1' Hal1' W.M
Mrs. K. Wanting, af Daretown, N, J .
waa tha guest of her mother, ilia, i
r..uy:i::i'n:nT.;i - nni wa
i .:.. ..Ill . nif
jenes, soiirsue. -.. .. ...
The Junier mm-uuh i .. - "...
meet nt the home of .Mrs. htlgiir H.
Gardner, 4:in Hryn Mnr avenue, Cyn
wU, Memlny evening.
. CUIc C'luii
Miss Clam MliliHetmi will be in
ilmi-Be. of the wuiil iiifuirs meeting
Memlny morning. 'Hie chnlrmnn of
encli word bnimh r reiirescntntive
wlll-nttend the iiieetim.'.
Tiiesduy nt 11 ',lIl";,:,.,,h,,,re w I1
ii meetlnu' of the Secial "elinre Cem
mittee. This, the tirM meeiiiiK et tne
jear, will be l'W ' ,t" e"iCt ,of tl,e
Jletliers' Asslsteni'i ruml, HIT Locust
tit rpt
The' Amerlcftiilutien Committee,
under the direction of Miss Mnbel A.
Senile, will meet nt . ..10 Wednesday.
MIsb Olice Steeile, of Ibe . . C. A
will tell of their Heik iiineng foreign
women nnd slrls in Philadelphia.
Phlla. Club of Advertising Women
Tuesday lit S :H0 o'clock ut the Uelle-wio-Htrutfeid.
the club will begin
its series of six lecture classes, te be
conducted by l)r. Sllus 8. Neff. The
lectures will include nn Intensive study
of mind development. self-epreKsien,
phraseology and public speaking,
Y. W. V. A. ut ermaiitewn
A uin-lil fellnuslllli ba linnet ulll .
held Tucsdny at tl:S0 o'clock. JlH.
William Boyd will be the speaker of
IUO ctciiiiiki ." 'ivi,vii wt tut gun
quet will be Riven te empuert the work
J fl.. !- rlnlr Willi. V n
Informal Entertainments
in West Philadelphia
Miss Grace K Lull, of COM slnisn
street, entertained informally at her home
rai8t eP'n- -'"enf the gtieata fffi
PJ.ga W. Denike. Mlaa Deiiv wi1 ?."
nuts Ciertrude l.vneh, Mian Marv Men. '
'tersen. MIsh Huth He'ffer. Miss orethJ '
Hnndni-B -iiuu !....... vv!'" xjoreiny ,
MlM . Adele Klnuen. Mr. &.""&
Cm fbmeye', Mr. and Mra. Bell Mr
Michael. Mr. Allllaid P. White v,
gmln,Hellbm,Rh, Mr. QeoSe'Srewn
hHrr.,T" ?!'!. .T5arJicnMS'"5. Mr WIN
J-miia "Tlwler '"Mr Tfil2E$?- &
Lew b Herschel, Mr Paul t iISJk' Mr
end. '""mm rer the week-
.Tl.hn tli....Au. . t .... . .. .
-luhh i .7..'. " '" ""rrieK Heme
-lehn i-.r5Tner ' ""'rlerli Helme,
iim," '.'."levnere in sherlm 1. Helme,
t 3. n tx a i.ia n ..
tit A ffVIII i --.- a4iu
i i nemas .v ciuceu arm sir. waiter i
MeiitJBiie, of Unltlmere; Mr. Jehii
KrederUk Hey and Mr. I.uclnn if. Van Van
deian .f Washington, and Mr. Alfred
rose il ijilu nnd sir. LMmund w un.
pin. of this city. "
A yediiiiiff of Interest will take uiace
r r t n t lfipl thin a i a !.. i
Uithernti Church of the Incarnation. Fer-tv-stnth
street nnd (Vilnr n i. '
Various Activities Mark
UAlin AVK.
i I li v ll. v
M Hiular. kiulith 1 tit- .iiiiiIie
.. iiu.itiiit ivii'iniK h 1...' i.i.i.i.iri-
IV. It HimLeH' I'le.lu
T H llilk'lieV Piudu '
P. It. llunhun' Pirj.lui
!.--H lluglies' I'lO.lmtl
";'-'""'ttoer.. The .Mern, , W. Thej nn; Mei.he'l, $&&.'
MARKCT ST. lie, ,. hZiSSSi: ?W" ".iShur
, .- "(iKUtTDrrr
fl. itintiiliva nsa
K nit mtiraiire
Hi iiM'inlirurifti
Kt ineiuhnim
.' null 11
tle Mnriratvt Wall .li...rCi,,,... '. i. " I M. Marlen Dut.ea In I lie uiiiib II.iii.
.!,r te i'lInFl- i' ii"f,1,ter- of Mr T. Mnrluti Ii..Mh In The nuin: lliiiiia
IV ! '",. VmrUs 1-, Wall, of Drexel I W. Tmn MuiKlmn If im llelleie ll. It e
Hill, "ill become thu bridM nr m- . T. Tem .M..Tliall. If l..l llrllrie II It'a he
Heward Jlebertcu Incersell. son of n ' V- AJ,ul Wrwnr Willi the 111111?
mid Mrs. W. If. lV.7.li " .'.H'.- I . Hb il' H rolls W llli the M 1.1111 11?
- -.it-. "VHi Ut 1UUA. I
10 A. M te 11 1
M - 1 .air Admni In (inhlrn Ireain
T- i.'r. ,AA"".ln ,Whi Dream
,'. !. "r A'l-iii'S lii liuieii llreuniN
l-i lure a.Uiiih In (ieldrn Ireaiii.
H 1 hur rt.n In The leetlcc of Wpi'le.
W AMti HlMHari Tl. w- "f ,h'rlh
T -Anita it-we., I The wSSan !" J-le.l
F- Mrv Mllei Mi.T.,' ""I'"". "". Marrtfil
! -Mile.. Mlt,r . sSJiB of Z'xl
-.. Pei, A M4.1 Moe,,. The Storm COLISEUM ''V IW
T. Hnuse l',.er 4 .utt t r!' ? I 2 ?fj? M t!rn.. . ' . Mnd ' T anl
.'-i.i.L r..i,--i, i nt. iiuv. ur, David '
it Melherii, pastor of the church, ulll PDI OMIAI CJln ''' ai.
nerferin the cciemeii). The brlda will I v'v-' ',l sun .' .1.. m- ; ft u
be chen III mairl.iee l.i h., ...... 'M-.Ti.nm.. miui. ... .., m. ....,.., ...
- '. v. j an 1 1 1 - - imimir -Kit it ( .lun-iiiiiKMiri
Mri I.UiUlR P. VelltTH nrnl M. t T. Thenian .M-lnliari In Miiiul.iu.liirr
he bride will i -r VJ":i .rl'L'1." ." .V ,"".l'"'k ",r
-.JlUZSL Mrl:. "? A. Dedd.
iv. , . . 1 . ... l.. - .. ,M4 ire. I.
,.t...,i ..a ,,,ai, "i "i."""e' .u.'" T Theinm Meiahan In Muii.lii.iuliier
hriit wn.VlVu will in, 1.. 1 V""ur-. The r Tiiuiiia. .M.iKlmu in MuiLlaucliLr
I bliliHii In will IntUlUrt Mrs. Uenald , Ihemaa Mlshan In Mun.lauliirr
e ShrlKlv. MIsb Catharlim liuit-r. -
uidii .mik .lehn Whltlnir i. i.h..i'
v. aiu rtiri rv 1 -mn ut. 1 1, r
w u, 1 . .... " - IV ' .llunr.r:. ? wterni
iti,".".("".lt' ' " "" ,'11""' Hreakcr
n Hliar Mreiiic lth (he Uemen?
w 1 llldll Mir ,u
iemiwirB UOURfv Life ,,i 1 ". r. w,,!.Bm " l,"r"'- Jr.
..... . - "."'. i limn 1 no usiieih will in
su-b;.!,..;;"' ....'"juu.".?.i..j"id, of,,," r v. ,v.-..",..'.,"'.,.a,.r'.i"'ris it.
brnerd's. -Inwhvanl, WiHun 'kImk A .en " T'SSTn ,fi
. - 1 1 11 11 in' .it 1 nit I'm riitMiui.1.. s, ..1
elid wVlnut atlMta ","" " ,uu ''U,leth
Mrs. Charlee i;disard.,"'0f Pit tabu rJh
for a few .lnvfc '1'iuiirBII,
Mra. Leuis It. Chapman, of put.
burgh, has been the tueat for a. fiw
duys of her parents. Mr. and Mrs w-vi
A. Batcheler, of MeylanT ' War1
,Mla Kathleen Wetherill. of n,...,,..
will entertain the niemberV of hJr
brldge-luncheen club en Monday after
neon. They v. ill Include Jin Lmn.;
fipreul Illnkaeit, Mra. jmL i?''1
Mrs. T. Jay Hpreul, Mrs Joien). rif
lr,f,Mra Bennelt V.' Wllibr.. Mra Hail:
lett Hall nnd Miss Nell Wetherill
Gennantewn College Girl
te Mahe Debut in Seuth
weddinB of interest In this cltv and
WnsliliiBi in will tuke place ut s 30
e clock this afternoon, when Mrs. Mnknn
Hall. daiiKhter of Mrs. .1. K B,aAVlnd??
of WnsliliiBten. will beeen S the hr 'ide
this ct Iho ceienieny win , pr!
feuueit ni the home of Mr iirui mm
Arthur tllllesiile Dicksen, at P i ehioelc
Paell. in the presence of the in n I
fiiinllles of the bride un, brmenroem
??.d ,l'VJ ,.',lrn,Ut" Will
Kdward M .leffeiyu, rector of St '. tr'
I'hureli ulll ntllelnt.. ,..u ' ?' . .' lt t
h.VVT ... I, V ,r,- ..:"V:. . ""un will
.... !. Mi.iuiin uv ner 11t1Mt.11.
Mr ll.T.rv U'lt.l, r.l,J.' UIOHIll,
W., i.'i " i,-V.7r"uaf. rnl bi
ll 111.
M V I I I . Itl.lv
M. Hnune I'elei in 111. ll Men'. (e
..'',!9"' I'eluii" 11 Hlih Mi-ii'h WI1.1
,-le.ii I'riin in ICIcli Men's lli
I. Iltttv I'umtiwn 111 'Die ll.iniln.l Muni.in
.-''"tlj I'etni'Hi.i! in 'I he Hemlr.l 1 ... 1. in.
. r, r allium. It l.l II r.UM I UMII-. et
''"' "rv- I ., a M ie 1 16 1'. M
r-HuVt1 ,V"Kll"",, Mi-i'K-inhnin.e
W li. Vlrt. 1'kU;'1 , Knienihrniiee
-ltlhar.l Ilnrthelme,, )n Vie II ?Z
(iilu.rJ rtheline.i. In The Ileml
J. Anita .Slewuri h wZSIZ 11" I'"r,M
K -JttlP-"-!' ..TT,? ""--
5fiTH ST THKATKU Hclew i-pruK
ST'-.Dorethy PIiUUph .ii lliirrle.iiif'. i.al
u.!-01' ,.nll"l" ".Uiirrle.111,.', i.l
r. Aii-stm r.isi in iiir seni r ,
K. James lurnc ., n,P irkcii s .,,.
B. Jainen furmiiKl'M The llrnUi, Men ,
- , - "' - HUH
M.RT.OA. h:.- Mr a ,"; iss.i
I .? -iry .M .Mlnt-r riwhtiy -.ft Z MV
,.. I Jam-a KlrkMiHi.1 in IhJ. miJ.-fiJ If'
OS It) nerinntitnwn Ae. , S lame, l,'irwoe.l 5 4h. wi2 tM
MATivri! mii- N JuniH K-iri,,. .... . .'.'., IP "In 1bJ
,i i -M.. ';v - " '"" nm iimJ
I GRANT "22 airtAIlD AVK
.Mnt. Men V,A
GREAT NORTHERN W ; SW j . M fiS ,- K!& Jim?
. .. uicrmrrt u..h.i.... :... .-.-"
t ri...,.r. r:":!'m" vn bu
V Vh'". ::!""" I" Man.la...i,r
T -'ii.V. '"" .?I"?nn in . Mnnalauhil.
IP -Thern,. J,'." '" " '"'auiSlir'
H -'Ihema. Mi.,i.. .' a"n)Httr
urniH l nrtnhii i i. a... a ...
ice narinemf In tK s,X J.H5
w -jiffs. -i inem. ',;, vk. ;e,ks V.V ;
1. Jamea K rkuoe.t In The Mil Kleii'l
.... ..,.,..,,, , ln ,,, jju,,,
-h iVi ;',. ';."k" "' e
'. ;,.r"k ' armencl In The eiut
L ,,1',,'u ! "r" '" Kith Mrn'M
U".i I'ature Kr, j,,"
II ...l.l...Kft..
. WIVM C2U ANU Mi ,,,.
nine I hit Id "''"-'ill .r ain,
Wli' i'.Chailee Jonil 111 H'i ,i!,3: 7
I fRlheNIXUN-NIRDLINCFRJn i -!!: ilf"n "n T?.' SLi'l!
imattVnded ''Thebrldenr'!.'11, 1MDCDIA1 eeTH Tv..,..rD i IHfcATRES !Jf .-lreUiy t-a..n jJJ ,K S J"'
;ie.rwn'i a flHhfef '?. $SS uoraite;! ySiya --r: aftS2
i . -r -----i-r -------' iiiai iiuunan i iinnnnmii i-nii nn 1 1 .-.m - - .-.v , , iiiuuina .iiuiKiiuri in iiiiiili i.. i n inimiHa iiAt..i. . -.. i---- -- ... --. u t, m t . - . '
secmy en Decetnber 27.' 1.. i.-i7.. "...v" """ :"" u uiK anil, wm i .Thnmiu M,.rh.'.'":T.'.' r r ir..Vi... ..'V.'"""" in iniii.iuhir iv.uuy l i.i i iC afHWWir. l
r''L .?.t tea followed "fr-rT' "" ,,lss -enny . et New' Yerk ' B -Themas Mel.hun S' Ma.R"ual.lirr f -iKrethy i'.ai en Vn '. '" V." S-!Sr !!!5!! !: !" SSZKfSte f
a ui ui i i mil a-w ijiu ibw linn . . ar un Hivan rn -. a. - -- n - - - . . . ... rti , .. - -.--.? -- j uaira a-ri iii r . t i
Aen'HUI ara rKn'JKi' , ' WMk" 'n C",n' Arthur, q. Cummer, of J.ck."eUnvi .""' BKI.PIBMJ-WILLIAMBON LIBERTY nneAP W.B.a a7 ctJaTi v (!'" ' "t "' SOSSBtL' "
MMMMMMMJgg(i . ., . ,,,f,',,y, . .., fe.w! 'Axl'lSi ' ''fftmlwflKp"1
R1VOLI I2,1, ."ANjKMI T..