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Qrahame B. Jehnsen's Pockets
Stuffed With Bricks Be
lieved a Suicide
IG&XSWJ. -' " V
1922 y " . I
T)r. (ir.iliaiuc 1). Jehnsen, fermcrl) n
patient nt tin- Pennsylvania llepltnl
fur the Ilittntie. win 'found dend In the
Sehti.vlkill lltver today. prensuinnbly a
MiirliU'. ,, ,
Th puekct.s of bis clothing were filled
with bricks unit a crude, gng vvus Muffed
In Ms mentli, nt lW arousing biispleleii
he had been m link' ml.
Dr. Jehnsen hud Used in n room at
WW Arch street frum March until
October 1M last, hi- residence since
then being unknown. Persons nt the
rooming Jieiihe said he was eccentric
and of solitary habits. He were nn
overcoat en the hettet dns of glimmer.
Dr. Fuller, of the IVntisjlvunln Hon Hen
jiital for the ltmnne, euid he was con
vinced it win) n case of suicide. He
knew Dr. Jehnsen, who was about sixty
j pars old.
"The gag was of absorbent lotten
which was Muffed into his mouth."
said Dr. Fuller. "I knew Dr. John Jehn John
en nnd he had been melancholy re
cently, wandering nbeut the city. '
Dr. Jehnsen vvus discharged two
tears age as u patient. He fermerl.v
lived with his wife and daughter nt
214 Seuth Fifth stieet, Ueudlng. and
had a summer home at Andover, Musi.
letters from Andover, signed "Jim
and telling In chatty style of the
flowers nnd s-hrubbery at the phyhiclati's
unimcr home, were found in the
clothing. There was also a hank book
of a Hosten trust company showing a
deposit balance of $20150. A small sum
if money and various trinkets were in
the clothing nls-e.
Abattoir winkers nn the body in the
river above Market street about 10:30
o'clock. Frem the condition of the
lwily police believe it had been in the
water less than twelve hours.
NCHn chei unioie eutrvj i
Londen Papers Declare British Gov
ernment te Be In Dark
lwleii, Nev. 11. (Hy A. 1M The
situation nt Constantinople, where the
Turkish Nationalists want the Allies
te get out and the Allies arc determined
te sit tight. Is still very critical, all
the morning papers ague, but none of
them furnish any definite news te jus
tify their view.
I'ven the Government ltelf is de
clared in some nunrteis te be largely
in tin' dark, owing te the difficulty of
communicating with the Near Kust as
a rvsult of tlie cutting of the cable
line near Chamik by the Turk. Even
this fact is regarded as ominous.
Absolutely nothing can be learned re
garding the present nttitilde of the An An
eora tievernment and it is equally un
known whether tli. tllf,l Commis
sioners have 'arrled out their threat
te establish martial law in Constantinople.
i Damage Sought of Miss Passmore
for Olrl'e Death
Hull was started In the Chester
County Court yeNlerdiiv by nttemcvs
representing Henry FilleaiiN, of nil)
North Randelph street, against Mis
Mnry E. Piimnierc, of Oxford, te re
cover $100,000 damages for (he death
of his niece, Miirtlm llntin. live years
old, who died of injuries after she hud
been stiuck by an automobile dtlvin by
Miss lV.ssiaere en a read near Oxford
In June.
Recently Miss I'assmere wns etdered
held without ball by the Corener fol
lowing in Imiuest In I'hltndelphlu, but
left the hearing room, mid her cenn.
m1, A. M. Helding, premised te pmdiice
bcr at any time she was wanted.
He fur no bail has been llxed for Miss
Pnssmere by tlie Chester County Court
nml she is M her ueme.
been fixed for u hearing.
Geerge W. Woodruff Is Latest
Mentioned by "Depesters"
for Attorney General
Media Investors Could Have
Saved Meney by Learning
Definition of Werd
If i-everul residents of Mulla had
applied Webster's definition of the word
"Amu h bole ' when usci as a vrrn
riacttcul politicians in the llopubll llepubll
i mi city nml State organization believe
fllfr.iril T'lnnlmt- ili.. f !nvirnnrclect.
Ne time has, will ignore factional considerations In
the appointment of his Attorney
ieneral, and thnt his choice Is most
likely te fall upon some one with whom
lie Is iierienally associated, such ns
(Jcerge W. Woodruff.
Discussion of Cabinet, possibilities
was considerably speeded up today b.v
reason of the suggestion that Jeseph
II. Taulune, former Assistant District
Attorney, wes being considered for At
torney (ieneral.
Organization lendeis, who day frankly
they have no hope that they will be
' consulted In the filling of the piemier
ship of (hi! Cabinet, were inclined te
I believe Mr. Woodruff had us geed n
j chance us nuy one.
Mr. Woodruff is a close personal
fileiid of the Governer-elect: a Yule
classmate nnd u lawyer who hits been
I consulted by tin; Ferester in personal
I litigation. Fer some years, it wits
pointed out. Mr. Woodruff wns as
sociated with Mr. rinchet in the
I forestry sen ice, both nt llurrisburg
j and Washington, It Is understood Mr.
woodruff worked out muny of the ah
tJr-ynll,,UV"e baV(;'1 ''"'-'ve3 1 1 yt . stni(,e lesnl preblcuis connected with the
S1...00O. The word and Its meaning. I rrW(lri ' vt tl0 t.OI1t.rvatIeii move move
"te doubt. directly concern I.. II. )rlt
e'uTlnerai atf' " '"C """""l 1r"
of n mineral also. ,i,. iu ..ii.. i .i.... ., .,irr.i
Ven Itrandenburg was arrested today ;:".- r, " :;'" ' '" ; ' ', """
.m,... I.. !. 1t..AV.,1 lltitllliii nnii " tiii4ic niiKRiMnwii .....7 ....
. Me I, a 1 lie k " .nr ,H" '" CrVC aS H of " !""eItC ,aetn,
,ll ,,,,.,, .v I.,,, r false im- '" revt,r ,he ndvniice of the proposal
mg money undei falbe pn - fI) Fehn g FIsleri fenn,.,. state
nt nn office in the Drexel lliilldinu- and
locked up in
with obtain
Curious Are Interested
The prisoner, n man of military
bearing, well dressed and fluent of
tongue, opened nn office in Media sev
eral months age.
He claimed te have discovered a mine
of mineral called nmphlbele, whiih had
ull the properties of cement and ether
such building products:. I'ieces of the
mineral were displayed in hlJ office
window and en tables en the sidewalk
with placards telling of lt gnat
Ven Ilrnndetihitrs told the ciiiieu
Italian Premier Favers
Mere Lsber te America
Rwic. Nev. 11. (I'.j A I'.i I're
mter Mussolini bus new gene through
i hi' baptism i.f oratorical tire from the
lips of the Ameiican correspondents f:i
I tonic. !
Hi- was ery renlial in his ref, icnccs ,
te the relations hcturx'ii Italy ami the
I'nited States and said lie tiepul te l
add te 111" geed will prevailing be
tween the two countries mi euineiui.' ,
f-epera lien that would be mutually i
'We li,ivi the working men: ;.ei
hae the capital. " he said. "I would
be happy if jour country would ametm
the law limiting iinuilgnints. from ImH
te the number of IL'.OOO a year and
pxti'iullr.g It te at least 11)0.000. This
would benefit the I'nit"d .'ntrs, Italy
und the whole of civilization. "
'Meney debts are debts ,if hi.nei nt.d
we must pay them." tin Italian IVc
mier declared. "We slncetely hope" it
will be possible for Itnli te pay Amer
ica, but we think if the 1'nlttd States
fi'ulixed the situation they would chaiii;e
tli"lr point of ew."
l , ..I l a, .'i. i ... .. i.i.a. wei oeic i rem 111111 m-ewip -u,m i
who passed that the mine from v . 1 el , yl K, , a,,)0,,lteil. R h that
he niatena i-uiiie was lwnteil e i . ,., , ,ch ,JmH p0Ul.llh te
tract of Ian. m-er tw. I''''' ' '' ' ' think that the (Soverner-elect will find
Club. ou ra ilenb urg offered te take , , ,,, j ,, , r,nini,j.
doubters te the place te see it for them- ,)V h(,1(1(.tInJKin Atlerm.y fj,..
"Several sceie of persons invested te ,0,0 ;'!1,1,,I,J,l tCM "' " ,,Ur"ly
the amount of MVcrnl thousand del- '" ls0"a' l'I'itee.
lar-. Then Ven Uraiidenburg dKup-I Anether point win. h enters into all
ui-jir,.,, calculations is the tpiestleii of new tax-
, .. atlen. The (loverner-elect U net in
sjees riiuuetcr in Simp (iiun. of impu-ing nny new taNes; he
Thcte was general indignation in believes his administration should be a
Media and when the case was pie- strict regime of economy and efficiency.
sented te the tJran.l duty a bill was Itnt he nKn knows that the State Treus-
! returned against the iioiuetcr deplti urj is in bad .shape and that the .pics
i Ids absence. ti.in of new tuxes may assume definite
Today a resident of Media chamed proportions in the forthcoming sesstuli
Inte a "cigar store en Market street, of the legislature, particularly ns funds
2uvu a c lie te ns mi.ires.s. ,. .,. veais irein tlie rani, ei iwemy-
Thf Media lesident get in touch with one among the Slates te nbeut the first
Sending Constable A. '. W. Mutinies and about place.
Hanking Commissioner, be mimed us
Attorney General.
Say Flslirr lias "Right" te It
(Srundy lenders who worked for Mr.
I'inelint in the primary campaign uige
that Mr. Fisher, in a way. is "en
titled" te the office for the reason that
bv withdrawing his own candidacy for
tioverner in the primary campaign, he
.'TiiiMe.l t li. ntmitiittitu of Attnrnpv ft. Ml-
"-. .... , .!.,.. .. . - ....... ... ----- IJ.llK.l. l.M M J.... V VMRV. lll l.-l
eral Alter te concentrate behind the ...ns f n L-reenish hue. lending neilini-
Ferester. ities te believe it contained paris green.
It Is believed that Hie (Jrundv leaders a drug composed largely of arsenic.
will make n real ami serious effort te Later -Mr. unrKe turned the package
ever IO -uihuiii ivviiniy, ei uie i;even
police. It wns mulled from Lan&dewne
ml tin; nu.iress was written en paper
Seek Yeung Weman Who Mad
Mysterious Call en W. W.
Postal authorities seeking the sender
of the poisoned enkq that tamed the
death of W. W. Sterrett. of Deven, and
the serious illness of his wife shifted
their Investigation today te Youngs
town, O., where n young woman
thought le have been acquainted with
Mr. Htcrrctt, Is being sought.
Chief Postal Inspector Wlllluuwen
said that postal inspectors In Ohie have
been asked te search for the wemuu,
who is described an n brunette.
According te information received by
the inspectors, while Mr. "and Mrs.
Htcrrctt were en a trip te New Yerk
about two months before his death, the
veiitig women went te the Pennsylvania
Hetel, where they were stepping, and
asked for Mr. Hterrctt. He and Mrs.
Sterrett were at a theatre at the time,
se she departed.
Mrs. Hterrett. when questioned bv
the authorities, said she knew nothing
of the woman or of her cull ut the
Without taylng whether the young
vveninn is suspected of having sent the
poisoned cake, the inspectors desire te
question her ns te her whereabouts
since the trip te New Yerk.
Anether mystery cake, slmllnr in np
pcarance te the one sent te Mr. Ster
rett, has been received in Deven and
turned ever te police nnd postal au
thorities for investigation.
The recipient Is Stewart Pattcrten
Clarke, a senior law student ut the
1 nivcrslty of Pennsylvania, and a close
friend of Mr. Sterrett.
On his way te Philadelphia yester
day. Clarke stepped at the Deven post pest
office and n square package, neatly
wrapped and bearing a typewritten ad
dress similar te that en the package
sent Mr. Sterrett, was handed him. He
returned home and opened tt. With
the wrapper off Mr. Clarke found a box
that had once contained, golf balls.
Had Green Uh Icing
Inside the box, wrapped in tissue
paper, was a piece ei cage. The icing
te a cigar store en Market street, of the legislature, particularly as tumis " i ii
t saw the missing promoter innkiiig will be required In large amounts for ' " 0,lp. ,''"!' ''"
Iv in a corner. When Ven I'.raud.n- the advanced H-Iinnl program which has i -ui iiisnu.ui,
rg left the proprhter of the .store lifted the level of public education In srn.lei or tlie p
l.ieuiicui ie mm iiusie.i en me packaec
of cake which caused the death of Mr.
Postal authelties also were netltie.l.
This morning the enke will be turned
ever te n chemist for analysis.
"1 de net knew of t.ny one who miitht
hniiii me." Mr. Claikc said thls'iuorii thls'iuerii
ing, "nud for that reason I cannot
understand receiving the cuke. I knew
: t'xvv people in l.nnsdewne, but no one
whom i neiieve would send me cake (or
a pi i. sent.
"I knew Mr. Sterrett from the time
he eiime te Deven, but I don't see why
one should connect me with him.
is searching for the
poisoned cake which
caused the death of Mr. Sterrett and
liens sickness of his wife centinut te
work en the belief that the cake wns
sent by a man who escaped from the
West Chester County Asylum three
days befere the murder.
Yesterday the Inspectors went te the
asylum and took samples of vail type
writers In the Institution. The escaped
inmate, It was learned, had been em
ployed in the offlce of the asylum and
had access te the typewriters.
They are alsq, making an effort te
establish the past relations of the man
te Mr. Sterrett.
Judge Tells Women Voters'
League System Keeps Many
Cases Frem Tribunal
The weik of the Municipal Court was
described today by President Judge
ltrewn at the third annual convention
of the Philadelphia County League of
Women Voters. The session began this
morning in the llelleviie-Strntferd.
Seventy-one per cent of the cases that
come within the jurisdiction of the
court, the Judge said, never reach the
courtrooms, but are adjudicated by
probation officers.
Judge llrewn asserted the court pre
but leu system had saved the county
. 100,000 since the tribunal was organ
ized, lie reached that total by esti
mating the maintenance cost of prison
ers at the Heuse of Correction and the
number rcleused from that institution
en parole.
Following the morning session, which
was devoted chiefly te the business of
organization, there was a luncheon, at
which addresses were made by Henry
M. Walte, president of the Nntlenul
Municipal League, and former City
Manager of Dayton. O.. and Marlen
Pails Smith, professor of economics nt
Hr.vn Mnwr College.
City organization wes discussed by
Mrs. Charles Tiffany, chairman of the
New Yerk City League of Women
Voters. Miss Lucy Lewis spoke or.
"Political Education" and a repeit of
the State work was given by Mls.s
Martha O. Themas. State trensuier.
Declares Attitude Toward Amer
ica Has Changed Made De
rogatory Remarks in 1910
Only Beit Method of Preparation
for Administration Unsolved
Kechester. 1. Y., Nev. 11. A dis
covery that is believed te pave the way
te a cure of diabetes is announced by
Dr. Jehn It. Murlln, of the University
of Keehester. It wii described by Dr.
Murlin before the ltechester Midlcul
Society Inst night ns fellows :
"We claim the credit for having
proved first thnt pancreatic extract can
testere the lest pewet te oxidize sugar
te nnimais rendered diabetic by removal
ei pancreas. Thlti we have enlirni.il
many times the past summer and this
we maintain is the ciuk of tln whole
pinbletn. The best method of prepaia
lien rer administration te human cuss's
probably has net yet been accomplished.
'i must Und n way te give it by
uieuth. ns thyroid extract is given, and
then the terrors of diabetes will ha'e
di'iippeered. One of .the major causes
of dentil will have been cemplitcly removed."
two hours later the
promoter was m .
Mrs. Belmont Presents Declaration
of Principles te Conference
Washington, Nev 11 -UlyA. P.i
A deeliiralien of piinciph'
with all ii Mac. of lemiulat mevcuiei
.is the un-ls- ter a c'linpuigu et tlie
National Weman's Patty te secute
equal right, for wittm-ii in tin- home,
business and industil.'s. v.s p'-' -"iiH"l
before officers of the part. v. meeting
in ceiifi'icncu here tndav, bj Mrs ().
II. P. Ilelment. nnhiiiiul president.
Mere than 170 delegate-, from thirty -two
States att"lnei the ienfaei.ee.
Mrs. Ilelment also pr.-sntei! i.'.,,,, fu
ll legislative campaign I'Memiing into
all congressional dlsiri"ts fe n can
vass of euuil rights siiitim,.nr. net only
en the part of Stat.- Legislatures. ia
also among meinbeis of Cun'ress
Whether the (ioveruer-elect fiuall.v
favor new taxes m- nut. it is aigu.sl
that he would be better off if his 'nbi
net appiiiiilmeut.s had n.i connection
ith these who might he affected hj any
liivv luxes. Tlie (Jriindy people oppose
u mnuufucliii'i-ts' lux. Hence It might
I ! iiubnii.issing if n friend of the
lituiiily element were .he.-eii as Attor Atter
nej iJeneiul. However, it is known
iliiimteh ilini .Mr IMuchet has mad.
l ..'ii,,,. "e deiWIen en Attorney (ieneral. The
m,.v'.n , . r "lllv I lllllg l.tiev. II certainly is that he is
iron; piweieiii.
Ilu -tmecialeit Vrei
New Yerk, Nev. 11. Jehn Fortes
cue, preiideiit of the Iteyal Historical
Society of Oreut ltrltaln, jvhese luvl luvl
ttitlen te make an Armistice Day ad
dress nt West Point wns revoked yes
terduy by Secretary Weeks becnuse of
letnnrks derogntery te America made
in a book written by Mr. Fortescue.
leduy expressed his regret that he had
ever written the passages uttackln
He declared that the remarks, made
in lectures at Oxford in 1010 and luter
published ns "Hrltlsb Statesmen of the
(Ireat War, l'DS-lBU," had been hasty
and had been uttered when two alleged
mmneitsniuiilike nets by Americans had
been fresh in his mind. His attitude
tewnrd' America and the Americans,
lie added, hud since changed. IIe had,
he faid, the greatest tulmlriitien and
respect for America, since he learned
te knew them during the Great War.
The two unspertsmanlike acts. Mr.
Fortescue explained, took place In 1008
ei thereabouts. In a feet race between
nn American and another competitor
lu Kngland. Mr. Fortescue held, the
American had wen the race unfairly
und hud been disqualified. At the same
1 1 in a, he tu Id, the British Foreign
Olliee hud discovered that u person in
the American State department had
altered a document te favor America's
contentions in the Ilcrlng Straits dis
pute. Mr. Fortescue said that he would
let urn te Kngland with Mrs. Fortescue
en November 128 without delivering nny
Londen. Nev. 11. (Hy A. P.) Under
the caption, "the Comedy of the Han."
the levelling Stnndurd in n lengthy
editorial points out thnt Mr. Fortes
cue's book concerned the revolutionary
war nud net the great Kurencaii con
flict. "Ih Mr. Weeks under en entire
misapprehension," the newspaper asks,
"or does he desire te hark back te
11(11 for the opinions of the banned
The Standard -says that as a result
of the bun placed en Mr. Fortescue
bj Secretary Weeks "n world joke Is
developing." It also snys:
"At the banning lu September it
was the suine Mr. Weeks who issued a
'formal statement' In which he con
demned Mr. Uudynrd Kipling for ex
pressing the views that be whs sup
posed te held concerning the actions
of America in the recent war. When
KitditiL' repudiated the Interview it
was, of course, seen ut once that Weeks
nun iiii.uc tt'iuan iMt'i iiuwiini..
Bulk of CuvW
Estate te Widow
Continued from Pate One
fore him, any unmarried daughter, after
his death, may occupy his home, Edge Edge
weed, Ilavcrferd, for n period net ex
ceeding one year. .... . .
The daughters who will receive be
auuts of 100,n00 each nre FrencM
Lewis Ctiyler, Helen Ctiyler Merris,
Eleaner Ctiyler Walker and Mary De
Witt Ctiyler. In mentioning the be
Hicst for the latter It Is specified that
the money be held Inr trust by the Com
mercial Trust Company for life and nt
her death the principal te go te daugh
ter or daughters then living or their
In' mentioning a bequest of S1000 te
Klcaner dA Orace Ctiyler. of Nett Yerk,
the testator sulci It was bequeathed "ns
an evidence of my leve and esteem for
Bequests of $1000 each ere left te
three tfrundclilldren, lIcU-iv Scott Mor Mer
rls, Eleaner Ctiyler Merris nnd Jeseph
Walker, 3d. DeWltttayler Merris, a
grandson, receives $2500.
Bequests of $1000 each were left
te II. Gorden Hremley.n lawyer of
the Commercial Trust Building, and
te Miss Eleaner Mathers.
The Bancroft Training Scheel, Had Had
denfleld. N. J., the only Institution
named In the instrument, will receive
' "Mrs. Ctiyler. widow of the testator
and his sons-in-law. Casper Wlstar
Merris, and Jeseph Walker were named
as executers.
The Instrument was executed Feb
ruary 10. 1022.
Runaway Youth Leaves Nete Tel
ling Parents of Destination
Fifteen minutes after Albert Miller,
fccvcntceit years old, of 621 North Six-tv-third
street, left home et 7 o'clock
yesterday morning, presumably te go te
the West Philadelphia High Scheel,
where he was n sludrnt, a boy delivered
n note from him te his parents.
"I have been dissatisfied with school
for some time," the note read. "1 am
leaving for the West te meke my for
tune. ...
The pelire have been naked te search
for the youth.
slglan Organist Plays rVei
Chestn Prem Many Cempeiii
Charles M, Courbeln, one of the
brilliant of present-day organ vitta
was guest soloist last evening at
Wanaraaker Stere, playing a pren
arranged In celebration of the fet
anniversary of the signing of
Auirlstlce which terminated heitlli
in the World War In 1018.
Mr. Courbeln began his program
Ditch's great prelude and fugue In
major. According te the program no
this composition, belongs te the i
period of Bach's creative life,'
nevertheless there Is much In It wh
te speak mildly, forecasts the St. M
thew Passion nud the Mass In B mil
The ; pcrfortunnce of Mr. Courbeln
brilliant te u degree, but the te
both of the prelude and the fugue v
very rapid, und there was little of
dignity and the atmosphere of relit
which arc the chief characteristic!
the great master of organ coinpeslt
Tills was followed by the lurge of
New World Sytnpeny by Dvorak
many years n favorite of the 1'lilli,
pliiu Orchestra and n movement wl
Is well transcribed for the ergun.
The Wolstenbelme allegretto nrt
te be a charming number and was ft
Rlayed by Mr. Courbeln, as vn,
anctus from the St. Cecilia Mum
The ether1 numbers were an Im
inczxe In C miner of Wider, en
the really great modern masters
organ compesition: n beuutlful erli
Lettl, n trnnscrlptjen of n famous T
Ian spng of his pcrletl. and the "Mai
Iloreluue" of Stilnt-Sticns. which
Courbeln has often played here It
originally written for two piones
scored for orchestra by the ceinn.
and transcribed for the organ by t:
ment. Needless te say, Mr. Court
gave readings of these numbers
excelled In brilliancy of execution
of registration.
At the close of the regular pre,
Mr. Courbeln played nn Imprevlsi
en the national nlrs of the nllicd
tlens, concluding with the Atneri
nntlenal hymn. Then, as an appre
nte mark of' the anniversary of
ermlstlce, "taps" was played, dui
which the audience remained stan
in tribute te these who gave their I
during the great war.
An Engraved
Christmas Card
Judges Audeiiried. Finlrtter
Met 'illicit grunted the following
verees today :
Meta I)al from necter Davis.
Klerencu U. Htctlicns fiem I'aul I)
NHIIe HherlecU Jlellrcrtv from I'harles H.
.Inmc II r.iiker from Mnbel C. Parker.
Kill. M. lleiililns from Nermiin i; llnnklns
Jehn .Mies. Mr., frum Kuttierlne A I).
Jennle riiiVteiilhil from ll.uld 1'inltcnilHHl
.snrnh i'. I) Mlller from Milten M. Mlltei
of distinctive design and
tine execution emphasizes
the cordial spirit of trie
message it conveys.
Orders Should Be
Placed New
J. EXaldwell & Ct
Su ni- a ih'
Want Es-1 elHfiia iw rniui. aunuuw
White Heuse Plcketers
plenage Violators Released
Wiisi'iiiisteii, Nev II ilSv A. I"
I'm ciled bv .1 tut; pn-ce b.ind nnd 1
annul will. ,i peit.nt iniiii the V.i-li- i
1 Special Programs Arranged te In
I ! crease Interest In Rendmn
w. -,- a
the fourth mm ml
f'eli'briitlun of the fourth
ten,, ii hunt l.-.il nw.,1 ,i,,.1 . i iiliureu n imun inn, ni u, en-
piritiii'd in-" in. I tin White ' 'rved '" "hll'idelplim helioeU leduy.
-i. minis tmlii in pi'titien for I nnd will isiutlnuu umil next Satuidav
..f tin s! ,tv .'i.iiir iicisimi.s ttll ! The eelebiuiSeti is an effml t.. -rinni-
iiinlir tin
serv In
'i lie d 'ineiisir itiiiii 'i.iried seen
F . nleiit Il.iruiug had returned ftetn
I i i-iiu-i ii i Day visit te Aiiiugien
('ii I -re ti his n Wleatll nil the teiub
of Uie 'iii.tti'ivvn snldier. The jiartuli'
v.i- sti,:ei umlfi- the ituspli ix of the
Joint Ai.'tiistv ('.iuiiulttf. whose iei
re. in.itiv.'.s Imve been pn hi ting the
White llnuse luieriiiltieiilij for mouths,
holds" OpTtTschoel POST
Treaytfrln Township Men Say They
Fight Millionaires
,. M. !........ . ... I I
espionage mi' pui'ii1- iiu.is-.ii in eu.m ami i'mcii
i sive iiliins have been made by Ih.- Heard
ftir.ef Kdiicuiieii i have special featutra
fur .ill gra.k-s.
High sehiHil nail udvaii. eil giaile tni
pils will wille mijs about lie f.i
veritu ueukk .mil ciniriieiei ., .mil n.t
Gaine Splil.s Organ'atien
i Ontaiile of the admitted intciiM
'Cuhiliet pes-dbilltii.-. ulgUlil.ll.'Jll lean
el i l.'dav vvere dceplv .eiicernid evei
', tl.e IVnii-riU football game. Ai they
gathered this morning In the lobby 'of
Ih" r.e'.Ievue It vvun upp.nent that fool feel
I ail for the time being, til k'.u-l, v.as
, tin- foetbi'll of pelitii
William I'. (iulhigher. chief l.-il; of
the State Senate, went se fur lis t..
, ci'iiee le that the gllli.c had s-plll the
Ktiiibli.:an Sttitc orgiinlKiiiieii. Wh. ,i
Mi (iallauher Jir-t sii.l -..i u ih.n.'
ub.iiii the organization belli.' spin, i,,,
ii'i-iiililri! politicians berume u,.ni.'l
it ml wondered what hud li'ipi'iml Tin
lave had maie i-liiicl.s. hiielj m. I . i
n.i.lj for the er-t
llut it 'ippears thai . II..n
Hal'i'i', chairman of the Slat,' Com Cem
tnlttee. faveiH IVnn .igain-l I'lli. h, -rails.'
he has u ten at th" 1'iuvers n
of I'tiiiisylviiiiin. tialluu'lur hiuis-'f i
ii IVnn man. Senater Mas i .en .
of lMttsbitrghi hud "'T en pelttiii ,u. ,
i said he wa.s rooting for I'n.. In fa. t.
' instead of looking for a j"li fur smne
one this morning, he was ie,sj I,, ;,,!
. some one lii get n bit or I'm
"Foeth'ill i-5 the Ihlng." s.,,i sn
iter Lwlie "Yeu have km, n, i, i, ,l,
ilci, lu I'liiiaiicipiiui. i iiieni.ni .i ii iuf.
1 1 m 1. Bsw -. Si ,
u iUBk Mn Bfl ! H
0$$M !
tud.'Iltn will ik'.Uli liesieis lll'istrat- I iuiim's . r isii.l
111 uie sijiiiieuzire 1.1 uiiui,i ii(i i v ta
.IS.lll! I
of hildreii.
Destroyer Aground, Frees Herself
New Yerli. Nev. II ili.v A. I.)
The dchtrieer CIiiIiIn wen I iigreuud elf
Meuitiuli I'eiiii mi f.eng Islnnii early
teilaj. ltlf ( hll.ls Ireeit Jiei'M'If i-bettly
would put ii ci imp in l'l Iladelpi
t leu."
Senater Leslie, mgntuati n .
In l'lttsblllgh. who li,i had .. - u
altitude levvard Mr. I'imhei ili , uih.
this contrlbiitleii In peliiinil lui.iiglii .
"I tun neither dNturbul ulimt ll -Ions,
nor vveriled nbiutt the f.iiuii "
Statu Hi'pn-eniulive .ie.seiu Mm-ciis,
1ARGE, succulent raisins
in a delicious custard of
selected eggs and rich, yellow
cream are the delicacies
combined and frozen into
the perfect smoothness of
Abbotts Raisin Custard. Try
this special dessert today.
"It- " ndl.leniiir , , lin,t "'Jn J f IMUhu.gii. I'leadid' a.Mh , Mi' .'
two oer men. but w. Ml win nt " ''."' ,""'' ,'"i i ' , I . L-V . eiJ ' tien of l'lt xoeleih. Among t he... who
'I'h'.M vas the ,..y i Samuel W m; U '"ef1' "hVl.rbms?1,1 "'' f,l',tlm11 ""' ""'' S,-lt" '
Tener, of Hcrvv-Mi. te the appli..'iti..ri "rl!wft m ,ll k"rl'u-!v ,am- U((bl,r, ,, nfllt(llli ()f Sehuylliiil
llSIK'd by ten wi'.'iithv hind owners of.'" ' f'eiilit , and 1'uul lleml, of the snme
1 reilytlrln lewnsiup ninl piistuttil te
the Chester Ceiinfv I'eiirt. seihmg te
eif-t him nnd "did Ii.ivy" Whitvvnrth
8S hcheifl illtcetiiii. of the tn'V iiship, '('he
petition chniges thai Tuner and Whit
WOl Ih failed te live up te the school
cede nnd pciferm the duties et their
Olli. e.
The iieublc, a. iiirdiiig te Tenei li
that t'lin-les M l.e.i. of iJiveu, n
1 red h.e'k iiiiblislier, Is Mil! ambitious
te Ii u M'liO'il dire, ler after having
been beaten twice by Tuner. .Mr. J. en
denies this.
New Vei'i.. Nev 11 Tl.e Iltilluli
Consulate In Whitehall strict vvat. pick
et, d yesteidilj bv twenty. live WellU'll
inir.vll.'g banners preleitiug nitaliist iili
priHOuiiiuiit In iJublln of Mary Mac
Svvlnev. sisier of the Lord Majer of
Cerk, who died while en luingi r ntrlhe
In Hruien I'rireu.
ceunt.v, ami u meiniier e tin. 'ei
liifll'rt ( oliipciiMltlen Ile.u.l. heunlnr
Pepper was lit ceuit in t uierniiig.
but cipii'ied ie see his .ln,i mati v
play PI" 'his nfiiriioeii
Rosier Insurance
Fight in Court
Curfew Rings at Ccnshohecxen
Ciiiisluiliuiliin. I'a.. Nev. II - The
Weman' Club of Coushnliei l.iu has
I, een Insti'iiiii.'iitul lu Imviil- tin ciii'fiHi
aw ii'-i'iifiirced. The ciiifcvv will sduhiI
IXSh Til IN A MtlNUI lll-MAINH ' 1 V.jr, ', , (, r.llil j,., ,iul.i, 1 le.
A few Dhnrt iveckj. enJ. u. roeitall wr- ".' "''' '.,,, . , iiii'il" li iltnlei
rler will di rf Hu armor fur unnitn-r riven, , MMe.'ll will he allow. i in u e streets
pxi ,&lt$til,, ::re,,ru.rt,ny a;' :' itr '""" U",L", !lc" ulvA ly
fepeit I'.ib of tlie 1'tcuic LkMisii. Miit their elders,.
., . It , Mi " Adv
Centlmiul frum I'iikc (Inr
freeing .Ii's. Hosier put
What Are They Saying
Uie Mlllit of
the huMband Instead of
therefore, they have nei I
the crliiii- en
the wife, and
mi Id.
Mrs. lleMer h.th Hied a cuvent against
the piebute of tlM'iir Itesier'n deathbed
will, riiiteuiiii3 that undue lullueitce
wns cMTc'iii'il or he wjiis tint capable
of iiiultiiig it will or both.
A hem lug will be held en the caveat
by HeglMiT of Wills llaller as mhhi uh
he returns from hN hoiieviueon. If be
decides In favor of the widow. Arthur
lteNcr will lese mi hhure lu the es
tate, which will be divided e.pially be
tween Mrn. Hinder and the two chll
Urcii. in uny event hlic will lie entitled
' h- i hcr w'i'lew'n here, but If t)i(' V
Egy.ii.. ... -..- t i.ui,,,..,,' ...in . .,'!. '
iBaby Uichanl will be ci)t off,
isiuaraien mr incur, r.
, HI
I i K
' ' K'
in $
ft Loek for tht Rid 14
B and Whit dtaltr .
i- f .. .... r7ur.a
i tiffi ;vm fiwrriv ffmrM i" Sfc
rfMT-' " yMi
Had your iron today $
Mmtmr " m if hmt
Order Raisin JjfiL Ice Cream
"T&mmlllm C:--V"
Energizing Jey-Giving
Raisin Ice Cream
LEADING ice cream manufacturers are
4 making a specialty of raisin ice cream
for these reasens:
Raisin ice cream helps maintain and increase
vitality that wqrkcrs and growing children need,
yet doesn't tax digestion.
Raisins in ice cream furnish healthful energiz
ing nutriment in practically predigested form.
Therefore, one of the heat of all nourishing
desserts. Fine feed for little tots because it's
pure and wholesome.
rjcjenj flavor. Most refreshing. Most
healthful. Beth geed and geed for you. Let
your family try it new.
Ask at Seda Fountains
-Order for Heme Use in Brick or Bulk
made with
Sun-Maid Raisins
. i
JmtmtmjmmuMmmM!k1 "rt 11- - ' i.- ,