Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 11, 1922, Night Extra, Page 7, Image 7

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w racinea ir invifiPMi - 'i -.v twt y . m . i m hi . . -'JB : w T s -w w - ' .w w ir u m m wf ;-
--iX-' .- -- Hra. BBBB1 j.t i.l, i '.K 4. s . r. SBBTj t- r 'airjr ltjm 'i
War the m-f:-ir. '.uui-lM S'. ' -i- JBT. sa.fe.
-x'tw mwtw) wet mm mmtm mw ivv 'swm
; nevus ui lwvviuiu
iit)oeio vivjew w
X II ii lll.l -I J i I l.ll If M1BV v yWWi'.
r m . i. ; j i i Mil i x MBir i v
- l' v wvf'i'i.i. jt'MJii fr:.iLrf
flH il: rJ mrnk)' fllxfmV i-73M
iBMlmLW Lv jf wlffnf r TTyLBB vi r t J 71 f
Wfll f j 'Hill 'MI rV I i T
II' fi . I - . I I . I I '- . V '
.M :. '.'-M:.,..t -yj- V:;,
I'll '( f
M t I i HI. Ill II I
Hl u ' i'l r
I9K' at (A titn '.
! lll . 'MHHHm.' K
$23 $18.50 $li $45 I
Scheel Litpclies
S . ,
tihNeuruhmentand l
p 'sp; ! ' M'
tWMPi. V11 ' ' V
.;-um.M. A. WILSON
'. .fi .... i.. .'' v. . mbek
i ri ?? v rwn --
' t'-L. '.I..-, i. .m1 tmntxt-M
Jiiit wfcit tb prepare for, te.
efclWrWa, ene imww "ps--
i-';. Mm. h h apt te eeiect a ana
Zt Will appeal te Ms-palate, retard-,
rSttd aieuld lnVe.ajwarm nourtehlng
-?.,. fimntlna. If he la te' keep
MuTe! Mi echoel work. If the child
:tke ihioel period, la . broken up br a
'jMMlnar Ilia that could' have been
'ZWt iTeided. Se with thla Idea
aiwil'I will auffeit the following
' gtBBi for the neon luncheon i
: .. " Ne1, r
Petate Cream. Soup
Minced Bff Sandwiches
children and- the 'mother.'
amall., famlir..M ent tin hMim in
half or make up the fallrtdpe and thtn
reheat' the, net t day;
, Lettuce 'Hbeglnnln -te adVanea in
cHild'a diet. "The Tltaralnei and mln-
eral 'MlU.areneeetMiry te 'keep the
Meed' etream clear and pure, A ilbtral
amount ei' lettvc; ,cjierrr.ana"aBplea
and .anngea Inthe.chileVa menu will
prevent the f reaueBt epella of ateaach
dleerderi from anevabundaatttarch
r Mr dear Mra.'vWileon-lviiltyeu
kindly aaewer, the following quei;
tletMt:, v ,. ( ; , ...
One., Ged recipe fee grape juice.
Twe.' Have - number ' of ' porcelain
eteppera, that were, formerly- uaed for
root. beef. " Will .theee be aulUblc for
Te makkVrape Juice',, .Place, two and
one-half:' ctipR of water te every quart
ef.itemmed'andwiehfd grapes: place
in the, prewrvlnjts kettle, and heat
slowly, jnaihtrig well, with 'the potato
masher i bring te boiling point; and cook
until .the-.grape,-pnlp JaJTeryiseft; tuin
In Jelly bar , Btf let 'Juice 'drip .threh
wJthefit preaeitig. a . t t l ,y
Ana ene'run oi.puuarie OTcry inwe
cups of Juice: bring .te boiling
point t J cook for nve .minutes ;', bottle In
eterlllsed bottles that.caqbe sealed air
tight or can Jn fruit-Jars.' ' .V
The' bottles you' mention .will net
keep the : grape ,, jqlce :alrtlghti' It la
beet te ,ute new corks, and then dip
the tops of the sealed bottles in melted
pnrafffne. ' ' . . ,
tyany Girdles
, The popular eritertalriment'.ameng de
algners of 'this ..autumn' iaj that girdle
shower. They are apt te i endow you
with two .or three en the same gown.
On a .Cberult, evening model -we "And
a flame color .metal detbyflrst prc-
Rnicu'wiin a iwineu icrnHTT 01 men
fa brie arid then, with a allver and crys
tal band .fastening at the right with
turqiielse ornaments. Turquoise', Is re
neated en the' one shoulder atran. The
under bedce Is, of alWer .cloth. v
-!. Ct.l.J
fi? Trnlt Jelly M ' ,
Ik' i-Ke.-2-'
J i Petate Omelet
'( ' ' .Tomatoes au Gratin
t-iaaket, With Heme-Mnde Coeklfa
i s- Cocea
$. , Ne. 8 ' '
v ' , Creamed. Eggs, en Teait .
h ' Macaroni.
' ' Celery and Beet Salad
r Baked Apple and Cookies
Cambric Tea, ,
';" 's -Ke.
-Cream et Tomate ' ,
' KatfLeif With Hellandaiae Sauce
Shredded Lettuce
little Angel' Cakes . , Cocea
Ne. 5 '
Baked Macaroni. With Cheese
Celery Salad
Cup Custards, with Apple Sauce
Petate Cream Soup
tlM afif! iffa fm,,. nAtatfui hI.mb H1Mr KkmA BllAtt
4. ....-.-. i-,i .,1,1 nl .n.i i.Tk.tt A' Rnadtldt' U(tiTtr.
" ?"1VL".' """n "" """ .I"" r"""'.! KwiCinHTWClf.
lvus UK naici. ievd un .ufj evuvv niiu
bring te boiling point, and add
Tin tabhtpoeM of orated onion.
Cook for fifteen minutes. New place
is uueepan
On$ and one-half cups of milk,
lOnvMf cup of flour,
Stir te dissolve, and hent te bellins
Klnt. Add at once the potato mixture,
tlag hard,
Tttiabletpoeni of butler,
Twe tabletpoent of finely minced
One ttaipoen of $alt,
Ont-quartcr .tcaipoen of white
OM-half ttaipoen of lalt,
OM'Ouarter teatpoen of pepper, -Blind
well nnd bring te boiling point
iqd'coek for five minutes. Serve with
tiny blocks of teaat floating in the
l Minced Egg Sandwich
Hird boil three eggs, ro'ineve the
eMu'and rub at once through a fine
wreinte a small bowl nnd add'
;Ow-eJ teatpoen of tall,
.Ont-querter teatpoen of pepper,
ill- '""'"Poent of mayennaite or
? rtfeftW
0Vr''r-l' 'i I
etttef talad dretting,
in laoieipeon
of itnrlu miiii'tit
Mir 'well anil nut tar filllm. tn h.
whelewheat breed sandwiches.
Petate Omelet
Pire and slice In nnnnr.ltiln .!!
three medium -slxe potatoes. Place. in
ttuccpnn and add Hifflclcnt boiling
mr ie cover. cook unui tender.
Drain welt and Imsh tine, adding
Twe iablctpoens of finely minced
One tcaapoen of orated onion,
One-half teaspoon of tail,
Pinch of pepper.
Mix well.
Separate four cess nnd adil tn tl,
yolks of the eacs three tablespoons of
milk. Beat. Whip the whites of llie
i iniii in nry snow. Then cut. nnu
row in the prcpnred yolks and turn
at once Inte skillet that Is het nnd
eniniris turce tablespoons of melted
''.Spread omelet smoothly, nnd then stir
Fry iiKiiuy me prepnrcd potntecn.
ye omelet in moderate even for ten
Mies. Then turn en het plattcri
;M and serve at ence.
Tomaiees an Gratin
tMclcanY'in f ton,ntee,, ai,J m,d t0 he
'plUH'M?'"'' cu";0 hrea1 crumbs,
four tabletpoent of butter,
One grated onion.
One teatpoen of salt,
i.e ?"er'fr ca'P.n of pepper.
B ''lend nnd plnec in bakinir iIIkIi.
Wmpoeii of Brntcd rhcese. llaka in
Moderate even for twej.ty minute..
Uttle Angel Cakes
fltvcn level tablespoons of suaar.'
quarter teaspoon of cream of
Hm"lnd il"Vr, ,cv toMespeons of
Pins ni,i.rni,n ""Wenseil mufiiii
SSte.fkT. ."SL,evSn. lw&
W upeide down te cool. HeZV n'
Aiti - Fntu
Raelater Ceaipeaad
lie feed ' te reiir
car this winter. In-
.sure your radiator
mtlnit frritn.
Minimum. betllaf
inn arnponaea.
Comfert Baby's Skin
With Ceticura Seap
And Fragrant Talcum
at Oar Showroom, 16 N. flth St..
Gift-cards, seals, calendars, ate.
WoeIimU Price List Mailed en Requeat
wn stairs mere is jlu Jigeg
Arrived Winter Coats
Third Less
rjsrMON.iithst s
Open ftldar Evealnc Bat. Afttmeea
Purehatad en my
Credit Plan
Clots tmmedtmt
itesttitisn taith small
wttkly or mtnthly
paymtntt tmd tsth
1531 CHESTNUT ST. Sffi--.
ChOD $1 .001 Stew . . lava
Broiled luter Style 9U
Het or Celd
Oysten Lebster
nivnmi rcviAi.si
One lb. Rncllah Mattan Qfte
Chop, naked PoUteci tJU
Pie Knuckles and SAe
Kraut, I'otatef a .... OU
Ni Ohirp Irtai I l.tttr
Stewed Nnnpper Mew.
unra with ?
PIS Iteatt Dinner.
3 Vegetables
lb $ubtyefefer, , 'J?..W,!?S
Why Should Any Women
Make a Mistake
MntaK?5,iwl, wn, Plce for a job without first making
theZatrnn;t'lfV8nlma.ke.rB te ascertain whether this is net
5. w Sfu Aw t!l,nta'if 8he h them, her experience,
gence?' r' even ,ckln these, her willingness and her 'irjtelll-
opnrteMtelk?vfirSL ??? aP,ntnnts, or receives all who
w future, for vm,n'Jn.a rlettik wX. the. opportunities, present
selling "bul clerC?Aemen .und Keun men 8,ike ln " only
institution, the UvS.en ethwJne. te be found in this great
mn. of EiuIeyMMt (Firtt Fletr, (Witty),
aajafc&ti.'ia--t,i ..., .LTyaaasaaaaaaaaaaj
Inexpensive Frecks
The PeiretTwill Dress Pictured Is $12
Showing the new double waistline predicted by leading
fashion artists, and with narrow strap panels reaching from
blouse te below the hem.
Special Silk Dresses, $7.85
Canten crepe, crepes de chine, .brocaded
Black, navy, brown.
The Cleth Freck With Girdle Ornaments
Pictured Is $13.50
A' delightfully simple model of Peirct twill "with wide
silk braid outlining neck and sleeves, and girdle ornaments
te accentuate the lowered waistline.
Other Medels at $13.50 in Cleth and Silk
show braiding, embroidery, draperies and various clever
panel treatments.
The Braided Peiret Twill Freck Pictured Is $16.50
An excellent model, most unusual in a frock as inexpen
sive as this. Leng straight lines accented by braid trimmings
and tuxedo cellar. In sizes up te 44. -
Other Medels at $16.50 in Beth Cleth and Silk
Seme showing the new "repeated" waistline, the new
embroidered guimpe treatments, elaborate draperies, orna
ments and trimmings. N
The Velveteen Freck Pictured Is $25
Distinguished with elaborate eilk embroidery and the new pointed
skirt faced with bright contrasting color.
Other Frecks of Velveteen at $25
show beading and flying panels. Alse Canten crepe, crepe-back satin
and charmeuse frocks at this very popular price.
' Finer Dresses, $25 te $38.50
In the leading fashionable silk and cloth "fabrics, and in literally
no end. of models, many copies of much mere expensive gowns. New
full "balloon" sleeves; new draped and embroidered sleeves.. New
bright-color trimmings en frocks suitable for afternoon functions
. (Down Stnlra Stere, Market)
,te"u'd'vK.f K..'.i i i'M
Girls' Coats and Frecks
The Velveteen Dress Pictured Is $15
An especially attractive model of fine black twill ba'k velveteen.
Skirt and bodice show effective wpel trimmings in cress-stitch designs
Meire ribbon sash. Sizes 10 te 16 years. "
The Fur-Cellared Ceat Pictured Is $18.50
Seft tan pole coat with cellnr of beaver-dyed ceney. Silk stitchlne.
strappings and buttons. Muff and flap pockets. Sizes 15 and 17 years
Other Girls' News
is of gorge frocks in 8 te 12 year sizes, trimmed wjth wool embreiderv
at $5.75. And cheviot top coats in 8 te 14 year sizes, lined throughout'
in blue and brown at $7.75. ui,
(Down Btalrw Stere. Market)
Women's Extra-Size Silk Jersey
Petticoats, $4.50
Delightfully soft jersey petticoats which take up an amazingly
small space. Plenty full, with elastic waistband and deep placket
Accordion pleated flounce. Navy, jade, taupe, purple, henna, brown and
Dainty Bandeaux and Boudoir Cans. 5n
i!ite!lL! 8hl"? and colors.
ps have, an elastic te held them imugly. Bandeaux tie jauntily with
iben streamers. ' w,Hl
Women's Extra-Size Flannele't Sacques, 85c and SI
,'s tired after a day's work. Kat-cellTr atyle wUh " II "reSbeh S
i In the fullness. Light and dark flowered nattern. M be,t te
(Uewn BUIrt store
enar style with all
flowered patterns.
re, Central)
Women's Exceptional All-Silk
Umbrellas With Cases, $5
One doesn't often Arid umbrellas of such aristocratic stvle mA ,.
rial at this low price. Only an expart 'would ceiX th . ffitf2S
tlena that make them "seconds?' They hiva fti bakelltl PA"?ifc"
The Blouse-Back Velour Ceat
Pictured Is $25
.Back and sleeves are richly embroidered and it has .a
big Manchurian wolf-deg cellar. Novelty silk-striped lining.
Blue or brown. Alse with beaver-dyed ceney cellar.
Other $25 Coats HaveFlaringr, Tassel-Weighted
Sleeves. Embroidered Sleeves
and Manchurian wolf-deg or beaver-dyed ceney cottars. Blues
and browns.
the Velour Ceat Pictured With Strapped Sleeves
Is $28.50
Shawl 'cellar of, brown-dyed opossum and novelty silk
striped lining. The sleeves are quite flaring and cleverly
strapped with their;own materia). Navy or brown. Others of
the same model have astrakhan cellars.
The Blouse-Back Belivia Ceat Pictured Is $38.50
' Luxurious with large cellar and deep cuffs of Manchurian
wolf-deg. Bloused in back, with heavily embroidered panels
falling loose from waist te hem. Silk lining. Black and
Sorrento blue.
Other Coats at $38.50
VQf diagonal belivia with beaver-dyed ceney cellars and
cuffs of wolf cellars. Blouse-back models in black, brown
and blue.
The Loese-Back Ceat Pictured Is $45
Fine Sorrento blue belivia with-caracul cellar and cuffs.
Flaring'back trimmed with stitchery.
Other Coats at $45 te $65 Are Embroidered and
Seme with large caracul cellars, unique sleeves, beautiful
silk linings. Black, brown and-blue.
(Down Stalra Stere, Slarket)
Unusually Geed Suits
The New Jacquette Suit Pictured Is $45 -
Of very fine grade velour in soft fa.wn color, trimmed with nutria
pockets and with a large nutria cellar. The coat is newly, smartly
short and beautifully silk lined.
Other $42.50 and $45 Suits of Excellent Velour
show trimmings of wolf or nutria; plain or embroidered, and all silk
lined. i-
The Fur-Cellared Suit Pictured Is $25
An unusual! v nrettv suit of soft brown velour. with n rnllnr nt
brown-dyed squirrel. The coat Is elaborately braided, rather long
and belted.
Other Suits at $25
comprise an exceptional group of samples, including brown, blue and
tan. Cellars of nutria, bearer-dyed ceney or plain. Braided or em
broidered. Coats silk lined.
(Down Stalrn Stere, Market)
$8 Hats
With seasonal touches of fur com
bined with richly colorful tinsel
With glistening touches of metal
cloth te contrast delightfully with
dull velvets.
With ostrich plumes and fancies
deftly placed te soften the lines of
the profile.
With trailing trimmings of ceque,
or smart trimmings of pins, or
saucy trimmings of huge ribbon bows, or coquettish trim
mings of drooping lace.
. Tne kinds 0 hats which leek well en. Their lines are
Their brims dip and droop or flare and turn at just the
critical angle.
Shapes are small, large, very large and "just medium."
They are all fascinating. They are all iust $8
own Stalra store. Marfc'et)
Women's Fine Gloves
Attractively Priced, $2.65
te $3.75 Pair
Gloves of fashion and real utility, for the finest of skins
and the most expert of workmanship were combined in their
French Glace Lambskin Gauntlet Gloves, S9.65
Full pique sewn with heavy crochet embroidered backs nnd
pearl-clnaped wrist strnps. Seme of the glove have m e
contrasting color, nnd they all have the excellent Ene-lUli thim.V,
which makes them fit perfectly. Mede, beaverrbref white ""S
French Suede Gauntlet Gloves. S3
Full pique sewn, with plnin backs nnd full 's inrh ..
atavir.30'1 U"d d " -e"lMZ. Medc.
Arabian Mecha Strnn-WHst Gloves S3 1
. Full pique sewn, with self-cmbreidcred backs.' Wnrm erv.
and'beAvT;.0" ,oek,n.a,, with ,0 1in .& SSyT'brn
'""" Stulre Stere, Central)
All-Over Tinsel Brocade,$2.75 Yard
this VShA?l
for clever fingers te transform into love J thlnM ri?w r,-'ht material
hffi wK Bround' semetimcs j$r&
Metallic lace in two widths is priced SI sk ,i i r
trlmmings of geld, silver nnd bteel color aw 15c t e s'l PS'.
are from ',i te 4 inches wide. c t0 ?luJe
ard, and
(own Slulm Stere, tntrl)
New Winter Silks
Specially Priced, $2.50 and $3 Yard
$2.50 and $2.75 Yard for Printed Ci-ene de Chinf
n Oriental colorings. Charming for overefousesor fe?un
trimmed straight-line frocks. 40 inches wide
$3 Yard for Excellently Heavy All-SillrrcWnr, r.
The unusual quality of REAL Canten Vrenf wwu0" CleP
Stere has specialised all Autumn. Black Xte ift1" Down Staira
jade, sand, navy, sapphire. 40 1 inches Sdc ,' 8Uver' KrM ""hid,
$3 Yard for Lustrous All-Silk Crepe Meteer
Seft and drapable. Black, brown. nv :Jl.vl:l?iee1
- -- HiuLea . Mitiiii n fin &....
T5" "m, mr-
Ihd '.'alie
40 inches wide.
A own Wtsira
Ilore, (Vnlral)
Why Werry About the
Ceal Shortage?
Geed, warm blankets and quilts are surprisingly inexpen
sive in the Down Stairs Blanket Shep, and once invested in
they have the advantage of lasting the whole winter through
and even longer without' diminution of their powers of
60x80-ineh gray wool-mixed blankets f S
66z80-ineh plaid wool-mixed blankets $5
72x82-inch gray wool-mixed blankets 16
72x82-lnch white wool-mixed blankets $7' and 88
62x78-lneh whit wool-mixed blankets 88
70x80lneh white wool blankets $10 and $12.8t
70x80-ineh plaid wool blankets St, $19
72x84-inck plaids wool blankets .$13JM
Cotten-fllled quilts -.$2, $3, $3.8A
Weel-filled sjullts $8, $7, $10
Down-Hied ejullta $10, $12X0
( (Down Htalm store, Central)
Axminster Rugs in
an Unusual Range of Sizes
Something te remember! The Down Stairs Rug Stere
endeavors te maintain it all times a COMPLETE range of
sizes'in these geed, standard quality Axminster rugs. Small
size's, "room" sizes, unusual and extra-large sizes. Well
chosen patterns and colors in all sizes, but the largest assert
ment, or course, in the standard size rugs.
18x86-inch rugs. $2.50
27x54-inch rugs, $3.85, $4.50
36x63-inch rugs, $6.50, $7.50
4.6x6.6-ft. rugs, $16.50, $19.50
6x9-ft. rugs, $22.75, $27.50, $35
6.9xl2-ft. rugs, $37.50
7.6x9-ft. rugs, $33.50, $37.50, $45
8.3xl0.6-ft. rugs, $36.50, $42.50,
(Down Stalri Stere, Chestnut)
9xl0.6-ft. rugs, $45
9xl2-ft. rugs, $39, $45, $60
9xl5-ft. rugs, $57.50, $62.50,$65
9xl8-ft. rugs $78.50
9x24-ft. rugs, $85
10.6xl3.6-ft. rugs, $65, $72.50
11.3xl2-ft. rugs, $57.60, $65
11.3xl5-ft. rugs, $87.60
New Velour Overdraperies
$3.85 Set
New shipment of warm-toned, thick-pile velour over ever
draperies, which premise coziness and satisfactory service.
They are 2't yards long and complete with a 12x25-inch
Three shades of mul-berry, three of blue, two fawn, gray
and geld.
(Down Stair Stere, Near the Millinery, Market)
Specially Priced Curtain
Nets, 35c Yard
Prettily figured patterns in white, cream and ecru.
Curtains of this material leek particularly well with over ever
draperies, and let in plenty of Winter sunshine. 36 inchea
Window Shades, 65c and 85c
Water-color shades, 65c.
Oil-color shades, 85c.
Six wanted color tones, two green, two tan, white and
terra cotta.
Extra size shades are made te order at proportionately
moderate prices, and all are complete with fixtures for
(Down Slnlm Stere. flitHtnut)
Women's New Elastic Girdles
$1 te $4
Short clastic-and-ceutil hip confiners at $1 and practi
cally every sort of dainty negligee girdle in 10 te 14 inch
lengths and various materials en up te $4.
Girdles for sports wear; for negligee wear; for day in and day out
ZC3- Combining elastic with plain ceutil: with cotton broche; with
satin-striped popl n; w th silk brocade. Girdles long in back and short
?eund? ' K in frnt nd long in ba5 Bodies straight H
rM.irSlSiy.-fle8-h c?1?r rA,cs that are Perfectly comfortable, and are
really effective m givinpr the wearer a trim appearance.
' (Down Stelr Stere, Central) '
Women'Deuble-MeshHair Nets
50c Dezen
blendeaandnaduburrnfe Styl '" li8ht' med,Um and dark brew"' b,ack.
A real find! Thls is ti,e inu..nc r.:., ... .. . ...
ccptienal quality. ' " rwu Ier in,a e'
. (Down Stnlrs Stere, Central)
Women's FultFashiiened
Silk Steckinirs. SI
ws which wpCiL &at's.fnctery encs w,th n,most imperceptibla
terv niCiT,5.n?yS ,bee" s'n? ns fust as we can eet them frnm Vh!
nnd otliers with
factory. The seamed SS 5" L"' """? ft em th.
niack, white and colon,: M7::i " '" J . . '.-".-V.l".K,"? cei'? 'n
- bwi i.nii i.iili nil mi h ;mii t nnr w m ..a u
(Down Stulrs Stere. C'entrul)
. , ,vv: ullu
10 among Jhem.
Odds and Ends of Shoes
for the Family
Very Much Lowered Prices
United lets for Mether, Father, debutante her hor her
yeung married sister and the children. aeUUlantc' hel
Geld and Silver Slippers, $2.50
bki r n.n ha,f their eri'in"l Prices because thev are tar
PktSrT??1'8 ;v?rrf8 anl Pumps, $2.50
Women's Hiqh Lace Shoes, $1.50
Much lesn tlinn l,n1 .1 :..!-, ". . V.'W
with military heels. i. T I Tl . ' ,.?or P1. black shoes
the Winter is ever.
1ets i?f uwemen wi" want them
A very limited number at this price? Broken
sif, km . ChiMren's Shoes
TVr ("ew". ' ere, Chettnet)
Men 8 Oxfords, Specially Priced sjn
I rS .', SpeeUUy Priced $2.75 nd U
m thLr BhMB of nir kind at $4, Sjiyj
- ' ' fPWPtTJf P ". i,
.. Ki:i&
- tj , m
' $m
Vf-TS ?jrn
s. i
M--.'(r",jj 1'.
. V,l'X,tt1sv,ii
.!.. ,,. ?'lj