Evening public ledger. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 11, 1922, Night Extra, Page 6, Image 6

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' TO
: m
The Friend te Whom Yeu Confide
Will Always Remain in Your Heart
If Yeu Have Told Her br She Hat Told Yeu a Sorrow, The!
Feeling Is Always There, Ne Matter Hew She May Fail Yeu
fA' t
r SU
Qfwden Thoughts That Were
. v Helpful
' ITOIOSE of uss who are gardeners like I
'Nt'4'te talk our gardens ever. Hut with
f mH our exchange of Information en the
imjcet ei our gardens, nun wnn
tfft experience tlint we arc glad te share
wnn one another eencerninR seeus nnu
bulbs and fertilizers and soils and pub
Alii and exnesures. there is one tired
net that we are net prone te de jus
tice te at least In spoken words.
We give the best and the earliest
and the latest of our blotsems te our
friends, and proudly credit our gar
dens with them, but the most beautiful
find lasting things that nrc produced
thcre we have net learned se readily
1? share and these are our "garden
Net that the thoughts which come te
ua are anj thing but fiaginentnry I That
Is one of the restful nunllties of our
thinking there, tlwt wc are net con
sciously consecutive or even impeccably
logical. Annrt from everything else,
al the sights ami sounds that mo
mentarily catch our attention, nil the
lttle reminders that we make te our
selves for tills or thnt future work te
ue done, would prevent a set medltii
.-. ' ' , . .. ... , .. ., ,,.
tlwi pn pny one subj.ct. Yu de net
exactly think things out in a way that
can be put into words en the spot or
made into n formula, rather de we
come into a state of mind which I
always think is best described by that
nhert sentence in the parable of the
Prodigal Sen nud which can be applied
te all of us who emerge from a state
f confusion into a stale of clarit
"And when he came te himself, he
aid I will arise and go te my
Father '."
FIt nfter all that
our gardens, mu
is what we de in
mere nerhans than
anywhere elc. we come te ourselves.
That is. whatever of us Is steadfast
and related net only te time but te
eternity, takes possession of the lesser
self, and we who arc went ordinarily
te sec things through a glass darkly,
for the time at least, are face te face
with the true and the beautiful even
tualities of our life.
I de net think I nm overstating it!
This is net just language. I am rially
bearing testimony, net only tit wh.it
my garden has done for me, but what I
knew for n fact ether women's have
done for them. If I were a p olio
analyst, I might be able te describe
the process scieniifiinllv by which ju-t
the tight physical poise inducts the
tight mental poise, and both together
make n right spiritual poise. hut I
can only guess in my ignorance at the
causes of tne citeet. The eitect 1 Knew
Our Lord was net the only one who
went into a eaiden "clean for-spent." i
nor is He the enlv one who has gene I
fprth from a garden content "with
grief and shame." '
That lie knew gardens and was
aware of their potency and that, tee.
many times befeic His last test of their
efficacy for a burdened soul, olio has
eniy re reau some 01 ins garacn ,
thoughts te realize,
i.i. ..,!.
'PERITAPS the most familiar of Ills
i thoughts te us, because of their
poetry, are these that came te Him '
regnrdlug t Sed's forethought for llisi
children. As one leads the brief f)i-
tedc which Clirl-t's compniiiens passed
iii. and notes His words and attitude
C mind en that particular occasion,
tie is aware of many things that went
'i make up the picture. The suriniind
ngs of tlie spot come vividly before
he mind's eye. hike mast garden
'lieughts indeed all of them, I should
ililnk this meditation had the same
nagmemnry iieauty that thoughts in
partlcns are bound te have, because of
all the interruptions te divert the eve
linteinettc Dennelly's
Advice On Beauty rnm 'heir eiL-mal color and conteur1
,.,.. . , , . ., '.without elements 0f danger, it leeks'
,. -JUNB Tes, I have a hair ciirliiu lls if j ,ml,v JMsf as well he recon- '
'.11I1I formula, winch Is applied befeie , ,.j0, ,0 ,.m ns if(1 partners nnrt thnnli ;
ihe lmir is put up for the night "n iu.aven none of them turn en veu.
b"fore the curling iron gets in it. ,
ransistery waves. It helps held the tm'tit it t Vn. ,u i n ,,
enve for a longer period. Send s. a. ... ! J","- J,; V' !il ,
1 ' de sumo exercises I shall send veu in
FLORENCE Ne, the perovide and return for a s. n. e. But before you
ammonia bleach will net incite further sx'nd for them ou must mnke up your
.'rqwth of hair. It tends te kill the J'"nd net te expect results until jeu
toeta of the hair, ob a matter of fact. '"IW c1'""' '":' "' l'ut six wicks. In
addition te these bust reducing cxercl,is
T. B. I understand carbonic snow ' w,"'l'l W " play tennis and
l-i used te remove these birthmarks, but s,"- .tue excellent measures for bust
1 should most certainly advise jeu that eductien.
you have a skin specialist give jeu , , etir-c- .L , . , ,, '
he treatments I.ASHLS c, the eyelashes fall out
Hie treatments. J1st afc t,( hnir e )pa(
II. . -. 1 .1.. . t I .! .
U TV n-Vnn rranf mmiinri,. r.-
j,. w. ten want romantic eve-
w r .. . .. ,.
1... (,.. T .l..n'l l.len.n n TV., oil .1,.
Think of the damag one' can de with
tbt long sweeping fringes and n pair of
liquid eyes. But they nre hard te
acquire unless they are attached te us
en our first day. Vaseline Is supposed
te make eyelashes and eyebrows grew,
nna u psniiBivu in leiiKenuugii win maiie,
u difference, hut I don't want te held
out nromise.ie you mac anv miraculous
grewtn fellows unlets jeu ueep at the
. " ..
remedy for men'hi and months.
MRS. W. F Take n hand pumice
stone, and after the bath rub the cal
loused spots en tlie soles et tlie tret until
the flesh is smooth. The ether feet
troubles and remedies therefer are
covered in a booklet, for which f
would nsk you te send stamped-ad-dressed
envelope, please.
TUIilA Well, .Julia, lt is net pos pes
slble for jeu te be as hopeless as all
that and he able tn laugh about it.
Veu nre n ineiry jeung soul, who in
going te get by e'en though jour no-e
and your ejes and jour hair wcie de-
Ry Helen Uccie
riiV.lther",HO "p'l.nSMl nbr se" ?. -
MMf" III June, uiMTbviuiiuuiuinH ,ire
Ilit favorites for eeiorstlve purpesta.
. TIJI'isSRiv
MMBle. eppi
ir tlie DriiieemultlM w ar iose
old. chriuanthemuiiH cliestu for
auena. may .cniiiiiiiie white, ve-
itiSSS va'r'le. r ?,M te m t
but cue of tliene luiperlul
mera tuccuve man
r bloema,
MMm, XXf
h m y .. . II
l L . . Tnvlsaiiec wuuuiiih ttinirni) n nv- nr tvnv il lerrinu pepu .11' iffrestimnnr I r..ui...J ..Il t.,....n. 1,. .... A Cl.STNT lll'i.VUi; t ' " rn,,,, kiim'mi, fiiiii'ii nni pessnssed 'I'lieu, seems te he II new i.e. I ...
fi .BKryttis r8iruT,7ij. .K'rjif fi: ;!";,. ,-" i:r ;t'z: Lr;i xxvin . ;' -lX! srLi ffl?in.,i ..luM:;:
if; f &mt blossoms, for llerul .lecenilluns fur. cities wen, fill of places called "Ice Jet being lists! en the in-i le, L , Have it ir,.,d. of u cupy rnnteil.il. .in. I has new bn u r. ateil le the sume pte,- ' ,',,,lirtiiient that Isn't new is doing .,
fWWl't'A JwAilV ma.y "tre.a4'i0 the colei.li'ieiiin pill ors" often the enlv p'neni, Jnieiii and blush litdiler Ilk,. ,m , mutih this n, vntet f. i jour li it. f.iuy ess, ,,, 1(, , ,lf ,PHH ninteriiils rep- ,' ,,B, in fuel, hn, U til! I i-
tfe SJS?BDSenT.enalY white,r',ec.iitl,,n the ,v,.Ull.'1' ""' ,T"m" ''"i1"''' J"' '1"''''""' a n X 1'hst, hi a , ie, '. f ' ,"e ! B"uM '"' l,M' bWM'1 ""' ,llu brl,1' wiiMIip l.l,.tA11,,rinili of fashion- i" t!, f,,.u. the gray vv I,!,V 0 '
mMt& -tlaPawn , ceSunw. seems" te bu co 1 T1"'" ,li,WH ""''" "r"-'1 " l'Mlnw these n ,terl.il te (lie Inside of il,.. .Us,t ,0P. . , 1 el "ll1" ''"''""K. table nud chillis nt He same ,,,.. ,"t
IIA'KVs, IF'H.'AriVw. ' ,,w p '"' lilaces le one,, Nuiulat ih ,1,.,,.. 7 '. hem t . stien nuiteilnl I.,., i, t ... .i.. Uarnlnn te Sine i - ' "It will be se intl-h easier limn
C T i-7-1' atrMB- r-"V,-'' i .. ...I I.l .... ii ! ,.-,..-.--.. " l"t 1HI
Fragmentary, hut Personal and
unit make :i rentinult., such n we
leek (or in sermons or -mere artificial
dleceiitweH. Impossible. U e can certainly
ui ik n - m- nnU ..,,.
en the fact of the Creater s care for
the things that He had created. They
had been speaking evidently of the fu
ture, anil tlie talk had concerned the
illsclples' worldly affairs, which their
lack of possessions cceincu te threaten.
This conversation, as we knew, took
place en the garden slopes of a hillside.
He reminded Ills companions that undue
thought or, ns we would call it. worry,
and inrcssunt questioning ns te their
future welfare In the matter of the
body and it" wants, were out of plnce,
since they, of all men, should by new
reulire that the life they were Hence
forth te live had an end mere vital
tliim llm fulfillment of bodily wants.
And just nt that point a flight of birds
overhead and the nni-y settling of per
haps a pair of the-e vvlse birds of the
Last, the ravens, en some tienr-nv eiive
tree, must have caught His cc and
momentarily ilitctted His attention,
while at the same time His ntilck mind
used that veiy Ititeriuptlen it" n means
in iiiunuiiii' H lllllll'U lliltl 111- v...
,,, , vel. .,,, f thc iaw 0f
f ,, , e ,- d b fclBlinB
..,im.,ldcr tm. mum,. for they
te illustrate te Himself ami in com-
neither sew nor reap, which neither
liinu storehouse nor barn, vet hew tnucii
ii.eie are e better than the hird".'
"Ami u'liirli et ion nnvwav. even by I
taking great forethought, can add te
life? "And if von are net able even te!
de nial. way no ou ireuiuc eur-eiu-
with worry about the future.''
And thin te further buttress this very
palpable argument ChrWt, seeking abetit
(av n fnrtliiT n llill.iL'V . found from the
viry ground itself examples of- the
tianscentlent quality of Ills Father s
fiiretheupht. The red and purple
lowers, tin, .iiiemeiie of I he modern
world, the se-cauul lilies et tlie iieui "i
I'ulcstinc, caught His eye. M'e have'
the testimenv of many travelers m I
Palestine that these clo-e-te-the. ground I
blossoms are indeed olio of the mes'
eliaracturisticullv beautiful incidents of ;
the landscape, teaitcred as they are In
the vivid grass of the cultivated anil
watered Dutches n'ens the tci raced hill
side. They gave Him the clue that he I
needed te li' forever en the disciples' I
mind-, the picture of (led's genius for.
Kiving te His creatures.
"t'ensider the lilies, imw they grew:(
they toil net, they spin net, and .vet I,
say te oil that Solemon in all his glory,
wa nut arrajed like one of thec If
then tied ss clothe the grasd which i
today in the field and tomorrow is ait
infrt tin. nun. hniv lniieb innrn nil! Hi '
Pi0,iie veu. eh. ve of little faith? Anil
sclI; net ye what ve shall eat or what
M. sull dilnk, neither be of doubtful
mind. Ter since for all these thing
,1 tMe n.itiens of the world seel: alter,
i,mr Fiilhtr knevvt-th that vn have need
f t1Cv. things. Mether seek je the1
Mnirdem of Oed, and all these things'
htill be added unto you." And then as
t heut h te enceurnirc them bv vet one
u' '; -:--.
mere assurance of Ued s foretlieucut
for them. He adds:
"I ear net. littie neck! It Is veur
fnilur's geed pleasure te give jeu the
A ND se the picture completes Itself
xTl in our minds; the birds, the brll-
li.mi puiple and red of tlie anemones.
in the g-a en tlie slope of the lull.
tlie distant silhouetted tigurc of a
i caper beginning already te cut swaths
in the verdure, the dning piles of his
liftings withering behind him under the J
r.ns ei me tropical sun. ami net tar
oil perhaps in the nearby village the
1.1110 smeKe irem wmc even rising
silently into the still deeper blue of the
sk-. SARAH I). LOW R IE.
livered te jour deer unordered. As
veu cannot change unv of these fhinsrs
'"' rrpu.re ill.' mil, f0 IIHM
mu n.'v liner, ri'oiei'e uic u 11. se mere s
..,. 1,... i -. .. n.. ..!.,...
, , .., .
"Vllllllif I" WUliy IIU'lllI, I
p. r, T.azy neck muele mere than '
ntivtluns clse'cnun the double rbln
that is, when no ether nart of veu
shows a gain. Held your head up. '
When you read, s tting or lying down,
read in a position that does net allow
t,n C,in te rest en the chest. Keen
telling jeurself te held your head up
ns wm wn : ninnr tin. n,..! mi.
..--, .... ..... I or 1
send me stamped-addressed enrei,,ii
for everdses for double chin which w II i
strengthen the mus.-le for the werl
nature allotted them.
Can Yeu Tell?
R'J I!. .. ami .1. II'. Heilmtr
'Hie (Irlein of Ice Cream Sedas
Tlie diMeverv of the popular In
erenm soda dilnk was the result of
accident nr tl,( aiirmpt tn solve a ore ere
dleameiit Dnu sleies have contained
soda frmiiiiilim for manj tears Ien.'
bifnre Ice cie'ini seih was known, hut
Instead of n,nin vurletles f sirups mid
flavors, thev sei veil only inlinial waters,
of which there weir- many kinds. It
wis nuite n fnd te rliink a f w glasses
of tour fntmlte "li" water betnte
lireakfast, served J,-,. n,, frm ,!, ,.,,
fountain. While, several c'ties claim
tlie distinction of erllniitiiig (ce erenni
sodas, New Yeik Ik leallv the home
of its biiili. and no I I 1 1 1 1 avenue
drugstore was its idi lliplace.
One of the Kgulnr plain soda water
drinkers cime in one nieirilng fe- his
cold li,: water Tl,r ewttei of tli
store lipn'egied bee.liis,. lie Juiil no ee
and effeuil his cu-trinier a plate of ,e
cream liistrad. Tl,e customer was net
pleased with the substitute for , and
told the liioiuleter if he Im.l .... (,
i he might put the leu eieem Inte tlie
hi. in wilier nnu iniii.e j rum i ,r Vvnv
This was done with a remarkable re
Mill, for the drink was found f(, iid
tnbtv and tlie idea seen sine,,,! Iiu.r , ,,,
entire cnunlrv. Seda eleiks v,e,i ,n.
each ether hi Inventing new cr,m,Ilm.
tleus ami ihe IJlshticntli Amendment
' " "l "! ,"'" rijnlnr haid, wh.i'.h I
" u in nu nnu.i ncenieut,
' 'lliere seems te lie no definite recon
luuces , ,,.. mi nimiint Hi,. inis
sinu'". m whom huh piivuejfe was nl-
lowed, heu'llll te serve ire eienni. sin
ihese particular refreshinents were
, '"'"" "Nttnlne..-.
Monday Vlm Proved Our SI
nave rower te ventrartr
v"'Bw ' v,aHwZ ' HHalllllllilllllllllillllllllBSi - .SiskJK': , '"'" ""'-iyLiik'' - tf-- fi ''MF & ffJ
NX. v w - " ,- A,'iSJry h( V.fjflh4BaF' ,'V ' ''. Zk.-J '' y
i b gg; i Tillli I, ,, ' '.. If 'tth? .'' . "' " i
s,,, ss5sS(y(V flx, va."": ''HHBljfl V WHk A3t jW&tKBKSBMB w vi ,'$ MB Jl 't v- ., RcS
, "wA"yg-gbng nzZZZ XVgZ4X.
See hew the ladles of a century age murdered their leeks in order te fellow the fashion in halrdresslng ! We wouldn't consider nnj tiling like thnt today,
although conservative persons like te think that we ruin ourselves with tlie modern uilffure. But the two Paris stjles shown in t lie center of the
picture arc thoroughly safe and sane, thu hair being bimply nriungeil, with bandeaux te give it distinction and adornment
Rhinestones, Crystal Beads
and White Metal Cleth
Compese Evening Theme
' ni.i iuu,i . a. ' -.
W'n .l.i.ut ,fani. . cfnntilnr iinniln
, , , . . .
nOljei W lierO III 1 llCSlUlieS IIIH
hcmU are ,rnic'1 sencieusly en th
white dilffen, forming front nnd hm
nanel of a white metal cloth founds
tlen The metal cloth forms side pan
,. ., t,li t,i, m i
cls' h,ch nre attnch,Hl wl ' n bie le
of self-material. Incidentally, one mnj
n IlienilOn luai HOWS unu imijja uru nuw
., I 1 I.
, , . ci. ri., ,i
II11IIIII fill t'T.f-1 t. IITT II Ul.lt! Villi 1M '
.... .in ,i i ... , .
J,B""U u. ..,.. m.., ...
self-material with a smashing low at
the sid.t front, nnd then, as an clTitua!
attiiapt t" L'et away firim the iiKuint-
oiieus, places buttons anil buttonholes
down .tlie one edge of the bow's loop.
Hid ends.
Women Abroad
A lo-epernllve bank has hem isiah
lishdl by native women in iluj pnsi
dencj of Mnilrus, India
The Iuipcrlnl I'mti isltv of ,Jap,u, h ,s
opened its iiiediial nud euginei i itij,
si holds te women bllldeiils.
Things You'll Leve te Malm
A I'scful Helder for Itnium,
llrushes, Ktc.
i w. Iieiivj, stnuu iiiuteilii
foundation and in make the various
r,.,..-,.iK nnd blinds. lliml H... ...i...
wiih in en and still li the niiine .... .i..7.
. n,, en htlt;l, .he,,, sectely te ,lu ,,,.
ilntlen. In th rn wa.v ten will nlivnvu
; have a place for each rue, hniHli uuil
I II I '1
J I . 1
' '- III
11 ill
i r--3
-r H ,7,
i Wai rt',' ' . , nrtTmr
"" Du'T HWi
ky & a
1 .. -ptpfni
. I fi.fi.
I II II I I , 1.1 M-.
The Reckless Age
AUnc I'etrr, a member of the pay
younger set. decide te beeeme
iii'apel tn f 'hurley Vaster, nut he- I
came she loves him, hut because they
flccin tn ui li smleil tn each ether.
Alinr's Men of m ciiffn.'rmriit is very
elmtic, ami Charley ii net (if all
satiiiicil. Iceaiise she tatixtj
being absolutely free.
upon "I
Tim fVfie nt thn Ctunrrnl !
i no cause of me yuarrci
rpiIinN" you mean te sny that I have
-- no rights at nil." Chailey tried
, te speak calmh 1
It was the d.iv after a rather beetle j
euair at Helen Uradley's. and pi rniiss .
he liinl net been aide te neonate en
ns wniji nn inn , niirie.v nan icir lue
tlice enily with the idul of set lug Aline
I ami having a serious talk wiih iier.
"Whv should jeu hne ri'thls?"
I Aline nuswereil composedly. "I don't
.insist upon haling rights ever jeu.
Vnu're nt libeity te si e whom von
I rlineie, and if at anv time I enn't Iield
jeu, and veu tiud jeu've made n mis
take, we'll agree te disagree, that's
In tin- nast Chnrlev would have'
..gllihat'ihl, was a ge,7,lan. out
li- wis in love with Mine and the e'd
piimltiie Idea of n mile eveitlng li-jh'-i
ever a fi male was nreii-iil ill him. I.nst
inglii Alie
nan iiuieii siini'i.ini.v h u
1....I ...a. j.... ...... ct...
a mini -lie
lltlll llllll III'!. IIM'l. fll'
I'.'ie iianeeii lmir timcj. running wiui
ii .s ,i is, ,,, Linn;, , iiii'ini ei .uaine
Helen's elder brother, and
aarnv nnd neen turimsiy jenieus. nut
H-. H-ii.u ii nni in iini linn in.- n-
iiien-tnied with her Mie vvns re-
iniirkaJilv cord and collected, and finally
in hw jealous anger Charley stumbled
'ii -mil tlun .that was very near the
'eii den t love me if you cant see
.. .......I . .. n.. ... ....... .,..., I... M..
ifiiiii'si Km v n i- Lnci t rutin in vim
r i ... ... .n. li..,, IF T t!-,...l ...UK ntnl
' '" . '-V- villus 'i ,..-,.
.. ..m n me n,ii n i nuivii ,,,ii4 ii iii
a- jeu have llirted with Masen Leng.
"" wei.iiin t cure.'
..( m..ht Clin,t bllt Vi np pitiio - pitiie -
eplnenl abmit it Certainly I'd be tee
r11" "! mt own niuiitj te held jeu, te'
! j'li'eus
The Weman's Exchange
Te Aivmlla Lubemlrsky
I' i,i.i s i I In jrmi ii'(snt nddress
ll.-i. is s.i, n wlm wniitn te lie
s -.it i, nt win . itn'ii net (lnd jeu or ant
Hung nl.eut vej ut the addiess toil
',rs g.n,
Cb but Net Gaudy
I iii.,- iij U'r'liiriilN 'llflf
1 If 1 r
el rn- .s veu have lielH'i Hie
i.e..., ii ). i, in. v., mil, 'i ful column
I ii.n nsK c.. 1. nlil ii,e 111 s-eh'i in
thn., r.ler, sul'.ible for nil Tiullim
swralu I Inn.- Willi' (I te nilike (.no
fei a lei.if tune lull i mild tblllU of no
minis that would be ntipiepl lute
1 I.ieiw r,f one Unit has flange and
I i , (1i.mii.. n l.i lilts of white wmkril
M tee .i"lllisl n gl IV It ICltgretlllil
n j iiitinrni fi-n ilii.so'jeu g.meruily
, mil v.iy iiiti i live.
The Maid of Hener
7n the l.ililur nf ll'dinnnM I'nyr:
ln.tr Mid no 1 havn been nut-u te
.in ns in. i i ei honor at it wcinuiiK nil"
WOUlit IlitM VOU In HWgi'll It lll'f" ",', .
ami niiitiil.il) mid liat that jeu tlilnli
would t, suitable I have dltlK blown
hair nnd ginv i ji " , .
Thu wil'llig Is lu hn veiy quiet,
ewln,.' te the ili .ith . f Ihe brlde'fi fmlmr
i Tim bildti lias Tllaii hair and Inn mis
wdiring a urn tlim and bat. lit v. u
thlnlt mat will !) me i Id for the bilde.'
..... , ....I....
She H tin ntv-fi, ui, mid dues net cuiu
lu wtar an wiuie
V'e ti t.tlilm uf H'uimm. I'utJP'
Dear M td.tin - I nu, it yeunif Kill, nud
have Hint ambition for hIiihW. which
i h
1h niv liLiirt inn) miiiI'm ili Hire.
I have beer, very highly UBlned for
my vUie jt is Keed and HtrenK, but
lachH tralnlnif betauae of menejf. We
kriQw what money mjn te our hwpt
" "ou wouldn't have te be jealous.
Chailey gieimed. "There isn't .! girl
who 1 an held a candle te jeii Small
chance of my falling in love with any
one eNe
I "And there Isn't n man who can held !
n (tiili.ll.t In iiii iiu fni nu I'm iiitl
,.,., ,,!, Alln'e said quickly. She felt I
, thai the qu.iiiel between them hud gene
I'm i.iiiiii rh ntnl thnf uitliinir l(ln
ground she could afford te be generous.
After nil, Charley knew bow she felt
lll)(lllt ,, ,, httiilxg ,1U(, lier ny Nhe
would lie kind te lilm.
His f.ice cleared like magic.
"Aline, de juu mean that? He you,
dm liiiuV If enlv I could think veu did.
nothing ile would matter.
"Well, I de mean it. It's qu
ite true.
hate, te
and veu dull I knew hew I
argue with jeu about anything
She smiled up into bin face as lie
came ever te where she was sitting nnd '
drew her te htr fief. She did net even
diaw away when he took her in his
arms. I
"And veu'll marrv me some day'
He mill i'il. pathetically glad of
their lueoiieilintien. (
"Of cemsc " Aliltc returned nuicMv
"That is an ,"U,m Mr . ",1,.Um
S Iiujier Tu.e. liut let'si net have any
mere ijuaneN like lliis. Somehow
! tliej'ie
erilld. t lev make me feel
puiuvi me -. ui.u j imvt; iii'eii niisinuru nn
' , ,,n ..ii. I i, ,, .. 1 n..... ,.f i... i :r..i
that 1 have been mistaken in,
,.'.. Il'i'l .1 ,!. Ill,, I,I7U ,1, ,111' li ,1111 1 1 ill i
uiiucrsi.iihiinj; ijeiueen us. that 1 In -t
,! iiii.ie i in jeu, jeu i.neiv nun.
.mi t inn lev iigreed. nud. preimse.i
n(.v,.,. ,,, nusiiiiderstiind again. Afur
... . ..
an, no .irgiuu te Himself, eicrt tiling
weiihl hi ,,1 ie,t s seen liV nud
Aline , -. .'m-ie.!. Seuie da- ,iensh.
WOuld tlie et all this frolicking nmund,
Ml, . , m hew empty ami unless
it all was, hIh- would giiiw out of It,
jst ns I,, had. And in the meantime
, i.,,. . .. . . . i i. l . t A l. . .. i ...
a - tl II lis I It'll IT III. Ill IflVllltf
her She u..- km Ii.iaIv. sn .illn.l. .U'r." '.,'""".": ."".'.""", "'rn
I. ..
Ui,,,!,!,. .,il( ,,,, i. ib iinderKtiniilini. il,i
existed b..twfeii them was lielte, than
, , ,.il.in
n s-hu noe riniieiiiiiig ei ii
( le be continued)
1 it's ,,v should our aiubiiiei.s
'"" 'i en i , , ,iint of innnrv 7
I ,ue sin,, win l.neu idaies whete I
C' tllll 1.1. Oil l il .1 tl'llll lltlll 11. 1, ILL, i
I wt 'ild tti ik' ever se haul te i .n.n n
Hi" f t. m. Ml'Sli' I.'iVKU
, 11 von i;e te the .Sottlemrnt Muir'
s h " I lit. i.'iiten stteut, en will lift
;'e' ' ' I"' I 1 1 in vm 111 IfSMiiis Thet
' v n i ii n leaihlng slnglii'f then',
but an phiniiluK in de se verv seen se
K" lb. in .mil put jour iiaiiiu en ilu lii
Mere Fanriness
ue of tin, ui testing fcntiuei of 1 1,(
pii'siut i mill, in ,he etendei muming
given te i inliielilery, liuiie me tlie
millele- (In v , whin silk or wool or
y , te-m our ,111m uieilllllll
"' this i pies ion. Nevtnilajs we em
ble.tl.f tiin evei vllilllif that cenn
uniai llili nil wen, our enlv nnu !hmw
i.,.i,.i. n. .. t.i , . ti.i
,"...'.' innni anil iioiieii nni liilien
I r. ei ed in ,, iiiiini'ittleu, tKiiei'iallt
tin nu lallic veisiens of hu two. Meads
aic, in tit e. ii fieriiient nim-i rlt l..n ;.,
uie i mnn.iiii r .,e ilcslgn nnd these
Ill-, h.imk et minute li.iml. f fm
,.. - '.
wliicli we iiiieiinler mi often en the new
suits nud wraps. Hven this,. (0,m,Mneking i l,jm'etHi' shiiiu-iI iievilish.
uiuler ihe ihapter of "embroideries. '' , ;
. , Meral: Ihm I climli ever il,e m.itrl-
I nienial I'eutn if jeu nie nfui, t,, ,nnw
ieiv Material vllllt lN "" ,IU ,'""'1' sil":
... . , ,, . . leiijniilit. IS.'J. Iij I'lhltv l.nljn i ,, lmi...
I lie in I. n mlilltliifi tit (li,. ,...!,.. .l ln J
mul crinkle I metallic weaves, n mere i
i iii fuming inline, vv men gees nv the name
lllltl, 111' A Tller.SVM) lUfll'(IH.H
(llW i ; th. r. .,-., ,, f, w mai. ku.a wi,,,,
,' "Jh: " ' l,,,"1,' We.Viru .el'Ij
win l tin jrliiwl mure ihim a llnniatil iiie. ' V .V,,i Dhiahnm Cllltnins win. ii, i 1
iiiiihU. Hn h ietuH w wwiit in re id Ihlu , eliei'KBil aaiiiitii iuiiit v i (hii fe
' I . ' - .'. ' '
nit' it ei.iit i iii. iiuiiiuiiiir i i 'i u r ,. in ii-ii iiiit iii-iiiiiii i iii i.l...
Ry Hareld Donaldsen Ebcrlcin
h';fc SF
1 JJMl'
I -
. '" live in an age of liel,t. and theie
' ' e icasen why se inaiij houses .should
have such uiisinliily lixtures. Fer if
,, m: ..... .. ,,... ,,
"" V """ '" """ " "U,L lrm""p
we may nave livtures te liaiineiiue with
our looms. .Most "I us aie content
.. , . nninir iillinciie .i.l.. .... .1...P
lmi)ns ., f(lf.t ,, jt ( ()k ri.is
sary, and ipiite pe',sl;,., tn i i rliau
ilillcr-i nud wall bliliketb la stjles tn
III our surroundings.
AVieughlirnti caiiilleslei,q nm dian
dtliers can be found, and hew much
meie in keeping thej nre in n I'leueh
I'l-ititl.t rnAtn tlinti ... ....!.. .. .
"n .; i.. ... r ...V...",.'M ,'. ""'""
tiansfermed b.v the rdilillnn of a 'ill
lubaser lamp, in phi i' an i tend ii
lixluie. A iiiusle loom nun u nlinni
ler a I'r.tniiii riiiiiiiii'iii'i mill a innm
wiiii Italian immune i.,r ;,
mil i ii ..f
-, Keiialssance design.
jour bedioem giini'nl "iii r,.,..
llituie.' I hell WliJ net h.ive a .Mini
Alltellietle ellillldeliei ': Kteu il jour
Itllllilure is mii'leili. . In t,,,t ,, n
ttnii h of immune bv hat int.- a Mjr ,,
electiiliid i and islii I.-. In pi f tlie
everjdaj side bi.'iikel fniiutl in iniiu
houses when" the bullihis h-n,, ,,,L n
anj old ihing!
id ivv m:n
V Bk . Jit
: Fml
i'- Tse'imi' ,,' ,f1VlBlillfllJII', 1 ii
,.., ,, M,.,.i,i ,,. ""Iwiivh sees It bufeiu he (leea It's lust
t It ill ys, M, Alari If'tl ,lllt le Itliuvv ter old time n' sake Vew n ... IHuiiIh
Win. 111.. i ever "live em I , .. .1 I 'lit .i-Ixr me setllClt for ill),.' se He
ngh,";..'!!;.:,, 'emu-euicr'" i,;::1;.' ,"' -" - y " ., .
Wli.i the peisiiii null iiiaiiiiil illd n.,1 I ... - .. ...
niar.t the oilier p. I -en In or si, . , 1
levinilslt ( llU.lged In,
WliJ eaell Milites-id le
"euied" hi.tiuc Ihe oilier did,
Whj. If their siml-i, iiiies l,,.,!, tl)
liiiiidsiiiue at HI o'clock in nllii, ,,
they hull; se lllchic 111 111 o'ele. , j
tin. meiniii;,
Wliy thej did net quit's seen,., ,mt
i lies" innv: riiun .i. s, ,,,,.- nnlliln
" eaet n ii, ,n sm.i r inini r lli.in
Minn iitiiiiti hkmi
, hJ , Whdiveij .vuiuitf. thej thntmht
A New Use for Gray
i te Iteqi leukiHK Perfectly rleiin," h,rt
I (.x,,Ja!is, "find I ile like it, don't vm,1."
j I Vis, you auree with her, and U ,'0!
ttr ALWAYS count you as a friend
because I can tell you all my
troubles and be sure of sympathy."
When anybody says that te you, be
lieve It.
Any friend li geed enough e receive
feed news.
Yeu con rush out and confide you
Jey te n barber pole t
The birds and trees will accept your
bymna of praise en the beauty of the
day and the happiness thereof.
But when you have a sorrow, you
need a friend.
And when you have some ene te whom
you can confide your deepest sadness,
you've get n friend.
It Isn't nil one-sided.
Yeu don't confide Just because you
have te tell somebody or blew-up.
Yeu may be perfectly well able te
surround that i.ccrct sorrow with n
camouflage of geed cheer that will be
hard te pierce. . , ....
But there's something about the
soma one te whom you de eventually
tell the real truth which draws if out
of you. . ....
There's a premise of sympathy In the
way she talks te you. a light of under
standing in her eye which tells you that
you need have no fear of ridicule or In
difference. Net only will she Uslen and under
stand, but ale she can be counted upon
te accept some of the burden of the
trouble herself, just by way of giving
you moral support.
SHE literally feels sorry for you.
And you are forever grateful te her
for that sympathy.
While you may have ether friends
later In whom you recegnise a "kindred
spirit," while there may be ethers who
are as dear as this one, she will always
keep that place In your heart, a warm,
pleasant place.
And this works the ether wny, tee.
Unless you have dealt with an un
grateful person, unworthy of the name
of friend, jeu can always count upon
Hie sincerity of the friend who con
fides In you.
Please Tell Me What
Te "T. Waahlnoten"
Tlicre Is no necessity for giving a
present at this party unless It is tha
girl's birthdaj.
Te "A. B. C."
Fer goodness' sake "go te It," Just ns
the glil fays. Why, sue virtually tells
j-eu te Itemember, "faint lieait never
wen fair ladj'."
Te "F7A. B."
Of course, you can be cured if you
go te the right doctors, Yeu will
get splendid treatment free of charge
In any dispensary cf any hospital in
the city.
v Te "Mlldrad S."
It sreius te Cvntlilu veu would be
vvlse te tell our fiance the. whele tliltti
about j our antecedents. It Is n mat
ter about which veu are In no w.iv re re
spetislhlp, ami If your An nee eldects
te you for tbise lensenn It's belter te
km w lie Is that kind of man before
It Is tee late. Cynthia is sure the only
thine Jin would net forgive Is drelt, se
lu epn about it nil and fellow his ad-
vlce nueut your fatner.
It's Up te the Girl
1 I iiar I'vnlhln I.nlely I moved te
Dtirliv and met 11 glii about ni agi
and I like her vury niucli, but I don't
sue this clil vcij inmli.
1 would like jeu te give nm sumo nd
vlin ns te hew T lieubl usU this girl
If I could see ber niote than I di
I nliriiilv ntifeij lier If she would let
me lake lier out, but slie said ".N'e '
J'lcnsn answer my letter toen, hn 1
would llke te knew.
T.ON'i; STAll
If the alii savs no. jeu cannot feiea
jour fiieiiilplilp upon her It's en
ilicly no te lier.
Writes te "Englishman"
ti-ar i,Mitbin--Mndlv ptrniH me te
Miiuggle thee lines through jour c 1-1
iimn en u forward pass le "CiikIUIi- i
,dR 'mTVeB
' luld you se, biit 1 m inlglilj bIp.ii eii ve ,
', '"1 v0l,i i',p j-eu'v?! vvltiuvWd the nne
old' gaiiiH nf football, tee Yes, I'm an I
nrilent fun and 1 nlav It tei. hut net
very geed. I ,ope new ilwt veu will
ineit some nlcn yniinp felews. Inc. .Inlly
well herrj- I ilnnt unnvv seu iisiinr.
Sounds lather contradicter, dnesn't It'.'
Shall She Take Him?
Ileal I'.MUliiil Tills ' llir. (ust .i.ti"
I hiue written te je-i fei mluei I
wai Just seventeen In niielir I we'
a euig man whom 1 death let s ,,li ait
Mie.lil i ue, ill. ej, ,11. ill,.
I Itaxff b"in go ii,; Willi lilm
u ?.r ag"
lee allien tin lu llllll.vl Li.ii. j .1.1
Ills nationality is liallan, bem in itiilj!
lie mis naifd me 10 niaiiv linn u en
think I should? 1 bav.i unhid" te
init Ise 1110 but jeu. 1 hiive no mmheis
nor sisters here, as my bome town
is in Connecticut They nil lltn theie.
)e.r Cjnlhlu, he Is the milt ticiien 1
knew here. He If jeu will ha l.ltul
(iieilglt le et me Iinntv Just what ti de ,
l.i.f..... 'I'liAuiln.1 snv ..nil . 11 t .. .11
.'"." "..;' ,'', '"i
ue vtrj inucii piin. ,.,.,..,,, I
i t ,,iQU ,n,i mn eii- mi., tin,,',,,,,
Inve this iiviii ami w.uit nlvtav.s tn de
viih him, jeu I id better net wed it ni:ui
who Is innru than fvlcu jour own age.
Perfectly All Right
' r.-l f'tlllhlll I'll IlKl I'L e Oil 'I little
advlie en the following subliit: A friend
.f tuUie when a bev iiet d ,i ineinl.-'e
f'niii en ilint en e.n li hnlldaj I pond
lii in a (aid i if reiirsn, Ihrut . nullum:
sunt in, entiil about It, as we am peth
in til I- il and hate f'inilliej. ii fuel r
I lli'gl, ct In stud it lilt llllSllllll'l I.'
li minus me in n be itni ins w le a -
1 . ' '. ' '" .1?. ' .: '"' ''."' .v,' '? !' -'or .J. mi
' if i 'nil se it', i ni'ifccilv ilirlil
te Km ii ihls up It's eult fun and' no
one h inihuii'ss nui your own anil Jeiiii
liiishaiid'n and lliat of your friend's I
Anether Answer for "Cynlcus"
I'ftir Cvuihla Will jeu siuitn me Hi
lltle untie ruiin, thl.s tliue te wrile te1
"Ct ulcus" ;
It gave um n great deal of pleasure
Lincoln said, "Saving is Having"
Yeu SAVE when you buy
maf im
Thea5StA8 AlY"ay,e MeBt Economical
ni ?22 DeIicl Cups te a Pound -
. ?? (Orn8 P.ke. oiaed) MIXED and GREEN
VW wSffiV
wH menhJrM&alPj -
She wouldn't share her cherished se
crets with seu'tinless she thought yen
worthy of her confidence,
She wouldn't open thnt closed book
te any one who wasn't curable cf
realizing Its clearness te her and htr
reason for keeping It te herself.
In short, she trusts you, and thit
short word has a beautiful significance.
Yeu cm never quite forget the friend
who has confided or the friend In whom
you have placed your trust.
If she has failed you your feeling
Is somewhat like that nf n mother whest
precious only boy has gene wrong.
She knows he Is wrong, knows hi
must be punished, feels that he should,
but eh, he's her little boy I
YOU have (e admit that your friend
Is false, sometimes you realize that
slin is net worth v of your friendship,
you knew that he has forfeited her
right te occupy that warm plact in
your heart.
Hut she told jeu her dearest wishes
and hew bltteily disappointed she w.n
when they did net come true.
Or elen she has held your faith, she
has given you sympathy in the midst
of grief or trouble.
There's a feeling thcre which can.
net die. even though facts and ths
present have changed your relation
ship cntirely.
She was your friend because you were
together in sorrow. Nothing can take
that away from cither of you.
AND se-when anybody claims you at
a friend because jeu will sympa
tlilze. jeu mnv knew that jeu havn
gained n friend.
She has put her trust In you ns some
ene who will net fail her, and It Is up
te veu te fulfill that trust.
It Is a solemn obligation, for you
could never quits llve with yourself
afterward in any peace of mind and
conscience if, you fniled.
Hut If, jour sympathy has been sin
cere, your friendship will be. tee, fee
In thia veu Involuntarily put yourself
In her place mid realize hew jeu would
feel under reversed circumstances.
te De
f.ettcri te Cuiitlila'a column mint t)
urliiBii en e.ie stifr et Ihc turner only
ami mint b" tinned with tlie tnrllrr 1
iiieac ntuf aildrcta. The iiemr udll ff
he ruli'fifinf It the xurittr ilncj net iclh
ft. Vnsleurd Uttm and Iflfcri ttriffrn
eir fiefh lifr nt the nnetr will 110I M
eiMlutrfiJ. WVItciw who villi iirrse'-'!
minurrs that nm M nli'en l IKf
reliii.ui mill plcait feet thtrr, as n't.
neiiiil Irttm are enlu ttriltta i(.neii
abiahifru Hrcctsnri;.
te read your letter recently In tlie col
umn, "('ynlriux" 1 am ufrnld jeu ,
are forming far tee high an opinion et
me. Underneath everything, I am stilt)
verv nim.li of 11 coward. T try te "carry
en." but thliiKs keep iillltig higher and
higher around me. Yet 1 have much
te be thankful fc: and what T am try
lug te learn is te be glatl for the thingl
I nave. Instead of regretting tlie.se that
am deulud me. I have been, and Ktitl
am tienietlmcs, bitter and ctnleal.
"Cynlcus." but. after nil. does It pa ?
On the ileal Yeu bitterness and cyni
cluu only leave pain and ugly scars. It
Is net weith li.
1 nm writing this as much te re,v..
RUle myself tn my own new-found phi
losophy as te try te coinince jeu.
I am tint an "indemlnlile soul."
"Cynlcus," only a veiy faulty one, but
I am trjlng.
hlnce my first letter was printed t
have theuent perhapu I should net hava
written It, Init, after all, If II has
helped In lug jeu back Inte the cnlumti.
I pin glad. 1 was an lelly iiiteiestrd In
our letters and often sympathised with
jour Ideas, be 1 mUsml veu Tien
write again. JIJST IIL'.MA.V.
Adventures With a Purse
T'VIJ alwajs wauled 11 diiveljne di'-1
wlil li wes essentially 11 diessj dress,
and net one of practical color. Hut
the material bus been far let evpensive
I te warrant liujing enough for a dre
that ei.uld only be worn oeeasiennltv.
,. . ,..... , , ... ,
"" ' "" '"'0 a sale of silk iluvetjn
of 11 lllliell fi! 1 iitril' V lii,,l' i.'il lilee.
l''' ni..l warm tan: darker
' '" ""'" "" """
""''l' 1",, lt "n ,l,l "''' Wl"
""'l ' lilpi1 n'"1 '-ought It is f.ulv
inches wide and $il.Ve a .van!. Tills 4
u sale and I niliisc jeu tn tal.
iiiliaiilage of it.
Oriiiiiuelits are beiic witiii iilmnsl en
1 1 nd t mi eveniiu: sHppeiK. h,i wlici
line is evtriMiigaiil and bins a pair of
ill lir file i telling slippers, ..ue ,,ie net
feel -ilit lit s able te buj chibeiale simm
laiellrs, n-i w Mime nriiaiaeiiis fnp
slippei .. made of nil melal. wlmli
I'ikdl like Heel. Theie wn , n linllei'tlr
... II .i . .
""' " ' Ihlee- 'lieied nflnir. and
I'tllV tlt'l (CtltK (.Hell. l Illeli llie.'llel I li'l t
Jeu cun have ihe added iliiiulv touch It
tour slippers tee
Fer ,,, , ., aillIr Mm,n.. r,
Killlnr r nlen.e nuiiiiit anne" r .VUlii 1801
'itwpcn llic Ininru f 0 am! S.
" ' ' "
Sold Everywhere
VhrinlmttH Club
6 Weeks te Xmas
I. any m', iiianU en n, ileliv
crlct Werth while pitln of weed
piudi:. nf distinction
1727 Chettmtt St.
l HQUTII IrwnMT umvw man mi
54air. i liik t--, -, itd------------------!M. (if KnV..-